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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tomlinson fox news. >> bret: full disclosure i'm on the hope board. tomorrow on "special report" merrick garland testifies before the senate judiciary committee. we have all of that. could be fiery. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" holy spirited by brian kilmeade starts right now. brian? >> brian: bret, just an observation, ever since we had that somewhat friendly clash a few weeks ago about me walking and you sitting, seems to be walking a lot. i'm seeing your torso. i'm seeing you jet around the studio. >> bret: i can. there is a lot of movement that's possible. >> brian: however, i had one -- i went ahead and licensed the walk on television. >> bret: oh, really. >> bret: you haven't paid a fee. i know we are friends but i will have to serve you right now on camera and unfortunately, going to have to appear in court and defend yourself. i have retained judge jeanine pirro.
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she will be taking the prosecution to you. so either you go sit down or pay me a fee every time you hit the track. >> bret: shannon bream is representing me and we will see you in court. >> brian: bring it on. bream vs. shapiro. all right, bret. weave will see how it does. i hope it doesn't jeopardize friendship and good to see you almost to your knees. that is bret baier. welcome to "fox news primetime." >> brian: great show. let me tell you what we have on tap. glenn youngkin the hottest candidate in america pulls upset of a lifetime and win the virginia seat and next governor of that seat. 10 points down to 5 points down to a dead heat. amazing. dan crenshaw has a great kid's book and great message. something to spend to the you? spending palooza may or may not be passed by the democrats they stuck in something everyone needs to pay attention to. effect all of our lives. no one better than general jack keane to break down what is happening in syria. something happened under the radar but we all should pay attention because it jeopardizes
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our security and talk about whatever dagen wants to good it enough for me tonight start in virginia, where the state has become ground zero over fight children's education. we spent months showing you the chaos unfolding on school board meetings across the country. as the parents push back on critical race theory in classrooms and everything else. but nowhere has been as contentious as loudoun county in virginia. >> we have democratic by the way. public school report say the parents are required to sign a nda to ryu the district's divisive new second step curriculum. what exactly is this contentious curriculum that they are pushing. according to people that said it and whispered it. second step curriculum is part of a series of lessons on social emotional learning from the committee for a children and a nonprofit group that advertises free anti-racism and anti-bias resources. it is committed to addressing racial injustice and henning you drive real change in your school
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community. perfect for a second grader. am i right? real change in your community? i think you said the quiet part out loud. and is this exactly what parents were afraid of? radical what their kids are being taught in schools these days in 2021 when they were taught when they were young. this problem isn't exclusive to loudoun county. as the second step racial justice program which i'm just finding out about thanks to the daily caller is being used already. it's in motion in chicago no surprise that the issue has become front and center in the virginia's governor's race. he has capitalized the parents' concern and closed the gap on terry mcclawfer bluer by the day. we thought. just last month, democrat has fold pretty big time. while youngkin's support has surged leaving the two candidates in a virtual ties a
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we speak. pushback against mandates, while his opponent let's just say hasn't? >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> brian: exactly. keep parents out of it why are they even home. that comment isn't isolated incident. it continues a trend for mcauliffe trying to push parents out of the way of leftist school boards. meanwhile supporting the union while pushing parents aside. listen to what he said just two years ago. we found this tape. >> we don't do a good job in our educating system talking about diversity and inclusion. we don't. how is it we deal with one another to me is as important as, you know, your math class and english class and so forth. >> brian: really, have you seen the numbers in virginia? they are not good. forget math and english mcauliffe's virginia and get ready for diversity and inclusion. these educational missteps have the mcauliffe campaign on the
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ropes. so nervous. see what's going on. democratic all stars. looks like the super stars of democrats past. i'm surprise they had didn't about try to get fdr and jfk out there. failed democratic candidate stacey abrams who still says she won to vice president the churches in virginia. she has time to stump for the former governor. to former president barack obama. the true super star of the democratic cause. now, mcauliffe even pulled out the big guns as joe biden jumped on the campaign trail today but with biden's own approval rating in the toilet in virginia. i'm not sure this will really help mcauliffe that much. remember, it is biden's justice department that is targeting concerned parents. democratic parents. republican parents. calling them domestic terrorists. so maybe virginia isn't the place for him. and the group whose letter triggered the doj, the national school board's association, apologized for the outrage cause against parents while the biden
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administration hannity. that would be the opportunity to jump in and say i'm sorry, too. so the democrats can continue to parade out a cast of former and failed candidates. voters will not be fooled, it doesn't seem. they know what is at stake. just look at the concerned parents protesting tonight as i came to this studio at a county board meeting. >> this isn't about me and my children. it's about all of our children. [applause] as parents, we have every right every right to fight for a safe environment for all of our children. demand change to make sure that all schools are safe for our children to go every day. >> brian: that's it. doesn't seem like much. seems like it's happening all across the country as the parents look to take back the power from unelected school bureaucrats. virginia is a battleground right now. but your child's classroom could be next. >> brian: joining me now the man of the hour virginia gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin who has some supporters behind him. don't ask me how i know.
