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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 26, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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you make it completely possible. 2022 is coming. are you ready? a week from tonight it will be election night in america. important governors races. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham has a great show as perusual. >> laura: you asked me to get my dog on the set. i have to say, zoe is in the other room. she is in therapy because you mis-gendered her last night as billy. you referenced by dog as billy and that sent her into a total canine tail spin. don't give your resume out. we will get it tomorrow. dog tomorrow.
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she will be out of therapy. >> sean: promise? >> laura: promise. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. what is really behind george sors on's new group to stop misinformation. in joe biden needs to fire john kerry now. first walking out and walking away is the focus of tonight's "angle." -- they want you to know they care about the children. they will remind you that everything they do they do for the kids. >> if you work hard. you can do better and pass on greater opportunities for your children. >> the people must determine your future. the future of your children. >> it's about the children.
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the children, the children, the children. >> laura: but in practice the children are props in their quest for more control. when girls were raped in two schools liberal school administrators did their best to cover it up. when the father went to the school board meeting they arrested him. i can't believe this is america. the father appeared on the "angle" to describe the experience. >> my daughter was sexual assaulted at the end of school in may of last year. i went to the school board meeting to see what was going on. i told the lady what happened to my daughter. she looked me dead in the face
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and said that's not what happened and threatened my family business. my lively hood. i am tackled to the ground. i am just shocked. and horrified. >> laura: as a parent this story is upsetting. the crime against this young woman and the effort to vilify the family of the female victim. it seems to get worse every day. former president obama rolled into richmond, virginia to stump for terry mcauliffe and dismissed concern about the loudoun county crime. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phoney trumped up culture wars. this fake outrage that the right wing pedals to juice their
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ratings. that's not what you need, virginia. instead of forcing our communities to cut back when we are just starting to recover, we should do more to support people who are educating our kids and keeping our neighborhoods safe. >> laura: neighborhood safe? the democrat can't even keep their school restrooms safe. they are more worried about the political repercussions than the health and safety of the students in this saga. that goes double for the media goon squad. i remember when the "washington post" used to believe it was reprehensible to use the victim's sexual history to impeach her credibility. that's what happened in this case. the girl admitted she had a relationship with her attacker and they even agreed to meet in the bathroom when the attack
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occurred. a "washington post" reporter not mentioning her name but published these details. the chief judge who heard all of the evidence in this case decided that the accused male teenager who wore a skirt did commit the sexual assault but the reporter was not happy with that. my question is: where are all of the women who stood up for victims in the past! let's remember their words. >> how many women and men across the country who are harassed and have no voice? >> that's why people don't tell their stories into we have to create a safe space for women to come forward. >> laura: the "washington post" believed that no means no.
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now, who wants women to shut up and go away? the democrats who claimed to be the "me too" defenders. even kids are realizing their schools are a mess. schools in high schools participated in walk outs today to protest for safer schools after the loudoun county school board denied these attacks occurred. parents are fed up. the latest outrage involves loudoun county requirements that parents must sign a nondisclosure to view its race and equity curriculum. as part of the school's equity agenda the district spent $7,700 to become a licensed use of the
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second step program. parents must sign the document to view the second step curriculum. all board members who were attacking parental rights, making them sign an agreement they won't talk about it. they have to be thrown out on their you know what in the next go around. the campaign against parental involvement in schools is led by left wing activists like jack snyder and jennifer berkshire. writing in the "washington post" parents claim they have the right to shape their kids school curriculum. that would risk inhibiting the ability of young people to think independently. randy the head of the american
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federation of teachers loves this. tweeting, great piece on parents rights in public schools. that's funny. she means the right to step aside and lead the experts control it all. who on earth would tolerate this disrespect? this will only make matters worse where parents started their own walk out. loudoun country is growing but its school enrollment is dropping. the schools are losing state funding. good. and the fairfax county public schools are also seeing trouble. all of last year we warned them that if they kept their schools
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closed for in person learning and dumbing down their curriculum parents would pull their kids out. that's happened. the district is down 10,000 students from the pre-pandemic level. they moved their children to private schools. others opted for home schooling. others went to areas where schools were operating in person. school leaders acknowledge when it comes to students in schools pre-pandemic they have no idea where they have gone. these people who don't know where the kids have gone are in charge of your kids education? this is absolutely terrifying. don't worry. their priorities include pairing back on ap-courses and mandating that athletes get the
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vaccinations. parents are not just walking out on these radical school administrators. they want to throw them all out. >> our kids are too important. we can't assume everybody else will take care of this. we have phenomenal teachers but it's the leadership. >> i not have heard mcauliffe say i will visiting what is happening in the schools. i heard youngkin say that. give him a shot. >> how about the former governor saying parents should not be involved. >> my head was about to explode. >> laura: and glenn youngkin dropped an ad that mcauliffe has had a long history of veto bills for education. >> it was bipartisan. it gave parents a say.
