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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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for many thousands of other americans. that is the point we are making this latest episode of in the first place. "tucker carlson tonight," we'll back tomorrow night. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best night. here's a great sean hannity great sean hannity. >> sean: thank you, tucker, welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 65. >> sean: 65 long days and still counting since joe biden broke his prominence to the american people abandoning our fellow citizens, friends, families all behind enemy lines and now breaking tonight the c state department inspector general is watching multiple investigations into joe biden's botched withdrawal of afghanistan. many in the media have moved on. joe biden has turned the page. we not doing the same.
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now, the deep state always protects their own. not really counting that much on the investigation, time will tell. we have much more on biden's disastrous foreign policy throughout the show including the fact that our own intelligence community had no idea and we are totally completely and utterly shocked by the military might of china with their new hypersonic weapon. we will give you the details. but first, a message about joe biden and covid-19. unlike many in the media mob, we will not politicize the global pandemic. we will not try to score political points or use scare tactics or distort reality. as always, we will try to give you the facts and encourage you to do your own research and consult with the scientific expert. look at your own medical history and condition, talk to your doctor, or doctors. also encourage you to draw your own conclusions based on an informed decision. remember in 2020, he used the global pandemic as a political wedge all through 2020. on the campaign trail, he
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promised he would beat the virus and get this virus under control. in case you forgot, we have the videotape. >> i'm never going to raise the white flag of surrender. we are going to beat the virus and get it under control! i promise you! >> sean: he was handed three vaccines, monoclonal antibody treatments, over 353,000 people now have died in 2021. that's more than the number of people in 2020 when we knew far less about covid-19 than we do now under donald trump. now, donald trump was in office, the coverage on fake news cnn, three networks, msdnc, it could be apoplectic every single day. it would be the covid death counter. flashing across the screen, how many diagnosed and dead? how come they did not do that when joe biden was president? more people, i'll say again, d have died this year in 2021 then
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died in 2020. and joe biden promised to get it under control. despite the lack of hysteria and of course jove is in the media mob protection program, now, this is a disastrous statistic for someone that promised to be covid-19 and had three vaccines and therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies. make no mistake, biden takes zero responsibility. he likes to blame you and school deal, the american people. he likes to play dr. joe and dr. joe will only mention monoclonal antibodies for the first time. about three weeks ago, like most liberals, he doesn't trust if we do, the american people. by the way we do not have a shortage of monoclonaleo antibodies but he decided to ration it because governors like ron desantis said of the centers all throughout florida with breakthrough cases and for the unvaccinated. they are great results. a
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joe clearly does not have the mental capacity for good decisions. joe and his liberal friends played political games. they virtue a signal, enact laws that they themselves ignore. in doing so, they actually create more vaccine hesitancy might not last. -- not less. look at the subject of face masks. joe biden, dr. jill biden, literally washington, d.c.,'s indoor master mandate and waltzed through a restaurant maskless. a few months prior, joe biden wearing a mask fully distance outside jimmy carter's home. then he goes inside the home of a 96-year-old former president, takes off the mask, there is no social distancing. so they can get pictures. remember it happened in new jersey with governor phil murphy. he enacted a mask mandate and partied hard at a indoor gala with not a mask insight. leading bragging that she only
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wears a mask that g.o.p. trackers are present. that's the only reason she wears it, take a look. >> thank you for coming out again, i appreciate it. >> no, no, no, i just did this because i got a uppercut. >> sean: those kind of mask hypocrisies have been going on for months. nancy pelosi, she got her mask free haircut at of the of covid. gavin newsom attending restaurant. many going completely belly up bankrupt. what about lori lightweight in chicago, in chicago completely maskless for a wnba game. thousands of other fans as well. the same democrats think the
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rules do not apply to them and they are the ones busy trying to force all of you to get vaccinated. in chicago, half the city's police force, they may soon be forced to go on leave or retire if they do not comply with the city's vaccine mandates. now the city of chicago, they might actually deny benefits to officers that choose to retire. that are due this benefit. good luck, chicago, with the lawsuits. here's a simple easy prediction. the city of chicago, you will lose and lose badly in court. otherwise, that would be called license stealing. the cops, who are threatening to steal the pension from, they earned every penny of the pensions and they will get them. mayor lori lightweight is accusing unvaccinated officers of inciting, democrats favorite word, and insurrection. take a look.
