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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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romney on snl. >> bret: it all comes full circle. it is pretty funny to look at. on "special report" tomorrow we will cover the president's trip the european trip and what all this means on capitol hill for all of that been quite day. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade and i'm standing outside of capitol hill. >> brian: thank you, bret. congratulations your book is number one in the country. that's awesome. i know it's going to stay there because it's excellent. but, on the other side, i hope it doesn't jeopardize friendship i moved forward with my legal case. you are standing, no longer sitting. brit hume told you to sit. you are not listenerring to him anymore because of me. i talked to my attorney, judge jeanine, her show is on saturdays, run away hit. she says brian, i filed an application to register my unique and unusual never done style of reporting with the u.s. trademark and patent commission. i expect immediate approval at which time i will turn around and sue bret baier.
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>> bret: shannon bream will issue a response quickly once she is done with her show tonight. >> brian: i have bad news for you bret. i booked your attorney she is closing our show tonight. i think you got to go get andy mccarthy. i think that's your only case. >> bret: you have other things to do. could you get off of this right now bribe brian you got it. bret, go get busy. >> brian: let me tell you what is happening. "fox news primetime." tell you next hour bret wants me to. monica crowley is here talk about what's at stake for the democratic agenda. president of the united states says doesn't pass spend palooza whole presidency is in jeopardy. they have a vax mandate. >> pro-vaccination not in current situation. why thee left espn. marc morano ticket to the glasgow green summit he says we are not in the middle of a green agenda and climate and not going to collapse. the science behind the science. marc morano live and shannon bream as i told you will close out the show. first, we start where bret just
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was on capitol hill where negotiations are crumbling over the democrats' massive spending bill. this is new news. biden is looking to push through socialist build back better program. why the bill is held hostage waiting for a vote. after hitting the capitol this morning. biden gave update on where we stand. >> months of tough and thoughtful negotiations, i think we have an historic -- i know we have historic economic framework. framework create millions of jobs, grow the economy, invest in our nation and our people. >> brian: lots has changed since then. let's be clear the framework is not a done deal. the house has put out their text for the bill coming in 1600 plus pages sliced, died and some cases bulked up. i hope there are speed readers in congress. will they each try. a lot of pages to get through before casting a vote. so much at stake. that's what democrats do, remember, we have got to pass the bill before we find out what's in the bill.
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the framework does slash the spending plan from 3.5 trillion which is scary to 1.75 trillion which is equally scary because there is a lot of hidden bombs in there, let's take a look what's actually in that we know about, 400 billion for child care, 200 billion for child tax credit. maybe a half trillion for clean energy as you see right behind me. giving away money, why not 130 billion to continue obamacare. had 40 billion in higher education. we know this no free community college. if the president and the democrats want all of that they better start looking for loose change in the couch cushion the 1.7 trillion is an interesting way to attack an economy that has rising inflation and came in with just 2% growth. so how joe, will you pay for it? >> these plans are fiscally responsible. they are fully paid for they don't add a single penny to the deficit. they don't raid taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. in fact, they reduce the
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deficit. >> how is this even possible? does that math even get close working? now the president and his democratic party proposing plenty of new taxes to foot the bill. most notably a 15% minimum tax on large corporations. before we start raiding the companies employing horrible people called americans, let's take stock where the economy is right now. gas prices, have you seen them today? surging, the national average up to 3.50. up 1.25 from last year. i hope santa claus' sleigh can hold the same cargo as 18-wheeler, we are 80,000 short of truck drivers. how are we going to get holiday shopping? how could it possibly be effective if we get them off the barges? so don't even try to grab a big mac and fries either unless you have some extra money because prices are set to jump from mcdonald's and the supply chain all across the way the customer will pick up that bill. so while inflation soars, corporate tax rate, like this, is going only going to scare companies away it will stop