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the option to choose an alternative for my children. but then governor terry mcauliffe vetoed it twice. he doesn't think parents should have a say. he said that. he shut us out. >> laura: a devastating ad. these are not phoney culture wars. this is about who has the final say about the present and future of our kids education. this is about whom you trust to keep your children safe with a school has woke teachers or administrators can't be trusted. they have other priorities. the walk outs today in virginia are only the beginning. the democratic party is about to experience what a political walk out across america feels like and that's the "angle." joining me now is naomi wolf and
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emily. a loudoun county parent whose daughter took part in the walk out. where are the feminists rushing in to condemn this school board in loudoun county and their role in covering this up and also the politicians? >> this is a mortifying moment. there are dads and moms across the country, survivors ever sexual assault should rally to support this family. the dad was trying to warn other parents this is what the right thing to do. they are rejecting shame and blame and they are being
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targeted. i am embarrassed and ashamed that feminists are not standing up to support this family. i am embarrassed and ashamed there is not a chorus calling out the horrific treatment of this young lady who is a minor. there is so much wrong with the way this young woman is being treated. it almost seems like bizarre. like punishing the parents and this family for speaking out. i am a survivor of rape in childhood and an advocate. i have walked with rape survivors going through the judicial process. >> laura: that's awful. >> thank you. that judge could have had her testify in a closed courtroom. there is a rape shield law in virginia. you are not supposed to bring up
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any victim's sexual history. >> laura: it was allowed and the "washington post" repeated. where are all of the feminists. emily, i have to ask about your daughter. she became an activist today by walking out of school. 5 high schools across loudoun county. there were hundreds and hundreds of kids who walked out. why did she walk out? >> well, i don't think she was excited to become an activist because a lot of teenagers don't the pressure. they don't want their peers to judge them. i think she realized when this happened so long ago and people are just finding out about it, it really struck her. her friends and her and many other kids felt really blind
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sided. this is happening in our schools. why didn't they know about it? >> laura: did she know the attacker? don't say the name? did it take place at her school? >> it didn't take place at her school. >> laura: okay. >> nearby. >> laura: naomi, when i think of this attacker being shuttled to another school to rape again. allegedly rape again i should say. in juvenile court there is no jury. it's the judge. it was not clear if the individual was gender fluid.
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terry mcauliffe said parents don't have a right to education decisions and obama said these are fake culture issues. >> that's very insulting. it's surreal. i don't think that what this assailant was wearing is germain. >> laura: i don't wear about it but it might have come into play on the part of the administrators. that might complicate the woke factor. i don't think it matters. i agree with you. >> maybe these administrators are also engaged in a horrific cover-up. i believe they have a duty to report this when they know about a sexual assault. it's their duty to keep the kids safe. they have to report it.
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they are saying guidelines were unclear. this is nonsense. what i encourage everyone to realize there is something bigger going on here. parents are being targeted and identified as domestic terrorists for speaking up at meetings where the kids education is at stake. it's a war against the family. >> laura: emily, how does this factor into the governor's race as a matter of fairness and true equity? >> well, it's interesting. i have been reading a lot of social media sponses to this walk out. i was shocked by some of the push back. they are saying this is just political. political posturing. it's something to help youngkin at this time. this has nothing to do with
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politics. this is crime in our school. it could have been a guy or a girl. we are done with the issues in loudoun county. we needed something positive. we had kids that had a voice today when they haven't had one. they enjoyed it. they made signs. >> laura: we will continue to cover this issue. thanks for your voices tonight. attorney general garland ordered the fbi to target parents protesting against out of control school board but now he is distancing himself from his own memo. joining me is the ohio congressman tim jordan.
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what is your next move? >> we asked the attorney general to re-send his memo which he did. when president obama referred to these as culture warriors. these are paints. -- parents. they don't want hate america curriculum state in their schools. what was interesting about the first letter on the 29th of september, not once in that 6-page letter was the word parent or parents mentioned. in the apology that came friday night after our hearing with the attorney general, in the memo from the school board association, they mentioned parents then. that's what happens when you speak the truth and defend the parent's rights to be involved in their kids education. >> laura: joe biden was stumping for mcauliffe and tried to tie
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glenn youngkin to january 6th. watch. >> virginia, for the sake of your families and your country, we can't let this happen in virginia. extremism can come in many forms. it can come in the rage of a mob different to assault the capitol and in a smile and a vet. >> laura: who is the real extremist in virginia tonight? >> it's not these parents. we had democrat members of the judiciary committee try to tie parents who come to school board meetings, tried to tie them to people who did bad things on january 6th. this is how far the left has gone. i come to the basic question: who cares more about the kids education, government or moms and dads. i will bet on moms and dads
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every time. what else they said at the hearing. this memo from the attorney general is the last straw. when you tell us government knows more about your kid than you do, that's the last straw. this will be the catalyst for this new focus on freedom that you talked about right when this virus started a year and a half ago. we all need to focus on. what they have done to our first amendment liberties, this is the final straw. parents won't tolerate it. >> laura: thank you. they are coming for the kids. that's the next thing. why john kerry should be fired immediately. in a moment. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain?
