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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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a good idea. i hate halloween. that's all i have to say. >> i shouldn't say that happy birthday. all right. well, knocking on your door. >> i hope not. >> dagen: i do have poop bags. >> "special report" up next. >> bret: do you have your costumes yet? >> jesse: oh, you should see my mask. >> bret: all right. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president biden will campaign later this evening for virginia's democratic gubernatorial candidate who not long ago conceded the president is not very popular in the commonwealth and while terry mcauliffe can use all the help he can get right now according to the polls, the president is still trying to get help on his stalled domestic tax and spend agenda. as democrats struggle to get two
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massive bills across the finish line. a live report from the site of the president's appearance as you look there live shortly. we will discuss the president's problems both at home and abroad with republican senator tom cotton here in studio in a few minutes. correspondent rich edson starts us off with the very latest from the north lawn. good evening, rich. >> good evening, bret. senate democrats say they have reached a compromise corporate tax bill one they say would hit the top 200 hundreds of billions of dollars over the next next decade and helped save president biden special spending plan. >> we know that we are close to a deal being signed. and let mable explicitly clear, our footprint and fingerprint are on this deal. >> senior democrats from several congressional groups meet with president biden to shape a multitrillion dollars social spending plan. moderate democrats are also meeting with the president. >> i said mr. president, i don't
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know what happened this cannot happen. it's screwed up. he said i think joe is right on this. i think that was going to be gone. >> that is a provision give the internal revenue service details on bank accounts worth $600 or more. even after democrats raised that threshold to $10,000. another proposed revenue raiser the so-called billionaire's tax would largely hit billionaires increase in stocks before they even sale the assets, attacks on unrealized gain of value. >> they sit on piles and piles and piles of stock and other valuable assets for which they pay no taxes even as it grows. the idea there is a tax on those billionaires, just the billionaires. >> democrats are negotiating with themselves, trying to bring their social spending plan down from 3.5 trillion to about the $2 trillion range to attract the party's moderates while keeping the more liberal members on board. doing so, would also likely dislodge a stalled trillion
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dollars infrastructure plan, these trip trip unified republican on sis. session. we are surprised you are here today because we know all the news is being made on the other side as they wrestle with how they are going to put together this reckless tax and spending bill. >> earlier today senator manchin referenced what he called for last month that is a strategic pause in this type of spending, though as he has tried to significantly reduce the cost of the president's bill. bret? >> bret: you know, the head counting has been tough, rich, as this has evolved, the pay-fors. does this corporate minimum tax hike have enough support? >> yeah, this is something that's all been moving really in the last few minutes here. senator elizabeth warren has signaled that all 50 senate democrats are on board with this. this is something that would set a rate of 15%, a minimum for profits over $1 billion, senator
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warren, senator ron wyden, also senator angus king have released this plan just a short while ago. it hits companies that use deductions aggressively to pay lower tax rates, though the senators say it would also allow certain tax credits like for research development, clean energy, and the taxes that companies pay to foreign governments. bret? >> bret: okay. we will follow that rich, thank you. breaking tonight, a new development in the investigation of the origins of the trump-russia probe. the special prosecutor, john durham, plans to call a key player in the case against the former hillary clinton operative. correspondent david spunt has new details tonight. good evening, david. >> bret, good evening to you. federal prosecutors plan to directly test the credibility of michael sussmann an attorney once connected to the dnc and hillary clinton campaign by calling a former top fbi lawyer to testify. special counsel john durham says michael sussmann brought information to the fbi about an alleged server, the trump campaign used to communicate with the kremlin through a
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russian bank. information that just did not pan out. durham, still on the job, looking at the origins of the russia probe for the past two and a half years, charged sussmann with lying to the fbi. durham says that sussmann told former fbi counsel james baker he wasn't working for anyone when he was, in fact, working for the dnc and the hillary clinton presidential campaign when he delivered that information to the fbi. sussmann has pleaded not guilty. the government will call baker to testify. in a court filing last week, we have learned durham has compiled 6,000 documents about 81,000 pages, bret, and at least 15 subpoenas. durham's future as special counsel sounds safe this from attorney general merrick garland himself last week at oversight hearing in congress. i think can you readily assume that his budget has been approved. we don't normally make a statement about those things. >> you would know if he weren't continuing to do his work.
