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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 20, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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really appreciate it, we never forget it, we don't say thank you enough, so thank you. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, i'm starting early, let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham starts right now. i did not know your hand was in a rap last night because i don't see you what we're doing this this hand of thing. laura: maybe i will tell people what happened. laura: did you hit somebody? laura: never have scar tissue build-up after an injury? >> i won't complain about injuries that are driving me nuts. laura: you have to get it removed now and then. if you are good i will send you a video of the surgery which i asked to take. it is really cool. i watched part of the surgery and i will send it to you. are you squeamish about stuff like that? >> i've been an operating room
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during brain surgeries. >> let's do this whole hour about you. benjamin: >> so good. laura: i'm going to send it to you during commercial break. >> let's do a segment on it and show people on live tv. laura: a block for tomorrow. i am laura ingrandma this is the ingraham angle for tuesday night. what is it like being a conservative bin laden county, virginia school board. tonight we speak to a man in a unique position who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on and a new piece in the washington post reveals what the left want for america. to have lust and to suffer. congressman jim jordan, how this
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messaging is about the 2022 midterms but first, tools and ruin, the portland experience is the focus of tonight's angle number one. not long ago portland, oregon was hailed as the model city, proof that radical progressives could create a wealthy urban utopia. they created a tv show called portlandia that was showered with accolades for a quirky city run by a friendly vegan and environmentalist. and remember all those key portland weird signs and t-shirts. maybe they should focus on keeping portland safe instead. >> according to portland police, number 110 shootings just last month. that's four shootings day.
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more alarming, almost 85% of shootings this year have been in north and east portland, spirit, the leaders are scrambling to slow the gun violence but so far community members of not seen any results. >> don't know what the answer is but it is harder now when you call the police it takes longer to get here. laura: the city has passed the grim milestone, 67 homicides this year which follows last year's 83% spike in homicides. portland now has more murders than bigger western cities like san francisco and seattle. and we must never forget that this violence did not occur in a vacuum. it took root after oregon democrats made it clear that it considered donald trump the bigger threat to portland and the radicals who were occupying entire city blocks and setting fires. >> there forces are not needed here, they are not wanted here
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and i'm making a challenging situation worse. >> the protests in portland have been overwhelmingly peaceful. crime in portland and across oregon was down before donald trump sent in his secret police. >> these guys came in like a bulldozer. laura: democrats are the ones who created the disaster and it is a deadly one. who knows how many lost damage done after they cut $100 million from the police budget, it is proprietor legislation pending police from using force and charging violators with second-degree official misconduct. portland liberals were encouraging the revolutionaries attacking police officers and
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putting the city to the torch. >> there is violence and disruption. what is your message for people on the streets tonight? >> you have been hurt, thank you for calling out the administration for what it is doing. it is an affront to democracy. laura: this only demoralized the police. since august of 2020, nearly 200 portland police officers have left the force, now the police are so undermanned they can't enforce routine traffic file relations at don't have an aristocrat wasn't homelessness in check but have no fear because kate brown and friends are fording the real threat, right-wing violence. the threat used against people and distraction of property for bigoted social objectives undermines growing commitment to a truly inclusive community. we are committed to working together to keep our communities safe and counter dangerous
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efforts to undermine democracy but when antifa committed 500,$000 damage in the city of downtown area did any of those democracy protectors condemn it? of course not. they don't care because they will say anything to maintain power and control the matter how devastating to their constituents. >> they are living in a nearly constant state of anxiety, their business has been vandalized are broken into, the windows shattered, four time so far during the pandemic. >> we spent almost 20,$000. people who are doing this feel really comfortable doing it. they feel like nothing is going to happen, no response will come. >> this is kind of a sad final predictable act of everything liberal democrats touch from