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glenn, on "fox & friends" and prime time continue afterwards. as we look at the return, so far 12%. >> well, first of all, there is no enthusiasm for terry mcauliffe. no one is showing up to vote. just translates in the fact that he has invited anyone who has ever held office in america democrat come campaign with him this is what is happening across virginia. this is no longer republicans against democrats. it's virginians coming together to make a statement that they are ready to elect a different kind of governor, a governor who can get things done as opposed to one who just full of empty promises and by the way a tired 43 year career. >> brian: i know you know numbers. that's what got you into politics. success has new numbers. put up a map of the 2017 governor's race. mostly red. in the blue areas are the most
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denser areas ed gillespie lost to ralph northam 2020 on the other side you see donald trump lost by 10 points to joe biden. it's only been a few months since that election, nine months in all. how do you plan ton going to those highly populated areas blue areas and doing nothing either one of those republicans able to that's win. when is your message going to resonate in those areas. >> what we have seen in the most recent polling is it's not that we have caught up. we are actually moving past terry mcauliffe. that's because we are doing great in the traditional red areas. and we are doing really well in those blue cities. we, in fact, are seeing great support in loudoun county and fairfax county. we are seeing great support all through hampton roads and we are seeing great support it's been super. the biggest issue, the biggs issues is education. we're actually seeing parents stand up and saying hey, listen, i actually have a big say about
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my kids' education and terry mcauliffe wants to put government between parents and their children and virginia parents are saying no, not here. and i'm going to go to work for virginia parents and terry mcauliffe stantsdz for government and virginians are voting right now to make sure that they have a say. [cheers and applause] >> brian: loud done was won by joe biden by 20 points. fairfax by 40. and prince william by 30. as you look at those numbers, you wonder how much education has to do with your chances in the long run because loudoun county seems to be the most upset by the curriculum they are forced to digest. including what we are just finding out now about this second step program that you need to sign an nda in order to look at if you are a parent. what has this done to your chances? what have you found out? >> well, i called for a full
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investigation of the loudoun county school board. the loudoun county school superintendent. and the commonwealth attorney because they are not standing up for children's safety. they are not even standing up to get the schools open. i'm standing up for curriculum. standing up for materials shown to kids parents don't want to see anymore. standing up for safety. this is turning loudoun county our direction. not just loudoun county. all of northern virginia. you watch, we're going to do better in northern virginia than any republican has done in a long time. we just might win loudoun county. [cheers] >> brian: that would probably deliver you the state because if you can make up a 20-point gap. glen glenn, i'm getting a lot of reports you have only one vest. can you confirm or deny that? >> i have multiple vests but i'm telling you this is my lucky one. [laughter] >> you may have seen me bury a 3 pointer the other night challenged barack obama in a game on one-on-one. he hasn't taken me up yet. i'm telling you i'm ready this vest is going to take me home.
