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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 25, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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georgia and texas. >> bret: that is quite something after all of that. panel, thank you very much. tomorrow on "special report," we will talk about tensions between the u.s. and china with arkansas republican senator tom cotton. thanks for insight us into your home tonight, that's it for "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by the man brian kilmeade starts right now. >> let the record show you did not call the man. you called me the man. correct? [laughter] >> brian: i think you are picking favorites, bret. >> bret: no, will is the man, too you are the man this week. >> brian: what a come down. bret have a good night. good evening, everyone. and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm brian kilmeade. all right, let me tell you what's it comg up on the show. check the big board. lindsey graham is going to be with us in a matter of moments. talk about afghanistan and what we learned from ambassador dal ziad what stacey abrams said yesterday in virginia.
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clay travis talk about someone taking on china and taking on nike. nancy mace has this idea puppies shouldn't be tortured. i wish anthony fauci felt the same way. you will find out what is happening to beagles in tunisia and wish he felt the same way. i booked him on a whim. wish me luck i hope it comes out good. let me start the show. i always thought optimistic cease the glass half full than half empty. when it comes to being vaccinated. you would think a nation who has 70% of eligible citizens vaccinated would feel good about itself. most vulnerable 85%. did delta variant on retreat. over 40 states, the numbers are going down. this would be all good news. of the glass is two thirds full. but not according to the biden administration. according to them, it's not who is vaccinated, it's who is not vaccinated. and the biden's ultimatum for people to get the shot or be fired has created anger and angst from schools, to hospitals, to firehouses, to police departments, all across
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this great nation. putting all of our safety and security in jeopardy and their individual careers in turmoil. case in point, check out massachusetts, a republican governor. since the october 17th vaccine deadline, at least 150 state police officers left the force against their will, in seattle, over 175 cops and firefighters unable to report to work. the city of chicago down 20 police officers. already down considerably because the job is so who are risk. and come next week, nypd is set to lose roughly, jot this down, 16,000 unvaccinated employees. so this is just part of the problem. over 5,000 hospital workers nationwide have reportedly lost their jobs due to the vaccine mandates. many teachers same fate. even nba super star kyrie irving was benched because he wouldn't get the shot and he happens to live in intolerant state like i am. has anyone ever heard of herd immunity, natural immunity. here is what the cdc director had to say about the mass job
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exodus. >> are you still full speed ahead on mandates for essential workers to get vaccinated? >> we believe it is very important to get these people vaccinated. there is a should these people not want to be vaccinated towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated. >> brian: finally education, maybe even a brochure. it's not about getting educated. it's about making our own personal medical decisions, right? this is just the beginning. the mandates are never going to end. do you want proof the cdc is talking about booster shots? how long the booster shots are mandatory? kids shots could be as early as next week. don't tell me they are not going to say get the jab or don't go school. colorado university and other places around the country now forcing all students and staff to get the flu shot. the mandate madness is going to continue unless americans fight back and they are. yesterday, hundreds of people took to the streets of brooklyn outside barclay center to
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support kyrie irving, organizer of the protest was fired john matlin i talked with john this morning on "fox & friends." >> so kyrie is just somebody on a big scale that's facing what we like healthcare workers, teachers and city workers are now facing, he is just on a very big scale and he lost his job in a very, very big public eye. this is just a very big picture of what happens to the everyday average person in a super star format. this is kind of a springboard to get the message out there in general that these mandates are unjust and are affecting everybody because some people have been sleeping on it. >> brian: by the way john tells me the black lives matter out there. hawkeye new son is there. this is all party lines and ethnic background. today more new york city protest. this just a few hours ago. they blocked the brooklyn bridge. citywide mandates got everybody upset. the crowd of people marched across the bridge locked it 11:45. people don't want to lose their jobs over a shot they also want
