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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 15, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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graduate to mary vincent a personal emotional connection that i have to one. >> you grew up with the gory crime scenes, you are a twisted person? >> who isn't? >> jesse: you are twisted. most people don't like that stuff. >> oh, my goodness. >> jesse: how i saved the world is .... ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight it's friday and we hope to do a lighter show but we're not in charge of the news, biden. for nine months they have gone from crisis to crisis to crisis most of their own making. since january there has hardly been a single day when america could fall to sleep feeling like their country was calm, safe, and good hands.
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tonight we find ourselves unfortunately on the greatest crisis yet. a total breakdown in the most basic functions in our society. in any society. fire and police protection. hospitals. the military. schools, long term care facilities for the elderly and disabled. road maintenance, replying transportation, food and freight delivery. air travel. all of these services, which are the hallmarks of a civilization, are rapidly degrading and soon, thanks to the biden white house, they may be completely paralyzed. millions of americans have been told to submit to joe biden's lunatic vaccine mandate or be summarily fired. for many the deadline tonight, midnight. these are not lawyers, activists, and cable news anchors. these are nurses, cops, navy seals, pilots and air traffic controllers. these are the people you can't run a country without but soon we may be forced to anyway. in the state of washington thousands of cops, teachers,
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nurses and bus drivers are about to be fired. it's not clear how the state of washington will function once that happens but joe biden doesn't care. in los angeles, the city is looking at losing fully a quarter of its entire fire department in a single day. there is no precedent for that. people will die because of it. the lapd is likely to lose many of its officers as well so america's second largest city will plunge into chaos. keep in mind there is no public health justification for any of this. none. instead it's an assault on public health. americans will lose their lives because of what joe biden is doing. it's the most unnatural disaster imaginable. tomorrow we believe there will be another major disruption at southwest airlines. and possibly at least one major air traffic control center as well. they are not on strike. they are desperate to save their livelihoods from his mandates. they are being fired from jobs
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they spent their lives preparing for. watch this video from southwest employees and you can feel their sadness. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> tucker: keep in mind none of these people did anything wong. they served faithfully through the pandemic painful and now they are being fired. one was a 16-year flight attendant. my lord and safe i don't remember and my doctor are the only ones qualified to tell me what to put in my boy. she's absolutely right about that. why the administration hurting her. in fact, hurting all of us. imagine living in the city of chicago tonight. it's a beautiful place.
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it's been under siege for more than a year by murderous criminal gangs and now the very last thing that chicago needs. the city could lose half its police force to a vaccine mandate. it's a horrible story. here's the latest. >> hi, tucker. vaccine mandates in many u.s. cities could put millions of americans at risk and force thousands of city employees out of work. it could all potentially lead to higher crime and unemployment. across the united states tonight city workers are trying to take a stand against vaccine mandates. the deadline here in los angeles and in seattle is early next week. in chicago the deadline is in a matter of hours. midnight. city employees must enter their vaccine status into a city portal. the chicago police union president estimates as much as half of the police force has not been vaccinated. that means thousands of officers face being let go in cities like chicago with steep violent crime. the battle between chicago mayor lori lightfoot and the police union president is rapidly
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intensifying. a short while ago a cook county judge issued a temporary restraining order against the police union president prohibiting him from publicly commenting any more about the city's vaccine policy. the mayor claims officers who do not comply with tonight's deadline will not be sent home this weekend but chicago police worry if they don't submit their vaccine status soon they could be fired. over the past week i've talked to police sources in as long as, seattle, and chicago, one chicago police officer said he does not care who is vaccinate. he just doesn't want to enter his personal health information into the city's portal. a los angeles police officer tells me he's not against vaccines, his family is vaccinated. he's health and fit and he simply doesn't want to get the vaccine. tucker? >> tucker: that's his right. thanks so much. good to see you tonight. keep in mind it's not just the police. it's the military. hundreds of navy seals the estimate is could soon lose