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we are going to win on november 2nd. folks i can't wait to be the next governor of virginia. >> brian: i don't know what you are on looks like day one of the campaign instead of the back stretch seven days away. glenn youngkin thanks for starting your day and ending your day with me i appreciate it? >> thank you very, very much. have great time. thank you. [cheers] >> brian: he is pumped up and so are those people. now turning to another story a.g. merrick garland on the hot seat last week as congress demanded answers over memo concerned parents remember as domestic terrorists. a.g. pushed back on alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled domestic terrorism. testify before the senate tomorrow josh hawley said he has
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seen enough. senator, what did you see last week that made you feel that way? >> they said they shouldn't have sen that letter. they apologized to for it garland said he issued the memo fbi because of that letter. that was the basis for getting the fbi involved in local school board meetings. now the national school board association says we never should have sent the thing. garland should have done his job at the outset. he should have been independent. he should have said this is crazy. this is weaponizing the fbi. i would never do that he didn't and because of that he should go. >> going to have a chance to question him, right? >> i am. >> brian: i know you always prepare and study the tape. what is it that you think the house left out that you would like to follow up on. >> the key aspect in getting the fbi involved. now we know that the national school board association says shouldn't have sent the letter. by the way, brian, we also see in states all over the country,
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including missouri, my home state, school boards are leaving the national school board association. we don't want to be part of this. they don't speak for us. we don't think parents are domestic terrorists. we are going to need to hear from the a.g. why it is that the school board association we repudiate the letter, shouldn't have sent it yet he has done nothing to withdrawal the memo, change the memo. still directing the fbi to get involved in local school boards. that's just wrong. >> brian: one thing we did find out viola garcia who co-penned the letter and bypassed the board they claim is now joining the biden administration. she is failing up. >> exactly. also goes to show you, brian, there is a lot of collusion there between this school board association, at the national level and the biden administration. and we know now because we have gotten the email from it that the biden administration, the school board association talk together before that letter came out though worked on this together. it's basically this interest group drove the policy, got the
4:14 pm
fbi involved school board meeting. why? to intimidate parents. garland ought to be 100 percent ashamed about that. it's really disgraceful. he will have to answer for it tomorrow. >> brian: senator hawley, what about the conflict of interest the fact that his son-in-law has a company that teaches and sells crt curriculum. >> yeah. i imagine he will get questions about that too, brian. anyway you cut it merrick garland has been a disaster as attorney general. he has really disgraced his office by doing what he has done here. weaponizeing the fbi against parents in the united states of america. i mean, it's unbelievable. he is going to have to answer tomorrow. >> brian: you have a podcast with your wife. will this enhance your relationship or test it like it's never been tested before? [laughter] >> well, you know what? i'm just lucky that she agreed to do with me. we call this the just shut up and aaron talk podcast. she is the brains of the operation, brian. i love doing it with her. >> brian: it's about to be revealed and exposed. senator hawley, thanks so much. we will be watching you tomorrow.
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i know you will be ready. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, joe biden's afghan debacle. iran one of the most dangerous adversaries we have had over the years challenging him on the world stage. you probably didn't hear about this. general jack keane has been studying it. he will share his report. first, kamala harris is reportedly upset that she is stuck on border duty with bad division. she wants better assignments. what would dan crenshaw do? i can find out because i will ask him. he is booked next. ♪ where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind t(gong rings)a lincoln is a migh- this is start.