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expanding, listen to what kevin mccarthy said one hour ago. this bill will make china nor more comive than america. august those businesss we bruit back to america by making america competitive the forces of this bill will push to you go to other countries which is a disadvantage to american workers. >> but, at the end of the day, it will be working and the middle class americans who will also be asked to foot the bill and their jobs in many cases could be pushed overseas. enough to the president insists anyone making as you just heard $400,000 a year won't have their taxes raised. but their wallets are going to be a whole lot lighter with groceries, gas, mcnuggets and all of this cost more. you know this already. if you want a plan to stall the economic recovery and crush the american worker, the build back better plan is the plan for you. which thankfully, at this hour is not passed. marc short, like to try to pass legislative agenda had a lot of success with it executive director now coalition to protect american workers and former legislative you will meet
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the former treasury treasury secretary. the president hopped on a plane g-20 get a vote on at least the 1.2. what happened? >> well, brian, i think we have been here before. it feels like groundhog day when the president comes up to the capitol and you expect to get a deal and walks away without a deal and the reality is the bill he was hoping to get passed away for the infrastructure to get passed. the reality is the progressives have decided to take a page from sort of their tactics to say we are going to take the infrastructure bill as hot damage and not pass infrastructure until we see text framework means nothing. trillion to 1.75. qui don't know that -- we don't know that the cbo has to score
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the expense. score the revenue. we haven't done that nobody even knows how much it costs because they haven't written the bill yet. >> we know joe manchin stands for the most part sinema stands opposed to the squad and the left wing and know what he did? he just put it all in there and left. what kind of style is that on negotiating? he basically just said hey, guys, i don't think it's hyperbole to say that the house and senate majorities during my presidency is determined by what happens here. then he went to uranium. >> yeah. i any. he was hoping for some sort of agreement before he left europe. so that he could post it with his counterparts on the european continent. look, mark is exactly right. this is the second time that the white house has sent the president to capitol hill to try to twist arms to get agreement on the major multitrillion-dollar socialist spending bill. and, you know from, a political and messaging standpoint, you never send a president to the
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hill unless you are pretty confident that you are going to get some kind of productive agreement, well, this is the second strike for this president. he went there and came back again empty-handed. there is a civil war going on in the democratic party. but they want these multitrillion dollars spending bills. not because, brian, these policies are going to work for the american people. the democrats don't care about that. these are bills that nancy pelosi said today that are transformational. remember back in 2007-2008 when president obama talked about the fundamental transformation of the nation? that's what all of the spending and all of this introduction of new entitlements that reach right into the middle class, that's what all of this is about. this is about reengineering the relationship between the government, the economy, and the individual. >> you know, mark, what i find fascinating is i thought democrats are going to have the momentum to raise the corporate tax rate. they didn't. i thought they would have the
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momentum to raised tax bracket the top bracket and they didn't. they keeps the trump tax cuts in place. and the question is, they also say they have 200 billion for deficit reduction. how do you literally over 3 trillion in combined bills. and have the deficit reduced. do they think we are idiots? >> of course you can't reduce the deficit. at the same time, fox has been commenting about the jen psaki's comments that it costs us nothing. ron klain was out tweeting today boasting that this bill is going to be multiple times as large as fdr's new bill in spending. how do you say it's that much spending at the same time it costs nothing. i think another challenge they have, brian, is politically, what they caught themselves doing is saying we need to pass this to show that we can get something done. >> brian: i know. >> we need to pass it for biden. we need to pass it for terry mcauliffe. we need to pass something. but the reality is what they are selling nobody wants.
