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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 29, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. >> a little bit more. >> progressive democrats flexing their muscles and blocking a planned vote on president biden's social spending package, the president is set to meet with world leaders as the squad continues calling the shots in washington. todd: vice president kamala harris headed to virginia as new
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fox polls show glenn youngkin taking the lead in the governor's race. jillian: in just hours new york first responders will be forced to prove they received at least one dose of vaccine ago on unpaid leave. the impact this could have on the city when first responders are stretched thin. todd: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: let's begin with this. president biden is in rome with a deal on his social spending agenda on capitol hill. todd: biden making a plea to democrats yesterday before traveling but progressives would not budge. >> reporter: president biden beginning his overseas trip without the legislative win he wanted, no vote on infrastructure spending at no deal on reduced spending bill framework that leaves out his key promises. >> no one got everything they wanted including me, but that is
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what compromise is. this is what 81 million americans voted for. >> reporter: here's how the framework looks with one$.75 trillion with $555 billion for private investments, billion for two years of preschool and when your extension of the child tax credit but there is no paid family or medical event no deal to lower prescription drug prices. president biden hoped to visit the capital yesterday to solve his party's stalemate but didn't even as the president arrived in rome, congress did not have a deal to vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill which progressives are holding up. >> we need the vote on both bills in the house. >> we need more. >> i feel a little bamboozled.
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>> reporter: despite pelosi's efforts, nine house progressives refused to vote on the infrastructure bill with only a framework of the bill the back better bill even blocking a proposed infrastructure vote yesterday saying they need to know what is on the other bill. here's what republican congressman james comeare said. >> in the end progressives will get what they want because they were not budge. nancy pelosi can only boost four votes. >> arrested extend expiring transportation funding pushing it to december 3rd, the same deadline they gave themselves to figure out the debt ceiling and government funding. >> the biden administration considering paying out hundreds of millions of dollars to families separated at the southern border. this consent 450 million taxpayer dollars, 450,$000 per
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person. separated under donald trump's 0-tolerance immigration policy. it is an effort to the separation caused them psychological trauma. the virginia governor's race no longer that even, a new poll shows glenn youngkin taking the lead among likely voters. jillian: the numbers are pretty shocking. >> reporter: a big shift from two weeks ago when mcauliffe was ahead, fox news poll shows he's down among likely voters by 8 points. youngkin standing at 53% and mcauliffe at 43%, outside the port margin of error. analysts say the change is gop enthusiasm and education energizing republicans. fox poll showing youngkin is up by a greater margin among virginia parents leading mcauliffe by 14 points we
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youngkin saying this on hannity last night. >> it's no longer a campaign. it is momentum. it is a movement to stand up for virginians, parents and to reject government control. we are winning the independent vote by double damage, democrats walking across the island drove. >> reporter: glenn youngkin promise to ban crc his first day in office while democrat mcauliffe denies crt is taught in virginia schools. mcauliffe is denying claims, negotiations in washington impacting his election. >> significantly overblown, i have done -- don't know how many people we met. that one person asked me. >> reporter: as we close in on election day, jason myers says the stakes are high. >> parents saying it is about common sense. >> reporter: vice president harris is set to make another
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stop in virginia for support for next tuesday's election and donald trump is holding a rally monday in support of glenn youngkin. todd: pete hegseth says parents are driving the surge in virginia and deserve the attention of political candidates. >> in charge of their child's education, people who spent their life and government usually don't deliver on promises you want. the personification of president biden in virginia, nobody knew who youngkin was, listen to virginia parents, it is not a republican thing to believe parents should steer the child's education. it is an independent thing as a moderate democrats thing. jillian: andrew cuomo, with a