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but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. this halloween, xfinity rewards is offering up some spooky-good perks. like the chance to win a universal parks & resorts trip to hollywood or orlando to attend halloween horror nights. or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. open border agenda popping up in least areas you would expect. trillion dollars socialist spending package is almost ready it turns out it's not just tree equity and multimillion dollars face lift for nancy pelosi's
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favorite park. human infrastructure amnesty store undocumented immigrants. i'm not kidding. what does it have to do with anything financial? it shouldn't be in the package. democrats working behind the scene to sneak in this protected status for illegal immigrants into the reconciliation bill. it's another sign that democrats want to roll out the red carpet for migration on the border crisis spiraling out of control. bill melugin and griff jenkins showing you what's happening. here now dan screen shawl of texas author of the new children's book excellent, "fame, blame and the wrath of shame." congressman, what is in this long awaited reconciliation bill? it has he to be financially oriented. what does immigration have to do with finance? >> well, nothing. as you noted, reconciliation bill which can pass by a simple majority, it has to be budget-oriented. this is why the parliamentarian has rejected this particular provision on immigration which is basically amnesty for about
4:22 pm
8,000 -- sorry, 8 million illegal immigrants. it's been rejected twice. that's the good news. which means it will probably be rejected for a third time as they try to sneak this in there. it's also not the point of a budget. it's interesting when you said human infrastructure. it dawned on me i guess this is what democrats mean by it they literally mean more humans inside the united states and they mean that by completely destroying our border security and giving amnesty people here illegally. they literally mean adding more illegals to the country. it's not i way things are done. you have to have a immigration system and fair immigration system that's all immigration. ing same for legal immigrants. they don't think it's fair to have people cutting in front of the line. we don't think it's fair we are bearing the brunt of this upwards of tens of thousands of people coming across our border on a weekly basis. our border patrol is completely overwhelmed.
4:23 pm
kamala harris isn't doing anything about it even though she is the quote, unquote. border czar and it's an unmitigated disaster. >> brian: right. henry why are a today told neil cavuto the president needs to come down and see what's happening for himself and listening to the people living through this now. many portfolio. doesn't like the gig she has been given. possibly distance herself from the president because his approval rating has gone from 58 to 42, maybe 38%. what are you hearing kamala harris. somebody should tell her what her approval ratings are i'm sure they are not much better. let's not forget she didn't win more than 2% approval rating in the democratic primary in the presidential election. she should maybe have a little bit of self-awareness before she starts talking about biden. but, you think about it through
4:24 pm
the lens of kamala harris and how she has used the role. she doesn't want to do hard work. she wants to do the easy stuff. she wants reporters to follow her around around see what kind of fashion she is into at any given moment. she wants to talk about space and do these cringe worthy moments on tv. she likes to do the fun stuff. she thought this vp job would be easy and she is frustrated that she would be assigned as the border czar because that's actually a tough job. so, you know, i don't think we should have any sympathy for kamala harris, needless to say. and good morning she can escape her role here. that's a fantasy if she is trying to live up to that. but you are seeing that amongst many democrats who are hoping to distance themselves from the unpopularity of biden. my message to them is good luck with that. >> brian: the worst answer for her career was when asked were you the last person in the room when president biden signed off on leaving afghanistan? she said yes. therefore, the worst disaster in american military history is now hung on her baseball card, too.
4:25 pm
congressman dan crenshaw, thanks so much. always great to talk to you. >> great to be with you. brian. >> brian: the book has great messages for kids by the way. pick up it and hand it out. leftists targeting condoleezza rice for having the same reasonable take on critical race theory. i'm not kidding. before we get there, general jack keane is here. we will be talking china and iran. iran a story you have not seen in a while and why joe biden's embarrassment in afghanistan continues to make america look weak in the eyes of our enemies. ♪ ♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ ferry horn honks ] i mean just cause you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, [ chuckles ] or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:31 pm