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speak with the police union are not authorized to strike. it's a matter of state law. what we have seen from the fraternal order and leadership is a lot of information, a lot who have flat out lied in order to induce and insurrection. we are not having not.d >> sean: sounds like a monopoly. chicago and police department all across the country are now mandating vaccines. one officer in washington state had this message to governor inslee before signing off for the final time. take a listen. >> this is my final signoff after after 22 years of serving the state of washington. being asked to leave because i'm dirty.y. i would like to thank you guys, i would like thank you citizens of the county as well as my fellow officers within the valley. without you guys, i wouldn't have been very successful, you kept me safe and got me home to my family every night. thank you for that. s i wish i could say more, this is it this is the last time you will
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hear me in a state patrol car. and jay inslee you can a kiss my [bleep]! >> sean: all right. sounds like the chance. the early months of covid-19, police officers didn't have the option of staying home, did they? they had no idea what the status was of anybody they were coming into contact with, did they? these are members of the military that risked their livey for us. they had no idea either. what about the doctors and nurses, first responders, every single day, they worked in a petri dish of covid. there were diving on covid grenades to save lives every single day. they bravely face the threat of covid-19 every day and many of them contracted covid as a result of trying to save other people's lives. those with naturalal immunity, w being vilified, they're now going to be fired from their jobs because they will not
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comply with biden's mandate. i thought what they said, if you got vaccinated, you are protecting yourself. apparently not. what happened to biden's promise to allow alternative solutions like testing unvaccinated workers instead of firing them? biden of course lying again, did the same thing you might remember 13 days before he abandon americans in afghanistan. he said we will stay until every american is out. in the middle of a labor shortage, america is going to be forced from their jobs and we are going to lose thousands of nurses and teachers by u.s. servicemen and women, police officers. espn, they have a reporter sideline reporter allison williams, she was forced to resign. in august, 4.3 million american workers have quit their jobs. many are calling it the great resignation. with biden's vaccine mandate, that's about to get so much worse. joe biden seemingly unconcerned.
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he has more important things to worry about like walking and talking, and getting to his afternoon nap. every day is a a struggle for hm and today was no different. we were one of the few in the media that they pointed out. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> i tell you what. i would like to learn. >> sean: it's monday, joe. monday night. that's the person who supposed to lead us out of the shadow of a global pandemic? buckle up, it will be a bumpy ride. here with reaction, the author of the big new book "beyond biden," fortunately, that's three years plus a way, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich is with us. the hypocrisy issue, they hit it out of the park. i gave you the short list of democratic officials that are hypocritical here. here's the thing.
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if we have inflation, stagflation, and economy now that lawrence summers is worried about deeply. now we have workers quitting 4.3 million in august and resigning, now we are going to lose key people in key positions in the thousands, are we going to stick by this mandate?inow >> i mean, you do not know what biden's going to do because the fact is, they know they reject reality. they rejected reality in afghanistan. they reject reality on the border. they reject reality with murderers who increase the murder rate in cities by 30%. there is no reason to believe that -- any of this. first of all, the outrage that the american government would force people from their jobs, city governments would threaten to take away a pension right which is earned by 20 years of
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being on the street risking their lives in terms of police meant, the hypocrisy of not imposing it on the postal union or the teacher union, this is a purely corrupt stunningly dishonest administration. it has zero regard for the rule of law and it's not going to last. you might be right about biden leaving three years from now but the reckoning's going to come much faster than that because the american people are simply not going to put up with the level of pain in the level of incompetence that this modern socialist, big government socialism represents. it's true at every level. the city level, state level, federal level, producing a level of l incompetence. i don't think we have ever seen in america before. >> sean: let's start with inflation, stagflation, the resignation phenomenon. nearly 40% of california state
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workers are unvaccinated. okay. are they going to be fired?ar are we going to lose half of chicago's police force? are we going to lose tens of thousands of military people? nurses all over the country? and teachers all of country? you tell me. if they stick with the man --- mandate, because i kind of feel like at this point, people made the decision, dave made the decision. they will not be talked out of it by some government official at the point and for whatever reason i'm not debating facts or don't ask, i'm telling people to take the sucker seriously. i believe in science and have said many times. do you think they follow through with the firings and what is the impact? >> first of all, the whole system is beginning to break down. you're seeing the logistics of the supply chain, in terms of the fact that they are now saying heating might be more 50% more expensive.
