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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 17, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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♪♪ eric: well, there's some new warnings of a growing global crisis. an official who runs one of america's busiest container ports says this could last longer than you think. this as americans are gearing up for the holidays. consumers not only seeing empty store shelves in some places, but they're also finding prices, well, they've skyrocketed for items that are still in stock. hello, everyone, ask welcome to "fox news live," i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville.
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pressure is building on the biden administration to ease the impact of the supply chain crisis. the bottleneck of cargo ships continues to threaten the economy. this combined with a shortage of truckers to deliver goods to stores has many families fearing it may last into next year. i spoke with the executive the director of the port of long beach earlier today on "fox news live." >> if we don't fix this going forward, again, it's a national crisis. it's not a global crisis. $1 trillion industry here in the united states, i'm talking about the supply chain. so, obviously, again, everybody's impacted, business, consumers. and you go down that list. arthel: david spunt is live at the white house with more on how the biden administration's responding. david, he also had some encouraging things to say about the situation, so it's not completely all doom and gloom, but it is definitely dire at the moment. >> reporter: it is dire at the moment. good news he had some positive things to say, but officials
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here at the white house are aware that this may continue over the next few months, into 2022. you mentioned not only the cargo ports, but the shortage of truck drivers. there is an increased push to encourage people to start driving trucks ad campaigns. i heard on the radio today in the car on my way to work this morning multiple different trucking companies trying to recite people to come on and drive trucks. they need those truck drivers. this is in addition to what we're seeing at those ports just off of california, dozens of cargo ships packed to the brim, millions of goods really in limbo, arthel, just cannot get to the ports or even onto trucks. looking at the numbers year to year, the cpi, consumer price index, climbed 5.4% in september matching the highest rate since 2008. food was up 4.6%, electricity up 5.2%. >> when your computer turns off
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and then comes back on, it doesn't come back on perfectly. it takes time for different things to start working again. you've got to sign into your accounts again, you've got to open your e-mail again. that's what happened with the global economy. when it started functioning again, it didn't start simultaneously. >> reporter: as for the empty shelves and rising prices, transportation secretary pete buttigieg says the administration began looking at supply chain issues earlier this year in case something like this happened. >> this is a capitalist country. nobody wants the federal government to own or operate the stores, the warehouses, the trucks or the ships or the ports. our role is to try to make sure we're support anding those businesses and those worksers who do. >> reporter: in all of his recent interviews, secretary buttigieg has mentioned president biden's build back better plan. the administration official, the president himself, they believe that this build back better social spending agenda will
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actually help the crisis we're in now. however, republicans say, no, that is why americans are seeing this stalemate as they wait for some type of economic relief. arthel? arthel: david spunt live at the white house, thanks, david. eric. eric: -- claiming a notorious gang for the kidnapping of a group of 17 christian missionaries. that group reportedly includes 16 u.s. citizens, 1 canadian. seven of them are women, five men, and it also includes five children. reports say a the that group was taken from a bus on their way home from helping build an orphanage near port-au-prince. the group, also part of a ohio-based organization called christian aid ministries. sources tell fox news that many of the members who were kidnapped, well, they're actually part of the mennonite community who hail from lancaster, pennsylvania. alexandria hoff has more. >> reporter: it is believed that gang members took over a bus that the missionaries were
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riding on and that someone onboard reached out to other religious contacts to tell them what happened and ask for prayers. the the group of mostly americans, 15-17 of them, part of the ohio-based christian aid ministries operating in haiti. the associated press reports that a ministry member sent this yesterday. quote: this is a special prayer alert. pray that the gang members would come to repentance. in a statement provided fox news, the state department confirmed they are aware of the ongoing situation and, quote: the welfare and safety of u.s. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state. the missionaries had remained in haiti despite a do not travel advisory in place by the state department citing the risk of being kidnappedded specifically. fox news was told that the members of the group are largely from amish and mennonite communities. here's illinois congressman adam kinzinger. >> we need to track down where they are and see if negotiations without paying ransom are possible or do whatever we need
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to on a military front or police front. we keep them in our prayers, and the u.s. government will do everything we can to get them back. >> reporter: haiti's state of profound unrest was set off by the assassination of their president and an earthquake that killed thousands. no word at this point if official contact has been made with the missionaries or their abductors n. washington, alexandria hoff, fox news. arthel: going to bring in joel reuben, former deputy assistant secretary of state under president obama and executive director of the add vote cat city -- advocate9 city group american jewish congress. last year there were 234 reported keyed nappings, so far this year 328. in general, what's your take on this? >> arthel, first and foremost, my heart goes out to the families of those who were kidnapped and people who do mission work are doing the lord's work. so hopefully, these individuals will be returned home soon.