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so they have caught themselves in boxed themselves in a corner that they failed, they look incompetent and if they succeed they will hurt themselves next november. >> brian: monica for people at home i don't want to confuse them the 1.75 is democratic driven the 1.2 with 1.2, should they should though vote for that bill? >> they need to have an understanding two separate bills these are de facto one bill. one giant bill that the democrats just split into two. to try to get some bipartisan support first one. that's called the infrastructure bill but very little of it, i think like 6 to 8% of that $1.2 trillion bill is actually dedicated to hard infrastructure. roads, bridges, trains, things like that that americans actually do think need improvement. so if i were a republican on the
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hill. i would not vote for either one of these bills. >> i think that's pretty much the sentiment now. because they negotiate thanks so much for. >> they break down what's in what's out. >> brian: maria, thanks so much for joining us, so a lot of these hasn't passed and still tearing each other's eyes out. if it does pass, do you worry about this cradle to grave social spending being you are cuban dissent. this is not communism we are not saying that. but are you concerned about. >> i'm concerned about losing the founding spirit of this country. that american where you rely on yourself, the individualism, that you know that the opportunity is there for you. but the government is not part of your life. the problem is that this bill, over and beyond the fact that
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it's a lot of money, is what they are doing is that they are changing the american cycley. they are telling you don't worry, you don't have to take any risks. we are going to give you everything. and you know, brian, i come from a part of this country, miami, where we have millions and millions of people that know exactly what inflation and socialism looks like. and you know inflation, which is what we are having right now. the highest rate in the last 30 years is the coronavirus of the economy. and we do not have a vaccine readily available. we have venezuelans where was worth less than monopoly money. that's inflation. there are two currencies, one for the tourists and the other one for the cubans. that's inflation. people thinking oh my god we are going to pay a lot more for thanksgiving turkey that's inflation, and what they do not know going to be able to buy christmas presents because first of all we don't doo not have enough supply and second they are very expensive. so that is not the american
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spirit. and that what this bill is going to do. voting no and holding the fort good republican party. >> brian: did i feature on fox nation little havana how that is the most successful immigration story since the pilgrims. >> thank you. >> brian: cuban, puerto rican, american hispanic, i know it's diverse community. >> yes. >> brian: do they want to see the spendings. >> oh, no. you know, hispanics, the browns in this country we don't want a handout. we just want an opportunity. that's why my parents came here. my parents never never never asked for any government support because we knew we had the opportunity. because we knew that if we took risks and woke up early in the morning and went to work for many hours, we could make look i'm the best example the daughter of political refugees a brown girl from the hood with an accent in the u.s. capitol. that's the american dream. >> brian: all right. did i not know i was talking to a woman from the hood. >> i am. >> we have proud from little havana.
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specifically i was born there. >> brian: i object love it i checked it out. it's fantastic. thank you very much congresswoman. >> a pleasure. >> brian: coming up on this show, a story you won't see anywhere else. hillary clinton's campaign pulled some dirty tricks and went behind the scenes to try and blame donald trump. but, first, we talk to a former espn reporter who stood up for what she believed in and paid the price that story coming your way on "fox news primetime." when you is
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it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. ♪ >> i don't think the mayor understands what's going to happen on november 1st. there is going to be a catastrophic manpower staffing shortage, i still use manpower. staffing shortage 3500 firefighters not vaccinated told not to go work. you will see dozens and dozens
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of firehouses close. you will see response times climb. inevitable. lice lost that sin refutable. >> brian: he is 100 percent right. all of this over a shot. new york city employees have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to get the vaccine or lose their jobs. that means come monday we will see a drastic decrease in police and firefighters. in fact, mayor de blasio's mandate will force almost 40% of street cops to leave the force. and the city will lose about 35% of firefighters. emts. think about that. the impact devastating as you just heard fdny union president. he also adds this. these unvaccinated employees are not anti-vax they're anti-vaccine mandate. that's coming from many watching me now including espn sports reporter allison williams who left the network over the mandate and joins us now. got another job because of immense talent. going to be talk about that in a second. alison first off, what was he
4:21 pm
reaction when you told them if this mandate stays i leave? >> >> i don't know if there was much of a reaction initially. because there wasn't a lot of conversations being had. it was all dealt in a very legal way everything handled correctly through hr. they understood on individual level on a corporate level they understood they couldn't accommodate my request receiving vaccination which i felt was not in the best interest of my health at this time. and i'm so proud to stand with the firefighters there in new york and across the country because, like you said about them, this is not about being anti-vax. this is about being anti-mandate and fighting for our freedoms when we still have them. >> especially when the president says is he not going to do it that doesn't work in this country i'm morally and polygamy atlanticly not aligned with. this is it just because it's your body and they are going to be saying booster next? do you know some cities already mandating 9 flew shot. >> yeah that mow-to-me is a
4:22 pm