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>> laura: i told you months ago. john kerry would surrender to china on the climate issue. now the "washington post" is reporting that in the early summer with less than 5 months to go before critical u.n. climate conference in scott lond. john kerry told president biden he would not achieve his goal unless the u.s. and china relationship improved. what might they be demanding. beijing insisted that cooperation on climate would not
7:27 pm
commence amid strained relations over human rights and a range ever other issues. give us everything or we are not sitting at the climate table. of course, john kerry is willing to go along with this surrender. when marco rubio introduced a bill. john kerry and big tech hobbled that effort. why? because kerry did not want to offend china. john kerry has been undermining our country for years. >> it was incomprehensible that the united states and china would find cooperation on climate change. we found common ground. we have some big disagreements with china but climate has to stand alone. we will fight about the cyber
7:28 pm
issue while the world is falling apart. you would be certifiable. >> laura: what is certifiable is believing that china will live up to any climate commitment. they brought 3 times more coal power online in 2020 than the rest of the world. china is ordering mines to produce as much coal as possible. john kerry is poised to give china anything it wants for empty promises. it's time to get rid of john kerry. joining me is former secretary of state mike pompeo. where did i get this wrong? >> you got it all right. this administration is willing
7:29 pm
to sacrifice any american security with the partners in the middle east or the chinese communist earth for climate change. he will sacrifice the people of hong kong and american's national interest. this administration took a chinese leader sitting in canada to be returned to the united states under criminal indictment. they let her go. this administration is willing to apiece the chinese communist party for anything for a phoney promise. they won't live up to their commitment on energy. they won't do it. in the trump administration we reduced total carbon output. the chinese communist party
7:30 pm
decreased their carbon output. >> laura: is the biden administration so desperate for a deal with china they don't have any concern about genocide? this is what the natural security boy wonder said today. >> john kerry noted his chinese counterpart cease a contradiction and the united states is pushing them to reduce carbon emissions and at the same time the united states is sanctioning solar panel production. >> there is no reason that the united states or any other country should be forced to choose between these two. >> laura: how is that acceptable? ignore human rights? or china cares about human rights if we cave on climate? >> the chinese government didn't
7:31 pm
give a rip about humans. they exported the coronavirus to italy. america will sacrifice its economy and good jobs. you should do that too. this is a fool's errand. secretary john kerry has a lot of friends. he said you could have know arab countries recognize israel or there would be wall. he's been wrong a lot. no chance the chinese communist party will reduce its carbon emissions to appease some american history. these are ruthless leaders in china intent on maintaining power and watching america's weakness. >> laura: it's so depressing. this china issue and the border are the two biggest issues
7:32 pm
facing america. we are losing sovereignty on the southern border. you sat across the table from president xi. is it not clear why he wants to only deal one-on-one with biden given biden's overall performance and ability to converse? are you surprised about xi's desire to deal one-on-one with the president only? >> no, it doesn't surprise me at all. he believes he will be sitting across the table from a leader not defending america's interest. he is sitting across from a leader he can get a deal for the chinese communist party. one not in america's best
7:33 pm
interest. he wants a fat deal for hissen team. >> laura: how are you so tan all the time? you are the most tanned guest we have had on the show in 4 years. is it a perpetual beach vacation you? look very healthy. >> trying to live better after the hard work of last 4 year and getting ready for hard work to take back the house in 2022. >> laura: thank you. george soros is putting his money behind an effort to combat misinformation. our report reveals he is doing this. plus the new victim plan on campus. it's the white's person fault. a story out of harvard you need to it hear to believe. stay there.
