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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 29, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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an email. jillian: we wish you the best in your future endeavors dot dot dot. todd: you mean so much to everybody here. a lot of tears today not just from your eyes. jillian: thank you. thank you at home. because you are also my family and our family and you are going to be just fine. janice: you are going to be amazing. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. janice: we love you. ♪ ♪ biden administration planning to get certain illegal immigrants $450,000. >> it's shameful. this is what happens when you go from an american first to an american last presidency. >> a dramatic shift in the virginia governor's race glenn youngkin has an 8 point lead over terry mcauliffe. >> it is no longer a campaign it's absolutely a movement. >> he has tapped into something that republicans would be wise to replicate nationwide. >> president biden is in rome but without a deal and a social spending agenda. >> as progressive support looks like it's crumbling. >> if it's a vote today i'm a
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no. >> we need more than an uou. >> again end zone andked off. intercepted by douglas and the packers are going to win it. ♪ this is my town. ainsley: that's a park of park in atlanta, georgia for game three for tonight's world series game. it's funny, no one in the stand. dark out there. no one on the field. it's going to be a different story tonight. steve: we will have carley, carley shimkus is down there. yesterday she got there in time to actually talk to some of the small businesses that were impacted by the fact that major league baseball said voting rights bill we're going to take the game out and put it in
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denver. she has been talking to some of the people devastatingly impacted you will hear from them as the big game returns to atlanta. lawrence: as you guys know they got four pinocchios from "the washington post. a lot of those businesses that were impacted. ainsley: some said they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. steve: if you were watching the conclusion of "fox & friends first." jillian is going to be with us in a little while. ainsley: it's her last day. we will be talking with her about that and wishing her the best. steve: folks down the hall here at news corps. that is the "wall street journal." they had an exclusive story that broke late yesterday. apparently the federal government is talking to law firms that are suing the government on behalf a number of families. migrant families.
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and accord to this exclusive, the government is considering $450,000 per person exacted by president trump's policy back in 2018 where kids were separated from their parents at the border zero tolerance, situation where kids could not be kept in the same facility as their parents, they were separated. now it sounds like each family impacted because there is a parent and at least one child, each of these migrant families that cage to the country illegally could get a million dollars a family. ainsley: i can't imagine that even democrats would be on board for this. there are a lot of democrats working three jobs to pay for their kids. to pay for their clothes and food and put gas in their car, and they are not getting close to a million dollars. it would be close to a million dollars for the mom who separated from the child because she would get money and the child would get money and it would be your tax dollars paying for this. lawrence: they are saying this
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is emotional distress. lawrence: many seen my coverage from the border. emotional distress. they can't identify. steve: kids with adults in facility. lawrence: exactly right. kids pumped up with birth control. raped on this journey. they do not eat lots of times, get proper nutrition or water on this journey. ainsley: heart breaking. lawrence: put this into progressive, the 9/11 commission and the victim compensation fund the average is $240,000 that we're giving the people that survive 9/11 and so we're going to give the illegal immigrants already disrespected this country by not going through the legal channels. they didn't go through a port of entry. they went through this treacherous journey which many of us have compassion but a journey they decided to take then they come to the united states and sue the american taxpayers who have welcomed them with open arms and not only that, they said that they a part
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of this lawsuit they want the money but they also want permanent legal status as well. steve: think about that. in another country thinking about coming to the united states. not only can i get in with joe biden because is he letting everybody in but families getting a million dollars. don't you think that's going to turn on just, you know, it's a gigantic green light reaction from the republican side chuck grassley says this is totally unacceptable. kevin mccarthys at the it's pure insanity. tom cotton unthinkable to pay a burglar that broke into your home psychological trauma they endured during the crime. ainsley: how much the victims got during 9/11, dan crenshaw makes a similar criticism. biden wants to pay illegal imimmigrants $450,000 for their hardship while breaking their laws. for perspective if a service member killed in action their next of kin gets insurance
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payment of $400,000. let that sink in. someone who dies fighting for our country their family gets less than what an illegal immigrant breaking a law, goes across the border separated from their family gets. lawrence: you are exactly right, ainsley. part of the reason we see this surge at the border, situations like this. it is a magnet for illegals to come across the border. i have talked to them. they say the reason why they are coming across the border. they knew they could not come under president trump. they say biden said they could come. they said president biden is going to protect them. steve: here is why the government is talking to these people and law firms. if these things went to trial. get a jury and a family could get $20 million. it's like okay, we will give them 450,000. they are just trying to diffuse things. one dhs attorney complained in a conference call that the payouts could amount to more than some families of the 9/11 victims
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fund some see the payouts as excessive. they violated the law by crossing the border. why would we give them money? ainsley: what about the people who do it the right way. these individuals could do it illegally get $450,000. the aclu is representing these families. they have identified 5,500 children that were separated from their parents under trump. the total payment for that $1 billion. >> keep in mind it was in the run up to the election that joe biden made this a campaign issue. you know. donald trump is the one who separated parents from their children. so, biden administration going to go ahead and decide whether to settle for $1 billion. lawrence: not just the president on the campaign trail. you guys remember that moment on the stage when the democrats during the primary were asked do you support providing healthcare for illegals? it was very clear that the
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democratic party supports putting them first and putting the americans last. stephen miller was fired up about that. take a listen. >> it's what's called the collusive settlement. illegal aliens suing the federal government for cash and the government saying well, we will give you all the cash that you want. it's collusion. let's be very clear. this is what happens when you go from american first american last president. america first under trump and america last under biden. these individuals were put in jail for family law. americans who go to jail and freighted she get no cash separation. they want to give half a million dollars to every illegal immigrant went to jail and separated. that's insane. be. steve: one of the other things the lawsuits al, why would they get $450,000 per person? because according to the lawsuit the children suffered from heat exhaustion, malnutrition, cold rooms, hot rooms and have little medical attention, which, when you think about it sounds a lot like the trip up to get here.
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lawrence: exactly. steve: this is just the cynical me. the federal government is negotiating with about a dozen different big law firms. how much are the lawyers going to get if each family gets $1 million. do you think they get to keep the million? no. the law firm is going to probably get half of. absolutely half. some cases even more. ainsley: we will have the former vice president mike pence on the show at 8:00 a.m. we will ask him about this. steve: in the mean time, it is 6:09 on this very busy friday. the last friday in october. straight ahead, president biden is in rome at this hour meeting with pope francis as progressives threaten his agenda here at home. ainsley: and terry mcauliffe rapidly losing support as republican glenn youngkin hits his stride. we are going to break down the latest fox news poll numbers that are in his favor, youngkin's favor for the governor's race there. that's coming up next. ♪
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so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at jillian: we are back with a fox news alert now president biden arriving at the vatican moments ago to meet with pope francis starting european tour with the legislative win he wanted back home. blocking $1.75 trillion spending bill. >> need a little bit more than an iou. >> bamboozled because this is not what i thought was coming today. jillian: biden starting his trip after a last minute plea with democrats. he will head to the g 20 in rome next. andrew cuomo facing misdemeanor sex crime charge. officials in albany charging the governor with forcible touching saying he quote intentionally no
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legitimate placed his hand under the blouse of a victim. the complaint does not give the victim's name does say the alleged abuse happened at the governor's executive mansion in albany last december. cuomo denies the charge. fox digital obtaining these photos of an actor in a small town exiting a clothing store. baldwin is said to be there with his family as families continue to investigate the deadly rust movie set shooting. the santa fe sheriff is focusing on how and why live ammunition was on set. no charges filed after baldwin fired a live round killing sim thatting toographer halyna hutchins. first loss of the season with a very dramatic finish. >> live snap again. end zone and picked off. intercepted by it douglas.
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jillian: packers defense coming up with late pick in the end zone to seal the 24-21 win. aaron red sox rogers led the offense connecting with randall cobb for the green bay victory. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: just a slow news day. if people were watching the conclusion ofs "fox & friends first." jillian: i cry a lot is. steve: you announced. ainsley: you have a good reason to. jillian: we will talk about it a little later in the hour. steve: today is jillian's final day on fox. steve: meanwhile, talk some news, numbers look good for the guy who would like to be the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia the republican guy. ainsley: glenn youngkin fox news poll. likely voters, terry mcauliffe, 45%. glenn youngkin 53% now. they were neck in neck. back in october terry mcauliffe according to this poll was doing better. he had 51%. steve: two weeks ago.