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their jobs. thousands in the marine corps, air force, army and navy. this is painful. entire counties in the state of maine, for example, will lose paramedic services tonight because of a vaccine mandate that takes effect at midnight. what does this mean for people who live in the state of maine. a state senator from the state, we're happy to have her on. thanks for coming on. give us a sense of what this will mean for the people in the state of maine. >> thank you, tucker. yes, tonight, as you said, at midnight, e.m.s. workers will no longer be answering calls and we don't know on the state level how many have been let go but there will be 911 calls that go unanswered in the state of maine. and the difference here in maine that's good to understand is that we've already done away with all philosophical and religion exemptions and it's
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difficult to get an exemption at all. they are faced with feeding their family or taking the vaccine. i have talked to many people throughout the state. there are definitely dire consequences coming and we're not sure yet what the impact overall is going to be. >> tucker: if your 911 call goes unanswered what's the point of having a government? honestly, what's the point and why isn't there a revolt against this? >> there is going to be a lot of people that are going to be hurt by this. but at this moment no one knows. this really has not been well reported. the people that are living in communities where the entire e.m.s. service or possibly, you know, 50% or a large percentage are no longer going to be working those communities don't yet know. this is something we're going to find out as it unfolds over the next week. >> tucker: so people who suffer heart failure or have a stroke
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and call for an ambulance and it doesn't come, some of those people will die as a result of this. >> that's the most dire consequence of all, and that's one of the major concerns that we have. i spoke with an e.m.s., the director of maine e.m.s. today, and they have some preliminary numbers but they won't know until sunday night how many workers are actually going to be getting done. so at this point, it's very strong likely to assume that the vaccine mandate will work for these people who are actually the most careful of anyone in our society they understand the transmission and they are careful of their patients, and now we're kicking them out and saying, your services are no longer needed. the maine people don't know. >> tucker: right. so politicians know more than healthcare workers about medicine and everyone about like that's normal but it's not normal and it's also untrue.
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appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so you may have noticed as society degrades and no one answers your 911 call that some people are getting away with murder literally while others are being sent to solitary for trespassing. nowhere is that more obvious than the way federal judges have treated sick protestors. we'll tell you what they are recommending and what it means next.
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how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. >> tucker: on tuesday, three days ago a 53 year old hair salonist was sentenced in washington. as the day began it seemed obvious that donna was not going to go to prison. even joe biden's justice department recommended probation. that's because the crime she committed wasn't serious by any measure. it was parading or picketing in a capitol building on january 6. she did not set fire to any property or attack police officers. she paraded. then the sentencing began. it became clear that she would not be going home to her family or her hair salon.
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it's not because of what she did on january 6. it's because of what she believes. a prosecutor, a fascist, labeled her "avid consumer of conspiracy theories including that covid is a "hoax pandemic." apparently according to this prosecutor you're not allowed to believe that. it's a thought crime and you were going to jail for it. this is ostensibly a trial over what happened on january 6. the judge also heard that she's not vaccinated against covid and that's a crime, a thought crime. remember last year, prisoners were told -- it's one thing to believe in conspiracy theories in your basement, the fascist prosecutor said, it's another thing to act out on item them. he's a shrink now, too. in the end the judge overruled
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the prosecutor's recommendation of probation and sent donna to prison for the crime of "parading in the capitol building" and for disputing the official narrative on covid. that's a crime and now her life is ruined. she's in jail. a few months a big, a friend of her was sentenced to probation for the exact same offense. parading in the capitol so why the difference now? here's the difference. unlike her friend, donna, she appeared before a judge called tanya -- tanya donated many thousands of dollars to support barack obama and then barack obama in exchange appointed her to the federal bench since 2014 where she's been a disgrace ever since. in the last few months, she's repeatedly overruled prosecutors to impose long sentences from january 6. he's not the only one running political show trials in our
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former free country. the one in which you were guaranteed equal treatment under the law. there is another barack obama appointee who has repeatedly overruled prosecutors to punish january 6 people, far more harshly than even the doj asks for. this is unequal justice by any measure. it contradicts the central principle of our legal system and our country which is we're all citizens and all of us stand equal before the law. it's not about what you believe. it's about what you doocht it has nothing to do with who you vote for, listen to on the radio or watch on television. it happens to be when you violate law but that's no longer what it has to do with. you should know that any of the pink protestors who stormed senate buildings wound up in jail. of course not. they weren't tossed in solitary confinement or the self-described people you just invaded washington.
