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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 25, 2021 10:00am-11:49am PDT

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this issue. however, there was no justification for some of the language included in that letter. the original letter from september 29th use the words "domestic terrorism." that's where people got upset. five days later, attorney general garland put out a memo telling the fbi to work with local u.s. attorneys and to hold meetings regarding any threats of violence or violence at some of the school board meetings. he was peppered with questions about this last week. listen. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor could i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> multiple sources familiar say hippity attorney lisa monaco also involved with that menno, who signed it. >> based his entire fbi memo,
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that just shows that there was never any basis for this at all and had to be accountable for it. >> 53% believe that school boards do need some protection from threats or actual potential violence also 40% believe this is just trying to stop opposition of people upset with those mandates. the attorney general will go ahead and meet in front of the senate judiciary committee in two days in front of thehe house last week, senate this week going to be in all holds barred -- no holds barred kitchen sink anything they can ask them, expect this topic to come up. >> john: this apology letter adds a little more fish to the broth so we will see how that goes in a couple of days. david spunt at the justice department, thank you. you've got to wonder, did the
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school boards association react to the testimony and the controversy it sparked or did somebody call them up and say they better take this back? >> sandra: address the root problem of a lot of anger in the school board meetings, parents upset over lack of transparency and in some cases being told that they shouldn't have anything to do with it, there was that mother we had on in the suburbs last week who said she feared speaking out for fear of retaliation because she felt it had reached such a fever pitch. >> john: an issue that ignites passions, no question about that. of >> sandra: small business owners feeling the pinch from inflation. >> it's sad, but it's okay. it's the way life is right now. the price has increased, that's only the beginning.
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>> sandra: hyperinflation, have you seen the price of meat out there? charlie gasparino, he eats a lot of it. on deck with that. >> john: new details about the deadly prop gun shooting, with the actor was doing right before the gun went off. plus, baldwin's wife breaking her silence on the incident. that's coming up. veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt,
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at ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. >> john: we are learning more about the moments leading up to a deadly prop gun shooting. officials say alec baldwin was rehearsing his seat and pointing the gun at the camera when it went off. chief correspondent jonathan hunt lives in los angeles with the latest details of this tragedy. >> there were still huge
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questions over how this could ever happen on a movie set but we are getting more details of what happened and when. in a series of vigils were head over the weekend for the dead cinematographer halyna hutchins. showed baldwin was rehearsing a scene drawing the gun from his holster and pointing it directly at the camera where hutchins was standing. according to the director who is injured in the shooting, someone had shouted to cold gun when the weapon was handed to baldwin meaning it should have been safe to use. others have identified the person who said that has dave hall's, the assistant director, one of those with responsibility for checking the weapon and other crew members within the industry have come forward to reveal they have previously raised concerns on different productions about his approach to safety issues.
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concerns have also been raised about the armor onset, the person directly responsible for weapons. on baldwin's movie, that was 24-year-old hannah gutierrez. it neither she or the assistant director have publicly commented but baldwin's wife did just post on instagram saying "my heart is with halyna, her husband, her sons, and they say there are no words because it's impossible to express the shock and heartache of such a tragic accident. heartbreak, loss, support. the question that remains unanswered, the biggest win at least, how on earth the live round get into a gun that was to be used on a movie set and who put that live round in the gun that alec baldwin then fired toward the camera behind which halyna hutchins tragically stood.
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>> john: a lot of unanswered questions, jonathan hunt for us in los angeles. >> sandra: tired of rising gas prices and the higher cost of groceries? there may not be any relief at any time soon. twitter ceo jack dorsey is now tweeting this grim morning. hyperinflation is going to change everything. it's happening. joining us as fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino, something about jack dorsey's tweets, some of them are head-scratchers but he gets people's attention, has millions of followers but here he is chiming in on the inflation debate and it appears he is getting some attention for saying this isn't going away anytime soon. in fact, forecasting this could get a whole lot worse. >> and he doesn't just tweet about anything, he tweets about major issues and i know him a little bit, a very serious guy and he's not some right winger, let's be real clear here. usually the inflation stuff, the democrats are trying to pointed
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out that it's rich people's problems. but what they're trying to make it into a political issue if you raise it and jack dorsey raising it shows is not a political issue, it is real and happening and what is scary about it is the administration and even the president, it is not seeping through to them that it's a problem and if you talk to a small business person, it is a problem and you wonder i say this is someone who doesn't like talking about joe biden's mental acuity but if you watch that cnn town hall and you watch his answers on major questions, you've got to be a little scared here because he has no clue on so many things including this issue. that's scary for the president of the united states. >> sandra: as far as the politics of it, republicans have been sounding the alarm on this for months now starting with the high price of gas and just about everybody is paying more for
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this, some areas in california seeing almost $8 a gallon where prices are generally usually high, even higher but that being said, there's a distrust of the federal reserve now that has been really forecasting that this is going to go away, this is a covid related bounce back and that it would be transient. janet yellen, the covid shot the economy has caused disruption, she says it in own words. >> the covid shot to the economy has called disruptions. it will be working through over the next year as we get back to normal, expect that to end. >> sandra: those words stood out to me because bloomberg "businessweek" is writing about mean economics saying that this is what this is, fear of inflation if not outright hyperinflation helps explain the meteoric rise of bitcoin. it's behind distrust of the fed and it feeds congressional
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opposition to biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan. there's a growing sense that they are not getting this right, but then the congressional opposition to the massive spending plan because if you keep on spending, prices keep on going up, right? >> let's unpack that a little bit. first, janet yellen is not the head of the federal reserve, she is the treasury secretary. the fed is a little more -- a little less optimistic that inflation is transitory. jerome powell has been putting out some warning signs about inflation, the fact that the supply chain things may not go away any soon so the fed is much more cautious than janet yellen. janet yellen is looking to push through a massive spending plan on top of this and i think that's where we run into the issue.
