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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 22, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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world" gets started right now. >> charles: deal or in deal. senator sanders and manchin go at it over the price of the bill. sanders saying it should be $6 trillion and manchin responding how about zero? i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." let's zero in with peter doocy at the white house. peter? >> charles, around here we just heard from the press secretary
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that even if democrats are not able to include a way to pay for this by taxing corporations, they still claim that they will not dip into deficit spending. listen here. >> the president's belief as you heard him say last night that compromise is not a dirty word. we'll get nothing if we do not have 50 votes. the alternative is not a larger package. the alternative is nothing. so his objective is to continue to press forward, to bring the parties together, to get a historic package done. >> and there's word from capitol hill that there could be a deal as soon as today. something that has been dogging he this administration from day one, immigration. we just heard at the end of martha's show, 1.7 million migrants detained in fiscal year 2021. that season a all-time high. president biden claimed that he's been to the border even
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though there's no record of him ever going to the border and getting out of the car. listen to this. >> why did president biden say that he has been to the border? >> well, peter, as you may have seen, there's been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> does that count as a visit? he said i've been there before. you're saying he drove by for a few minutes. does that couldn't? i'm asking you a question. i think people should understand the context. where do people -- >> i'm asking you -- >> i'll answer it for you. people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. the president has to be those countries ten times to talk about border issues. there's a focus right now on a photo op. the president does not believe the photo op is the same as solutions. >> president biden said at the town hall last night that he
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probably should go down to the border. a few minutes ago, kamala harris, the vice president, who is in charge of addressing the root causes of migration, was asked by the press pool travelling with her if she has any plans to go to the border by the end of the year. she says she does not. charles? >> charles: thanks very much. nancy pelosi spotted at the white house today. she says there's still some outstanding issues that need to be resolved. to chad pergram with more on that. chad? >> good afternoon, charles. democrats hope to land a frame work on the social spending bill in the next day or two. it's friday afternoon. news o'clock as we said. so we may hear about various agreements several times between now and next week before there is an actual agreement. house speaker nancy pelosi had breakfast with president biden this morning. >> i'm not going to negotiate that here. we had a very positive meeting this morning. i'm optimistic.
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much of what we need to do -- >> but it's clear democrats need to wrap this up soon. ways and means committee chairman richard neil spoke for 30 minutes with democratic arizona senator kyrsten sinema. >> we were in full agreement on the policy achievement. that was she's in on the renewalables, in on the issue of the child credit and in on family medical leave. that's the way she ranked them. that's a fair assessment hoff the conversation. >> in a perfect world, democrats would like to have an agreement frozen next week. that could allow the house to vote on a infrastructure bill and a general agreement would give president biden a victory on climate change victory before he flies to the environmental summit in scotland next week. charles? >> charles: so if a hike in the corporate tax is off the table, where is the money coming from to pay for this?
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with me now, brad winslop. it's so interesting. i was thrilled to hear that maybe the corporate taxes were off the table. then i started to worry, maybe we're jumping out of a frying pan into the fryer. what are they going to cook up to replace that? >> that's a good question. one thing i have figured out, charles, now i understand why on the house side we have magnatometers on the floor. that's to keep from democrats getting at each other. nancy pelosi says we're close to that deal. joe manchin says we're a long way. krysten sinema has her demands and she says no increase taxes on businesses and individuals. so really where are we? you know, there's a way that they try to bring in down in cost. the problem is they're going to initiate programs, programs that they may have for two years, cut
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to it one year to cut costs. as you know, as history has shown, we don't get rid of any of those spending programs. so that is going to be a problem for us. you know, we look at bills -- i wish we would look at them more where we say does this provide more freedom for americans and will the next generation say thank you? right now with this spending, we're seeing record inflation. if it's not from unemployment benefits, it's from other means. i had a neighbor, a union guy. he said i just got a $300 check as i have one child. he goes i really don't want that check. what i'd like to do is fill my gas tank and maybe treat my family to a steak once in a while. >> charles: you brought up a great point with respect to the democrat infighting. listen to chad pergram there. senator sinema renewables, child credits an family leave. that's what manchin is action.