instead, iran feels emboldened enough to push the envelope and fire rockets at u.s. troops in syria and not even denying it the fact is media affiliatesy the states are touting the attack as a major success. the biden administration cannot place the blame on the people who tried to kill our troops. >> i'm not in a position to get into attribution at this point. we have seen these kinds of attacks in the past from she a militia groups which we know are backed and supported by iran. but i'm not going to talk to specifics on this particular attack. it was complex. it was deliberate. >> brian: come on, admiral, do it. here now is general jack keane, four star general what is significant about this attack. >> yeah, well, i think it's a new chapter for iranians in the sense that we have had this debacle in afghanistan where
4:32 pm
resurrenderred afghanistan to a terrorist organization. you and i have said many times that the direct beneficiaries of that are iran, russia, china be and pakistan when we shot seven military bases down and multiple cia bases. the iranians are emboldened by that certainly, they got rid of the united states on their eastern border. now they want to get the united states out of iraq and out of syria. and that's what this attack is about. this attack was designed to produce casualties. and that's why they had five drones doing it all of them armed. the good news is we had some early warning and we were age to get most of our troops out of that base that south central syria and flew them out of there in c-130s prior to that attack. good news. what is it is telling us iranians are dead serious about driving us out of iraq and syria. >> brian: we have a president and vice president who said let's pull our troops out of
4:33 pm
iraq what could happen and get out of afghanistan i'm tired of the war. is there any doubt he sees 900 troops in syria what are they doing there i will pull them out. are you concerned about that? should he pull them out? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, we have troops in iraq and syria for the same monday fedges reason, brian, that we wanted to keep them in afghanistan. concern over radical islamist desire to attack the united states. that is why we are in iraq. because isis is still there and that is why we are in syria where isis and al-qaeda are present. that's the fundamental reason. it's a modest amount of force that's committed there. and it makes compelling sense. >> brian: all right, general, what does this mean for the nuclear program. they are full speed ahead. they have got this new president. we are trying to talk to them, sadly. and they don't want to hear it what does that mean to you? >> yi. >> i think what's happening here we got the new regime n iran. hardliner for sure. supreme leader always a
4:34 pm
hardliner. they haven't had any negotiations since the new regime come in. i think what they are doing is gaming us. they are dangling out there. the negotiations that will eventually come back into negotiations. meanwhile, they are seriously increasing their nuclear capability. moving way beyond the 20%, somewhere around 06% or more enriched uranium, getting closer to weapons. i think that is the path they have decided to be on. it's time for the biden administration to go to a plan b. because we cannot let the iranians have a nuclear weapon. what does the plan b mean? one go, back to maximum sanctions again. call it something else if you don't like trump's term. get the europeans involved. going to the g-20. put it on the table that we can't sit where we are. the status quo completely unsatisfactory. china is back dooring buying oil from the iranians to the tune of
4:35 pm
millions a day. and we have to find a way to stop that transfer and that kind of men getting right into the iranians coffers, the second thing is we along with the israelis step up the espionage campaign. step up attacks using cyber and third thing put the military option back on the table and do it with credibility. it's got to be there to enforce the diplomats, so they have a hand to play by making certain we have the will and the credibility to use force. we cannot let iran have a nuclear weapon. that is a fact. that has been consistent u.s. policy by multiple presidents since the iranians have taken power. >> brian: my hope is that somebody in the white house paid their cable bill. watched what you just said. whipped out their pen, took some notes and do just that. oil is now high. which means iran benefits. because we stopped drilling. general, thanks so much.
4:36 pm
always appreciate the insight. appreciate it. >> great talking to you, brian. >> brian: always great and he had carriage. democrats radical spending agenda has america heading towards socialism. it's not just a saying we are heading there. leftist bice like bernie sanders who says is he a socialist and don't just want free enterprise they're against it want americans to rely on government for financial stability. writer has seen this before and i can take this quote from one of his columns. the $3.5 trillion bill, which thankfully is a lot less now. president joe biden and democrats are now attempting to cram through congress, via reconciliation. meant to create a european style cradle to grave welfare state in the united states. joining me now is the author of the book excerpt like that exists euro trash. why america must reject the failed ideas of a dying continent. david are a sannie, thank you so much for joining us. i know this helps book sales but are you concerned that america is heading this direction for real now?
