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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 23, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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as we know, everything is going great. so thank you for your letters and tune in next week to catch him on coast to coast on fox business, weekdays at noon eastern and on "your world" on fox news channel at 4 p.m. eastern. thanks for joining us today. keep it right here for all the breaking news. have a great weekend. ♪♪ >> it's a dead heat in the virginia governor's race. jerry mcaulliffe is turning to the star power. i'm molly line. griff: i'm griff jenkins. we're starting with the race, our mark meredith is in richmond, virginia, voters have just 10 days to make their
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final decision, hey, mark. >> griff, good afternoon to you, he's opening the biggest names including former president barack obama will bring out his base and the voters. a poll came out that showed next and neck. the numbers have been surging in a race considered for a long time to be in democratest favor. mcauliffe is urging his party to take this more seriously as he tried to label his opponent, the trump. >> we don't need a donald trump in khakis, we need someone mo understands how serious this
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is. we don't need someone with no experience in government. >> but youngkin has been speaking out education, and controversial curriculum voices and he kicked off his own bus tour earlier this morning. >> folks, we're going to teach all history, the good and the bad. we're not going to air brush our history. [applause] >> but what we're not going to do is teach our children to view everything through the lens of race. >> we're already seeing a fairly large crowd to hear from mcauliffe and the former president, but on tuesday that's considered one of the biggest events because president biden will be campaigning withmcauliffe. >>, but he had said that the
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low ratings were hurting him in the race. >> i'm stuck on the trump in khakis comment. neck and neck right there. mark in richmond right there. >> a fascinating race for sure. the national school board association is now apologizing and disavowing a letter sent to the justice department characterizing some parents as domestic terrorists. alexandria hoff high school -- has the details on this. >> and it was a letter for the justice department to intervene in parent conflicts. now they're apologizing, and sent out a letter for calling some parents domestic terrorists. they saw that as an effort to silence parents. we're only concerned about violence, threats of violence against school administrators,
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teachers, staff, people like your mother, a teacher. >> now, one example they gave of a threatening parent scott smith arrested at a louden meeting this summer. he was pleading for answers after his daughter reported being assaulted in a bathroom by a male wearing a skirt. the board dismissed his claims. >> instead of investigating parents, the department of justice should be investigating those who covered up a heinous crime in our school. >> and glen youngkin has called for an investigation into the school's response. in an apology note, they say we deeply value not only the school boards, but the parents who should and must continue to be heard. and a close source to garland says he's pleased with the
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revised letter as he's focused on preventing violence not on calling parents domestic terrorists. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> molly, sky high gas prices are just one sign of inflation pressures. add in the supply chain crisis and pressure is mounting for president biden to address these growing economic problems. the white house remains focused on the spending bills. we have fox news coverage, david lee miller is in northvale, new jersey. >> this administration is keenly aware there are problems with regard to the supply chain and some say this is a crisis, no question about it and the consequences of this are expected to last a lot longer than just the holiday season. we're talking about several months in the new year.
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we have been seeing these images, griff, for several weeks now of cargo ships parked in a deep blue parking lot. and it takes days to unload a ship and there is still a trucker shortage on land and the president was asked about calling in the national guard to help fix this. listen. >> would you consider the national guard to help with the supply chain issue? >> yes, absolutely, positively, i would do that. >> but the next day, white house press secretary jen psaki did a complete 180, contradicting the president, listen. >> it's not something under active consideration. >> problems also continue at the southern border of the united states. a new caravan, griff, as you know, making its way north to our border, the president is also being criticized and a lot of questions asked about this exchange from thursday's cnn
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town hall. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i've been there before and i haven't-- i mean, i know it well. i guess i should go down. >> but as fox news has been reporting all week there's no proof of actually any trip where the president got out of a car, just a motorcade from texas to new mexico and this was 13 years ago during october, 2008. you see the video right there. we cannot find any other instance and the white house has yet to provide a specific time. another major issue facing the president this infrastructure, bipartisan infrastructure deal. right now it's democrats fighting against democrats and president biden hoping to get something done this week because next weekend he's going to be meeting with global leaders overseas in rome and then in scotland. he wants to talk about his progress there. also, griff, as you know, ne say the first year is the most crucial for a president to get through his legislative agenda. the clock is ticking. griff.
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griff: it is ticking, indeed. david spunt watching it for us in wilmington. thank you. molly. >> gas prices hitting levels not seen in years. we have david lee miller, he's live in northvale, new jersey with what you can expect when you pull up at the pump. david? >> molly, if you think gas prices are high now, just wait until the holiday season. many analysts say gas prices are only expected to move in one direction and that is up. and they are already now at a seven-year high. here in new jersey, triple-a says the average price for a gallon of regular is now $3.44, one year ago that very same gallon costs $2.24. coast to coast, the average price is 3.38. one reason for the spike in prices is increase in demand and the prices usually drop in the fall, this year is
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different as the economy returns to normal. president biden blames opec for the soaring prices. and others say there is different factors, should consider domestic production. >> president biden to change course, send a signal to the world that the u.s. energy producer is back, and send a signal to opec, since you're restricting supplies we're going to get off the back of the u.s. energy industry. >> the state with the lowest gas prices in oklahoma about $3 a gallon. californians pay the highest for gasoline on average just over four and a half dollars, but some drivers, well, they are paying significantly more. how much more? well, at one pretty isolated california gas station along route 1, they're charging $7.59 a gallon. and as for premium, it's almost
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a dollar more. molly. >> holy smokes, that can make it tough to get out of town if you don't want to be there. david lee miller, we want to compliment your cameraman on that shot. we loved it. we appreciate it, griff. griff: molly, for reaction to these stories, including the national school board association letter, we're joined now by pennsylvania democratic congressman and house appropriations committee. thank you for taking time on a saturday. i want to get to where the president's domestic agenda stands and the bills. and just the news we're getting the national school board apologizing for the letter that labeled some parents as domestic terrorists, causing quite an uproar. we're seeing it play out in that gubernatorial race in virginia. your reaction, sir? >> well, griff, nice to be with you this afternoon and thanks for having me on. sure, school boards, i mean, it's kind of the same story all the time with school boards. it's something that americans
