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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 29, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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bye. >> bye. >> thank you to all of our kids out here. >> the big news is they still have costumes. that's wrapping it up. thanks, bye. have a good weekend. >> happy halloween. >> we love you. >> bill: very well done. trick-or-treat folks. good morning. welcome to friday. president biden wakes up on the road in europe a day after his agenda back home is hanging by a thread. the far left dashing his hopes for a vote on that enormous social welfare bill. good morning, everybody. dana has time off. i'm bill hemmer. a big welcome back. >> today is national cat day. >> bill: i didn't know that. >> i love to educate the public. >> bill: will you be a cat on halloween? >> no. i'm julie banderas, "america's newsroom." president biden yesterday suggested he had a deal in hand. the far left saying not so fast.
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>> bill: julie, even with the massive price tag progressives are furious what has been cut from the plan. some are threatening to block the bipartisan infrastructure bill saying the moderates pulled the wool over their eyes. >> we need a little bit more than an iou. >> this was not what i thought was coming today. >> we need to keep the promise that was made very clear. we need to see the two bills together. >> progressives have done our work in getting everybody to a place where we endorse the framework the president laid out today. >> peter doocy traveling with the president live in st. peter square. good morning, peter. >> the president wanted a vote by the time he landed here. he landed about 12 1/2 hours ago. no vote. it has been pushed to next week even though he privately told democrats in washington yesterday that his legacy as president will be determined by
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what happens within the next week on his domestic agenda. the president had been saying for the last couple months he wanted to be able to come to show world leaders the united states was capable of taking big, bold action on climate change. but because he could not get his own party the different factions of his own party together, he has nothing to show those world leaders. >> tackling the climate crisis he believes is existential a huge piece of what he is doing domestically and overseas. >> the president was celebrating a framework, a grand bargain. progressives support the framework but they don't support biden and pelosi's strategy to pass an infrastructure bill and then get to progressive priorities later. they want all or nothing and why right now there is nothing. >> it just further proves the progressives are running the democrat agenda.
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now the house of representatives. to think that that bill wasn't enough spending for them shows just how far left they are. >> one of the president's favorite expressions when he tells story about convincing opponents changing their mind about something they've had an altar call. fair to say the president was hoping he could have the progressives have an altar call. the pope and president met a few minutes ago and exchanged gifts. the pope gave the president some documents and a painting. the president gave the pope a hand woven vest from 1930. julie. >> thank you so much. >> bill: a lot of history. four days now from election day. new fox polling bit of a tremor showing the republican glenn youngkin moving ahead of mccauliffe in the closely-watched race for
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governor in virginia. mccauliffe holding a campaign event today with kamala harris. rich edson is with the mccauliffe team and alexandria is with the youngkin team. >> mccauliffe campaigned yesterday. today it is youngkin's turn with the weather unlikely to dampen spirits. >> youngkin 53, mccauliffe 45. how about that? you know what that is? that's virginians coming together. >> the stand-out issue of education youngkin is polling 8% among mccauliffe. two weeks ago mccaul i have was ahead. on the economy mccauliffe
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touted his experience. he served as virginia governor from 2014 to 2018. >> the issues i talk about a lot on 21st century jobs, biotech are here in charlottesville. >> this fox poll of who virginia voters trust to do a better job in the economy shows another tie broken. youngkin gained 10%. youngkin will stop in charlottesville within the hour. the first of five within the commonwealth today. >> bill: see you later this morning. >> our fox team coverage continues. rich edson is live with the mccauliffe campaign in norfolk, virginia this morning. where vice president harris is hoping to give him a boost later today after mccauliffe's team raised eyebrows with an email to fox news. >> we do have the president campaigning for mccauliffe earlier this week in northern virginia. here in southern virginia vice president camp hair coming
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later today. we asked mccauliffe whether the national issues and infrafruk tour plan gives his campaign a boost. >> nobody has asked me what's happening in washington they don't blame us for us. they are looking at local issues. >> like mccauliffe's polling in virginia the president has fallen significantly and fast. 43% approve now compared to 50% just a couple weeks ago. when asked mccauliffe's campaign for comment on spending more $50,000 on an attorney the elias law group a spokesman emailed mistakenly can we kill this story? the mccauliffe campaign trying to churn out the vote in virginia. >> bill: the tremor we talked about. fox polling that came out last night at 6:00 on bret's show.
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youngkin with an eight point lead over terry mccauliffe. two weeks ago mccauliffe was up five. that's a 14-point swing. can you get a 14-point swing in 14 days? we poll in this one among likely voters. you also have registered voters. likely voters they seem over history to give you the best sense of what's happening on the ground. this is what was going on on the ground 11 months ago. joe biden beat trump over 10 points. we went back to history. barack obama in 2008 won the state first time a democrat won virginia since 1964 by six points. remember obamacare issue out there. didn't fully get passed until 2010. but bob mcdonald, the republican ran for governor 11 months later after barack obama won the state and he won by 17 points. indeed, it is possible based on history. this is another interesting
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item here. extremely interested voters, how energized are you and enthused for your candidate? youngkin has a 10-point lead at 79-69 based on our polling released from yesterday. on the map here just the show you where the candidates are going today, this is the result from four years ago in 2017 when ralph northam beat ed gillespie. small here, all exandria county. very interestingly he will pop here to norfolk in the southeastern tide water region. a lot of democrat votes. he will appear with the vice president kamala harris. for youngkin, for his part, we saw him the last two days down here in deep red virginia. he will win that part of the state but by how many is what he is trying to do by driving up the vote. today will be in charlottesville, this county
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here and then pop over to this county. you see the republican advantage here. green county later today, 2-1 for gillespie four years ago. youngkin has had at least five events, sometimes six events a day. he is really working it now in the state of virginia and that's where we stand as of now. complete coverage tuesday night of the governor's race. i joint bret and martha. analysis through prime time here on the fox news channel. we shall see then, julie, how this all turns out. getting a lot of attention appropriately so. virginia has been a bellwether for a presidential agenda for some time. we'll see whether or not that's the case. >> another state race in new jersey. a big ticket. this is a very close race. governor murphy in new jersey trying to become the first
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democratic governor to be reelected since 1977. these raced are a must watch. >> bill: biden administration not only undoing trump immigration policies and reportedly planning to pay big dollars to those who cross into the u.s. illegally. we'll tell you coming up. >> a new charge against andrew cuomo months after his stunning fall from grace. details ahead. >> bill: the democrats rolling out some of the biggest names in the new jersey governor's race. look out. the republican candidate is coming up fast in the poll. it would be quite an upset if he pulls off a win. we'll continue live. the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. with mortgage rates near record lows.. and home values at record highs.