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my take on this right now, quite frankly, is that haiti is a failed state. haiti has gone through multiple moments now of crises in the past several months from the assassination a few months ago of its president in his own bed to a devastating earthquake, to we've seen the migration crisis. there are many very dangerous trends happening in haiti right now. in many ways, this is the worst period for haiti in decades. arthel: yeah. and, you know, the americans, as we know, 16 u.s. citizens among the 17 members of the christian aid ministries members who have been kidnapped, i mean, how should the u.s. respond to these kidnappings? >> first and fore host, this is a -- foremost, this is a diplomatic challenge. this is one where our diplomats, and i'm glad you mentioned the state department. the state department is the one that the has to be engaged in terms of identifying with the government of haiti and, quite frankly, with the haitian police
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with whom we have been working closely in regards to the investigation of the assassinated president. so working with them to identify who the kidnappers really are, get that intelligence, engage the families of the victims and then develop a plan for getting them out. hopefully soon and hopefully without ransom. as the congressman said before as well, but certainly getting as much information as possible and working closely with the haitian national police. that's the key first step. arthel: yeah. well, reportedly days before this latest kidnapping, high-level u.s. officials, i read, visited haiti maybe from the if state department. they promised more resources for haiti's national police including another $15 million to help reduce this gang violence. so, again, why is it important for the u.s. to help? as it would benefit the people of haiti, joel, and curtail the number of migrants flocking to the u.s. southern border. >> yeah, you're right, arthel. it's never a good moment for the
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united states when there's a failed state only 700 miles away from us, and it's horrible, of course, for the haitian people. this is the poorest country in the hemisphere. we need to do all we can to help the country stabilize. beyond the earthquake and the assassination, it's just decades upon decades of economic despair and lack of hope in haiti. and without us engaging, the united states, and is we've engaged in haiti for a century and a half, we -- there really are no life preservers that they can look to. so this kind of aid, the civilian assistance, our diplomats engaged continuing to try to help the haitian people, that's the crucial building block if there's ever going to be some kind of movement forward in reducing these crises as you describe from migration to of the other crises like this law and order collapse in haiti. arthel: does this call for a u.n. summit? >> well, certainly, the united nations is critical. this is a moment where it's a
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multilateral issue, to use that phrase. latin america is very much invested in haiti's future. it's sharing an island with the dominican republic, and the united nations has historically been engaged in these types of transition periods where the president in this case was assassinated, but in the past we saw multiple presidents deposed. the united nations has a role to play in this. we, again, we're an anchor. but again as well, we can't do it alone. this is really going to require many countries continuing to provide assistance to haiti. arthel: yeah, something has to be done really quickly. joel rubin, thank you very much for your expertise on this. thank you. >> thanks, arthel. eric: a horrific attack on a commuter train are just outside of philadelphia. police say a woman was raped by a homeless man as other
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passengers reportedly stood by and apparently did nothing, didn't even call 911. they say the suspect sat next to the victim, looking at the suspect there, ripped her clothes off, and that assault lasted for eight minutes. a train employee called police to report something seemed off with the woman. riders this plain view of the attack, that suspect charged with rape, serial assault and being held on $180,000 bail. and in houston, a massive manhunt is underway for the man who open fire outside a bar in houston fried night killing one -- friday night killing one deputy constable. deputy karim atkins was only 30 years old, he just became a new father. fox news senior correspondent claudia cowan has the very latest on this terrible tragedy, another example of the selflessness and sacrifice of law enforcement officers across the country. claudia? >> reporter: eric, you're
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right. this was a brutal ambush of three officers who were working extra security jobs outside a sports bar. investigators say in the predawn hours of saturday morning two deputies were looking into some kind of a disturbance, might have been a robbery, and they were in the process of detaining one suspect when a second person appeared out of nowhere and opened fire with an ar-15 style rifle, shooting fellow behind. 30-year-old karim atkins died in the parking lot. he had just recently returned to work after taking time off to be with his wife and their newborn baby. the other deputy, 28-year-old had worked as a cop since 2018. he was shot in the back and is recovering from from surgery. his fiancee says the three officers were good friends. >> they called each other brothers. they did everything together. atkins was the only one that knew he was going to propose to me. they were really close.
