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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 15, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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yet another layer after denying out any sexual assault, scott zigler, superintendent is now saying it happened and we didn't handle it as best as we could. >> anita: coming after a lot of public outcry from parents of course. >> john: that county keeps getting worse. that's going to do it for us today, good to be with you. i'm john roberts here in washington. >> anita: i'm anita vogel in four sandra smith. the >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. right now on "the story," the white house defending pete buttigieg amonday an onslaught of criticism from republicans surrounding the supply chain crisis. the gop claiming the administration responded to slow to a crisis months in the making. secretary buttigieg will be on "special report" this evening to react to some of the criticism. one solution presented by the
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administration has been to ramp up operations at a major u.s. port. we're talking about the port of los angeles. officials tell fox that effort could take up to three months as the holiday season looms. senator tom cotton is standing by. first, let's bring in the national correspondent, william la jeunesse with more. >> trace, the cranes behind me are silent as they have been every day that week at 5:00 a.m. when we arrive despite the president's promise hoff getting another shift up at 3:00 to 7:00 a.m. right now there's six containers arriving here for every one that leaves. that reflects this trade gap growing with china going up 11% in august alone. the u.s. trade deficit is up 34% over last year. you can see that right now out in the harbor or the bay. there's 77 ships waiting offshore to dock here.
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most from china to off load and also they're expecting 25 more ships in the next three days. port officials want to go to 24/7 as the president said, but they say with all the players involved, it could take 80 days, two to three months to scale up. >> we've got work happening seven day as week today. we want to make sure we're in sync with other players in the supply chain. when they have their business ready, we'll be here with our gates open. >> so southern california's inland empire has 71 square miles of warehouse space. right now just 2% is vacant. why? managers say ney don't have the labor or the truckers to move it. with black friday, when retailers go black, the first day's profitability, that is about six weeks away. that has some retailers adjusting to avoid southern california all together.
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>> clients are looking for other alternatives, whether utilizing different ports, different trucking companies, utilizing different types of warehousing services that could help them manage the costs. >> some importers are moving cargo to east and gulf coast ports. the majority of the freight is coming here through southern california. >> so basically you've got a volume like this, trace, signing on to a pipeline that big. the market can handle peaks and valleys. as the rail, the bath load, the bottle neck has declined from 14 days to a turn around of four days. this tidal wave, they can't catch up. back to you. >> william la jeunesse live in the port of los angeles. back to you. arkansas senator tom cotton is here with us. a month ago you looked at 15,000
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haitians under a bridge. everybody is screaming where is kamala harris. now you have 100 container ships and where is pete buttigieg, the secretary of transportation. >> well, trace, apparently he's been on paternity leave the last two months. i don't think anybody knew that. they didn't realize he was missing because he's had such performance on his judge thus far. he was absent from infrastructure negotiations. he's still absent even though he's back at work apparently because the solutions that the administration is proposing here is woefully inadequate. it goes back to the fact that we up port so much from china. joe biden has been advocating that for 30, 40 years in washington. more exporting of jobs and factories to china. they could have foreseen these bottle necks months ago and addressed them then.
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not paying people to stay home from work and now imposing mandates. they're causing people to leave their jobs as well. >> trace: talking about the president talking about solutions. i want to play this sound bite. here's the. . >> we need to invest in making more products here in the united states. never again should our country and our economy be unable to make critical products that we need because we tonight have access to materials to make the product. >> trace: you talked about china. let's not forget, this is the same president fighting to make sure that america doesn't produce more oil and yet asking opec to churn out more oil. >> trace, that's right. we're shutting down oil and gas production in north america and begging to send more oil here. for joe biden, talk is cheap. joe biden is responsible for 50 years in washington and sending
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factories and jobs to china. he welcomed china in the world trade organization, which they have gained to take more and more jobs, which requires us to send our money there to import these goods back. now joe biden wants to blame just transitory shipping conditions. this is much deeper than that and joe biden has been at the root of it from the very beginning. >> trace: a couple of questions in one. you talked about blame here. he came out and he said the private sector needs to step up to help this supply chain crisis. then on the flip side, you had the white house chief of staff, ron klain, saying this is a high class problem, retweeting that. what are your final thoughts on that? >> ron klain noting that its high class problems to have a supply chain issue. you can't get costumes for thanksgiving or christmas presents for christmas reminds me of the old saying that it's
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better to keep your mouth shot than open it and remove old doubt. >> trace: thanks, senator cotton. thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: we continue our conversation on the president's multiple crisis with victor davis hanson later this hour. also, lieutenant colonel stuart scheller for speaking out about military chiefs over the chaotic and deadly afghanistan exit. an exclusive you will see only here on "the story" next. >> i want to say this very strongly. i have been fighting for 17 years. i'm willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders i demand accountability. when you hear, cough cough sneeze sneeze. [ sneezing ] it's time for, plop plop fizz fizz.