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their freedom back. so now joining me now to talk about this, the president of uniform firefighters association of greater new york andrew appreciate you coming down talking to me. >> thanks for having me. >> you are vaccinated, right? >> yes i am. >> a lot of your guys aren't. a lot of men and women aren't. what's it going to mean? >> it means on november 1st the mayor and the commissioner will send home could be up to 45% of new york city fire department. >> how do you exist without 45% of the fire department. >> i'm telling my members to go to work, stay at work and when they beg you to come back. >> you guys are suing in order to not have this mandate. >> absolutely. today we spent our time preparing lawsuits. >> now, did they care during the pandemic before the vaccine would come through about your health? >> well, i'm sure you saw the way the cdc changed the story multiple times, same thing with the fire department, which you can come back to work after three days of no stooms. 10 days don't test, get a test. when i took office in august, we were begging the department to test us on a weekly basis. >> brian: had you to beg to get
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tested. >> they refused. it was over a year. finally they started a testing program two weeks ago. to their dismay they found out not many of us were sick. and the program ended. >> brian: they just started testing you a few weeks ago. >> yes if this was about our health it would have started last august. >> >> brian: what do you think it is about. >> this is about the mandate. getting everyone vaccinated. >> brian: do they realize the ramifications of this? do they think they will lose a mannedful of men and women. >> my members are pretty steadfast in their beliefs and 70% of my members to my knowledge have been sick through this. the department, i believe, estimates the number around 60%. briar to that, tests being available, there were thousands of us out at the beginning of the pandemic when tests weren't available. i put of the number 70% were sick. and when you put that with 55% of members vaccinated, i believe most of us are covered. this is a personal choice that everyone wants to make for themselves. and if you are telling us the vaccine -- the vaccine's
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effectiveness wears off but also antibodies wear off. why aren't they allowing us to text the antibodies on our members and using that as a level to get tested. >> brian: they told you are vaccinated. for the unvaccinated there is a testing option. you are okay with that. >> we would love to keep a testing option. >> brian: you would love to see an antibody test. >> absolutely. the department has been giving antibody test since last year. they already have antibody information on a lot of our members. at this particular time refusing to use as it a method. >> brian: vaccinated more likely not going to get sick and spread the vice to the vaccinated and unvaccinated what do you say to that. >> right now we find probably half of our members currently sick are vaccinated. other half that are unvaccinated. i was i my wife. my wife got sick. >> five days later we got sick. we were vaccinated and had mild symptoms. again, i have have not talked to a single firefighter been sick a second time had bad system
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symptoms. >> brian: what's your message. >> we are not anti-vaccination. we are antiman date. no one wants this rammed down their throat. the biden administration, i understand the president made a statement other day. i hope he can walk that back. i hope he doesn't believe that first responders should be fired without the city or the municipality coming to the table and dealing directly with the affected unions. we have a lot of good points backed by science and this plan testing vaccination plan it works. only allow to go two weeks and stop because it wasn't working for them. >> brian: politicians getting in the way. and one minute you are a hero the next minute we don't need you. that's got to hurt. >> people were a lot nicer when they thought we were their only hope. now that the pandemic is over, we are looked at as disposal disposable at this point. >> emts too. >> the city is going to be a different place on november 1st if things don't change. >> andrew, appreciate you come in. i know you had a busy day. >> very busy, yes.
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i wasn't at the protest. i was in the lawyer's office all day. i understand a lot of my members were there a lot 6 police sanitation and a lot of city workers of all types at that protest. >> brian: don't give up. file suit in staten island, hopefully get a friendly judge. nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch. what's your reaction to andrew's story? >> i'm speechless. and i think he made a really good point, brian, when he said that we went from being the nation's heroes to being disposable. and that's kind of how it was. everybody was applauding first responders and everyone was talking about their heroism and continuing to go out there and do their jobs in the midst of a pandemic that nobody knew a lot about with the virus. and now where we are treating them and by we i mean the administration and the people surrogates for the administration, they are acting like they are doubles and being selfish simply because they're imposing a mandate. i'm so tired, brian, so tired of people conflating the two. having questions or being