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detroit, no portland, this reign of terror always ends with lawlessness and exodus and death and that is the angle. joining us now is don osborne, the brother-in-law of jacob vasquez, who was shot and killed in northwest portland last month. first of all, we are so extremely sorry for your family's loss. i know it is horrific for all of you are. you are jacob was gunned down in a supposedly safe part of the city. other than being devastated, what was going through your mind, what was your reaction? >> thank you for having me on. the thing that went through our mind is how could this happen, how could jacob, so full of
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life, be taken like that and shot for no reason and how come it happened, why did it happen. laura: are you surprised their individual still in public office who maintain that cutting police funding ultimately, shrinking the force through demoralization, demonization etc. that was the okay thing to do, the right and moral thing to do? >> absolutely shocked me. to believe you're going to cut law enforcement by 200 officers and run them out of town and that that would have a positive effect on the community is ludicrous and i believe that was one of the direct causes of my brother in law being murdered. >> and the killer has not been caught. have you gotten any other
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updates from law enforcement. >> no. we've not received any more updates. i believe their hands are tied. law enforcement is running so then and all of this is coming back on the innocent and criminals are running free. >> did it surprise you you have the downtown area rampaged through, smashing windows, half $1 million worth of damage and because there undermanned, but police but it happen last week. how do businesses survive this, let alone all the murders that have taken place over the last two years? >> i don't know how they are going to make it. officers can't do anything. i have a message for nt for
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whoever it is, where we to purchase when my brother was shot in the back? where were you? jillian: any local officials reach out to you about your family's loss for the ongoing investigation? and individual shot in the back, an innocent person gunned down on the streets and you hear a lot of moralizing by a lot of the people we just quoted in my angle and any word? >> we haven't heard anything from city officials. i think we could sit down and talk and try to find some common sense solutions to how to curtail this from any further jacobs being shot. the criminals are being protected right now and the innocent are in it for themselves, it is a travesty what happened to my brother-in-law.
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laura: do you expect the city ultimately to begin to see another exodus of residents if we don't see a change? >> i don't see any other result than that. up in not held where the shooting happened to my father in law, we never had anything like that happen and it is spreading throughout the city. it is a beautiful city but it is being run down day after day. you can tell this was a beautiful city but you could tell that it is being destroyed. i don't know if there any options but to leave. laura: vote the bums out, that is what you've got to do. please extend our condolences to your entire family and i hope the killer is apprehended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. stay in touch please.
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speaking of the pacific northwest, vaccine mandates in washington state just kicked in and people are being forced out of their jobs. among those are dozens of seattle police officers and firefighters, you can see them here climbing the steps of city hall to turn in their boots which among the untaxed, and unemployed, are 127 washington state patrol employees including my next guest, trooper robert lemay. >> my final sign off. after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of washington, being asked to leave. this is the last time you will hear me in a state patrol car. laura: robert lemay joins me now. it is fine for you to be out there patrolling unvaccinated for the last 19 months but now you are just not wanted, not needed, not wanted. how does that feel? >> feels pretty bad.
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they awoke a sleeping giant. i've had so many contacts. i'm not a social media type guy so my kids have been helping me out, you get a few million hits here. i had contacts from great britain. i'm in a russian paper. it's going across the state, across the world, i have been on talk shows solid since 2:00 yesterday. it is a mess. >> any derek and defended the vaccine mandate this way. >> we want to have our value employees, we need public health for them to be vaccinated so people of seattle when they dial 911 they want to know the person responding to that emergency is fully vaccinated. the people of seattle need to know that that person is leave vaccinated and least likely to
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transmit covid to them or loved ones. laura: reaction to that? >> i happen to be sitting in downtown seattle, haven't seen patrol car all day. i would say the same for us. what about all the homeless people allowed on the roadways to do crazy things. i don't see them wearing that masks or getting vaccinated. it is a control thing. amc is an opponent of this. he tried religious exemptions. we tried everything legally we could do. they fired our senior chaplain whose only job is to pray and help people and they fired him. it is not just the me thing. it is a we thing. union carpenters, everybody is pissed off. the a lot of turnout for something as small that i did, started a catalyst. people of higher ranks, military people, state senators.
