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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 18, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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you don't get much time for yourself. so when you do, make it count with crest pro-health. it protects the 8 areas dentists check for a healthier mouth. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. crest. >> when somebody welcomes a new
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child into their family and goes on leave to take care of that child, that's not a vacation. it's work. carley: it is monday, october 18th. transportation secretary pete buttigieg is he defending his paternity leave as supply chain issues get worse under his watch. ahead of the busy holiday season. plus - this is my final signoff, after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of washington, being asked to leave because i am dirty. todd: that was something else, right. a state trooper using his final signoff to slam leaders in washington state who are refusing to back down on today's vaccine mandate deadline and even in liberal california americans are rising up with mass walkouts planned for today. carley: the bidens are caught breaking their rules, ditching their masks on a date night in washington, d.c. for continues right now. todd: i know the focus is on the mass hypocrisy, i'm just shocked that people have date
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nights. i would kill for one of those. carley: you haven't been on a date night in a while? not in a while. todd: you're watching "fox & friends first," i'm todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus. todd: an evacuation flight about to fly out of kabul. carley: trey yingst is on the ground at the airport in kabul with the newest details. good morning, trey. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are back in taliban-controlled afghanistan where evacuation flights continue. there are thousands of american allies still stuck in the country, along with u.s. citizens and american residents. i want to show you behind me, you can see the flags of the taliban, the islamic emirate flying over the former hamid karzai international airport. the taliban is in control of the city and the country. people are afraid. they have seen what the taliban is doing across afghanistan and they're trying to get out of the
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country. there are emerging threats from groups like isis-k, just on friday, in kandahar, there's was a bombing that killed 47 afghan civilians. many of the people that will leave on an evacuation flight to qatar will leave in a few minutes, it's an opportunity for people to get out of afghanistan after weeks of waiting amid this new country, a new chapter for the afghan people. we continue to get messages from special immigrant visa holders and applicants, people who worked with the american military over the past 20 years during the war, who say they are desperate for any help to get out of the country. i received a message just last night from one man who said hello, i have worked with the u.s. army and i submitted all of the documents to the special immigrant visa program. he goes on to say help me get out of afghanistan, save my life and my children, please help me. it really gives you a sense of how dire and desperate these
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people are to get out of afghanistan. across the country, the taliban is in control. and there are those major concerns of extremist factions launching attacks against civilians. the news today, the qataris are going to be evacuating more civilians and foreign nationals on their tenth had flight out of kabul. this will be an opportunity for people to get to safety and ultimately out of taliban controlled territory. back to you. todd: trey yingst continuing to shed light on the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in afghanistan a. thank you. carley: back at home, transportation secretary pete buttigieg warns of the spie spiraling supply chain crisis that could stretch into next year. todd: as republicans blame the skyrocketing costs on reckless government spending. lauren blanchard joins us with more. >> reporter: pete buttigieg has been on paternity leave since august, this comes as the u.s. is facing a spiraling supply chain crisis.