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>> reporter: they were really close. upon hearing gunshots in the parking lot, the other deputy raced in to help his colleagues. he was shot in the leg and is recovering. investigators interviewed one person near the scene but determined he was not the shooter. the suspected gunman, still on the loose, is described as hispanic and in his early 20s. it's unclear if the deputies were able to fire back. this remains an active criminal information with law enforcement -- investigation with law enforcement agencies in texas and, indeed, around the country praying for these deputies and their families. the three officers are being hailed as true law enforcement heroes who were cowardly ambushed while serving and protecting their community. eric? eric: they certainly are, and we should not forget. claudia, thanks. arthel? arthel: thank you, eric. well, as the search for brian laundrie hits the one month mark, gabby petito's family went to wyoming to retrieve her remains. charles watson is outside the laundrie home with the latest.
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charles? >> reporter: hi, arthel. gabby petito's family confirmed to fox news they did, indeed, pick up gabby's yes may noted remains in jackson, wyoming, just days after the coroner concluded the 20-year-old was strangled to death. law enforcement continue the search for brian laundrie one month to the day that his parents reported him missing. law enforcement had focused in at the carlton preserve and parts of the appalachian trail in north carolina and tennessee, but brian who is wanted on bank fraud charges and is the only person of interest at least publicly in the death investigation of gabby is still in the wind. this morning brian's father was seen loading boxes into a red pickup truck before returning to the family's north port home. for days protesters have showed up in front of the family's lawn demanding they cooperate. they've hammered signs into the grass reading dirty laundrie, justice for gabby, and some have even left soiled laundry.
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but i have to tell you, arthel, it's getting pretty tense between some of the protesters and the neighbors who are tired of the noise and constant barrage of people who drive past, film and shout at the laundries' home. these protesters say if the neighbors are sick of them, they need to come out and convince the laundries to plead for brian to turn himself in. >> if you're sick of it and you can't sleep, put your flip-flops on and your robe and walk on over there and start pounding on that door and be, like, yeah, this needs to go. >> [inaudible] >> let this family get peace! this poor girl was way too good for your son. >> reporter: and, arthel, the protesters have packed it up for the day, but right now in blue point, new york, the first fundraiser for the gabby petito foundation ongoing, expected to go until 7:00 this evening. >> reporter: that protester, her passion and anger is
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understandable. charles watson, thank you. eric. eric: arthel, former president bill clinton is heading home after spending five nights in the hospital. the former president was visiting southern california for some private events involving the clinton foundation when he earlier in the week said he wasn't feeling so well. that happened on tuesday night, so he was admitted to the uc-irvine medical center for urology infection. the team later announced that he was being treated for sepsis after an infection spread to his blood. the 42nd president was discharged early this morning after receiving antibiotics. his doctor says that he'll be receiving them at home. he gave the thumbs up and thanked the medical team as he walked out of the hospital with mrs. clinton. a spokesman says that the former president is deeply grateful for all the well wishes, and we here at fox news wish the former president our very best. well, the biden administration force ifed by the courts to bring back the trump era remain in mexico policy.