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misdemeanor sex crime charging before governor with forcible touching saying he intentionally and for no legitimate purpose forcibly placed his hand under the blouse of the victims. the alleged abuse happened at the governor's executive mansion in albany last december. cuomo denies the charge calling, quote, politics. >> talk about frozen assets. ben and jerry's israel's boycott costing them big. jillian: reaction to mark zuckerberg's corporate lane. ♪♪
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or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. todd: the deadline for new york city municipal workers to show proof of covid vaccination or be put on unpaid leave. jillian: thousands of first responders, liberal mayor bill deblasio insists serious disruptions to public safety will be avoided. >> reporter: good morning. 5:00 pm today is the deadline for bill deblasio's covid vaccine mandate but many of new york city's bravest say they
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won't comply. fire and police union officials protesting outside the mansion vowing to hold the line, the crowd filling an entire city block from curb to curb. right now 64% of fdny firefighters are fully vaccinated nypd vaccination rate is 74%, but 10,000 nypd officers and 3500 firefighters will be sent home if they don't submit proof that they received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. the president of the city at large is police union is slamming the mandate after a staten island judge denied a request to halted implementation. the president of the fdny fire officers association, officers were not given enough time to decide whether to get vaccinated or retire early. >> it is unconscionable to treat these people like that nine dies from something that will affect something for the rest of their life with her spouse and family
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not being able to weigh in. not till we found out today. mayor the velocity and administration doesn't care about membership. they save the lives of the city and responded when they were asked. >> reporter: the firefighters union telling unvaccinated members to still report for duty. in florida governor ron desantis is suing the biden administration and nasa over its vaccine mandate on government contractors. >> the federal government says it is not going to contract with you unless you do what they say most businesses have to do what they say. a lot of federal contractors in florida have been working through this pandemic so we felt it would be detrimental to florida to see people lose their jobs. jillian: desantis is seeking a permanent injunction to stop enforcement of president biden's mandate set to take effect in december. >> interesting to see how this
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works out. >> it could lead to dangerous consequences. he joins me do. no pressure. i to get you on this thought. when i look at this from the police perspective i thought this was a backdoor way to defund the police. that is crazy to me. i appreciate there are people on that side of the issue but i thought we were literally united against fire. why is the city doing this to you? >> this is happening to everybody. the city workforce at this time is told they have to comply. a high number of people complying at this point, we are one of them. police, fire, sanitation, first
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responders, they lives through 20 months of this. 70%, they feel they have natural immunity and like that to be taken into consideration. todd: how dire will the consequences be? >> when we follow through and sent home 30% of new york city firefighters it will be difficult to staff every company. todd: not trying to be hyperbolic but will people die? >> i looked over the statistics from last year and based on last year's numbers every day in new york city, 65 serious fires on average, 1400 life-threatening medical emergencies every day on average and 80 heart attacks every day in new york city on average so if you increase response times to any of these,
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heart attack victims out of the windows of vulnerability if no response, would have been 6 to 8 minutes goes and becomes 15 to 20 minutes. you can't -- if it is a serious heart attack you are not surviving that. todd: i want to pop up some numbers, the range of individuals in various department in new york city that have been vaccinated, 74% nypd, 67% sanitation, fdny 64%. i look at nypd and fdny. if i am being mugged, if i need an ambulance or if my house is burning down, why would i care if the first responder that is coming to me has covid or not? seems to me at that point covid is a secondary concern as a more immediate concern that i have in that moment. >> i haven't heard of any one of us being accused of giving someone covid in the last 20
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months. no one calls 911 and say press one if you want the vaccinated police or firefighter, press 2 if you don't care. when you call 911 you need someone there. this is overblown. first responders wearing their pp when they show up is not an issue. todd: keep us posted, we appreciate it. jillian: it is 17 after the hour. caitlin jenner talks to us about cancel culture and comedy. why she says the woke mob has, quote, run amok. and of the world series, carley shimkus is in atlanta to preview all of the action.
