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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 27, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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a different perspective of economy from the predecessor. i think this pope is probably joe biden. >> we will watch closely. robert sirico, the president of the action institute. when it comes to the pope, there's some issues there. you can agree. we will see. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters along with katie pavlich, geraldo rivera, martha maccallum, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ present biden is set to unleash disastrous liberal crime reform policies nationwide, despite a rise in violence across the country. the administration is proposing eliminating cash failed to promote gender equity. you heard that right.
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the ridiculous 42 page report calling for a government approach: "we will work to end cash bail, reform free trial system, recognizing the harm these processes because, particularly for black women and families." we have seen example after example of the consequences of this policy and liberal cities pure you may remember this woman accused of shoving another person into an approaching new york city subway train. she was freed without bail in july for a different vicious assault. how about this guy? he made the cover of "the new york post" after being arrested -- ready -- 57 times this year alone. greg, i don't get it. you empty the prisons in the middle of a crime way. tell me why this makes sense. >> greg: if you are eliminating cash failed to promote gender equity, you have more women who are crime victims. we've noticed this in new york city. the bulk of people attack on the streets are women, women who have died, women in
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times square. basically, they have decided that if you can create more female murder victims, that's equity too! they are redistribute in the murder. congrats on finally finding a quality and the suffering of other people. it raises the question -- we all see the consequent is. why do you continue doing the same thing when you know this is happening? the governing ideology is one of oppression. oppression theology. this country in its current state is essentially a giant slaveholder. it needs to be taken down. that means the byproduct of these people dying, they are merely byproducts. it doesn't matter that they are dead, because the greater thing is to overall society. you know -- they know that nobody wants this. they know that it is evil, which is why they are always burying it in places. i don't think any of us knew
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about the no cash bail until it happened. we didn't -- >> geraldo: we had it locally. >> greg: -- right, but it wasn't there. they had to slip it in, and when you bring it up, a left-wing d.a. will call you racist, which is what happened when we brought it up. people are dying, and they are continuing to do this. it's telling you they want this to happen. >> jesse: greg mentioned the ideology. this began on what i would call the revolutionary left. the american intellectual left. they thought the prison system needed to be abolished. they needed to d carson rate the population. prisons were a tool of white capitalists. the biden administration, moderate joe biden, is actually ascribing to this crazy ideology. >> i don't think you have to worry about bail, because most people aren't going to jail anyway. you got people shooting up in the street, they do not go to jail. if you steal a car and drive away, you will probably not go to jail.
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there's a lot of offenses where you don't even get to that point. they have already established that level of freedom for people. on the other hand, when you go back to the election, jesse, and you look at what both kamala harris and joe biden had to fight off, they had this stink on them of the 1994 crime bill. they had been tough on crime. this is what happens with politicians. they are like "remember that when we had to tell everybody we were going to be tough on crime, because that is what was working?" all of a sudden, it was not working. i look back on what joe biden said back then, and he -- not even back then. this is 2015. joe biden said that the crime bill restored american cities. raise your hand if you don't want to restore american cities. look at what has happened to the great cities of this country. i think is a tiny margin of people that say "i would rather have cash bail or american cities were stored." i think you will have to have a
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pendulum swing. what years are going to be customer in 2022. [laughter] if that goes the wrong way for democrats, i think you are going to see a bill clinton revival of welfare to work, tough on crime. all these things figuring out that it doesn't work so we got to go the other way. >> jesse: a bill clinton revival threats. [laughter] interesting on a number of levels. geraldo, we mentioned this in chicago, new york states, there's been studies -- >> geraldo: about cash bail >> jesse: -- they reoffend or do not show up to trial. to be to let me make the token progressive argument against cash bail. you have two codefendants that commit the same crime. one has some wealth, the other is broke. the bail is $1,000, $5,000, whatever it is -- $100,000 -- the rich criminal can put up bail, the poor criminal is stuck in jail, incarcerated, until -- not even until proven guilty, but not even tried. >> jesse: some would call that a quality. not equity, equality.
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>> geraldo: i think -- they say only the poor and rich can fan from sleeping under bridges, but only the poor sleep under bridges. as much as i hate to agree with you, it is not appropriate, given the epidemic of violent crime that we are now facing. it is not about theoretical equity. it's about safety. it's about mom and dad, your wife and children walking down the street and getting jacked, assaulted. homicide is now the number one cause of death among young black men under the age of 34. it's hard for a liberal to stick to a progressive, technical point, when in the face of this harsh reality is why liberalism, per se -- it's so illogical.