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you have to wonder how they woo booth of them. to this point, we put them together side by side as this couple pushing back. ironically looks like three pushing back against each them. you know something will happen. i'm worried about the tricks. you alluded to them. things truncated in a certain way, sunset provisions where you see it's a $2 trillion bill but it's really a $4 trillion bill. you put in social spending that you can never take out. i suspect that will happen. >> yeah, the writing is already on the wall for that, charles. you know, we have the situation in the house of representatives where the infrastructure bill means you're getting this multi-trillion dollar spending bill. they are linked together. the president said that, nancy pelosi has said that. so that's that challenge in the house of representatives. look, we're for some type of
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infrastructure. it's interesting what passed in the senate a bipartisan bill to take some of the covid relief fund money and allow governors of every state to take that money and go to certain infrastructure projects that they may need. why can't we talk about doing something like that right now? infrastructure should be about economic development and enhancing our supply chain capabilities. you know, clean water and sewage and broad band and things like that is. not all the things in the package that we're seeing. >> charles: it's so amazing in the heart of this supply chain issue, cries is, we could turn this into an opportunity instead of a crisis. congressman, i want your thoughts that the white house said there's no change on the position of taiwan, this is a day after president biden said the u.s. would defend taiwan against chinese aggression. what do you make of this? >> well, it sounds like
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diplomatic double speak in some ways. i want the president to say that we will defend china or defend taiwan against china. i want taiwan to be working with us and with their neighbors in the indopacific to do this. unfortunately i think a lot of nations around the world have some concern over what america may or may not do because actions speak louder than words. what we saw happen in afghanistan does not give people confidence. there's some things that we can do. taiwan has a deal with us to purchase f-16s, move them up in the chain. much them up in the supply chain, get them done. there's other various ways to bring the countries of the indospic with us. australia understands it, vietnam understands it. it's important that we defend taiwan. >> charles: all the provocations from china, we should do something more to send a signal to our allies and to china. congressman, thanks very much.
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i have breaking news to report. a new york federal jury convicting former rudy guliani associate lev parnez of charges that he made illegal contributions to u.s. politicians. we'll keep an eye on that. and then this. a quick look at the corner of wall and broad. how about the dow? closing at a new all-time high. in fact, for the week, all the major averages in the green. is santa about to be shipped out of luck? why major shipping companies are warning the vaccine mandate can wreak havoc on holiday shopping. we report, you may want to hide. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> charles: no jab, no job, no holiday joy. the biden vaccine mandate is just the latist problem for the upcoming holiday shopping season. to susan li with the details. susan? >> yes. talk about preholiday panic for the trade association representing the largest cargo giants around. members include ups, fed ex, dhl, express and atlas air. the cargo association says the deadline for federal workers and contractors which includes the
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shipping giants will create a significant supply chain problem through the peak holiday season. the white house says they're extremely concerned it will be virtually impossible to have 100% of our respective work forces vaccinated by december 8. the problem is further exacerbated by the fact that we're already experiencing a worker shortage and that is evident in a log jam in the parts. 80 container ships are waiting and more to arrive from asia and set to worsen the transport bottle neck. jen psaki today says vaccine mandates are not the problem. >> we work to implement the federal employee requirement. the first step is not firings. it's education and counselling. we don't actually anticipate these disruptions. >> as for the holiday travel, the ceos of american airlines and southwest airlines say that holiday travel will not be
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impacted by the december 8 deadline and they don't expect workers to fire or leave because of the federal vaccine mandates. chuck schumer has said this week that he was concerned about a potential travel mess during the holiday period with 40% of the tsa's work force still unvaccinated, charles. >> charles: thanks, susan. i want the read from our market gurus, francis and stacy and gary kaltbaum. gary, the port backlog is a huge problem. how about the vaccine mandate? how do you think adding to this, going to the holiday rush, will affect the market and the economy? >> well, worse. the word illogical bold face and ill just comes to mind. you know, susan li said it best. all of these ships in the port. just so you know, these ships are 50 yards wide and 3 football fields long. they carry 25,000 tons of stuff.