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[chanting] [unintelligible voices] >> don't do this. >> tucker: that ladies and gentlemen, is the single worst attack on our democracy since the 9/11, pearl harbor and the civil war. they are chanting go inside. they are trying to push through a police barrier. so by the standards set on january 6 that's an insurrection against the government. how did the government respond? the department of the interior under joe biden refused to condemn it. the leadership believes in upholding the right to free
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speech and protest. end quote. oh. so they are not insurrectionists, they are peaceful protestors because they voted for joe biden. this is what happens when law enforcement becomes partisan. this is the nightmare scenario. this is the country you don't want to live in. this is the country that judges you on the basis of who you vote for and will put you in jail if you vote the wrong way. this is not a defense of any criminal conduct that occurred on january 6. but the events of that day, keep in mind, were an organized demonstration against the unequal enforcement of law in this country for the past four years and that's exactly what we have seen. period. yet instead of heeding the call, people are upset what are they upset about? maybe we should fix the disparity. they double down on unequal treatment under the law which is they are giving in even bigger helpings, so some suffer no
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consequences. in some cases the criminals are put in charge of enforcing the law itself. here's one. mccade. he admitted lying to federal investigators, that's a physical any unlike parading the capitol but he was never hauled off to jail or lectured about his vaccine status. he just got his federal prison back and he's bragging about it on television. >> to have a settlement of this lawsuit and one that so clearly indicates this should never have happened, it is both an incredible relief. it's satisfying, but it's also, you know, it's also kind of sad. i mean, mike this should never have happened. my family should never have had to go through this. this is the current department of justice standing up for fairness. >> tucker: what? you're the country's second in line in our biggest law enforcement agency, and you've
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admitted committing a felony and all that happened to you was that you lost your padded federal benefits, and you say that was unfair? and you're still winding about it even after you got it back? are you the same mccade who destroyed flynn's life and tried to send him to prison a charge of lying to federal investigators? that was created at the behest of barack obama and his cronies. we're not speculating about this because the documents prove it. it's literally written get him to lie. even if he was never punished for that he still has a seat waiting for him on cnn and when he lies to investigators, he says no, now he gets his pension back and he's celebrated on national television. why is that? because andy mccade is on the right side. he's maybe of the national security state which the left
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now venerates because they are on their side. the f.b.i. can label political dissidents domestic terrorists which jumps killing them and everyone applauses when they die. babbitt did not hurt a single person on january 6 yet watch how they justify shooting her because the f.b.i. says she was somehow a threat to national security. >> -- to kill. she was a military member. she wept through that door, god knows what kind of harm she should have done. >> these supporters are terrorists. two plus two equals four stuff. all of those who attacked the capitol are terrorists because the f.b.i. director said it was an act of terrorism. >> babbitt was leading mob that was about to storm the house floor and she was shot by a brave officer who was the last line of defense for many members of congress and many of these members were the slowest least mobile members because they were having the hardest time getting out. if they had been overrun by that
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mob people would have been killed. >> tucker: yes. so you watch that and you get frustrated and you're reminded these people are so stupid it's amazing they can breathe unaided. they just told you she was trained by the air force to kill people. really? a lot of people in the air force trained to kill people? she was a threat to their safety. 5'2" and totally unarmed. she was not warned, by the way, before she was shot. we know the man who shot her was completely reckless. he left a loaded firearm in the men's room inside the capitol. he wasn't fired for that. it's clearly over the line in a functional country. but then to see those ghouls gloating about the death of an unarmed woman, how would they treat you? for the crime of parading in the capitol building, at the same time, they are ignoring other crimes, ones committed by people
5:24 pm