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>> jesse: they are not focusing on crime victims. >> katie: maybe the left should focus on programs for black men to live past the age of 34 instead of shooting each other, so to have some program for the inner cities -- instead of focusing on the justice department, there pushing equity that doesn't mean anything. it's gobbledygook for the left, and tears down the system that they think cannot be reformed. democrats are picking a side. they know what cash bailed out -- they know what no cash bail does, they've seen it happen, they can see the crime statistics, and yet they are continuing to do this and they want to implement in on a national scale. they are taking aside of the criminals. they are taking the side of the criminals. when you have a system that will not do justice based on your skin color, this is the result. unfortunately for them, the results are that minorities were impact of the most. when you go into these communities and ask people who live there, rather than the aoc's who live in high-rise buildings above whole foods, they will tell you more police,
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not less. "we want people in jail, we are sick of seeing criminals run our streets, and we have no say." this is another distraction. there are consequences for people who live in these neighborhoods who don't want to get their 2-year-olds to get shot at a barbecue on the fourth of july. >> greg: i don't know how bills work, but if you are a democrat for no cash bail, there's got to be away to introduce a bill that removes private security to your world. if you are for no cash bail, you don't get private security, so you are just as vulnerable as ever video spirits be when i will talk to my buddies and congress peered >> greg: thank you, i knew that you know somebody. [laughter] >> work on schoolhouse rock. [laughter] >> jesse: really are in the news. >> greg: i disagree. >> jesse: coming up, republican senators ripping apart joe biden for refusing to back off his order targeting parents.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: attorney general merrick garland got his kicked testifying before the senate. garland repeatedly pressed over why he refused to -- the justice department's memo seeking the fbi on parents. even the national school board association apologized. >> you are just a vessel, aren't you? >> g.a. garland: i'm not sure what you mean by that. >> you have weaponized the fbi and department of justice. it's wrong. it's unprecedented, to my knowledge, in the history of this country. i call on you to resign. >> this letter calls him a domestic terrorist. the nrc eight is so embarrassed of this letter, they have apologized for it. they have retracted it. you apparently don't have the same willingness to apologize and retract what you did. >> your test money, your directive, your shame. thank god you are not on the
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supreme court. resign in disgrace, judge. >> geraldo: that was terrible. >> greg: garland grilled -- he is now aware of the school rape case. >> you indicated you were not aware of that, and in the six days before you testified before the house judiciary committee, have you become familiar with the public reported details about the case? >> g.a. garland: i have read about the details. >> greg: that's good, think of her how was his performance? before i don't think you can say the name merrick garland without thinking about the history. at that time, he was seen afters this person who was so wrong because he did not have an opportunity to have a hearing. everyone has expected that as attorney general he would be this evenhanded and careful attorney general. the problem for merrick garland
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is that the events make it look otherwise. even at the national school board association sending out this memo, then the back story, and "they have been going back and forth with the white house. we are upset with what's been going on in meetings, and people are under assault or in danger." over the weekend, from friday, the letter goes out. monday, there is an announcement that the fbi will be watching all of this. now, under scrutiny and questioning, merrick garland goes "i based it on the letter from the national school board association," which they have walked back on, the language in it. reports that i read in the media, an investigation that does not make that you do not have to be a lawyer to understand that. even when i read this from the first moment, it said that there has been a dangerous spike. "let's see. what's the dangerous spike? let's see the example." there is a response from the department of justice, not just