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>> bill: back to the vatican we
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go. the president has a bit of a meet and greet with the italian prime minister. he took one question when he was asked about how his meeting went with pope francis. he said it went great. next on his agenda is a meeting with the french president macron. bear in mind what happened with this whole dust-up with the sale of a nuclear submarine to australia which by passed the french government. caught paris by surprise. tensions have been tight over the past month. u.s. doing a lot of diplomatic work to try to repair that. apparently they'll make news later today between the relationship between the french government and fighting islamic terrorism in northern africa and how the u.s. could help among other things. we want to bring you up to speed what was seeing and watching from vatican city. fox news alert. new charge filed against the former new york governor andrew cuomo two months after a sexual harassment scandal led him to
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resign. it accused cuomo of forcible touching, misdemeanor sex crime. >> this came on one single piece of paper, a criminal complaint brief and to the point accusing the former governor of new york andrew cuomo with a misdemeanor sex offense that could bring him one year in jail if convicted. this while cuomo's attorney maintains he never assaulted anyone. this criminal complaint filed yesterday by a police investigator with a court in albany caught a few key players offguard including the albany county district attorney's office which said it was surprised the complaint was filed and wouldn't comment. the alleged sex crime took place on the afternoon of december 7th, 2020 in the governor's mansion. complaint states that cuomo did intentionally and for no legitimate purpose forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim and onto her intimate body parts
6:18 am
specifically the victim's left breast for the purposes of degrading and satisfying his sexual desire it adds. the document doesn't name the alleged victim. cuomo has been accused of groping by a former aide at the governor's mansion. his lawyer said he was innocent and questioned the albany sheriff's handling of the case saying he didn't even tell the district attorney what he was doing. this is not professional law enforcement. this is politics. cuomo is expected to have a court appearance next week -- november 7th to be officially charged with this. more to come. >> bill: wow, laura, thank you. laura engel watching the story in new york. >> i am here because your governor is one of the most progressive, if not the most progressive governor in america. [applause] and because he stands for
6:19 am
working people, working people stand with him. >> julie: new jersey governor phil murphy trying to become the first democrat to win reelection in the garden state in decades when voters go to the polls on tuesday. right now a poll shows him leading republican jack ciattarelli but momentum could be shifting. this is a tight race. the latest polls do have you trailing just a bit. let's put the poll up here. a university poll with murphy 50%, you 41%. how do you plan on catching up by november 2? >> by just doing what we've been doing for the past 22 months. going out and talking about the issues that matter most. property taxes and business climate. new jersey is the worst place in the nation to do business. we can't create jobs as long as
6:20 am
that's the case. i don't call it progress. i don't know what bernie sanders is talking about. >> julie: what do you think independent voters will make bernie sanders stumping for murphy? will that hurt him? >> i call it the campaign choreography. phil murphy brought in everybody under the sun. i engage with people in new jersey talking about the issue matters to them. things murphy never talks about. this is the guy that said to the highest taxed people in the nation if taxes are your issue we're probably not your state. he said that. >> julie: as a new york resident and resident of the tristate area for 18 years myself, when i looked at leaving new york city, the reason that i did not go to new jersey was because of the property taxes. you brought it up. number one issue. new jersey taxes the highest in the country. average jersey property tax bill was $9,000 twice the
6:21 am
national average. to whom do you credit the unfair cost of living in new jersey? what is your plan to lower property taxes and strengthen the economy? >> we need a fairer distribution of state aid to schools. what a lot of people don't know what a school district gets aid from trenton it reduces property taxes. the way trenton does it i will say it's unconstitutional. under me we'll have a new school funding formula. more equitable distribution to state aid for schools. i won't adversely affect the quality of education. what else i'll do. sending a work study group to massachusetts. new jersey and massachusetts have the best k-12 systems in the country. massachusetts system is 20% less expensive than ours. take 20% off the average property tax bill in new jersey, that's a big deal. >> julie: i need to talk about the pandemic and governor's handling of covid. it does not help him with
6:22 am
voters much like governor cuomo. the two were pretty much on the same page when it came to ignoring warnings from nursing home operators they received directives in new jersey to take in covid positive pash interests eents saying patients will die. new jersey lost over 8,000 seniors in nursing homes and new jersey is actually the only state being investigated by the biden d.o.j. will there ever be accountability you think? what will you do to make sure there is? >> well, interestingly enough, julie only one state in the country that's being investigated by joe biden's department of justice for nursing home deaths, new jersey. we lead the nation in nursing home deaths. the greatest number of those deaths took place if veterans homes owned and operated by the state. so as governor i will call for investigational hearings of our own with subpoena power. we had a scandal in new jersey a few years back with regard to a bridge. no one died and there were
6:23 am
investigational hearings with subpoena power. a lot of people died. let's have the hearings. >> julie: it was a huge investigation. murphy hopes to be the first democratic governor to be reelected since 1977. the president's approval ratings could put a wrench in the plan. biden's numbers have dramatically dropped between may and now. look at this. back in may biden had a 55% approval. now 43%. he won in 2020 by nearly 16 points by the way. what do you credit biden's approval underwater and what do you think it will mean for you? >> well joe biden sadly is failing the nation on the borders, with the economy, inflation, supply chain, you saw it with the withdrawal from afghanistan. biden is severely underwater with the most important voter in new jersey, the unaffiliated independent voter. that's the majority party in new jersey. we see it as an advantage for
6:24 am
us. >> julie: good luck to you. get out and vote november 2. thank you very much. >> thank you, julie. >> bill: watching that tuesday night along with virginia. a public sighting of alec baldwin a week after being involved in the shooting on the movie set. the latest on that investigation. new fox polling looking difficult for democrats in virginia. key issue swing voters and it could have an impact far beyond the commonwealth. we'll explain. >> it hangs in the balance right now. it hangs in the balance because this election is a dead heat. but it is a dead heat with the youngkin campaign coming up fast on the outside. so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: 9:30 friday morning. the governor's election in virginia days away. democrats could lose the governor's mansion for the first time in more than a decade. data showing suburban parents
6:30 am
who helped joe biden win the white house have swung toward glenn youngkin. education critical issue with parents who raised concerns about woke teaching in the classroom. gender policies and alleged sexual assaults at schools. democrat terry mccauliffe dismissing that as a big factor. >> you think the whole -- [inaudible] >> i think significantly overblown. i have done over 2500 events. i don't know how many people we've met the last week. in fairness not one person has asked me, not one. they are concerned about education. >> bill: with us now mo elleithee fox news contributor. executive director at georgetown. ed goeas, nice to have you both. i show you some of the fox polling that we found that really goes to the heart of what we're seeing in virginia.