really scary place to go. i'm morally religiously and ethical opposed to receiving this vaccine. i'm also medically advised not to receive this vaccine. so i had numerous reasons for not wanting to receive it part of me wanted to share my story and speak out because of the things you just mentioned. i really think this is a pivotal and defining time in our country. this can open the door to so many future requirements interventions and main dates from the government or corporation in the name of public health and safety. that was what really bothered me. i didn't want to go public with my story i knew there would be some publicity because of the nature of what i do this isn't a space unnecessarily comfortable. i felt compelled because i felt when you really looked like what this could mean going forward going forward. when we give up body autonomy the right to choose what is best for us as individuals, that is not something that resonates with, i think, a lot of americans right now. >> brian: so if you had a
4:23 pm
testing option or tested you for antibodies because didn't you have the virus already? >> i did. that's what was so frustrating. you know, last year i did my job very safely. i tested and i masked and nobody had a vaccine and it was fine. and i thought that could be an option going forward. why did it work last year. i did get covid in august. it was a very mild illness, i definitely feel comfortable in my natural immunity. the antibodies that i have. none of that is taken into consideration when they make these determinations that you have to receive the vaccine. >> brian: such a joke, i feel like talking to someone who is a firefighter and cop. this is what i have been doing no one is anti-vax. they are anti-mandate. that's what you are saying. you have another show coming? you have already landed on your feet? >> i'm so excited i signed with the daily wire to do a special sports project with them. ben shapiro reached out to me within days of hearing about minus. i was overwhelmed how quickly they were able to put something together that we both feel
4:24 pm
passionately about. i'm really excited to work with a company that does believe in the american way. and the freedoms that we hold so dear. i'm really excited to share. >> brian: as someone very familiar how hard it is to work your way up the sports ladder. espn since 2011 and to leave. that takes great courage. alison, good luck, i know you are looking get pregnant and have another child. best of luck there, too. >> thank you. >> brian: thank you, alison. >> today our nation has achieved a medical miracle. we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just nine months. >> brian: lots of discussion about the vaccine mandates across the country is that miracle president trump's operation warp speed. in the book, a shot to safe the world, the inside story of the life or death rate for covid-19 vaccine author greg zuckerman done incredible job. he uncovered the science, technology and firm direction by the president and his administration to bring this front and center. gregory zuckerman joins us right
4:25 pm
now and going to talk about his book. greg, how did you get access to this entire process? >> well, from the beginning, i made a bet that these vaccines would be successful and effective and by reaching out to all the scientists, all the executives. the investors, entrepreneurs, and mostly american. american exceptionalism i would argue in terms of both the investors but also the scientists working deep in these labs and working hard to try to develop. >> they got you up to speed as if you were a scientist and got inside and talked to several hundred of them. you watched in moderna and pfizer and johnson & johnson come to market. you have a way to describe this. crippling insecurities and unsung heroes, first off unbridledsed ambition. give me an example. >> so when you take a look at moderna, they were fighting for vaccine developing vaccine for years. and people counted them out. they were skeptical. they are using mrna approach. a lot of them have inside of us in terms of the vaccine. using molecule.
4:26 pm
>> brian: teaching your body to fight it. >> that's the beauty of the vaccine and all the experts said don't waste your time. mrna doesn't last in the body unstable. they kept that, fascinating guy steve jobs kind of guy. pushes his peel some of them collapsed early on from exhaustion from, trying to keep up with him. he had a vision and pushing that. that's some ways an american story. american entrepreneurs. >> right. with the government invest don't worry about the money. you give me something, i will mass produce it sale on me. >> government and trump administration operation warp speed should get a lot of credit for the money. not just the money, receipt sources they did things like closing down bridges and transporting different supplies that were necessary crucial for some of these vaccines, they pushed that on a few different players and proved right. as the president said, it's a modern day miracle. >> unsung heroes. so, there is some small company that really stepped up. a little company in maryland called nova vac which soon i believe will be approved for a really good vaccine distributed
4:27 pm
around the world. we have enough in this country moderna and pfizer, other countries in the beginning of 2020. january, they were on their last leg. everyone counted them out. the stock was at $2, $3 a share. they kept at it and they ignored all the skepticism and i give them a lot of credit. >> so in this book you see ingenuity, a blitz, a manhattan project like you believe understand this is the american can do spirit? >> i have been impressed by it when i talk to the ceos of these companies french, they are greek, they are turkish. they say without america, that cannot be done, not just the scientists but investors who stepped up, wrote big checks without just the promise of potential problems down the road. only in america could that happen. >> brian: do you know what i thought in reading the book that if people who were skeptical on the vaccine read the book see who built it and any type of worry they have some secret
4:28 pm
formula that will hurt them down the line. >> listen, i'm not here to sell anything. skeptical myself. i'm a journalist, that's what i am skeptical on things. and i was reassured because it took years. it wasn't just kind of a quick process it took years to get the vaccine. they weren't sure until 2020 whether they would work. but i was reassured by how apolitical these scientists are you talk to them. they are republicans, they are democrats. they care about trying to hem. they make mistakes like anybody else. i was elm impressed how apolitical. >> brian: shot to save the world exclusive access. congratulations, greg. >> thank you so much, brian. brian brian i don't know how do you it in the governor's race in virginia. it just got a whole lot interesting. we have a stunning poll from fox news, please buckle up. don't go anywhere. also tonight, new details exposing democrats twisted plot to take down president trump back in 2016 and beyond. pete hegseth here to react.
