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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 19, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. todd: this is tuesday october 19th. landing at a new york airport, we have details of a report on biden's secretly settled program.
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carley: protests including in california as americans from all walks of life take a stand against vaccine mandates and even washington state university football coach is out of a job over the mandates. >> there are moments of putting the masks back on as quickly as we should. todd: the white house trying to deflect backlash as they give themselves a free pass while the rest of us have to cover up. we are not covering anything up on "fox and friends first". it continues right now. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: explosive report from the new york post claims the biden administration find numerous charter flights full of migrant kids from texas to new york under cover of darkness. carley: griff jenkins joins us with questions about the white house's resettlement policies. >> reporter: migrant runs, one
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of the solutions to the border crisis. look at the new york post cover expressing charter flights arriving westchester county airport, children and teens on planes that originated in texas intended to quietly resettle for unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border and record numbers. a spokesman for hhs acknowledged the flights in a statement saying, quote, in recent weeks unaccompanied children passed through west as a sister en route to their final destination to be unified with their parents were vetted sponsor. the post reports touching down in florida dropping off children before continuing to new york, infuriating florida governor rhonda sanders his spokesman said, quote, if the biden administration is so confident their weapon border policy is
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good for the country why the secrecy? that question will come up in a senate hearing when chris magnus, the nominee to head cvp takes the hot seat. magnus issued a number of statements in the past drawing scrutiny saying in 2017 in the new york times i am deeply troubled by the trump administration's campaign against sanctuary cities and in a 2019 arizona daily star op-ed writing ensuring public safety, with any status, asylum-seekers is my highest priority as the senate democrat released a series with security funds. and the press release i have, and ms 13 gang members in recent days. >> unbelievable but so believable.
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todd: biden's secret, the plane landing at westchester in the tri-state area. he summarized this, in the southern border crisis to communities all around the country often shrouded in secrecy and under the cloak of darkness. >> 21 flights from texas to westchester since august 8th. and the planes were landing between midnight and 6:30 a.m.. the biden administration is so confident, why the secrecy. they talked about those flights, take a listen.
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>> in westchester county, two or three or four in the morning. with 100 illegal migrants off the plane, most were unaccompanied children. and several of them look to us to be males in their 20s. a police escort out of the airport, and in new york, long island, new jersey. jillian: the white house responded to the new york post report, they are not denying it, it is a legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be unified with their parents or a
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vetted sponsor. todd: why be associated. why do it in 3 hours, the world, the country as a sleep. why then? we talked about how the border crisis impact when it comes to drugs, fentanyl spread through the country. president biden is making sure it includes migrants. new york, new jersey, save for a few conservative red pockets these are the white upper-class liberals that are always sounding we need to be more humane, trump was bad, biden good, let's see if they like it when these kids come to their communities and their taxpayer dollars need to go to handle them. we are not trying to appear insensitive, these individuals have gone through a horrible
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thing but this is economics at this point. carley: they were cut entry the us in july and august. and the porous border, lack of safety here in the homeland as well. president biden meeting with democrats in the white house. the push forward stalled spending agenda, bernie sanders and joe manchin emerge hopeful from negotiations last night. >> we are talking. >> resolution by the end of the week? >> we are talking. carley: sanders supports the current $3.5 trillion social spending package citing several climate change provisions as nonstarters. todd: brit hume says senator sanders holds the official power of the budget become a manchin is driving the agenda.
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and senator sanders claimed is necessary and a compromise. manchin is in the drivers seat. and several other of his colleagues. and to keep this thing past. it is pretty large, not as large as advertised. todd: senator chuck schumer plans to pass both components of president biden's agenda by halloween. manchin doesn't see how that happens. people across the country rising up against covid vaccine mandates, some losing their jobs and livelihoods. jillian: parents, police and football coaches push back against the mandate madness.
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>> reporter: mask protests erupting across california to demonstrate against vaccine mandates for students with many keeping kids home to fight against governor gavin newsom's on requiring kids 5 to 18 to get vaccinated. >> to see results, to make sure they pay for our kids. >> they are too young, no studies, we should wait for a couple years, what is going to happen in the long run. >> reporter: vaccine mandates hitting law enforcement in several big cities, chicago mayor lori lightfoot lashing out at police unions for inducing and insurrectionist he calls it as officers risk losing their retirement if they don't comply. >> all i can tell you is officers hold the line there will be less officers on the street and send them home.