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local law enforcement. it's been a tough couple of hearings for merrick garland. >> greg: katie, we seen so many hearings. to me, this is pretty serious. does it fall into that world of trauma where "the republicans act this way, and just goes away"? it's just drama for the sake of drama. do we get anywhere? >> based on what merrick garland said today not resending the doj memo, i don't think it's going away. i think that the justice department under order from the white house and president biden wants this to continue for the school boards, to continue to be monitored. the problem for the apartment of justice is they have no credibility when it comes to telling parents that the fbi is not coming after you. the irs colluded with the doj in 2010, regular people in their community, just like parents going to their school board meetings. these awards were given by the
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courts, and now they are just supposed to take the word of the attorney general, who is directed by the white house that everything is going to be fine, even though the letter from the national school board association has been repealed? he did not have a basis to do this in the first place. now, he has no basis to do it. the other things, if you are focused on parents of the school board meetings, you are not focused on other things that are your job, like, i don't know that she was asked about afghanistan today, and what he is doing to manage isis-k, and he said he didn't really know what they were doing. that is a problem and it puts americans at risk. >> greg: geraldo, he seemed overwhelmed. >> geraldo: i think that's closer to the truth. he was the great circuit court judge, federal appellate judge. he should have had, as was in martha's accounting, should have
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been on the supreme court of the united states if obama was given a fair shake, but watching him, because he got caught -- he got caught politicizing the doj. a very unfortunate case. i don't know why it was rushed over the weekend. it was lame that he did it, but i have to say, watching ted cruz and josh ali, so nasty, so -- they make my skin crawl. the way they were so disrespectful -- tom cotton, that attack just now, that does not make tom cotton look like a serious senator. that looks like an ideological warrior trying to score cheap points. >> jesse: remember the cavanaugh hearings? or member kamala harris? that was nasty. >> geraldo: they were getting back to merrick garland, who had nothing to do with those hearings. >> martha: calling for the doj
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to be politicized to go after everyday parents for daring to -- >> geraldo: what about children watching the senate in action? where is jimmy stewart? that's as low down and dirty as it gets. >> jesse: you have not been paying attention. >> geraldo: i have been paired >> jesse: katie is right. imagine you are the attorney general and you think about the threat matrix coming in. what do we have to worry about? sex trafficking, gun tracking, chinese espionage, isis sympathizers, counterfeiters, corporate fraudsters customer no, a letter to the attorney general and he says "we are going to stick the fbi on angry parents." >> greg: it's the fastest of the government has ever worked. [laughter] >> jesse: then, the letter blows up. instead of just dropping it, he continues the fbi task force. what does this remind you of? it reminds me of when the
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dossier was determined, relate, to be bonked, and they continued to use it to spy on trump. i think we need to think cocaine mitch for blocking this admission. i say that lovingly. this guy, if he had gotten on the court -- what a puppet! he is such a puppet of the radical left, and dom. he's not articulate. he couldn't answer a single thing. he has a dumb and corrupt puppets. his family makes money or pushing crt. >> geraldo: be careful. he has a son-in-law who is tangentially involved. >> jesse: that means his daughter is getting rich. that's how things work, geraldo. [laughter] instead of saying "let me run this up the flagpole to see if the lawyers think this is ethical," ted cruz asked him "did you run this by anybody?" it could not answer the question. that's why this country does not trust him. if you are not stranding -- in afghanistan, not getting fired from a job, you are basically
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sending the fbi after them because they want to stick up for their kids. >> greg: looked like a melted in that seat. if the letter was about and see if it were blm, never would've happened. >> martha: out of afghanistan, waiting to get up for nine months, this happened in 96 hours, you are going "really?" >> greg: ahead, don't worry about inflation. president biden boasting that the economy is on the right track. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ joe ] my teeth were a mess. i had a lot of pain. as far as my physical health, my body was telling me you got to do something. and so i came to clearchoice. your mouth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeth with dental implants from clearchoice. [ joe ] clearchoice has changed my life for the better. it's given me my health back. there's an amazing life out there if you do something for your health now.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> geraldo: tina turner in the rock & roll hall of fame. >> greg: you know her. [laughter] >> geraldo: i remember her comeback concert.