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ainsley: exactly. education thing that is really driving people to the polls. these parents out there are furious with what terry mcauliffe has said about parents shouldn't tell schools whether a to teach. and he called -- he said crt has never been taught in virginia schools. called the issue a racist dog whistle. youngkin comes out and says i will ban crt. steve: he has got say that. lawrence: youngkin is leading more when it comes to these parents, 56%. if you are the former president of the united states, barack obama or joe biden or stacey abrams it looks like he didn't help at all. you may have made the problem worse. steve: absolutely. lawrence: former president saying this is simply a culture war. i have got to tell you being on the ground right there before these last three weeks it, wasn't clear that youngkin had the support there. but there was a change these last three weeks. these parents are fired up. when you saw that these parents are now being forced to sign nda agreements. that ticked them off. ainsley: being called domestic
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terrorists. lawrence: a lot of democrats. people who classify themselves as democrats. if this is where the democratic party is going on this issue of education, then we are done. steve: sure. because according to mr. youngkin who is on with sean hannity last night, he said we are not only getting democrats walking across the aisle, we are getting double digits of independents. and that is how you win. here he is last night with sean. listen. >> this race is becoming a national race. virginians are voting for the nation. with us winning independence by double digits and democrats walking across the aisle and voting for us, this isn't going to be close, sean. virginians are making a big statement. we're making a statement that there is new day ahead of us. low taxes, best schools, best jobs. safe communities and a government that works for us isn't telling us what to do all the time. these are universal values and virginians are ready to step forward and make this race not even close. steve: to your point earlier about barack obama campaigning last week and kamala harris this week and joe biden as well, they
3:19 am
brought in all these all-stars. keep in mind, when you vote for governor, you are voting for local issues and by bringing in national figures you nationalize the race. you don't want to do that you bring in joe biden who deeply unpopular in virginia right now for a myriad of reasons, including inflation and the fact that you can't get gatorade at the grocery store. and you bring joe biden in to say hey, yeah, vote for terry mcauliffe. he is on my train. i don't like what you are doing, joe, why would i do that? what's interesting about mr. mcauliffe though is just the fact that everything seems to be coming together at the right time for him. you know, you had the merrick garland memo about the fbi. you had the national school board calling domestic terrorists. lawrence: walking off set. steve: do something about the patriot act to try to get these parents. this is the number one issue if you are a parent. it's what do my kids do at school. and for terry mcauliffe to say
3:20 am
parents should have no say in what their kids' curriculum is, that was, if he loses, that single soundbite will be the final nail in his column. ainsley: people say mcauliffe is scared and that's why he is bringing in high powered politicians. like barack obama and joe biden and dave matthews band. also hired high profile attorney known to master mind paid this guy $60,000. his name is marc elias. the allies law group. we heard about it fox news asked for a comment. they accidently sent an email back to fox news saying can we try to kill this? we think that might have been for someone within the campaign. hey try to kill this fox news story? steve: here's the thing marc elias, the guy tied to perkins couey the law firm behind the steele dossier. in jonathan turley saw that
3:21 am
terry mcauliffe had hired this guy, he is going that's astonishing. he wondered whether or not mcauliffe could be prepping to challenge any win by glenn youngkin. so he reached out. and it's the one thing you do you know, did i just answer-respond all? did i just answer the entire company? this is a big disaster for the mcauliffe campaign but apparently they tried to spin it later. so after they sent to us can we try to kill this? later they clarified can we try to kill this dot dot dot to dispute the challenges of the election in an email that actually did not get through to fox news. lawrence: this comes on the heels and you guys have been hearing it for months from the democrats saying the past election was the safest election. there is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to voter integrity. but now when you have this new polling and see it's a dead heat you start hiring these election attorneys. this just shows you that the democrats have no integrity on the issue that they flip flop on
3:22 am
the issue. also shows that they are worried about this race. because they know that if they lose in virginia, it is an indictment of the democrats and the president of the united states who extremely unpopular. dropped 11 points. this is going to be a game changer. steve: sure. when you think about what's going on in congress where the democrats are at each other's throats. nancy pelosi was going to have a vote yesterday for the infrastructure. the $1 trillion thing but she could not get the progressives on the same page. even after joe biden came in and said look, my presidency and all of your jobs depend on this and the progressives still said no. lawrence: no political capital. steve: the democrats thought with unified government where they have the white house, the you house and the senate we can do anything. now americans are looking at these gigantic spending bills and what's going on in the schools and it's like you didn't have a mandate you won by that much and, yet, the left is trying to pull the whole country super to the left just like the story we started with where everybody gets a million
3:23 am
dollars. ainsley: you have the progressives and then you have the moderates. moderates less money for spending bill. progressives are saying we north voting for that until we get infrastructure. it's completely divided. they can't come together. nancy pelosi promised a halloween vote at least by halloween. lawrence: ainsley, our mom. how are moms going to explain when christmas is canceled this year? people are going to vote based on their pocketbooks and based on their children. not just he crt, mast mask mandates not allows children back in schools. food on the table. these are kitchen table i. moderate joe has let down middle america. i think he is going to have to answer for that in any terms. ainsley: we saw what happened in afghanistan where even my democratic friends obviously did not agree with what happened there. leaving americans behind enemy lines. now we are learning this morning they are considering paying illegal immigrants that were separated children and parents.
3:24 am
each $450,000. a million dollars per family. steve: you don't mean christmas is canceled. you mean people might not be able to get lawrence jesus is still the reason for the season. ainsley: that's right. the wise men only brought three gifts. steve: apple did announce they don't have enough chips. it could be tough to buy some stuff. we will talk about that a little later on. ainsley: everything is more expensive. you know, your turkey and your christmas presents and gas in the car. your electric bill. steve: mcdonald's across the street. everything. ainsley: that's right. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead on this friday, a new jersey professor under fire over remarks bashing white people and defending critical race theory. listen to this. >> i want to say to you is we have got to take these mother [bleep] out. we can't say that. ainsley: who. steve: the academic discussion that went totally off the rails. we will tell you who that person is coming up. ainsley: and the world series shifting to atlanta for game three and carley shimkus is live
3:25 am
outside of the park where bars and restaurants finally after they were canceled. hey, carley. carley: that's right, ainsley this is an exciting day here in atlanta. this is the braves first world series home game since 1999. you are right, business owners are also excite especially after having lost the all-star game earlier this year. how are those business owners doing? i spoke to several of them. you are going to hear from them coming up with "fox & friends first" continues. stay tuned. ♪ fired up ♪
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jillian: good morning, back with a look at your headlines, a man with a gun creating panic at international airport. police detaining one person after two people injured in the chaos. no shot were fired. video shows 300 passengers. flights were briefly grounded until the tarmac could be briefly opened. the two people injured are expected to be okay.
3:30 am
a rutgers university professor is being called out for making this comment about white people. listen. >> the thing i want to say to you is we have got to take these mother [bleep] out. we can't say that. >> she went on to say she believes white people are not, quote, eternal. she made the comment during an event titled unpacking the attacks on critical race theory. the professor is reportedly on a sabbatical leave. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg company rebranding itself as meta name short for metta verse mixed platform allowing users to interact with each virtual world former employee accusing the company of prioritizing profits over safety and promoting harmful content to children. new york's mayor bill de blasio claims to be a star track fan but halloween costume reveals he doesn't quite know the
3:31 am
character. my homage live long and prosper with candy. jillian: captain kirk wore yellow. de blasio relied mistake and apologized to trekies. i will not lie i did not know the mistake. steve: come on you can tell. thank you very much, jillian. let's talk baseball. atlanta gearing up for the crowds today as thousands head to georgia for game three of the world series tonight on fox 8:00 p.m. eastern after pulled all-star game out of atlanta earlier this year. business owners hoping much green. fox news headline 24/7 reporter carley shimkus joins us right now live from truist park. ha, carley. >> hey, that's right, steve. i sure do. here's the deal in atlanta. the series is tied at 1-1, which
3:32 am
is actually really good news for business owners because that means that there are definitely going to be three games in atlanta and that means that business owners have an extra chance to make money. they are going to -- there is a lot of tourists, a lot of opportunities to get people in restaurants and spending money and they are looking forward to that. that has been made even more important because they lost the all-star game earlier this year when it was moved to denver. so the big question is how are those business owners doing now? i spoke to some of them yesterday, take a listen to what they had to say how much business did you lose when they yanked the offer? >> i mean all the business around suffered at that time. we had a menu ready with special, real exciting events. last minute we realized it was not going to be here. $100 million lost revenue. all of our sponsors, you know, in georgia.
3:33 am
which is amazing most of those were minority small business. carley: there were going to be a lot of people who were going to travel around atlanta because of the all-star game of course that didn't happen. how did that impact your business? >> it was domestic violence stating. we were looking -- businesses bring a lot of revenue. carley: how much money do you think you lost because of this. >> i would say close to a quarter of a million dollars. >> i think all small business owners are thankful they got through that portion. the world series this year. >> how has business been? have you seen more people coming to the restaurant because of the all the excitement over the world series? >> no doubt. after four are forks and a half hours. you get whatever you want. people want to be outside. people want to drink and have a good time and then they want chauffeured service.
3:34 am
i'm just so grateful so for us this is probably going to turn out even bigger than what the all-star game would have been. carley: yeah, one of those business owners that i spoke to darryl anderson owns a transportation company. i asked him how business is doing. he said, you know, it's good. but he is having trouble hiring people. is he having trouble hiring drivers all too familiar situation. what's not familiar, steve, you have got to pay attention to the jerseys tonight, usually both teams wear all-star game patch on jersey. this year they don't have that patch because of supply chain issues. steve: stuck on a boat. carley: coasting off the coast of pennsylvania. the economy business is definitely impacting the world series. but everybody that i spoke to yesterday very excited to the game is here in atlanta. steve: absolutely. we had the governor of gearks
3:35 am
brian kemp so excited to the braves got in because, you know, it's just one of those things. major league baseball took it away from us but we earned it back. you got to figure the governor, if he is at the game, is going to get a hero's welcome tonight. and if the commissioner is there somewhere i got a feeling he won't be warmly received. carley: no. his reception might be as chilly as the weather is right now. and it's cold. steve: it is chilly. i saw you wearing that coat a minute ago. carley: it doesn't go with my pants so i had to take it off for the hit. i will put it on now. steve: we will watch. go ahead. grab the people so people know you have a coat right there. it was actually the color team colors for the braves. we are v. got to see it game tonight at 8:00 fox. >> we have nice, carley warming up for her next airing.