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yet the administration says -- by the way, they've been begged by the trade groups, push it in to the first quarter or second quarter. we're doing the best we can. if we losman power, stuff won't get delivered. on top of that, there's a word called spoilage. a ton of stuffily go bye-bye. insurance claims up the wazoo. a lot of the deliveries are medical supplies, emergency supplies. so i'm amazed somebody with just some logic in their brain over in d.c. sees this for what it is and just move the date. guess what? they've been asked for weeks if not months and they will not move the needle. >> charles: we'll put you down as a maybe. >> a big maybe. >> charles: francis, you know, again, i think logic plays a role in this. some of the ships have been
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parked off the coast longer than it took them to get over here. the administration has been rigid in everything. whether it's getting out of afghanistan, whether it was the thanksgiving thing. feels like when they don't meet the deadlines, they double down instead of working with the public. how bad can it get? >> there's so many variables that are affecting labor markets. now we're in a situation where jerome powell has no choice but to tapering the help from the pandemic. i wouldn't say the labor market has recovered to prepandemic levels, which means we have a higher unemployment rate. people are still struggling to hire. i was at my office in michigan. we went across the street to a restaurant that was packed full. they couldn't seat us. they don't have employees. companies are having to have wage increases, which are putting pressure on the balance sheets as we face corporate taxes going up, inflationary pressures going up.
1:19 pm
people are having a hard time hiring. now you have people walking off of the job because of the vaccine mandate. these these people -- jen psaki says they won't lose their jobs. i don't know what will occur. just before christmas? all of these variables are coming in to play. definitely i think it makes sense to ask for a few more weeks a few more months to get people -- to get the logistics organized. that's the thing. they're giving the deadlines. same thing with restaurants in new york city. who will take that on? who is going to stop people at the door? who will verify vaccine cards? who will do that? it's just killing small businesses and putting further pressure. >> charles: it is. it's interesting. 4.3 million people quit the labor forces up to five million have not come back from last year. and you know, the businesses -- you go to businesses, they have signs in front of the door, bear with us.
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we apologize a head of time or the products is not as good as it used to be. the dow closed at an all-time high. the s&p is a few points away from an all-time high. two weeks ago, this market was in a free fall. we have been spoiled. so down 5% was frightening. what do you make of it all? >> i think $250 billion of printed money really buys a lot. but i really do believe the market is following the virus. the virus is heading south. i have to tell you, don't forget, we can now turn on our tvs on the weekend and see 80,000 people in a stadium, charles. 20,000 people watching the nba. that matters. that helps the psyche of this country knowing that business we did not have for a very long time, movie theaters. james bond did pretty decent. we're on our way. by the way, with this going on,
1:21 pm
the strongest spots in the market are the truckers and the rails right now. go figure. when you're in washington d.c., you're job is one thing. get the heck out of the way. every decision they make put head winds in the way of that. it's a shame to see. >> charles: it's supply and demand. so will simply and a lot of demand. the companies are not making money but the truckers are. stores in city across america taking a hit. it's not due to a lack of customers shopping. it's due to a lack of people paying. we'll explain next. feeling stressed in your skin? not with olay retinol body wash. which improves skin 3x better.
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>> charles: chicago is the latest city where rampant shoplifting is a problem. let's bring in the chamber of commerce vice president and chief policy officer neil bradley. neil, we're seeing businesses just close up shop. i know they closed a bunch of walgreen's in san francisco. it's brazen at this point. what is the business community saying and what is happening to turn this around? >> charles, you're right. it's brazen. it's organized lawlessness that is being ignored by our government. our government has one responsibility, one primary responsibility and that is to maintain law and order. instead what we see happening in city after city is condoning theft. when prosecutors announce that they're not going to go after anyone, when police announce
1:27 pm
they're not going to show up, when a theft is under $1,000, you know what our numbers are telling us? that shoplifters are keeping track of the prices and they pull items off of the shelf knowing if they walk out of the door with less than $1,000, nobody will do a thing to them. that's why these stores are shutting down and it's a problem that has to be confrontand stopped. >> charles: obviously so many cities with the policies that you just described. you add in there changes in bail, add in there the defund the police movement, which has deterred a lot of police officers. where do you begin your plea for sanity? these stores pay taxes that help the local community. they should not be targeted? they're centers of opportunity. so do you make your plea to? >> it starts at city hall and extends to the state capitols.