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the spending plan is in and of itself highly inflationary on top of what we have now and it gets back to what i said before, and by the way, bloomberg "businessweek" is saying what everybody's been saying, people buy bitcoin because they are afraid of the dollar being debased, peopled by need stocks because they have no other place to put their money because they have to go out but it gets back to what i've said before, joe biden has no clue about a lot of things. >> sandra: i didn't even get to ask you about the price of meat because you eat a lot of it. >> i'm a mediator. it's going up, i can tell you firsthand. >> sandra: everyone comes back and tells me what they are paying at costco and sometimes per pound, it is double, the beef patties or whatever you buy, doesn't seem to be transitory. thank you. >> john: beyond beef is becoming a bargain now.
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is it a preview for next year's midterm elections? our next guest says it is in the showdown has increasingly become a movement against the democrats government overreach. here to weigh in, stay with us, we will be right back. >> you name people who come into virginia for terry mcauliffe, no one has had to come in for glenn youngkin.
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for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have been built, upfitted and ready to go. because we believe dreams - should never stay that way. >> sandra: fox news alert as we await remarks from president biden happening soon. he will be speaking at a new jersey transit maintenance complex about his multitrillion dollar spending plan. senior correspondent is life with a preview of that. >> hello, sandra. when you travel on amtrak between boston and washington, d.c., you travel over what's called the portal bridge, right here in the middle of the meadowlands in kearny, new jersey. he wouldn't know it, but the
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portal bridge is the busiest railroad bridge in the western hemisphere. and it is 109 years old and needs to be replaced. that's why president biden is here to announce that in a few minutes as part of his build back better plan. the new bridge is expected be finished in several years and will cost about $1.6 billion. part of the nearly $12 billion infrastructure plan aimed at northern new jersey including two new train tunnels under the hudson river which are aimed to try and replace the tunnels there now that were partially damaged during super storm sandy. this focuses on the nation's decaying infrastructure issues for the garden state has 502 bridges, nearly 4,000 miles of highway that are under poor conditions. also part of this trip is a focused on education. he visited in elementary school in plainfield, new jersey, to highlight pre-k and child care initiatives in his plan. this visit also prompting some criticism because the president
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is appearing with new jersey governor phil murphy. he happens to be up for reelection next tuesday in just eight days facing republican former assemblyman. some critics thinking that this visit is aimed to try and bolster and help murphy's fortune sprayed the white house denying this journey here to northern new jersey has anything to do with the governor's reelection plan so right now, waiting for the president to speak at the maintenance facility and about 20 minutes from now about the aging infrastructure that you see behind me. back to you. >> sandra: we will carry it live, thank you. >> john: looking ahead to that, just eight days to go until that pivotal covers election and the state of virginia and our next guest says it has turned into a referendum against big government democrats as parents push back against progressive policies and turned education to a central issue. he is also a syndicated columnist and national review online can editor.
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the battle for virginia's governorship has become a referendum on the big government approach have the out of touch democrat left. no question on where you stand, the question is how many voters in the commonwealth of virginia feel the same way? >> once again, i will be my usual ambiguous self. this has turned into a nail-biter. this is now come down to a monmouth survey last week, 46% and the former governor, everyone knows who he is in the best he can do is tie with a republican who is making his first run for political office. there are also advantages, one is the tremendous enthusiasm gap between republicans and democrats, enthusiasm is 49% for republicans and 26% for democrats. he is also doing much better with independence, 49% support among independents,
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terry mcauliffe only 30%. that could spell the difference between defeat and perhaps a victory for glenn youngkin. >> john: that enthusiasm gap is why you see him pulling out the big guns like president obama as well as president biden, kamala harris and others though it's unclear how much assistance president biden and kamala harris really are. glenn youngkin who was the republican contender believes this race will reverberate across the country prelisten to what he said in a campaign stop at newport news yesterday. >> nine days out from making the statement that is absolutely going to send a shock wave across america, a statement that is going to stand up not just for folks in virginia but for folks around the station, a statement to say no, not here, no more progressives, no more left liberal policies. >> sandra: do you expect this will be a curtain raiser on the race to come in the midterms next year? >> i think it will especially if
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he wins, this is a state that has been trending democrat for years now and to have an upset again not by someone who is well-known with a record in virginia, making his first race to beat terry mcauliffe, the former incumbent governorate would be a massive earthquake politically for democrats. i think it will strengthen the spines of joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, something that the far left will have to explain and should have a real significant and very negative effect on joe biden's entire domestic agenda. >> john: it would be an upset victory because virginia which used to be read when purple and now it's pretty much solid blue so for a republican to come in would be big. let's take a look at the top issues were voters across the country and how that might play into what we see happen. extremely or very concerned about inflation, higher prices, 87%. that probably won't play into
10:25 am
democrats favor. political divisions come about even. the health care which may play to the democrats advantage, 76% care about it and what schools teach what really is an issue for independents and republicans, 73%. glenn youngkin is trying to make this an education -- an election about education. he seems to have succeeded in doing that so given the fact that those other issues split evenly among democrats and republicans good education really be the issue to turn this thing? >> i think it can be and i think it is. a lot of parents even in virginia which is very democrat rich who is outreach about what they've seen in fairfax county, critical race theory, gender studies, this awful situation allowed in the county where this girl in ninth grade -- they shipped them to another school in the same thing happened
10:26 am
again, and other sexual assault, that's what people say on the response by the school board is to cover it up and lie about it and then when the father came forward to talk about, he was arrested and thrown away on the justice department accuse the parents who are worried about this sort of thing of being domestic terrorists. people don't like that sort of thing to see their kids accused of being racists and see their daughters subject to sexual assault and it's something that really could hurt terry mcauliffe a week from tomorrow. >> john: will find out how voters in the commonwealth will about this. appreciate you being with us today. >> sandra: good to see him. new york city workers come you've seen them this morning marching across the brooklyn bridge in protest of the city's vaccine mandate, their decision on whether to be vaccinated with 46,000 nonvaccinated city employees, they have until november 1st to get their first shot. at the same time, ron desantis says his state will take them.