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>> trace: breaking today, a judge handing down a sentence for the u.s. marine that demanded account ability for military leaders in afghanistan. lieutenant cornell scheller will receive a letter of reprimand. he's described as an officer with an outstanding record before he spoke out on social media. his media team calling it a good and just sentence. tony busby joined me now, a former captain in the marine corps. thanks for coming on, sir. scheller said this yesterday, quoting know "i still feel fundamental change is required. i feel a revolution or rebuilding the broken system is the only way to fix the shortfalls if senior leaders are unable or unwilling to fix it
12:13 pm
themselves." mr. busby, do you see this leading to any type of change in the military? >> i wish i were optimistic. i don't see that change coming soon. there's a huge disconnect between the rank and file, and it's -- lieutenant colonel scheller obviously is a colonel, right below a full colonel. but -- he spoke out. i don't see the general staff making any changes. you haven't heard any generals step up and said i'll be accountable or i support this lieutenant colonel. what we saw instead was after lieutenant colonel scheller spoke out and said this entire withdrawal was botched, 13 people shouldn't have had to die, what we saw instead is the generals testifying in front of the senate saying that the withdrawal was an operational and tactical success. so there's a major disconnect between the general staff, people making the decisions and
12:14 pm
the people executing those decisions. i'd like to say i'm optimistic that i'll see a change but i doubt it. >> trace: some equated what happened in afghanistan to a sinking ship and bragging about the lifeboats. i want to move on. the judge said that colonel shell area period to be "in pain, confused and frustrated." do you share that assessment? >> i think there was a lot of that. you have to understand here's a marine that gave 17 years of his life to the marine corps as an infantry officer, this is an individual on the front lines, that deployed many different times to afghanistan, who was deployed when one of his children was born. he was deployed when three of his grandparents died. here's a guy that -- let's remember, these deployment for marine officers are six months or more at a time and so when he saw what happened there at that air field, he was confused and upset and angry and frustrated.
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he spoke out about it. what i think is to his credit is all of this happened -- obviously he didn't expect the outpouring of support and he would be a cause celeb for what we all believe to be the case, that is the senior leadership needs to be accountable. you know, this threw him into a roll-in. this is a roller coaster for him. what i thought was incrediby interesting as far as the hearing, what the marine corps prosecutors put forth about this man and what was true, the judge saw a huge difference between the wild accusations made against him and what was the case here, a marine corps officer dedicated, who cared and speaking out because he thought it was for the good of the marine corps. >> trace: he is an exceptional man. you get it. you're a marine. following orders is part of the military.
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if he raised his concerns with the chain of command, you think they would have been properly addressed? >> no. and i would say this. he did raise some of those concerns. the way he went about this -- i've had marine friends that disagree the way he went about it. i've had others that were incredibly motivated by the way he went about it. let's not forget that he offered to resign his commission three years before his retirement, a retirement that he's walking away from, which is more than $2 million after 17 years of service. so what i think the take-away from this is here's a marine officer who stepped forward and was accountable for his actions, but yet the individuals, the general staff that made those decisions that killed 13 service members, many of which were 20 years old, have not stepped forward to take any accountability.
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so we really are happy with the results. the letter of reprimands a small dock in his pay. lieutenant colonel scheller i still maintain is a hero to the marine corps. i wish we could see change. i wish there were accountability at the top. i'm not sure we'll see it. >> trace: that's the key phrase, accountability. he was himself held accountable. tony busby, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> trace: ari fleischer and victor davis hanson when "the story" continues.