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they've never realized that they were making more than $400,000 per year. b that must be the case now, because we want to fill their car up with gasoline. the dramatic biden taxes so great that even though they make $70,000 per year, they are tax like they were one of the rich people. every place you turn, whether it is buying food, buying gasoline, heating your house, trying to get things for christmas, or a friend told me a while ago, trying to order makeup for c example. one-third of the things they tried to buy, there are literally not in stock and won't be available. it's almost like atlas shrugged and watching the system around you break down. the people who are supposed to be in charge do not have a clue. what you are seeing is city government, state government, federal government, under democratic control is waging war
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on the american people. now, in a free society, if you do not have the soviet secret police under gestapo or the chinese secret police, if you have to do it in a free society, governments can't wage wardo against their own people. >> sean: fascinating. >> is repudiating. >> sean: afghanistan completely preventable, border catastrophe preventable, energy independence begging opec, completely preventable because we have energy independence. covid, three vaccines and a therapeutic. monoclonal antibodies. the economy -- okay, they are saying the supply chain problem is only impacting upper class or high class americans. we are not fedex or ups. you need to shop or earlier if your want your kids not to be mad at santa claus.ho that's pretty much the message from the ever so compassionate white house.
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>> well, commenting that this is really an upper-class problem is a sign he is nuts. the supply chain problem -- i said a while ago, starts to affect the supply of food, it's affecting the supply of natural gas and oil, heating oil in maine is going throughl, dramatically. the fact is on the border, you can't have 400,000 people coming across every month and not have a catastrophe. i noticed by the way, biden is mad at the american people but this in mind if a couple illegal immigrants come in without covid tests vaccinations. >> sean: they get preferential treatment. youu should know that. that's biden's america. >> you have an american president who favors illegal immigrants while punishing americans. now, that is not in the long run a sustainable formula. the american people are playin
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-- see you. tonight, we have more bad news and everything that you buy as a speaker was saying, is now more expensive. d according to america's top economists, prices will continue to climb for the foreseeable future. biden begs opec to produce more oil instead of getting it from texas. oklahoma, alaska, north dakota. gas up 42%, furniture 11%, bacon 20%, steak 22%, rental cars 22%, propane 27%, appliances have a percent, u.s. wholesale prices are up a record of whopping 86%. -- 8.6%. making matters worse, the supply chain which we were referring to is in chaos causing massive nationwide shortages according to biden, the puppeteer, highau class problem that we do not
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need to worry about. anyway, joining now from the trump organization is eric trump with us. you can't screw it up anymore than this. okay. i can afford to fill my car and heat my home. and i cane. afford to another thousands of dollars for heat this year. who is getting impacted?d? more americans, middle-class americans, the people who can at least afford it, but the people that democrats claim they have the most compassion for. >> yeah, i think that's right, sean. you literally have pete buttigieg saying it's a supply and demand problem, basic economics. they're so much demand we can keep up with supply and i'm sitting there saying why don't you tell venezuela or cuba, somalia that?suuch the reason that their shelves have no product on them is because their economies are so wonderful that they are doing so great. it bothers americans because they know fundamentally that the only thing that bothers me about this situation is where is everybody during the crisis?
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every crisis that biden has, whether it's afghanistan, they border, the leader has to lead. pete buttigieg is nowhere to be fun he's on paternity leave. kamala harris when you have thee massive border crisis, where does she go? she goes to south america to not solve that problem. she goes overseas to asia again to not work on that problem. afghanistan, guess what, you've got president biden who is in delaware not solving the problem. why is it that every person in the biden cabinet flees and runs away every single time there is a problem as opposed to putting their head down and solving the problem? >> sean: these are all preventable problems. the good news for politics in the country is that you can see the difference between america first, america last, and the strong presidents that might occasionally offend with a mean tweet and a guy that doesn't know what day of the week it is.