3:36 am
thank you very much. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. new york city first responders sounding the alarm as the vax seen mandate takes effect today. new york fire department leader shares his grave concern coming up next. >> we put ourselves at risk and our families. how far were we rewarded with that. this mayor made a mandate and gave us 8 days to comply. that is insane. ♪
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ainsley: today at 5:00 p.m. unvaccinated first responders here in new york city will be placed on unpaid leave until they prove they have gotten their first shot against covid-19. with 35% of the firefighters and 24% of the police, still not vaccinated in our city the next guest says the mayor's mandate will get people killed. here now is the president of fdny fire officers association jim, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: you are worried how this will affect the community. you say people will die. >> it's up to the department to staff companies we will do the best we can as we always do. we will respond to every emergency. we will bring our training and best efforts for the citizens and the residents of new york city it's up to the department
3:42 am
to make sure staffed. ainsley: friends are worried they have go back in the field. they are saying you could be forced to work overtime. you can't take a vacation. they canceled vacations and 20% of the firehouses have closed. >> the department has taken draconian measures to try and make available in the firehouse. people on duty and training for some period of time they are in the academy training officers and firefighters for a year or so. and they are not getting retraining before they come back to the fire companies to respond to fires and emergenes. we anything over six months had you to go to retraining for a week or two to make sure you were sharp with all of your skills they waived that now. that's going to put some people in danger they haven't sharpened their skills. ainsley: how many people who haven't gotten tested coming
3:43 am
back with covid tests we had thousands of tests and only less than one-half of 1 percent come back positive. that's even lower than the rate in the public which they just announced recently was reduced in half from 4% to 2%. we are even lower than that. ainsley: i know you feel like the mayor has turned his back on you you worked throughout covid. you guys were out in the field and responding to 911 calls. emergency, fires, saving people's lives and this is how you are repaid. >> right. that's one of the many issues we have de blasio's administration when they asked us to respond in march of 2020 we did the same thing. we pulled everybody from their assignments put them back in the firehouse and we responded to all of those calls. when everybody was home, working from home and all the businesses
3:44 am
were closed, every firefighter and officer in the firehouse responding to emergencies covid and being exposed to covid and then get some of them got very seriously ill. some of them came back and exposed their families to covid. we have had a lot of our members that have been seriously ill and recovered have the antibodies the mayor hasn't given us any deference or treated us the same as anybody else. we are being treated like numbers on the spreadsheet instead of it essential workers. ainsley: maybe the next mayor because there is an election maybe the next layer will prevent you. thank you for everything you do. >> thank you very much. ainsley: you are welcome. check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast. thanks, janice. >> i want to thank janice for everything he does as well. i'm a proud wife of a firefighter. take look at the maps. an area of low pressure that's going to bring the potential for
3:45 am
more rain and wind my friends. unfortunately the northeast is not having any luck here. we have the potential for area of low pressure to bring coastal flooding as well as gusty winds. if you have travel plans today, know there are probably going to be delays and cancellations at the airport and rough go this afternoon. there is rain forecast. not a lot of rain because the ground is saturated any more rain is going to cause some flash food flooding. here is your forecast today. watch that area of low pressure across the eastern third of the country. another storm system moves into the northwest. temperatures are quite mild for this time of year. there is your halloween forecast. i have got to say that's not bad. look at symptom of those cities, spider web. spook city. no major storm systems that's good news for the kids going trick or treating, all right, ainsley. back to you. ainsley: city names. transylvania scare. janice: i love it.
3:46 am
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steve: at the conclusion of "fox & friends first." jillian: i cried a lot. steve: today is her last day. jillian: fox news alert. yeah, it's my last day here at fox news and this has been the most difficult decision i have ever had to make. i think i'm all cried out. i think i'm going to be stronger this time. everywhere here is wonderful. this has been the best four and a half almost five years of my life. i'm going to take a little time and focus on myself personal life as you guys know i don't do enough of. sleep past 1 o'clock a.m. for the first time in 15 years and get my mba from lasalle university in philly which i'm working for. ainsley: so proud of you. you have heart of gold. we do breakfast after the show. jillian: quite literally breakfast with friends. ainsley: one of the strongest women. such an advocate for women in this business. lawrence: 15 years we have a look from the very beginning,
3:51 am
take a look. steve: and action. >> a very special moment for us. ainsley: we have a new edition to the folk family jillian mele. jillian: good morning. ainsley: you will be a part of the show know jill jim i'm nervous everything can you imagine. steve: jillian, this is your life. tell us a little bit about yourself. jillian: a little bit about myself how long do we have? ainsley: i know you covered sport for most of your entire career. jillian: i'm from philadelphia and i was a sports anchor before i took this job. steve: i love the eagles. jillian: so do i. steve: jillian mele live in philly as celebrate super bowl win. jillian: nick bowls joins us now. if i could take a moment thanks for being awesome. thanks for being a stand up guy. thank you for giving philadelphiay a second chance. i love this so much. i have so much fun. i got 35 minutes of sleep and i don't even care because the world series. ainsley: jillian mele is live in atlanta. steve: jillian mele joins us
3:52 am
live. janice: as you can see the waives are coming up. she lived here from after all this is america, game. >> what are the most unique things. >> nice and easy. jillian: funnel cakes. lawrence: i love you guys. you guys hat -- >> they are not on backwards, are they? >> we just landed in miami. we'll haven't seen the beach yet and i give janice deliberates on what we do there. ainsley: if it turns over you are lunch? >> no. that scares me. >> a little bit. >> how many times have you done this? >> about 9,000. >> and you are here to talk about it so that's good. >> it worked. jillian: good for me. ♪
3:53 am
>> nice and easy. okay. >> oh my gosh. >> see this? now turn to the left a little bit. moving to the left and you will turn to the left. and now move it back to the right. there you go. >> oh my godness. >> we have some special stuff going on in the studio with jillian. >> today jillian is sharing her breakfast casserole tradition with all of us. we cook up some headlines. jillian: i see what you did there. good morning, everyone. thank you for wonderful toss, brian. brian: i love awkward tosses and you like receiving them. jillian: i do. it's entertaining. scenes me on my toes. brian: jillian you are up here fighting to get the headlines in. brian: legal left toss to jillian for the news. here is a woman who wants to work two shows five days a week maybe even weekends. jillian is not weird after the all not a loser. >> thank you.
3:54 am
brian: winner. standing to choose up why brian delivers the news. jillian: brian won't let me sit. brian: no chairs. jillian: heels. >> tough on the heels. the face seems more square. ainsley: jillian be the ball. steve: ladies and gentlemen, it's a tie in the green beret challenge. jillian: thank you for welcoming me in since the first day. everybody asks me what it's like i say it's the best job i have ever had. steve: we are a family. ainsley: we love you, jillian. jillian: i might cry again. [awe. >> it's been great having you hear and real tribute to your dedication is the fact that i don't think you ever missed annual alarm. jillian: no, never. thank you. jillian: you guys are family. i mean, you are more than co-workers. like the relationship that you
3:55 am
see on tv are the relationships that we have in real life. and it's so special. i mean. you guys are the best people i have ever worked with and i have the best bosses here. this has been the best experience of my whole life and it's been so hard to make this decision to leave it. but it's. ainsley: will you come back? you can always come back. jillian: at some point you choose if you so chose to focus on yourself and personal life that's what i'm choosing. i know we are running out of time gavin and lauren and suzanne and jay, everybody here who believed in me as someone who wasn't covering politics i was in sports as you know i'm from filly. you know, it's-this has been a blissing. i'm so grateful. steve: you are back in philly going to college. jillian: i'm going to college again. wish me a luck. i still have a a minus in financial accounting class which i knew nothing about this. steve: going for mba god bliss you. lawrence: you know i will be texting you. jillian: you better be.
3:56 am
steve: especially when your hat is backwards. janice: so important to have good people around you when you wake up so early in the morning i feel blessed knowing you. i know this chapter of your life is going to be the best one. jillian: thank you. ainsley: where are we going to get the fashion tips? you are the best drers. jillian: i will send you links. ainsley: so out of touch these days. thank you. jillian: i love you guys so much. thank you at home. thank you for letting me into your homes every single morning you mean the world to me. larynx lawrence she is not going anywhere. she will be here all morning. jillian: get my makeup together i will be back. steve: we will be back in just a couple of minutes. ♪
3:57 am
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...or uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent. these are not all the serious side effects. now i'm back where i belong. ask your doctor about latuda and pay as little as $0 for your first prescription. >> president biden now admits his presidency is hanging in the balance. >> telling dems either pass his spending plan or his presidency is over. >> no one got everything they wanted. that's what compromise is. >> democrats remain in disarray. >> happen to see a new fox news, ready? youngkin 53 mcauliffe 45. >> first responders sounding the alarm as the vaccine mandate takes effect today. >> the mayor isn't giving deference treated like numbers on spreadsheet rather than essential workers. >> this is the braves first world series home game since
4:01 am
1999. >> tickets are going over over $1,000. that's just for standing room only. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: 7:00 in the morning, you are looking live at truist field tonight game three of the world series tied at 1-1. there is a tarp over the infield. 54 degrees and 40% chance of rain and game time. it's been drizzling all day. ainsley: do they cancel it or play in the rain? steve: depends on how hard it comes down. you don't want the guys running around on a mud pile. let's just check in with somebody who is actually there there in atlanta outside of truist park. who is with you.
4:02 am
>> i made a friend over the last half hour. for those ha don't know this is the braves mascot. what's your name? >> oh, it's blooper. he was doing hilarious earlier. can you show everybody how you move? [laughter] and blooper who is going to win tonight? naturally. naturally the braves are going to win. okay. so i made a friend. there's going to be about 40,000 people. probably more. about 45,000 people in the stadium later today they are also doing standing room only. it's going to be a massive crowd and also i spoke to two really important people yesterday. you are going to hear from them. throwing out the first pitch tonight. they have a really cool story. you will hear all about it later in the show, guys. say goodbye to everybody or hello. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, carley. we woke up. game 3 is going to be tonight. 8:00. watch it on fox. we woke up this morning. we heard that joe biden, he landed in rome.
4:03 am
we sought video of joe biden and jill biden getting off the plane he is meeting with the pope. steve: he is. vatican announced full coverage there we go just a little while ago. the vatican had announced full coverage of the president and the pope and then yesterday they abruptly canceled the live broadcast of the meeting later in the throne room and there is the first lady as well. this by the way the third time joe biden has met with francis, first time as the president, the vatican said they canceled it because of coronavirus restrictions. so what's interesting is they say they are going to have edited footage when they meet. but, also, you want to know what they are going to talk about because the u.s. conference of bishops meeting is going to be in a few weeks here in the united states. one of the agenda items as joe talks to the folks there on the welcoming line, one of the agenda items is that joe biden support for abortion rights. the conference of bishops say should disqualify him from receiving communion.