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she was great. >> geraldo: it was a small stage. it was gotham. president died and battered by bad economic new hooves. such a room in a new york christmas, thanks to a huge backlog of things bogging down ports out west. thanks to inflation, this year's thanksgiving feast shaping up to be the most extensive meal in the history of the holiday. despite it all, the president says the economy is doing just fine. >> president biden: trump likes to pose the single best matter to the economy is the stock market. i never thought that. well, if that's true, take a look at the stock market now. it's higher than it has ever been. not only that, more people working today than just before the pandemic started. people are buying more things. manufacturing is up. we are on the move, but we are on the right track. >> geraldo: on the right
2:28 pm
track, but democrats believe he is on the wrong track, and the surveys you see, polls you see, it's democrats -- >> katie: democrats, independents, you have a lot of democratic economic experts who work for people like president obama, saying that the inflation problem is going to get worse, and the biden administration wants to spend more money and is ignoring the problems. that's not going to make a go away. the white house has been saying that this is transitory, will be over in couple months, and we are still seeing the fed say "that's not over until he and michael 2022," so a year from now plus some. when you look at this as a whole and who is running the economy, it's bernie sanders in charge of the senate budget committee. he is prodding the white house to go to the left to do more to infuse the economy with money. they want more regulation. biden is leaving the country to
2:29 pm
go overseas to see how we can regulate our economy more. they say that government bread lines are good. many believe that is good, they are going to argue that what is happening is a sign of progress. >> geraldo: this may sound crazy, but talking about good things -- inflation is partly a good thing come in the sense that it is forcing employers to pay employees -- the owner has to pass the price on. >> jesse: i remember -- radical puppeteers, who turn this country into puppeteers. we have high gas prices, corruption, empty shelves, political prosecutions, and then
2:30 pm
i remember how joe biden closed his campaign. "i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm going to shut down the virus." what did he do? more people have died from covid-19 under joe biden than trumpian. the economic recovery is sputtering. if i were joe biden, i would say bring them back from china, stop the reckless spending, close the border. joe biden is not going to do anything about that. that's why he's at 39% approval, much of the country things we are going in the wrong direction, and i don't see how it gets better after this no matter how good you took of the economy. if you are shopping, filling up your gas tank, american consumers do not feel good about it. >> geraldo: terry mcauliffe, for one, martha, is worried. i got this note, the notes from terry mcauliffe. he says he is flabbergasted. virginia went big "for joe biden, and now i am tired with the trump-backed culture
2:31 pm
warrior pushing trump's big lie. i thought folks would be fired up to get out the vote, but at this point, it seems like enthusiasm is at an all-time low," writes terry mcauliffe. >> martha: please send $15. [laughter] i think terry mcauliffe is looking at the situation and sing "i thought this was going to be easy. this is not easy." i think the education issue is a hot button in virginia that his opponent grabbed onto, when terry mcauliffe said "i don't think parents should be writing the curriculum." the number one thing is the economy. that's where people live. >> geraldo: the economy is stupid again. >> martha: absolutely. he was going on with the supply chain, and i could think about rahm emanuel sing "never let a good crisis go to waste." i look at these things as leadership moments. you can go out, get the national guard, get trucks moving, get people driving around, say "it's not permanent, but we will do everything we
2:32 pm
can." rearranging where the containers are going, talk to companies. they say they have these listening sessions and brought in stakeholders. then what? nothing! >> geraldo: they do seem distracted. >> martha: they have run past where people are, right? they are talking about things and people going "that's fine, but it's not what's going on." speech of the cultural stuff is running past them. i want to quickly make a pitch for my plan to lower the age of drivers of those trucks from 21 to 18. 18-19-20. you've got to be 20 want to drive those big rigs. >> jesse: they don't interact with anybody! >> geraldo: you have to have some energy to fix the problem, and he seems distracted. >> greg: the opening of the clip, what did he say? trump. he said it 24 times, once for every time he forgot where he was. [laughter] he's not all there. i don't just mean cognitively.
2:33 pm
i mean on the job. he is a wounded antelope. it's not republicans doing the feeding. it's the hard left. they see and they know that this is a hollowed out vessel, it is collapsing. you are going to get the bail reform, the high taxes. it's time to look past this wounded antelope and see the vultures circling behind him and above him. those are the people in control. >> geraldo: they should put kyrsten sinema and joe manchin in charge of the democratic party. criminal charges not being rolled out against alec baldwin. the stunning new details on the deadly movies set shooting after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> a tragic of element in the gun shooting that left selena hudgins dead, a shooting that involved alec baldwin. criminal charges not being rolled out i could potentially come for any number of people on that sets, including alec baldwin. >> all options are on the table. i am not commenting on charges, whether they will be filed or not, or on whom. no one has been rolled out to. >> we are working at thorough lead to gather of the investigation, continued interviews, and further analyze and process the evidence. >> martha: police confirming there was a live round in the handgun baldwin fired, and they believe there were additional live rounds around the set. greg, what do you think? >> greg: i was not surprised. we knew this whole set was a mess. i said this before that if we stopped dividing each other by politics or identity, baldwin,
2:39 pm
the producer, could have benefited from the expertise of a genuine nra instructor. i'm sure he would not share the policies of the person, but he likely shares the politics of any oakley jr. look where that got her. this so-called gun expert they had wasn't so bad, she freaked out nicolas cage. it takes a lot to freak out nicolas cage. [laughter] when you look at her experience, there is no way she should have been near a gun. she had a bad reputation. look at social media. she is a deeply nonserious person. there's a real you have to go by with guns. i'm a relatively new gun owner. people who pose with their weapons on instagram or elsewhere should not ever be near weapons, because the desire to pose means you are more interested and obsessed with being cool than with being safe. >> geraldo: what about trump's sons? >> greg: i don't see them doing that. >> geraldo: they posed with big guns. >> greg: they are hunting. i'm not a big hunter.