6:31 am
among parents now. terry mccauliffe or glenn youngkin. youngkin is up 14 points. a month ago he was down 10. then we asked parents who did they trust to do a better job on education? right now youngkin leads in that category by 12. what do you make of that, mo? >> look, it's a tight race. the trend lines -- this is the first poll i have seen that shows either candidate with any sort of substantial lead. we'll see if other polling starts to back that up or not. the trend line has certainly shown that youngkin has been incredibly competitive. more competitive than republicans have been in the virginia suburbs for a little while. now remember, virginia is usually a close state. this notion it is a blue state doesn't bear out. terry mccauliffe won last time by 2.7%. it is usually a purple state.
6:32 am
but i think what we're seeing here is sort of the nationalization of this governor's race and the weight of the lack of results in washington over the past couple of months and the debates around that, having an impact down ballot. that's why what the president did yesterday is so important. and what the democrats in congress do next is so important because that could shift the atmospherics everywhere else. whether or not it is in time to help mccauliffe is the question. >> bill: back to the question, ed, the clip we rolled with mccauliffe asked about the education issue and said it was significantly overblown. is that the case or is he misreading it? >> no, it certainly has been very helpful in northern virginia for his campaign, for the republican campaign. but i think the real issue you
6:33 am
are seeing here in most of the polling i've seen. first of all we have it as a little bit smaller lead than what the fox poll is showing. what the fox poll doesn't get into is the intensity. and what you have with incumbent president doing good or bad things. in this case the numbers for biden have turned decisively negative, is that the intensity -- there is a gravity that comes with being the incumbent president and bringing down the intensity of your voters, raising the intensity of the opposite party's and that's something that has been playing in virginia very, very big. it is something that will carry over into the general election next year. the intensity advantage the republicans have. we've always had the race very close in the republican polling that's being done out there but the intensity gap has been substantial for most of the fall.
6:34 am
>> bill: we did question about the enthusiasm and youngkin leads by 10 points. back to mo's point about the biden agenda and its fate and whether or not you could get an infrastructure bill done before the vote, which you know he wanted to get done. it is not going to happen. in your poll at georgetown we found voters find the country is on the wrong track by 63%. other polling suggests the number is higher in the state of virginia. how much of a drag is that, mo? >> people are frustrated and they are frustrated at everybody, right? the president's approval numbers are upside down. democrats in congress are upside down. the worst are republicans in congress who have a 27% approval rating. voters don't like any of them right now. and it is because of -- i would argue -- a sense of lack of
6:35 am
results. look, for a big part of the biden presidency his numbers were strong because he had a clear message. we put money in your wallet and shots in your arms. they were able to point to tangible results. they were about to add infrastructure, building roads and putting jobs in your community and that came to a halt. that came to a screeching halt. they need to be able to point to more results. >> bill: thank you. real quick, ed, how do you see that? have to run, almost out of time. >> it is playing against the virginia race in a very big way quite frankly he has spent most of his time campaigning against trump as opposed to campaigning against our candidate. to date they have put 7,500 individual spots against trump throughout every market in the state and it will be 7900 by the end. those numbers are baked in. what is happening in the race
6:36 am
is the intensity and then things like him running as an incumbent when he hasn't been an incumbent for four years and his mistake on education which was a gimme to the campaign that made a huge difference in northern virginia. >> bill: interesting analysis on wednesday whatever way it goes. thank you mo and ed. nice to see you. have a good weekend. thanks. >> julie: the nation's civil rights organization urging athletes not to sign with teams in texas because of its abortion requirements and ban on mask mandates. >> the letter is asking athletes yet to sign with a team or maybe are considering coming to texas to choose elsewhere. they say that texas right now is not safe for anyone. the naacp issued the letter to all national players league.