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♪ ♪ >> brian: all right. democrats lose elections, they blame everyone besides themselves. take for example stacey abrams. remember? >> i'm here to tell you that just because you win doesn't mean you won. i came from a state where i was not entitled to become a governor. >> brian: yeah, remember that? this isn't anything new for the democratic party it's right seemingly out of hillary clinton's playbook 2016. >> i believe he knows he is an illegitimate president. he knows. he knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did. >> brian: really. let's expand on that. they love to tell that you democracy is dying and republicans won't accept losing. in reality they are the ones who are killing it. we are learning this from john durham's investigation who last month indicted clinton campaign
4:35 pm
pushing a phoney investigation into trump's ties to kremlin linked bank what's key about that? sussmann worked for the clinton campaign he didn't tell the fbi where he was coming from. now new reporting from real clear politics shows that the clinton campaign also tried to pressure president obama's state department and the cia into investigating. yeah. even while the trump's white house term was underway. so they lost the election and tried to screw up the administration. while they are doing that they are undermining america's trust in our government. and i think you know that joining us now is "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth mr. everything. pete, this is very interesting. will revelation. sussmann gets indicted what's the big deal. tell us about the next rink in investigation. >> as you laid out michael sussmann was just one piece of an all out blitz from the clinton campaign. straight from the clinton campaign. he was not just the fbi.
4:36 pm
mothership the doj. it was the state department. it was the cia. they were running false stories that they knew were faults about trump's ties to a russian bank because what was happening at the same time, brian? hillary clinton's email scandal was raging. so they needed something else. so they ran these false stories about donald trump's business interest in russia. they didn't need any of it to be true, brian, you for this. this was laid out by sussmann. they just needed an investigation that could then be reported upon so a reported investigation which feeds a news cycle which then the investigators used as justification as a big dust cloud. they use to try to turn donald trump into a russian agent. cynical enough they did it before. they continued it after the campaign information getting now shows how widespread it really was. it wasn't one person. wasn't just christopher steele. it wasn't just michael sussmann. if john durham does his job he could have uncovered a web here. >> multiple people coming up to
4:37 pm
the fbi and cia. they have for example secret hotline they say between moscow to a russian bank, the trump business has a secret hotline, it turns out the hotline was a marketing arm this and they knew it they knew it was a red herring, they use that as more indications leaking that story to the press. let people there is a secret russian plot between the trump campaign and the trump presidency. and russia. and the damage it did to that country and that administration is unquantifiable. and they didn't care about the damage to the office of the presidency for four years. as they continued it. the words you used red herring, brian, is the exact word in the document as described by folks pushing the conspiracy theory by hillary clinton. they have looked at the email address. they knew it was specious. they new it wasn't a real hotline to russia. they didn't care. they knew their buddies in the media would continue the
4:38 pm
narrative and all they wanted was enough when they talk about democracy dies in darkness, how many days and minutes and how many columns have been spent at "the washington post" or the "new york times" covering this? very, very little, it's been fox news, talk radio and real investigative journalists who have uncovered this and it's going to have to be. >> brian: absolutely. something else. that was 2016. then we see 2020, you had an administration which is tarred by this for the four years, the distraction for the country first off on midterm election, without a lot of thrilling races, what everyone is fixated on is leadership in virginia. terry mccaul is supposed to walk victory. check out this poll. one hour ago. glenn youngkin has an 8 point lead over terry mcauliffe. look at the difference since october. it was 51-46, now it's 53-45 among virginia likely voters. what do you think is the reason.