2:40 pm
>> geraldo: i generally agree with that. >> greg: thank you, geraldo. [laughter] be to their anatomy is insufficient, that's why they pose with it. >> come on, geraldo! [laughter] >> greg: "he drives a red car, so he is a tiny whatever." >> jesse: you policing your car. >> greg: it's a playboy car from the 70s. [laughter] 's before we had someone on the show today who talked about this. it's a colt 45 single action gun, which takes two movies -- i know nothing about guns, so if i get something wrong, katie will correct me -- you have to -- there's two actions. you have to pull the trigger and cocked back the hammer. i talked to someone who said that should never happen during a rehearsal. you would not do both motions when you are just trying to go through the motions and block a scene and get ready for. there's a lot down the line could be potentially criminally liable. >> katie: the segment you have on your show today, showing
2:41 pm
exactly what happened was excellent for people not familiar. encourage them to watch it. out of hundreds of hours that i have had of training at gun sites and other places, i've never been told there's an accident. his only negligence. this idea that someone handed alec baldwin the firearm and he did not know it was loaded, the number one rule of gun safety is to treat every gun as if it is loaded. this negligence idea is not applicable if you are serious about gun safety. the fact that there was live ammunition at all on the set is irresponsible when you are having, in a movie, to point a prop gun or in this case a real gun at another human being. you will not do that unless you are willing to destroy your target: another rule of gun safety. the third thing is alec baldwin and everybody on the set -- the arrogance that they showed, the lack of respect for the capabilities of a firearm, basic
2:42 pm
firearm safety, is very evident here, which led to the death of this young woman and the injuries of the director. at a minimum, you could be charged with negligent discharge, but the idea that somehow there's no responsibility for alec baldwin who pulled the trigger -- there's no accidents. there's only negligence. that is erased from this conversation. >> geraldo: if i were the santa fe district attorney, i would charge involuntary manslaughter. i say that with regret. i am in alec baldwin fan. i think he is a terrific actor, but what he did here -- here is the test for involuntary manslaughter in new mexico. if you are texting while driving and you kill somebody, that is involuntary manslaughter. it doesn't mean grotesque negligence. it takes recklessness, criminal negligence. clearly, in this case, it is at least as serious as the guy texting and driving and killing the pedestrian.
2:43 pm
i think there will be at least one charge, maybe three charged. as much as it pains me to say it, deservedly here at >> martha: they were doing target practice at night the night before, and that may be how that ended up -- there were people who walked off the set angry that morning, which raises questions that will be addressed in this investigation. >> jesse: i don't think he's going to get charged, because he is a star, and a democratic star. when there is a high profile case like this, politics will get involved. this guy, he is a lorne michaels guy. he is an nbc icon. he travels in the most elite democrat party circles in this country. he gets off the phone with obama, whoever he wants. the two senators into mexico, democrats. the mayor, democrat. the d.a., i looked into her. hard-core democrat, ran on restorative justice, just dropped charges against a couple of guys that broke down a memorial.