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all choose the guy who knows what day of the week it is and puts out a mean tweet. i'll take that guy. but fights like for the country. >> all take that guy, too. atlas and some of said it perfectly. look at oil and gas prices. the biden administration is begging, begging opec, please, please release more gas. we go back eight months ago, the first order of business for biden the day he came into b office was you remember, canceling the xl pipeline. c everything else. preventing all drilling on public lands. he does that day 1 and they go into opec and they begged themsa to please produce more oil. what do you think it does to the price of oil? it's absolute incompetence. if you do the exact opposite of every single thing this guyo does, you actually have good policies. unfortunately, they are going down rabbit holes with every single political decision, there on the wrong side of every single political decision. americans are paying because of it.
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it is horribly, horribly sad, sean. >> sean: okay, all preventable. paying more for what we buy. more people died from covid than last year. all i heard during 2020 was attacks against your father. father left, joe biden three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies but joe biden didn't hear about it until three weeks ago. >> that's right. absolutely, yeah. my father -- by the way, people were taking a record number and one of the things that biden has done terrible at, shoving things down americans throats. he's actually scared america about the vaccine which hadn't happened under my father. people were getting the vaccine in record numbers, but you can see these mandates, you can see them just jamming it on americans. do not push them back on americans, educate them, but don't force things on americans. they are not that society, they want to live a free life.s. and never works, and it never works. >> sean: it's not going to work but it's going to come as a
11:22 pm
disaster. people have seem to meet up there minds. for whatever reason. they've made their minds and were going to lose thousands of workers. eric trump, thank you for being with us. when we come back at, under biden's leadership, america's standing in the world is deteriorating quickly. aandswork we will deal with that next. and christopher steele. ♪ ♪ qu
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: breaking news out of china tonight after beijing reportedly launching what is a hypersonic missile into orbit and by the way he can carry nuclear weapons and mocking america's sons of strategic superiority. china is denying the reports of apparently nuclear capable space technology because of the u.s. intel community completely off guard. if one source financial times we have no idea how they did this. the white house circled back propagandists jen psaki sayingng they remain mostly mum but we welcome stiff competition. you welcome the reunification of taiwan too? china is passing the u.s. on your watch. but what are you going to do about it as they are increasingly targeting taiwan? continuing to talk about and threaten what they are calling
11:29 pm
reunification. flying the fighter decks over taiwan airspace. of course, just another example of biden projecting his utter weakness on the world stage and sending a message not just to our adversaries, all our allies as well.of united states of america is asleep and in retreat. listen to former obama defense secretary robert gates saying that biden has gotten pretty much everything wrong on foreign policy. take a look.n >> you wrote joe biden is a man of integrity but still, i think he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security policy over the past four decades. you're talking the years. he opposed everyone of of ronald reagan's military programs. he opposed the first gulf war.r. >> you think he made a mistake in afghanistan with how he handled the withdrawal? >> yes.
11:30 pm
>> sean: here are the reaction senator lindsey graham, south carolina. senator, i don't know about you. when i hear we welcome the stiff competition and we are watching hypersonic missiles with nuclear capability fired around the globe and talking reunification with china and firing over taiwan airspace. joe doesn't think -- why should the chinese fear joe biden? i don't see any reason why they would. >> what does it matter. it is a fact that the chinese have developed a hypersonic missile that can deliver nuclear weapons. it's the military game changer. when it comes to nuclear forces. we allowed the chinese to leapfrog us and we are going to have to do one of two things. get them to stand down and ihe don't know how joe biden convinces anybody to stand down. if they don't stand down, we are going to have to develop the capability to neutralize this.