4:39 pm
>> turns out turns out people who spent their life in government, usually don't deliver on the promises you want in your community. they are more interested in, say, a bill being delivered for their benefit in washington, d.c., which is since failed. terry mcauliffe is the personification of joe biden nobody knew who youngkin was listened to virginia parents. tops not a republican thing to think parents should stir child's education. they are going to watch the polls, voter integrity will be important. lead like this is significant no doubt. >> absolutely, pete. other thing to keep in mind zero surrogates. i will do it win or lose. terry mcauliffe loses, do you know who else loses? joe biden, barack obama,. >> correct. >> stacey abrams. jill biden, all put their personal credibility on the line for terry mcauliffe.
4:40 pm
think all lose and go down with the ship. i will won't tell you what to do. i will say that might be a topic over the weekend and if you do call me again on friday you will lose your specious lawsuit against bret baier for walking and standing. i'm joining him in an amicus brief. will cain will be my representative. maybe todd piro. maybe emily compagno. where you are standing right now, brian, in that studio m. that is pete's place as such. i'm joining bret baier's fight against you. you are standing tyranny will end. >> brian: i cannot believe i exposed myself just to show a variety to the viewer. i'm standing in pete's place. almost as an owe ahmadinejad to as homage to you.pete take the e done with tv tonight. >> pete: thank you, brian. appreciate it.
4:41 pm
>> brian: president biden, who doesn't have any plan to visit our border is going to scotland first to talk about, i don't know, g 20 and then he is going to talk about climate change. how much more will he destroy america's energy sector in order to impress his foreign friends? i will answer that question in just a moment. ♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: whole world descending on scotland for the global climate change summit. joe biden will be there along with his special climate envoy john kerry 61'1 inches tall. he feels like he can lecture americans about their carbon footprint, why? because he turns off the lights. >> i have a solar system for my home i drive an electric car now and we are making more conscious decisions about our use of energy. within the house and i have become a flagrant light switch, you know, chaser whenever i walk through a room or a building, the biggest thing i'm doing in my lifestyle is traveling around the world trying to do the diplomacy.
4:47 pm
>> brian: right. of course with his electric plane. marc morano climate depot publisher and author of green fraud headed to the climate summit himself. what do you fear president biden is going to accomplish at the climate summit? >> well, what he is going -- there is a reason russia and china aren't attending this summit. they don't need to. they are laying low. joe biden is going to be doing the bidding for russia and china at this summit. and very simply, joe biden from day one shutting down pipelines, american drilling, going after fracking, the death of a thousand cuts, destroying american homegrown energy while at the same time nine months later we're now facing russian oil imports at 11-year high increasing. now dependent. begging opec to increase oil and chinese mining. we are much more dependent on china than ever could be. what joe biden is going to do is make all of that much, much worse by pledging all kinds of
4:48 pm
extreme net zero reducing carbon dioxide many years in the future in order to apiece the international community and get some kind of love back from them. >> marc, people watching right now i fear the oil and gas industry we see the droughts and persistent fires and tornadoes are getting more velocity and strengthening each and every year, what do you say to them? >> well, all tough do is look at the science and the actual data. not the scientific reports of the summary like the ipc. look at the underlying u.n. climate report and climate assessment. look at government data. hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires on climate time scales are either declining or no trend. people say it's worse, they could probably find a three year trend on drought in california. droughts in california much, much worse than previous centuries. global drought, no trend. you cannot do that this is the way that the media tried portray it as much worse.
4:49 pm
it was actually worse weather when carbon dioxide was lower in the atmosphere, 50, 60, 70 years ago. documented. >> we are going to get -- if this ever passes there is $555 billion in incentives and investment in tax credit aimed at bolstering the deployment of renewable energy. is that going to make america a better place? is that going to make the world cleaner? >> no, it's going to make energy scarcity, it's going to make shortages and skyrocketing energy prices solar and wind combined u.s. energy production are about 4% which about 80% fossil fuels. somehow they are going to start shutting down fossil fuels and mandating renewable or unreliable weather dependent unreliable like solar and wind to take over. the problem is you know, you have the u.n. chief telling texas they can't be prosperous unless they go renewable by 2060. u.n. brewer democrats and the president trying to predict 40
4:50 pm
years into the future and basically shutting down entire sectors of the american energy and all it's going to mean is american people are going to get hammered economically at the pump, home heating, traveling, it's not going to effect people like john kerry one ounce. >> brian: all right. so marc morano is going to the glasgow green summit can i recommend a food taster just to make sure. >> we are going to support greta gretathunberg's message she sais is a blah blah blah summit. if you actually care about rising co 2. can every summit has seen nothing but rising co 2. this is one time skeptics can agree with teen activist. i need a food taster. sometimes i have been escorted out by armed -- >> brian: thanks, moirkt. coming up next, shannon bream goes on the clock in just a moment. you were just on "the five." how much are you working today. >> no one is going to work more than you.
