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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 29, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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will continue to follow the story. is there any culpability? we will find out. please set your dvr, never miss an episode. you make this show possible, we could never thank you enough. in the meantime, let's not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham showed us last night, takes over right now. >> laura: hannity, i think the puppy was more popular than laura: i think the puppy was more popular than either of us. >> the puppies are -- how do you know -- anthony fauci doesn't like puppies. >> i was going to butterflies in a cage temporarily to show people how - a temporary little -- not hurting, just so people see how would we like to be in a cage.
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. we are pumped up and take it from you and you did an awesome job and we will see you tomorrow night. i am laura ingraham angle and this is the ingraham angle from washington. let's dive right in. full steam behind, that's the focus of tonight's angle. before flying off to europe, president biden made a personal mission to capitol hill to urge democrats to pass the infrastructure plan. i don't think it is hyperbole to say the white house, the house and senate majorities will be determined by what happens in the next week. i need you to help me, he says. i need your votes. pelosi at code his plea telling her members don't embarrass the president by voting down the
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infrastructure built reportedly some members actually began breaking out in chants, vote, vote, vote, but to what end? >> i have signaled for days that we simply did not have the votes for the bipartisan bill without the build back better act. our members have been saying for months these two bills need to go together. laura: that's what they are holding out for. nancy pelosi was herself whipped by the squad. >> the house speaker the president raised the stakes and it didn't work. >> we want to make sure when the president lands in europe people know this is a functioning government. that's not going to happen. that is a loss. >> the president is because of
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that the leverage or juice they thought they did. >> with trump it was the art of the deal but with biden and pelosi is the art of the failed, the democrats have the house, the senate and the presidency and yet they are beginning who can't shoot straight. they been wrong the predictions on every major issue in their confidence in the afghan army, their insistence inflation would be transitory and tonight we add to their newest list of failed predictions that passing these bills even down will be a lifeline to boosting their popularity. if anything with the spike in prices coming and the dimming power of the dollar, president biden's numbers will go lower, the gdp numbers were released in the news was as usual under biden disappointing. the fact is even at a reduced price of $1.5 trillion, it is
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more than we can afford. we are sticking our grandchildren with these bills, but the spinmeisters in the biden cabinet were all happy talk and it is like trying to sell sand in the mojave desert. >> the provisions, so fantastic, the things that have been left out are not -- we are not dead on any of them. we will live to fight another day. we've never seen this kind of investment in our country and people should be feeling this is action and people will feel real impacts of the bill. laura: they will feel impact on their wallets. any short-term stimulus from this bill will be diluted into supercharged inflation.
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supposedly this is how they will pay for this. 15% corporate minimum tax applies to foreign income for us-based multinationals, excise corporate stock buybacks, 5% surtax on income above 10 million additional 3% for income above $25 million, 3.8% tax on active business income for high earners and don't think for a second these punitive new taxes are going to pay for the spending plan, they never do. it is all part of an accounting game to win over the gullible squishy republicans and moderate democrats and that is why it is important to look beyond the price tag. it is a steep price tag, these numbers are easily manipulated. what is more important and disturbing is invisible. here's a rundown, massive
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expansion of welfare programs for universal subsidies even when funding expires, they will be enormous resistance to doing away with any of these plans. government programs never die, remember, they just get fatter and more permanent. $550 billion ends up going to climate change programs. no payouts of the solyndra nature to have oj. this is another wealth transfer to left-wing activists, they will take your money and give it to their green friends. including a climate/fund is $320 billion for something called green energy and electric vehicle subsidies. it is not clear how those things
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work. >> we build out the first ever national network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations all across the country. go all the way across america on a single tank of gas, it is not gas, you plug it in. laura: sounds like someone forgot to plug him in. there's $110 billion earmarked for growing supply chains but just for renewable energy. >> the ways of growth in domestic industries, good paying union jobs, address long-standing environmental injustice where you get off the sidelines, manufacturing solar panels and wind farms, electric vehicles with targeted manufacturing credits, sourcing materials from here in the united states.
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laura: his own administration just blocked a copper and nickel mining project in minnesota. a move that was described as the latest example of biden's plan to look abroad for our supplies to shore up support with environmentalists and counter to his private commitments to minors. american blue collar workers are going to get shafted once again. biden's big climate push has 0 to do to helping the american people and everything to do with appeasing the globalists at the un climate summit coming up in a couple days. it is all part of something to show has been warning about for months, the great reset. back in january the global elite plan to gather at davos told us where this is heading. >> don't want to get back to the status quo you had before simply because it was the status quo that got us here.