11:31 pm
when you have joe biden hit list broken border rampant inflation, rise of terrorism, you can now put on the list nuclear arm race with china. weakness breeds aggression and i want to add the senate leadership chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell to brief the entire body on whether or not the story is true. if this is true, the chinese have developed the capability is the biggest game changer in the last 40 years when it comes to our nuclear -- >> sean: let's look at thisom from china's point of view. they are to compromise the biden's. i'm sure if libya knew all about hunter's drug addiction and proclivity and love of, i'm sure the communist chinese would know even more. the family is compromised. $1.5 billion is a lot of money with the bank of china but 78 days since joe biden promised not to abandon americans in
11:32 pm
afghanistan. 65 days since he abandon them. 45 days since he never mentioned them. you tell me if communist chinese are watching joe biden abandon his own citizens after promising not to in afghanistan. why would joe biden lift awn finger to help taiwan? i conclude he wouldn't. >> i think the chinese are testing him at every corner. every day we allow the iranians to get more. provocative without pushing back. every day we will allow the americans to be in the hands of the taliban's. you know that the taliban told us they have no and believe they have no interests and will not cooperate in terms of more regulating presence in afghanistan. they basically told us to go to. the chinese are watching, they are watching and here's went around his watching. you know why. you blinked when it claim dome i -- came to afghanistan. >> sean: but, wait a minute, but senator.
11:33 pm
and you're forgetting a critical point is that they've already given the $65 million and negotiating and saying their business like a professional. negotiating aid for the islamic emirates of afghanistan while we still have americans and green card holders and allies behind enemy lines. where i grew up, senator, different than when you grew up in a genteel south carolina. we call that a shakedown. >> exactly. what you're going to see, i worry about israel. they may be left to deal with iran by themselves. why wouldn't the iranians tried to break out the weapon and holding the whole world hostage. the chinese communist party leapfrogged us in terms of nuclear technology. god help us all. what is joe biden doing? you welcome the competition? you do not say that. you tell china stand down or you will regret this.
11:34 pm
or did he say stand down? no, because we welcome the competition. we do not welcome the chinese communist party with a hypersonic missile that can hit the american homeland and neutralize all our defenses. i do not welcome not. >> sean: with nuclear capabilities. okay. great job, joe. how does the intel people not know? senator,w thank you. we appreciate you being with us. now also breaking tonight inside the deep states, discredited british spy christopher steele breaking his silence and trying to defend the clinton bought and paid foree russian disinformation dossier. and even pushing russia hoax hysteria. and tonight here's when he told george stephanopoulos over big news abc about the ig report, the phony tape and discredited findings. >> they said it was word-of-mouth and hearsay. conversations over beers.
11:35 pm
it was just talk. >> if you have a confidential source and that confidentialas source is blown or uncovered, the confidential source will often take downplay and underestimate what they have said and done. that's probably what happened here. >> you stand by the dossier? >> ice dam by the work we did and the sources we had and the information we had. >> > how do you explain if it exists? >> they've gotten good value out of donald trump when he was president of the u.s. >> sean: christopher steele, the fbi cut him off for his lying. he's never been forthright about his sources. he's never provided any proof of the debunked claims. christopher steele testified in british court last year he no longer has access to any key dossier documents because he says he's email was wiped clean.
11:36 pm
he took that page right out of the clinton playbook. by the way, steele's claims are so outlandish that fake new cnn of all people, they are mocking him. they ran with the live story for three years. >> christopher steele said in an interview, yeah, it probably exists. really, after all this and the fbi investigated after it hasn't turned up after all this time? >> he's hanging his hat on a couple of the most salacious details and among the most discredited. it causes me to question his reliability. >> sean: here with reaction author of the number one best seller "witch hunt the russia hoax." fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with the investigative reporter fox news contributor sara carter. alo what he was talking about was the primary source and he said we -- none of this was real. it was bar talk.
11:37 pm
now, here is the big question. the fact that christopher steele hired funnel money and we know the whole routine. that's not the point. it's the unverifiable document that says it was used on the top of the fisa starting on the legal side, gregg jarrett. it says verified on the top of a visor warrant and i've never seen but i've been told by people who have. it's as verified. none of it is verifiable. none of it. but he still claiming without any evidence that it is true. has it all of it been debunked by now? >> totally, the fbi discredited steele and his dossier. they knew that christopher steele was a liar for hire. a serial fabulist in ach world-class con artist. five years in, he's trying to resuscitate his reputation by justifying what he did.