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have the right to do, show up at school boards and complain and voice their opinions and disagree with how things are going in the school districts. and if you think about it, the job of a school director is horrendous. they get yelled at by parents, taxpayers, teachers, everybody. i'm not sure why someone would run for school board actually. but when people show up and yell about opinions and attitudes and voice their viewpoints, that's the first amendment working here in america and that's a good thing, but when it bleeds over in harassment and threats of violence, those are crimes, and that's not tolerable and we can't stand for that. griff: and just one last follow-up on that for the record, you don't support that parents should be labeled domestic terrorists as was this latest flap? >> well, no, i mean, only the ones that are threatening violence, right. i mean, a threat of violence by
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definition is a terrorististic threat. that's in the crimes code of many states. yeah, you want to limit the ones being branded criminals to the ones who actually are breaking the law. griff: making a lot of news today on that, but the other big story here in washington involving the members of congress, like yourself. the president's spending bill. so where do we stand? we thought perhaps there would be a framework for a deal by the end of business yesterday. there doesn't seem to be. the clock is ticking for the president to get this done this week. where is this? >> with he will, -- well, put politics aside for a moment. let's talk about what's good for america, i've been serving in congress for almost nine years now and waiting to do a major infrastructure package. china and europe and russia, they're all investing in themselves, their roads, their bridges, their rail systems, their water systems, their sewer systems. we have this portfolio of assets in our country that was
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landed down to us by the greatest generation. what makes us think that we don't have to keep reinvesting and renewing and modernizing and rebuilding our infrastructure? i'm very hopeful that we can get it done because we need to. our country has to compete with those other places in the world. griff: and you've been tweeting this week about your concerns for pennsylvanians and rising costs, but to go back to the politics of it for a moment. it appears what's holding things up is the democratic infighting between the progressive wing and particularly with senators manchin and sinema. do you have confidence or hope that that will change this week? where will we be come this time next week? >> griff, the president paid a visit to scranton, pennsylvania where i represent this week, and i spent considerable time with him, and we were talking about it. he is optimistic that we'll get to a deal. sure, it's fun to talk about
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all of the conflict and in-fighting that goes along with regular process of legislation, but in the end, the question is, are you going to get it done. and the president feels optimistic about it because he sees it moving in the right direction. you know, coming to a compromise, coming to an agreement, this is a man who has been involved in creating federal legislation for 50 years. if he smells a deal in the offing, there's probably one there. griff: we shall see. congressman matt cartwright, thank you for taking the time today. >> good to be with you, griff. see you. griff: molly. >> for the other side of the aisle, congressman from texas and member of the house services committee. thank you for joining us on a saturday afternoon. >> good morning. >> ticking things off, you're in a border state and we want to get to the border and in washington. from the start grabbing the
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headlines, this unusual subject of comparing parents that are going to the school board meetings to domestic terrorists, now the national school board association writing another letter, this one apologizing for the first that went out. your thoughts on this new letter, the apology they're making, specifically when it comes to the language included in the former letter. >> well, i think it's nice when people realize they've screwed up and they apologize. if only that were more common in this nation. but these parents are absolutely not domestic terrorists. these are parents that are angry at the push that's starting in washington for curriculum to cover various things that they don't want their children indoctrinated with by the government. i think that the school board association overstepped. i'm sure that some liberal expert said let's put out a statement and they realized they messed up and that they retracted and apologized and i hope that parents continue to
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make sure that those who represent them at the local levels at their school boards are involved and say we don't want this for our children. i'm talking about things like critical race theory or other subjects that the federal government is telling our government is telling them to teach our children. >> and particularly with parents with young children in the school system. i want to hear your colleagues from the other side of the aisle, the democrat from pennsylvania matt cartwright talking about infrastructure. it does seem when it comes to the efforts in washington right now to get the spending deal done, that the log jams on the democratic side, the moderates, the progressives, where does it leave republicans going forward? >> well, the republicans are in the same place we've been in since joe biden and the democrats took over in all branch of government in january. shut out of the process. i agree with my congressman colleague across the aisle, we should put politics aside and focus on what's best for the nation, everyone agrees with that, what they should do is invite republicans to the table.
9:17 am
this bill, this reconciliation bill has tax giveaways for the rich, abortion on demand paid for by tax dollars, so many things nothing to do with infrastructure in the bill. my congressman-- my across the aisle congressman colleague says he's been waiting for nine years to see an infrastructure bill, well, an infrastructure bill passed the senate and the democrats are holding it up in the house because they want the $3 trillion deal that's much more than infrastructure. if we do things at the border and things that people care about. >> i think you brought us to our segue, there's a caravan headed your way, coming up from mexico, keeping an eye on that. you've been advocating for your state to get more federal dollars, more federal help. what are you thinking when you see another caravan coming? >> it's disgusting, absolutely disgusting, the policies of this administration, the way they're flying illegal immigrants into the interior portions of our nation in the
9:18 am
middle of the night. the way that they're lying to the american people. tom cotton said if the biden administration was proud of what they were doing and coordinating, they would coordinate with the local media saying look at the planeful of immigrants coming to our town, they don't do that because of the way this crisis is handled. and there's a caravan on the way, and a few months there will be a new one. and if you come here and fly you to the destination of your choice wherever in the united states. why would people stop coming to america? it's a real disaster and the american people are sick of it and we've got to do something. >> congressman, thank you for your time, we appreciate it and hearing your insights. >> thank you. >> congressman lance gooden. griff: and tomorrow, chris wallace has exclusive interviews with mark warner and congressman from california.
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and check your local listings for time and channel and plus on media buzz, our friend howard kurtz will be speaking to meghan mccain. and she's responding to the recurring attacks on her family. that's 11 a.m. eastern. >> and september numbers reaching the most on record, nearly two million apprehensions, we'll talk to former border patrol rodney scott. worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important, and we can help you build it. but it's what you do with it, that makes life worth living. principal. for all it's worth. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite.
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>> the border patrol confirms they detained a record 1.7 million my grants trying to cross the border in the past year, bill is at the border where he spends a lot of time on why so many are coming. bill, to you. >> molly, good afternoon to you, we currently have a massive migrants caravan headed our way right now and it looks like they're not letting anything get in their way. a remarkable video out of mexico, thousands of migrants in that caravan just pushing themselves through a roadblock set up by the mexican national guard and mexican security forces, tossing those mexican soldiers aside like dolls, like knife through butter, right through them.