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secretary buttigieg says it's not just a failure to get items on shelves. >> certainly a lot of the challenges that we've been experiencing this year will continue into next year. look, part of what's happening isn't just the supply side. it's the demand side. demand is of off the charts. >> reporter: the port of los angeles is working around the clock to get cargo ships in and products off boats of. the executive director of the port of long beach says the way sees it there will be a backlog of shipping until mid next year. >> in order to remain competitive, making sure we address this issue not only at a global level but here at a local level, we have to up our game in terms of not only how we move containers but in terms of the hours we operate, 24/7. >> reporter: in congress, lawmakers have been attempting to he slow down increasing inflation. republicans say the leading cause for the prices you see at the store is federal spending. >> americans know that when washington spends too much money, that it drives inflation. washington doesn't have a
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revenue problem. it has a spending problem. >> reporter: democrats however say the trillions in combined spending between a bipartisan infrastructure bill and what they're calling a human infrastructure bill will address supply chain problems and it will bring down inflation. >> we've got to get people back into the workforce. what's going to get people back into the workforce, providing them with child care. my view is that this bill exactly is tackling inflation. >> reporter: democrats have set an end of the month deadline for themselves to pass both bills. the problem for president biden right now is that he can't get his party to agree on how to do it. todd, carley. carley: that's the problem. it's a big one. lauren blanchard live for us in washington. thank you. todd: today parents and students expected to stage a massive walkout over california's school vaccine mandate. carley: this as people across the country are looking at a choice between getting a shot or losing their job. marianne rafferty joins us live as americans are pushing back. >> reporter: protesters you across the country are taking on
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covid vaccine mandates, as many americans are being forced to make some tough decisions, a vaccine mandate for public and private school students age 5 to 18 looms here in california, pending fda approval. today, parents and school staff are staging a state-wide sit-out in protest. the group behind the effort, moms on the ground, telling parents and teachers to make sure the schools know exactly why they aren't there today, saying, quote, when you call, tell them that it's in opposition to the mandate and it's not just schools bracing for backlash, in chicago, where mandates for all city employees are set to take effect today, police unions are suing and as many as half of the city's sworn officers are expected to defy the order. the already depleted police department in the city attempting damage control by restricting time off requests. the city's police union leader encouraging officers not to comply. a move mayor lori lightfoot compared to an insurrection.
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lightfoot vowing to put defiant officers on no pay status. and veteran state trooper in washington had a message for the governor as he was forced to quit because of his choice not to get the covid vaccine. >> this is my final sign-off after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of washington, being asked to leave because i'm dirty. this is the last time you'll hear me in a state patrol car. jay insley can [bleep] >> reporter: we will hear more from the 22 veteran trooper on why he quit and how the mandates may affect public safety moving forward. back to you guys. todd: thank you. carley: turning to the border crisis, texas officials feel a sense of abandonment from the biden administration. todd: immigration activists are walking out of meetings. brooke. >> reporter: good morning, guys. texas governor greg abbott is not holding back as he warns the cartels are getting worse and
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that president biden is doing nothing to stop them. >> the biden administration is completely abandoned all of the people who live on the border. they have abandoned people in the state of texas. >> reporter: governor abbott warning stark county has become a new hot spot for violence. he says cartels are continuing to open of fire on texas national guardsmen who are trying to secure the border. this aztecs as congressman van taylor slams the biden administration's lack of authority in protecting the lone star state. >> the biden administration has completely destroyed border security. the biden administration owns this lock, stock barrel. they did this. it was their decision. >> reporter: immigration activists walking out during a meeting that reinstated the trump era remain in mexico policy. an add he vo get from the -- an advocate telling politico, quote, i can't stand one more meeting of them pretending, they
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give accolades on the outside, on the insigh, we have to take out the metaphor rick knives from our back of. on capitol hill, president biden's pick to lead u.s. customs and border he protection already facing scrutiny ahead of his confirmation hearing tomorrow. chris magnus is the police chief in tucson, arizona. he touted his proximity to the border, saying he has an understanding of the crisis. he is facing backlash for an op-ed he wrote in 2017 on sanctuary cities, writing in part that hes was, quote, deeply troubled by the trump administration's campaign against sanctuary cities, saying tucson was not technically a sanctuary city but wrote that as as is close to the border in mexico and takes pride in being welcoming to immigrants. in 2019 he opposed a ballot measure in tucson, saying the department does not engage in civil immigration enforcement.