10:27 am
he says he is starting recruiting out-of-state authors due to some areas in the country, let's watch what he had to say about all of this yesterday in an exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. >> we are actively working to recruit at a state law enforcement because we have needs, nypd, minneapolis, seattle. you're not being treated well, we will treat you better here and we will compensate you as a result. in >> sandra: the republican governor says he wants to sign legislation that would give law enforcement $5,000 bonuses to relocate to florida. that may seem like a very attractive offer to some. see if he's able to recruit some of those that don't like this mandate. >> john: as nicole saphier pointed out the other day, being against vaccine mandates doesn't mean you were against the vaccine, just against the government telling you what you should do with your body. it is an important distinction.
10:28 am
>> sandra: are live images coming in right now as this continues. it's been fascinating to see the number of people that have joined in on this protests to voice their opinion on and fascinating to hear that interview with ron desantis over the weekend saying we will take you. >> john: a few people might take him up on the offer. thousands of migrants making their way through mexico headed towards the u.s. border, the caravan plowing through lines of mexican police over the weekend. are these groups being encouraged by president biden's border policies? brandon judd will join us less this. >> the american people are left out and the entire republican party representing half of the votes in the senate literally relegated to the sidelines. >> sandra: president biden pushing for trillions of dollars in new spending but the u.s. is seeing record inflation, high prices everywhere and to top it
10:29 am
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medicare from blue cross blue shield. by your side, no matter what. that's the benefit of blue. find your local blue cross and blue shield plan at >> sandra: president biden as we just mention in new jersey today, we should see him shortly, all of this concerning. president biden's job approval rating has fallen more since he took office than that of any other president since world war ii by this point in their term. let's bring in "the wall street journal" editor james freeman, fox news contributor and happy to see you in a time we have a guest on set, this is obviously notable. to put up on the screen the hits he is taking specifically with independence. how can you not notice this? a drop of 27 points in the
10:34 am
approval rating with independence since january. >> that's the collapsing you see it across, the fox poll last week talking about 60% americans prefer compromise to politicians in washington demanding and fighting for their ideas so this is the problem he has right now when he recognizes it because you saw him last week talking as he did as a candidate last year about how compromise shouldn't be a dirty word and we ought to come together and unify the country but you look at what he's done as president, the big $2 trillion spending program in march enacted without a single republican vote in the house and now what is he doing? he is basically pushing through a nonrepublican plan, a reconciliation plan totally premised on only democratic votes on the whole drama is twisting democratic arms to get on board without any republican
10:35 am
support so he is pursuing exactly the opposite of what independents and other voters are telling them they want. >> sandra: where is that unifying message we heard on the campaign trail? i don't know if anyone thought that was going to happen but it certainly isn't. makes that exact case saying he believes democrats are freezing republicans out of the negotiations altogether. listen. >> we have no idea except for what we read in the newspapers, smoke-filled rooms in the middle of the night, not a single american nose with going on behind those closed doors, not a single republican invited into these meetings where they are not negotiations, there are no concessions because we are not in the room. >> sandra: so how can you call this compromise? how can you call them negotiations if you are not including the other party? >> there is no compromise.
10:36 am
the product was good, maybe people would overlook that. the problem is, you showed the pole with people saying inflation is the big problem now. what is this going to do? it's another huge ramp up in government spending which will be facilitated at the federal reserve. this is another inflation generator in progress talking about how many trillions they are going to store which is massive but a lot of this is gimmicks to make it even that small, putting expiration dates on programs which they have no intention of allowing to expire so this is a massive new spending program feeding that inflation program and also going to give people motivation not to work as much and we have seen that's the big problem is the worker shortage. >> sandra: one thing you were saying off-camera early or come if there's one thing that brings voters at more than anything, and his pocketbook issues and to
10:37 am
see more of a nickel out the door for their groceries and gas and other things and not more coming in, that's an issue for voters. good to see you. >> john: and national school board group apologizing for comparing concerned parents to domestic terrorists but why did the biting justice department buy into that idea in the first place? charlie hurt will be here on that. >> sandra: adding to the problems, trucker shortages already affecting the shortage but will that make that situation even worse? we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest.
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>> sandra: a heartwarming moment caught on camera as tom brady walked up to a young fan holding the sign near the end of yesterday's sign that read "tom brady, help me be brain cancer. the future hall of famer put a hat on the boy's head and shook his hand causing the youngster to tear up. it's for the game himself, brady set another record, the first quarterback in nfl history to throw 600 touchdown passes, the tampa bay buccaneers went on to beat the chicago bears 38-3.
10:42 am
i do not take joy in that part being from chicago but i will tell you that was a heartwarming moment and always awesome to see someone's hero like that take a moment and acknowledge them. >> john: being the huge tom brady fan, i appreciate the fact that they trounced the bears and they are 6-1 on the season. i hope all of the tom brady haters so that moment and know what a special individual he is. has trucker shortages and lingering supply chain issues are bracing holiday shoppers for long waits, vaccine mandates may make the situation worse. in commerce california with that story. >> experts are calling this shortage unprecedented and that's a huge reason of why we are seeing the supply chain crisis now looming vaccine mandates and companies that have over 100 employees could further disrupt this critical industry.