4:37 pm
>> yeah, i'm very concerned. that's why i wrote the book. led headed toward a european state giant top down economy. stifles innovation and creates dependency and seems increasingsly that progressives are taking over the democratic party and this is the state that they envision, they envision denmark and france, the problem is rich people pay for it which is not how it works at all. >> brian: village hood and say a meritocracy doesn't exirs is. why are two axioms important to tell the american story? >> >> well, because we excel it -- in almost every quantitiable way we excel economically over europeans it's not because we are smarter or born better. it's because we have a system that is about risk, that embraces risk-taking that is entrepreneurial, that rewards people for the things that they
4:38 pm
invent and do with money or with, you know, with riches and fame and all those things. in europe it's a much more docile and tilable population. they are not they embrace safety other risk. we are creating a system that sent advises people to do that. >> brian: i love survey you included in one columns world value survey. 70% of americans believe that the poor can escape poverty if they work hard enough. only 35% of europeans think that. that's the american spirit if we invaded britain and made them a state second poorest capita in the united states other than mississippi. far more successful than european nations. the writers at the "new york times" or elsewhere don't realize that or try to trick people in believing it's not true. >> brian: also the kindest most charitable state. we like to rip on ourselves all the time but we give more
4:39 pm
country than many country's g.d.p. >> absolutely. argue american gives seven times as much as the average european. european will say we pay a lot of taxes that's charity that's the problem. charity guy local communities build bonds with church and local. you can't do that when government elbows out charity. >> brian: thing isnot just the rich working class same percentage as the upper class. big salute to our country. david are a handy, very important book you wrote. thank you for joining me today. >> thanks so much for having me. >> brian: you got it meanwhile, 21 minutes before the top of the hour, up next, some people have a big problem with this. >> one of the worries that i have about the way that we're talking about race is that it either seems so big that somehow white people now have to feel guilty for everything that happened in the past. i don't think that's very
4:40 pm
productive. >> brian: sounds great, right? there is a lot of people with a problem with that we will have professor shelby steele next to discuss it from his perspective. ♪
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>> one of the worries that i have about the way that we are talking about race is that it is either seems so big that somehow white people now have to feel guilty for everything that happened in the past. i don't think that's very productive. or black people feel disempowered by race. >> um-huh. >> i would like black kids to be completely empowered to know that they are beautiful in their blackness. >> um-huh. >> but, in order to do that, i don't have to make white kids feel bad for being white much. so somehow. [applause] >> there is a conversation that has gone in the wrong direction. >> brian: that split the cast of the view and maybe at home. this not me i thought it was fantastic. that was condoleezza rice on "the view" last week. most people loved what she had to say, found it inspiring and inclusive not everyone. in op-ed former msnbc host described her appearance as offensive, disgusting, calling rice a soldier for white
4:46 pm
supremacy. here to make sense of both of those feelings and those statements shelby steele, stanford hoover institute senior fellow and writer of the documentary it's excellent what killed michael brown. dr. steele, who do you side with? >> >> oh my goodness csi was right on the money. i thought it was a beautiful statement, genuinely expressed. it there is in white and black america there is a symbiotic bond where our victimization in the past as blacks is now used as really our main source of power in the present we sort of say we are entitled now now that whites have owned up to this terrible racist past. and so in a sense he is saying that -- he doesn't like what she is saying because she is taking the heat off whites. she is saying that it's not
4:47 pm
productive for us to just blame whites and fan the fires of white guilt and actually live off that build our politics around white feeling contrite and guilty over america's past. so she is i-that's almost a little radical. and i was happy to see her say that. >> brian: dr. shelby, did you always feel that way. 1960's, did you feel differently. >> oh, yes. i was on the other side. i was, you know, i grew up in the civil rights movement. and i was mr. black power and i -- this idea that race is all important i had to come to terms with. it was slow evolution to sort of move from there to the realization. race is never a problem. the problems are always human
4:48 pm
you always have some sort of ulterior motive that corrupts your better intentions again i'm happy to see her make that statement. >> brian: went on to to say american history is a series of stories where white people knock us tuned stand on our necks and ask us why we are on the ground. if you don't know history reality how it was instructed i don't care if learning this makes white kids feel bad. that's torre, your reaction? >> that's horrible. he is saying but is he saying what he really means is that he wants the power to make white children feel uncomfortable racially. think about that he is saying that's our power as blacks. that's all we have got. we haven't created a computer we haven't discovered some other -- we haven't made great wealth in other ways.