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against a mandate does not make somebody anti-vaccination. and kudos to these firefighters, these emts and first responders for doing this i tell you any city that would risk the staffing of their firefighters, their police and emts during a time when crime is rises in the middle of a still ongoing pandemic they say, i have to question whether they are serious about science or statistics of. >> brian: you would never do that bring a business to its knees 70 to 80% vaccinated don't hand a brochure one week to decide whether you are going to be fired blow up your career. it's not the wave to be done. arrogant in looking down monday pretending as if you do understand. keep in mind, too. many are minorities that are choosing not to get vaccinated. is the president of the united states going to blow up the foundation of his election win? >> that's a great -- that's a million dollars question, right? democrats are kind of an impasse here and all of these people the vaccination bullies, the virus
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vaccination bullies specifically are at impasse here. there is real legitimate justification for the certain minority groups in the united states where it concerns government mandated new vaccine or extern mentation like this. that is the god's honest truth. instead of trying to make people feel more comfortable about this decision. targeting them and trying to smear them, carrying out this like defamation campaign against people in the united states, that's not how this government should be doing it they should be answering questions and making people feel comfortable or do you know what, brian, at the very least, have osha allowed to record some of this stuff. if there is any kind of adverse reaction, have osha maybe be able to -- make people feel at ease with consistency. science is consistent, brian, politics isn't. >> brian: great point, dana, i would love to see the general practitioners get the vaccine, those are the we're use to the talking to medical decisions big and small. not politicians jamming it down their throats telling us we have 10 days to make a decision and
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we can only make one decision and that's to agree with them. dana loesch, thanks so much. >> exactly. >> brian: meanwhile, coming up on this show, you will love this story. the nba's biggest unwritten rule. don't criticize china. one star is standing up to the ccp and to nike at his own risk. the celtics have paid the price. so has he. he is calling everybody's out. we are going to talk about his story with a guy like clay travis. also, this story. you heard -- you haven't heard a lot about afghanistan lately. that's exactly what joe biden wants. buff wait until you hear how many americans are still stranded in the hands of the taliban. senator lindsey graham is next. that's coming up in just a moment.
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prifn brian not each a year into the administration we have already seen crisis after crisis pile up on president biden. biden's botched withdrawal from afghanistan remains one of the worst as americans to this day are still stuck in that god forsake be country living' under the taliban rule newly trapped americans estimated to be in the hundreds. remember we were told just about 100. the taliban brokered deal khalilzad thinks that might indeed be the case. >> how many americans remain in afghanistan today? >> i think it's very likely it will be hundreds but we don't know. >> brian: whatever happened to no american left behind. here we are a month later and if the administration wants to point fingers or act like we can trust the taliban this woman in afghanistan says all you need to know. >> not one single person, one single woman that i have talked to that does not want to get out of the afghanistan. i mean, not even one.
4:19 pm
>> brian: joining me now the guy been to afghanistan representing the lawmaker in the country senator lindsey graham. senator that is the state of afghanistan. it turns out the bbc report, according to the world bank, the nation is considered a dependent and it might be -- might be the worst, if not one of the worst if not the worst humanitarian does disasters right now in the world. what do we do? >> right. number one if you are looking for somebody to blame, joe biden needs to look in the mirror. what do we do? we try save the children from being starved starved to death without empowering the taliban. so there is a couple things i want you to know. how did we get here? joe biden is the most incompetent president in my lifetime. he had a plan that did not work. he turned down sound military advice. they don't know if there is 350 americans left behind or 700. we do know there are thousands of afghans that fought along our side that have been left behind. here is also what we know. afghanistan is in free fall.
4:20 pm
al-qaeda is flourishing, isis is getting stronger. and the taliban told the state department, our state department they would not help us when it comes to trying to control al-qaeda who has sworn to kill us all if they could. i consider that action by the taliban refusing to help us when it comes to policing al-qaeda a declaration of war. opportunitiment declaring war on the united states. if you are not willing to help us deal with al-qaeda problem. the world's al-qaeda problem, then you really, that's a hostile act to me under the law of war. afghanistan is the biggest national security threat in the near term. it's the biggest humanitarian disaster on the planet and immediate terms. and over time it only gets worse. darrell issa said today false choice you are american, tough leave your family behind come get them later. when you say no you become somebody who doesn't want to leave afghanistan.