9:24 am
house in the caravan headed north to the united states. take a look at a video from earlier, when the caravan started marching, they're leaving southeast mexico and headed to mexico city and group upping and headed to the u.s. mexican border and getting to the united states. reports are this is extremely well-organized caravan and the leader of which said the biden administration is essentially enticing the igrants coming to the united states and they had banners that said joe biden for all. an and sources have been telling you can expect 30,000 to show up at the border the next week or so and they're on the march, as you've seen they're pushing right past mexican security forces and a look at the next piece. this is la joya. where the caravan is, we're
9:25 am
having migrants walk across the rio grande and then into texas through the incomplete border wall. and they're saying they need the wall to get it done more effectively. molly: and teasing ahead what could be a remarkable week on the u.s. border. griff. griff: molly, just like bill, i've witnessed thousands crossing our border. take a listen though to the former chief. >> the current administration has failed to even acknowledge that a crisis exists, or to demonstrate any meaningful effort to secure our borders, contrary to the popular rhetoric right now, it is not an immigration issue, it is a national security threat. griff: that was chief, former chief rodney scott. earlier this week. he joins us now live from san diego. chief scott, welcome to the program. thank you for taking time. i thought that was an important sound bite when you were
9:26 am
testifying before some senators this past wednesday because as we process this record number, 1.7 million encounters in a fiscal year and of course, this caravan on its way which i'm going to get on a plane in four hours and fly down to. you say it's more than immigration we should be worried about. >> thank you for having me on this morning, griff and thank you for picking that clip, actually. i'm adamant and the american public needs to understand, border security is about national security, it's just like your home. if you can't control who and what is entering your home, you have no security and i really need to take advantage of this opportunity and correct misstatements being made by the current administration. i try not to get political, but when people lie to the american public, i take it personally. i heard recently things like, president biden's been to the border, i surveyed every agency could get a hold of going back generations of retired chiefs,
9:27 am
nobody ever remembers them briefing him. the secretary tried to assert that this is economicmigrants. that's not true. look at the statistic, 400,000 people last year not from mexico or the northern triangle. those countries included iraq, syria, russia, china, you name it. there was over 150 different nationalities, there were known terrorists that crossed the border, i've made that clear to congress and asked them to ask for more specific information about that because i can't talk it about in forum and we haven't talked about the narcotics. massive people are used by cartels to keep the gaping holes in the border and those who don't want to be fingerprinted to get into the u.s. i'm take ago lot of time, but this is a direct result of this administration's policies, you can't stand on the border with a smirk on your face and say border is closed and we have a plan and make that plan be tear
9:28 am
down the barriers around the country and if you make it in, let them go. what would happen if you did that at disneyland or an amusement park. griff: chief, a great point. you really jogged my interest because the data base, the data base will tell us how many members were in a gang that they apprehended in the fiscal year, more than 325, more than 150 came from the rbg sector where the militia is in. and when i asked them pointedly how many hit the terrorist screening data base they said that's not information they'd give us, but yet when i was in panama a week ago, the foreign minister down there moynes says that 52 individuals were associated with terrorism. is it your opinion that we don't know how bad our national security risk is? >> we leverage a lot of different tools and we work with other countries to try to get the best picture that we can, but when you have documented, not even the
9:29 am
unknown, we can't touch the unknown, but when we have documented over 400,000 gotaways, meaning people literally crossed the border, they were able to detect the entry and didn't have the resources to respond and interdict them. how can you say we have border security? we know the terrorist threats existed, they've existed for years, but never to the extent-- i didn't see them to the extent before i left as chief. that number that's sensitive, i argue that number shouldn't be, but i can't give it out. griff: i wouldn't push you for the classification. and secretary mayorkas, is this in his lap? what should he do? >> he's got a ton of experience, that's a very, very smart guy and he's making horrible decisions. if i was the american public i'd be asking why. griff: former chief rodney scott, we hope to have you back as we follow this unprecedented
9:30 am
migrants surge. >> thank you. molly: a tragic accident on a movie set. a prop gun in famous actor alec baldwin's hands killed a cinematographer. we'll have the latest after the break.
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>> we are learning now details in the fatal shooting on alec baldwin's movie set. police now saying that baldwin and the assistant director on the set did not know there was live ammunition in the prop gun that killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. >> court documents reveal the assistant director handed alec baldwin the prop gun on the set and said it was a cold gun. baldwin then fired a shot, shooting and killing the cinematographer and hitting the director. here is some of the 911 call. >> at the creek ranch and two people accidentally shot on a
9:35 am
movie set by a prop gun. we need help immediately. >> it was a loaded with a real bullet-- >> i cannot tell you that. >> okay. we have two injuries, from a movie gunshot. >> baldwin was photographed in his street clothes after the tragedy looking distraught. investigators use add search warrant to document the sit of the film "rust", and he fired the gun at cinematographer halyna hutchins, and the director souza will be okay. and she was considered a rising star on the movie set. so far no charges have been filed, but the question, what type of prop gun was used and what project file --
9:36 am
projectile was fired. and half a dozen crew workers walked off to protest working conditions hours before the shooting. in an e-mail to the l.a. times, a union representing the prop masters says the shot was a quite, live single round. baldwin has since tweeted, quote, there are no words to convey by shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna hutchins, a wife, mother, deeply admired colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperating with the investigation to address how this tragedy occurred. and after that, the abc show, "the rookie", reportedly banned the use of real guns on the set, using replica guns and using flashes. you wonder if more will follow. molly: i'm sure across the country they're looking at how they do things on the set as well. matt, thank you.