10:43 am
there was already a shortage of 60,000 drivers, that's only gotten worse during the pandemic as workers decided to retire and on top of that, driving schools being closed. they fear these mandates may exacerbate that crisis a thousand miles from home, different locations every day vaccinating and testing an entire army of truck drivers could present logistical barriers. they only work 11 hours a day and that utilization is already down to 60% due to delays adding testing on top could lead to less driving time and we could see a mass exodus. >> if i'm required to be vaccinated, i will stop driving. i will not drive anymore. there's too many regulations for us and it is getting complicated more often. >> we are seeing this
10:44 am
unprecedented driver shortage and people think it's only going to be more and more of a perfect storm. >> john: mass exodus would not be good. in commerce california where hopefully they will be doing a lot of commerce. >> sandra: hitting the campaign trail for phil murphy looking to boost the governor in next week's election while also selling his massive spending plan but with biden's poll numbers still low, will it have any impact? will ask martha maccallum top of the hour. jonathan turley, all coming up at a brand-new hour. stay tuned. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first.
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don't wait! be like joe the pro and make the right call. hey, how are you doing? appreciate it. ♪ ♪ yeah! wellcare gets it. they get rid of all the hassles and give us the great benefits that we want. dial the number on your screen now to request a free wellcare guide today. or visit our website at that's wellcare. it's medicare done well. >> sandra: fox news alert as president biden faces a crucial week for his economic agenda in new jersey selling his massive spending plans as his approval rating plummets. we are going to listen a bit here to the president. >> president biden: nations have superior infrastructure to
10:48 am
us and china has trains that go 230 miles an hour for long distances and we've got money to do that in the administration of barack obama and joe biden and you had a republican governor who didn't want it. we used to lead the world and educational achievement and now the organization for economic development ranks america 35 out of 37 countries when it comes to investing in early childhood education and care. 35 out of 37. we cannot be competitive in the 21st century global economy that continues to slide. my wife was a community college professor and says any nation without educates us will outcompete us. say it again, any nation that out educates us and outcompete us and that's a fact. that's why our resolve that we have to build them up from the middle out. never seen a time in american history when the middle class did well in the wealthy didn't
10:49 am
do very well. but i'm tired of trickle-down. trickle down hasn't worked so much in the last 15 years for working-class and middle-class folks. that's why you propose to cope critical pieces of legislation being debated back in washington right now. of these bills are not about left versus right more moderate versus progressive or anything that fits one american against another. these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. it's about expanding opportunity, not opportunity denied. it's about leading the world are continuing to let the world pass us by. first, the infrastructure bill is about rebuilding the arteries of america in the portal bridge project is showing why investments like this are so important. when the portal bridge was built, it was state-of-the-art, it really was.
10:50 am
but 110 years ago, today, it's been called something different. a choke point, a bottleneck. in achilles' heel in the northeast corridor. it's become the busiest rails band and the entire western hemisphere. let me say that again. that busiest rail span and the entire western hemisphere. at peak usage, 450 trains pass over it every day. 200,000 amtrak and new jersey transit passengers, but ships and barges also need to get under it. many can fit. in that means that bridges need to swing open and close again, a process that stops traffic and causes other problems. the bridge opens over 100 times a year. then 15% of the time, something goes wrong, 15% of the time.
10:51 am
for example, the rails don't lock back in place exactly right, the bridge closes. sometimes, you know what fixes it? a sledgehammer. in come out with sledgehammer. and why in the tracks. literally, sledgehammer and cannot get back into place in the year 2021, one report a couple of years ago found that the portal bridge was particularly responsible for 2,000 hours of delays between 2014 and 2018. the expression time is money is one computer said if they say portal bridge, you know you better make other plans. aging infrastructure like this one is more than an inconvenience or nuisance, it's an impediment. an impediment to america's global competitiveness. we are in a worldwide race, things have changed.
10:52 am
take a look. that's why what's happening right now is so important. today, moving forward on the new bridge that will be higher over the water so it won't need to open and close, allow us to increase speed, safety, efficiency, and capacity. it's going to make life a lot better for new jersey's communities. it will also create nearly 8,000 construction jobs in this area alone. 8,000. union jobs. union. pointing out not long ago that i said i'm a union president. someone calculated i use the word union more than the last seven presidents combined. because guess what? it's a decent wage. it's about to make rail transportation which is a cleaner, greener way to travel
10:53 am
the better choice for a lot of new jersey residents but not just new jersey, everybody up and down the east coast. i can pause for a second, i apologize that some of you have heard this. i commuted every single day 263 miles a day on amtrak from the time i got elected united states senator. as a matter of fact, i used to like to take the train home because my mom was very sick and dying and i've come home every weekend to make sure i take the train home. secret service, and i'm not criticizing them, legitimately would rather me fly because it was safer, too many people can get on and off. i'm getting on one friday and then one of the senior guys on amtrak, i got to know all the conductors really well. they became my friends, my genuine friends.
10:54 am
walks up to me and says joey baby, grabs my cheek and i thought the secret service was going to blow his head off. i swear to god, true story. i said no, he's a friend. what's up? and he said joey, i read in the paper you're traveling 1,200,00e plane because they keep meticulous tabs of it. i said yes. he said big deal. you know how many miles you travel on amtrak, joey? the boys and i figured out the retirement dinner. you've traveled 2,200,000 miles. i said how did you get that answer? 267 miles a day, we figured you traveled 119 days a year for 36 years, so joey, i don't want to hear this about the air force anymore.