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jillian: fox news poll shows a new leader in the virginia governor's race, republican glenn youngcan taking an 8 point lead among likely voters. joining us is ron meyer. do you think this is a reflection when you look at those numbers on mccullough for youngkin? >> mostly mcauliffe and president biden. terry mcauliffe is hit by the perfect storm. republicans are motivated to turn out and the fox news poll shows it because of education issues especially in loudoun county. democrats aren't motivated because of president biden's failed leadership and terry mcauliffe's uninspired campaign. no donald trump to motivate them and independents tilting toward
2:23 am
glenn youngkin because inflation, gas prices and everything else going on, they look to see who is in charge, they are looking for fresh voices and glenn youngkin is a fresh voice. jillian: something to dive into deeper, education. loudoun county is one of the counties that has been a hotspot for this conversation on the national level. use it on allowable county board of supervisors. i wonder if you have ever seen anything like this when it comes to the governor's race and a republican in the lead and you think people are voting, majority of them anyway on what is going on? in schools? >> a big part of what is motivating the public is to turn out, in an off year election, republicans are fired up about these issues, rightfully so,
2:24 am
especially with recent sexual assault cases in loudoun county and lack of transparency with parents and mike of protection of our kids. people are rightfully fired up, you see school boards not letting -- terry mcauliffe defending those actions. terry mcauliffe said parents should have a say in the curriculum of their kids and as a parent of three most parents disagree with that and since he made that comment you see terry mcauliffe's polls go straight down. when you have that mixed with biden's disapproval rating jumping to 56% in the fox news poll whereas, a big flip. definitely education playing a big role. >> 20 seconds left, if virginia goes readiness governors race what do you think that says what could be to come in the rest of the country?
2:25 am
>> virginia is a blue state overall and post from the republicans have a passport to victory in purple to blue states and glenn youngkin showed us the way if you can pull it off and this is good news but he's got to finish the job. jillian: appreciate your time. todd: gearing up for big crowds for game 3 of the world series tonight. jillian: local business owner with a boost after the all-star game was pulled from this he. carley shimkus spoke with business owners in the area and joins us live. carley: good morning good. i'm inside the park now and everyone has been so nice. they escorted us onto the field and i consider myself lucky because i was looking at the secondary market yesterday. tickets are going for over $1,000 and that is just standing
2:26 am
room only, don't even get a seat. if you want to sit in the fancy box section over home plate, you have to pay 10,$000. the series is tied at one 2 one and they are bummed that the astros won the business owners happy because that means the series will go 3 games in atlanta guaranteed and that is very good news. the all-star game was pulled from atlanta after president biden called the georgia law racist and they lost that is this. i spoke to some of those business owners about that situation. listen to what they had to say. >> $100 million lost revenue was the estimate for small businesses in georgia, those were minority small businesses. carley: how much money do you think they lost? >> quote million dollars.
2:27 am
>> they are thankful they got through the portion and the world series is here. >> as you know, the all-star game was moved to denver, a city with a population over 80% white but that was in the past and everybody i spoke to his excited about the world series, you lost one but they gained 3 important games and as for game 3 tonight, braves's manager is confident the best case scenario is to win the first two games but the second-best scenario is to win one game and come home for the next 3 games which is what is happening for the braves. if you want to catch game 3 tune in to fox 8:09 eastern time to catch the action. todd: carly is a pro, taking
2:28 am
batting practice 15 hours before the game. todd: met janice dean with the fox forecast. jillian: batting practice - she is awesome. >> a new storm moving into the mid-atlantic and northeast will bring us a lot of wet weather and winds again through saturday. here's the set appear, moisture coming in from the atlantic and strong onshore wind, that will cause coastal flooding. if you live on the beach area this is another storm system that could bring some impacts. we could see potential for severe storms, large hail and isolated tornadoes for parts of the mid-atlantic towards the coastal flood advisory is in effect and that is the tornado
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risk later this afternoon, know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. the pressure picking up the east third of the country. there is your halloween forecast, not too bad and look at those things we posted, scary, frankenstein. candy town. >> 29 after the hour. democrat in fighting stalls president biden's agenda again. these problems will cost and begin the midterms. >> joe concha on deck soon.