9:37 am
griff: trying to figure out how brian laundrie died after remains found in had a nature reserve were laundrie's. hi, charles. >> hi, griff. there's been a lot more activity than usual at the laundrie house so far today. we got a look at brian's father, chris laundrie has he came out of the house and hammered sides, private property, no trespassing. someone yelled story for your loss and he said thank you, and quickly went inside. and a number of flower bouquets. days after authorities said they found remains belonging to bryan in the park near the area. and law enforcement had been searching more than a month. one woman who showed up to the house said she worked with both
9:38 am
brian and gabby and said people should reserve their judgment. >> the world needs to know they're not bad people. he made a mistake. only god can judge you. >> and then questions have continued to swirl about what the laundries knew and when after brian's remains were found the morning they rejoined the search for their son in a once waterlogged area they had flagged to police. and family attorney dismissed conspiracies that the family knew where to find brian was baseless. >> coincidence mae not be the appropriate word, but with this tragedy, they knew that he went to the reserve and knew his mental state when he went there. >> and griff, the initial autopsy of brian's remains came
9:39 am
back inconclusive which is now why it's in the hand of anthropologist. griff: charles, thank you. molly. molly: joining us now to unpack the legal questions here that brian laundrie parents could be facing. david bruno, thank you for joining us. at this point in time no charges for the parents and their attorney, it's his job of course, defending them. he says this. >> i think it was realized that charges were not appropriate. there was never a threat. there was never coercion, there was never a deal cut. molly: when we talk about charges, potential charges against the parents, we hear a lot of discussion around things like accessory after the fact, obstructing, aiding and abetting. your thoughts as the skeletal remains of brian laundrie have been found. >> don't forget also, false swearing. we saw that in the flynn case, the general flynn case that we were brought through from the very beginning to that.
9:40 am
and that's in play as well. and there's no tougher position that i think that a parent could be in when a child comes to them, if this was the case, and they were told that something had happened. if they opened up their mouth and rule number one in criminal defense, do not give a statement, but if they did, they had to give it truthfully. so false swearing is in the possibility of charges as well and you talked about obstruction. >> did they false swear? did they lead the investigators down a wrong path? did they know more than they said they do? it all depends and it's very fact specifically, but there was a sound bite there and i echo it because we just lost two young individuals here, gabby and brian. and while brian was a suspect here, we still don't know the circumstances of what happened here. it could be mental health. it could be addiction. molly: well, the parents' cooperation appears to be essential in the discovery of their son's remains, the
9:41 am
skeleton remains, when you talk about, they don't have to say anything, they have a right to keep silent here in our american justice system, should they say something? and by taking that walk out and helping investigators discover these skeletal remains, is that in fact similar to speaking in a manner? >> sure, look, there are two different paths here, there's a legal path which i said which is rule number down right to remain silent and a moral path as well. and sometimes they do not align. if they brought them to the area, now, they may have done it on a hunch, they may have done it on a statement by brian. we still need to know and the investigators will be going through the phones. they'll be going through that home. we already know that search warrants have been executed and they'll be looking for diary entries. it's been reported that brian had a notebook that was found at one of the crime scenes, that will be relevant as well
9:42 am
and the prosecutor and the police need to dig deep what they can prove. they don't have brian, he's deadment we don't know what he said what he told his parents. it would have to come from his parents. molly: and there are a lot of unanswered questions and quickly i want to shift to alec baldwin and the actions and halyna hutchins, and terrible for her families. and we talk about negligence. could there be a crime here even if it's not a homicide investigation? >> we can talk negligence. that's not going to be a criminal case, it will be damages and liability, which i fully expect to be a part of this story. when you talk about crimes committed. there's a low standard of probable cause, but any prosecutor that brings charges needs to be able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. i don't see it on these facts. it's a tragedy, and accident.
9:43 am
for baldwin, he's an actor, you've got so much to think been 0 the set. he's got to remember lines, think about staging, and as a as an actor like baldwin, you have to rely on others for safety. >> there were a lot of people there for props as you point out. david bruno, we appreciate your insights. >> always a pleasure, molly. thank you. griff: molly, the virginia governor's race is neck and neck, it couldn't get closer, but it could give us hints who may have control of the congress in 2022 and how things might pan out on election day. that's after the break.
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>> former president barack obama campaigning for fellow democrats terry mcauliffe in virginia. election day on november 2nd. it's the first big electoral test of the biden presidency. joe biden won the state by 10 points in the 2020 election and virginia has trended democratic in recent years, but the race for governor this year between terry mcauliffe and youngkin. it doesn't get closer. molly: it does make it spicy and makes you pay attention of course. and this race for governor of virginia always gets a lot of attention in the off election years so all eyes fall on this and people say what can you tell us? it's fascinating to see the two candidates out on the campaign
9:49 am
trail. they're pretty good strong, good communicators and campaigners and fun to listen to them. i want to take a quick listen to this from terry mcauliffe. >> this is a con consequential election, we don't need a donald trump in khakis. this is a serious election, we don't need someone is with no experience in government. molly: and that's pretty standard, you go after the other side of the aisle and the donald trump and the khaki line, why do you have to go there. griff: i think we saw the president in khakis, during golf and at the border as well. >> interesting race. molly: this is one to keep an eye on. and u.s. officials say there
9:50 am
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9:53 am
every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. >> an air strike in northwest syria friday killed center al-qaeda leader abdul hamid al-matar. according to u.s. central command. the military says it has no indication of civilian casualties as a result of the strike.
9:54 am
we have kitty logan with more details. kitty. >> hi, molly, yes, central command says the u.s. drone strike was carried out on friday, targeting the al-qaeda commander. the attack happened in the northwest of the country. centcom says it wanted to disrupt the ability to attack, the attacks that could threaten u.s. citizens or innocent civilians. isis was defeated, and the president withdrew some against the country, but a u.s.-backed coalition continues to target extremists from the air and there are a few hundred u.s. troops in syria to train syrian democratic forces in the fight against remnants of isis and other extremists. that conflict in syria lasting for 10 years now. and although the violence has reduced, there are pockets of syrian resistance.
9:55 am
and the fight against extremists isn't quite offer, it's thought that the small u.s. presence on the ground and air cover will continue for some time to come. back to you. molly: kitty logan, back to you. griff: and fears that the supply chain crisis does not seem to be an end in sight. plus, president biden telling us this week don't expect gas prices to go down anytime soon. we will take a big dive into that in the next hour. , the ls of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair.
9:56 am
eh, still. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast.