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♪ arthel: well, the ongoing crisis at our southern border now has president biden taking a page out of former president trump's playbook. white house officials say the administration plans to reinstate the trump era remain in mexico policy for asylum seekers by mid november. mike tobin is live near the border in texas with details. mike. >> reporter: and i can tell you an example of how this flow of migrants is constant out here. our fox news flight team is just about 3 miles away from the location where i am, and in the last hour they watched a group of migrants come across with 7 individuals, 1 female. they were from mexico, el salvador, guatemala and honduras. and what's interesting about these people as they came across, some of them considered runners meaning they're not going to check in with border protection. they since have been loaded up to the processed by the federal authorities. but last night fox news cameras caught two groups of migrants coming across the border
1:22 pm
totaling about 80 people. they were families, single adults and unaccompanied children. usually, they'll have directions to a border authority office and head in that direction. that's what we saw last night. what we saw a couple of minutes ago is what they call the runners, the people who come across the border, and they try to escape without being processed at all. most people are confident that they will, ultimately, be able to stay in the united states. now, sometimes cartels and gangs on the mexican side of the border have been firing at each other, but a new development is that they're taking pot shots across the border at u.s. personnel. one texas congressman, van taylor, says that kind of lawlessness is a result of the biden administration policies. >> -- the wall, they stopped deporting people, and that has created an absolute crisis on the southern border. and it is escalating. and the fire from the cartels at national guardsmen is a further sign of the destabilization that biden has done to the security
1:23 pm
of this country on our southern border. >> reporter: now, the biden administration is set to reverse course on a trump administration policy and, therefore, leave it in effect. that is the remain in mexico policy. saying that detention camps on the mexican side of the border were inhumane, the biden administration tried to dump that policy where the immigrants stayed in mexico until his case worked through the system. but the court determined the administration handled the repeal wrong, so the remain in mexico policy should go back into effect mid november. meantime, we are waiting for numbers from customs and border protection for the fiscal year which ended at the end of september, 2021. it is expected to be a record year in terms of crossing, and one of the things we are seeing out here on the border is that the crossings are constant. arthel? arthel: mike tobin, thanks, mike. eric? eric: the biden administration is sending another $20 million
1:24 pm
to mexico and central america to address what it calls the root causes of the migrant surge. you know, the state department says that money will support access to legal aid, shelter and health care for hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who are flooding into the region. this brings the total amount, there it is, $331 million for fiscal year 2021. but despite that flood of money, the hordes of migrants keep coming. various administrations have tried for years to address the, quote, root causes, and that doesn't seem to have stopped the flow. is that even possible? >> i don't think so, especially if an administration like this one does not explain what it means by root causes and what the implementation plan is, what the markers of success are. we're adding, as you mentioned, 20 more million in to exceed
1:25 pm
$330 million this fy-21. the american taxpayer needs to know a what has been achieved, has anything been achieved in central america and mexico and in terms of addressing these root causes of irregular immigration as the administration puts it. was there's just -- because there's just no sign that asylum seekers are going to slow down. in this year we have a 20-year high in border crossings. so the attempt to fix irregular immigration or migration while having a more humane migration policy overall does not seem to either be working, or it hasn't really been addressed at its root causes. it's a great concern that we put more money in at this time as your colleague just described, the border is getting worse.