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hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> are you concerned it looks like a parties blowing it and democrats can't govern and that has huge ramifications that have a ripple effect, look what is happening in virginia and other places where elections are coming up and in 2022 and 2024. if you can't come to an agreement on this? todd: don lemon asking jamal bowman if his parties blowing it. >> warning in fighting will hurt their party and future elections. joe concha joins us live.
2:34 am
what does it mean to hear that from don lemon on cnn? >> the fight goes up to 30. the panic is very real. his concern is justified, democrats are blowing it in virginia. they are blowing it when it comes to the new spending package that even though they control the house, the senate, the oval office, they can't come to an agreement and much of the crazies in the biden administration are implosions of their own doing like terry mcauliffe in virginia, things are getting desperate for democrats. you talked in the last segment, glenn youngkin down 10 points, now at age in a new fox news poll, all the momentum behind the republican right now but almost all we are hearing about out of the democratic party and many in the media is donald
2:35 am
trump. president biden said trump's name 20 times in a relatively short speech on tuesday night. no surprise because the party has nothing positive to run on. inflation know, supply chain crisis know, rising crime, no, border security don't make me laugh, afghanistan, what is that? siding with teachers unions, the main question, has president biden made life better for those in the commonwealth in his first 10 months in office in the answer is no, anyone who goes to a gas station goes to buy food, because of inflation and rising gas prices we are seeing and usa today has the president at 41% approval in virginia and mcauliffe can still win but he is on defense was hard to come back from behind when constantly defending yourself on education and the economy. >> the democratic media machine,
2:36 am
complaining about the republicans attacking, after the capitol hill hearing, rolling stone, republicans is in their minds, he ran into a buzz saw of outrage, republican senators took the attorney general to task allowing federal law enforcement about how to handle that. the last line taking the situation out of context but where was there outrage when william barr, brett cavanagh were also subjected to very harsh question? >> merrick garland xyz, merrick garland deserve the buzz saw he walked into. he based his whole investigation, his hold agree to start to label parents as domestic terrorists at school board meetings and based on a
2:37 am
letter by a major national board that rescinded the letter and deserved everything, look at merrick garland's performance, no one can say he really nailed it. he deserved what he got. >> if you want to go to eagles jets in rutherford new jersey, not even a ticket. a parking pass for world series game 3 atlanta just for the parking pass. i can get some tickets. done, done, enjoy your weekend.
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>> accusing of downplaying impacts of fossil fuels on climate. jillian: republicans called for hearings tone deaf. >> reporter: the ceos of exxon mobil, shell, bp appear before the house committee to address what democrats call a climate crisis. republicans said these are the same companies to keep the country running. >> the purpose of this hearing is clear, to deliver partisan theater on prime time news, simply distraction from the crazies the biden administration's policies caused for the american people. >> the first order of business was to cancel the keystone pipeline and the committee heard from one man who lost his job immediately. >> i may have been the first casualty of the build back better, three house after
2:39 am
president biden's inauguration i lost my job on construction of the keystone pipeline. >> the president pushing the plan on the hill yesterday, the same day as testimony. gas prices averaging $3.40 nationally, hitting $5 a gallon in california. todd: meantime, meta-? jillian: do you just feel a little meta-? >> the platform media will be even more immersive antibody and internet where you're in the experience, not just looking at it. we call this the meta-verse. you can do almost anything you can imagine. >> reporter: do you want to be in the meta-verse? mark zuckerberg is rebranding the company, change the stock symbol to m brs, rebranding the wake of whistleblower's testimony that facebook knew it was harming kids. todd: quite a move by the new york pension fund.
2:40 am
>> reporter: powerful pension fund pulling its intestines in ben and jerry's, the retirement fund says ben and jerry's decision to stop selling ice cream in the israeli-palestinian territory over the summer violated its office of policy against boycotting israel, shares of unilever, the parent company of ben and jerry's, these pension funds are very -- entities. jillian: dave chapelle fighting against woke culture and getting an unlikely ally. heather: caitlin jenner fully supports the comedian. ♪♪ for people who are a little intense about hydration.