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laura: the supreme court declined to hear a case involving a vaccine mandate challenge filed by maine healthcare workers. that the ruling on the merits, they just at this juncture one justice declined to hear the case. as of now no court for people like you at the highest level at least for vaccine mandates. where is this going to lead in your view? police forces across the country, hospitals across the country brag about we have 96% compliance at southwest airlines, you're not going to do the vaccine mandate. >> congratulations to them. a lot of doing it in the state of washington, pretty was all the sheriff's, that person was appointed instead of elected, they are not doing it either so
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they are frustrated in the state of washington, my chief is who is pushing for this just as much and it is sad. we are losing a lot of officers but the question they're not asking these officers is the ones that are vaccinated are they still leaving as i can tell you those numbers are extreme, troopers and actually left, the final number we got was 74 troopers. when i'd actually talk to the people there's a lot more than just retired. we have guys that flat quit before they had to be fired. and hundreds of people have been vaccinated lost faith in the state in washington state patrol so seattle pd is the same way. the dot, this goes on and on and on and it gets ridiculous. weren't really worried about the vaccination status at the border when we had tens of thousands of
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people waved in into week period so they are not too concerned about that. what is next for you other than being a celebrity now what is next for you? >> i am overwhelmed. i'm a pretty private person. my son is in the military and he goes i'm going black. we are just trying to put our feet on the ground, we are very religious people that prayed about this when it started the what do you want us to do, what is our path, we had applications out of state and all types of stuff but the lord never appointed us to one point so we said maybe this is the fight, then that came out and it's went viral and i thought this is where you want us to be so i am a spokesperson for thousands, i would say millions of people. 2 million people have viewed it. it has been 99% positive from everybody. this is my path right now. there's a lot of job offers i'm getting, phenomenal job offers. laura: a sleeping giant so we
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hope that is what happened. thank you for joining us, we appreciate your voice and best of luck to you. a telling piece published in the washington post speaks to what the left wants for the future of america. a lower standard of living. get used to it. jim jordan, mark green, reveal why this messaging is all about the 2022 midterms, stay there. i am a good parent. jared? i'm hearing the most awful gs, people shouting at me. it's ok. when you live with schizophrenia like us, it can feel like you're living in a different world. you should definitely talk to your doctor and ask about fanapt. ok. fanapt is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults. in clinical trials, fanapt significantly improved symptoms of schizophrenia compared to placebo.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: supply chain blues getting you down, are >> supply-chain blues getting you down? the washington post has a message for americans worried about skyhigh gas prices and shortages, just lower your expectations. maynard writing american consumers might have been spoiled the generations of them have dealt with shortages of some kind gasoline in the 70s, food rationing the 40s, having a 20s, went to be like detroit were booming. it is our turn to make adjustments. is that about helping you cope with the way things are now, it is about insulating president biden and the democrats ahead of the midterms by changing the metrics we used to use to
12:24 am
measure success. joining us now ohio congressman jim jordan intimacy congressman mike green. the left's policies don't work so they have to do this before real results, everybody get used to the standard of living. what could be easier. >> wanted americans lower their expectations, one of the right brothers had low expectations, the hostage team in 1980, what if they said we will go to the olympics and just play pretty good, not played to win. this is where socialism always takes you, to mediocrity and the arrogance they talk about this, jen psaki say americans have to wait before they get their treadmill.
12:25 am
this is where the left goes. it will show up next year when we take back the house because americans always dream big and go for big things. we don't settle for averageness for mediocrity. maybe the biden administration does but trump people, donald trump was make america great again. president biden is make america average again. that is ridiculous. >> they don't want to have to compare biden's record with trump's in 2019 before the pandemic, they will lose every time so they have to change the way it is measured. speaking of what congressman jordan mentioned, the white house's framing of this, the supply shortage is all one big joke. >> it was crystal-clear things were not improving on the supply chain, people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmill delivered on time not to mention other things. so >> the tragedy of the treadmill. >> but serious point is why
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didn't the president act sooner and more aggressive way? >> that's not true. the present for the task force at the very beginning of the administration. >> formed a task force. that lady in red really solve that problem for us by letting us know. >> thanks for having us on. even secretary buttigieg was saying it was the success of the economy because the supply chain problems, they are trying to jedi mind trick the american people and it's like and work which i traveled all of the world is a very i am seen third world countries, the shelves in our grocery stores are starting to look like third world countries but honestly i think it is bigger than 2022. i agree with you they are trying to fool all of us that these failures aren't real but it is bigger than that. this is the utopia, the socialist utopia the democrats want, they want to tell us all of our systems has failed and we need new systems.