4:21 pm
that's why there are 300 plus he helped get out personally in california. stacey abrams showed up and mcauliffe was there. and he basically said stacey abrams really won the election in georgia. i thought you weren't supposed to dispute elections. and president obama showed up because mcauliffe is on a respirator politically. he said don't fall for these phony trumped up culture wars. is what's happening with crt culture wars? >> number one, it's not a culture war. it's declaring war on the united states history who we are as a people trying to blame people had nothing to do with events that occurred in history because of their race. that's offensive to me. and what terry mcauliffe said is that stacey abrams is really the legitimate governor of georgia because she was cheated because the georgia republicans disenfranchised people from voting and obama said that republicans are intentionally trying to keep black people from
4:22 pm
voting. now, all i can say that's obama b.s. what we're trying to do is keep voting integrity in place. i want everybody to vote but i don't want anybody to cheat and mail in voting is ripe for fraud. so, have you heard anything about this in their -- in the mainstream media where president obama accuses every republican in these battleground states of being racist by trying to disenfranchise black voters because we want to bring integrity to the ballot? what a double standard. and to the people of virginia. you can send a message to the world not just to the united states that we have had it with this wokism and double standard. >> brian: yep. right now the race is too close to call. statistical tie. right now the spending plooz palooza, is it going to work. >> half of what it was before. going to be inflation bomb. we don't need all this
4:23 pm
additional spending. inflation bomb between inflation and a likely terrorist attack originating from afghanistan in the near future. we're in a real bind. >> brian: senator lindsey graham, thanks so much. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> all right. nba super star social media take a stance communist china and xi ginnening putting out this tweet called china heartless and called on them to close down uyghur slave camps. over the weekends the celtics players also with his feet custom sneakers clearly designed to criticize the chinese communist party and now cancer is taking sports company nike to town hypocritically organizations black lives matter while turning a blind tie china's atrocity. >> nike stands with the black lives matter and nike remains injustice in america. when it comes to china, nike remains silent. you fail to speak up.
4:24 pm
what are you doing about the slave labor that takes shoes. slave labor that makes you rich? >> brian: he has courage. clay travis joins us now founder of outkick. clay, your reaction? >> props to him for pointing out hypocrisy of nba players and organizations. and, brian, first of all, thank you for having me on. secondly, let's not understate what is going on here. there are nba players this year, brian, playing with chinese sneaker contracts and chinese companies have bragged that they are using muslim slave labor to make their products with cotton that they have picked. i want to repeat that these chinese companies have bragged that they are using muslim slave labor cotton pickers in order to make their shoes and there are nba players that are endorsing
4:25 pm
these sneakers right now. it's the height of hypocrisy. it's frankly unbelievable, i give credit to enecessary kanter to anyone who is supporting him for calling out blatant hypocrisy. >> brian: impeccable source a lot of pressure not to wear those shoes, your reaction. >> doesn't surprise me at all. as soon as he wears those shoes he guarantees not only are the boston celtics games not only to be shown in china also anybody playing against the boston celtics also not allowed to be seen. what the nba is afraid of is, players free the uyghur shoes and stand up for basic human rights around the world. i give credit to enes canter. it's important to know his background, brian. his family has been you persecuted in turkey for speaking out in favor of human rights. enes canter is not allowed to return to his home country is he not just speaking his truth.
4:26 pm
he is also living it i think he deserves a lot of credit. >> brian: i was wrong 9 not a super player but very good player and expendable. i wonder if he will be iced out from here. celtics losing revenue by not airing in that country. what do you think? >> it's an interesting point. and i would hope that the celtics would be willing to stand up for basic human rights over chinese slave dollars. but, what we have seen from the nba and by the way, brian, it's not just the nba, it's apple, it's disney, it's many of the biggest corporations in america. they all bend the knee to china. and they look the other way with actual genocide that's going on while selling woke politics to america. they kowtow to actual genocidal maniacs like xi jinping in china. >> >> brian: is he a really good guy. president of the celtics says we are always going to support any of our players and their right to free speech freedom of speech and expression. that's the way it's been and continue to be. my fingers crossed that more
4:27 pm
players join him. clay, thanks so much. >> well said, by brad stephens. >> fight to protect your child's education is all part of the phoney culture war. first if you aren't mad at dr. fauci for funding gain of function research if in fact he did so. wait until you find out what he did to these puppies, congresswoman nancy mace will not take it anymore and she has got some supporters. she will tell that you story in just a moment. ♪ ♪ when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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. >> brian: welcome back, everybody. growing calls for dr. fauci to step down gain of function research funding wuhan lab. if that doesn't bother you perhaps this will. in ih used hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to fund deadly experiments on puppies in tunisia in a tunisian lab that is. now a bipartisan congressional
4:33 pm
group nine democrats republicans 23 in all investigating dr. fauci in brutal role in this study, congresswoman nancy grace is leading the investigation she joins us now. this involves beagle and tunisian lab technicians slash scientists. what could you tell us, wong woman? >> right. well, what we learned recently is dr. fauci is sending puppies to -- i learned a grant worth about $1.68 million was spent to take 44 beagle puppies to take their vocal cords out so the scientists couldn't hear their barks. killed dissected. almost $2 million to kill 44 beagle puppies. i have since learned of other experiments using american taxpayer dollars and other countries. we would never do this here in the u.s., right in the insects that are literally eating beagles alive from the neck up, that was another project frightening monkeys and then another one trying to get mice addicted to cocaine.