6:37 am
governor abbott says. it points to the controversial abortion law that the governor signed in may that bans the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy. the naacp believes the state ban on vaccine requirements and the tightening of voter laws puts athletes and their families at risk. johnson writes quote if you are considering signing in texas i ask you to insure that owners are upholding the responsibility of protecting you, the athlete, and your family. i ask you use your influence to help protect the constitutional rights of each individual at risk. the naacp also tweeted out that athletes are some of the biggest influencers out there especially to young people and they need to protect democracy. they ended that tweet with quote avoid texas. so far no reaction from the governor or any of the teams here in texas. >> bill: alec baldwin spotted shopping in the state of
6:38 am
vermont in the town of manchester a week after he shot and killed his cinematographer and wounded a director. they show the actor leaving a clothing store in vermont staying in new england with his family after leaving the new mexico set of a western he stars in and producing that film. cooperating with investigators but they haven't ruled out criminal charges for anyone involved in that film. >> the mayor hasn't given us any deference or even treated us the same as anybody else. we are treated like numbers on a spreadsheet rather than workers. >> new york city police and fire departments outraged as the vaccine deadline takes effect in just hours. they're bracing for worker shortages and warning this could cost lives. a live report straight ahead. >> julie: another vaccine deadline looming for the trucking industry that has already faced a serious worker shortage. what this could mean for the
6:39 am
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>> bill: intriguing story out of new york. today is the deadline for new york city workers to show proof of vaccination or be suspended without pay starting on monday. it's a big deal. david lee miller is live on the streets of new york. good morning. >> good morning, bill. no vaccination, no pay. city workers who don't have their first shot will not be allowed to show up for work and they will be put on leave. workers fighting against the city mandate took their case to the mayor's home and demonstrated outside of the mansion on thursday. union leaders are warning of chaos unless the city drops the mandate. fewer cops, sanitation workers
6:45 am
and firefighters would be a dirtier and more dangerous city. the mayor isn't backing down. in the last 24 hours 1,000 cops received their first dose of vaccine increasing it to 80%. if there is a shortage of personnel, the nypd says it is ready. >> new yorkers should not -- should not be worried about this because on the side we have people working throughout the weekend, we have myself, the executive team having -- whether it's calls or sitting around this table that i'm at each day this week and contingency plans are in place. this will not affect cops on the street. >> about a third of firefighters and sanitation workers have not been vaccinated. those departments have contingency plans in the event of a worker shortage. the official vaccination is 5:00 p.m. today city employees that get a shot over the
6:46 am
weekend will not lose any pay. it remains the deadline at 5:00 for workers who do get vaccinated to receive a $500 bonus. bill. >> bill: we'll watch it. thank you, in new york. >> julie: 16 days after president biden ordered 24/7 operations at california ports and more than 100 cargo ships are still anchored off the coast of los angeles. this is a new study from american trucking association says the trucking industry is facing a shortage of 80,000 drivers. president and ceo of american trucking association chris spear joins us now. a frustrating situation to be in. you met with president biden 2 1/2 weeks ago. has anything changed since he said that he was going to fix the supply chain crisis? >> i think there have been some adjustments in the ports that are beneficial but the supply
6:47 am
chain is more problematic than just the ports themselves. we have asian manufacturing at 50% levels pre-covid. their ports are just as backed up as our ports. we have chassis shortages, container displacements, yard shortage at the ports. if you look at the chip shortage not just in automobiles but trucks, censor shortages. you look at the chronic shortage of workers across all segments of the economy, it is a compounding effect that's really having a negative adverse impact on our ability to get the supply chain moving again. >> julie: so the question then is who to blame for the supply crisis? and jen psaki blames americans. i want you to watch and react. >> what's happening right now and i wish i had the chart. we'll give it to all of you afterwards. is that so many people across the country are purchasing more goods online. maybe some of it is from habits that developed during the
6:48 am
pandemic when people weren't leaving their homes. >> julie: would you agree with that assessment? >> no, i wouldn't. i think blaming consumption. if you want a strong economy you want people buying things. if you buy things people have to make it. it's what makes our economy so strong and the leader of the world. so i don't think you want to blame the private sector or consumption on this. let's start looking at an ailing infrastructure and mandates being placed on top of the supply chain woes. let's ease back on those things. focus on the fundamentals, get the supply chain moving again and stop playing political playground here. this is having an adverse impact on not only serving the economy going into the holidays but it will delay it further probably into q3 of next year at this pace. >> julie: the new study. you talked about the 80,000 drivers of truckers and the shortage we're under. the industry basically is stating that if this trend
6:49 am
continues, it is going to double by 2030. there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. what's driving the driver shortage and why should truckers be exempted from the vaccine mandate in your belief? >> an increase in consumption is driving it. the economy is outpacing the industry ability to serve it. we have to move more goods with fewer drivers and trucks. we came into this pandemic short 61,500 drivers and they restocked the shelves, milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper and the ppe and test kits and vaccines themselves. we've been serving the economy throughout the pandemic. because of the slow return to work across all sectors and the high consumption rates, we are already up to 80,000 short now. it is compounding the problem. we have to recruit more aggressively to shore it up. >> julie: chris, thank you for
6:50 am
talking to us this morning. thank you. >> bill: in addition to that for truckers and just about anyone else hitting the road the price of gas keeps going higher. the average at the pump $3.40 a gallon. it was $2.15 a year ago. higher oil prices and higher demand with more people driving as they emerge from the pandemic. >> julie: not good. as if the ongoing crisis at the southern border wasn't enough. now the biden administration is reportedly planning to pay big bucks to those who crossed illegally into the u.s. details and reaction still ahead. plus president biden visiting the vatican for his first meeting with pope francis since taking office.
6:51 am
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>> julie: facebook announcing thursday it is changing its corporate name to meta at is metaverse and virtual reality. they plan to focus on vr in the future. the name change comes with facebook embroiled in a major p.r. nightmare after a whistleblower leaked internal documents on the social media giants impact on political division and mental health of teenage girls. >> thank you so much. good to be back. >> bill: that was president biden arriving at the vatican. he met with pope francis since becoming president. the second roman catholic to occupy the white house.