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>> in seattle, don't tread on me flags, in protest of the state's vaccine mandate deadline. that deadline prompting a state trooper to issue a tearful goodbye. >> to take a moral stand for medical freedom, personal choice. signing out of service for the last time today. after 17 years, my honor and privilege. >> washington state firing football head coach after failing to meet the mandate, four assistance were fired. w fsu issuing a statement that this is at the heart and it does are -- discerning they for the football program, our priority is the health and well-being of young men on our team. the leadership of our football team is filled with young men with resiliency. the same attributes will help guide the program as we move forward.
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any members of staff and decided to do that. later supplied a religious exemption. todd: firing the coach of the major football program. it led to many really good teams, questionable move. speaking of questionable, put this scripting here, use active the run down. sorry about this. a force to be reckoned with. the aforementioned marquee matchup last night. >> to get the big guy going. todd: he does go all the way.
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and at the ballgame, over time, to go for the win. they did not get the win. 30 titans beat buffalo bills. are the giants using highlights? why did you put that in? carley: it is 11 after the hour, president biden facing lawmakers today to explain anti-ice and pro sanctuary city statements. todd: arizona police officer brandon tatum worked on this and is next.
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so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. carley: president biden's pick for customs and border protection, chris magnus, will face senators that confirmation hearing later today. todd: some voicing concern with his record proposing police involvement, brandon tatum, a police officer, being black and blue, in america under siege, joined us to react. great to see you. as someone who worked for chris magnus to support his nomination? >> i used to work for him.
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he has been in over his head since he got to the tucson police department was he worked for the province of richmond, and on the tucson police department, he is incompetent. he made a statement he was an activist disguised as a police chief and personality and character president biden, i doubt he had any part in selecting anybody because he can't tell his head from his rear end half the time but this is the type of person president biden wants to push his activism and open border policy. that is what chief magnus is. >> a police officer had an op-ed defending sanctuary cities.
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the trump administration's campaign against sanctuary cities which refuse to turn over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities. this is sure to come up and be a major focal point. >> that is why he was selected. from people working with the tucson police department, his policies have not cooperating with border patrols, they have nothing to do with border patrol, he views border patrol is the enemy. the men and women who served, makes no sense they will put him in position to the border patrol, and he spoke for himself. and he destroyed morale. and it is not good for business, he's there for himself, there to be an activist and it is a shame
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and i wish the administration would pick somebody based on merit, based on qualifications. not somebody that he believes will push an agenda that he wants. >> what would border patrol become under his watch. >> become completely decimated, and because of his progressive behavior about his merit. >> we have individual on this program talking what they would do at the border who have not been anti-border patrol, why pick somebody to run the agency who is anti-border patrol. >> where is kamala harris? she's addressing climate change in nevada. should she be focused on the border?
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carley: joe concha is coming up live.
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tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options. todd: john stuart taking heat from liberals after think the media should back off from hyper focusing on donald trump. >> we make a mistake focusing this all on donald trump as if he is magnetoh and some incredible super villain. heather: the media obsession with trump takes focus from other issues that one critic saying, quote, to me he is surprisingly inarticulate, no clear pov, dismissive of the asymmetry in our politics. if you're going to criticize
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something use words people understand. calling on moderate democrats christensen a to become an independent. >> is a time for her to leave the democratic party. and should she leave the democratic party? why does this matter? >> reporter: i looked and searched and turned over every stone and cannot find one new york times op-ed calling on john mccain when he was alive, when he was called a maverick in the gop to leave said gop on the location he booked his own party most famously for his vote to repeal and replace obamacare. this kind of rhetoric is only going to strengthen christensen a's result, following her into a bathroom wall or attempting to heckle her for 26 miles at the boston marathon even though she wasn't running anywhere a media
2:26 am
can't get her head around the lawmaker who doesn't to the party line and conform, that may make that person by natural instinct stand for a. the questions we should be asking instead of focusing on christensen a and manchin, does the spending bill, the american taxpayers there dollars. any massive corporate tax is tax on to the consumer with high inflation. every analyst and every analysis of this shows that. can you trust and administration shown to be completely inept in the border of afghanistan, inflation, the economy, violent crime to spend this money on the trillions wisely. it is rhetorical tuesday. carley: letter go to the republican party, what if she did the republican? the republican party, really
2:27 am
force the democrats hands at being we are now not the democratic party but 100% aggressive. >> if you look at christensen a in terms of her voting record and what she stands for. that would be quite the tent but independents happening more than republicans. >> let's talk about the vice president, in nevada, the billback better plan, has not spoken about the borders should come as no surprise. >> i can find matt lauer before i could find kamala harris, with a respected journalists in capacity. where is kamala harris. zogby came out of a poll,
2:28 am
pulling 36% approval, the biden/harris administration, one third of the american people supporting what they are doing and when you have a vice president and vice president is not selling all the things they want to pass in terms of spending or programs, the biggest advocates pushing for it. polling at, 23% of the border approval. contact the border agents and talk to folks on the ground to discuss the military in crisis, and scripted as her boss or where we are right now. unfortunately it is tuesday, in the early class today. todd: nobody on tick-tock wants to see it. let's go live from new jersey to downtown dallas, in the low 80s.