1:26 pm
eric: it's not just the root causes, i mean, that money is going to the central american countries, the three, as you say, the northern triangle, trying to address that. but they're coming from all over the world. particularly or some of the recent statistics on the country of origin. 37%, the highest number, obviously, from mexico. then honduras, guatemala, el salvador are next, but look at that, number two, other. nearly 20% from other including venezuela, russia, romania, eastern europe, you know, the far east. i mean, how do we, how do you even stop that if it goes so far beyond the area that is the, quote, root causes? >> eric, that's such a, an important question because as you've just shown, this is a global phenomenon that's taking place. passing through many of these asylum seekers through central america, through mexico, but
1:27 pm
they're coming from all over the world. are we going to institute root cause policies for all of these countries? and the fact that we're spending money to address problems in a handful of countries, we -- none of it will add up because this is truly global. but also, how much can we expect of the governments in central america and in mexico to implement the kind of policies the social agendas that we have that supposedly will keep people at home. how is that actually going to work? do we have the credibility in the united states to really dictate and work cooperatively with these governments for a kind of common policy on migration? that has not been spelled out, and it's not convincing. and if you look at the return to the stay in mexico policy that
1:28 pm
the supreme court has said must happen, the biden administration is making it easy for mexico in its negotiations to say no deal or slow walk us even further because the biden administration doesn't want to return to the policy. eric: yeah, they were force thed -- >> -- a fresh memo at this time to find a way out of what the trump administration successfully did. eric: yeah. they were forced toot that by the court, they didn't want to do that. they were sued by texans and missouri, the administration was, so they're being forced to try and reinstitute the return to mexico policy. so finally, i mean, do you think -- is this going to get worse? i mean, look, do you see this getting better? >> i don't because just as you said, they were forced, the biden administration, to return to the policy that stopped catch and release, that that forceed
1:29 pm
upon mexico a decision to hold those asylum seekers in the country until their cases could be processed. and when you think about it, there was a lot of noise and resentment around trump and his policies in 2019 when the stay in mexico policy was put in place. but what did it do? it made the case that many who wanted to enter the united states were coming in on false claims. that's not everyone, but many people did have false claims, and they didn't enter the u.s. under prior administrations they entered the u.s. and then they just merged into the country, and it was hard to ever find them. there were lots of things that the administration did that would just strip away the noise. there was a logic to it. the biden administration earlier this year reversed the policies without really looking into the deeper logic and the success of them, and now we have a multipronged, multifaceted problem at the border, one of
1:30 pm
the worst borders in the world. we've got drug cartels, we have human trafficking, we have violence. this is not thinking like a real policy. eric: and the reports that the cartel are shooting at us, shooting across the border at the texas national guard. kiron skinner, always good to see you. we will follow this, of course. thank you. >> thank you. eric: arthel? arthel: big name democrats set to campaign in virginia as the closely-watched governor's race enters the final weeks, but one top lawmaker does not have plans to make the campaign visit. details coming up. insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day.
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age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. eric: well, the pentagon is offering condolence payments to the relatives of those ten people who were killed in that botched u.s. drone strike in kabul in august. the pentagon says it's also working with the state department to try and help those surviving family members relocate here to the united states after their car
1:35 pm
apparently was mistaken for islamic terrorists. trey yingst is live in doha, qatar, and has reaction, spoken to those family members. hi, trey. >> reporter: eric, good afternoon. first, we do have some fresh reporting. today a ninth qatari evacuation flight landed here in doha from kabul with 353 people onboard, that according to a senior qatari official. this does come amid some news regarding the united states. you might remember weeks ago a u.s. drone strike in afghanistan killed ten civilians. well, now the u.s. military is offering to pay the families of those who died. on friday pentagon press secretary john kirby said the department of defense is committed to making condolence payments and working to relocate surviving family members to the united states. the undersecretary of defense spoke to ceo of an aid organization that was mistakenly targeted in the strike. one of the group's workers was the main target that american officials initially called a
1:36 pm
success. earn stead, they killed -- instead, they killed seven innocent civilians including children and adults. ten civilians, excuse me. last month we spoke with the families who will now be assisted by the united states. they described heartbreaking and horrifying scenes in the aftermath of the strike. one man lost all three of his children. >> translator: i ran to the car to take my nephew, and then my wife called to me to take my other nephew. then i saw that the car was burning of and went to pull out my daughter. everyone was burned. >> reporter: a devastating story certainly right now, but for those family, they will be relocated out of afghanistan which is some bright news for this extremely harrowing story of civilians that were killed. we do know the security situation on the ground in afghanistan is deteriorating quickly, so any civilians who do want to leave the country will have to do so in the coming weeks and months. eric? eric: all right, trey, thanks.