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he rejected claims that he's a partisan on issues related to immigration. we'll keep a close eye on his hearing to see what questions lawmakers have for the police chief. carley, todd. todd: thank you very much. carley: the time is now 10 minutes after the hour. and we will be talking to texas congressman van taylor about the situation at the border come coulding up later this hour. todd: with president biden's approval rating sinking it appears he's looking for lifeline from barack obama. can biden's old boss save his you agenda. we're talking to bill mcgern, next. ♪
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todd: president biden falling back on the support of his old boss, former president obama, this all comes as the president's approval ratings tank in the wake of multiple crises. joining me now, bill mcgern, former chief speech writer for former president george w. bush. good to see you as always, my friend. read between the lines for us. is obama getting a third term? >> well, looks that way. as you point out, joe biden stumbles in afghanistan, at the border, with covid, are raising real questions about his competence. what has he done right that he can take credit for? and this reflected in a huge
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drop at the polls. normally when you're in trouble with your legislation or something, you bring the president in. that's the big gun and people are glad to see that. but now they're wondering if joe biden would have any of effect. so obviously they're going to barack obama. and it's not just in the senate where joe biden's legislation has stalled. terry mcauliffe basically said the same thing, he admitted joe biden was unpopular and that's a problem for his race for governor. todd: we'll get to mcof mcaulin a second. i want to focus on the obama as the savior concept. to me, isn't barack obama a little bit, i don't know, too right for the current iteration of the democratic party? in other words, is he left enough to appease what the democrats in congress are trying to do? >> well, i do think barack obama -- i don't aagree with him, but
2:17 am
i do think that he has sufficient standing in the democratic party that he does have some influence and i think it's telling that they apparently calculate he has more influence than the sitting president. one of the problems i think, one of the humiliations for joe biden is that he's done all this, he's aimed big, i think some people would say overreach, in the hopes that he is going to be a transformational president, unlike barack obama. now he has to turn to his former boss to help bail him out. i think that's kind of an embarrassing turn of events. todd: you mentioned calling in obama to help with the governor terry mcauliffe, former virginia governor terry mcauliffe campaign for governor once again. mcauliffe and youngkin separated by 4 points with a margin of error of 4.2%, that means this is basically a toss-up. how will obama win back the voter who has run away from
2:18 am
mcauliffe in light of the focus there on crt. is obama the guy to get those voters back in the mcauliffe camp? >> he might be. look, the republicans have the leading suburban moms and so forth. a lot of these are the people who are demonstrating in virginia. so they calculate, one, that barack obama may be the best to get them back. also, that they're going to turn out the vote. they're also of bringing in stacy abrams. i mean, they're bringing in everyone but joe biden because this is going to be determined which turnout. will the democrats be excited enough to come out for terry mcauliffe and apparently he's worried that they won't. todd: it's a great point. it may not necessarily all be about the crt rebrand, if you will, although obama should be able to get some of those suburban moms. like you said, it's all about getting to people like i don't care about an election in 2021 which is an odd year, why would i go to the polls. obama may get them to go out. bill, great insight as always.
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great to see you again, my friend. have a great day. >> thanks, todd. carley: the time is 18 minutes after the hour. police could be taken off the streets in crime ravaged seattle over today's vaccine mandate deadline. now one washington state trooper is using his final signoff to send a message to leaders who are putting politics above public safety. >> this is the last time you'll hear me in a state patrol car. jay insley can kiss my [bleep] carley: that trooper will join us live after the break. you do not want to miss it.