who are actually armed. an 18-year-old who opened fire in his classroom in texas shot several people. got out of jail in a single day. he told us he was bullied. another victim of white supremacy and he got a pass. that's fine. his firearm winds up in a trash bin behind a grocery store and disappears. public safety, anyone? no, not according to the government. the defense didn't carry about his gun and the vet service showed up who was not working for him at the time, went to the gun store to shred the paperwork to show that hunter biden lied when he acquired the gun so if you're the president's son you can commit a federal gun felony and nobody cares. the worst they will do is invite you on their shows and let you explain it away in a sentence. >> when did you have a gun? >> well, again, there was a
5:25 pm
period in my life that was difficult. but, you know, i don't know. >> according to the reporting at one point the secret service went looking for the record of sale. do you know anything about that? >> nothing. no. >> what do you know about the vet service being involved? >> i have no idea. i don't know if the secret service, why they would be, i don't think that's true. >> tucker: right. it's not on your laptop or anything. so you committed gun felony. you lie about it. in the laziest possible way and no one really cares but if you dare the criticize the people leading our military they send you to prison. you try to visit your sick daughter in the hospital, you get arrested. >> i told them that i wasn't going to leave my daughter's sigh. she had taken a turn for the worst, and i wanted to stay and i told them that i wasn't leaving. she said, the nurse said she would have to call security. i said do whatever you have to do but i'm not leaving my
5:26 pm
daughter's side. >> tucker: good for you. good for you. i wish more americans would take that position. really, thank you for doing that, but they handcuffed you? >> yes. they handcuffed me behind my back, and led me out to the cruiser where i set for three hours with my hands cuffed behind my back. >> what was your crime? were you spreading covid to people? what did you do wrong exactly? >> stayed past 7:00. >> tucker: handcuffing a grandmother because she stayed past 7:00. shooting an unarmed woman in the neck without warning her, because you didn't like what she was saying, but if you torch a federal courthouse in portland, no problem. you show up to a school board meeting and object to your daughter being raped in the bathroom that's when you get thrown to the ground and taken to jail. i tried to tell the lady what happened to my daughter and she looked me dead in the face and said that's not what happened. and that struck me like how do
5:27 pm
you know what happened? you don't even know me. and she started in on me again and threatened my family business. my livelihood. everything that, you know, givers my family what we need. she threatened to ruin my business on social media. the next thing i know, i'm getting touched from all over the place. i didn't know who was touching me. who was grabbing me. i turn around, the police are grabbing me and the next thing i know i'm tackled to the ground. >> tucker: we could go on and on and spend all night giving you example after example. here's the bottom line. they are not for defunding the police and we apologize forever suggesting they were. they are for repurposing the police. they are not against the use of force. they embrace the use of force as long as it's against their political opponents. they are for letting criminals off the hook and redefining people who oppose the regime as criminals. the only ones who get punished. >> what form of government is
5:28 pm
this? it's not democracy, it's tyranny. it's selective punishment even as they ignore the rule of law. this is a threat to the very center of the american idea which is equality under the law. everyone treated same by the justice system. right now you can target minneapolis, you can burn a wendy's and face no consequences but try to defend your own property, try to exercise your constitutional right to state your views about the last election and you go to jail. that's true. by the way next month we're releasing a multipart series, tucker carlson originals, on this topic, the best thing we've ever made. we'll tell you much more about it soon. it will be on fox nation. one thing we've learned in the last 24 hours, you can say pretty much whatever you want in this country, but there are limits, guard rails as we call them, and the main one is you can't make fun of pete buttigieg. you must take him very, very
5:29 pm
seriously. that and more. we'll tell you all about it, plus american diplomats are reportedly suffering from serious neurological symptoms. called havana syndrome but does it actually exist? is it real? one expert doubts that and he joins us next. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: have you heard about something called havana syndrome? american diplomats around the world have fallen ill because of a secret sonic weapon. this began in 2016 in havana. here's how nbc news just reported on it. peter oliver who worked at the embassy was washing dishes. >> the kid were upstairs playing and i was standing at the kitchen window and i felt like i was being struck with something. >> what was it like? >> it was gripping.