1:28 pm
ultimately the state and local officials are responsible. if cities won't step in and police, the state needs to. so you're exactly right. the victims of these crimes are not just the companies. some of them are small businesses, some are bigger. the real victims are the employees. the people that are losing their jobs because our government officials won't do theirs. the people that are suffering are those individuals in that community that don't have that store to go to, that grocery store, that pharmacy because it's closed because the government won't do anything against these organized crime rings. that is exactly what they are. it's almost a misnomer to call it shoplifting. a conjures images of someone pocketing something. this is theft. we have to start with local officials. >> charles: you hear complaints about food deserts. don't drive the store out. i want to ask you about what is
1:29 pm
happening in washington d.c. the chamber of commerce, you have a lot of sway with the present administration. why won't they just get the infrastructure bill done? i mean, i know there's politicking going on there. we need it so badly, particularly in the midst of the supply chain crisis. >> you're exactly right. it's befuddling. we had a chance three weeks ago for the house of representatives to pass this bipartisan infrastructure bill that would have made major investments in our parts and rail systems and our highways. the things that we should have been doing years ago to get ahead of the supply chain crisis. instead of pushing it across the finish line and sending to it the president's desk, they waffled. we had 69 bipartisan votes in the senate. we need to replicate that in the house. there's talk of doing it next week. should have been done months ago. we're putting pressure on the white house, house lawmakers to get this across the finish line.
1:30 pm
if they don't, the next supply chain crisis will be on them. >> charles: bipartisan. how often do you hear that in d.c. thanks very much. we're now learning more about the movie set incident leaving one dead and another injured after alec baldwin fired a prop gun. jonathan hunt has the details. jonathan? >> alec baldwin says he's heart broken and he's cooperating with investigators as questions mount over safety on the set of baldwin's low budget movie. i have the details after the break. for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks.
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>> charles: the fda and cdc giving the go ahead for johnson & johnson and moderna's boosters and to mix an match. so are there any risks involved
1:35 pm
in dr. mark mcclellan joins me now. doctor, here's the thing. aren't they all kind of sourced differently? don't you have like the mrna in one and a different methodology in another one? this is the part that has some people worried that they're not created the same way, so should we be concerned about that? >> yeah, charles, you're right. the pfizer vaccine and the moderna vaccines are both so-called mrna vaccines. the j&j vaccine is a vaccine made of a virus that doesn't harm you but gets your body to reacted like it was facing a serious infection. as you know, charles, i'm on the board for johnson & johnson. all three vaccines have in common that they're effective. the pfizer and moderna two doses is more effective than j&j. and what we know from all the evidence, they can help people who have already been fully
1:36 pm
vaccinated get stronger long-term responses. so if you have gotten the pfizer and moderna mrna vaccine and over 65 or under 65 and have a health condition and being around a lot of people with covid, you can get any of the boosters. if you have the johnson & johnson one-shot vaccine, it's a good idea to get a booster. we're still getting more evidence, but what we have learned from other vaccines and what seems to be playing out so far is that mixing vaccines actually may help you. doesn't seem to hurt. it's been at least six months for pfizer, moderna, two months for j&j, up to six months or longer. good time to consider getting another dose, especially if you're at higher risk. >> charles: dr. rochelle
1:37 pm
walensky was asked today about what being fully vaccinate means. i want your reaction to her response. let's take a listen. >> right now we don't have booster eligibility for all people currently. so we're going to -- we have not changed the definition of fully vaccinated. we will continue to look at this. we may need to update our definition in the future. >> charles: i'm not 100% clear what she's trying to say there. >> charles, i think her -- what she's trying to convey is thatter with seeing some evidence that the vaccines get less effective over time. that is why there's recommendations now for people that got the one does j&j or for people far enough out in higher risk groups that the the two-doses mrna to get up to the high level of protection that we saw early on. and i don't expect that
1:38 pm
definition to change right away. but if we keep seeing a decline in the effectiveness of the vaccine over more time and for more people including and lower risk groups, that's when the public health guidance would change to say hey, it's not only suggested you get a booster dose but to consider yourself fully protected, you need that extra dose. one more thing here, there's a huge difference for people that have gotten the first round of vaccines or gotten a booster, too. a huge difference in terms of the level of protection versus people that have not gotten vaccinated yet. that's where the vast majority, the very serious infections and hospitalizations and deaths are coming from. most important thing getting vaccinated is the most effective way to protect yourself from covid. >> charles: thanks, doctor. appreciate it. >> good to be with you.