10:55 am
i'm a trained guy. because it also is the single most significant way we can deal with air pollution. single most significant way we can deal with global warming, it's going to help the vital maritime industry as well by making the movement of ships and bridges safer and more efficient. with my infrastructure bill, we will make sure projects like this are just the beginning. across the country, 45,000 bridges in disrepair, some of them dangerously so, 173,000 miles of roads in poor condition. we are going to create them, totally new. we are going to fix them. this is going to be good union jobs, you can raise a family on, jobs that can't be outsourced. we will make the largest investment of public transportation in the history of america replacing transit vehicles that are passed their useful life. making the most significant
10:56 am
investment since the creation of amtrak 50 years ago. during peak periods when railroads were congested, the rail was up to ten times more energy efficient than a person driving, ten times. and we have a huge opportunity here to provide a fast, safe, reliable, clean transportation in this country. i won't bore you with them all because i've been working on the my whole life at every study shows if you can get from point a to point b faster on rails and you can drive or automobile, the rail. the northeast corridor talking about a $30 billion investment in major projects like the hudson river gateway tunnels and the portal bridge which it feeds into. going to create jobs replacing lead water pipes so families can drink clean water, something new jersey and governor murphy have been leading on. we will make sure high-speed internet is affordable and
10:57 am
available everywhere in america including the nearly one in three new jersey families that don't have internet subscription. how many times do you see people pulling up to mcdonald's and knitting outside so they can do their homework? we are going to create jobs creating thousands of miles of transmission lines to build a resilient energy grid we are going to invest in strengthening our infrastructure against the impacts of climate change. the governor and i were talking earlier. just this year, global warming has caused over $1 trillion -- excuse me, $100 billion, $100 billion in damage. i visited new jersey mentioned after hurricane ida came through, the governor and several of you were with me. we met people who had been put out of their homes by flooding,
10:58 am
it was devastating. watermarks over people's heads and show where water had gotten. i told them that help was on the way. since then, fema processed assistance applications for nearly 30,000 new jerseyans and approved $150 million of replacement and rental assistance and other names. between 2010 and 2020, has had 24 extreme weather events, 24. extreme weather cost taxpayers over 100 billion a year. our plan is going to build our roads higher, our levee stronger, power grids more durable all to withstand the ever-increasing ferocity and intensity of extreme weather and with my build back better plan, we are going to address the root cause of ever-increasing destruction, the climate crisis. we have a climate crisis. i have flown all over this nation this year and
10:59 am
helicopters. more land has been burned to the ground in the west, to the ground then the entire state of new jersey. all the way down to cape may, all the way up to the hudson. that's how much has burned to the ground. my infrastructure bill is long overdue environmental cleanup like cleaning up the river, the nation's most expensive. we are going to invest $42 billion in modernizing and electrifying our ports and airports like the port of new york and new jersey. newark, liberty and international airport reducing congestion and emissions. it's going to help us meet the moment of the climate crisis in a way that creates good jobs and makes us competitive and we can
11:00 am
breathe. look, we have in past the transformative infrastructure bill for a decade, think about that. how many times under the former guy did we have infrastructure week? that a single thing happened. we need to get this done. and this is not enough just to invest in physical infrastructure, we have to invest in our people. that's what my second bill, the bill back better plan does. i just had the opportunity to visit a preschool in east end elementary that provides access to preschool for all kids for years and above. my plan is going to make it possible to expand that program to 3-year-olds all across america. the earlier or children begin to learn, the better for themselves, their families come in for the nation, study show children who have attended high quality preschool are 50% more likely to finish high school and get a two or four year degree.
11:01 am
after high school. but right now, we are lagging behind. today, only about half of three and 4-year-olds in america are enrolled in early education. in germany, france, the u.k., and even latvia, that number is over 90%, over 90% of three and 4-year-olds are in school. my build back better plan gets us back on track and will make two years of high quality preschool available to every child in america. on average two parent household in the state spends $15,000 to care for just one young child every year. everybody says how do you know? i know about this. when i got elected to the united states senate, my wife and daughter were killed, i had two little boys making a lot of money, $42,000 a year and i could not afford there that's why i started commuting every single day. i couldn't afford to have day care. thank god i have a sister who is my best friend, my brother, my
11:02 am
mother, and my father who helped out. my build back better plan will cut child care costs more than half for low and middle income new jersey residents. under my plan, no middle-class family will spend more than 7% of their income on child care. which also extends historic middle-class tax cuts for parents by expanding the child care tax credit. everybody talks about children and josh has heard me say it, i view it as a tax cut for middle-class families. a tax cut. we never have an argument when we talk about the wealthy, this is a tax cut. it changes the lives of the american people. as many people here in jersey understanding, means to get $300 a month for every child under age six and 250 for a child between 16 and 17, that money is already a life changer for so
11:03 am
many working families. it's projected to cut child poverty in new jersey by 36%. these bills are going to change lives of millions of people across the country for better and for years to come so everyone here today especially governor murphy, and other dedicated officials here today, think of showing this was possible because when we make these investments, there can be no stopping america. we will own the future. this initiative is about betting on america come about believing in america, about believing in american people. you look at the history of the journey of this nation, what becomes clear is this, given half a chance, the american people have never let their country down. so let's get this done, let's move. we have the most talented workforce in the world, what are we doing? what in gods name are we doing?
11:04 am
and by the way, you hear these numbers, 3.5 trillion or 1.75 trillion, we pay for it all. it doesn't increase the deficit one single sense. so let's get to work. let's put people to work. i lets once again reestablish america as the most advanced country in the world. god bless america and god bless our troops. thank you, thank you. >> sandra: you been listening to president biden selling his massive spending plan amid a drop in polls, he is trying to make his case here sharing similar stories as he has before. i'm a trained guy speaking on the ground breaking of a bridge there that was primarily serving amtrak, a story we have come to know well from this president.