11:38 pm
the lies of deceit he's spinning. the fbi knocked down steele's dossier after they fired him for lying to the fbi. they located the primary source for nearly all of the notorious allegations in the phony dossier. turns out it wasn't russian intelligence, it was an analyst in washington, d.c., working for the liberal think tank of brookings institution which was headed at the time by longtime hillary clinton ally who was also propagating the russia hoax. i sat down with dan cheng, four days after trump was inaugurated, three successive sessions, the guy said are you kidding me? the things i was feeding christopher steele, i had to justify the paychecks i was getting from him so i just feded him rumors, innuendo, gossip,
11:39 pm
pure supposition and conjecture. i told him it was that. yeah, christopher steele used it in his dossier and knowingly fed it to the fbi. that's a crime. make no mistake about it. it was hillary clinton who invented the russia hoax, t financed it and disseminated it, and she bears primary d responsibility for all of it. >> sean: yet, sarah, nobody has been held accountable. they got away with it. i would expect more of it. >> absolutely, sean.ul nobody's been held accountable and it's a hatchet job on the president of the united states of america. let's get it very clear. this is a hatchet job concocted and weaponized by the hillary clinton campaign, by perkins, the paid fusion gps, paying christopher steele a former intelligence operative from great britain to put the entire ally together.
11:40 pm
going after a president of the united states. i think that's what we need to look at. the fbi bought it, hook, line, and sinker at the beginning and it was used. then to spy on carter page who,t by the way, has never been vindicated. no one has ever paid the price for this. i think that is something that we need to focus on and "abc news," basically playing it out and allowing christopher steele to speak without pointing out the facts to the american people is once again picture proof of theak disinformation campaigns i just never seems to end. no matter how far clapper, brennan, others tried to distance themselves from the dossier now, remember it was them who pushed at them and linked it to the media. it was james clapper that leak dictated cnn and made it viable one -- leaked it to cnn and made it viable and spread the lies worldwide.
11:41 pm
>> nobody's held accountable and they get away with it, greg? >> james comey and mccabe, peter strzok, the whole gang who continue to vouch for the reliability ofcr christopher steele and the credibility of the dossier lied to and committed fraud on the fisa court. i long argued they would have been prosecuted and the criminal referrals are against him. look, in the bidenl administration, you're never going to see that happen. it's totally outrageous. i saw the clip you played of mocking christopher steele. two months before bob mueller's report came out saying that there was no criminal conspiracy, cnn published a story saying that the dossier is mostly true. the media where winning accessories to the witch huntsrr because they did not do their job. they were more than happy to publish anti-trump garbage. without testing the reliability of the information in the veracity and the credibility of their sources.
11:42 pm
>> sean: if you lie to congress and that's with a referrals work i might remember, mccabe said no dossier, no fisa warrant. there is no predawn raid, guns drawn, fake new cnn cameras. that only happens to people deemed conservative. remember, we are supporters of donald trump. thank you both. sad day. dual system of justice in our country. we do not have equal justice under the law. that means society begins to o deteriorate because the law is foundation is our constitution. when we come back, fake new cnn, there were ridiculed on humpty dumpty show yesterday. he got his -- handed to him and bernie sanders backing the mob and the media.ot they are not promoting the radical agenda enough. kayleigh mcenany, stephen miller, and more as we continue. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: all rights, a remarkable exchange actually took place on fake new cnn yesterday. journalist former "new york times" writer bari weiss exposed corruption inside the media mob. political opponents punish m anybody who dares to disagree and set it to humpty dumpty's
11:49 pm
face. this is a decent worthwhile moment on humpty dumpty's low rated show. take a look. >> you're right, there's tens of millions of americans who aren't on the hard left her white revealed the world has gone mad. what way has the world gone mad? >> you have the chief reporter on the beat of covid for "the new york times" talking about how questioning or pursuing the question of the lab leak is racist, the world has gone mad. when we are not able to say that hunter biden and his laptop is a story worth pursuing, the world has gone mad. >> the provocative thing to say, you said were not allowed to talk about these things. but they're all over the internet. i've heard about every story. i'm just suggesting -- of course people are allowed to talk about whatever they want to talk about. >> you and i both know and it's