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griff: nearly 8 bucks a gallon to fill your tank in california, gasoline prices are the highest they've been since 2008 and that's adding to inflation pressures. welcome to fox news live. i'm griff jenkins. >> and i'm molly line, great to be with you. but we start with david spunt who is in wilmington, delaware with president biden and what his administration plans to do. >> yes, president biden watching this closely despite saying at cnn town hall thursday that he would send in the national guard to deal with the supply chain crisis, the white house the next day followed up and said, well, actually that's not going to
10:00 am
happen. not act conversation and not under active version. we have been watching video of cargo ships just sitting still off the coast of california for several weeks right now waiting to deliver goods. it takes about 4, 5 days to even unload one ship and there's still, molly, the trucking shortage in store shelves in some cases across the country remain bare. the supply chain problem at the same time as the new caravan is heading north for our southern border and the president raised some eyebrows at the cnn town hall when he said this. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i haven't been, i know it well, i guess i should go down. david: but as peter doocy reported there's no trip where the president got out of the car at the border. there was a motorcade that he took from texas to new mexico. this was 13 years ago in 2008,
10:01 am
october 2008 before the 2008 election before we can't find any other time and the white house has yet to provide a specific time. >> he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> he said i have been there before. you are saying he drove by for a few minutes, does that count? >> what is the root cause? people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. the president has been to those countries ten times to talk about border issues. there's a focus right now on a photo-op. >> that's not what he said either. i guess i should go down. does he think he needs a photo-op, is that what he thinks? >> he doesn't. david david one week from today the president will be overseas meeting with world leaders but before that, it's possible and i say possible that democrats in congress will be passing this reconciliation bill also
10:02 am
infrastructure bill the president has been trying to get through right now to his desk for several months. the president wants to get this done before he heads onto his trip. democrats will take another crack at it at some point this coming week, molly. mollie: possible, possible. thank you so much. we appreciate it, david, thank you. griff. griff: mollie, drivers are seeing gas prices soar, prices jumped to $7 a gallon. david lee. >> griff, a cool crisp day in new jersey, december driving, ds over. this year things are different. prices continue to escalate according to triple a the price of national 3.38, 7 septembers
10:03 am
from a week ago, regular is 3.36 a gallon and depending where you live you can expect to pay a great deal more as you mentioned according to local media reports gas station in isolated highway in california was charging 7.59 a gallon for regular and almost 8 and a half dollars for premium. triple a says california leads the nation with the highest prices for gas averaging 4.54 followed by hawaii at 4.27, also on the top 5 list nevada, washington and oregon. speaking earlier this week at a town hall meeting president biden said there's no quick fix for the escalating gas prices. >> i can tell you, i don't have a near-term answer. there's two things i could do, i can go to petroleum and take out and reduce the price of gas, maybe 18 cents or so a gallon.
10:04 am
still above 3 bucks. >> and according to triple a survey, gasoline in all 50 states is now over $3 a gallon. the lowest prices for gasoline are in oklahoma, arkansas and texas and some industry analysts are warning that prices are again going to continue to escalate so especially upcoming holiday season. griff: david lee with the coolers camera on television, david lee, thank you very much. former president barack obama will join democratic virginia gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe as republican candidate glen youngkin focuses on getting out the vote in southern virginia. mark meredith live now with just how close this race is. high, mark.
10:05 am
mark: griff, good afternoon. they've got living on a prayer playing right now and familiar with what the race is going through. right now it is neck and neck and terry mcauliffe campaign to bring out base and as you mentioned later on this hour we do expect to see former president obama take the stage behind me to campaign from mcauliffe and campaign admits it readily needs. earlier this week we saw vice president kamala harris campaign in northern virginia more mcaulifee and it is interesting because we have democrats considered to win and republicans admitted they are surprised because they considered state to be blue state but in recent states we have seen mcauliffe popularity drop and opponent surge. mcaulffe and youngkin essentially tide. and he's not been the strong in
10:06 am
northern virginia as originally expected. glen youngkin he kicked off bus tour today. he tried to keep focus on two main issues, one being public safety and what we have seen ever since the pandemic began as well as education. the focus on schools and controversial choices and he has made certainly a lot of gains in the last month or so. we heard from youngkin earlier this morning who told supporters why virginia voters may be upset. >> we have a lot of work to do and let's be serious, this is not about a campaign, this is about a movement, a movement led by virginians, by parents. this is a movement and here is what we must do. we will win -- mark: it's unclear how close the race will end up being and whether or not it would be a bellwether going into next year's midterm elections. a lot of people trying to read the tealeaves here but mcauliffe
10:07 am
emails says he feels he's in trouble and he wants to see democrats come rally behind him including what we will see little bit later on today. republicans energized in what they have seen in poll numbers and not taking anything for granted and trying to get out swing voters that are crucial in the year and off-year election certainly playing a big factor. president biden, he will be stomping for terry mcauliffe and holding a rally outside of washington, d.c. and biden campaigned for mcauliffe. will it help or hurt mcauliffe. we have certainly seem mcauliffe that may be hurting him but he's running to the democratic establishment to sure up support, griff. griff: from jon to hit it with
10:08 am
your best shot. mollie. mollie: issue apology to member for controversial labeling parents as domestic terrorists. alex. >> sent to president biden that led to the jut department's decision to intervene in parent conflicts but nsba is pulling back, apologizing to members for initially calling the actions of some parents domestic terrorism. attorney general merrick garland has been forced to play defense as many saw the federal involvement as an effort to silence participants. >> we are not investigating peaceful protests or parent involvement at school board meetings. there's no precedent for doing that. >> one example of nsba gave threatening parent scott smith who was arrested in loudouny
10:09 am
county who reported sexual harassment by a male wearing a skirt. he told that school board -- he was at the school board meeting, gets arrested and he feel that is the school board members never want today hear what he had to say anyway. he was arrested for that. republican candidate glen youngkin has called for investigation into the school board's response and the school district superintendent issued an apology about that and the nsba new apology note they state, quote, we deeply value not only the work of local school boards that make important contributions within our communities but also the voices of parents who should and must continue to be heard. now with source close to attorney general garland tells fox news he's pleased with the revised letter as he's focused on preventing violence. mollie: switching gears a little bit here. rising inflation on the minds of
10:10 am
consumers with gas prices hitting a 7-year high this week. while the supply chain issues continue and, of course, the spending bill negotiations continuing to linger here in washington. joining us to discuss all of this is mitch roschelle, macro trends adviser founding partner and researching fellow at the university of san diego school of business, he's also the host of the no po podcast. we appreciate your insight. thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. we really appreciate it. kicking off things. let's start with inflation here. the federal chair jarome powell raised concerned about inflation and had a virtual conference where he had chance to talk about risks he clearly said are longer to more persistent bottlenecks, that could very well inflation stays high if it stays above 4% in this upcoming year, what does that mean for the regular person across america? >> well, first of all, it's a big pivot for the fed because they said it was transitory,