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>> to the transgender community i'm more than willing to give you an audience but you will not summon me. i'm not bending to anybody's demands. >> >> defending they've chapelle in his controversy over the internet like special calling the back lash will cancel
2:45 am
culture run a, caitlin, it is a pleasure to have you on the program, thank you so much. you say dave chapelle is 100% right. why? >> he is and i always want to protect freedom of speech. he has the right to do what he is doing. do i agree with him? absolutely not. what i paid to go to one of his events? absolutely not but what i go to dinner with him? probably i would. i'm sure he is a nice guy but he would have to pick up the tab a because he's making a lot of money off me right now but i respect his right. what has happened in our country, and i am getting so tired of it, the whole woke world, everything has to be so politically correct. will don rickles be able to do his routine today? how about joan rivers?
2:46 am
they went after every ethnic group out there and it was funny and it was a different time. today, i respect his right to do what he is doing. i don't like it and it is not my kind of humor but we have to protect freedom of speech. will: in answer to your question, don rickles and joan rivers would be in a lot of trouble in this day and age and that is sad because they brought a lot of humor and joy to a lot of people. in terms of the transgender community, are you an outlier when it comes to this incident? >> when it first came out i thought i could change the world, i was what you might consider a trends activist. i was in washington dc
2:47 am
campaigning, raising money, $2.5 million, gave it away to the community and then the community kind of turned on me and i decided you know what? as far as my foundation, what i did to do, to start a scholarship program for trends youth, to help them, i do trends doctors, trans lawyers, trans good citizens out there and i decided i would probably help in that way and so the trans community can be very tough and very critical. it is one of the most marginalized communities in the world. when you have rhetoric which i don't agree with, with dave chapelle, about a lot of his jokes, we have the highest rate,
2:48 am
a suicide rate nine times higher than the general public a trends youth, it is absolutely horrible and i don't think what dave chapelle is doing is helping that. i'm not a trends activist. i to be a trans example. you can lose your life authentically and you can run for governor of the state of california and so i to be that example, there is a good life, living your life authentically. todd: that is a great segue to the next part of this interview. i to know what is next for caitlin jenner and what is next for california? we have a situation where businesses are fleeing the state of california or in and out, i was in california for 12 years, one of my favorite places in the world, being forced to shut down over vaccine mandates. what is next for you? can you live in a state that does things like that in light
2:49 am
of your position on free-speech, being able to be - >> i am trying. going through that campaign for five months was a great experience for me. i learned a lot. great organizations doing great things in the state of california but also met some bad people which i didn't agree with whatsoever. it was quite an experience. the final outcome very disappointed that gavin newsom is still in there. he is a hypocrite, he is a fraud, he is what california is. california, in looking into this, is one big hypocrisy. it is a scam. every organization is a scam. public-sector unions kicking a money back to politicians to keep them in power. i was so disappointed in
2:50 am
sacramento and we are a democratic state, in the democrats. when he did get through and survive a recall, i am okay. i'm going to be fine. i was disappointed, but i was more disappointed for the people of california because they deserve a lot better than gavin newsom and the government we have out here. there are so many good people, they deserve better and it is a shame. the scam continues. that is very disappointing for me. 18,000 companies left california and they will keep leaving and the population is going to keep leaving and i don't blame them. todd: tough love from caitlin jenner, loved having you on, thank you so very much, appreciate your time. >> always my pleasure. jillian: still to come i have an announcement to make so don't go anywhere.