2:44 pm
she refuses to prosecute drug felonies. i don't see someone like this in a situation like this where there's a lot of potential hollywood movies on the line -- if they are going to nail a star like this for a so-called "accident," which is negligence, what other hollywood studios will come shoot in new mexico? >> martha: claimed she would follow the evidence, the d.a., as compliant to new mexico law. we will see if she actually does that. next, instead of focusing on the issues that americans care about, in some cases, democrats seem to want to continue to go back to talking about former president trump. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> katie: so much for the issues. democrats saying again that they have no messages to run on, and are instead obsessing again about donald trump. >> president biden: iran against donald trump. this person is running against
2:49 pm
an accolade of donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. trump. trump. donald trump. donald trump! donald trump. trump. trump. donald trump. donald trump. is there a problem with trump being here? is he embarrassed? >> jesse: joe biden should focus on america's problems, instead of america's favorite president. [laughter] i can kind of remember when barack obama went after bush. remember, for two years, we used to knock him hard, but at least he can kind of pull that off, because you had a rock and the financial crisis. that's fine. joe biden spent the last nine months refusing to say donald trump. he wouldn't even say it. apparently, the reporting is that he doesn't even say it off camera. that's how much donald trump disgusted him personally. then, he can't go on the campaign without getting donald trump out of his mouth? it's lazy. i don't like it's going to work. >> martha: i think it's a sign that they are worried in
2:50 pm
virginia. they know that the suburbs are slipping away from them. a lot of voters just wanted a calm, gentler nation and a quieter your universe. now, looking at the situation they are saying "i don't like this, and the economy is a problem." they didn't necessarily get that calm rest that they were looking for. can constantly remind them -- >> katie: they are addicted. >> greg: never occurred that may be "trump" is the code were to his handlers that he has to pee. [laughter] >> martha: that expunge everything! >> greg: as time goes on, it's so clear how superior trump is as president and his accompaniment. that's probably driving him a little mad. >> jesse: on the q, who says ♪♪ i've gotta pee ♪♪
2:51 pm
[laughter] >> geraldo: for november 3rd-january 6th presidency, trump -- this is baloney. they need policy. the democrats lost most of the house seats. the republicans have the best ideas. the democrats need policy, and need someone to express the policy. why isn't kamala harris doing that customer they need someone to be competent. they need someone to have great ideas. >> jesse: why hasn't she visited virginia? >> geraldo: i thought she went. >> she made a trip. >> katie: "one more thing" up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. .
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♪ ♪
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>> jesse: it is time now for one more thing and as a part of fox news' 25th anniversary celebration we had a major dedication right here earlier today. our state-of-the-art studio f in the heart of new york city will now be known as studio m in honor of fox news channel's founder rupert murdoch. a plaque unveiling a new name unveiled this afternoon with rupert and lock land murdock. watch. ♪ ♪ >> we are standing on what was until moments ago studio f. but, you know, today we are dedicating this incredible space to you and calling it studio m. in honor of our founder is the heart of the fox operation. and "fox & friends," harris, outnumbered, martha, and "the five" and, of course, all of our
2:57 pm
election coverage and our town halls all that happens within studio m. we are inspired by your passion for our journalism and for news and inspired us the last 25 years at fox news and for the next 25 years. >> jesse: our ceo sue cat scan scott honoring we are grateful for history leadership, unyielding support and indelible impact. legacy in revolutionizing the entire news landscape fox news channel will continue to have enduring for all who work and broadcast from studio m. an honor to be here what do we call it studio m. remember that greg, one more thing for you to remember. >> greg: very good. i call my bedroom studio g.
2:58 pm
>> geraldo: i thought that was my bedroom. i love the murdocks. ♪ animals are great. >> jesse: we will get to you later. great spirit animal, i finally found my spirit animal someone hopelessly neurotic and anxious about everything. check out this duck. basically me most of the time. running around. i'm always forgetting stuff. forget my keys. i forgot my wallet. leave. got to bring my mask. got to wear my mask. this is every time i leave to go work. >> jesse: more like your assistant than you. >> greg: you do not assist shame me good sir. i have my assistant tail me wherever i go. >> jesse: body guard. >> katie: i will tell you someone tailing wherever he went look at this video. >> is that a shark?
2:59 pm
>> katie: not supposed to swim in this lake he did get bitten on the arm. i think he was in shock. lucky for him. >> jesse: will. >> jesse: studio m. not here. [laughter] >> katie: if you have an extra $680,000 i have a new ride for you new hover bike available motorcycle on top of a drone 62 miles per hour. produced by a company in tokyo called aoi technology. think the faa may have a problem with it hybrid gets power from conventional engine and four
3:00 pm
electric motors, accord to go ahead reports people tried it out it is really really loud. might not be worth the $682,000 quite yet. looks pretty fun. >> jesse: what a shame geraldo, ran out of time we got to go. geraldo. i'm sorry. so upset. >> jesse: that's it for us "special report" is up next with bret. >> good evening attorney general merrick garland round of questioning by senate production over his plan to have the justice department essentially investigate parents upset about how their children's schools are being run. that story is coming up. it's fiery but first tonight, president biden is struggling to get members of his own party on board with his massive tax and spending plans. and while the biden administration continues to send


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