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carley: it is a beautiful day in dallas. >> you were complaining how cold it has been in the eastern united states. it is really cold for a lot of folks in the eastern part of the country. as you wake up early 48 degrees in new york city, 45 degrees, plenty of cold air, completely dry across the country, one system we are tracking gives rain across the pacific northwest lifting to the rockies and as it gets more elevation this is turning into a snowmaker, and lifts its self in front of it, it runs across the northern plains, snow becoming rain but here are your temperatures today, the beginning of a warm-up, a lot of warm air, so we've got you back in the upper 70s.
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todd: he's concerned about my health. todd: 29 after the are virginia will elect a new governor in two weeks and america will be watching. is this going to be a referendum on the left's policies? >> virginia and standing up, the left liberal progressive agenda, dragging virginia to california east. carley: talking to a group of democrats voting for republican candidate this time. they will explain why next. i've been in the hospital for for 76 days now. and by the grace of god i'm still here. i died three times. they gave me a 5% chance of living. so i highly recommend everybody to get the vaccines and really protect themselves because this is no joke.
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or suspect you might be, call the number on your screen to request our free all-in-one guide to medicare. or visit us online at wellcare. it's medicare done well. jillian: two months until virginia chooses a new governor, terry mcauliffe hopes kamala harris will boost his campaign. heather: harris pushing back on his education plan. >> reporter: democrats calling in all the support they can get as the virginia governor's race enters its final stretch was vice president kamala harris will join terry mcauliffe on the campaign trail after releasing a controversial campaign ad for historically black virginia churches. >> i believe my friend terry
2:35 am
mcauliffe is the leader virginia needs at the moment so please vote after today's service. >> reporter: some are saying that ad could violate iris rules banning taxes and churches from campaigning for political candidates as mcauliffe tries to reframe his remarks on education seems to backtrack on claims parents should have no say in public education. >> as parents, dorothy and i have always been involved in our kids education. glenn young public kin is taking my words out of context. i always buy you the concerns of parents. >> reporter: republican candidate glenn youngkin says nothing was taken out of context. >> do you stand by your provision that parents should not tell schools what they should teach? >> you do not want 25 parents picking books. >> reporter: youngkin said he
2:36 am
lost the trust of parents. last night on the ingray manga listen to this. >> terry mcauliffe is trying to change the narrative because parents are done with him and that is why we are about to win this race and make a statement for parents across the nation. the statement for parents that school boards no longer get to dictate what happens in their kids school, parents do. >> reporter: polls show them in a dead heat and keep in mind virginia is a state president biden won by 10 points in 2020. todd: let's bring in lifelong democrat and virginia democrat sondra david and gabby, virginia mother of two bethany heinz. thank you for being here. sandra, first question to you, you are a lifelong democrat, you voted for president biden, why are you making the switch to the republican in this race?
2:37 am
>> the school closures highlighted things going on in our schools beside school closures. we noticed all of the members were very progressive democrats and were working on other sides besides working on the schools and they started to try to silence parents by shortening the time we had to talk at school board meetings and actually telling us their ears were closed to us. todd: why are you voting republican in this race? >> to piggyback from what sandra said, i could no longer support a party they didn't prioritize the academic, social and emotional needs of students which i previously voted for democrats because i felt the party preaches equality and during the covid 19 pandemic they denied students access to one of the greatest equalizes which is in person education. >> you vote based on who will do the best for the hispanic community but in this instance you say that is glenn youngkin.
2:38 am
>> normally before i make a selection who i will vote for i would like to meet one who is running for that. i to be the governor's and met mister youngkin for the community. >> why was your kids education the issue that led you to defect from democrats in this race and vote for gwen youngkin. >> conversations with democrat representatives i felt frustrated as if my voice wasn't being heard and as if i was a true democrat, made me feel maybe i'm no longer a democrat, maybe i need to look elsewhere to have my voice heard.