10:11 am
fancy word for temporary. clearly if it persists it's not temporary but what it means for everyday americans, wages are going a good thing but that's also a sort of a leading edge of inflation but wages aren't going up as high as prices are. wages are going up 4 and a half percent and inflation can be 5, 6% on annualized basis. what it means for everyday americans, everything cost more and even if you're making a little bit more money it's not going to bridge the gap when you go to the super market or when you go to the department store. mollie: big driver of inflation, of course, tied to energy, everything is really tied to energy and we are seeing the big driver backup across the america, need for drivers but we are also talking about gas prices. it's incredible to see the number and here is what president joe biden had to say about it at a town hall. >> my guess is you'll start to see gas prices come down as we get by and going into the winter -- i mean, excuse me, into next year, 2022ment i don't see
10:12 am
anything that's going to happen in the meantime. it's going to significantly reduce gas prices. mollie: your thoughts on that -- on that sentence and where we are headed with gas prices. mitch: first a lot was avoidable by the administration because they reversed policies that made the united states energy independent and made net producer and exporter of petroleum, but what it means for the economy, every ten cents in higher price in gasoline at the pump takes out 1.2 billion out of the economy. and if you add that on top of natural gas prices that are skyrocketing, home heating oil, diesel. that's about 5% of what americans spent last year on holiday gifts. i think this is a kitchen-table issue and the number 1 issue for voters and this is not going away any time soon and the president that the president
10:13 am
doesn't have a quote, unquote plan for it should be disturbing for anybody watching this program or any program for that matter. mollie: we are talking here about gas prices, that's something everyday americans really thinking about but also you just mentioned christmas. we are seeing these ships floating off the coast of california, the remarkable images, what would you say to the average american going into this holiday season? mitch: i'd go right now. if you haven't bought halloween candy, i'd go buy that. that's probably evaporating right now. shop early because i think you can see a lot of bare shelves. i think there's a solution. the supply chain literally is a chain and there are links in the chain and truckers are one of the links, containers are one of the links and chasses are one of the links and what was interesting the president talking about mobilizing the national guard then press secretary walked that back, i think that that's a great solution and for jen psaki say
10:14 am
that people that are desk jobs. i raised this point on this network two weeks ago, let's get the military. we have men and women returning from military service in afghanistan that know how to drive trucks and i think they'd be thrilled to try to help everyday americans get holiday presents. i think it's a simple solution. mollie: i live in massachusetts and the massachusetts is helping to get kids from school and driving transport vans right now. i want to talk the long cold winter potentially ahead for some folks. according to the energy information half of u.s. household, natural gas here can expect average of 30% mother on their bills potentially compared to last year. your thoughts as we are looking down not just the holiday season but also the winter season. mitch: pivot mollie political issue, have food on the table and being cold in your home is
10:15 am
in the a big issue going to midterm elections. i think that this inflation and the energy crisis which reminds me of when i got my driver's license in 1978 and i had to wait gasoline lines, yes, i'm that old. i think that became a very big political issue and changed the tide in washington and i think that this cold winter with less food is going to be a big political issue going into the midterms. mollie: yeah, issue for a lot of families as well. mitch roschelle, thank you very much for joining us today. thanks for your thoughts. mitch: always good to see you, mollie. griff: tight race in virginia for governor which could set the tone for who may be the majority in congress in 2022. we will have a live report at after the break
10:16 am
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we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. >> you've heard a lot about critical race theory, it's an ongoing debate and, of course, we are seeing it play out now in the virginia governor's race. nobody better to talk to than heritage foundation education policy fellow jay green jay, thanks for taking time on saturday. the board essentially labeled and led parents speaking out of
10:20 am
crt to be labeled as domestic terrorists, your thoughts? >> this shows the power when they mobilize and the national school board association had 20 state affiliates distance themselves from the national letter and threatened to hold their dues to the national association and the national association apologized for the letter and the letter, though, was coordinated. this is a big victory for parents trying to control their local schools. >> interesting, so i'm sure that you probably saw attorney general garland testifying this week, your view is that ultimately the white house used
10:21 am
the doj, the fbi to go after parents that dare criticize the authenticity of crt. >> the truth is crt and other discriminatory practices in schools are very unpopular, parents don't like them, they are organizing very effectively against them and the only way they can hold off this pressure from parents to take back control over their schools is by threatening them with investigation by the federal authorities and also with the use of chief diversity officers within districts that kind of organize locally against protesting parents and so that's the majority will prevail if it's a level-playing field. griff: you're right about this if diversity officers are surveying, are they suffer surv,
10:22 am
>> hurting?ping or hurting? >> occasionally hurting. so these chief diversity officers are educationally counterproductive and are serving the role as political indoctrinators and part of the force resisting participants who are protesting against the discriminatory practices. griff: jay, let's turn to the common wealth, the gubernatorial race in virginia, couldn't get any tighter and crt has become front and center on the campaign trail. here is a little bit of the candidates talking about it, listen. >> the already passionate parent driven movement is understandably become more and more outraged.
10:23 am
righteous anger isn't enough. what other tragedy awaits virginia's children. he is going the force parents to send their children to schools with a teacher who is not vaccinated and is not wearing a mask. that life threatening to our children. griff: jay, what is this playing so big on the campaign trail? >> well, it has done enormous damage to mcauliffe's campaign. first he said that parents shouldn't actually control what happens in their schools. that was a damaging remark that he made and also the national school board association letter, he embraced it and that clearly is a nonpopular move and this has caused him to drop in the polls and the race is now dead even largely on this issue and the parents continue to mobilize on this front. i think it's possible there can be an upset. >> so that's fascinating, you believe that it can be a
10:24 am
difference maker, do you then believe that it would find its way really into the midterms next november? >> i think this might become the playbook for -- for future campaigns here. people will see that if you can tap into the anxiety that parents have over their inability to control the education of their own children and their own local schools, that is a winning issue for candidates who capitalize on it. griff: you put your finger on something interesting there, i think nothing motivates and galvanizes any group more than sort of losing their voice and obviously parents speaking out, i guess, my last question to you is, where are we headed? where does this go, how does this end? >> well, it -- where it goes depends upon all of us and what we decide to do. but i think in the end nothing
10:25 am
motivates people more than their own children and politics is really driven by people carrying and things that are immediately important to them and the education of their own children is top on that list and will motivate people to take action at the polls. griff: heritage education policy fellow, jay greene, thank you for taking time on saturday. >> great, thank you. griff: mollie. mollie: remains found in reserve are confirmed that on of brian laundrie but how he died more details. more details on the investigation coming for 76 days now. and by the grace of god i'm still here. i died three times. they gave me a 5% chance of living. so i highly recommend everybody to get the vaccines and really protect themselves up.