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>> a source close to michael sussmann tells fox news, he plans to fight and win this case. as for john durham, no comment. but will any more indictments be coming and will any involved top clinton campaign officials sources tell us durham has issued new subpoenas in recent weeks. bret, a sign he may be seeking to build a broader criminal case. bret? >> bret: we may hear more from the attorney general up on the hill tomorrow. david, thank you. record closes again today for the dow and the s&p 500. the industrial average gained 18. 16, sorry. the s&p 500 was up 8. the nasdaq rose 9. there are questions tonight about whether senate democrats will support president biden's nominee for a key regulatory post. sella is the pick for the office of comptroller of the currency. she has a history writing about marxism. calling the banking industry she would regulate in her potential new job, we paraphrase here, the quintessential a hole industry. and advocating for an end to banking as we know it by, quote,
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the complete migration demand deposit account to the federal reserve. the committee has several moderate democrats and members who are up for re-election next year. john test are of montana tells politico he has serious concerns about her. pintd's difficulties are not confined to domestic policies and politics. china is presenting major challenges for the administration in a number of different ways. correspondent mark meredith tells us why tonight from the white house. >> chinese president xi jinping will skip this week's g-20 summit in rome. white house officials insist china remains top of mind for president biden. >> in an era of intense competition between the u.s. and china intense diplomacy at the highest levels. leader level is vitally effective managing this relationship. >> that competition includes space. state media reports a newly launched satellite will help china identify space debris. experts fear it may have another
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mission, expanding china's ability to force down foreign satellites. gordon cheng is an author and expert on chinese tactic. >> this is real intent to make sure in the first moments of a war that they are able to destroy american and other satellites to lead china as the only country with eyes in space. >> on capitol hill, republicans are urging the administration to be more aggressive in challenging china on a wide range of issues from human rights to trade to defense. >> at a time when communist china is growing more aggressive, more bellicose and out innovating us in certain areas, this should be our wake-up call. instead, we are asleep at the wheel. >> researchers for the center for new american security deference think tank recently examined what would happen if china invaded islands off the taiwan knees mainland. they found quote few credible options for a u.s. response writing failure to prepare for the threat of incursion against taiwan knees territory grave
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risk to dough pacific security. today biden a shore up virtual summit of the association of southeast asian nations. also pledging up to $102 million to the region to assist with pandemic and environmental needs. >> bret: mark meredith at the briefing room. let's bring it in arkansas republican senator tom cotton. thanks for being here. >> thank you, bret. good to be back in studio first time in 18 months. >> bret: you heard that piece about china. have you spoken out about concerns about china's aggression. are we at a different level here now with china? >> i think china has taken president biden's measure and found it lacking. the president went to the united nations general assembly last week and gave a speech in which he refused to even say china's name. he said we don't seek a cold war, of course we don't. the united states would never seek a war of any kind hot or cold. if china is waging a cold war against us as they have by taking our jobs in factories the last 30 years, by conducting
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espionage throughout the united states, by rapidly building up their military to counteract ours in the pacific, our choice is not whether we seek it. our choice is whether we win it and right now i don't think joe biden is up to the task. >> bret: is china beating us on the technology military front right now? >> i would say they are rapidly closing the gap, bret. in some areas they may, in fact, reached parody. and security competition between nations is not like 100-meter dash. it's not enough to win just by a nose. because you elm boltedden aggressors like china to take a shot at the title. you want our military to be so strong, you want our intentions to preserve our national interest and international ability to be so clear that aggressive ares like the chinese communist party would never even consider taking a shot at the title. >> bret: people in taiwan watching this all very closely and the president was asked specifically about taiwan, take a listen. >> i don't want a cold war with china. i want to make china understand that we are not going to step back. we are not going to change any
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of our views. >> so are you sayings that the united states would come to taiwan's defense. >> yes. >> if they are attacked. >> yes we have a commitment to do that. >> president biden is deeply committed to the taiwan relations act. the united states will continue to assist taiwan in maintaining sufficient self-defense capability. there is no change in a policy. >> bret: essentially had to walk that back. and then you have the -- word game played out. "the washington post." the united states has very few credible options to respond if china were to seize a set of islands administered by taiwan in the south china sea under scoring the need for washington and taipei to build deterrence against limited chinese aggression according to the results of a war game conducted recently by foreign policy experts in washington and the asia pacific region standoff spotlighted the challenge commanders would face responding to incursion of the islands without provoking full blown war that walk back was essentially to say we're back to the policy that we had. but it sounds like it's a policy