2:39 am
todd: has the democratic party left you? >> yes it has. i always thought myself a democrat. a moderate democrat, not far left but a democrat and thought of myself as a moderate democrat and now i just don't identify at all and consider myself an independent. todd: is the democratic party leaving you? >> honestly long time ago i fell in love with the democratic party because on the education level the state of virginia has been going to sleep. what we need is a wake-up, teachers have priority to kids and parents, that is what they went to college and have education at the beaches. todd: has the democratic party left you? >> yes.
2:40 am
i voted for biden in 2020 but i can't imagine voting for a democrat in the future mainly because of education. kids are our future and democrats are not prioritizing the needs of our children. todd: would you vote for biden again if the election were held? >> i don't think so. todd: i i answer you would vote for. has the democratic party left you? >> glenn youngkin tells us, mcauliffe and his people trying to criminalize us and if you look at the ticket is diverse, a naturalized american citizen, marine, a cuban immigrant, doesn't get more democratic than that. todd: this was an eye-opening interview. appreciate you getting up with us. you raised a lot of eyebrows in
2:41 am
the last five in us, curious to see if it takes on a different thing. todd: china tests the hyper sonic missile, under president biden's watch. how concerned should we be? mike gallagher joins us next.
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>> good morning. still ahead on "fox and friends" and explosive the report claimed the biden administration secretly flying thousands of unaccompanied migrant children to new york city and the suburbs in the dead of the night as critics warn the president's new cvp nominee will worsen the crisis at the southern border. montana's senator, steve gains ways in and joey jones reacts to a new investigation in afghanistan and kelly will join us also. kelly is urging congress to build a new memorial for heroes who fought the war on terror. a busy 3 hours kicks off 14 minutes and 30 seconds from now,
2:46 am
back to you. >> you buried the headlines, the biggest headline is it is your birthday. happy birthday. >> carly liked this joke so got your copy of the new york post. you can read gift it. >> 3 hours of live tv and endless new york post. todd: enjoy the day. have a great show. >> in the meantime lawmakers sounding the alarm, after a hypersonic missile with nuclear capability under president biden's watch and here's what the white house is saying about it. >> concerned about military capabilities they pursue, welcoming stiff competition but don't want it to veer into
2:47 am
conflict, a member of the household services committee. break it down for us. a lot of people here are the servant site -- hypersonic missile. why is it so dangerous for china to have? >> you have a rocket flew into low orbit for landing. what makes it dangerous is not only the speed these missiles travel the fact they maneuver in midflight and difficult to track which undermines the missile defense system. imagine the chinese using conventional weapons against the homeland to target basis, ports and precision guided emission plants. the other thing that makes it troubling is we know the chinese benefited from american technology to outpace it. there was a chinese firm that
2:48 am
uses american semi conductor technology to power a supercomputer at a hypersonic test facility monitoring heat and drag on these missiles, another instance of the chinese profiting off of american technology to build things that can be used to kill americans in the future. todd: that is no surprise, we innovate, china steals. defense secretary lloyd austin on this topic. >> thanks for asking the question but i'm not going to comment on those specific reports. we will remain focused on that. todd: you said if we stick to our current course, we will lose the new cold war with communist china within a decade. what do you mean by that and what needs to change?