6:57 am
jonathan north. nice to see you. you used to live and work in vatican city. what do you make between the meeting of these two men? >> you could hear in the video we showed it is good to be back. good to be back. biden has been to the vatican many times but first time he is going as president. he is going not only to meet another world leader but going as a catholic to meet the head of his church, which i think is why it's also rather controversial. we'll see what the vatican puts out about what they talked about. listen, i would be totally fine with the vatican not saying what they talked about at all. i'm afraid that the vatican will put something out like they did when nancy pelosi went there october 10th and they said that they talked about all these issues that they already have if common but didn't talk about any of the things that nancy pelosi and president biden do publicly now that goes
6:58 am
against radical core teachings of the catholic church. let's see what the vatican puts out. >> julie: as his first visit to the vatican as the president of the united states, it comes on the heels of many church leaders debating whether or not catholic leaders should deny communion to those politicians who do support abortion, for example. this is a touchy situation. how do you think catholics will receive him first of all in rome, and how do you believe that pope francis should handle this? should he change canon law? >> we love pope francis as a human being and no doubt he is a very holy, good person. but i don't think he is always very clear. he is not as clear as he should be. the issue you talk about receiving communion, president biden is pushing a very radical abortion policy. that's a democratic agenda right now. he is going to meet with the
6:59 am
pope and the pope is saying that he would never -- he has said he has not refused a politician communion. in canon law is very clear. nobody should present themselves for communion if they are living in sin or against the church's teaching. this is the important part. the minister of communion has the responsibility not to create public shame and embarrassment when somebody is saying one thing. pope francis just be clear change canon if you want to change it. if you don't think politicians should be denied communion change the law. >> bill: you say it's on the pope. >> the pope has supreme power over the institution of the roman catholic church and can change canon law and make things easier for everyone. just be clear, pope francis.
7:00 am
>> bill: they did research. 44% say should. 55% say he should not. francis said i have never refused the eucharist to anyone but he wasn't sure of politicians coming to him for communion. >> why do this politically correct thing of saying well, i wouldn't refuse anybody communion but not change canon law that says people should be refused communion. >> bill: we saw video earlier today. we'll see what they say. nice to see you. >> julie: congratulations on the birth of your daughter. >> bill: nice to see you. president biden on the world stage wrapping up a few minutes a moment ago with the italian president. we'll see him next meeting with the prime minister of italy and then later the french president macron. watch that meeting. it comes as the president's domestic agenda remains up in the air as far left democrats are refusing to get on board.
7:01 am
more ahead coming up in moments. meanwhile, we have this. another fox news alert. the biden administration working on a plan to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to migrants who entered the country illegally at around $450,000 per person. that's nearly a million dollars per family. plus you have a pathway to stay in the country and free social services and the list goes on and on and which explains why it is such a hot button issue. we've made it. i'm bill hemmer. dana is off today. >> julie: still have an hour. i'm julie banderas, the "wall street journal" reporting talks with underway at the department of justice for huge cash payments to migrant families that were separated after illegally crossing the u.s./mexico border. former vice president mike
7:02 am
pence earlier today calling biden's border policies a disaster for america. >> their whole policy at the southern border has been a disaster from day one. the reality is that they've unleashed the worst border crisis in more than 30 years and it has all been because of dismantling policies that were working and this is just one more message that is going to continue to be a magnet on people that are coming north of the border. >> bill: dan springer is live on the border in la joya, texas this morning. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the border patrol and texas state troopers continue to work around the clock to catch people coming into this country illegally. we just had a bus leave loaded down with people caught overnight. this as they continue to beef up all along the border here as they prepare for that big caravan with thousands of migrants still in southern
7:03 am
mexico. but their job may have just gotten a lot harder as word spreads of the u.s. government about to make huge pay-outs to migrant families separated the border. in 2018. children were taken if their parents and held in detention facilities and parents removed to their home countries. a settlement with those families that would pay $450,000 peril legal immigrant impacted. many republican lawmakers are outraged. >> every decision joe biden has made since he has been president has made our border more open to illegals. and once again joe biden prioritizes the rights of illegals over the rights of tax paying, working americans. >> congressman and former navy seal dan crenshaw biden wants
7:04 am
to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 for hardship while breaking our laws. if a service member is killed in action their next of kin gets an insurance amount of $400,000. the total pay-out could be a billion dollars or more. biden called the separation policy a national shame and working to reunite separated families as the surge at the border continues. we shot this video early this morning and right here in la jolla they have been very busy overnight, 175 illegal immigrants as i said were just packed up on buses. the surge continues. the build-up with that caravan continues and now word of these payments again probably just going to make people more interested in coming to the border especially the families that we saw loaded up on the bus a short time ago. >> bill: thank you. la joya, texas. >> julie: president biden failing to win over far left democrats blocking his massive
7:05 am
spending agenda before heading on a trip to europe. progressives handing him his latest setback refusing to accept his last-minute compromise framework. >> we need a little bit more than an iou. >> this was not what i thought was coming today. >> we need to keep the promise made. >> progressives have done our work in getting everybody to a place where we endorsed the framework the president laid out today. >> julie: chad pergram is live on capitol hill for us this morning. good morning, chad. >> good morning, julie. the issue is that the left has control right now of the democratic party even a presidential visit to the capital didn't have enough sway with some progressives. house speaker nancy pelosi who can usually muscle the votes lacked the votes to pass the infrastructure bill because the left put its foot down. >> what is your response when you hear that sort of dissension in your caucus?