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that's in jeopardy. >> bret, it was embarrassing walk back. what the president should do is make it clear that the united states will support taiwan if mainland china attacks taiwan. that war game is probably correct if china seizes those islands we have few credible options. that's why it's so important to establish the deterrent upfront that they don't seize the islands. we have several other steps we are going to take to support taiwan like helping them build up their cyber defenses and it reserve forces providing them with missiles and sea mines all of which would help deter invasion of taiwan. most importantly we need to make it clear that the united states will support democracy in taiwan and stand up to chinese attack. that's the simplest way to deter that attack from happening in the first place. >> bret: couple more foreign policy things. one is this administration wants to get back to the table with iran. your thoughts on that? >> well, i think the administration is not just trying to get to the table with iran, they have been trying to
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surrender for the last seven months to. in the meantime rapidly building up their nuclear capability while also continuing to support their proxies attacking the united states and their allies across the region. the time for diplomacy on the nuclear program has ended. iran is using diplomacy to build up nuclear program. we need to enforce all the sanctions that are in place. we need to impose new sanctions and we need to make clear that we will not tolerate the kind of attacks we saw last week on american base by iranian proxies. >> bret: what do you say to somebody who listens to you on china and iran and says listen i don't want to get into a word. >> bret, in have you actually seen the face of war and carry off battle buddies dover air force base when they died overseas you are the last one that wants to see war. the way of protecting peace in the words of washington is to be prepared for war and deter aggressors like the ayatollahs xi jinping in china.
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dough mess lick i some confidence that these bills are somehow going to get through and it's all going to come together republicans are pretty united in standing up against this. >> i would say the democrats seem to be in disarray but that would imply they were once in array on this. and that's because they don't have the votes to pass their bill because their bills are not popular. latest gambit include massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens which would include welfare benefits and obamacare and housing aid and heating aid. and their argument is they can include those immigration measures in what is fundamentally a budget bill because they are is going to spend billions of dollars on illegal aliens. that's not a very popular position with the american people. that's why the democratic caucus up in the congress right now is a hot bed of cold feet on that issue and so many others. >> bret: but do you think that moderates are going to go for these tax pay-fors that are being structured kind of at the
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last minute? >> i don't know if they are going to be able to find the money to pay for this bill. i suspect in the end they would deficit finance. the main sticking points would be what this bill is going to spend the money on when you look at welfare for illegal aliens or welfare for households that don't have a single breadwinner. not even someone looking for work. not someone training for work which rolls back the accomplishments of the 1996 well fair bill that bill clinton and congressional republicans congressional republicans passed. those things are massively unpopular, very bad policy and going to cause a lot of democrats to balk at this bill. >> bret: a lot of political watchers say republicans are in a good position policy wise now heading into 2022. do you think former president trump is going to run for president? >> i don't know. i haven't speculated about what's going to happen in 2024. but i do agree that the critical election we face next year midterm election and most critical election we face new jersey and virginia governor's races. those races are very close. going to be an early bellwether
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and strong republican victory next year because of the massively unpopular democratic agenda going on across the street right now. >> bret: if he doesn't get, in will you consider. >> bret, i'm working right now for those races next week and the races next year. i'm not going to speculate about three races out from now. >> bret: figure we were in person give it a shot. senator, thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: bracing for another surge of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. ♪
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♪ >> bret: minnesota democratic congresswoman ilhan omar is blaming police for the recent rise in crime in minneapolis. >> we have chosen to not fulfill their oath of office and provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens they serve. >> bret: omar has back add measure on next week's ballot to replace the minneapolis police department with a department of public safety. her comments come as violent crime in minneapolis is up 17% over last year with a record number of murders there. we have new exclusive video tonight from south texas where state law enforcement is dealing with a rash of crime.