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>> trace: a check now on the condition of former president bill clinton who remains in a california hospital for a noncovid related infection. his wife, hillary clinton, paying a visit late last night. jeff paul is outside u.c. irvine medical center. jeff, what do we know? >> if you didn't know it, it's hard to tell there's a former two-term president here in the hospital of orange, california. that's by design. the secret service is telling folks not to come by and bring flowers or gifts. we're here outside the hospital. you'll have the noise of the ambulance. president clinton has been here since tuesday. really speaks to the amount of privacy that he has been given so far. here's what we know about what is going on with him. the president, the former president, is in intensive care.
12:22 pm
that has nothing to do with the severity of his condition. it's more about safety and security. clinton was admitted to the hospital to get treatment for a urinary tract infection that spread to his blood stream. his doctors said this. his white blood cell count is trending down and is responding to antibiotics well. the california-based medical team has been in constant communication with his new york medical team. they hope to have him home soon. dr. marc siegel says infections are fairly common in people over 75 and there's relief that clinton has been given antibiotics. >> the good news is it tends to respond well to antibiotics. if he's turning the corner, it's a very good sign. >> the former president's wife, former secretary of state hillary clinton, was also seen leaving the hospital after visiting with him.
12:23 pm
sounds like they could be going home soon, possibly as early as today or even tomorrow. we should remind our viewers that president clinton did have a quadruple bypass in 2004. he's had two stents to put in his heard. doctors say it has nothing to do with covid-19. >> trace: and icu is not a place, it's a designation. we're going to take about victor davis hanson in just a moment but we also want to talk about inflation. gas prices ticking up another cent. americans are selling out more for gas than they have in seven years. the national average up 50% than a year ago. joining me now, james shelton and former economic adviser to
12:24 pm
president trump and ari fleischer, a fox news contributor. thanks to both of you for coming on. ari, i want to put this up. this is aaa. the key driver for the recent drive in the price of gas is crude oil, which accounts for between 50 and 60% of the price at the pump. last week's decision by opec and the oil producing allies to not increase production further exacerbated the upward movement for crude oil prices. the president, you know, has taken steps to lower the production of u.s. oil and has gone to opec and said hey, can you churn out more for us? >> yeah, this is going to come back and hurt the president. the very first thing he did is shut down keystone pipeline. these he's got an energy policy against american energy production but for foreign energy production in the name of climate change. that doesn't solve climate
12:25 pm
change. he's created the environment from this. what we know from history, rising energy prices, particularly gas, home heating oil, everything you use to heat your home, when those rise, there's a lot of pain. that pain happens in the suburbs for people that vote. this is always been a political perilous moment for presidents with rising energy prices. president biden is rising through the middle of it and he created it. >> trace: you drive down the road and the big prices change every day. the current average, $3.30. that is up a penny from yesterday. four cents from last week. 12 cents from last month. $1.13 from last year. as ari said, this is a hit to everyone. >> well, it is. that kind of inflation that affects groceries, gasoline, rental cars, housing costs, furniture, people really feel.
12:26 pm
i think this is a political problem for the biden administration. it poses a policy dilemma for the federal reserve. >> trace: i think that's a fair assessment. ari, i want to put this up. this is in bedford, new york. this shows the prices of gas. you can see the 5.79, the good stuff on the right-hand side there. i want to drive the point home. that is an point picture. i want to play jen psaki at the press briefing. i want your reaction on the other side. >> we're very well aware for a range of issues that the american people are impacted by rising prices of gas in some parts of the country, not all. the president has asked his economic team as they do on any range of issues impacting the public to continue to discuss what the options are that we can
12:27 pm
take to address these shortages. >> trace: you can sugar coat it but it's the whole country that is being affected by this. >> terrible mistake for the white house. everybody knows that the price that they pay for gasoline has gone up. when i hear the white house say that, it makes them think they're out of town. you have ron klain that treated inflation is a high class problem. no, it's an average everyday low income and middle income problem particularly. so the white house is showing they're out of touch and have no solutions when they say that. trace, the picture that you showed, a suburb of new york city. that was for premium gasoline, full service. but almost $6 a gallon. i mean, this is what happens when the prices rise with no end in sight. we don't know how high these prices will go. everywhere for ordinary price of gasoline. it's on the march and moving up.