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quote, the welfare and safety of u.s. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state. the manhunt intensifies. two deputies remain hospitalized after responding to a possible bar robbery. one officer died from his injuries. his wife recently had a baby. police from the houston area honoring the deputy, helping to escort his body to the funeral home. three people are dead in an arkansas officer stabbed in the neck in a violent domestic attack at fort smith. the officer is expected to survive. carley: after 22 years on the force, a washington state trooper signing off for the final time after being forced to give up his job for refusing to get the covid-19 vaccine. listen. >> this is my final signoff. after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of washington, being asked to leave because i am dirty. this is the of last time you'll
2:25 am
hear me in a state patrol and jay inslee can kiss my [bleep] carley: joining me now, that state trooper, ron lamay. i can't imagine what that decision was like for you, the vaccine versus your job of. why did you decide to to walk away from the job that you love. >> thank you for having me on. prayers go out to the texas officers. this is happening daily across our country and officers are losing their lives. so thank you for noticing that. you know, it wasn't a question. when the governor of the state of washington started this mandate project, my wife and my family, we're not taking it. we don't do vaccines. we don't do flu shots, any of that stuff. so over the last month it's been nothing but just beating up our fellow employees, constantly telling them they have to vax, they have to do this, they have to do that. our leadership was actually asking for some direction of testify with regard to covid,
2:26 am
what to do for covid, for traffic stops. we worked for 18 months without having any issues. suddenly we have to have mandatory vaccines. so that's not taking the vaccine was not even a question. the process, how they did it was ridiculous and making people do this or you're losing your job was ridiculous. carley: you know, you made your feelings on governor inslee very clear during your final call. his vaccine mandate goes into effect today, show proof of vaccine or essentially lose your job. you said it was not a he question on whether or not you were going to get a vaccine. the did you file for any sort of exemption? >> yes, ma'am, i did. i filed for he religious exemption. my family, we're god-fearing people, as well as a altogether of the other troopers i work with. they did accept our exemptions after some time and then they told us, sorry, there's no job you can do with your exemption. so they came out, told us, well,
2:27 am
we can retrain you for different positions but there's only a few positions and you'll have to move you across the state. obviously wouldn't be to the salary we have. at 22 years, i'm maxed out in regards to pay. this is the best i'll make the rest of my career. for me to take a lesser position in regards to pay would be very detrimental to my family. these are the type of actions they were doing. they were not very open or clear what they wanted to do, ho how had they wanted to do it. people had very good questions. in fact, our chaplain with the chaplain foundation here, he's even being fired. this is a gentleman that his job is to push the chaplaincy and they're not going to accept his exemption. carley: i'm sure you're not alone in this. what are other officers saying about this vaccine mandate? >> people are pretty pissed. it's interesting. they started this in seattle and
2:28 am
it kind of blossomed. we had thousands of officers from across the country reach out and offer support. this is happening in liberal washington state withly brail jay inslee -- with liberal jay inslee but it can happen anywhere. i you grew up in texas. i have a lot of good friends there. texas has always been pretty conservative. the more people that move in there that think like jay inslee, it tends to flip things so et voting is very important. in the state of washington, guys didn't know what to do. the guys i work with, i'm old enough to be their dad. i'm old enough to remember what an eight track player is. we have medical conditions, there's sole incomes like us, my wife works part-time at a place but we're basically sole income. i'm it. with four kids, with that, people are scrambling. but the support's been great for our fellow troopers.
2:29 am
we've been lifting each other up, supporting each other. the outcry from the public has been amacing. the -- amazing. the way people have reached out, it's incredible. carley: have you heard from other officers that are willing to take the step that you did and are going to leave their jobs because of this vaccine mandate? because we're dealing with a situation right now where crime is up in liberal cities like seattle and then if you think about how you could have a vacuum of police officers leaving because of the vaccine mandate, it could get pretty scary. >> yes, ma'am. my beat is yakima. our fatality rate and crime rate, murder rate is high. we have people opening up on cars with guns because they're mad because they've cut them off. i've never seen a homicide rate like it is now. it's insap.