12:27 am
we need a socialist system. a capitalist system under aoc. >> what else are they going to say and i think this has them all really spooked because we learned tonight the new quinnipiac poll that just came out, biden only has a 37% approval rating voters, 52% disapprove, they don't like the jokes about the supply chain. nobody democrats want us to live with lower standards of living, it can't be the old days, truth, justice and the american way, that's out the window, just lower your expectations, this is a loser strategy. >> insurance because the american people are smart, they have common sense may get it. you get bad outcomes when you
12:28 am
have bad policy. when you pay people not to work you shouldn't be surprised when you can't find workers. when you defend the police you shouldn't be surprised when crime goes up, you talked about the terrible situation in portland, oregon. this is what happens when you have stupid policies in place which is what this administration and the democratic congress has done in the american people see it for what it is. >> the washington post is reporting tonight but president biden told democrats during the private meeting today that he believes they could secure a deal on a new tax and spending proposal between $1.75 trillion and $1.9 trillion that includes at least some expansion of medicare to offer new benefits to seniors, introduction of universal prekindergarten, billions of dollars to address climate change. what happened to old manchin, who i thought would sell it overcome $1.5 trillion after that. >> hopefully president biden, as wrong as he has been on everything else and there isn't a deal.
12:29 am
that is what i am praying for and joe manchin will hold out. he had been saying he wasn't going to support anything that had government handouts without forcing people to work but looks like he has changed his mind. i hope that is not the case. this president has failed us, he fail america, they can try what they want to hide it. jillian: $1.9 trillion in spending economy universal pre-k, creating all this new government spending and laughing about the supply chain shortages. this is all a big joke to them because they don't think this money is actual money. they think it is all 3. they don't care people will suffer. they don't get it. >> and raise taxes.
12:30 am
>> for all the people who have been working, they are getting ready to raise your taxes. that are crazy the plan is. this will only exacerbate the problem and drive up inflation, reduced purchasing power and have more empty shelves. >> congressman greene, yesterday the new york post revealed that president biden was secretly flying underage migrants in new york in the dead of night in order to resettle them and apparently this is happening across the country. and psaki only knows one way to respond. >> was the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> not sure it is in the middle of the night but let me tell you what is happening here. >> very early in the morning. >> we are talking earlier flights, earlier than you might
12:31 am
like to take a flight. laura: the smirk on her face, not about her. it is about biden but your reaction. >> this issue started several months ago in chattanooga, tennessee where we reported that in the very early morning hours they flew people into chattanooga and knoxville that prompted me to write a bill and we have a bill that allows the states to approve any of these individuals that come into the state. this should be the state's decision, not the federal government forcing people and they shouldn't be considered refugees. these people are migrants, illegal aliens, that is the correct term for them. they are not refugees. they are not fleeing anything. putting them under the refugee resettlement rules is simply wrong and so my bill also addresses that.
12:32 am
jillian: one question. isn't that a tax on the american people? and everything we have to spend money on resettlement of hundreds of thousands across the country. >> it sure is and yet this justice department wants to focus on parents showing up at school board meetings instead of the real issue you highlighted and congressman greene talked about. laura: great to see both of you. the pentagon and our intel agencies turn their attention to domestic terrorists, the chinese are posing greater threat than they ever have. and moments my second angle of the night will lay it out.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> laura: china's checkmate, laura: china's checkmate is the focus of the second angle. the angle has warned you the politicization of defense and intel agencies pose an unacceptable threat to national security and we were proven right.