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>> capitalism as we know it is dead. this obsession we've had with maximizing profits for shareholders has led to incredible inequality and a planetary emergency. >> it is out of place. >> with that hair pink was that part of the green energy project and that means sacrificing your standard of living and sacrificing your freedom and handing over more power to the un. who is going to be the beneficiary of all this? the ccp will be and they will be part of the socialist one world web of regulations and rules that undermine us sovereignty. china dominates the renewable energy arena already including the rare earth from materials we need for so many of our products so solar panels, wind turbines that biden was bragging about will be made overseas and once
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again will increase our dependence on a list spotted regime. every manage nothing from covid, no wonder the ccp is so adamant now about climate action. >> we must be committed to green development. as long as we unite in our purposes and efforts we will rise above the global climate and environment challenges. >> even a translator and is creepy sounding. china has embarrassed and outmaneuvered the white house and now doing the same thing on climate because to the ccp it is like taking candy from a biden. it is easy. even if biden passes his massive bill all the climate spending will have 0 impact on future warming. china is going to make sure of that. in the meantime it will be full throttle backwards for the united states. we will go from being an independent energy
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self-sufficient first world country, with a reliable grid to almost a third world nation forced to beg others for help when wind and sunshine can't sustain us. meanwhile our economy is going to continue to stagnate or contract and americans will see savings and income eroded by the rising tide of inflation. your dollar will not go as far. our debt and deficit will further explore. we will be worse off than we are before, that is what democrats been there reelection hopes on this bill, they are in for a big surprise. when americans go to the polls in a year to democrats we believe voters are going to be pulling a lever for standard of living that is now lower than it
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was a year or two earlier? i don't think so. that is the angle. joining me is indiana condescension banks, stephen miller, founder of american first legal and former trump senior advisor and molly hemingway, fox news contributor and author of the new bestseller really do. congressman thanks, this is turning out to be a lose/lose for the democrats, if they don't pass the bill it is a failure but if either of these bills passes it is an economic disaster. >> just like last month the democrats remain in disarray, president biden wanted so badly to go to europe and bragged to his former leader but is that he passed the green new deal bill today but democrats didn't give them that victory, it is too premature to the graphics because of 2:00 today they came out with a framework for the new bill and i can tell you the republican study committee which i lead, we've been sifting for the bill all afternoon, just as socialist as the framework they
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had before but not just the price tag but what is a bill, this bill will shutdown your kid's daycare or according to a left-leaning think tank, you have to pay 13,$000 more per year to send your kid to daycare if this bill passes. it will increase your gas taxes to heat your home, higher 87,000 new irs agents to presumably rifle through and spy on your bank account records, gives amnesty to illegals, child tax credits and tuition assistance to illegals, i could go on and on but this bill is just as dangerous as it was before but now we have another month to expose it to the american people and that is what i intend to do. >> the white house is in total denial that this legislative failure was even a failure at all. >> i was with the president when he talked to the house democratic caucus, he got sustained standing patient and they chanted loudly and in unison vote vote vote vote and that is what we are going to do. we are going to vote.
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>> but they didn't vote vote. he landed, no vote happen. this is hilarious from the woman who claimed there was that video in been ghazi. >> chanting for a vote is different than voting and saying otherwise is silly but the biden administration keeps putting forth arbitrary deadlines by which they want something passed without dealing with the fundamental problem which is was biden elected not to do this type of spending? polls show people are not looking for increased spending with such economic concerns but to handle coronavirus, he did what he promised would do, has failed to do that, they did not want him to tear down border policies, to destroy foreign policy, did not want all these things he is failing to get done and there is not momentum
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because this isn't what ails the country and they are trying to do this as a distraction. laura: the constituents for this white house are to the american people, but the global elites he's going to meet with him glascow. >> the constituents are globalists, billionaires and illegal aliens, those are the only 3 constituencies this bill delivers 4. i to salute congressman jim banks, on social media and read it for yourself but to illustrate your point, this bill taxes american energy to make it more expensive to heat your home so we can be more reliance on foreign energy. this focus has credit to illegal aliens that could amount to an illegal alien with four young kids who pays no taxes, low
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income family, they could get 14,$000 a year in free cash from the irs under this bill plus amnesty, plus unlimited foreign workers for big tech, plus a corporate tax side it takes a sledgehammer to american manufacturers by taxing losses in competitions with china and getting rid of the incredible incentives donald trump asked to bring jobs to america that will erupt out of the bill passes. it should be, made in china bill. >> democrats are not only at each other's throats, they don't even trust each other. >> if it was standalone i hundred% know and there's no getting me to a years. you don't trust them? >> know. and i don't know that to them and they don't have to trust me. >> he wasn't a great mood when