4:04 am
and francis, you know, has called on the church's opposition to abortion calling it murder. but he has also said bishops should be pastors and not politicians. ainsley: remember he was in florence, south carolina on the campaign trail the priest would not give him communion because of his stance on abortion. lawrence: traditional catholic before the president of the united states went on that trip. ainsley: to the smallest country in the world did you know the vatican city is the smallest country in the world. lawrence: international showing president had comment about framework of the deal. take a look. >> after months of tough thoughtful negotiations i know we have economic framework. framework create millions of jobs, grow the economy, invest in our nation. and our people. turn the climate crisis into an opportunity and put us on a path not only to compete but to win
4:05 am
the economic competition for the 21st century, no one got everything they wanted, including me, but that's what compromise is. steve: they still haven't compromised. he went up there. interestingly, joe did not ask them when he met with the congressional caucus on the democratic side. he did not ask them to vote on the infrastructure bill, the $1 trillion bill. which nancy pelosi was trying to actually pass. he went up and what he said behind closed doors apparently was look, i want everybody to vote for this bill because if you don't you could lose your job and i could lose my job. 1700 page framework how it's going to work. they want to make sure it's paired with it and they get a vote. apparently nancy pelosi was in the progressive caucus meeting with them yesterday.
4:06 am
and they threw her out. apparently kicked out of the meeting. she got kicked out and she said well, i'm leaving anyway. they didn't to hear. she said just vote for it otherwise we are going to be in big trouble. ainsley: not passing social spending unless it's paired with the infrastructure. steve: they wanted a figure. lawrence: this is what happens when you try to split the baby and please both sides. this is a president that has said is he was going to be a moderate and he got in and said he was going to be the most progressive president. i think a lot of americans that are there, those americans made the president drop 11 points in the national polls are saying we all need a new bill. we need you guys to just stop messing things up again if the president doesn't pass this and get infrastructure done. will lame duck president. this is why he wanted to present this framework. ainsley: we read that article this morning.
4:07 am
we all were talking about this during a commercial break. there was an article saying joe biden's job elected so president trump was pushed out. democrats didn't like him. some republicans who didn't like him. they voted for the other guy instead of trump. the rest of the story, how do you like him now? how is he doing? how is he benefiting your life? what has he done for your country? look at afghanistan and our open borders. now he wants to pay $450,000 for illegals separated from their parents as a settlement to say i'm sorry to them. how hard are you working you would love $450,000 too wouldn't you? it's going to the illegal immigrants. look at his policies. in the beginning i don't think the people who voted for him cared. they wanted donald trump out. lawrence: do you know what, ainsley you? make such an excellent point. part of the reason this is happening because the policy issues weren't covered in the last election. most of the mainstream media talked about emotions and get donald trump out. not going policy to policy it was out there for you to read.
4:08 am
he was very clear that he wanted healthcare for illegals. >> we have clear open borders and very clear extra taxes on the rich and bring in more irs agents to go after people. the president on the campaign when he was vice president was very clear the press didn't just bother to cover it. to your point they were so busy trying to get donald trump out of they didn't think of the ramifications that are happening. ainsley: right the consequences. steve: one of the reasons joe biden went to capitol hill yesterday before he got on the plane for rome is because part of one of these bills is half a trillion dollars in climate change money. and he wanted to be able to go to claudia cowan over the go -- glasgow over the weekend. instead the progressives kept him from a win within his own party and that is where we are this morning. nancy pelosi, if she would have had the votes yesterday she would have had the votes. they kicked it to next week. lawrence: unbelievable.
4:09 am
one of the most powerful people in the country cannot control her own caucus. got kicked out of a meeting that's embarrassing. ainsley: if you are a city worker in new york you have to get unshot or you will lose your pay. it will be effective immediately. they are asking for firefighters and police officers to work extra hours. tough say yes if you are asked to work. overtime you north allowed to take vacations. they are saying 20 of the firehouses here in the city could close because 35% of firefighters and 34% of our police officers aren't. steve: one said people will die in the city put it this way. ainsley: because of the response time. steve: response time this year when you call the fire department it takes 5:23. but if 40% of the firefighters are not able to respond, it could lead to a response time of about seven minutes or more. and you know, if you have a heart attack it makes a big
4:10 am
difference. 8 minute difference house fire is the difference between losing one bedroom or losing the whole house. or in a row house situation like a lot of neighborhoods here in new york, an 8-minute difference is one whole house or a whole block of houses if the response time goes up. lawrence: it is a public safety issue. on my way in to the studio this morning do you know how though drop the trash out it was set on fire. i was like what is going on here. steve: 46th street i saw it too. lawrence: on the way to new york. we are talking about a new york. crazy city. no doubt crazy in new york. this is happening around across the country. not just the fire department but it's the police officers. we know the crime crisis that is happening all across the country. who is going to keep america safe if we don't have the people that were were good enough during the pandemic but not good enough enough to? steve: one of the other things and we are showing the garbage because the sanitation workers are also involved in this. and the sanitation workers have
4:11 am
been staging a by the bookwork slow down. so, in other words, they get on the truck and they drive through a neighborhood and they go you know what? we need gas and then they go back to the station or we need -- we forgot gloves. they go back. they invariably don't pick up the garbage and it's piling up all over new york city as a, you know, as a way to the say to the mayor we are not happy with this vaccine thing. we don't want to do it. lawrence: a lot of these firefighters aren't anti-vax. they are anti-mandate. i think it's so important to frame the argument the correct way. they are saying that all these folk was that serve communities, we need them are against the vaccine. a lot of them have the vaccine but don't feel like the government should make them present it. ainsley: many of them say we can't get it for religious regions or can't get it because doctor says i shouldn't have it for x, y and z. feel like the mayor has turned their back on him. they worked through the pandemic. 7:00 every night we are banging our pots and pans hanging outs
4:12 am
of our windows cheering on all the people who worked in the hospital firefighters and police officers. they are such good men and women and they feel like now they could looftz their jobs? how are they going to pay for their kids? how are they going to pay for food and their mortgages? steve: obviously it's a squeeze play by the mayor. ainsley: they get tested. steve: your employer gets to do this. there have been a million court challenges so far and the courts have always sided with the employers. ainsley: many of them have the antibodies. steve: doesn't matter. lawrence: taking on the mayor. this is fdny. this tweet right here the only thing that can stop nyc firefighters fulfilling their oath is the mayor not fulfill his. they are putting it on bill de blasio who has been, judging by the polls, a teenager mayor and you just see now the leading
4:13 am
candidate now law enforcement officer who going to be probably the next mayor. so they rejected his anti-police, anti-fire department position. ainsley: we interviewed jim mccarthy the fdny president. he filed a lawsuit over this mandate. he was on with us a little while ago. listen. >> when everybody was home working from home and all the businesses were closed, every firefighter and fire officer was in the firehouse responding to emergencies and being exposed to covid and getting -- some of them got very seriously ill and some of them came back and exposed their families to covid. we have a lot of members that have been seriously ill and recovered and have the antibody levels. so, that's the service we have given to the citizens the residents of new york city and the mayor hasn't given us any deference or i even treated u.s. the same as anybody else. we are being treated like numbers on a spreadsheet. lawrence: that was such great
4:14 am
interview. ainsley: thank you. >> it's important to know they already have a recruitment issue in no, not just the fire department but the police department as well. you can't get people to go on the job. people are attacking firefighters as well. they are attacking our ems as well. what are we going to do now? we already have a shortage of staff. steve: the mayor is not going to back down. i would imagine as we saw with the teacher's unions here in new york city. i would imagine a lot of people get the shot today. but a lot of people won't. so that becomes the question what happens on monday. ainsley: not just the individuals getting vaccinated affected but our community. our community's response times when you call 911 you expect them to show up. when you put your trash out you expect it to be picked up. many of our sanitation workers are not going to be able to go to work either. steve: that's why i put my trash in front of somebody else's house. ainsley: you are not allowed to do that. steve: they never know. ainsley: we are getting tested. that's the alternative. for the people don't want to get vaccinated testing them regularly very, very few.