5:35 pm
it was like i had been seized by some invisible hand, and i couldn't move. >> they didn't know it but they were among the first victims of an unexplained phenomenon called havana syndrome. with more than 200 americans around the world, mostly u.s. diplomats and spies reporting neurological and other symptoms. >> tucker: it's all pretty imprecise. the leading theory is that vladimir putin is behind it. >> what do we know about who could be behind these attacks? >> that's the big question. the leading theory is this could have started with a device that russia had invented during the cold war and was later used to spy on u.s. emphasis but now -- embassies. >> tucker: we haven't established if any of this real and one professor who has looked
5:36 pm
into it has serious doubts that it is real. at auckland university in new zealand joins us tonight. thank you for joining us, i'm going to ask my question and i hope you will answer it in full. after looking into this, quite extensively, you seem convinced this is not, in fact, a physical symptom at all. this is not a weapon that it's something else. tell us what you've concluded, if you would. >> this case can be summarized in a single sentence. when you hear the sound of hoofbeats in the night, first think horses, not zebras. the doctors at the state department went for the most exotic hypothesis early on. they were searching for unicorns when they should have stuck to the mundane. there is absolutely no credible evidence that what happened in
5:37 pm
cuba involved brain damage. if you can prove it i'll resign my position at the university of auckland. now what's happened, there are two things going on. you've got what happened in cuba early on which is a classic textbook case of mass psychogenic illness. c.i.a. at were hearing these noises. one had ear pain and a headache. he went to the embassy and said it felt like somebody was pointing a beam of sound at my head. when they started to record these attacks, they turned out to be the mating calls of the short tail cricket and a cicada. then you've got a secondary case around the world which is different. what's going around the world now is mass suggestion. the state department and the
5:38 pm
department of defense have issued alarms to all their employees around the world to be on alert for havana syndrome. symptoms that include things like difficulty concentrating, insomnia, very vague symptoms. there is an old saying, speak of the devil and he's bound to appear. this is right out of the witch hunts of 1692 when somebody would visit your house, you would feel unwell, and then you would claim that you had been bewitched. so what's happened and the claims that are going on, it's just not true and it's very frustrating to see cnn, cbs, and other news agencies claiming that what happened initially in cuba was brain damage. that was from two studies from the "journal of the american medical association." they have serious method logical flaws and it's just not true. >> tucker: so the american news media stoking the already present neurosis of the ruling
5:39 pm
class, that's a phenomenon that a lot of us are familiar with at this point. professor, we appreciate you coming on. you're the only voice in this on the side that you're taking so we're glad to hear it. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: we didn't plan to spend a lot of time talking about the former mayor of south bend, pete buttigieg and somehow he was resurrected from the democratic primaries and wound up as a secretary in the biden administration. tonight we have a correction pertaining to last night. straight ahead. lisa here, has had many jobs. and all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults. apply today. omega-3 from fish oil is an important nutrient for heart health. you too can become a caregiver to older adults. qunol's ultra purified omega-3,
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>> tucker: as far as we know, lieutenant colonel of the united states -- he said in public what so many were thinking, what did our leaders just do in afghanistan? how did they screw it up so badly and why is no one being held accountable? he said it on facebook. here's part of it.
5:45 pm
>> the reason people are so upset on social media right now is not because the marine on the battlefield let someone down that service member always rose to the occasion to do extra ordinary things. people are upset because their senior leaders let them down and nobody is raising their hand and saying we messed up this too. too instead of answering his question the pentagon did what the biden administration so often does, they punished him, court-martialed him and sent him to jail in solitary confinement. in the end he pled guilty to though charges meaning he's going to lose his retirement benefits. he appeared to be in good spirits today. >> we left it all on the table so we'll see what they do. i feel good about everything that i said.
5:46 pm
>> tucker: the man served honorably for 17 years. now he's gone. certainly after that a judge rejected the prosecutor's request for a stiff sentence. he issued a rep pri manned and dockeded a month of play. that misconduct is not -- [inaudible] >> his parents, we're happy to have them both on tonight. thanks so much for coming on. how is your son doing? he's been doing well, tucker. thank you so much. thank you for giving us this platform to bring our plight to the american people and thank you to the congress people and most of all thank you to the americans that showed up. it was the americans that showed up that spoke their voice, that stood up with our son, and that's the reason he's not in the brig today waiting for months and months for a court-martial to finally happen. it was because of your voice and we can't thank you enough and i want to tell you, that
5:47 pm
accountability showed up in that courtroom today in a big way. i would like to thank the judge for carefully examining all of the evidence. not taking it out of context, listening to our son's complete and total statement. checking out his military record, recognizing that there was not a single blemish on it until the fatal day of the botched withdrawal from afghanistan and the 13 service members killed. he recognized it for what it was. he gave the lenient sentence and we just cannot thank you, america, enough. i have teeth. i can smile. >> tucker: and we're grateful that he's out but what a sad day for the country because i think all americans, look at your son, reasonable americans, and say that's exactly the guy i want as a marine officer defending us. your son spent 17 years in this job. like, it must be poignant for him to have to leave? >> it's not over yet. we all think it's over.