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one of the toxic by products of the border crisis. tonight how cartels are recruiting american teens and addicts to drive migrants into the u.s. here is correspondent bill melugin. >> you are watching as two u.s. citizens smuggling illegal immigrants livestream themselves del rio. the driver has a gun in her lap and five migrants loaded into her car. at high speeds she trying to evade dps as troopers chase. ultimately she loses control and crashes while streaming live. [screams] >> let me out. >> both women were arrested and charged with human smuggling. texas dps says they drove down from austin to pick up the migrants. possibly after seeing cartel ads like these on social media where they offer quick cash to u.s. citizens in an effort to recruit young people to smuggle migrants. meanwhile, a new migrant caravan, thousands strong, is
3:22 pm
moving towards the united states. fox news correspondent griff jenkins is embedded with it and has the latest from mexico. >> bill, a mexican government agency handing out pamphlets to aid the migrants here on day 4 arrest day. they made it 25 miles north of where they began their trek four days ago in tapachula. you can see them doing a little laundry and getting rest. and in the distance you see a health tending to blistered feet sores and migrants. if he this end unjust west of del rio. >> the state of texas is preparing for caravan from dps helicopter we saw the texas national guard manpower around the national bridge in del rio that's the same area that saw 15,000 haitians crossing illegally last month. texas dps tells us governor abbott is surging resources to send a message. >> we have been able to mobilize additional resources to the ports of entry in eagle pass into rio and the message is very
3:23 pm
clear to any potential caravans making the journey to the southern border is do not come to the state of texas because we will take appropriate action and arrest those that violate state law. >> and that deployment isn't only hang just in del rio. take a look where we are now above eagle pass, texas about an hour away from del rio, you can see here as well governor abbott started deploying national guard resources. they are lining the river in an attempt to send a clear message that this caravan will not be allowed to enter the state of texas. reporting above eagle pass, texas, we will send it back to you, bret. >> bret: bill melugin above the border tonight, bill, thanks. up next, students and parents have their say after a ruling in the case of a sexual assault in a virginia high school restroom. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 35 in orlando. the initial autopsy on brian laundry's remains produce no, sir concrete results on the manner or cause of death. these according to lawyer for
3:24 pm
the laundrie family. no comment from the sarasota medical examiner or the fbi. laundry was of course a person of interest in the strangulation of girlfriend gabby petino. her body was found last month at grand teton national park in wyoming. $20 billion in fraudulent unemployment benefits have gone to criminals. that includes $810 million to killers on death row and other prisoners. governor gavin newsom says the fraud pipeline halls now been closed. and this is a live look inside minute maid park in houston, texas from fox sports. the big story of course there tonight the astros host the atlanta braves in game one of the world series. it features a matchup between braves manager brian and his son troy and astro's batting coach. you can see the game tonight on fox broadcast network the big fox 8:00 p.m. eastern time. that is a live look outside the
3:25 pm
beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ does it get tangled up in knots?
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♪ ♪ advisers to the food and drug administration are endorsing kid size doses of pfizer's covid-19
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vaccine. they say the benefits outweigh any potential risk including a heart related side effect that has been very rare in teens and young adults despite their use of a much higher dosage. the fda is now bound by the panel's recommendation. it is expected to make its own decision within days. then the cdc will decide whether to recommend the shots in which children should get them. flash flood watches are in effect for the entire new york city region as nor'easter brings as much as 6 inches of rain to some areas. possibility of hurricane force wind gusts and widespread power outages. flash flood warnings are in effect for portions of new jersey. the governors of the two states have declared states of emergency already and residents are being urged to stay off the roads there back here in this region, students at a northern virginia high school walked out of class today to protest the handling of a sexual assault case involving a male and female student. tonight, parents get their say
3:30 pm
at a school board meeting likely to be heated. all this comes amid controversy over how the biden administration and national education leaders are dealing with unhappy parents mike emanuel reports tonight from loudoun county, virginia. >> the loudoun county high school students walked out today protesting the local school board handled the may sexual assault, the incident involved a male student wearing a skirt attacking a female student in a girl's bathroom at stone bridge high school. loudoun county father scott smith arrested after loudoun county superintendent scott ziggler said there wasn't evidence of assaults occurring in school rest rooms. now that a juvenile judge found it happen the family attorney says, quote: the smith tammy stands stronger than ever in moving forward to ensure that response from the loudoun county school system are held accountable. >> consent agenda please raise
3:31 pm