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? griff: new details emerge from movie. >> court documents reveal an assistant director handed alec
10:30 am
baldwin what's being referred to as a prop gun in the new mexico set and announced that it was a cold gun but baldwin fired a shot shooting and killing. >> we have two injuries from movie. >> baldwin photographed afterwards in street clothes distraught. baldwin's costume and prop gun taken as evidence. baldwin fired the gun at director of photography alina hutchins, shot in the head and killed. director expected to be okay. hutchins was considered a rising star and reportedly advocating for more safety on the movie
10:31 am
set. baldwin since tweeting, quote, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness that took life of alina and i'm fully cooperating with the police. so far no charges have been filed but the investigation is ongoing. la time is also reported a prop gun misfired a few time onset before baldwin's fatal shooting and half dozen camera workers walked off protesting working conditions just hours to shooting. a union representing pop master saying that it was a live single round. the rooky has reported banned the fire of real guns onset moving forward they'll use replica guns and we will keep you updated, griff. griff: wow, what a tragedy. matt keeping up with the latest,
10:32 am
mark. mollie: questions remain about how brian laundrie died and what his parents knew. >> the laundrie family attorney confirms to fox news that the forensic anthropologist is or will be looking at brian's remains to find out exactly when he died and the decision was made after initial autopsy came back inconclusive, remains were found and personal belongs early wednesday in creek environmental park after his parents joined in on the search in once border log area the family pointed out to police as police brian liked to frequent. brian's parents reported missing in the park more than 5 weeks ago following the disappearance of girlfriend gabby patito who was later found dead in national
10:33 am
park in wyoming. brian was the only person of interest named in her murder. this morning we got a quick look at brian's father chris as he came out of the family's home to hammer signs that say private property, no trespassing. the attorney dismissed series of claims that brian's parents plotted evidence at the site where the 23-year-old's remains were site, take a listen. >> the coincidence may be appropriate word but at the end of this tragedy, chris and roberta knew he went to the reserve. they knew his mental state when he went there. he packed his bag and the participants didn't know what he put in the bag. he left wallet and cell phone. charles: we have reached out to the family's attorney to see if they'll be any funeral services held for brian laundrie, we are still awaiting a response, mollie.
10:34 am
mollie: there's still a lot of questions. we appreciate it. griff. griff: the highest number of border apprehensions on record according to cbp, why the numbers aren't going down? we will have a live report after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:35 am
10:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ("this little light of mine") - [narrator] in the world's poorest places, they're shunned, outcast, living in pain. you can reach out and change the life of a suffering child right now. a surgery that takes as little as 45 minutes and your act of love can change a child's life forever. please call or visit now. thousands of children are waiting.
10:38 am
mollie: the resources of the border patrol are strained as a record number of migrants are
10:39 am
detained trying to cross into the united states. we have bill live in la joya, texas. bill, what are you seeing? bill: yeah, good afternoon, to you, look, 1.7 million in one fiscal year on those are staggering numbers and we have another massive group of migrants heading our way, a caravan. take a look at remarkable video out of mexico this morning, thousands of migrants that literally just forced their way through a road block set up by mexican police and the national guard. theyt pushed the soldiers aside like rag dolls even though they had their riot shields ready, again, this is a massive migrant caravan, thousands of people down in mexico getting ready to head north towards the united states in an effort to get here. this is what the caravan looked like when it kicked off earlier this morning if we can pull off the second piece of video. it's in southeast mexico, what we are told is this group is currently making its way toward
10:40 am
mexico city first and then head towards the united states border. but this is an extremely well-organized caravan. leader of which is an activist who basically said the biden administration's policies are enticing migrants to come to the u.s. border so they are going to answer that call and try to get into the united states. they consider carrying american flags, some of them had banners that read joe biden for all, our own griff jenkins reporting this thing is so organized that some of the people were given qr codes if they want to participate in this caravan, but again, they are on the march and as you saw on first piece of video, they are pushing right past mexican security forces, earlier border patrol rodney scott had harsh words for the administration, take a listen. >> you can't stand on the border with a smirk on your face and say the border is closed, the border is secured, we have a plan, we are acting on the plan and then basically make the plan be tear down the barriers around the country and then if you do make it, let them go.
10:41 am
>> and, again, from all the migrants we have been talking to over the past several months that's exactly right. a lot of them tell us that they feel right now is the time to come because they believe under this administration if they can step foot here, get on u.s. soil, they will have a chance of being released into the united states and they have reason to believe that because so far this year hundreds of thousands of migrants have been released in the country already. we will send it back to you. mollie: bell, thank you for your reporting, remarkable video there out of mexico forcing through the security forces. it looks primarily like a lot of young men there but we know with the caravan there's often women and children there. griff. griff: mollie, the border isn't the only issue the biden administration is facing as multiple challenges are driving his approval ratings down, peter doocy tracks it all for us. >> i don't have a near-term answer. >> staffers don't either. >> there are limitations to what
10:42 am
any president can do as it relates to gas prices. >> 40% of all products coming into the united states of america on the west coast go through los angeles and -- and -- what am i doing here. >> long beach. >> long beach. >> thank you. >> would you consider the national guard with the supply chain issue? >> yes, absolutely, positively i will do that. >> turns out that's not true. >> it's not something under active consideration. >> the covid policy could make things worse, a letter published from the leader representing ups and dhl workers we have significant concerns with employer mandates announced on september 9th, 2021 and ability of members to require employee vaccinations by december 2021. >> we don't actually anticipate the disruptions. the president's top priority is finalizing a deal with trillions of taxpayer dollars for social programs. >> do you feel like a deal is
10:43 am
close? >> i think it's very possible. >> the vice president pitched the plan in the northeast today. >> i have a motto, i eat and drink no for breakfast. >> she's been much less visible handling her most high-profile assignment? >> do you have any plans to go to the border? >> i don't have any at this moment, no. >> president biden claims he's already been. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i have been there before, i know it well. i guess i should go down. >> there's in proof where he got out of the car, motorcade from texas to new mexico 13 years ago. >> he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> he said i have been there before, you are saying he drove by for a few minutes, does that count? >> what is the root cause, where are people coming from who are coming to the border, peter? people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. the president has been to the
10:44 am
countries ten times to talk about border issues. there's a focus right now on a photo-op. >> that's not what he said either. he said, i guess i should go down so does he think he needs to photo-op. >> he doesn't. >> most of the drive officials hearsay count as biden trip to the border from el paso to las cruces and if president biden had view of the border it was in his rear-view mirror. griff: we talked to rodney scott earlier in our show, he's slamming the biden administration border policy. policy in round table on wednesday in washington. here is what he said moments ago. >> there were known terrorist that is crossed the border. i've made that clear to congress. this is the direct result of this administration's policies.