4:34 pm
why are we wasting this kind of money on these kind of barbaric and gruesome scientific experiments on these sweet and innocent animals. these poor dogs killing them with our money. terrible. >> brian: the fda does not require you test on animals in order for these drugs to clear. i have no idea what we gained to see these sand flies eat away at the bodies of dogs. another experiment had these dogs in cages in the middle of a dessert all night, maybe as maybe nine days so they could attract sand flies like bait and the dogs would be eaten alive by these flies. how does anthony fauci sleep at night? >> it's disgusting. and it's as if covid-19 the lies about covid-19 were not bad enough, now, they there is this. the more i learn about what is going on with taxpayer dollars and these grants that we're sending to other countries overseas literally the worst it
4:35 pm
gets. it's like the reconciliation bill. the more we learn the worse it gets. i have been animal rights activist a long time. i promised to work across the aisle with democrats and republicans. we agreed on an issue. this is one where millions of americans agree. this should stop and shoulded stop immediately. >> brian: well, i would think. so is that how you got nine democrats involved and where do you go from here. >> absolutely. that is the first thing. few days to respond. we will have to ratchet it up if he does not respond. i expect a response from the nh or naid grants funded under that program. it's devastating. if this is will bring our country together to work together to do the right thing to save these animals from slaughter in the future i am for it dr. fauci has got to be held accountable for everything he has done to this country in the last years it's devastating. >> brian: we found out now maybe america needs to know who he is writing checks to. whoever is in that position
4:36 pm
after him, too. it's in our name and now in this case, in some way or shape or form we are all paying the price for what we did with china and financings the wuhan lab. >> absolutely. >> brian: congresswoman mayes, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> all right. we move ahead. america accountability not just anthony fauci but also with schools. parents want to know what their kids are learning and want to know when they have to find out if indeed they have to take the shot. former president barack obama disagrees when the parents spoke up about the curriculum in their kids' school. he said in richmond, virginia over the weekend while campaigning for terry mcauliffe here's what he said exactly. we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped up culture wars. this fake outrage right wing media peddled to juice their ratings and the fact that he is willing to go along with it instead of talking about serious problems that actually affect
4:37 pm
serious people? that's a shame. >> brian: it's a shame and also an insult. ian prior loudoun county parent and fighting for the school curriculum. is he also for schools executive director. parents of schools executive director. so, ian, what was your thought about president obama trying to categorize what you guys are doing as a culture war? >> i think what a best of your knowledge of nonsense from former president obama here. i mean, listen, we just had an individual today convicted of sexual assault of a girl on may 28th. the superintendent knew about it the school board knew about it the superintendent lied about it at a school board meeting three weeks later. the school board said nothing. why? because they wanted to pass a controversial transgender policy. well, this kid ended up in a different school, apparently wasn't disciplined and allegedly committed another sexual assault this past month. so where is the trumped up culture war, president obama? maybe you should actually read the papers instead of what terry mcauliffe handlers are giving you as far as talking points because nobody out here believes that for one bit.