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>> laura: the media are lavishing prays on a new media
7:39 pm
couple dedicated to fighting disinformation. that means censoring conservatives. guess who is funding it. liberal billionaires. we turn to trace gallagher -- what are they up to? >> this company is called good information and promises to combat disinformation which is interesting and ironic considering it's funded by 2 left wing billionaires. george soros and reed hoffman who was forced to apologize for funding disinformation in the 2017 special election for the u.s. senate. now good information will focus on local news with currier
7:40 pm
newsroom in 8 states. this is the same group of stations cited by the media watch dog group news guard for failing to meet bask standards of credibility and transparency -- basic. and good information will be led by the democratic strategyist who ran a progressive nonprofit with one of the largest digital campaigns to beat donald trump. it also invested in the company that made major headlines for producing the cellphone app that broke the 2020 democratic caucuses by delaying the vote tally. terry released this:
7:41 pm
maybe by dangerous she means shutting down stories like hunter biden's laptop and the wuhan lab week which were labeled disinformation only to be proven legit. >> laura: thank you. harvard university sophomore published a diatribe about what convinced her to quit the pre-med program. a grand jury declined to charge police in the death of breonna taylor on the day of her inorganic chemistry exam she writes:
7:42 pm
joining me joy -- now. why does this sound like the bee? >> i don't think this anger is genuine with you aimed at the wrong target. the target is not white supremacist. it's affirmative action. as the economist pointed out affirmative action takes smart minority kids but puts them in
7:43 pm
an environment where they are outmatched by pierce. -- peers. she can't say all of my peers are smarter than me. i am in chemistry class and i need help. she can't say that so has to displace her rage and anger. not white supremacy happen toer but someplace. now i understand she has withdrawn from school. >> laura: at dartmouth i had to drop out of organic chemistry. it was too hard for me. -- she said i could have asked to take the exam another day. but that would have required me to release by breath.
7:44 pm
she should have majored in drama. >> [laughing]. well, what i find interesting is she is unable to invoke any white supremacy happening to her. none at harvard. no one is mistreating her. no professors. she is finding white supremacy in a distant place. it's like if i were at dartmouth and said the reason i am performing poorly at school because slum kids in india only get one meal i day. i can't perform. think of the kind of how farfetched this has to be to make any sense. >> laura: the fact that someone along the way taught her this is okay to think this way. this is the result of education
7:45 pm
gotten to harvard? >> if you think more broadly. think about critical race theory or woke culture, a lot is nothing more than providing excuses for failure. instead of how do i make myself better and conform myself to the requirements of tests? the tests must be biassed. the college is racist. the institutions are all against me. it's excuse making trying to explain inferiority and academic -- you are not able to match up. >> laura: coddled kids of any race crumble. today an fda panel approved the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11 years old. a comment made by a doctor on the panel is one of the most twisted. we will play it for you in one moment.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> you get some protection from natural infection. it's not as strong as what you get from the vaccine. >> people get infected. if they survive they develop some natural immunity but it's not as durable.
7:51 pm
>> no one should advocate for infection over vaccination. >> laura: he is missing the point. they are wrong. this show pointed out many times naturally acquired immunity is real and robust and durable. my next guest introduced legislation to make sure the federal government follows basic immunology, well established science. tennessee congresswoman. tell us what this bill calls for. obviously you are a republican if a democrat house. but in the dream world what would this require? ? >> well, it would require federal agencies to take into account naturally acquired immunity from previous covid infections before the government makes any rules or regulations
7:52 pm
concerning american citizens. >> laura: today an fda panel went on to approve the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11 years old. i need you to listen to what one panelist said. >> we are never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it. that's just the way it goes. we should vote to approve it. >> laura: you have to give the shot to know if it works. these are our experts. >> they are experts in their own mind. i have been a pharmacist for 35 years. i understand how this works. you go through clinical trials and the really study starts when you give it to the american public. this was an emergency use authorization vaccine. now they are doing the studies. it took 6 months to do these
7:53 pm
studies in 5 to 11 years old. 6 months to 5 it to 11 years old. compare this to when they did studies on polio. it was over a million people they studied and took over a year. we do not know the long-term effects that these babies will suffer. you know we see the myocarditis in young people from 18 to 26. how do we know this won't happen in these children? laura, even when you look at pfizer's research, they didn't study things like does it keep the children from getting covid? does it keep them from being hospitalizesed? what they looked at. what is that antibodies response? here we are talking about natural immunity. children recover from this with
7:54 pm
mild to little symptoms and hospitalization is almost unheard of. why subject 5 to 11 years old to a vaccine that we don't have long-term studies? >> laura: a small chance that a child will suffer severely from covid-19. it's happened and tragic. this is ridiculous. thank you. joe biden didn't make sense tonight in virginia. "the last bite" tries to explain.
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>> laura: i give you tonight's addition of joe don't know. >> we are taking a page from terry's book as governor and fighting to be governor the next time. we are working to expand pre-k for three and four years old. >> laura: okay.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. remember, freedom matters here. all for charity, all for the website, it's my favorite. remember, it's america now and forever, greg gutfeld and the gang will tear it up and they will take it all from here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy glorious tuesday, everyone. things are going great around here, its date 2 of our amazing halloween extravaganza. before we get to the news, the next episode of our favorite sitcom awaits. ♪ ♪


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