4:51 pm
you do 10 show as day. >> brian: i think we have to go upstairs. >> shannon: let's go. ♪ you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go.
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♪ ♪ >> brian: a few minutes left in the show. for the first time ever, shannon bream goes on the clock, her big debut, three stories, 60 seconds, let the emojis be your guide. are you ready? >> i am. >> brian: halloween officially canceled in the white house, joe biden and the first lady will not be continuing the tradition of handing out candy, they are in europe at the g20. your reaction? >> if your poll numbers are plummeting, what is the first thing you do? take away candy from kids and go to europe. about the white house is going to light up orange for the night even though they are not there. this is the exact opposite strategy, i may or not be home sunday night with the lights will be off. i left a whole bag of candy -- >> brian: just put the container -- >> just put it out to. >> brian: i think that is a very good move. i don't think anyone falls you
4:57 pm
on that. >> they are going to be in europe, they actually have an excuse. >> brian: up next, the housing market is out of control and many americans will do just about anything to get their home of their dreams, even if it means living with ghosts. this according to, 46% of americans said they would live with ghosts in a haunted house if that means they get a discount. does this surprise you? >> listen, it is a seller's market, you are going to have to put up with some crap. you have to put up with stuff if you want to get a deal. i found it interesting too that only 20% of people said they would move into a house in a murder had been committed there, but it's not your murderer, who cares? get a discount. >> brian: or attempted murder and you survive, you should stay. >> somebody needs to pay -- >> brian: the amityville horror house is about 3 miles from my house. they keep selling, people keep buying. i do not see the attraction. >> you can charge ticket costs.
4:58 pm
>> brian: candy, especially on halloween, the worst holiday ever. since the late 1800s, baseball pitchers have warmed up and what is the bullpen, according to peter the term is offensive because it mocks animals. call it the arm barn. shannon, will this catch on? >> here is the thing, i do feel for bulls and i kind thing happens, but talking about the bullpen, it is more worried about animals, toss them in a bus, why are we still using baseball bats? because for the last couple of years, those animals have had a terrible p.r. run. they are blamed for all kinds of viruses, so i think if we need to give anyone a break, it is the baseball bats. >> brian: "got felled" will use that tonight. >> you are welcome. >> brian: fantastic. i don't know if you know this or not but bret baier has retained
4:59 pm
you -- >> i heard about this. >> brian: stole my patented walk on the set, it has now turned into his routine, and he is retaining you -- >> but did you trade market? the beginning of our deposition. testimony right now. >> brian: i am in the process. what i would like you to do is during my legal team. >> i heard you already got judge jeanine. >> brian: right, you join my team. >> i am just one of many. am i a kardashian, who am i? a key role. do i get to handle the messaging? the public face of your defense. i have already done a contract with bret. he has retained my services. i'll see you in court! >> brian: wow, that was as angry as you got. the president's freedom fighter comes out november 2nd. i hope you have a chance to see me on the road, i will be in manhattan, republicans right there, barnes & noble and staten island york then
5:00 pm
lawrenceville, georgia, any of these places, november 5th, still selling tickets in charleston, west virginia, at the charleston convention center. go to" >> give me some tickets and i will come. >> brian: that is it for "prime time. what i would like you to do is listen for the snare drums. tucker carlson's next. shannon bream at midnight. >> i'll see you then. >> brian: bye. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's a bewildering experience working in cable news right now. fun, but pretty unbelievable. just about every morning as we are putting the show together some story from the biden white house crosses our screens and we think to ourselves "come on, there is absolutely no way that can be real, it is just too crazy." and of course pretty much every morning what we had assumed was a joke turns out to be entirely real.


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