4:38 pm
>> brian: ian, you understand the tide of a case you tried the cases. you know the legal system. when you see how merrick garland handled that inquisition on that committee last week and how he was entire time. he looked lost. and then when you see the apology from the school board union saying they shouldn't say domestic terrorist, i think you got this issue -- i think you really trumped him on this issue. and i think he doesn't understand how deep this runs. >> no, i think that's absolutely right. i think that, you know, people of a certain political persuasion right now. specifically democrats are not picking up on what is going on in this country. and what is going on is that parents, grandparents are concerned for the future of their children, they are concerned for the future of this country that their children are going to have to live in. they are feeling shut out of the educational process. and they feel trapped. you know, they may not be able to afford private school. may not have time for home schooling. they have to hold the public schools accountable. and the public schools are acting like petty political tyrants and getting air support
4:39 pm
from people like merrick garland and barack obama and terry mcauliffe and whoever else just refuses to listen to those parents. >> brian: you know it's amazing because you work there the first thing president biden said i'm going to depoliticize the department of justice. they are going to act on their own. they could investigate my family, hunter, it doesn't matter. i don't care what they do. they are going to act independently. that's already proven to be incorrect in this case in particular when those memos were uncovered about how to put together a letter to get the department of justice to mobilize the fbi, victoria's co? >> absolutely. and you know, when that letter first came out. and it followed up with the garland memo, i said to myself, there's no way that that they could put together an attorney general memo in four days. sleerl, that's what happened. you have the nsda working with the white house. i'm sure there are people in the white house working with the department of justice to basically craft this memo which will be ready to go once you have got that trigger in the nfda memo. i would not be surprised to see an inspector general
4:40 pm
investigation coming out of this. >> brian: just real quick. how many democrats do you think have joined this cause? how many minorities people of different persuasion and background have choind your cause? >> amazing amount. i think it's very diverse group as far as i'd ideologically, ethically, racially just parents and want to fight for their kids. that's the only thing that matters. >> brian: right. you also follow twitter feed something really specific for grade coolers when it comes to sexual content and what kids should be learning. it's not just about crt. it's other things. it's time for parents to get involved and i think terry mcauliffe realizes that now. that's why he has got the big guns tramping all across virginia trying to save the election. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me, brian. >> brian: i got good news new book out in eight days the president and the freedom fighter. in fact out on tuesday a week from tomorrow. you can get tickets at brian kill has set, public cans new york.
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>> brian: all right. it's the supply chain crisis as it grinds america's economy to a stand still. empty shelves almost everywhere. each if you are lucky enough to find what you are looking for, price is likely to be astronomical. double what you are used to paying. the media has solution for supply chain whos. stop complaining and while you are at it stop shopping. here is a piece of atlantic. few record amount of stuff being
4:47 pm
bought in this country isn't merely disappearing off store shelves. we know where it's going and we know who is buying it all up. they and maybe you could could simply knock it off. stop buying? joining us right now tilman fertitta, 80 different restaurant brands the ceo of landry's ink and owner of the houston rockets. supply chain crisis. tillman's america's fault for buying too much stuff? >> no. we are really just trying to live like we always lived. it's really hard to believe that in 2021 about w. all the sophistication of products coming into america differently than they used to, 30 and 40 years ago, that we're suffering this issue. but, it's an international problem trying to get it all here. and what's crazy is once it gets here, we can't even unload the boats to get it into our
4:48 pm
distribution centers to get out. but it's definitely a problem. it's causing a huge supply and demand, so what does that do? it causes crazy inflation because that's what's happening right now. we better get ahold of it quickly. >> brian: right, tillman, looking at the job openings in this country retail 1.1 million opening. leisure 1.7. food services your business 1.5 million. are you having trouble filling positions? >> we have 4,000 openings right now. >> brian: wow. >> between the golden nugget casinos, all the restaurants and all the entertainment venues. people don't just want to work anymore. i don't know what happened to that part of capitalism. and can what is crazy though is our high end bills are the most successful so people are getting money from somewhere. but it is just a tough time between the labor shortage and the supply shortage, so don't get mad at your restaurant when
4:49 pm
it's extremely expensive right now. and the waiter has five tables instead of three and your service isn't quite as good. everybody is doing their best at all restaurants everywhere. >> brian: i hear you. absolutely. tillman, there is a billionaire's tax. you are a billionaire. greg gutfeld number 159. you are number 158 on the forbes 400 list. so, might be a billionaire's tax. how are you going to handle that? do you think that's the right thing to do tax you horrible rich people? >> you know, if they do, brian, all it's going to do is make me not build as much because i won't have the ability to create so many more jobs and then you are paying so many different taxes. every employee pays. payroll taxes. all your sales taxes. all the taxes they pay. it's truly a mistake. it's social way of not doing things in this country. it's the european way. our great capitalism will slowly
4:50 pm
come to an end. and do i believe in taxes to make our country great, absolutely i don't think a ballot sheet billionaire's tax is the way to do it. do it on income. you can't do it on balance sheets. it will never be right. >> brian: american thing is don't resent billionaires try to be one. and that's always been the goal. that's been your goal. no one gave you anything. tilman fertitta always great to talk to you. best of luck to the rockets this year. >> thanks, my friend. >> brian: you got it meanwhile, greg gutfeld is on the clock. we understand that he is getting closer and closer to me. in fact, he has turned around -- he is confused. greg gutfeld, go on the clock. come to me. he is not really good at the television thing. where is greg? i just saw him. ♪ ♪ this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression
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>> man, i love that song! >> a few minutes left in the show unless i'm really mistaken.