7:06 am
>> i have respect for all of our members in the full spectrum of the big tent that is our democratic party. everybody has a chance to say what they wish. >> moderate democrats are seething at their progressive colleagues. >> i'm disappointed not because i'm a democrat. i'm disappointed because i'm an american and i work with 28 democrats and republicans on the problem solvers caucus that helped put this bill together. the country needs it. 19 republican senators voted for it. >> the gop points out that the bill is still a staggering 1.75 trillion filled with an expansion of obamacare and tax increases. >> think that bill wasn't enough spending for them shows just how far left they are. >> democrats still have a lot of work to do before they can pass the bill. there is still an effort to shoe horn legal status for millions of migrants into the bill. >> bill: more on this chris
7:07 am
wallace host of "fox news sunday". great to see you and good morning in d.c. you watched everything yesterday as we did here in new york. you were on a phone call with a lot of reporters from the white house as well getting their take on it. where do you think the biden presidency is now after yesterday and then last night? >> not in good shape. and the fact of the matter is that joe biden doesn't have enough juice. with republicans he doesn't have enough juice with his own party. this is something that his party could do. he doesn't have enough juice with his own party twice in a month he has gone up to the hill, met with the house democratic caucus, pleaded with them to pass the infrastructure bill and in effect said i have your back and i'll cover you on the big tax and spend. now down to 1.75 trillion and as you just saw in chad's piece, the left wing of the party, that's not enough for them. i've been covering washington,
7:08 am
bill, for 40 years and you don't put the president in a room maybe with a foreign leader you do, but certainly not with members of his own party unless you know what the result is going to be. and you normally know the result because either people are too supportive of him or too scared of him to buck him. not true with joe biden. my presidency and the house and senate democratic majorities will be determined by what happens he said in the next week. he really wanted it yesterday. they ignore him and give him the back of their hand. so that's not a good sign for a president when he doesn't have enough juice within the members of his own party to get an important bill passed. >> julie: let's move on to the governor race in virginia. i want to look at the poll and have you react to it. it's interesting to watch what's going on. the fox news poll shows republican glenn youngkin has pulled ahead of terry mccauliffe less than a week
7:09 am
before the election. a big shift from two weeks ago when mccauliffe was ahead by five. is virginia a bellwether for mid-terms and what can 2022 candidates learn? >> we'll have to see. the poll is good news for youngkin, bad news for mccauliffe. we'll have to see what actually happens next tuesday. i think there are some lessons. one is that attacking donald trump as terry mccauliffe has and gavin newsom in the recall isn't a sure-fire win for democrats to energize the democratic base. education is a powerful issue and parents' role in their kids' education. we saw suburban women really flood away from the republican party in their opposition or disenchantment with trump policies and behavior. it may be that education is a really effective way for
7:10 am
republicans to win them back. let me say if you think that the biden agenda is having a tough time right now, and it is, if terry mccauliffe in a state that joe biden won by 10 points a year ago in the 2020 election, if it goes for a republican against a popular former governor terry mccauliffe next tuesday you will see democrats run for the hills. and they are going to want to go as far away from joe biden and the democratic agind as they can. if it was tough to pass these bills in congress this week, if -- we don't know what is going to happen. if mccauliffe loses it will be tougher next week. >> bill: a very difficult week for this administration. go back to the point going into the room with house democrats yesterday. maybe he was putting the squeeze on them saying my administration is on the line. if you want to get reelected you have to vote for this thing. the progressive caucus at 5:00 yesterday came out 96 members
7:11 am
now and said we aren't going forward until you present both bills at the same time. and you look at that social spending bill, chris and start to get into the details it is massively complex. then you look at the pay fors on the taxation side. we have never done it that way before. 15% of profits from a company that makes a billion dollars or if you are a millionaire making more than $10 million a year it's 3% surtax and on it goes. when you think about the complexity and now sitting on the shelf you wonder if the progressives hold together if both of these bills go down. what is your view on that? >> it is certainly possible. for all the president's talk about a framework, it is just an outline. you could see there were people on both sides saying bernie sanders says i'm not satisfied with it. kristin gillibrand says i don't like family leave out of it. there is a lot of negotiating to go on both these bills. the only reason they will pass
7:12 am
something is because the political impact of passing nothing. some people maybe exaggerated some people would say if he gets neither of these bills through it is the end of the biden presidency in year one when most presidents get things done. you have the wait and see. if -- and again if he didn't get anything through, i think it would be really damaging to him and the democrats which is why i think they'll end up passing something. i think the political alternative is unacceptable. >> julie: this is no surprise, a.p. poll is showing biden's handling of spending negotiations ain't going so well. a lot of people disapprove of it. case in point. chris wallace, thank you very much. >> bill: nice to see you. see you on sunday. coming up "fox news sunday" check out chris's exclusive interview with pete buttigieg secretary of transportation. they have a lot of things to talk about. supply chain crisis, haggling over infrastructure.
7:13 am
he will be with chris on sunday. pentagon officials expressing concerns over china's military capabilities. >> julie: illegal immigrants could be getting a hefty payday courtesy of president biden. >> you will pay people half a million dollars who broke the law at the same time the biden administration is getting ready to raise taxes on the hard working families of this country. it makes absolutely no sense.
7:14 am
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>> julie: d.c./baltimore region bracing for some historic tidal flooding. they're under coastal flood alerts as a powerful low pressure system moves east.
7:19 am
five feet of flooding is possible and wind gusts up to 68 miles per hour. the last time conditions were that bad was in hurricane isabell in 2003. get all the latest info from the fox news weather app. >> every single month for six months in a row the illegal encounters on the border went up. march was the highest on record until april. april until may, in july 212,000 illegal caples across our border. this is the situation. now we'll give you money to do it. makes no sense. >> bill: the ohio republican there. biden administration considering paying hundreds of millions of dollars to families that were separated at the border back in 2018 during the trump administration. this all according to a "wall street journal" report that crossed last night. the author john moody is hear to weigh in on this matters of immigration and china. he wrote a new book of course
7:20 am
they new, of course. what do you make of the move with illegals, john? will it happen? >> well, the timing is stunning really. you get these figures, $450 peril legal -- i do stress illegal coming out of taxpayer money. the question whether the president wanted this out today. >> bill: i wonder if this is a bit of a head fake. i imagine it doesn't sit well with the majority of americans. i think about the remain in mexico policy, a judge ordered to be reinstated in the month of november. we'll see if the administration fights it. the mexican government itself took bus loads of migrants and bused them past the southern border in mexico and you look at the falling poll numbers about this administration and put it together and you wonder maybe now is the time that they will actually do something
7:21 am
about the border. do you buy that? >> it's possible, bill. i think more likely you've got an administration right now that is pushing an agenda that goes contrary to what most americans want. joe biden is the president of the united states, not of latin america and he ought to be concerned about what americans need. there are still restaurants that haven't been reopened and stores haven't been reopened since the pandemic and he is more concerned making sure that illegal immigrants get paid half a million dollars. >> bill: let's see where it goes. china, relationship with beijing. it is complicated and getting more so by the week is clear the say. will we ultimately find out where this virus came from? "wall street journal" says this, where are the wuhan subpoenas, u.s. funding for risky chinese research demands investigation. the man at the heart of it is a
7:22 am