2:30 am
my fellow coworkers they feel the same way. when we started off the program, there were several hundred that were willing to get fired. then they started looking at financeses,ing looked at what they can do and they decided to take the vaccination. the question that people aren't asking are how many people that are vaccinated that are willing to leave. i've asked several people, nobody wants to answer that. i can tell you, it's going to be probably double numbers. the people not taking the vaccination, d.o.t., fire, busses, all these folks, they did it long enough to finish their careers, a few months, or to find another job of. the people that are leaving today, that's a drop in the bucket, ladies and gentlemen. i would be concerned about the safety of the future of the state. carley: the choices that people like you are being forced to make are pretty unbelievable. i was reading a portion of your bio. you seem like a fantastic police officer. you delivered a baby in your first year as an officer. you received the red cross
2:31 am
real life heroes you award. i wanted to highlight those two things and many other accomplishments so it is certainly washington state's loss to no longer have you on the force. we did reach out to governor inslee's office for a statement, have not heard back but robert lamay thank you for joining us. and best of luck. >> thank you so much, guys. keep doing your work. you're doing phenomenal work and god bless. .carley: thank you so much. todd: even the mainstream media throwing a flag on dr. fauci's super spreader football theory. another case of rules for he thee but not for me. the bidens ditch their masks during a swanky date night in d.c. we talk to joe concha next. ♪
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todd: comedian jon stewart says it's time for the mainstream media to stop blaming former president trump for the country's divisive discourse. >> i think it's a miss the take to focus this all -- mistake to focus this all on donald trump, that he's an incredible super villain that changed the nature and temperature of the united states. todd: he believes focus on trump is unhealthy and instead he focus should shift towards real problems facing americans, adding that the mainstream does
2:36 am
a terrible job of deescalation when it comes to hot button issues. carley: meanwhile, nbc fact checking america's top doctor anthony fauci after he predicted college football games would be super spreader events. >> i think it's really unfortunate. but it never happened. covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths now all donation wide. todd: joe concha, fox news contributor, joins us now. joe, why did nbc call itself out like that? is it because football is such a big part of the nbc fall lineup or are they sort of realizing that americans are having a reckoning with dr. anthony fauci. >> that was a package, right? and all right, carl hey, ex carn was a package is. carley: it's a pretaped story that you see on television. todd: well done. >> exactly. this wasn't done
2:37 am
extemporaneously, off the cuff. this was planned. they used a clip from their own prime time host and joy reed to disprove an argument. they could have used a lot of other clips from a lot of other networks. they chose that of. i wonder why that is, internally perhaps there's something going on in terms of the rhetoric that comes out of that show, maybe the nbc folks saying enough. i remember when dr. fauci was hailed by many in media as the most trusted, admired man in america. check out this headline, dr. anthony fauci and andrew cuomo remain the most trusted leaders on coronavirus while donald trump and jared kushner are the least trusted. that's great. so here's why fauci has fallen as far as as he has. he's. he over exposed himself, hesharh instead of data and facts. you break it down. fauci picks and chooses his warnings. college football games, outside, bad. biker rally, bad.
2:38 am
obama birthday party with thousands of people, he's silent on. bottom line is, the cases are in steep decline, every college football stadium across the south including florida hospitalizations are down nearly 65% while you see 90,000 fans packed into gator stadium where my 8-year-old daughter declared she is going to school. carley: congratulations to her. let's stay on the covid front. we've been showing pictures of president biden and first lady jill biden, they want on a date night on saturday but they were spotted without wearing masks and, joe, they should know that that all people over 2 years old which i believe the president is, they're required to wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status in washington, d.c. so is this another case of rules for thee, not for me? >> wow, rules for thee, not for ds, as in democrats, and in
2:39 am
this case -- thank you, todd. the fully vaccinated president will wear a mask outdoors when no one is near him, he'll wear them on zoom calls for world leaders and wears them every time he's in front of a camera except when he he doesn't know that he's on camera and, boy, i would love to hear what dr. fauci has to say about this, by the way. i would also like to say that reporters should ask the president about this but he doesn't take questions much these days. it's been nearly 60 days since he did the last one on one interview which is an odd way to try to sell a spending bill when you're not willing to answer questions about it. todd: my research shows that fancy restaurants and money keep covid away. that's what my notes say. i guess that apparently is what bidens are leaning on there to not wear their masks. it doesn't keep it away in elevators. a washington post columnist is roasted on twitter after she lectured a stranger in an elevator to wear a mask.