11:05 am
>> john: used to make the trip from washington, d.c., to wilmington every weekend. frequent traveler. >> sandra: the story anchor martha maccallum joining us now. at times, he got so loud i had to pull the earpiece but he did seem to be addressing the crowd with a certain level of enthusiasm. >> yes. president biden in my home state of new jersey today where there was a very interesting governor's race that is getting more interesting by the day as we watch phil murphy who is the incumbent go against a former assembly member in the state of new jersey. this was a 20% spread race throughout the summer so a lot of people haven't paid a lot of attention to it but it's really interesting as you watch president biden's numbers slide and we see the tightening of the race in virginia, seems like there's a bit of runoff happening from that in new jersey as well as voters take a look at what's going on both of the presidential level and in their home state because now the race between murphy is
11:06 am
at four to 6% so was a little bit below the margin of error but certainly something waking everybody up, $46 million poured into this race in new jersey and didn't hear him mention phil murphy's name at all, almost completely focused on his bill back better program but clearly is there to try to give him a boost as well. >> john: phil murphy was one of the speakers before the president came up to the podium but when it comes to murphy and terry mcauliffe here in the state of virginia, you have to wonder how much help president biden is going to be given everything that you talked about. glenn youngkin who was the republican challenger believes that this election on november 2nd is going to be a referendum on president biden. listen to how he put it. >> you can't help but look at president biden and recognize what a failed president he looks at. you look at afghanistan, the border, our economy, the fact that everything he is doing seems to be making america
11:07 am
worse. >> john: everything he seems to be is making his poll numbers worse, don't know about america at large, but that's a problem for these incumbents, he is a once removed incumbent but that's a problem for these people trying to seek reelection that they have to run on the democratic policy and agenda. >> new jersey is an interesting state although it's clearly a blue state when you look at national elections, tends to flip-flop republican and democrat when you look at governors. in fact, haven't reelected a democratic governor in decades in new jersey so murphy has to deal with that coming in and as i said, in the summer look like he was in such a strong position that people barely paid attention to this race but another thing to note is what has clearly made a difference at the national and state level in the polling that we've all been looking at, 36% of independent voters in new jersey have a huge chunk that falls into that area the president is really facing some challenges with.
11:08 am
a decline in anyone's number, the president has experience with independence, so there's no way that that doesn't have an impact on other across the nation and reflect the way people are feeling as they look at races in eight days or nine days instead of several years out still. >> tyrus: the significant notable drop in independence we had just digested that with james freeman last hour, it is a remarkable drop and tells a big story in a big week for this president. this is crucial this week that the president's economic agenda. what is at stake? >> one of the things it is interesting to know in regards to that is what the president is spending his time talking about because when you look at these polls, the biggest concern a lot of people have or the economy and then inherent as part of that is inflation. you have border concerns, these are the things we hear him, where he so loud you have to take your earpiece out, it's not saying i understand what's going on, and understand what happens
11:09 am
when you get your gas prices and here are the things we're doing right away to address this. he is not speaking directly to the things that are ranking the highest on what people's concerns are and i think people feel like he is talking pass them or he's addressing the things that are larger than what their biggest concern is like climate change what you just brought up which tends to fall a bit lower on those lists of what concerns people the most. >> john: when you take a look at it, education is way up there at 73%, certainly no one is screaming about building a new bridge for amtrak, they want to know what their children are being taught in school and when you look as well at what's happened to the presidents voter approval number and the overall not just with independence are democrats and republicans, a lot of times the president will go down and go up but take a look at this, june, 56%, august 29%, september 43% from october 42%.
11:10 am
as these problems the president has been experiencing have metastasized, so have his numbers really begun to go down. he is in donald trump territory here after nine months on the job. >> we have seen some indications that people have concerns on his engagement level, how on top of the problems he is in the united states, that's a big factor come afghanistan over the summer was a large factor of the confidence lost especially among independent voters and as you say among voters at large so all of these have really deteriorated and as you said at the top as we watched many presidents over the course of the years, he's definitely having a really tough moment right now outside events can't change that and it is notable that his decline is so very dramatic as world war ii for president in the first nine
11:11 am
months. the campaign trail for the first two governors right now it remains to be seen as well. >> sandra: tim scott pointing out no one is bringing the g.o.p. into the situation, how can you make the case this is a negotiation or a compromise if he's not even talking to republicans. >> go ahead. >> we have no idea except for what we read in the newspapers for the ritz "wall street journal" or political about what's actually happening behind closed doors. it's like those old days of smoke-filled rooms in the middle of the night, the deals are being cut, american people are left out in the entire republican party representing half of the votes in the senate literally relegated to the sidelines with no ability to actually have input. >> just quickly, i think they're always going to wonder if they have pushed through an infrastructure bill that has gotten bipartisan support which
11:12 am
i think there's a lot of reasons that they would've in the early stage and the site you're going to have to wait for that other bill because this is really important and i ran on a platform of bringing people together, i work with republicans many times over the years, going to do infrastructure and get it done now, you just have to wonder if his numbers would be very different if i had been the case. >> john: remember that it was the president who came out after that bipartisan meeting and said by the way, we will put this bipartisan infrastructure together with the reconciliation bill so it's him who made the link at the beginning there. >> a lot of people wonder how much push that got him a roundabout way of thinking or whether that was truly what he wanted to do. >> sandra: we will see what 3:00 and you know i will be joining you as well. >> looking forward to it, thank you, guys. >> john: school issues driving the virginia governor's race, the latest polling shows that race is a dead heat, some top
11:13 am
democrats sweeping into campaign and brushing off parents concerns so is that a winning strategy? >> sandra: good question, charlie hurt standing by with some answers but first, covering this very tight race in fairfax, virginia, for us right now. >> this is an all-hands-on-deck situation especially for a democrat, this race was not supposed to get this close but as you mention, recent polls show these candidates tied right now. democrats terry mcauliffe have been putting some serious miles on their get out and vote tour buses. has caught up appealing to parents who have grown frustrated by what they see as government overreach and schools, meanwhile, brought in the democratic heavyweights to help voters. they have so far cast early ballots. despite some hesitancy that the candidate expressed over president biden's current approval rating, he will campaign for him tomorrow night. did some enrichment saturday.