12:38 am
by now you heard reports that sometime in august china tested a hypersonic missile that was able to soar around the planet before heading for its target and apparently our intel agencies have been so busy targeting trump supporters as domestic terrorists, they were blindsided by this which the wall street journal called alarming. the intelligence community is made of 18 organizations that receive $84.8 billion in 2020. congress should investigate what we are paying for and was we are getting. not really a need for an investigation. we are getting chipped. most concerning is the financial times noted, hypersonic glide vehicle armed with nuclear warhead could help china negate us missile defense systems which
12:39 am
are designed to destroy incoming ballistic missiles more shocking was the white house's blasé response. >> can you reports -- comment a hypersonic missile? is that accurate? do you raise concerns about china's capability? >> we have been consistent in our approach with china. we can competition but we do not want that competition to veer into conflict. laura: is she kidding me? stiff competition? this and a high school science fair. we see the biden team worries more about the republican threat than it does the threat posed by the ccp but she's right about one thing. the biden administration's handling the china threat has been consistent, consistently horrible. they go out of their way to make excuses for china like that dim
12:40 am
light bulb currently running the department of energy. granholm ran interference for china on carbon dioxide emissions. >> we got a global problem in china is a big contributor. we are too but we don't have much moral authority to say you should be doing this if we are not taking action and deploying the technology we need. laura: she's the one with no moral authority affects apparently, the truth is the us has led the world in cutting co2 emissions for fracking natural gas, which we were becoming energy independent but as bad as is, climate saw john kerry is even worse. we just learned that john kerry and his wife have $1 million invested in a chinese fund that owns shares of the chinese tech company that developed the facial recognition software that is used by the ccp and the
12:41 am
repression of the league are muslims. if president biden had any shred of integrity would show kerry and granholm the door but not going to do that. and is in china's missile technology and the biden administration's muted reaction to all this should be a massive wake-up call for everyone in washington especially the republicans and moderate democrats who profess to take the china threat seriously. they have to recognize the following, number one, the pentagon and intel community under the current leadership is totally unprepared to take on china. if we do not make a change any military engagements between the ccp and the united states is going to end very poorly for our side. number 2, we cannot count on support from the eu in the event of a military conflict against china. there dependent on the ccp to risking ring president xi and the china star rising.
12:42 am
number 3. president biden will do nothing to and .2 because neither he nor his team see china as a threat at all, possibly because of financial conflicts. remember hunter biden still has investments in china if you can believe it. given these facts so long as we are hampered by biden and our current military and intel leadership, china must be regarded as the dominant power in asia and the most powerful country in the world. china clearly realizes it, they get it and is aggressively moving to make ever more brazen shows of force against us and our closest allies. in the last 90 days chinese motor aircraft is breached airspace 159 times. among those aircraft were nuclear capable bombers and anti-sub warplanes but as china wrapped up its intimidation
12:43 am
campaign biden's response less then encouraging. >> i spoke to xi about i. we agreed we will abide by the taiwan agreement. that is where we are. laura: this is where we are. on monday a group of chinese and russian naval vessels sailed through strait on japan's main island and the northern island of hokkaido. brought the world together against us. it is time general million secretary austin quit worrying about weight rage and focus on countering this rising red minutes. stakes are higher than they have ever been. it's no longer a question of how we contain china or when another cold war, our very existence as a free and independent nation is at stake.
12:44 am
and that is the angle. now, what is it like being the only conservative on the radically left-wing loudoun county school board in virginia? john beatty has held that role for two years. he's here exclusively in moments on what goes on behind closed doors. stay there. oh well, look! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me. but we're doing much better now, right? yeah. fanapt is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults. in clinical trials, fanapt significantly improved symptoms of schizophrenia compared to placebo. fanapt may change your heart rhythm which could elevate risk of sudden death. your doctor will consider this when deciding among treatments and may prescribe another medication first or may instruct you to take a smaller dosage of fanapt. the good thing to know, is we're not alone.
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kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> laura: now, we all know now that the laura: we all know now the loudoun county school board in
12:49 am
virginia is one of the worst, most radical in the united states, normally have they tried to brainwash kids with the hideous divisive racial narrative but attempted to cover up sexual assault for the trans-agenda or what kind of agenda they have been hard to believe there is a single reasonable person among them but there is one and he joins us now. john beatty, the loan conservative member of the loudoun county school board. if you can, take us behind-the-scenes of what it is like to the extent we have in person meetings now. what is going on there? america wants to know. >> it has been a crazy past couple years and i think the most important part is i'm grateful to be part of this, to be a voice for the parents, standing up for them, for all the things that are going on. they need a voice.