your hand and say aye. >> that set the staining for school board this evening national school board's association on september 29th said actions parents were taken at school board meetings were equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. the organization later apologized. days later, nsba president viola garcia was appointed to the national assessment governing board to help oversee student progress nationally. then attorney general merrick garland laid out how the justice department would respond to threats against school officials. >> the job of the department of justice working with state and local law enforcement is to prevent violence. >> prominent g.o.p. officials insisted garland rescind his memo. >> that press release talked about the national security division at the fbi. that's the division that deals with domestic threats, domestic terrorist threats. >> over the weekend former president obama weighed in. >> instead of stoking anger,
3:32 pm
aimed at school boards and administrators, we should be making it easier for teachers and schools to give our kids the world class education they deserve. >> at tonight's school board meeting already numerous parents have called for the resignation of superintendent ziggler and members of the school board arguing they are serving themselves and not the children of this community. the parents insist they will not be stopped. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live at loudoun county tonight. thanks. that issue is a big deal in the governor's race in virginia. as we told you at the top of the show, president biden will stump for democrat terry mcauliffe tonight as the virginia governor's race enters its final week. and it is tight. correspondent alexandria hoff is in arlington tonight with the latest. good evening, alexandria. >> good evening, bret. the last time that the president campaigned for mcauliffe was back in july and that gap of time in between points to something interesting. mcauliffe's tactic throughout this race has been to tie his
3:33 pm
opponent, republican glenn youngkin to former president trump in a blue leaning purple state like virginia, young kin youngkinhas kept his distance fm president trump. mcauliffe done the same low approval rating may have had on his campaign. latest fox news poll shows biden to have a 50% fancht rating among likely voters in virginia. so tonight's impact is a toss-up for the tied race in just a week left to go, the candidates are not holding back any punches. in a new ad youngkin calls out mcauliffe for blocking a bipartisan bill that would have required parents to be notified of explicit material and assigned reading. the add features a mom who took issue with the graphic physical and sexual abuse depicted within the book beloved. mcauliffe fired back with this statement, quote: youngkin's closing message of book banning and silencing esteemed black authors is a racist dog whistle. here is youngkin. >> taking care of our children and making sure that they have a
3:34 pm
quality education in our states and schools that's not a culture war. that's a fundamental right in virginia. that's what i'm standing up for. >> now, new jersey's race for governor is underway as well. but, tomorrow new jersey senator cory booker is actually going to be here in virginia campaigning for mcauliffe. president biden is expected to arrive here in arlington in just about an hour. bret? >> bret: alex, thank you. we will have full coverage here on fox news channel one week from tonight. up next, a professional basketball player takes on nike and nba's biggest star over chinese atrocities. >> shoes on your feet or t-shirt on your back. so many tears and so much oppression and so much blood behind it all. ♪ is someone trying to steal your butterfinger? call the bfi.
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>> bret: chief says 450 americans remain in afghanistan. the state department is in touch with 1966 those americans who say they want to leave. he says arrangements are being made to evacuate them. he says another 243 apparently are not ready to depart afghanistan right now. the total number appears higher than the 363 americans the state department said friday it is in touch with in afghanistan. call also says the u.s. intelligence community believes isis in afghanistan could have the capability to attack this country, the u.s. in as little as six months. and has the intention to do so a professional basketball player who has a history of political activism is keeping his focus on china tonight. ennis canter of the boston celtics is criticizing sports equipment giant nike and biggest star for silence on chinese
3:40 pm
atrocities. national correspondent william la jeunesse takes a look from los angeles tonight don't sit back and be silent. a message nike accuse much of ignoring. >> here in the united states nike stands with the black lives matter. nike stands with stop asian hate. when it comes to china, nike remains silent. you do not address police brutality in china. do you not say about oppression of minorities in china. >> the boston celtics ennis canter from turkey in viral tweet calls out abuse of uyghur muslims. >> what do you do about that slave labor that makes you rich. >> nike named in bipartisan congressional report of likely using forced labor a claim nike and china deny. >> china not worth refuting. >> sneakers are also anti-china. >> my muslim brothers and
3:41 pm
sisters are getting killed, raped and tortured. >> he also criticizes nike's founder phil knight and the company's biggest stars lebron james and michael jordan stop with the hypocrisy. stop the modern day slavery now. >> james defended china in the past when a houston rockets executive supported hong kong protesters, james said. >> i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand. so, just be careful what we tweet and we say. >> critics accuse james of a double standard defending minority rights at home while egg norlg them abroad. nikey's deal with the nba tops a billion dollars while the league's deal to broadcast in china is worth even more. so far no reaction from james, the nba, or nike. bret? >> bret: william, thank you. up next the panel on president biden trying to convince democratic lawmakers to vote for his domestic agenda while virginia residents are going to be voting in the gubernatorial