12:28 pm
>> trace: i feel your pain. outside the door, $5.39. it's been there for months and months. judy, the administration, there's reports that they're talking to some of the oil companies saying we need you to pump more oil. i'm not really of the mind -- do you think this administration has a lot of friends in the oil industry at this point in time? >> well, i doubt it. some of the higher energy prices for natural gas have to do with a policy of shutting down pipelines. the permitting processes is a big part of it. their environmental agenda has caused a lot of the supply to be held up where it exists. >> trace: final thoughts, ari. i know you had something to say. >> no, this is an american produced problem and can be solved by americans. we have the ability because of the energy we have to fix this.
12:29 pm
it's questionable whether the people say global warming is the biggest issue will stop it, this is within our means to fix. >> trace: thanks, judy and ari. thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> trace: americans lashing out at president biden's simply chain on twitter saying "empty shelves joe." guess who is next? victor davis hanson says president biden has done everything imaginable to make a post covid recovery worse. he will explain with historical context next. ohasrs. newday usa dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save.
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>> trace: well, you can imagine, frustrated shoppers lashing out on twitter with the hashtag "empty shelves joe" as the crisis leaves stores shelves
12:34 pm
bare. fox cannot identify what some are sharing on social media but this twitter user posted a picture of a shelf stocked with pet supplies. this tik tok user writing, this is what my dollar tree looked like the other day. the shelves were almost bare. i couldn't believe it. one of our producers snapping this photo of shelves in new york city. victor davis hanson is standing by with more. edward lawrence is live at the white house. good afternoon, edward. >> good afternoon. president joe biden speaking in hartford, connecticut. he's arguing for more government spending but he's not said how that will interact with inflation or the supply shortages you're seeing. he did say this. >> i wanted to come here today because too many folks in washington don't realize it's not enough to invest in physical structure. we also have to invest in people. that's what the second bill does. >> he's pushing his entire
12:35 pm
package, 5.5 trillion or less if there's negotiation. but you can see there, we can see the inflation outpacing wages, especially those making minimum wage. that's why people say this retreat by chief of staff ron klain is tone deaf. they say it's in high class problems. the man that wrote that original tweet, jason furman backs up what he wrote. listen. >> one is inflation is real. inflation is creating a problem for families that we should do something about it. number 2, the reason we have this inflation is actually a good reason. the unemployment rate has come down. families got money. people are buying more things than ever before. >> the white house also standing firm on the retweet endorsement from the official white house chief of staff account. jen psaki basically saying inflation is a good problem because it shows the economy is making progress. tell that to anyone going to a
12:36 pm
grocery store. because of those supply chain issues trending on twitter, "bare shelves biden." the essentials missing from the shelf affecting everyone, supply chains and inflation. >> trace: we got new sound from jen psaki everybody will find interesting. edward lawrence live at the white house. let's bring in victor davis hanson. he's any book is out now and he's a senior fellow at the hoover institution. great to have you on, victor. we have this thing that you heard of. it's called videotape and it's an achilles heel for president biden. this is him criticizing president trump. >> we have a leadership problem.
12:37 pm
if i were. today, i would be protecting meat packers, farm workers, boost the snap program. this is not rocket science. it's leadership. >> trace: apparently no longer a leadership problem. now it's rocket science. what do you make of this, victor? >> he was voicing those while he was incognito in his basement. he wasn't out talking to people to get feedback or appointing people with practicing -- pragmatic solutions. every once in a while these theories break out and leftists convey them to actual policy. f.d.r. i don't think would have been able to do the entire new deal if it hadn't been for the great depression, which the world war ii solved the problem for us. the great society was a result
12:38 pm
of the tragic shooting of john f. kennedy. 2020, the covid and related crises allowed these ideas to be implemented in the way the american people didn't expect. so who would ever thought that new monetary theory would be taken seriously, that you print more money and you get prosperity rather than 5 to 7% inflation and higher when you calibrate cars and houses. who would have thought that if you subsidize workers to stay home, they'll stay home and in the process you deteriorate the work ethic. who would have thought if you tell oil and gas producers they'll be doomed in 15 years and regulated more and demonized, they might not invest in capacity and might lower the oil production by at least 2 million barrels a day, which has happened. or if you tell district attorneys that critical legal theory is now the operative
12:39 pm
doctrine, it's not based on natural law and looting and property crimes, really aren't crimes. you get things like walmart or walgreen's or stores being looted and they pull up and leave the city. so necessary theories are now with us and the people who are implementing them don't have answers because they have never been out in the real world. we have pete buttigieg giving interviews about his two children, nice thing but he's the secretary of transportation. this problem has not been addressed or kamala harris choreographing a video with paid actors while the border is wide open. the same thing with general milley and general austin with afghanistan. wokism is an expensive proposition. >> we've talked a lot about the fact that ron klain said, retweeted this was a high class
12:40 pm
problem. here's jen psaki's newest defense of ron klain. see if you can decipher this. watch. >> it's a little mysterious. there's things going on in the world so you're justifying yourself giving the context of the tweet that was retweeted and what the retweet may or may not mean? >> sometimes what we're doing here. >> not sure what that means b u.s. -- but i don't get it. it's a clumsy response. your final thoughts, victor. >> yeah, she came out here to fresno county and tried to get gasoline and people that have $20. that's all they can spend. they fill up four or five times a week to get a measly 4 gallons to get home and go somewhere. or they have a long trip to go in their big truck and they have kids in the back and cuts off at $100 and they got 20 gallons. they're out of touch.