4:49 pm
so this is-this power all the whites gives us sort of power in american life that we would never otherwise have. he is -- the black grievance industry developed after the 1960s, after whites confessed and so forth. is he a part of that. he is still saying and what breaks my heart, this is a smart young black kid. >> it is. >> yet, is he saying his only source of power is white guilt. and he is putting down somebody like condoleezza rice who is saying we should move beyond that now. the real problem that we have as blacks in america is the obvious one. we're under developed and we need to focus on that development. rather than trying to just go
4:50 pm
over, again and again and again victimization story. >> brian: dr. steele, thanks so much for your perspective. we couldn't have anybody better on to put this all front and center. thank you so much. have great night. >> well, thank you. >> brian: you got it? >> very important topic. meanwhile dagen mcdowell talking about important. she goes on the clock next. first, let's talk a little bit more about what's coming up over the next week. got a new book that shelby steele was kind enough to endorse called the president and freedom fighter. abraham lincoln and frederick douglass. november 3rd. get tickets. staten island, barnes & noble. books a million lawrenceville, georgia, kentucky. going to be on stage here, charleston, west virginia. that will be november 7th, talking about all my history books go to brian see you there. dagen is next. can't wait to see what she has to say. ♪ ♪
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>> so glad you're here, let's wrap it up. it's time to put dagen mcdowell on the clock. that is exactly what she looks like. four topics, 60 seconds, let's get started. this study finds one in three people admit to having started a kitchen fire from cooking a meal they didn't know how to make. have you done i? >> i lit my stove on fire because i left the instructions in the stove because i had not used it for years. i don't think this is because people are trying to make something unique and original, i just think it is because some of them are. they probably set a kitchen towel on fire because they don't know how to use gas stove, don't flambe anything. nobody needs to make grapes in their house. dirty oven, you can catch a dirty oven on fire or if you are tipsy. if you drink and cook, you will catch something off guard. >> a lot of people are doing that and that is what you are seeing. some people do want to make
4:57 pm
crepes. all you have to do is heat it up and turn over the better. why can't you make crepes? >> you have to flambe it come into to put cognac in there and set it on fire. >> warning about climate change, i want to listen. >> they describe the length or the height of the recession of water, it is longer than the height of the statue of liberty. >> i am terrified. >> i am guess now the kamala harris whisperer. she's talking about lake mead and the water, it is emptying out because, guess what, part of it is climate change but it is because so many people live in the state and region where lake mead feeds in term of water. again, she is not the climate czar so i guess she doesn't have to explain that well. >> but in places she says i
4:58 pm
climate a president anytime she's talking about the border, the reason why people are coming here, climate change. guess where everyone is going? glasgow because of climate change. that is all she cares about. >> but she's not going to glasgow. she is going to france, i think. >> would you find out if she's going? next up, please don't talk back to allison, virginia county board candidate is under fire for lying about her age. she has been campaigning is a 52-year-old woman but records show she is a 72-year-old woman and she is going to great lengths to call any questions about her age in violation of civil rights. does she have a case? >> no because if she is in her 70s, she looks great, so you don't need to live. i don't lie about my age, i am 52, so don't lie. one of the things, i take my fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. she said that to "the washington post." she's running for the board,
4:59 pm
"the washington post" wanted her like all the other candidates to fill out a questionnaire. she didn't fill it out. you should be proud, she has no crow's-feet. >> she is wrinkleless. crow's-feet around the eyes. >> there is some age is in there. >> did i just say something? one woman put her blind date to the ultimate test and brought 23 family members to dinner hoping her date would prove his generosity and paid the bill. the bill came out a $3,100. he did what anyone else would do in that spot. he ran. did he do the right thing? >> yes, but the family did the right thing moreover. this is in a province in china and i think this is something we need to adopt. they wanted to cast the whole family, the gentlemen's generosity, so she learned on the first date that this guy was a bomb he ran away from her family. remember, you don't marry the man with a woman, you married the family. >> on the first date --
5:00 pm
>> it was a $3,000.100 deal for 23 people, that is awesome. >> where we going to watch you tomorrow? outnumbered and i am on the business network at 5:00. >> watch dagen mcdowell but you can catch me on "fox & friends." we have great guests, look at them there, morgan luttrell, wants to be the next governor of new jersey. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in case you're still not convinced, in case you need it yet more evidence that joe biden is not really running the country, there is this. it turns out that biden only occasionally shows up for work. according to a new analysis by his friends at the cable news network, joe biden has spent 107 of his first 275 days away from the white house. mostly one of his vacation


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