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she was on tv even though the progressives have an enormous another influence. shouldn't manchin and kristen sinema at this point throw up their hands and say this is a bridge too far, democrats have killed off their own moderates, they are catering to the progressives and are too week to stand up to them? is this the party of christensen a and manchin? >> not at all. democrats should change their name to the socialist party because that is who they are and they have proven it once again just like they proved it last month. riding up and down in the elevators at the capital was a lot of fun because the democrats are very tense, they are mad at each other and it is pouring over on full display so everybody can see it because the socialists won again today, the socialist wing of the democrat party won again today, they up the deal and there's no such thing as a moderate democrat
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anymore but the more traditional democrats are getting frustrated about it but the vast majority of the party, this isn't my grandpa's democrat party anymore. laura: she seems to be losing a little bit of her juice. she was a master vote whipper and they missed three deadlines after pelosi's leadership. maybe octogenarians need to step aside and let the younger people run things. >> accept what is also the case is a narrowly divided house, as narrow as it has ever been divided, a completely divided senate, a president who won election by 43,000 votes across three states, this is not a mandate for radical change and shoving through a bill that has extreme provisions that led so much more to the economy when we are struggling to add jobs when we already have a high tax
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burden on small businesses that work overseas this is not in any way what we were told would happen if we voted the way the media wanted us to vote in the last election. she's done a bad job whipping but also because they don't have much of a majority in the house and are tied up. laura: bernie sanders didn't win the nomination but it looks like he did. the wall street journal is reporting tonight the biden administration is in talks to offer immigrant families, illegal immigrant families spreading, separating during the trump administration around 450,$000 a person in compensation. can this be accurate? >> it is completely accurate. illegal aliens suing the federal government for cash and the government saying we will give
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you all the cash we want. it is collusion. this is what happens when you go from america first to america last, america first under trump, america last under biden, these individuals were put in jail for breaking federal law. american family to go to jail and are separated get compensation. they want to give half $1 million to every legal element who went to jail and was separated. laura: great to see all of you tonight, thank you and a shocking fox poll out of virginia in the governor's race newt gingrich tells us what is driving it all plus the latest in the new jersey governor's race. phil murphy challenger closing the gap and he will be here in moments.
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really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at ♪ ♪ >> let me tell you what's happening right now, because i just happen to see a new is a new fox poll. you ready? youngchin, 53, mcauliffe, 45. >> republican gwen youngcan looking like a winner tonight reacting to a new fox news poll that gives him a pretty staggering lead in the virginia governor's race. i think it is safe to say the issue that propelled youngcan in the polls wasn't the economy,
12:26 am
wasn't crime, wasn't immigration, it was education. this isn't just happening in virginia. across the country parents are speaking out, they are mobilizing, they are standing strong to fight against the left's control and domination in public education. here is newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, author of the forthcoming book beyond biden which is out tuesday. i know you believe as do i that this shift which affects moms and dads of all political affiliations, that this could shape the political debate in the country for years to come. explain. >> it goes back to development of the right to have school choice which goes all the way back to governor tommy thompson in wisconsin in the 19 eightiess, has grown, jeb bush was a great leader on it in
12:27 am
florida and when desantis ran for governor against an african-american candidate, one in every 5 african-american women who voted voted for desantis because they wanted school choice and were tired of government unions, government schools that were failing their children and now in virginia you have a vivid case study of this. a recent debate governor mcauliffe, you would think he knows better, said he did not believe parents had a right to be involved in the children's schools, that went over so badly, to their credit, gwen youngkin had an ad up the next morning pounding this home and communicating it to virginians in the paul that came out today, 25 point shift, parents away from terry mcauliffe towards glenn youngkin. it is true on issues in general.
12:28 am
the mcauliffe strategy of trying to make this a national election bringing in barack obama, biden, kamala harris, stacy abrams has totally backfired. ironically it is the governor who should have known a lot about virginia trying to run a national campaign, the business leader who is a reformer who is stuck very disciplined to state issues, repealing tax and food, cutting tax and gasoline, creating jobs, working on public safety, taking on the left, amazing moment. laura: is this a lesson for other potential republican candidates in purple states or blue states that 0 in on one issue that crosses party lines and stick with it? >> it is a lesson for
12:29 am
republicans everywhere. people care about children, people care about education, people know that government employee unions and government schools are not succeeding. i think if we were prepared to be more bold and more aggressive we would be shocked, we did a series of polls, the american majority project and found among african-americans a deep resentment of this effort by the left to illuminate grades, eliminating quality, illuminate programs of excellence because they thought it was cheating their children so this issue could apply everywhere in the country and we will find out next tuesday but right now if the fox poll is accurate and i'm told that it is by some people in the youngkin campaign this will be a huge shock to the democratic party in the news media because the margin will be bigger than they expect.