4:15 am
less than 1%. i can't remember the number, 0.1% have even tested positive. lawrence: same thing we did here. steve: some municipal paths say it's $130 a week to test you. if you want that, you have to pay for it yourself, in which case more people. ainsley: i would rather pay for that than not have a salary. steve: if you have the cash a lot of people don't. lawrence: we have jillian. you don't put trash in front of your neighbor's? jillian: i don't. i let it go for as long as i possibly can in my apartment and until it smells and guess bad. steve: what about recycling. jillian: same thing until it's piled over. i'm one of those. let's go aheadenned a start with this. g.o.p. lawmakers add a propose biden plan to pay $450,000 per person to some illegal imgrabs. it would go to those separated at the border under former president trump this as mexico gives passes and shelter to pregnant women and minors
4:16 am
heading to the u.s. in a caravan. texas governor greg abbott warning about plans to cross i will legally. >> if they do come across the border, the national guard and public safety they are authorized to arrest these people who make it through our blockade efforts and put them in jail for violating a crime of criminal trespass in the state of texas. jillian: more than 5,000 people are traveling in that caravan. no covid vaccine, no in person school. that's the new policy adopted by oakland california school board. unvaccinated students 12 and old every will not be able to attend inin person classes in january. instead have to take classes online. some are calling out the mandate on students of color. >> less than half of the teenagers black and brown are vaccinated. >> there is definitely a disparity in terms of healthcare for people of color, no doubt. >> the district says about 60% of its students older than 12 have had at least one vaccine dose. caitlyn jenner is defending
4:17 am
comedian dave chapelle following backlash transgender community following netflix special, listen. >> certainly has the right to do what is he doing. do i agree with him? absolutely not. i think we have to protect freedom of speech and i'm getting so tired over this whole woke world. everything has to be so politically correct. jillian: chapelle says is he more than willing to talk to members of the lgbtq community if they extend the offer. the typiest patients at a florida hospital get a super halloween treat. look at this. orlando, super capes to newborns in intensive care. student making five designs, superman, batman, bat gicialtion wonder woman and incredible. sadly because of covid protocol she was not able to handle them out the hospital staff did. and they look absolutely app. adorable. ainsley: so cute. jillian: i know. steve: not all super heroes wear capes but a lot of enough borns
4:18 am
do. lawrence: fighting for their lives. that's a beautiful thing. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: straight ahead. guest, this email sent to fox news by mistake apparently exposing an effort by terry mcauliffe's campaign to kill a story. congressman jim jordan is going to react to that and so much more. he is coming up next on this friday. ♪ ♪
4:19 am
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4:23 am
race also enters its final stretch amid looming signs of critical race theory and vaccine mandates for our children. joining us now virginia mother of two jessica menendez and samantha hug. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: jessica, i know you have two girls first grader and third grader in public school. education the main concern in virginia with our coverage of loudoun county and our coverage of fairfax virginia with a county right next door is that the biggest issue for you? >> absolutely, education is critical to me. we have been fighting for issues over curriculum, over inappropriate books and now we have had to add safety to the list of our concerns. it's been crazy here. ainsley: when you look at those polls it's unbelievable. youngkin 14 point lead amongst parental voters. do you have democratic friends
4:24 am
or independent we like youngkin because his support of education? >> yes, i do, absolutely. i have several. they said look, this is what -- we have a candidate glenn youngkin who is actually listening to the parents, listening to the people. and standing up and somebody that we feel like then they feel like can represent them fairly and adequately. when he is elected governor. ainsley: samantha, big governor race in your state as well new jersey. you have two children. i'm sure education is important to you. what are the issues -- why do you support the republican candidate here? >> i just feel this in new jersey we have gone so far left, so radical between the sexual education that they are pushing on our children to the mask mandates to now possible vaccine mandates, you know, critical race theory, now they are changing the name to social emotional learning. i mean, it's just -- it's a hit at every angle and it's to
4:25 am
remove the parents and have the state come in and take over your children. and i don't support that. ainsley: according to the polls, the majority of your state is in favor of all of that, why? >> yes, you know, it's -- i don't know. i don't understand how they can see how a man like murphy, who injured people in nursing homes, you know, i was thinking about this last night. chris christie had a whole drama about bridge gate. and here we are with murphy who he has harmed millions of people and people support this left radical agenda taking choices away from parents. teaching sexual behavior to our youngest of children to confuse them. it's just very sad. and, you know, i have friends that support this agenda. it's really -- it just makes me question what's going on in people's heads.
4:26 am
ainsley: salesman that i'm right there with you. we live in new york city. we are neighbors and dealing with same issues some of the best schools and best teachers. i don't understand what they're teaching first grader and kindergartens things they don't need to learn yet. salesman that thank you for being with us. god bless your children. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. half million dollars payouts to illegal immigrants that idea under consideration by the white house. congressman jim jordan will react next. ♪ ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed
4:27 am
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largest provider network. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ most plans even have a $0 premium. so go ahead. take advantage now. ♪ wow! ♪ steve: apparently the biden administration facing mounting pressure over its border policy including a new plan to pay out to illegal immigrants. proposed plan would reportedly send 450 million -- that's wrong it should say 450,000 taxpayer dollars per person to families who were separated at our southern border. here to react house judiciary committee member and author of the upcoming book "do what you said you would do" fighting for
4:31 am
freedom in the swamp congressman jim jordan. good good morning to you recommendation good to be with you,. steve: steve the administration considering paying at least a million dollars per family to these migrant families who were impacted by president trump's zero tolerance policy at the southern border where when a family unit was taken into custody with the kids some of them got separated permanently. >> yeah. i mean, think about this, you are going to pay people half a million dollars who broke the law at the same time the biden administration is getting ready to raise taxes on the hardworking families of this country. it makes absolutely no sense. and you know, i think about this. first you break the law you get amnesty with democrats now they are going to pay you for breaking the law. you think we have a problem in a caravan coming towards the border now and what we have seen over the last several months, wait until the word gets out that you actually get paid for breaking the law to come into
4:32 am
our country. one of the many stupid policies from this administration. steve: sure, when the word goes out not only, you know, is joe biden saying come on or rather officially don't come but come on. >> yeah. steve: and your family will get a million dollars if involved in this. that will be crazy. i have a question for you, jim. apparently according to the "wall street journal." there is like a dozen big law firms who are negotiating with the government on behalf of these migrant families. >> yeah. steve: how much do you think the lawyers are going to get if the average family gets a million bucks the lawyers will get at least half of it. >> yeah. they always get a big take. and, again, so the american taxpayers, their taxes are getting ready go up. let's hope it doesn't happen and they don't pass this crazy package. that's what democrats want to do. raise your taxes. meanwhile, pay law firms a bunch of money for people who broke the law to get here. it makes absolutely no sense. and that's on top of what we have seen. remember. every single month for six
4:33 am
months in a row, illegal encounters on the border went up. march was the highest until june across our border. >> this is the situation and oh now we are going give you money to do it. makes no sense. steve: meanwhile, talk a little bit about the governor's race in the commonwealth of virginia where right now according to the polls, fox news poll, glenn youngkin is way ahead of terry mcauliffe. >> yeah. steve: less than a week to go. we had the story out yesterday that apparently terry mcauliffe, here in the 11th hour, paid a lawyer by the name of marc elias, he used to be with perkins coie which has been aligned, they are the people who were involved in the steele dossier any hired him $60,000 on the mcauliffe side. fox news reaches out for a comment and i guess the mcauliffe campaign person hit the wrong button and instead of
4:34 am
responding, they said can we try to kill this? which apparently they didn't want that story out there. >> yeah. they didn't want the american people to know they hired this dirty trickster lawyer for the democrats who happened to have been the partner for the guy john durham just indicted michael sussmann. these are the guys at perkins ps coie went after president trump's campaign. i can see why they didn't want the story out there. it shouldn't surprise us. terry mcauliffe his name is terry mcauliffe clinton. he has been associated with the clintons forever. it shouldn't surprise us he is using their lawyer to try to play the same kind of games and go after glenn youngkin. steve: jim, 15-second answer. why is glenn youngkin winning? >> yeah, because because moms and dads actually know more about their kid's education. this idea that government knows more than a parent or mom or dad
4:35 am
that oivedz people. it should. they said enough of this bologna. we will put somebody in office who respects us. steve: thank you, sir for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: that soundbite was exactly 15 seconds. just saying. excellent job. >> thanks, steve. steve: meanwhile, even the world series not immune to the supply chain problems plaguing america will, rachel and pete join us to discuss that and carley shimkus is live in atlanta at truist field where tonight game three of the world series behind you on the grass provided it's not raining. carley: that's right. game three world series take place here at truist park later today. before the game starts, somebody will have to throw out the first pitch. you will meet that person when "fox & friends" continues. you may even see a little more of blooper coming up. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
4:36 am
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lawrence: welcome back the houston astros and atlanta braves heading to game three of the world series tonight kicking off. they will pay three games in three nights in georgia. ainsley: carley shimkus is live outside of truist park in atlanta and she joins us now with more. look at you, you look adorable. hey, carley. carley: thank you. can i impress you guys with a statistic? ainsley: yes. steve: sure. carley: okay so when the world series as tied at 1-1 which it is right now the team that wins the third game which is tonight wins the whole thing 65% i of the time. that's courtesy of fox sports not me. steve: good reason to watch. carley: heck yeah, most of the people that are going to be inside truist park today, that
4:41 am
number crunchers looking to have a blast. two people in particular are going to have an extra special night. their names are ken and jeannette cass. they are the owners of a restaurant here in atlanta lobedaga they will be throwing out the first pitch. i spoke to them yesterday. check it out. >> i will be doing the first pitch. carley: you are throwing out the fitters pitch? >> i know. that is crazy. carley: how did you get selected for this? was it a contest. >> a program for small businesses the home team advantage different cities atlanta, los angeles and boston. we were selected before the world series it's just our good luck that it's here in atlanta. carley: they also got selected because they do a lot of good here in the community in atlanta. so, it's going to be a very exciting for them and two other small business owners who are also going to be throwing out the first pitch. all three of them together. it is cold as we have been talking about. and it is supposed to rain so hopefully the weather holds out.
4:42 am
i was talking to somebody who works for the braves. she says she thinks everybody is going to be okay. tune in to the game tonight game three of the world series. 8:09 eastern time. on fox. guys, i will send it back to you. ainsley: are they nervous to throw out the first pitch? wouldn't you be? carley: i would be terrified. i said listen there has been some bad first pitches allah fauci, 50-cent and her son plays -- she has been working out with a trainer and she is really excited. she is so cute. i loved talking to them yesterday. steve: you can see the tarp. 40% chance of rain. 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox. series tied 1-1. >> let's bring in our "fox & friends weekend" crew will cain and rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, good morning. ainsley: will, i will start with you because you have a sports background.
4:43 am
i'm reading now that the patches that the men wear who play in the world series they are not able to get the patches because of the supply chain crisis. will: yeah, you don't have to read it because i broke that news to you on like wednesday live from houston. ainsley: okay. of i heard it from you. will: i had that jersey up from merchandising there in houston. what's interesting is the hats have the world series patch on the side. but, i watched, i literally watched as fans were roaming around the stores looking for jerseys with the same commemorative patch on the sleeve and they couldn't find them. lo and behold as i talked to the store owner the merchandise fort houston astros look they are stuck. they are stuck in supply chain. you can buy a patch separately and have it, you know, stitched or ironed onto the jersey. you can't get one like you can with the hat with the commemorative patch. steve: this is a problem. everybody is impacted by the supply chain stuff. but, pete, america's past time make stuff in the united states? why do we have to waited for it to come in from china?
4:44 am
>> that's a great question, steve that is the big take away here. is they are not embroidery shop or series of them that could create this logo and by the way. the logo doesn't have the astros and the braves on it just says world series 2021. so it's not time sensitive. they probably ordered this a long time ago. it's maybe it's one of the containers flooding out in the ocean. the reality is rerely on china for way more important things like prescription drugs and semiconductors and technology turns out baseball relies on patch. it's a wake-up call. make i can make at t. at home. lawrence: you and sean the all-american christmas book. tell us a little bit about it. rachel: first of all, let me say, ainsley, you look so pretty in pink. i can't stop looking at you today. ainsley: you sore seat. thank you. rachel: yes, i have have this book coming out with my husband sean.