1:37 pm
>> virginia, you need somebody that you can trust, and that's terry mcauliffe! [applause] and like joe, terry understands it's not enough to have good ideas. you have to bring people together and deliver on your promises. arthel: democrats are calling on familiar if faces to try to energize the vote for terry mcauliffe as the race enters the home stretch. former president obama will be on hand next weekend for the democratic candidate. meanwhile, republican glenn youngkin is looking to appeal to moderates and independents. a recent fox news poll shows schools and the economy are big drivers in the closely-watched race. support for mcauliffe at 51%, youngkin at 46. that's within the margin of error making this effectively a dead heat. joining me now is virginia republican congressman ben kline, he's on the house
1:38 pm
committee on appropriation and the house committee on the budget. so, congressman, is this race about issues or ideology? >> well, it's definitely about issues. it's about turning virginia in the right direction. you know, we've got a slogan here this virginia, virginia is for lovers. but virginians sure are not loving unified democratic control of government when it comes to jobs, when it comes to the economy, when it comes to education. these woke liberal policies are not flying with virginia voters, and i'm optimistic we're going to make a change in november and elect glenn youngkin governor. arthel: okay, when you say they're -- i don't understand what you said about those issues, that they're just woke. i don't know what that means. and also explain that to me and what do they expect from their governor? >> absolutely. what we've seen not only with the election of ralph north that many as our governor, but with the democratic-led general assembly for the first time in nearly 30 years, what we have seen is more regulation of businesses, more aggressive
1:39 pm
shutdowns for covid which has really hurt our kids, hurt our businesses, hurt our economy. we need to turn things around and open back up. we want to make sure that education policy when it comes to what our kids are learning in the classroom is not a liberal agenda. they shouldn't be indoctrinated, they should be educated. so when it comes to pushing things like cr or a number of other -- crt or a number of types of other policies, it's students and their parents, the parents need to be helping make the policies. terry mcauliffe in his last debate said parents should not be influencing what their kids are learning, that's wrong. arthel: do you think it's a precursor to the midterms next november or the 2024 presidential election? >> absolutely. i think that voters are looking at what's happening in washington, they're lacking at what they're -- looking at what they're paying for gas, they're looking at what they're paying for energy bills, in the grocery
1:40 pm
stores, and they're trying to get whether it's service at a restaurant, you know, we can't get folks to come back to work. our policies in washington are hurting working families here in virginia, and it's going to be looking to make a change on election day here in virginia but also next year in washington. arthel: and why do you think you're having trouble getting folks back to work there in virginia? >> well, partially the shutdowns, but partially the policies in washington that paid people not to work and actually had a deterrent effect on the employment policies here in virginia. we just have had a hard time. if you talk to any employer here in the commonwealth, they're having a hard time finding workers. and part of it is due to the extended unemployment benefits that only recently were halted here in virginia. arthel: so as the race is in the home stretch, what messaging will you and fellow republicans be out pushing while the
1:41 pm
democrats are in town as well? what will you be focusing on? >> for virginians who are concerned about the direction of the economy, concerned about the direction of our schools, who want to make a change, who want to make sure that education is about our kids and not about indoctrinating them, pushing some ideology on them, they need to vote for glenn youngkin. we should be able to sweep this ticket. it's the most diverse ticket that virginia's seen in decades, and with their victory we're going to move virginia forward and improve the situation for working virginians. arthel: all right. congressman ben kline of virginia, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. arthel: take care. eric? eric: speaking of virginia, a statue of thomas jefferson has stood in new york city hall for 187 years but could soon get kicked out. up next, why one of our found ifing fathers -- there he is -- he may get the heave ho!