12:30 am
laura: they weren't covering it much until we started covering it. great to see you. the issues animating the new jersey governor's race are not too dissimilar to virginia, taxes, jobs and education are the top issues for voters. how can a republican breakthrough? here is a man trying to pull it off, sorry for botching your name several times, i should know it by now. thank you for being here. the latest poll has you down eight points but some show as close as four. is there enough time for you to make up any gaps given what these polls are saying? >> i get it wrong myself sometimes. when you pull likely voters this is a dead heat, it is where we knew it would be at this time, we are going to continue doing
12:31 am
it over the past few days and i'm confident in the outcome on november 2nd. laura: bernie sanders is coming in to campaign for your opponents, phil murphy and apparently is speaking out. >> that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. the challenge is deeper than that and it is a challenge that must be met at the local level, state-level and federal level. laura: do new jersey residents need another tax hike, last time i checked you were on the top of the nation for taxes. >> nobody pays more taxes the new jersey. they brought in jill biden, brought in barack obama, president biden, kamala harris, bernie sanders, trying to recover from the fact that the
12:32 am
highest taxed people in the nation, if taxes are not your issue, probably not your state. doesn't matter who he brings in, the crowds have been very low-energy, poor turnout for every one of those people, we had great rallies up and down the state and it is resonating. we are in position for a win. laura: your mention is pretty common sense, it is not over-the-top, it is common sense message about business, schools, small businesses especially being able to keep their livelihoods going forward and i find this interesting that a new poll from monmouth shows president biden's approval underwater in new jersey by 6 points. you have a or so unemployment rate in new jersey, the second lowest in the nation's, worst unemployment in the nation so doesn't the start to add up in your favor? >> it does this president biden
12:33 am
is severely underwater that group to dictate the outcome in statewide elections and that is the 2.4 million independent voters that lean right. we think we are in excellent position. hours are the worst in the nation, business climate, ours is the worst in the nation and i refuse to be a governor of the state that has the highest property tax in the nation, worst business climate and according to the irs, number one in migration, people leave new jersey than any other state, we can turn that around. laura: it is a beautiful state, people make jokes about new jersey but haven't traveled to new jersey and deserve better leadership, thank you and good luck. sitting governor, governor ron desantis is here in moments to tell us how he intends to take on the feds over these vaccine mandates. stay there.
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>> we are not going to deny people the ability to earn a living based on their decisions about an injection. sometimes you have to look back and think we've gone from 15 days to slow the spread to 3 just to keep your job. are you kidding me? laura: it is with that reasoning that florida governor ron desantis announced his state will be suing the biden administration for imposing vaccine mandates on all federal contractors. governor ron desantis joins us. what would you say to those who claim these vaccine requirements are legal and further are necessary to help the country emerge from the pandemic? >> i don't think we've ever seen the government so heavy-handed with vaccine mandates.
12:40 am
this is uncharted waters. what they are doing with federal contractors, we have a lot of federal contractors in florida, people that work in aerospace and defense, they have thousands and thousands of employees who have been working through this entire pandemic in the state of florida, now all of a sudden being put to either lose your job or do the shot and some of made the decision that is something they don't want to do so they are trying to rewrite these contracts and using the heavy hand of the federal government, not going to pay you unless you do what they say, most businesses are going to have to do what they say, that the reality so we felt it would be detrimental to florida to see people lose their jobs and we needed to step in and file this lawsuit. we have a good case but i will
12:41 am
say federal contractor, it will be a tougher case than the osha mandate which is not come out, that is totally off the rails in terms of any type of l up at the suemcourt, ty have to determine whether the old precedent from the 1920s, the jacobson case is applicable or whether it's core finding should be determined? >> i would draw a distinction between a state-mandated a federal mandate. i don't think the state should require covid shots either. i said clearly today that will not happen with the schoolchildren, that is apparent's decision, that is what florida laws says and we will vigorously enforce that but states do have residual powers and are able to do certain
12:42 am
things the founders didn't want to entrust on the federal government, federal government is supposed to be, in this day and age it runs roughshod over everything but it is important we stand up for the order and i think we will be successful in the eleventh circuit, texas will be successful in the fifth circuit, the supreme court may resolve it but at that point as long as we save the jobs, by the time that decision will come down we would probably be in good shape no matter what so let's just save people's jobs, they should not have their livelihood tied to these mandates. laura: do you have a reaction to what the president said about these mandates? he was very dismissive and he said they are working, 98% got the vaccine, got the job so these are successful in getting
12:43 am
our economy moving and getting the workplace humming again. were you surprised by that? >> look at september. the economy underperformance, 194,000 jobs nationwide, way below what you would want that of those 194,000 florida created 84,500 and we are estate that is resisted mandates, resisted lockdown to restrictions and empowered people to make their own decisions and we are growing jobs in our gdp much faster than states that have embraced the lockdown mentality or the mandates and vaccine passports so that is what we are seeing so far. if you want to get the economy going you would want to do policies more in line with what florida is doing, not states there using the heavy-handed government in this regard.