3:42 pm
race there the president is making a pitch tonight first beyond our borders tonight. iran's oil ministry goes into emergency session cyberattack on country trip's gasoline supplies. long lines government issued fuel subsidy cards were denied service there has been no claim of responsibility for that attack. protesters filled the streets in sudan's capital of car thune one day military coupe led led to the arrest of prime minister. dissolved government. they also face prosecution. the biden administration has suspended $700 million in aid and called for the prime minister's release. just moments ago we learned the prime minister has been allowed to return home under what is called heavy security. we'll follow that one. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> it's worth the sleepless nights. it's worth the long weekends. this is our job. and this is a moment, a moment
3:47 pm
that does not come back again. i believe a final deal maybe you should take a strategic pause and evaluate what we are doing. a lot of the things that are in this reconciliation bill. in the aarp american rescue plan 1.9 trillion. >> they do not have a mandate to do this. this is a 50/50 senate. a three seat majority in the house. the american people are not asking for any of this. >> bret: a lot is up in the air tonight up on capitol hill. as far as how this is all going to come together for democrats. republicans are not playing ball on these two pieces of legislation as of yet. and we have to see what's going to develop this week. it's been changing by the day, really, let's bring in our panel former education secretary bill bennett. jeff mason correspondent for rioters and guy benson editor town and host of guy benson show. it's been interesting to watch.
3:48 pm
pay fors have changed. just learned of a new minimum corporate tax today that was rolled out. as part of this plan. it's anybody's guess whether this is going to get across the finish line. >> and what it will look like if and when it does there are all sorts of noises coming out of leadership today on the democratic side on capitol hill. but they were getting really close. 90% there. hours away. and then we had reports coming out of internal meetings that the democrats were holding suggesting that there was some really big ticket items where they still did not have a resolution. and so i sort of wonder if they were trying to manufacture momentum here and eventually force the hand of recalcitrant members to say all right, we have to do something, we have set arbitrary deadlines, we are not going to set another one, although i don't know if that's actually going to work. i ultimately think that this dance is going to continue for a little bit longer. when the music stops, i would be shocked if they didn't pass something out of a sense of political necessity. but what it looks like, what it
3:49 pm
entails, how much it costs, my guess is as good as yours. >> bret: yeah, one interesting signal is that speaker pelosi walking through the hall followed by reporters as she often is was asked if progressives signed off on the deal to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. even though jeff is just a framework perhaps on the reconciliation bill. i know we need a white board to follow it home. these two bills i think she says there is -- i think there is enough momentum and sign-off. the head of the progressive caucus said no we have dozens who are going to vote against us if they don't have a deal in place. primary voters there is a lot of mixed messages coming from capitol hill. >> there are. there is another piece to calculus. possibility that if nancy pelosi, speaker pelosi went ahead with that vote on the infrastructure bill. even if some democrats didn't vote for it that some republicans might. i was speaking to republicans
3:50 pm
and listens to republicans last night who said there was actually significant republican support for infrastructure bill as long as it's not tied to the reconciliation bill. so there is a big political calculus there. obviously the larger issue for president biden and the democrats is he is going to glasgow this coming weekend for a global climate change conference and wants to have a victory in hand because a big chunk of both of those bills has to do with climate change. if he arrives there without a deal and without something that he can show the rest of the world, this is something that the united states is doing. it will undermine him on the world stage. >> bret: bill, they keep on talking about that and the president is flying, i think, 12 cabinet members members and staff over to glasgow for climate summit? >> this is a huge issue for the democrat party it's not as if people in the other countries don't read the newspapers and they will realize whatever effort here is made is a last
3:51 pm
ditch effort. i don't know what's going to happen i can tell you if something does pass not likely to be workable. look, this is a falling and failing presidency and the people in glasgow are going to know it. i mean, the polls are terrible for president biden and with good reason. look what's happening. outside the ocean long beach, the taiwan confusion, the border, i mean, how about this for science? if you fly in from europe and those people in gloss cow, a lot of people are going to be from europe. you have to be vaccinated. undocumented alien coming across the border you do not in what way does this make sense? inflation, on and on it goes. people in glasgow know this not going to save the day for the president.