2:49 am
>> there is high likelihood that the university of time with the mainland, his legacy issue after he pockets the propaganda victory hosting the olympics in early 2022. we can see things getting very tense over taiwan and if we fall behind our conventional capabilities we make it easier for him to do this. this should be our sputnik moment but i hate to say secretary austin and the biden administration are trying to cut defense, cut conventional capability. that's what their budget did for the navy. that is unacceptable at a time when communist china is growing more aggressive, more bellicose and out innovating us. this should be a wake-up call but instead we are asleep at the wheel. jillian: something else happening in this country as well. china said they see freedom of speech and individual liberty as an american weakness and we hold those ideals so dear, they
2:50 am
should never change does china have a point in the anti-american sentiment is creeping into every corner of american life and how much does that we can us? >> no question the chinese party is weapon isaiah awoke agenda of the american left. look at all the work warrior diplomats on twitter, on american social media companies every single day amplifying woke messages that america has no moral authority to criticize china because america is an evil country where cops are all racist. this is the message they are propagating. they are using that narrative against us and trying to convince -- >> one more question. china tested a hypersonic
2:51 am
missile caught us intelligence by surprise. were we surprised by this? >> we've known for a while we were falling behind but we were caught off guard here. we have no idea how they did this. that is unacceptable for an $80 billion a year intelligence community. we need to do better. >> mike calendar sounding the alarm, thank you so much. todd: secret flights landing at a new york airport, more democrats including president biden caught breaking their own rules. we are talking about that next. ♪♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c
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rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. ♪ carley: a "new york post" report is exposing the biden administration for secretly flying thousands of migrant children over the southern border to new york. todd: tomi lahren fox nation host joins us now. if they think what they are
2:56 am
doing is so right, why the shadiness? >> exactly this administration is supposed to be the open border biden administration. of course they want to show much compassion at our wide open southern border. why do it in the middle of the night? the real question is where else are they doing this? over the summer they were doing this in middle tennessee they were flying unaccompanied minors by plane into our state and to elsewhere. i think the real question americans need to be asking is where also are these planes flying and have we just not caught them yet? where else have you taking them? why are you taking them there? is it safe for them? safe for us? a lot of questions we have for this administration that doesn't want to seem to answer anything about their border crisis they have created, i believe, on purpose. >> that's right. tennessee flights were happening in the middle of the night as well. >> yes. exactly. which is really what you asked previously which i think is the perfect question. if you sore proud of your immigration policy, why do this in the middle of the night?
2:57 am
why you cannot be transparent with the american people as to why you are bringing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants now well over a million into our country and now dispersing them standing them across the nation. i think the answer is quite clear. you are trying to expand your voter base. you want to make sure they are in every state. making every state a border state. the question we also need ask is when is this going to end, if ever? there are so many people around the world that would love to be americans that would love to be in our great country of ours. we certainly can't take everybody especially in the middle of a pandemic. when does it end? how many more can we take and where are they going? todd: meantime tomi, jen psaki defending joe biden for violating the new york city mask mandate. >> of course there are times we don't put masks back on as soon as we should. we shouldn't lose the forest through the trees and not overly focus on moments in time that don't reflect overarching policy. todd: but, wait, tomi, here is
2:58 am
more. lower light foot mayor of chicago maskless in the crowd of a bask game. she actually tweeted this herself she wasn't caught off guard. what a moment congrats champs. congrats to the sky but not to you mayor lightfoot. not wearing a mask in a crowd of literally everybody except for one guy with his hands on his heads with a mask. tomi, why do we keep letting these people get away with this? >> i want to take a different take on this. i'm not outraged by this. i think we should follow their example. i don't think we should be masking and also shows they are not scared of covid. what they're really cared of is that the american people won't be afraid of covid. if we are not afraid of covid. they can't control us as much anymore. i think we follow joe biden's example. i never thought i would say that lori lightfoot's example. london walter reed and gavin newsom and all the democrat tyrants that enforce these rules that don't follow sit to follow. i don't think we should be wearing face diapers anymore
2:59 am
along with the other arbitrary infringements and mandates. time to free the face and act like american people which supposedly we are. carley: tomi, i don't think you will ever identify as a democrat elite. how much longer have to play this game where clearly these elected leaders who are vaccinated feel safe as they should and yet they have these mask policies that they themselves are even like i don't feel like i need to do this but everybody else has to but it's ridiculous. >> they are in control and they want to control us. they don't feel fit to wear masks because they are already in control. what the mask is that symbol of control. it's what they do to make us feel like sheep. we need to ask ourselves why are we continuing to play this game? they can only hold this over our head as long as we keep complying. nashville, tennessee you will rarely see a mask. other great states across the
3:00 am
country rarely see activist that. we are not afraid of code going to live our lives like american people. we do wonder when are those folks coming through at southern border when are they going to be vaxxed and masked like the rest of us are supposed to be. todd: i never want to hear that face diaper as someone who changes diapers. tough one to take. "fox & friends" starts now. >> midnight flights packed with hundreds of migrants believed to be landing at new york airport. >> all part of the president's plan to resettle unaccompanied minors. >> why such a secret operation? why is no one talkingut it? >> bernie sanders is slamming joe manchin over his opposition to president biden's spending proposal. >> manchin is in the driver's seat here. what he will go for is what they have to probably accept. >> mass protests erupting across california to demonstrate against vaccine mandates for students. >> we do not trust it yet. >> i believe they are too young.


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