1:39 pm
>> charles: alec baldwin says he's cooperating with a police investigation after one is dead and another injured at the set of "rust." jonathan hunt has more. >> the santa fe district attorney and the local sheriff's office are now investigating the shooting after police rush to the bonanza creek ranch in new mexico following this 911 call. >> the sheriff said 63-year-old alec baldwin fired a prop gun on the set of new movie "rust" killing 42-year-old halyna hutchins, the director of photography and injuring joel souza, who is 48. baldwin made his first public comments via social media saying his heart is broken and tweeting "there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the
1:40 pm
life of halyna hutchins, a wife, more and colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how in tragedy occurred." the sheriff said -- >> witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives. those witnesses include, of course, baldwin himself who was seen seemingly distract and in tears outside the sheriff's office yesterday. the shooting recalls a similar tragedy in 1993 when 28-year-old brandon lee, the son of bruce lee, was shot hand killed with a prop gun. those that handle weapons on movie sets say safety protocols introduced since then should have prevented any accidental shooting. >> there's lots of checks in place. for instance, with the brandon
1:41 pm
lee incident, there was an obstruction in the barrel that came out once it was put behind it. >> and charles, the l.a. times is now reporting the prop gun had previously misfired on the set several times. there were concerns over safety on set and that hours before the shooting half a dozen crew members had walked off the set of the low budget movie to protest working conditions. charles? >> charles: jonathan, thank you. joe? no. president biden at a loss when it comes to dealing with higher gas prices. what are drivers to do? fisher investments isll find different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate
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>> charles: your pain at the pump keeps growing. pressure on the white house to act keeps building. but still, no answers in sight. hillary vaughn with the latest. hillary? >> hi, charles. the president admits that people are feeling pain at the pump but also says there's not much he can do to fix it right now. >> my guess is, you'll start to see gas prices come down as we
1:46 pm
get by and going into the winter -- excuse me, in to next year, in 2022. i don't have a near-term answer. >> the white house said the president was being candidate. his options are limited. they're moving fuel to where there's shortages, cracking down on prices. while gas prices hit seven year highs, inflation is high, too. so i asked jen psaki why americans are say they're better off this holiday season than last month before biden took office. >> this year families are facing highest gas prices in seven years, 30% higher costs to heat their home, inflation that is five times higher than it was in december, groceries are more expensive. i'm wondering what americans are facing this thanksgiving and christmas under president buy ten when looking at economic security. >> well, i would say we have cut in half the unemployment rate
1:47 pm
created five million jobs and ensured 180 million americans have been vaccinated since last year. so yes, are there still as the economy is turning back on, are there still fundamental issues we're working through? absolutely. >> the president said he could dip into the strategic petroleum reserve to temporarily bring gas down about 18 cents a gallon. the white house says today they don't have any plans to announce anything on that. charles? >> charles: thanks, hillary. as this headline -- it says it all. as grocery shoppers are just about fed up with paying more at the store. let's get the read from katherine, chief strategist from baltic capitol. i guess higher prices are not a problem until people stop paying them. the cure for inflation is higher prices. but you know, people got so much money from all of these different programs that they've been able to weather the storm and drive prices up, too.
1:48 pm
>> sure. it's a self-fulfilling psych fayetteville you think about it. we have the pandemic which shut down production and a voracious v-shaped recovery and the reopening unfolded. we saw too much demand with too little supply. there wasn't enough stuff for people to buy. the government's intervention over the past 1 1/2 years has been so impressive with regard to the trillions of stimulus put in to the system on finance whereas the past ten years, 15 years, the federal reserve has quadrupled its balance sheet. we have fiscal, monetary and then we have maybe too much too fast in terms of economic recovery. people are feeling it. the price at the pump, gas prices are expensive. that is effectively a tax on the consumer. that could threaten economic
1:49 pm
activity and throwing in to stagflation, which is high inflation and slowing economic growth. >> charles: and no one wants that. anybody that remembers the 70s is misery. when president biden or jen psaki suggests there's nothing that they can do or go as far as going after price gouging, aren't they deflecting from the very next day after president biden was elected, crude oil prices went up and haven't stopped because we get back to what you said, supply and demand. if you go to war with supply, if you say you can't drill there certain areas, if you say we're going to go after you, we're going to mitigate what you want to do, yesterday exxon says they may give up drilling on biggest projects, less supply, more demand. how about asking opec to pump more, let american producers pump more, give them a break. we're not going to shift to solar tomorrow. wouldn't that be a logical way to do this? >> yes, it would, charles.