12:41 pm
the harvard professor thinks it's a great quote and he didn't apologize for it. these people are not living in the real world, trace. and rare occasions these ideas filter down to policy when that happens. you can see the disasters that water coping with now. >> trace: it's different in the real world. thanks, victor davis hanson. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: well, the arrest of attorney alex murdaugh bringing new attention to the bizarre mysteries surrounding a family once at the top of south carolina society. now the mother and son are dead and three others possibly connected to the murdaugh's are also dead. we'll investigate this next. liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. as someone who resembles someone else...
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>> trace: disgraced south carolina attorney alex murdaugh due in court after stolen insurance money intended for the family of his housekeeper that died mysteriously in 2018. steve harrigan live with more on this. steve? >> trace, these cases just continue to keep growing. alex murdaugh was arrested at a florida detox center where he was going for treatment for addiction to opioids. we expect him to be brought back here to south carolina where he will face two felony charges for theft. those charges had to do with the mysterious death of the long-time housekeeper, gloria satterfield. she died in the house. murdaugh said she tripped over the dogs and fell down the stepped. the family sued for damaged. they received $4 million in damages and didn't get a penny. this is murder did whose wife and son were murdered, gunned
12:47 pm
down outside the family hunting lodge earlier this summer. the same murdaugh that was fired from the family law firm accused of embezzling millions and the same murdaugh that staged his own murder. hiring his cousin to stage a hit on him shooting him in the head. there's six criminal cases involving the murdaugh family. for alex murdaugh, he's charged with fraud and theft at work and home. a lot of questions as he's a person of interest in the murder of his own wife and son. back to you. >> trace: thanks, steve. a lot of questions. let's bring in john douglas a retired fbi criminal profiler. he showed "the killer next door" that airs here at 10:00 p.m. on fox. alex murdaugh's attorney says he has done some bad things but he's not a bad man. he's not a killer. you have a lot of criminal analysts saying he might be a
12:48 pm
killer. the police might have their suspicions right. he might be killing people. >> that's right. any time you look at a case, whether it's this case or the case on my show, simply formula, why plus equals who. you have to assess the players involved, looking for -- if you star targeting anyone, looking for a triggering event that got this all going. and a broad span, he's tried to classified the crimes, whether it's a personal cause, a homicide, whether it's sexually motivated, a group cause or criminal enterprise. the more i begin to look at this particular case, it certainly appears to be a crime enterprise. it seems to be one of the triggers mechanisms that got it going, that boat accident. it's one of the events here. just briefly looking over this case and i know sled very well,
12:49 pm
i worked with sled in south carolina, the exceptional agency here. there's been sloppiness on the part of some of the local police here regarding the boating accident, regarding the accident, the so-called accident of the housekeeper falling down the stairs. the forensics don't line up with the accident. so you should be looking off in a different direction. certainly murdaugh. he certainly should be number 1 on the list. >> trace: mr. murdaugh has been pointing people in different directions for a long time. just to clarify what you're talking about. the boating accident was one of the sons that was drunk in a boating accident and killed a girl. that went to trial. i just want to move on. i'm fascinated by the fact that he tried to orchestrate his own murder. here's the hitman. the cousin, curtis eddie smith saying he didn't shoot anybody. watch. >> he didn't get shot in the
12:50 pm
head. >> what percent are you positive that he didn't get shot? if you can put a percentage on it? >> 1,000. if i shot him, he would have been dead and he's alive. >> trace: goes to show you a lot of people are dead and he's orchestrating his own murder and he's alive. where does this go next? >> he wasn't a very good contract murderer at all. when i first started out, turns out that it was nothing like that. the wounds did not fit that at all. it's just -- one thing -- look at the law of family. he's a lawyer. his father, his grandfather, his great grandfather, legal strong power houses in the state. also when you learn, you prosecute cases and working these cases, you know how to get around. you know, some of the
12:51 pm
investigations. here's an example of the life and the son, the wife and son that were killed, killed with two different types of weapons. does that mean it's two different people or someone that staged the crime and the crime scene to make the investigation go off in two different directions? >> trace: a great question. they've been lawyers for 100 years, south carolina royalty for 100 years. it's all falling down. john douglas, great of you to come on. we'll look for the special on fox on sunday night. thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: term limits for supreme court justices. consensus on packing the court. our first glimpse into president biden's court commission is next. >> 1976, there were nine justices on the court. our population has grown enormously since then. should we expand the court? let's take a look and see. eggs in so many delicious ways.