11:50 pm
delusional to claim otherwise that touching your finger to an increasing number of subjectss that have been deemed third rail by the mainstream institutions and increasingly by some of the tech companies will lead to reputational damage, perhaps you losing your job. >> sean: by the way, bari weiss writing about the laptop and basically her. it was a campaign donation from the mainstream media mob to joe biden. wn got comrade bernie sanders, lashing out at the media because they are not working hard enough to sell the democrat socialist agenda tweeting at the top of the list is the reality that mainstream media has done an exceptionally poor job in covering what's actually in the legislation. they really believe it is the mob the media's job to do their work for them? of course, the mom usually does anyway with enthusiasm. here with reaction, author of the best seller for such a time at this. as insane as it is, outnumbered a host kayleigh mcenany along with america first legal founder
11:51 pm
stephen miller. starting with you tonight. the reaction is barry weiss' comments are dead on accurate. the wuhan lab, coronavirus, i can add to that all things donald trump. the laptop from. hunter biden's business dealings with foreign countries, if thes last name is trump it would be different coverage. n >> no doubt about it. when she elucidated the covid lab leak theory was covered up by cnn, brian stelter went on to say weights, who said that? i have receipts right here. anthony fauci just crushed donald trump and the origins ofh the coronavirus. npr said it was debunked,, fact-checker went on to say that it too was false. all of a sudden fast forward "washington post" says how the covid lab leak series suddenly
11:52 pm
became credible. it was only credible but not credible in the eyes of cnn because president donald j. trump said it was totally vindicated by the lies of the mainstream media. >> sean: where the statistics that fake new cnn and msdnc ran in terms of covid people contracting the virus or dying in the virus? more people died this year, stephen miller. >> it's another great point. the world turned upside down. we are struck by a novel, as in brand-new pathogen from china. he moved heaven and earth to fight the virus. he handed joe biden vaccines, therapeutics, supply chains, masks, everything you can even need it, hospital supplies, whatever you could possibly use. more people voted for joe biden. the death count has gone up, the case count has gone up, theld covid trackers are gone because joe biden is an office and apparently that doesn't matter anymore.
11:53 pm
>> sean: the reality is, joe biden was in the candidate protection program hiding under his basement all throughout the campaign. now i would argue the only difference is that this is the presidential protection program because if it was donald trump son that did business with ukraine, kazakhstan, china, russia, and donald trump gave putin a waiver and said nothing with a hypersonic weapon that can apparently be unleashed nuclear weapons around the world and say nothing, i think there would be some different reaction. humpty dumpty would be upset. >> don't worry. jen psaki told humpty dumpty this is the most ethical administration in history. that's all he needs to know is that he's carrying the weight of orthe propaganda media has on te partisan press secretary. my former colleaguepr stephen miller said it best. he said look, no president has been handed a better set of
11:54 pm
cards, he was derided on media for saying that. but he's exactly right. he was given a vaccine, therapeutics, booming economy, no inflation. he squandered it because he elected a candidate from the basement and you're exactly right hiding in the executive president of the white house. >> sean: last 20 seconds. >> let me return the compliment that kayleigh has been right from the beginning elsese also. she repeatedly pointed out that they've created every crisis we have had and the media refuses outside of your show and the network to point out every crisis joe biden has created. >> sean: all preventable. thank you so much. flip-flop fauci straight ahead. ♪ ♪ >> sean: villain of the day, flip-flop fauci, he had thingsyo things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> sean: villain of the day, flip-flop fauci, he had things to say about those who disagree with him. >> what i do and i try very hard is to be guided by the truth. sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people so they react against me. that's just what it is. >> how about the truth? laura ingraham, my heart is troubled. welcome back. >> laura: is your heart still laura: is your heart still troubled. your heart needs to relax and go on a total zen ease. laura: i do that in the morning. i've - look what happened to my hand here. can you see it? >> i have broken every finger in my hand.