1:50 pm
i would tell you that that is the best way to go. this is the undesired consequences of government intervention. i look at it as a game. the economy finds as enscape valve and trying to get another area. what you end up with an efficiency popping up in another place and the government intervening in an uncomfortably increasing way. so that is the place we're at. the best thing they can do is let the markets work. let the markets work. let business invest. >> charles: all right. thanks. have a great weekend. talk again soon. talks are reportedly underway for soprano's prequel series. it's not the only show getting that treatment. what is old is new again? pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain.
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1:55 pm
timpf. jimmy, let me start with you. i saw the movie. it was a setup for three or four more series. it was all part of the branding. do we want it? >> no, we don't want it. the reason the movie wasn't good is the reason that the series wasn't good. the draw of the sopranos was tony soprano. this would be like remaking the tv show alf without the alien. nobody wants to watch it. if you need to know, i've been watching, charles, this other show about the crime family that is shaking people down. it's called "the bidens." i'm not watching another soprano. >> a nice joke. congratulations. >> charles: here's what i'm thinking. i'm worried. an article in "the new york
1:56 pm
times," every person watching the sopranos. the shots in new jersey read differently now in the air of environmental degradation and ruin. they're going to make a progressive version of the soprano's. they're going to use water pistols. >> i've never seen the show and i don't need to have seen it to know that's not what it's supposed to be like. i don't think they're supposed to -- they kill people, right? they kill people? i don't think people that kill people are concerned about environmental footprints. >> charles: right. >> i'm confused. >> charles: jimmy? >> this is crazy. in the new soprano's, you're not allowed to whack anybody unless you've been vaccinated. it's not as violent. >> charles: what about the bada boom, bada bing club? >> they all have masks on.
1:57 pm
>> it's easier to produce it, but harder to make them successful because the reason they're being remade is because they were a hit, right? if you watch the new version, everybody is comparing that to something that was a hit. it's hard to measure up. >> charles: it is better. maybe the remake of the thomas crown was not bad maybe. it's so rare. but doesn't it point to the fact that hollywood is relying on sequels, prequels that they have lost the art of storytelling? >> they shouldn't have. it's not that hard to get a new idea. i have them all the time. whether they are friendly enough for to be produced, that remains to be seen, which is why i'm not a movie producer. but that's their job. just looking at what is on nick at night and be like i'm going to do this gran. i don't understand. >> charles: and get paid. what about sex in the city,
1:58 pm
jimmy? >> no, nobody wants to watch sex in the city in this day and age. all the dates take place over zoom and the bars close at 11:00. it's depressing, c. payne. we need originality. come on. >> charles: there's no doubt that match and some of these other things have changed the nature. go on your phone and get a date. it loses that edginess that it used to have. >> absolutely. yeah. also just with the internet. nothing on tv could ever be as edgy as 80% of the internet. >> charles: that 70s show, did you watch that? >> i did. it was good. so if i watch the reboot, it's probably going to be bad. the "saved by the bell" reboot. i watched that. the quarterback is a woman. it's like shut up. that -- no, she's not. you're trying to make it fitting in today's standards. that takes away from what it was and what made it great. >> charles: right. so jimmy, "that 70s show", you
1:59 pm
said no "sex in the city." to we have a winner with "that 70s show?" >> no. the only remake i'm in favor of is last night's baked zitti. i'm about to heat it up. i hate remakes. >> charles: i hate them because they don't work. certain things that you should never touch. they made a remake of "super fly." kidding me? don't touch that. i like the idea of "the rifleman." but you need someone special. that was a tough show. i loved that show. >> it's easier to do on the front end. way harder to make it work. >> charles: which 1? >> any of them. >> any of them. if there's an icon like the soprano's is the best example. james gandolfini is iconic. they can't recreate it. the prequel is like -- the
2:00 pm
soprano's was a cool show. what a prequel is before the cool stuff happens. nobody wants to hang out before the cool stuff happens. >> charles: message to hollywood, stop it. give us a break. we don't want to watch it especially if you make it progressive. that will do it for us. catch me on the week days, but tomorrow catch "cavuto live" at 10:00 a.m. first, catch "the five." >> jesse: hello. i'm jesse waters with kennedy, greg gutfeld and jessica tarlov. this is "the five." we're getting new information in a tragic mistake rocking hollywood. alec baldwin accidentally shoeding dead halyna hutchins and wounding the director after firing off a shot from the prop gun from the set of his movie


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