man -- his group was funding some of the research in wuhan. will we find a way to get him under oath to find out what he knows? >> probably not, bill. they can subpoena him and make him testify. will he tell the truth? a little bit unsure about that. when they used to bring in mafia informants and put them under oath and say tell us what this crime family did, it is better for them to take the hit from the congress than to have to face the mafia bosses and that's what is going on with china. the communist party of china is china. if you are doing scientific research with chinese scientists you are doing scientific research with the communist party. as simple as that and not worth it to anybody to cross the chinese party. >> bill: this relationship will only get more complicated we can agree. this relationship is going to find an interesting inflection point in less than 100 days when the winter games go to
7:23 am
beijing. how is the world going to react upon the arrival of more than 100 countries in the chinese capital? >> well, i think they are going to see a grand pageant. the chinese are nothing if not putting on a show. of course what you will never see are the uighur reeducation camps where people are being tortured and forced into manual labor. and essentially being executed. you won't see the chinese air force practicing its next run over taiwanese territory. you won't see the millions and millions of patent thefts that the chinese have had that they've made use of and helped their own economy and not cared about the rest of the world. they did start the wuhan virus. we are told to call it coronavirus so it won't upset the chinese. that's silly. having somebody come to testify shaking in his boots about what is going on is not going to
7:24 am
help. >> bill: there was a time in america where calls for boycotts are loud. so far they're pretty muted. mitt romney wants to make sure the u.s. state department is not allowed to pay for u.s. government officials the travel to china, which would effectively prevent them from going there. he seems to be a lone voice, does he not? >> i think senator romney has a point here. it is no good punishing the american athletes who spent their lives getting ready for these games. you can ask a network not to show the pageantry and ask people who go to china not to spend money on souvenirs and do a lot of things to mute the effect of these games. otherwise it is just going to be all hail chairman xi. >> bill: an uncomfortable moment for the world. we'll watch it together. if the communist party in china
7:25 am
can pull a plug on a new york knicks game for 1.4 billion people. we'll see how it goes. good luck with the book of course they knew, of course. >> julie: the problems appear to be piling up at loudon county schools in virginia. what new documents reveal about security at school board meetings about new allegations of sexual assault at a middle school. covid vaccines could be on the way for young children. is it the right move for your little ones? dr. nicole saphier joins us next. veteran homeowners, mortgage rates are still near all time lows. and home values are at all time highs. that makes right now the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash.
7:26 am
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>> bill: 10:30 in new york. fox digital obtaining documents that show sheriff's official in
7:31 am
loudon county virginia rejected request for security at local school board meetings as they look at student on student sex crimes at a middle school in that district. >> good morning to you. parents in loudon county, virginia outside d.c. say they're fed up with their local school board and new documents obtained by colleagues at fox digital appear to show the board wanted to keep their distance from the same parents. this summer board meetings became heated and parents criticizing curriculum and mask mandates and asking about student safety. documents show the superintendent wanted help from the local sheriff's office to keep people in line. even requesting canine dogs to sweep for explosive and special operations team on stand by in case. on an email he said the request was in consultation with security officials and without extra help he couldn't
7:32 am
guarantee everyone's safe. the sheriff's office didn't buy it. your request is extraordinary and the sheriff's office minimum of 65 sworn deputies. it's an email from august. the latest bombshell is outrage over school board security on capitol hill. some want garland to resign after urging the f.b.i. to help local school boards beef up security was an increase in threats. >> it is wrong, it is unprecedented to my knowledge in the history of this country and i call on you to resign. >> garland is not backing down from his directive and senate republicans say they aren't done investigating, either. they want documents from the justice department by monday. >> bill: thanks, mark meredith watching that in washington, d.c. >> julie: emergency authorization of pfizer's covid vaccine for children between 5
7:33 am
and 11 could come soon after an fda panel voted to recommend it. a kaiser survey shows only 27% of parents would vaccinate their kids right away. 76% say they're concerned to some degree about the long-term effects. joining us now is fox news contributor dr. nicole saphier. great to see you as always. many parents of the surveyed parents are vaccinated themselves yet they are worried i think with good reason that there are, you know, any insurances the vaccine won't harm kids in the long term. what should we make of this? >> well julie, first of all it is a good thing for parents to not just listen to what is being said on mainstream media and they will make an informed decision when it comes to whether or not they should vaccinate their children. what we saw with adolescents less than 50% of them did get fully vaccinated. majority of them their parents
7:34 am
were vaccinated. not surprising a lesser percentage among younger age group. the younger age group has fewer severe risks, fewer hospitalizations and deaths. when it comes to whether or not this age population should be vaccinated, it should be a question, a conversation between that parent and the pediatrician. julie, dr. marty makary and i, he and i have an article coming out next week where we did a deep dive into the pfizer data and we put out very specific points that parents and pediatricians should look closely at when making the decision whether or not the vaccinate their children. we don't believe this dataset is a one size fits all approach. community transmission, dose regimens and natural immunity need to be factored in when deciding whether or not the children should be vaccinated
7:35 am
and even risk tailored with pre-existing co-morbidities. >> there are cases of myocarditis after receiving the vaccine in 12 to 17-year-old. for us who have children under 12 years old. 5 and 8 and 11 and i won't lie, i'm apprehensive being one of the first to put this vaccine into my children. >> your apprehension is warranted. 16 and 17 year old had a higher rate of myocar dietis can be in one to 7,000 children. only 3,000 children received the vaccine in this study. it wasn't enough to see the rare adverse effects and potentially something else. this is a limited dataset. the good news is it showed a 91% efficacy to prevent sim to
7:36 am
matic covid and something to be considered for children at medical conditions. they are at a higher risk of being hospitalized with covid-19. not enough safety data in my upon for a universal vaccine campaign. >> julie: i'm not opposed to vaccinating them in the future maybe. but right now my husband and i aren't comfortable with the data. i need more numbers and want to see reported reactions as the numbers increase. i think i would like at least a year out from the trial data to follow up with those original participants to just make sure nothing popped up basically. the delta variant is something we learned was more effective -- it did have harsher effects on children if you will than the original covid-19 strain. is that something to consider when you have young kids? >> well actually, julie, i'm also a mom of three in addition to being a physician and the
7:37 am
delta variant actually wasn't more virulent in children. we just had more children get infected because it was much more transmissible. they had higher viral loads. more kids got it. we had more kids being hospitalized and sick, they weren't necessarily more sick because the virus was stronger. it was more children got vaccinated and the interesting thing in the pfizer study it was done during the delta wave where you had rampant virus circulating. the benefit of the vaccine may seem higher because there was such high trance missability. now when we move forward with less virus circulating the benefits may not be as great during the post delta wave as it was during the height of the summer. in terms of the long-term effects the mother had, it was a great question. some of the follow-up in the pfizer data is only 2 to 3 weeks following the second dose. but overwhelming majority of any adverse event that will compost vaccination will come in the seven days following
7:38 am
vaccination. long term events are much less likely. >> julie: dr. nicole saphier lovely to see you as always. thank you so much. >> bill: 22 before the hour. president biden seeking a breakthrough to bring democrats together. the massive social spending agenda. >> obviously he didn't get everything he wanted. no one got everything they wanted. it's a transformative package. >> bill: the president said he would unite the country but unable to unite his own party. what's the endgame and what does it mean for you? the friday money panel is coming up next. wback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ when did you see the signs? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in.