4:45 am
featuring all your favorite people from fox -- from the fox network. all of our friends and look, there is no supply chain issues with this book. can you preorder it right now. it was printed right here in america. it's an all-american christmas. and this is just our way of saying, hey, we at fox and the duffy's in particular we love christmas. we want to separate it, we don't want to cancel it, this is great book for you to give to anybody who loves fox news and there is millions of you out there. you can curl up by the fire and learn a little bit about what ainsley did at christmas. what her childhood was like. what, you know, lawrence loves about christmas. there is all kinds of great photos in there from jesse watters to emily compagno, everybody you love on fox is in that book. except pete and will. we will have to do another one with them. [laughter] steve: will, what's coming up this weekend on "fox & friends"? will: see here, steve, you can't
4:46 am
throw me curve ball continue the baseball met for it was supposed to be rachel. watch which. i hit any pitch you throw it's carlos men nez. sean duffy, clay travis and the pioneer woman ree drummond. steve: pete, before did you go do you have final thoughts? pete: i will with you tomorrow morning you will get my final thoughts tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. lawrence: looking forward to seeing the competition. can anybody win the trophy? will you hold it down it for texas i won it last weekend. pete: i don't know what the comp television is. will: what are we doing? rachel: we have a lot of spooky halloween fun this weekend. it will be a real fun weekend. will: oh, that's right. ainsley: we have halloween fun coming up at the end of our show, too. do great. enjoy the rest of your friday. get up early wake up in pajamas no alarm clock and turn you on first.
4:47 am
will: sounds good. rachel: bye, everybody. ainsley: check in with fox weather forecast. janice: hallow weekend is coming up. take a look at the temperatures cold in the northeast cold enough for a jacket that's for sure. 51 in new york. chicago 54. colder air behind this next frontal system that's moving into the west. and it's 53 here in atlanta. the thing that we are watching right now that's going to cause travel delays is an area of low pressure. yes another one that's drifting toward the plant p mid-atlantic and the northeast. we could see strong are storms as well as heavy rainfall. strong on shore wind going to bring coastal flood risk just be aware we have advisories posted from the delmarva all the way up towards long island and up into new england. that's because, you know, we have those winds pushing the atlanta up towards the beach areas. and then we have a system moving into the northwest going to bring more heavy rain and some mountain snow. and that area has been heavily saturated as well. that's going to bring some flooding concerns. there are your forecast highs
4:48 am
today. 66 in chicago. 66 in billing. 72 in denver. a real quick look at today's forecast. and then if i can real quickly advance to our spooky forecast because i know it's coming up. there it is. halloween forecast. actually not too bad. mild temperatures and no huge storm systems to track. that's good for trick or treating. where i'm from they have to make the costumes bigger because it usually goes over the snow suits. steve: janice, i love that map. i don't know if i can put that map up again. they have halloween names. janice: isn't that awesome? steve: a town named frankenstein? ainsley: i don't think there is a spider web in south carolina. >> we have clever. janice: look 57 in hell. ainsley: i thought it was a lot hotter there. janice: i mean the city. candy town and slaughterville. lawrence: do like to win
4:49 am
$45,000, who is your chance. ainsley: our buddy, tom shillue is going to fox bet super six question next. lawrence: show us the money. ♪ ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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giving you another chance to win $5,000 and a quiz show game, just answer six questions correctly on a wide variety of topics. >> fox nation sean, sign up for fox nation to get exclusive access to original content, events and favorite personalities on any device. steve: these are the actual questions that somebody will win the money for? >> that's right. no betting. it's free to play, you download it and you can play with one touch of a finger. ainsley: what do you have to lose. >> question number 1, which of the following halloween will have best -- steve: i'm going
4:54 am
with wal-mart. >> battle of undefeated teams, what will be the outcome, michigan versus michigan state? steve: i'm going with c. >> that's michigan by 7. >> which of the following movies will be top on itunes, the night house, halloween 2018, scream or a quiet place. >> halloween 2018. >> the purge. >> halloween 2018. >> which of the cities will have the highest temperature on halloween, were you paying attention to janice dean, new york, washington, d.c., virginia, san francisco or atlanta or tied? lawrence: i'm going with atlanta. steve: i'm going tie. >> how many total runs will be scored in game four of the world
4:55 am
series, 5 to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or more than 10. ainsley: total? i'm going to go with 9. >> 9. okay. now the final question, which nfl game will the highest combined point total rams, texans, panthers, 49-basis or tie. ainsley: saints. lawrence: rams. >> the six questions, you answer them right and you can win big. steve: we've had somebody who won the $10,000 when we were doing 10,000 bucks and a couple of things he didn't know and he guessed and he still won. >> a lot of it is a guess. you're trying to predict the future. it's impossible. steve: it's like the s at question. go with c.
4:56 am
thanks very much. ainsley. ainsley: fox bet super 6 wants you to stack the cash, just scan the qr code and enter the free to play sunday contest, make yours picks and invite your friends to play as well. the more people who enter, the bigger the jackpot gets. steve: get your phone and open it up and get the qr code and shine it on that and if you miss it, back it up on your dvr and you'll be able to do that. all right, tommy, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: when somebody wins this weekend, they should thank you. ainsley: good job, tommy. steve: president biden has met with the pope. he's at the vatican right now but the president's problems here at home are following him overseas. former vice president mike pence will join us to talk about that and so much more. you are watching "fox & friends" for a friday. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> the biden administration considering paying illegal immigrants separated at the border about 450,000 bucks. >> you get amnesty with democrats and now they will pay you for breaking the law. >> dramatic shift, glenn youngkin has 8-point lead over terry mcauliffe. >> it is a movement. >> youngkin listening to the parents and listening to the people. >> president biden is in rome without a deal with progressive support looks like it's crumbling.
5:01 am
>> we need a little bit more than an iou. >> former disgraced governor andrew cuomo has been charged with a misdemeanor sex crime. >> the governor should be treated like everybody else. he's not above the law. >> and thrown and it's off. intercepted by douglas. and the packers are going to win it. lawrence: welcome to "fox & friends". that's atlanta. braves looking to take on houston, thank you so much for watching "fox & friends" this morning. i'm lawrence jones in for brian kilmeade. hello, ainsley and steve. good to be in studio with y'all instead of out of the fields. steve: that's right. as we come in studio m which was
5:02 am
renamed this week -- >> ainsley: mr. murdoch. steve: salute to our boss. carley is live outside the game right now in atlanta. carley, you know, major league baseball took away the all-star game from the city of atlanta. millions of dollars kept from going into the pockets of the local venders and restaurants and everybody else but today it's payback because the braves won a spot and so everybody is heading back to your town. carley: that's right. estimate is that the atlanta community could have gotten $100 million because of the all-star game and then that money was taken from atlanta and it was moved to denver. all of this was over the georgia voting law and democrats and president biden called the law racist even though you look at the two laws, colorado and georgia and they are both in the realm of normal.
5:03 am
so i spoke to a bunch of business owners yesterday to talk about how they were feeling about that and if they're excited about the world series. i will give you the answer, they are very excited about the world series. steve, you're right, when god closes the door he opens a window. they feel like a big three-day window was opened for them because they'll be 3 guarantied games here in atlanta and all start tonight. steve: not just one game. they get 3. we will check back a little later. lawrence: at 8:00 p.m. ainsley: that's right. former vice president mr. mike pence. good morning to you, mr. vice president. >> good morning, ainsley, good to be with you from indiana. ainsley: we woke up this morning and the top story is what's happening on the border because we are being told that president biden is planning on giving illegal immigrants who were separated from their parents giving them each $450,000, could be nearly a million dollars per
5:04 am
family. what's your reaction? >> well, my reaction is totally unacceptable. of course, their whole policy at the southern border has been a disaster from day one and it's remarkable to think that we build 400 miles of border wall and literally what implementing what is known as the remain in mexico policy we reduced illegal immigration by 90%. president biden rescinded that policy on day one and being litigated in courts right now but the reality is that they've unleashed the worst border crisis in more than 30 years and it's all been because of dismantling policies that were working but also sending a message south of the border that america's borders are open to people coming -- coming north and -- and entering our country illegally and abusing our asylum system and this is one more
5:05 am
message that will continue to be a magnet on people that are coming north of the border. what we have to do is get back to what was working, reimplement the remain in mexico policy, require people to wait in mexico when they apply for asylum and let's not be paying millions of dollars a week to pay people not to build the wall. let's get back to building the wall. that border security worked. example of disastrous policies. lawrence: this is ridiculous. we didn't give this amount of money to our 9/11 victims there. we only gave them $240,000. they're essentially saying after the people taking treacherous journey where they don't eat, they get a lot to drink that it's the border's agent responsibility to keep them well and they do a hell of a good job. >> they do an amazing job, lawrence, you're right.
5:06 am
our border patrol -- you saw the way president biden reflexively assumed the worst of a horse mounted border agent when he was simply riding a horse, doing his job, i mean, before there was any investigation whatsoever, you know, i started a podcast a little bit ago called american freedom and one of my early interviews was with rodney scott who just left as the chief of the border patrol in august of this year and he talked to me about what you said lawrence that our border patrol agents knew when president trump and our administration was in office, they knew weed that hair back, we were supporting them every step of the way, but from literally the outset of this administration they've been undermining the work of the border patrol agents do and they've created this disaster in the border and i have to tell you, this incomprehensibly stupid idea of passing out up to half a million dollars to people
5:07 am
whose first act in this country was a violation of our law makes no sense at all but most -- most of their policies at the border make no sense. steve: mr. vice president, dan crenshaw, congressman from texas, biden wants to pay illegal migrants 450,000 for hardship for breaking laws and if a service member is killed in action their next of kin gets payout of $400,000. let that sink in and because it would involve a child and a parent, each of the families would get about a million dollars. but the reason these families have hired the lawyers and the lawyers have found these families is because of the 2018 policy where trump-pence policy where it was zero tolerance. you come into the country, you're going to get arrested and some family units came in and there were children with the parents but you can't keep kids in the same facility, so that's why they were separated.