2:40 am
here's the tweet bragging about this, sign in elevator says masks required, me getting out, it would be nice if you wore a mask, man, i don't care what you think, america 2021. this tweet of course by karen -- i'm sorry, ruth marcus. it's bad enough that she feels she has a right to lecture anyone. what does it say about our media that they would then brag about it, joe? >> i think twitter's the worst thing that ever happened to folks in this business, because, again, they have no discipline. they can't control themselves. there's no editor or of he producer to stop them, saying maybe this isn't a good idea. a lot of times they use this to virtue signal, immorally better thank -- i'm morally better than you. karen -- ruth marcus can was wearing a mask, she is protected. she shouldn't brag about this. this is one more reason why not
2:41 am
so much people distrust the media, they're looked on as lecturers instead of people that just report the news. news.carley: it's not just the media. i don't believe everybody needs to tweet everything they say or do. thank you for joining us. >> see you tomorrow. todd: still ahead, if democrats thought they had virginia in the bag, carley shimkus, that may not be so confident anymore. carley: they're pulling out heavy hitters to help keep terry mcauliffe above water in the governors' race. ♪ highway to the danger zone. ♪ is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last. but, whatever work becomes, the world works with servicenow. clerk: hello, how can i? sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief.
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>> hi, everybody. glad you're up. hope you're dressed. it's rules for thee, not for me, as as the president goes maskless during date night. we're going to talk to the left's hypocrisy of vaccine mandates as it grips the nation and has so many people saying good-bye to their jobs. chad wolf sounds the alarm on the border crisis, while cartels open fire on border agents. kt mcfarland will join us live to talk about u.s. citizens and students finally escaping
2:46 am
taliban controlled afghanistan. dan bongino is on deck on the country's worsening epidemic of crime. philadelphia is banning police from making minor stops in the name of equity. in new york city you can t shoot up in front of a cop and they can't stop you. that's coming up over the next three hours. finish strong, carley and todd. carley: we'll try to make you proud. todd: unlike the giants. they started strong, up 3-0. carley: see you in 14 minutes and counting. former secretary of state robert gates, he views the afghanistan withdrawal as an example to reiterate his rebuke of president biden's foreign policy decisions. >> i think he's gotten a lot wrong. >> you're talking all through the years. >> he opposed every one of ronald reagan's military, to
2:47 am
contest the soviet union. he opposed the first gulf war. that list goes on. >> you think he made a mistake in afghanistan in the way he handled the withdrawal? >> yes. it probably did not need to have turned out that way. >> president biden said any withdrawal is messy. >> certainly, military considers withdrawal the most dangerous part of an operation, but they really had a lot of time to plan, beginning with the deal that president trump cut with the taliban. carley: those comments seemingly doubled down on gates' 2019 rebuke when he said biden has, quote, been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. todd: attorney general merrick garland getting push back after calling for federal intervention against parents protesting school policies. four members of the commission say he provided no examples of
2:48 am
threats to justify federal action, saying we're concerned with what the school board calls threats and they could be classified as political speech. they say the parents are making them proud to be americans and they asked garland to provide evidence of widespread threats against school boards. carley: stacy abrams hitting the campaign trail for terry mcauliffe in virginia, two churches in black communities were among the failed georgia's gubernatorial stop. she says voting is an act of faith. meanwhile, former president barack obama will also stump for mcauliffe in the closing weeks of the state's consistent tested -- contested race. he will join mcauliffe on saturday. todd: santa monica pier, going to be a lovely day, highs in the
2:49 am
mid-60s. carley: senior meteorologist janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. apparently it's going to be a lovely day in santa monica. >> what do you need me for. todd: you're my source. >> we do have a couple storms that are going to move into the west, by the way, so not everything is awesome in southern california. let's take a look. current temperatures, it's cool from what we have experienced the last couple weeks, especially you the northeast, 50s in new york, bundle up this morning. past 24 hours, you can see we've got showers across the interior northeast and then several storm systems moving into the west, bringing coastal rain and mountain he snow, another 1 to 2 feet across the rockies. let's take a look at it. we've even got he snow for parts of california, the sierra nevada region. there's the forecast precipitation. there's the forecast you acrosse
2:50 am
u.s. chicago 70, 58 in new york city and we'll warm things up a little bit this week. carley: interesting that it's 70 in chicago and 58 in new york. >> a little crazy. todd: my leaves got the memo that it's time to turn and a fall because that all fell. i have trees. >> speaking of leaves, it's time for me to leave. carley: we don't want that to happen. we'll see you. todd: coming up, the u.s. gives another $20 million in aid to mexico and central america as hundreds of thousands of migrants march to the u.s. carley: and president biden's pick to lead the cbp is expected to face scrutiny for his past support of sanctuary cities. texas congressman dante lore joins us -- dan taylor joins us next.