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>> trace: a short time ago, the fda's vaccine panel recommending a booster shot of the johnson & johnson vaccine two months after the vote. the vote was unanimous and the fda will take that recommendation under advisement and will issue a final decision. in a blow to the democrat-led push to pack the supreme court, a presidential commission tasked with studying the move says it comes with considerable risk. that from a draft report released yesterday. democrats have been pushing to expand the court because they see it's past three appointments all confirmed under president trump as politically manipulated by republicans. watch. >> we have a ill legitimate 6-3 conservative majority on the court that has caused this crisis of confidence in our country. >> african americans look at the supreme court and expect it to do justice, to do equal justice. when it has been so severely and
12:57 pm
obviously politically manipulated. >> trace: mike davis is a former law clerk to justice gorsuch. nice to have you on. the democrats are the only ones that think this system is broken because the presidential commission on the supreme court said this. quoting yesterday "the risks of court expansion are considerable, including it could undermine the goal of its proponents of restoring the court's legitimacy. polls suggest a majority of the public does not support court expansion. the reform would be perceived by many as a partisan maneuver." huh. who would think that, mike? >> well, even democrats don't support this. senate democrats including joe manchin, krysten sinema, many other senate democrats don't support this. president clinton's two appointees, ruth ginsberg and stephen brier oppose this.
12:58 pm
they denounced court packing because it's so extreme, so radical. it's a very bad idea and joe biden's own court packing commission has come out and said the same. >> trace: it's interesting. you say that the case load for the supreme court really does not justify court packing. explain that, if you can, for us, mike. >> justices used to write circuit. they used to get on their horses and travel around the country. they would divide the country by region. that ended in 1891. so there's just no justification. they're not getting on their houses and riding around the country. the case load has decreased. they're hearing less than 100 cases for oral argument every year. there's not -- they're not overworked. i was there. they're not overworked and there's not a need to expand the number of justices. >> trace: what the do you think about the concept of term limits for supreme court justices?
12:59 pm
>> it's to insulate them from politics so they can rule on the individual basis of the cases and not worry about the next job. brown versus board of education was popular when it decided, when we provided equal rights for black kids in schools. we don't want judges worrying about their next job. it's a bad idea and unconstitutional. you'd need to amend the constitution in order to have term limits for federal judges. >> trace: we talk about court packing. then it stopped for a while. as jonathan turley pointed out, that's because the court was ruling in favor of democrats. what is the next step? >> the next step is the supreme court is functioning just fine. if democrats want to mess with that, there's going to be a tremendous backlash from the american people. >> trace: thanks, mike. >> thank you. >> trace: okay. well, here we go.
1:00 pm
that is "the story" of friday, october 15, 2021. as always, "the story" goes on. guess what happens. on monday, guy away, martha comes back at 3:00. it was a great week. thanks for tuning in. we very much appreciate it. have a good weekend. "your world" with neil cavuto, the best in business right now. >> neil: had it with this 70s show, prices soaring, gas lines returning, savings dwindling? how about we turn the clock not quite so far back. not 50 years ago. how about just six years ago? to 2015. it has nothing to do with the price of gas back then or who the president was back then or another guy teeing up but running for president back then. no, 2015 was the last time that we heard from a singer simply known as adele. an


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