10:45 am
griff: joining us the spokesman for the national border patrol council chris cabrera, chris, thank you for taking time on saturday. what do you make of what former chief scott had to say saying that this isn't just an immigration issue, this is a national security issue? >> there are so many issues that are covered here, you know, from immigration, humanitarian, you name it. it's happening down here. it's ashamed that the administration is turning a blind eye to it. they don't want to come out and take a look at it. they have burying their heads in the sand and meanwhile things are seemingly getting worse. griff: talking about things getting worse and it's unbelievable that we are here but this 1.7 million encounters at the border with some 400,000 known got aways, what is it like, i think i hear the cbp helicopter flying over you. >> yeah, yeah.
10:46 am
they just passed by. the 1.7 million for the fiscal year is an interesting number. what's more interesting january through january, we are having -- obviously people turning themselves in at unprecedented rates and we are having people, a lot of people trying to avoid detection and unfortunately our manpower is stretched thin in that regard and we have a lot of people coming over in later stage of pregnancy and heat casualties and the administration doesn't seem to care. griff: tragic as you saw first on our earlier coverage. we have a caravan coming from tapachulai will get on a plane and head into it tomorrow. what do you guys make of that? >> we don't know exactly where it's going to hit even if the focus is somewhere other than the rio grande valley and we are certain that a lot will spread out and everybody will get a bite of the sandwich. it's going to be -- if it gets much worse than it is right now,
10:47 am
we are already under water. i don't know what we are going to do at that point. griff: chris, when the numbers came out, one of the most fascinating numbers that i got from the administration or from cbp was that there's been more than 325 known gang members apprehended this fiscal year of which more than 150 came right from rgv where you are? how bad is this? >> yeah, you know it is pretty bad. we do see a lot of gang members, some of them turn themselves in, some are running. to me the most interesting number the 400,000 got aways because that's a conservative number. that number has to be at least doubled and you have to imagine how many gang members or convicted felons are in that bunch and that's just something that we will never know. griff: chris cabrera with the national patrol council, be safe out there and thank you. >> thank you. mollie: if you do not have a vaccine card, you may not be
10:48 am
able to join in and enjoy the burger. we will discuss with the panel after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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10:51 am
mollie: businesses are defying new measures in california cities requiring them to ask customers for proof of vaccination. one of them in and out burger is
10:52 am
facing hefty fines and even closures for not complying with the new law. joining us to react mat gorman and matt bennett. we will try to keep it straight. san francisco shut down indoor dining for refusing to check vaccination status. i want to show you what in and out had to say about this. we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. it is unreasonable, inveighsive and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not or based on the documentation they carry or any other reason. this is from chain's chief legal and business officer. so is this government overreach? i want to start with you, matt bennett, your thoughts on this? do you side with the government on this or with in and out
10:53 am
burger? >> i side with the public health officials who say that's necessary in san francisco which was one of the original points of the outbreak. we lost more than 700,000 americans to covid. we've lost more than 500 children to covid and we lose 1600 more every week even though things are getting better, slightly, we are still in the grip of a horrible, horrible pandemic. molly: i thought that you were done. matt, is this government overreach or will we see other businesses pushing back other than what we have seen in the statement like in and outburg sneer. >> what laws does the city of san francisco choose to enforce and which ones they don't. they choose to enforce the law which shuts down in and out locations in the state of california, however, when you have other stores closing like walgreens because gangs are
10:54 am
robbing them with impunity because they won't enforce laws against stealing, theft, smash and grabs on the street. it really comes down to they won't enforce one set of laws but they'll enforce another that forces businesses to as they say become the vaccination police. molly: it can be kind of surprise if you live all the way across the country to hear that businesses in san francisco are required to do one thing. places where you have to put in a mask and show vaccine card. matt bennett your thoughts on the varying rules that are happening all across the country when it comes to combating covid? >> well, look, i mean, i am not a conservative but i understand conservatives believe in local control and what we have here is local control. the city of san francisco has different rules as you point out than other places certainly very different than places controlled by the republicans but i think that is how the united states
10:55 am
system is supposed to work and let me just say that the -- there's just no question that vaccine mandates work and when employers impose them on employees vaccine compliance goes up massively. united states airline did it and they at 99.5% and people who are vaccinated do not go to the hospital and for the most part do not die from covid. people who are unvaccinated do and we must stop that. molly: final word, matt, he raises the point, vaccinations, the numbers do drop, your final thought? >> vaccines are good thing absolutely but this isn't a matter of you being an employee and getting forced to get vaccinated regardless of what you think of that, you're a customer and through the government they are using in and out to check your vaccination status. that's a very different issue. molly: and in and out pushing back on that count. matt gorman, matt bennett. thank you.
10:56 am
griff: california is braising for storms and flash floods. we will have more on that right after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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10:59 am
>> it has been remarkable here in washington. great couple of hours. lots of news, remarkable pictures of the caravan and you're headed their way to cover that. griff: it's been great having you, molly and i will be on a plane to go down to the caravan to cover it.
11:00 am
yet another one coming, we talked to border patrol officials, they don't know what they're going to do and strained on the resources but they will have to do it. the leader to have caravan telling our producer that they're coming because they believe the biden administration wants them to come. it's great having you here. come back to washington again. that will do it for us, fox news live continues with eric and alicia. eric: following 3 big stories at this hour starting with tightly contested governor's race in virginia that could predict next year's midterms, less than two weeks to go before election day. democrats sending some of their heaviest hitters to help try and fire up their base like former president obama. democratic candidate and former governor mcauliffe on the right and youngkin in a bus tour across the state. welcome to fox news live, i'm


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