12:44 am
laura: part 2 that interview will air tomorrow night on the angle and will discuss how he is luring nypd officers to the sunshine state. in an effort to get kids jabs, did the cdc lie about the number of youth fatalities due to covid? doctor peter mccullough here next.
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♪ ♪ >> the regulatory process is regulatory process is underway to make over 19 vaccines available for children age 5 to 11. i to take a moment to put this in perspective. there have been 745 deaths in children less than 18. >> as health officials rush to vaccinate kids and shame those who do not want to do so what about the actual numbers of child deaths. statistician emma wouldhouse looked at under the the cdc data and noticed something fishy. while the cdc claims there have been 750 deaths among the 0 to 17 cohorts the national center for health statistics shows just 558. while every single one of these fatalities is tragic, inflating
12:50 am
the stats by 37%, why are they doing that? could have major policy consequences. the president's ability to unleash prosperity and doctor mccall a, why is the risk to kids being inflated? what point does this serve? >> two things. one, it keeps the fear narrative and control from the government a little bit longer but what is much more important at this point it justifies the bad decisions politicians and public health officials have made in the last year and a half, two years, rather than acknowledge your there trying to over risk and justify the massive disruptions, loss of educational harm imposed on this point, the director of the cdc should know,
12:51 am
the official count gets revised all the time has frequent errors. the fact that you pull the tracker error, if it wasn't deliberate deception she doesn't know her own data which is worse. >> she's one of the least convincing people in an administration. what is really disturbing is the media types and politicians who are celebrating the new vaccination campaign. >> covid vaccine works. >> handed a covid vaccine for kids as young as 5. >> thank god the vaccine is coming. that is amazing.
12:52 am
laura: why are they so excited? >> none of the vaccines work well enough or safe enough, they're good enough to be mandated in any way, shape or form. from the university of california davis, hospitalized with myocarditis and hospitalized with covid 19 respiratory illness. taking the vaccine is not a trade-off and published an analysis, the fda, it was likely to die after the vaccine than actually die with covid 19 the respiratory illness. the number you just mentioned is 499 in the report, almost always in children with serious underlying illnesses.
12:53 am
>> they are not attractive (those statistics as clearly as they could be tracked, dying with covid, not necessarily from covid, correct? >> exactly right. what we need to understand, only one child died directly of covid. what i know about these cases is the children are not adequately treated. we just had a randomized glaxosmithkline antibody, there was an 85% risk reduction in hospitalization, it has been eu a since may and can be used in children to age 12. laura: thank you. what am i doing on fox nation? the last bite will tell you coming up.
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laura: my new fox nation special california on the edge, you will see problems plaguing the golden state, control crime, homelessness and good moments as well with great leaders trying to make a difference on the street. here is a clip with my ride along. >> talk about spikes in crime, this is our hotspot and you see those boxes of food back there, you have people, churches that come here and give them food which everybody needs to eat but the problem is it encourages them to stay here. now you have old food that is trash and they go to these. what percentage of people who are homeless are on drugs? if you had to guess? >> if i had to guess, 80%.
1:00 am
laura: san francisco police told me 90. you can watch the entire thing on fox nation right now and remember freedom matters. check out this code. this is awesome for christmas. the pink freedom matters had, huge camo hat all for charity and i love these cold or hot beverages, freedom matters made in the us, all for charity, greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> a little bit more. >> this is not what i thought was coming today. >> it is friday october 2, '09, democrats flushing their muscles and blocking a vote on president biden's social spending package. the president will meet with world leaders as the squad continues calling the shots in dc. >> vice president kamala harris stumping for terry mcauliffe as


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