2:51 am
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♪ ♪ed toed to the biden administration announcing $20 million in aid to mexico toe to address the growing migrant crisis. that brings the price tag to far this year to 331 million your tax bare dollars. carley: taylor joins us to you to tell us whether that makes any difference south of the border. i couldn't believe that number congressman, $331 million given to illegal immigrants even before they come into the country. >> it's really incredible. the biden administration created this crisis. through terrible decisions, i mean, day one. president biden said hey, we are not building the wall. we are going to stop deporting people using title 24. furthermore, he said we are going to remain in the remain in mexico policy. and those decisions made on the first day of his administration
2:57 am
created a crisis on the u.s. southern border. i was there last week and it's outrageous the lack of security that he has created the humanitarian crisis, the healthcare crisis. he has turned the border patrol into border processing. ed toed to the state department says this is going to go to international protection. access to mental health. psychosocial support. legal assistance, shelter, healthcare and, of course, addressing the root causes. can forget about the root causes. i read this statement and think this money is going to get swallowed up in the corrupt system. do you agree, congressman. >> it's hard to see how this is going to have an impact. americans are confronting the crime that's coming into their communities. they are confronting the drugs that are flowing into our communities. and we are confronting the covid that's coming into our communities. you know, when i was on the border patrol last week, they were telling me that proximately
2:58 am
25% of all the people crossing in the united states are covid-positive. and they are testing almost none of them. not vaccinating any of them. and releasing them into the united states. it's absolutely staggering what a bad job the biden administration is doing. and this is just, you know, barely a band-aid lipstick on the pig if you will not an effort to fix the problem. carley: you mentioned the remain in mexico policy. the biden administration says they may restart that in mid november. now they are getting all source of pushback from the progressive left on that. what it does start is because the supreme court has mandated that it will restart once again, do you think that that is the solution to the border issue? >> well, i mean, this is an administration that has not made good on their commitments, right? they committed to not implementing a vaccine mandate and now they are trying to do it. they committed to leave nothing man behind in average and not leaving until everybody got out, and thin they left.
2:59 am
and so, this is an administration that when they say they are going to do something, you can't count on it. they are very good at be breaking their promises. i'm very. i mean i'm hope of that president biden follows the law and does what the supreme court told him to do and implement the remain in mexico policy which he should have never gotten rid of in the first place. i'm going to be very frank, unless we keep the pressure up on him. unless we continue to advocate and certainly i and other republican members of congress were very unhappy that the remain in mexico policy which worked. i was proud to work with president trump to come up with that policy to implement that policy. we know that worked with because president biden got most secure border we have had in a generation and he undid it completely and now we are in a disaster. todd: quickly, we have got about 15 seconds here behalf. what are your thoughts confirmation hearing for the individual set to lead cbp, a lot of positive sanctuary city things in his background. 15 seconds to you.
3:00 am
>> allowing criminals into any community is an amistake. i have been on the record. in texas we came out against sanctuary cities. carley: this confirmation hearing is tomorrow. one to watch. congressman van taylor thank you for watching us, we appreciate it? >> good to be with you. carley: good to be with you and everybody this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the crisis at the southern border continues to get worse. >> the biden administration has completely abandoned all the people who live on the border and the state of texas. >> taking on covid vaccine mandates as many americans are being forced to make tough decisions. >> this is my final stand off. i'm being asked to leave. >> hammering president biden. >> i think he has done a lot. >> you are talking all through the years. >> yes. >> in china military officials tested nuclear capable


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