12:50 am
many parents think the school board doesn't listen to them. they come to public comment and speak and the school board isn't listening. i'm listening to them, reading their emails, making sure their voice is heard when we have deliberation that events come up. neil: 9 when you say voices heard that sounds like political speak. what does that mean, voices heard? don't they want kids taught, they don't want this car in schools. they want them caught the basics, they don't want politics. >> they don't want politics. with the equity committee, critical race theory ideology, all the teaching plans, they encourage teachers to read how to be an antiracist, big proponent of critical race theory, they encourage teachers to use the learning for justice teaching material, it is in all the material.
12:51 am
laura: didn't the naacp, did they get you kicked off the diversity committee? is that what happened? >> they sent emails and freshened the school board because i don't agree with critical race theory ideology. i wanted to understand why they were pushing sexually explicit material and such strong support for that from the equity committee and it is part of this idea, critical theory, gender theory, ideas that we have to teach these awful ideas to parents and students. laura: meanwhile the kids can't write and falling behind on reading and advanced math classes, proposals to get them cut back, lowering the bar for everybody and propagandizing 24/seven. that is why they want universal pre-k, get them earlier. i want to show you this.
12:52 am
there was a raucous rally tonight, glenn youngkin call for accountability over loudoun county for the attempted cover-up of those assaults. >> i'm calling for an immediate investigation into the loudoun county school board for their gross negligence. virginia's attorney general should be investigating those responsible. laura: i'm not going to hold my breath for an investigation to your school board, but should it occur? >> absolutely. what happened is so awful and i feel so bad for the parents, families that are victims of this and it is important we have a full investigation into everything that happened, who didn't communicate what or find out where communication was so this never happens because parents need to worry about their kids getting education.
12:53 am
ashley: allow county superintendent admitted the schools were not properly reporting sexual assault 3 years, but then tried to pass the buck. >> it is essential that we are consistent in our practices across the county. we are taking positive steps in this direction. the lack of oversight that existed prior to my tenure contributed to errors in state reporting regarding disciplinary incidents in school. laura: mealymouthed nonsense. does that absolve him of what happened under his watch? >> know. the school board's responsibility diminish the superintendent, we have to do a better job, that is why have an investigation when you look all the facts and find out where the breakdowns were is the only way to get justice for parents of these horrible crimes. laura: what is your message to parents across the country who are sick to their stomachs at what is happening in their
12:54 am
public school system? your message to them? get involved, run for school board, don't be afraid? >> find out what is happening in latin county. it is happening all over the country. that is why i'm running for congress. you can find out more, they need to go to school board meetings and get involved, show their local school boards they care about their kids education and make sure their kids get the best education no matter what bureaucrats prevent that. laura: thank you for sharing the story tonight, everybody has got to wake up otherwise you will lose your country. biden's hhs makes history, the last bite showcases it.
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do you know how it feels to live with schizophrenia? i am a good parent. jared? i'm hearing the most awful things, people shouting at me. it's ok. when you live with schizophrenia like us, it can feel like you're living in a different world. you should definitely talk to your doctor and ask about fanapt. ok. fanapt is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults. in clinical trials, fanapt significantly improved symptoms of schizophrenia compared to placebo.
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cynthia, are you ok? i feel like everyone's out to get me. fanapt may change your heart rhythm which could elevate risk of sudden death. your doctor will consider this when deciding among treatments and may prescribe another medication first or may instruct you to take a smaller dosage of fanapt. remember you're not alone, there is help. call 8557 fanapt >> laura: today, the hhs swearing in of the first four-star admiral of the u.s. public health ph age as live stream, biological mail rachel levine.
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>> can discharge the duty of the office on which i am about to commit. >> so help me god. >> welcome admiral levine. would you like to say a few words? >> yes, sir. thank you very much for entrusting me with this role. laura: the face covering was on and then the admiral took it off. they are all vaccinated. >> why thousands of migrants from the border in the middle of the night? >> earlier than you might like to take a flight. todd: jen psaki with another snarky response about secret midnight migrant flight lawmakers and critics demand real answers. jillian: questions being raised about public safety in our cities as drove the first responders to


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