5:48 pm
it's not over. >> here's what you're not going to hear from the marine corps spokespeople. it's not over. the plea deal that stewart agreed to while in prison was to plead guilty, which, by the way, was always his intent. he accepts accountability. so he pleaded guilty to the charges. he pleaded guilty to the charges, and in return, the marine corps and the secretary of the navy agreed to accept his resignation. the only concern we have is that there is no time limit on that. that could be a week. it could be a month. it could be months. they still have him on a gag order and that's why we're out here talking tonight. i tell you what. the final decision maker is the secretary of the navy, carlos del toro, and he's responsible for signing his resignation and accepting his resignation.
5:49 pm
you can google the secretary of the navy, and you can find his address. you can find his email address. we would like an honorable discharge, and we would ask americans to contact the secretary of the navy and ask him to expedite it, please too. too i don't think there is any doubt that they will and we can only hope that lloyd austin will plead guilty and resign his job because he deserves it much more than your son. we appreciate you coming on and i'm sure we'll see you again. thanks. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: thank you very much. before we go to break a quick correction last night on the show we made a brief offhand joke about the secretary of transportation pete buttigieg and this morning we discovered our error. it turns out he's not a frog whose mediocrity indicts the who create him. he's the former mayor of south bend, indiana so we're under strict orders from the biden administration to take pete buttigieg very seriously and, of course, we will.
5:50 pm
our mistake. >> an awful lot has changed in the past 18 months. a very accomplished novelist, what he's noticed, you'll want to hear his assessment. that's next.
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>> tucker: everything about the country has changed about the country the past few months. walter writes about america. he wrote "up in the air" for example. through his eyes, the changes are profound. he sat down with an hour for tucker carlson today. worth hearing. hear's part of it. >> a lot of us have the sense that the country has changed quite a bit in the last 1 1/2 years. >> that sense would be correct. >> tucker: give us your take on how it's changed from reporting
5:56 pm
on it. >> the united states is a place that even though it appears different in the media, there's a lot of pockets. food stuff and so on has gotten bland. you go from here to utah, you experience 30 little different countries. those places, as this covid thing has hit, has become almost invisible to us. we're not traveling as much as we used to or driving around, talking to strangers. we're hearing a lot in the news about the unvaccinated or the trump voter or the red neck, the people that actually live, you know, underneath the airline
5:57 pm
routes. they're being blamed for a lot, they're being accused of sort of not supporting all sorts of national and governmental edicts. they're hunkered down, starting to feel victimized by the culture at large and have lost their voice. and so if you ask how the country has changed, it's not so much that the actuality of people's lives have changed, it's their view of their plight has gotten very simplistic and hostile, i think. >> tucker: very hostile. the group that you're speaking about are the people that built the country, fought the wars, grew the food, now he to fix the broken machines. probably the most patriotic of all groups. how have they been treated, do you think? >> i think the average american out in the so-called red states
5:58 pm
and, you know a big part of a lot of blue states are red, too. let's remember that. >> tucker: that's right. >> i think they've been treated terribly. they've been through a 40-year sickle of social abuse, if you want to put it that way. they have lost their jobs, especially in jobs in manufacturing due to nafta. they have weathered huge drug plagues, visited on them by pharmaceutical companies and not just foreign drug cartels. they have been the cannon fodder in our endless wars. they have now come in for the kind of abuse that may lead to real civil disorder. because they're being blamed for a pandemic that was actually
5:59 pm
famented at the highest levels, dr. strangelove mad scientists. once again the guy in paducah, kentucky or, you know, inner, mississippi being told that he's at fault for national weakness, for people in the hospital for covid resurgence. besides the fact that it's not true, it is a kind of scapegoating that is detestable. because you're blaming the weakest, the people that over and over have been the -- have been the butt of jokes and a kind of hostility that seems to never end. >> tucker: walter curb --
6:00 pm
curran. what have we learned tonight, pete buttigieg give us a lesson about fatherhood. and the air force trained ashley babbott to kill. you know what is true. don't forget it. have the best weekend with the ones you love. we'll see you monday. >> americans held hostage, day 6 go. >> sean: welcome to handy this busy news making friday night. 62 days our fellow americans, friends, green called holders, allies, joe biden abandoned all of them and has not talked about them in 40 days. now the images out of afghanistan are horrific. look at


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