4:56 pm
i will put the clock up for greg gutfeld, four stories, 60 seconds. first up, tom brady threw the touchdown pass, accidentally gave the celebratory football to a fan so they went asking for the football back and the fan give it back to them but it seems like that van just missed out on a $500,000 payday. it your reaction, did they do the right thing? >> it's why you picked the story. i know why you picked this story. why do you do this to me every time i'm on, always a tom brady story. it's always about having tom brady still my thunder because i have two hit shows and him and i went to the same high school and you know this drives me crazy. he knows i'm the most successful person from serra high school in san mateo, california. it he is nothing, 600 touchdowns, who cares! i am bringing joy to america, all right? i make children smile and
4:57 pm
grandmothers cry. >> children are up that late? >> they have to be. >> pretty sure we shouldn't have picked that. next up, study finds parents are returning to college of all of their lifelong dreams. so if you had to go back to college, what would you do? >> the worst thing you could ever do is follow your dreams. it the dreams i have are disgusting. i spend 90% of my time denying the dreams that i have. did you ever think you would be this? this? you probably wanted to be a professional soccer player. >> that means i failed. >> you failed miserably but on the bright side, your failures make people like me look great. >> i was about to ask you questions. >> you're projecting a lot of your pain and suffering onto me, i'm like a blank canvas to you and frankly i'm tired of being
4:58 pm
there for you. >> is this got fouled or dr. drew? another study finds that one and two adult still carry a rivalry with siblings that according to the study some of the most common thing siblings compete against each other for our career goals and homeownership. it is that true in your life? >> i have three older sisters, no competition because i'm famous, world famous. they must feel terrible about this, they must wake up and go why him? they are older sisters, had issues as a child. never really liked the toilet. some kids don't like toilets. i always thought that you would fall in. they know that, they can sell that story to some tabloid. very smart. >> it was all about fame? >> fame is the only thing that matters, that's why you're struggling, becoming more and more irrelevant and destroying your insides. >> the second time, this is why
4:59 pm
we don't hang out together. that's some discipline. finally, strawberry pop tarts may not actually be made of strawberries according to a lawsuit against the company, they have more pairs than strawberries. do you find this shocking, dissuading, so you've been lied to? >> this is the problem with cable news, i've done this story on the five and now i'm doing it here. pop tarts are the healthiest breakfast. people don't realize that but they have every essential vitamin, children love it, grandparents love it, everything is on the go, it tastes great and just by thing wow saying that i should get a case of pop tarts sent to me. i deserve free pop tarts. >> i thought it was a fresh story. >> you are as out of touch as
5:00 pm
barack obama. it i've been following the story for years. >> he is famous, his sisters are jealous of him and he is tired of doing the same story. i feel like a better person because i know more about greg. should i fill it with a plug for my book? >> he is awesome, emily compagno, and a book coming up. you sell so many books. >> tucker is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. it is almost impossible to overstate and we have tried just how profoundly this country is changing right now because of joe biden joe biden's lunatic immigration policy. biden has opened america's borders to the world, promised unlimited global benefits including free health care to anyone who shows up there regardless of integration


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