3:52 pm
>> bret: meanwhile toned, campaigning for terry mcauliffe. coming in to try to help him. the latest poll is a suffolk poll out and we thought we would tick through these. mcauliffe 46-45. do you approve the job the president is doing 52-42. under water there should parents or school boards have more influence on a school's curriculum parents 50-3. what about right track, wrong track for the country. wrong track 66%. all those numbers not a good sign for mcauliffe. >> this is the fourth consecutive public poll that shows this race tied exactly. i have heard through "the grapevine" that the youngkin people on the republican side their internal trackers show roughly one or two points ahead at least as of a few days ago. we will know one week from tonight what actually happens in virginia. it strikes me as a clash of fundamentals. on one side the fundamentals of the electorate in virginia absolutely favor mcauliffe and the democrat it is a blue state. all the other fundamentals will
3:53 pm
elections, the national atmosphere ricks, the president's unpopular. the momentum in this race those things favor glenn youngkin something is going to prevail and we will find out soon enough. >> bret: is it a canary in a coal mine? is it fair to put it in that category about looking closely at broader picture for 2022? >> jeff? >> is that for me? >> i'm sorry, bret. i didn't hear you say my name. the white house doesn't think it is. they are trying to play it down or at least they are not saying that they think it is. broadly, everybody is going to be looking tharkts of course, that's one reason why this race is so significant. it's really important to the democrats and to the white house to say, look, our neighbors down the street here from the white house are supporting somebody who shares the same vision and the same agenda that president joe biden does. >> bret: bill, i have got to run. we heard it is noted. thank you very much. when we come back, using golf to help american military veterans.
3:54 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... ♪ trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it.
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>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, as we near veterans day, the pga of america is helping the nation's heroes using the game of golf to salute those who serve their country. it's part of the chartable arm of the pga of america pga reach. the veterans part is called pga hope. lucas tomlinson shows us this evening. >> veterans across the country traveled to our nation's capital last week to play a round of golf at historic congressional country club. the pga hope program helps veterans improve physically and mentally through glofl i have been shot at, hit ieds, you know, when you are going through, this obviously you are scared to death. ptsd is a real thing. >> gabrielle potter was introduced to pga hope after a motorcycle accident. >> everything was taken away.
3:59 pm
i couldn't walk. pga hope gave me the opportunity to compete again. >> retired master sergeant christina alvarez says last assignment in the army left her in a dark place. >> we were giving the families closure. >> alvarez worked as a legal investigator in the mid 2,000s focusing on soldiers who died in combat. >> i also had my best friend come through and did the autopsy and on him. and this became very difficult. >> alvarez turned to the pga hope program and week by week began to feel herself again. laughing again and smiling. my cheeks are, 20 veterans will now serve as ambassadors for pga hope. >> it's a lot easier when you say hey, there is someone out there that looks like me. if she is doing it, i can do it. >> with the goal of helping other veterans through golf. >> the camaraderie is something that doesn't go away. i don't care what branch you were in, when you served, what you went through, there is
4:00 pm
something there we share. >> at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson fox news. >> bret: full disclosure i'm on the hope board. tomorrow on "special report" merrick garland testifies before the senate judiciary committee. we have all of that. could be fiery. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" holy spirited by brian kilmeade starts right now. brian? >> brian: bret, just an observation, ever since we had that somewhat friendly clash a few weeks ago about me walking and you sitting, seems to be walking a lot. i'm seeing your torso. i'm seeing you jet around the studio. >> bret: i can. there is a lot of movement that's possible. >> brian: however, i had one -- i went ahead and licensed the walk on television. >> bret: oh, really. >> bret: you haven't paid a fee. i know we are friends but i will have to serve you right now on camera and unfortunately, going to have to appear in court and defend yourself. i have retained judge jeanine pirro.