11:14 am
>> the turning point right now, politics of meanness and division and conflict, of tribalism and cynicism. and that's one pass. but the good news is, there's another path. >> in an exclusive interview with fox news yesterday, responded to the turning point comment. >> virginians are so tired about what terry mcauliffe have done, it's a turning point. this is a giant moment for virginia. >> one of his main tactics has been tying him to president trump. when he was asked yesterday if he was considering bringing a on the campaign trail, he deflected that question. it could be a risky move in a blue leaning purple state like
11:15 am
virginia. >> sandra: reporting from fairfax forest, thank you. >> john: the national school boards association says it regrets it's a letter to the president comparing the actions of some parents to domestic terrorism. while they may have apologize, democrats and the doj brushing off concerned parents. "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor charlie hurt joins us with his reaction. this is obviously a major walk back of the national school boards association. let's put up part of what they said in their retraction, they said we regret and apologize for the letter that was no justification for some of the language that was included in the letter. the attorney general merrick garland said he is satisfied with the walk back in the apology which leads me to wonder did the doj have the mistake here and putting pressure on the school boards association to walk it back and then it also raises questions
11:16 am
why did they write this letter in the first place if they were walking up back and why did merrick garland take the action he did with the fbi based on a letter that would later be walked back? doesn't make any sense. >> exactly. at the very least, this is an admission that they got caught ordering the department of justice around. the biggest question of course out of that is why merrick garland and the department of justice would have sent that memo that they said, clearly in response to this directive and even if you put it all listening to merrick garland's testimony by congress last week, he said he insisted that at no point where we trying to categorize parents as terrorists for showing up to school board meetings, but they clearly would, that memo that he sent around the country was clearly in response to this note at the very least.
11:17 am
you put it in the light possible for merrick garland, what is clear here is the department of justice and ag garland was happy to politicize in weaponize this issue in order to placate the school board bobby in the department of justice which is not the way doj is supposed to operate. >> john: limited jump to something that he said over the weekend where he appeared to dismiss concerns that parents have about what is being taught in schools, listen here. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phonies and culture wars. >> john: so you have the school board association wanting to embark the patriot act and to prosecute these parents, you've got parents coming into school board meetings being told that your daughter wasn't because we don't have any reports and he is calling it a phony culture war. what do you make of that?
11:18 am
>> exactly, and that goes back to the point about the memo that merrick garland sent. you don't want to engage in the culture wars, then why are you telling your ag's to go after parents at the direction of the school board association and let's not forget, this is not the first time that biden administration has bowed to the wishes of the teachers union, reached out and literally took a hand in drafting cdc guidelines about schoolchildren showing up at school. there's ever a part of the federal government is supposed to be completely immune to politics and the culture wars, it is the cdc during the pandemic but this idea that somehow barack obama and joe biden and the democrats are not playing into all of these games is kind of absurd on its face. >> john: always good to get your take on things, appreciate you coming in. have a great week.
11:19 am
it looks like barack obama is saying this is all about crt. it kind of started with crt but than it has morphed into so many other different venues when parents have actually learned what it is their kids are being taught in school and then that thing about the school superintendent said never happened, you can understand why parents are upset. >> sandra: we have had parents who said they are not averse to change, but let's focus on literacy and getting grades up in some poor performing public school districts in this country, let's focus on the basics. there's been loss learning during the pandemic. >> john: and give kids who can excel access to ap classes early on in high school, don't make them wait until their junior year. >> sandra: parents fired up and we will hear from them this week. bombshell details coming out about the alec baldwin movie in
11:20 am
the set shooting, what we are learning about the gun that was supposed to only be a prop on that side, why even if it was all an accident? jonathan hurley saying the actor could face major legal trouble in baldwin's wife weighing in.
11:21 am
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11:25 am
>> john: there were reports that crewmembers raise safety questions before alec baldwin fatally shot someone with a prop gun, so could he who is also producer face charges? let's bring in jonathan turley, fox news contributor, so alec baldwin was handed a gun that was supposed to be unloaded that he was told was unloaded and i guess somehow it went off during a rehearsal. could someone on the production be facing criminal charges and could that someone include alec baldwin? >> they could. i think baldwin would be unwise
11:26 am
not to speak with a criminal defense attorney. the reason is he was not simply an act around the set, he was also one of the producers. new mexico does have involuntary manslaughter crime on the books for people who show a lack of caution or concern in carrying out a task that leads to death. this is certainly an egregious violation of any protocols that we know of for the handling of prop guns. this has happened before, actors have been killed by a prop guns, most famous being randomly, it is certainly the case that witnesses recall the assistant director saying cold gun meaning the gun was not loaded so there may have been no reason for baldwin to assume the gun might have had a live round, but this type of negligent homicide or
11:27 am
manslaughter charge applies without specific intent, it's from lack of care that is so extreme that someone dies as a result. that would go to his role as a producer. >> sandra: just want to get this in here because alec baldwin's wife put out a statement just about 1:00 eastern time today about an hour and a half ago as she breaks her silence, she said this. "my heart is with halyna, alec said there were no words because it's impossible to express the shock and heartache of such a tragic accident. heartbreak, loss." she is a big voice and all of this, that use of the word tragic is interesting because in the court of law, that has not been shown to be the case he had come an all-out accident. you would use the word negligent, there were gun safety laws in each state, right? there's a gun safety law, most go up with it, you don't pull
11:28 am
the trigger and less he looked at what is in or not in the chamber. it's a fascinating case and going to come down to state and local laws as well. >> that's right. first of all, there will certainly be a torrent of civil lawsuits. this is clearly a negligent act by the production company and by individuals. the people who are most at risk for a criminal charge would be the assistant director as well as the armor, the person in charge of these weapons. however, the producers themselves bear some responsibility. there were claims that safety issues were raised earlier, union members might have been told to leave the site according to one report. there are allegations the assistant director may have had allegations in another movie for production concerning the safety involving prop weapons. all of that will come to play both criminally and civilly.