5:08 am
lawrence: whether they were their kids or not, mr. president. >> that's exactly right. we have made in the change policy and its implementation but the important thing is for people to remember under the trump-pence administration, we had solved the crisis of illegal immigration in our southern border and president biden and his administration reinvented it. i mean, they immediately suspended construction on the border wall and they ended that remain in mexico policy but i have to tell you, what that former border chief told me straight up a couple of weeks ago was that literally from the time the election was settled out, people started coming north because the biden administration, the biden campaign was sending a message of open borders and people were literally showing up at our southern border saying that they had come because of president biden and they're still coming. a nation without borders is not a nation. we stood for that principle when
5:09 am
we were in office, the american people expect this administration to stop this nonsense, get back to building the wall and have people remain in mexico while they apply for asylum and implement laws in a way that puts the interest of american citizens first. ainsley: well, you mentioned the border. there's also americans still trapped in afghanistan or our allies. we have the two bills that are stalled. we can't get infrastructure. his own party is blocking his agenda and then we also have the supply chain issue and california the ports are backed up, people can't get christmas presents, amazon is now saying the supply disruptions were worst than expected. that was apple. amazon is saying they are posting underwhelming post sales. steve: how is that possible? ainsley: we can't get enough people to work in the restaurants, it's unbelievable what's happening in the country right now. what's your reaction?
5:10 am
>> ainsley, my reaction is that before covid pandemic hit, we had seen 7 million jobs created in this country. we were bringing manufacturing jobs back but we did that by cutting taxes, rolling back regulation, unleashing american energy and fighting for free and fair trade. this administration from its very early days has been trying to spend and tax our way back into a growing economy and lack at those third -- look at the third-quarter numbers this morning. we have the weakest third quarter growth since we opened up america a year ago summer. a blowout of spending and pass it on party line vote $1.9 trillion and now president biden is overseas with his party announcing yesterday some sort of a framework for $1.85 trillion in more taxes and more spending, probably more
5:11 am
like $4 trillion and make no mistake about it, i mean, we -- the massive amount of tax increases in this bill will only contribute to stifling an economy that's continuing to fight its way back on its feet. and ainsley, on the issue of labor shortages and supply chains, look, you've got two things that work, i believe, as i travel all across the country. number 1 is we have been paying people not to work for a long time and while we suspended the 300 plus up in unemployment, there's other additional new subsidies that encourage people not to work. that's probably why 4 million people quit their jobs in the month of august. we have 10 million job openings. but i have to tell you, the vaccine mandates are driving people out of the workforce and as you see with this impending mandate in new york, it actually is a threat to public safety.
5:12 am
no one should fear losing their job over the decision of whether or not they take a covid vaccine. that's. we worked in operation warp speed in record time to give the american people the testing, the tools, the medicines and the vaccines to make the best decisions for themselves, their families, their businesses. these mandates are wrong and they are driving labor shortages that are driving supply chain issues and they need to stop and they need to stop now. steve: mr. vice president, it seems like the number one issue across the country right now in local election that is is really firing up peep in the suburbs in particular is the schools. and i know you are in the common wealth of virginia -- >> i was. >> steve: it had been two weeks ago young can i be and mcauliffe were tied and glen kin is ahead
5:13 am
by 8 and i know that you were in virginia in the last couple of days. why is glenn youngkin surging? >> well, first of off, glenn youngkin has a positive vision for the people of virginia to get their economy rolling and to put the control of education back into the hands of parents and he's a terrific candidate and make a great governor and i'm proud to support him. but i went to loudoun county just to say thank you to the courageous families who have been willing to step up and take what they learned. i think one of the silver linings of the coronavirus pandemic and the school closures was that parents were able to look over the shoulder of their kids and see what they were learning in the classroom and critical race theory and -- and the focus on -- on -- on literally teaching math and english through a framework of
5:14 am
racial grievances as early as kindergarten has come to the attention of parents all over the country but in loudoun county, you all know they step forward and gone to school boards just like parents have around america and -- and they're inspiring the nation to take back their schools. terry mcauliffe by contrast promoted critical race theory. last time he was governor, he's denied that it existed but then ultimate i will said that parents shouldn't be telling schools what to teach. well, glenn youngkin is a candidate that knows that parents and education freedom is -- is the pathway forward to educational excellence and a brighter future for our kids and i think in virginia next week they have an opportunity to embrace a future of educational freedom. i was proud to be there yesterday and i just couldn't be more proud of all of the courageous families that are stepping forward for patriotic
5:15 am
education, for getting back to basics and putting education back into the hands of our parents. lawrence: well, mr. vice president, it is clear by being on the ground that the education issue was the game-changer. they weren't as involved, youngkin did not see that boost until the former president essentially said parents shouldn't be involved and then you have the doj who declared war on those parents and they are fired up and it's showing in this election. mr. vice president, thank you so much for joining "fox & friends" this morning. ainsley: thank you. >> you bet. good to be with you. steve: quarter after the top of the hour jillian joins us on this friday. jillian: good morning to you, let's begin with fox news alert. president biden is at the vatican wrapping a meeting with pope francis moments ago. it is his first stop on a european tour. he began without legislative win back home and progressives in congress blocking $1.7 trillion special spending bill. >> we need a little bit more
5:16 am
than an iou. >> this was not what i thought was coming today. jillian: the president arriving in rome last night after last minute plea with democrats on capitol hill. he will head to g20 and rome next. and also this story, real housewives of beverly hills is robbed at gunpoint. 3 suspects broke into her california home and stole handbags, jewelry and watches. two young children were home but no one was hurt. reality star was reportedly traumatized. portland lawmakers stop to defund the police and now the mayor is making a push to defund the department to stop depleted force. he's expected to ask for 3 million in additional funding to rehire retired cops and body cameras. 130 empty positions. lowest in nearly 3 decades.
5:17 am
and call it a smash, massive halloween skeleton going viral in ohio. designed to look as if the skeleton is buzzing through the roof. the home owner telling fox news it took him 40 days and about 200 hours to build with foam and pvc pipes. nay donations to st. jude's charity. that is awesome. steve: somebody driving by and not knowing the back story, hey, slow down. jillian: the kids must love it. lawrence: thanks, jillian. steve: meanwhile here is breaking news with a question, is china edging out the united states in the race to develop hypersonic missiles? general jack keane reacts to a new warning from a top pentagon official. the general reporting for duty coming up next.
5:18 am
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or go online today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: listen to this, one of america's top military leaders warning major advances in china's hypersonic weapon missile systems saying beijing is on track to surpass the united states. retiring joint chiefs of staff vice chairman general john, quote, in the last 5 years or maybe longer the u.s. has done nine hypersonic missile tests and the same time the chinese have done hundreds. wow. here to react fox news senior strategic analyst and retired four-star general jack keane. general, good morning to you. jack: good morning, steve. steve: that's kind of scary. sometimes you hope the united states is doing stuff that they're not telling us about and here you have this guy saying we've done nine and they've done
5:24 am
hundreds. it sounds like they are kicking our butt. jack: what he's pointing to is anybody that has dealt with the united states military in recent years is somewhat frustrated and that is we've not lost our ability to innovate and create and -- and get out in front of our adversaries in terms of those kinds of capabilities but what we have fallen behind is how long it takes us to actually produce that capability and then deploy it and the process to get us there has been very frustrating. multiple secretaries of defense have tried to change this so-called cycle system. on average it takes us from an idea to putting that in the hands of our troops about 15 years. you compare that to what's going on in the private sector, in the commercial industry and how fast their cycle system is, it's dramatically different. and, yes, so he's underscoring something that is well known but
5:25 am
given his position and he overseas a process to define our military requirements. he's very close to what the issues are. it's good that he's putting the spotlight on it frankly. steve: what you said a moment ago was really interesting because you said that the commercial space business, for instance, is much more nibble so does the united states pentagon need to call elon musk and say, hey, our current contractors take 15 years, we know that you can do it in about 15 months? jack: if we brought anyone of those high-tech ceo's in to the pentagon and let them look at the processes that we have and how much we have grown our civilian bureaucracy over the years while we've healed our military strength either flat or decreased it, they'd be staggered by it. there's no way that they could -- they would be able to compete in their market and have the advantages that they have.