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eric: well, thomas jefferson may be getting the boot from new york city hall. the statue of the third president and principal author of the declaration of independence could be removed from the city council chambers after watching over the council proceedings for 187 years. that's because jefferson owned slaves. fox news senior correspondent laura ingle live outside the historic 1803 city hall building in down manhattan. hey, laura. >> reporter: hey, eric. you know, as you mentioned, there is a lot of history here at new york city hall, but not all of it is appropriate according to those who want to see that statue of thomas jefferson who, as you mentioned, once owned slaves, they want it removed because it sits there in the city hall chamber overlooking where city city council meets. the statue could soon see the inside of a moving truck after a little known city board called the public design commission
1:48 pm
approved the relocation to the new york historical society. now, the controversy comes during nationwide calls to remove statues on public property that have connections to slavely. five -- slavery. five members of thety council wrote a letter to mayor de blasio in 2020 demanding the statue come down. a former new york assemblyman, charles barrett, telling our david lee miller he thinks the statue should not only be removed, it should be done away with for good. >> i think it should be destroyed, and i think it should go into the history books and tell the truth about what he did that people think is good and what we did that was bad. put it in the history books. tell the truth about the history but not a statue. >> reporter: and, of course, there are still others who say the statue should stay. those proponents say despite thomas jefferson being a slave other than, he was still a founding father and president and that he remains a part of
1:49 pm
our history, complicated or not. new york city councilman joseph borelli. >> the fact that he was a slave other than or that the institution of slavery is not a stain on our is not the context which we're trying to eradicate, we're just trying to represent that thomas jefferson's wife is worth memorializing in new york and all the 50 states. >> reporter: and the public design commission holds that vote tomorrow afternoon. we'll keep you informed. eric? eric: all right. wait until they find out george washington's original desk is right around the corner, just down the hall from the city council chamber. we'll see what happens tomorrow. thanks. arthel: so, eric, could supply chain problems lead to a panic in the pumpkin patch? here's grady trimble. >> reporter: a pumpkin shortage that could impact your plans to make jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkin pie? i'm grady trimble with fox business in morton, illinois. we came to the pumpkin capital of the world to get to the
1:50 pm
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eric: the southeastern conference slamming football fans at the university of tennessee after a matchup with ole miss got violent at the last minute. see this? one fan hit coach lane kiffin with a golf ball. that forced play to stop for about 20 minutes. crowds then rained down bottles and other debris, and the game finally ended with an ole miss victory. >> just wanted to play. i mean, the players got helmets. the coaches getting hit, that souvenir golf ball that i got hit with. eric: some cheer leaders were also hit. the university of tennessee did issue a statement condemning the crowd's actions.
1:55 pm
arthel? arthel: all right. so with halloween just around the corner, the supply chain crisis is causing pumpkin panic. shipping troubles along with extreme weather may cause a shortage this season. fox business network's grady trimble has more. >> reporter: here in the pumpkin capital of the world, the farmers tell us there is no shortage of pumpkins. they say it was an average year, not great, but okay. so there is some sort of problem. we're trying to get to the bottom of it, and john ackerman with ackerman family farms will help us do that. so where is the problem? why are people experiencing a shortage of pumpkins somewhere along the line? >> the problem's really not on the farm. here at our farm we've had an incredible bounty this year. it varies from farm to farm. it's not the farm, it's not the factory, the problem may be in the supply chain somewhere. i think it's just a delay, not a shortage. >> reporter: we have heard there might be delays getting the canned pumpkin to store shelves.
1:56 pm
90% of the world's pumpkins or the country's pumpkins come from this part of illinois, which is pretty remarkable. >> yeah. we get to claim we're the pumpkin capital of the world. 95% of the country's pumpkins are canned right here in illinois. >> reporter: you might not see canned pumpkin on shelves, you might also have to pay more, and that's because the prices of the cans themselves, they're going up, and the cost of labor is going up. we hate to talk about the rising prices and inflation so much, but we don't want you to be caught off gourd this holiday season. grady trimble, fox business. eric: oh, man. the great pumpkin, charlie brown. what are we going to do? arthel: eat sweet potatoes, i don't know. [laughter] so it demands life-changing technology,
1:57 pm
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>> hello i am alicia acuna with lara trump, leo terrell and raymond, welcome to "the big sunday show" here's what's on cap tonight. from the supply chain crisis to the search at the border biden is calling and reinforcement. >> he is my friend barack obama
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