11:29 am
in the brandon lee case, there was not a criminal charge. there was a case where he was shot with a 44 magnum that had been used with live rounds two weeks earlier, one of those was jammed in the barrel and no one noticed, but you're supposed to look at not just the chamber, but the barrel if you are responsible and following these protocols. of the guns we understand were on a cart outside of the building that they were shooting in. could this be negligence that somehow a live round got in there or maybe he is the case of brandon lee, something stuck in the barrel that came out who could there be something more nefarious in play here? >> the police have to assume it could be nefarious, there were unhappy workers and you have to investigate the possibility of a nefarious issue but keep in mind extreme forms of negligence can be charged criminally and that's what baldwin needs to be worried
11:30 am
about and why he needs to seek not just civil but criminal counsel. >> sandra: you can weigh in on this how you want to but it's just the thought that with all the camera angle magic that they have in hollywood, why would ever be necessary to point of real gun directly at a camera with a person behind it in any case why they couldn't just have you shooting at a target or whatever it was and manipulate the camera angle. it is shocking to me they would be pointing this and firing it directly at someone. >> believe me, there is going to be a lot of discussion as to what the alternatives would have been to using this. this is just the outset, but the first concern has got to be the criminal code of new mexico. >> john: always good to get your legal analysis, thank you. >> sandra: the next up, that migrant caravan, we will head to mexico where griff jenkins is on the ground with them.
11:31 am
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>> john: a large organized
11:36 am
caravan made up of thousands of migrants is making its way to our southern border pushing past police barricades in mexico over the weekend. a former acting dhs secretary chad wolf says authorities in mexico blamed president biden. national border patrol council president brandon judd will join us in just a few minutes but first, let's go to griff jenkins live on the ground in mexico with the latest on the caravan. >> good afternoon, john. the migrants have been walking for three days and made it just 20 miles north of pop a in the heat taking a toll. you can see short of a regulated rest break here at this restaurant alongside the road because it has been too much. we've seen women fainted, women and children here, very difficult journey. i'll bring you around the side of this restaurant, this is a 3,000 strong caravan from all over the world, central america, south america, haiti and you go around, the migrants finding
11:37 am
shelters anyway they can as they try and ride out the midday heat well into the 90s and they've got at least another 4 kilometers to get to the next town where they hope to spend the night before they continue their journey. we talked to one of the migrants here at the rest stop and here is what he told us about hanging through. >> are country people are a strong people. you've got some kids that have just been walking, keep water and food for them. we are strong. >> we saw the mexican national guard here a moment ago. we will see if they try to stop them like they did on saturday but this caravan showing no signs of slowing down. >> john: griff jenkins for us with the latest, thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in brandon judd, president of the national border patrol council, thank you for your time as you stand there at the border. what do you want people listening right now to know
11:38 am
about that migrant caravan has it makes its way to the u.s.? >> this is extremely frustrating, good government would've prepared but there wasn't good government. good government directly after that crisis they would've put policies and programs in place to help us deal with this caravan but i can personally tell you there is no new operations or programs or policies that are going to help border patrol agents deal with this caravan so as i go out and patrol the border as my fellow agents go out, we are just not going to have the resources or the programs that are necessary to deal with this and that is extremely frustrating. the fine administration is not good government. >> sandra: we will show people what it is you are dealing with for 2021, southwest land border encounters topping 1.7 million for fiscal year 2020, that was
11:39 am
under 500,000, talking about astronomical numbers of border encounters. to your point about how the government has prepared on this or has not at all is the case you are making, blaming the trump administration. >> when our administration came into office, we inherited an immigration system and a particular system at the border that was pretty much no meaningful system for processing, the structure of it was really in disrepair and is taking some time to fix it. >> sandra: so what we're seeing today as we put back up these live pictures of this migrant caravan making its way to the southern border, is this all the fault of the trump administration? >> i can tell you how upset i am listening to that quote. that is just a flat out lie.
11:40 am
we had the most structurally successful system ever under president trump when he implemented the migrant protection protocols. as far as it pertains to asylum, that allows them to claim asylum while waiting in another country so they don't just disappear into the united states. when we do with the bite administration is currently doing, people disappear. they never show up to their court hearing and never leave this country. that's not what the american public wants. that also leads to an unsecured border because that invites people to violate our laws, that which she just said was flat out not true. >> sandra: i only have a few seconds left but big questions, would help to have the president visit the border? >> of course it would. he has to see it firsthand. you're going to do with an issue, you see it firsthand and you define the issue. you don't define it, you're never going to come up with a solution. that's the problem with this administration right now. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: next up, the
11:41 am
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>> sandra: brand new reporting on big tech's push to crack down on conservatives. gerri willis is here from the fox business network. hi, gerri. >> hi, sandra. facebook facing its own employees that are turning to curb some conservative news outlets from the news tab. 30% of americans get news from facebook, right? some facebook employees attempting to remove breitbart from news feeds. their bosses have hotly debated whether and how to restrain right wing publishes with more senior employees providing a check from the agitation from the rank and file. a spokesman from facebook says
11:47 am
the company makes a judgment based on content, not the entire breitbart site and the facebook material met its requirements including abiding by rules of misno, sir. facebook telling fox business, we make changes to reduce problematic or low quality content to improve experiences, not because of a page's point of view. a lot of questions about that today. fox business reviewing literally thousands of pages of documents, new documents that show other employees making the same statements, very concerned about facebook. so in house, it's a big fight over these very issues. >> sandra: fascinating story. thanks, gerri. john, that does it for us. i hear market news. what are -- >> john: facebook is a trillion dollar company as is amazon, alphabet, google and apple, which is the highest market
11:48 am
evaluation. today there's another entry to the trillion dollar club. tesla on the strength of an order by hertz for 100,000 model cs. now passed the trillion dollar market valuation. >> sandra: and the s&p and dow keeps on going. >> john: we're in earnings seasons. troubling things out there that the market is defying on the climb to the top. we'll see if it lasts. >> sandra: john, great to be with you. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts in washington. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york city. here's "the story." look at these numbers. the president is down 21 points since june. that is an unprecedented slide since world war ii. that's a gallop number. he's on the road right now
11:49 am
scrambling to get this administration, get his presidency back on track and to see if he can have a positive impact on two very big upcontinuing races. he's on his way back to new jersey where a solid lead by the current


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