5:26 am
yeah, certainly. everyone knows that there's a problem here, he's going out the door certainly and working the problem as hard as he possibly can throughout the years. do we need to make improvements, yes. the american people should know, listen, the ability of american scientists and engineers innovate is about as high as it's ever been. it's our processes to get us that product and put it in the hands of our troops is the issue. steve: absolutely. the president of taiwan, she said a couple of days ago that the threat from china is increasing every day, that, you know, she feels that china could actually invade taiwan. the president said at a forum last week that dc is ready to defend taiwan from any chinas invasion but then the white house swiftly walked it back and said, they are trying to be more ambiguous. let's say china does try something with taiwan, what do
5:27 am
we do? jack: well, it depends on what they do. here is what i think are the options that people like myself who are military people working for president xi are looking at. taiwan has some islands that are closer to the mainland of china than they are to taiwan. they could put troops on one of those islands and what's going to happen as a result of that, taiwan doesn't have any military capability to defeat mainland china so what would be the united states' reaction that would collapse the morale of what is going on in taiwan and their resolve and credibility to stand up to china. my answer to that you put troops in taiwan and -- and you don't have to fire a shot, you are just making a statement. second thing they can do is blockade one of their major port cities. obviously a blockade is an act of war. what is the reaction of taiwan
5:28 am
taiwanese and third is what i call a quick kill, all-out assault from missiles and airplanes to take the national command authority down quickly and get us surrendered within a matter of a few days. no ground assault to speak of and then the last one is the one that people think about is assault, all out invasion which is probably the least likely. but listen, it's not eminent because of the olympics next year and the national party congress that the president xi is going to host, but it's getting closer, steve. i think 24, 25 with the economic headwinds that china is facing and also they know that we are up gunning our capability and but it's going to take us a few years to get back to the kind of deterrence that we used to have but so yes the window of doing
5:29 am
something is closing and it's getting closer. steve: great analysis, nobody knows it better than you. gem, thank you very much for joining us, have a good weekend. >> yeah, you too, steve, great talking to you. steve: thank you, sir. straight ahead negotiations among democrats dragging on for months but the president still unable to secure a spending deal with his own party. geraldo rivera on the democratic divide coming up next on friday "fox & friends". ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: good morning, we are back with your headlines, andrew cuomo facing a misdemeanor sex crime, officials in albany charging the governor with forcible touching saying he, quote, intentionally and for no legitimate purpose forcibly placed hand under the blouse of the victim. the complaint does not give the victim's name but does say the alleged abuse happened at the governor's executive mansion
5:34 am
last december. if convicted, cuomo could face a year in jail. shocking video shows car speeding past police crashing into a telephone pole and then bursting into flames. the crash happening in west palm beach, florida. police responding quickly pulling the driver from the wreckage and putting out the flames. police say the driver was not seriously hurt and unclear whether the driver will face any charges. my goodness. country star george straight paying tribute to police in new video. watch this. >> driving away under the weight of the badge. jillian: the singer's lyrics honor the men and women in blue who, quote, swore an oath to protect and serve including the real-life police officers and firefighters featured in the video. that's a look at your head lines, lawrence, send it back to you. lawrence: that's a song we can get behind. president biden at the vatican finishing the meeting with pope francis but back at home in
5:35 am
jeopardy desperate to bridge the divide in his own party, watch. >> no one got everything that they wanted including me but that's what compromise is. that's consensus and that's what i ran on. i've long said compromise and consensus are the only way to get big things done in a democracy, important things done to the country. lawrence: here to react geraldo rivera, good to see you, my friend. is this a crisis that biden is all making because he promised that he was going to be a moderate but he promised to be the most progressive president so did he try to serve two masters and in the end he gets nothing? geraldo: that's exactly what happened. he gave up a lot. 3.5 trillion down to 1.85 trillion so there's no free community college, there's no
5:36 am
paid family leave. a lot of the division -- a lot of the hearing for the elderly, in exchange what you have basically is a climate change bill, many trillions of dollars devoted to the development of solar power, wind power, nuclear power which surprised me. so i think that what you've had is a total remaking and i really do believe that when all said is done, lawrence, the president has been victimized by the progressives in his own party. i mean, they screwed him. lawrence: they kicked nancy pelosi out of a meeting yesterday. geraldo: i'm not surprised and they are really running the ship. the kids have taken over the schoolhouses, no doubt about that. where the president goes, at least now he can say my party is in line on the climate change, you know, pretty dramatic investing in climate change. but, you know, i don't even know if he's going to get this pass,
5:37 am
lawrence. you have a real situation here where he tried to be fdr. fdr had two-thirds of the congress in his own party and here with a 50-50 senate, democratic majority he tried to do a lot. a few people could hold him up. on the senate side manchin and sinema, really dictating democratic policies. so i don't know where the president goes. i think the meeting with pope francis may be the highlight of the european excursion, lawrence. lawrence: i predict that if joe biden can't seal the deal on this, this is the end of his presidency. he will be a lame duck president. i've got about 10 seconds, geraldo? geraldo: particularly if youngkin wins the governorship in virginia and he can't get any of this stuff done and popularity continues to zipping, you're absolutely right, lawrence, this could be a very, very wounded lame-duck president with 3 years to go in his term,
5:38 am
lawrence. lauren: geraldo rivera, thanks so much, brother. georgia economy striking out after the mlb pulled all star game from atlanta well now businesses are getting a second chance at bat how they are bracing for big crowds ahead of game 3 of the world series and it's almost time for trick or treat. we are getting festive on fox where or annual "fox & friends" parade.
5:39 am
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ainsley: atlanta businesses are gearing up for the crowds as thousands for the mlb tonight. business owners are hoping the world series fecits bring revenue back to their community. carley shimkus spoke with businesses. carley: i consider myself very lucky. i was looking around the secondary market stop hubs and i saw tickets, standing room only tickets were being sold for over a thousand dollars. you don't even get a seat but that's how excited people are
5:44 am
about game 3 of the world series. it's the braves first world series home game since 1999. also excited are business owners especially after they were robbed of the all star game earlier this year for political reasons. i spoke to some of those business owners yesterday. take a listen to what they had to say. very close to park. how much business did you lose when they yanked the all-star game? >> obviously all of the businesses around suffered at that time. we had a menu ready with specials, we were all excited and then last minute we hear it's not going to be here. $1,011,000,000 lost revenue with overall most mate for all of our small businesses in georgia which is an amazing number because those. >> minority small businesses. carley: a lot of people looking to travel around atlanta because of the all star game but, of course, that didn't happen so how did that impact your business? >> it was very devastating and we were really looking forward
5:45 am
the all star to help jumpstart our businesses bring a lot of revenue. carley: how much money do you think you lost because of this? >> i would say close to a quarter of a million dollars. >> i think all small business owners are thankful that they got through that portion and that the games now the world series is here. carley: how has business been? have you seen more people come to the restaurant because of all of the excitement over the world series? >> no doubt. i mean, after 4 and a half hours, 5 hours to get there early and by the time you get out it's 1:00 o'clock at night. you get whatever you want. >> people want to be outside, people want to drink and have a good time and they want service so i'm so excited we are getting bookings every day and i'm just so grateful so for us it's going to turn out even bigger than what the all star game would have been. carley: yeah, and bottom line ainsley, people are so excited today about the world series
5:46 am
being here in atlanta and you can catch game 3 at 8:09 eastern time on fox. check it out. don't miss it. it's going to be a blast. ainsley: i'm happy for them. have fun tonight. let's check with janice dean. janice: good morning, another storm system that will roll up in the northeast today. if you have travel plans keep in mind, the nature's wind machine is happening. take a look at it. i want to show you your spooky forecast. in the too bad. we could see scattered storms for the northeast, parts of the west but the central u.s. looks really good. those are actual towns across the u.s. that have kind of a spooky name to them like bat cave and skull valley and devil's elbow, sleepy hollow and schemer. that's really good news for all of our kids that deserve to go trick or treating this year. this is the area of low pressure across the mid-atlantic and
5:47 am
northeast, potential of heavy rain but gusty winds along the coast and also some flooding especially when you have high tides. so just know what that's going to be and what the time is going to be when you have high tide because the flooding potential is going to be quite high along the coast and there's the forecast with the ground saturated, flash flooding is going to be a concern. there's your forecast today. we have a storm system moving into the northwest but the good news is a really great looking forecast for hallow weekend. ainsley: thank you so much, janice. don't go anywhere. it's getting spooky out of fox scare, halloween parade. first let's check with bill hemmer. hey, bill, are you dressing up this year? bill: yeah, boo. good luck to jillian. she's a sweet lady. ainsley: we are going to miss her. bill: great tribute. have a great weekend. reports out of dc, reports that the government will cut checks to illegals, we will run that down for you in a moment.
5:48 am
big news on the race in virginia. so what's happening in new jersey. we will talk to the republican who wants to unseat the democratic governor in that state. our friday, monday team will tell us where you are reading with your money. top of the hour.
5:49 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ lauren: we are just two day asway from halloween. ainsley: we are getting festive at fox scare. steve: here to help us celebrate julie reing chief marketing experience officer at party city. good morning. we have been talking about, we wondered if people are going to have halloween costumes this year. party city actually order a whole bunch of stuff. >> we did, we did. the supply chain thing is hitting us all. but we had early charter ships and we have products. checking it out yesterday, most people are sold out. we have product and it's going fast. pop culture oriented and movies are a big thing. halloween killed michael myers.
5:53 am
scream before it and those costumes are going too. steve: this morning as a tradition in "fox & friends". tell us about our first contestant. >> we have glow in the dark skeleton. 29.99 at party city. he's warm and he glows in the dark so you can see him coming. and next we have the gorgeous yet frightening myra gene, she is 24.99. not myra herself but the costume, of course. beautiful. and then we have the twins, patrick and katherine. here is katherine in her koala bear costume and her twin brother patrick.
5:54 am
[laughter] >> a little candy makes everything better. so cute. their costumes are 26.24 and it keeps them warm. >> it's chilly right now so it's perfect. we have richard. any movie does well costume wise, top seller, 24.99 and here comes noel as our favorite cowgirl from the movie toy story. she's jesse and new spin-off coming. the jesse costume is 29.99. steve: very nice. >> we do the mix and match.
5:55 am
winning artist to create a how to look and our most fearsome wicked villain based on 101 dalmations. she's gorgeous but fierce which we love. the fabulous cruella. [laughter] >> no. and finally we have the gorgeous installation. the garden place balloons. >> thanks. [laughter] ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> well, a tip of the hat today. gillian's last day. >> we'll miss you. >> i love you guys. >> we'll be in touch. come down for some breakfasts. >> everyone have a great
6:00 am
halloween. >> we love you. bye. >> bye. >> thank you to all of our kids out here. >> the big news is they still have costumes. that's wrapping it up. thanks, bye. have a good weekend. >> happy halloween. >> we love you. >> bill: very well done. trick-or-treat folks. good morning. welcome to friday. president biden wakes up on the road in europe a day after his agenda back home is hanging by a thread. the far left dashing his hopes for a vote on that enormous social welfare bill. good morning, everybody. dana has time off. i'm bill hemmer. a big welcome back. >> today is national cat day. >> bill: i didn't know that. >> i love to educate the public. >> bill: will you be a cat on halloween? >> no. i'm julie banderas, "america's newsroom." president biden yesterday suggested he had a deal in hand. th


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