2:51 am
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♪ ♪ thanks for being a friend ♪ traveled down the road and back again. jillian: i didn't think i would cry already. welcome back. wow, that song got me. okay. here's my announcement i'm sure you are guessing it because i'm already crying. today is my last day here at fox news. this as you know has been the most difficult decision i have ever made in my life. in part because i love working here and i love the people here because you are friends. you are family. and i feel so blessed to have had this time here but, ultimately i had to do what was right for me and i thank you for welcoming me into your home every single morning. i'm going to take a little time, focus on my personal life which i haven't done my whole adult life sleep past 1:00 a.m. which i haven't done for 15 years
2:56 am
focus on getting my mba which i'm currently doing at lasalle, philadelphia, spend time foe using on me and my friends and family. this is such family you and carley and ashley and janice, everybody here have been such important people in my life. and to everyone here the bosses, gavin, lauren who is a saint, suzanne scott, jay wallace, everyone who believed in me, thank you from the bottom of my heart because i am a better person for having been here. todd: before i let you go. jillian: i tried not to cry. todd: great job. before we let you go amazing highlights. jillian: amazing, wow. keep going. jillian: i just have a feeling it's going to be a wild ride today. the next 24 hours or so, that's my feeling. that's it. todd: with that let's go. jillian: good morning, by the way, welcome to "fox & friends first." i'm jillian mele. that's todd piro. we, started right around the same time. we have been partners in crime.
2:57 am
todd: if you want to know what yelling is ask jillian. jillian: i know what yelling is. there is always room on the eagles. ahead. eagles hat in the corner of the studio. there it is. >> you can hear and feel the energy. >> here with go. jillian: oh my god. >> look off to your right. jillian: this is my first day on air "fox & friends" may 15th of 2017. i had absolutely no idea where i was walking and looking and doing. thank you for joining us as we begin your election tuesday. >> let's get to this fox news alert. gunfire ringing thought kabul. >> you went back to normandy recently to mark the 75th anniversary of that day. >> last time mya was seen was at her home where she lived with her husband and three kids. >> you guys are part of a record shattering class of women who have been elected into the house of representatives.
2:58 am
>> we now continue our series, talking to america's small businesses. one year after covid-19 swept the nation, how cool is this? >> it's filled with wine barrels as you can see, if you are lucky you get a taste out of one of those things. >> speaking of rose my no, ma'am's name is rose san and happy birthday. janice: happy birthday. jillian's mom. >> thank you for bringing us sunshine. >> the rumor is they thought jillian is going to be here. [laughter] >> not factual. >> i found a friend. >> i have one request. >> let's do this. jillian: we love everyone in our control room so much we are going to wrap after the 20th time of being told to wrap. [laughter] we love you guys. jillian: we'll be right back. todd: before we let you take it home why want to say business world extremely tough to trust people. i trust you more than almost anybody in this life. i have loved the last four and a half years.
2:59 am
you mean more to me than you will ever know. you have been my best friend here and i will never be able to repay everything you have given to me and i wish you the best. jillian: i mean the relationships here. nobody knows what it's like to work with people who are so great. that's the hardest part about leaving matt, you know, everyone in our control room. hi matt, waving at me. janice, come on in. todd: come on in, j.d. you guys are the best. people don't know, people don't understand. janice: they know. they see it on tv every day how much we love each other. janice: we will still be in touch. jillian: i know. janice: first day of the rest of your life today. jillian: thank you. everyone, tear just dropped. i'm sorry. i tried not to have that happen. this has been such a meaningful time in my life and i have grown a lot i'm a different person than when i got here and it's all because of you guys. it is. todd: we wish you the best in your future endeavors.
3:00 am
sounds like something you put in an email. jillian: we wish you the best in your future endeavors dot dot dot. todd: you mean so much to everybody here. a lot of tears today not just from your eyes. jillian: thank you. thank you at home. because you are also my family and our family and you are going to be just fine. janice: you are going to be amazing. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. janice: we love you. ♪ ♪ biden administration planning to get certain illegal immigrants $450,000. >> it's shameful. this is what happens when you go from an american first to an american last presidency. >> a dramatic shift in the virginia governor's race glenn youngkin has an 8 point lead over terry mcauliffe. >> it is no longer a campaign it's absolutely a movement. >> he has tapped into something that republicans would be wise to replicate nationwide. >> president biden is in rome but without a deal and a social spending agenda. >> as progressive support looks like it's crumbling.
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