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>> julie: another hot mic moment for a california school district president apparently not too thrilled about the parents who were about to speak at a public meeting. listen here closely.
7:44 am
>> claire c. followed by leah r. >> oh god, here we go. >> julie: i'm sorry, it is hysterical. i say that every day. that was a school board president who apologizeed for cursing out another parent speaking out against mask mandates at that same meeting. >> your time is up. [bleep] >> julie: oh, awkward. >> bill: you being a mother could relate to that. >> julie: no, i never use four letter words as a parent, what are you talking about? >> bill: cameras and microphones. >> julie: if any children had body cams on them. >> you are not on board with
7:45 am
the framework? >> i want to see it improved. >> you are a no if nancy pelosi were to bring up this vote? >> if it's by itself and a stand alone i'm 100% a no. no getting me to a yes. >> bill: brick wall. far left refusing to budge after the big announcement yesterday when the president introduced a new framework for a scaled back agenda to $1.75 trillion. our money team. gentlemen on a friday good morning to you both. doug, start. give me a sense where this goes. how do you see it happening? >> well, i've always felt it was imperative for the democrats to coalesce around the single infrastructure bill. the process has been long, it will continue. they appear to be getting closer and when they finally figure out what gets to yes it will drag the infrastructure
7:46 am
bill along with it. i fully expect come january one both of those will be there. >> bill: are you in the same camp january 1 two for two? >> i hope so. the fact doug said it is making me feel better. >> wasn't my intent. >> the democratic party in congress represent a bigger share of the american population than the republican party does. they have a much more diverse tent they are trying to hold together and you see that burst out at the seams trying to do the negotiations privately and they get mad at each other. i do think doug is exactly right. if they are not able to congeal around something from the biden campaign proposals, they will be in a tough spot going into next year. >> bill: you know what they say about fish when it sits on the shelf for too long, right?
7:47 am
now we're starting to dive into the sucker. >> it becomes a delicacy. >> bill: in chicago perhaps yes. "wall street journal" says the -- the social and fiscal damage is real. the programs are merely ill ustrative are trying to give the -- the likely costs closer to $4 trillion. big words, doug and big dollars. >> i think they are being kind. i think it is worse than that. this legislation is far more expensive. the intent is for all these programs to be permanent. the scope has been scaled back only slightly. worse, the details aren't very good. these are poorly-drafted programs with bad incentives. childcare subsidies are a nightmare. tax proposals don't make any
7:48 am
sense. i think the "wall street journal" is on to something in terms of the scope and the size but i think they are being too kind about the content. >> bill: also this from yesterday, growth in the last quarter was only 2%. slowest that we've seen in a year's time. austan, that's where you start to smell the fish yet again. go. >> well, i disagree with doug's take. i think reducing the cost of healthcare is important. reducing the cost of childcare are important. these issues that it raises in the polls remains very popular. the details remain very popular with the american people. >> bill: do they? the polling shows from the "wall street journal" and -- it is a -- the country doesn't know -- >> for them to complain about things that are scheduled to expire and planned to be permanent they invented it. that came from the bush and
7:49 am
trump playbook. the republicans are now going the say oh, this is an accounting gimmick, we can't stand it, is beyond -- >> bill: you would agree the polling shows a lot of americans not sure what's in it. >> what they like are the specific details. the polling is not very kind to how they think the president is handling the negotiations and stuff like that. but should we subsidize healthcare and reduce childcare costs they are positives. >> austan, they aren't going to do that, right? you throw subsidies to increase the prices not decrease it. there is nothing about these programs that meets the stated goal of reducing the cost of healthcare or childcare. it will all add to the price tag. >> we can disagree. >> bill: a 1.75 trillion delay debate that will continue for some time. nice to see you gentlemen, have
7:50 am
a great weekend. >> julie: the supply crisis worsens. a disturbing update on one of the nation's busiest ports next. 2.48 apr. t one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> harris: the president is overseas today but the roughest seas are here at home. his massive domestic spending agenda is still at a stand still even though he called it a framework, whatever. despite his pleas to fellow democrats before he left. still not budging. a huge development in a state race with loads of national importance. new fox news polling showing the g.o.p. candidate for virginia governor with a huge lead. senator marsha blackburn, tammy bruce at the top of the hour. >> bill: more than two weeks president biden vowed to break
7:56 am
the log jam at u.s. sports. pictures don't lie. there are over 100 ships idling off the coast of l.a. william la jeunesse is watching the slow crawl. >> bill: 46 more ships are expected in the next three days. last two weeks some things better, some things worse including a new surcharge or tax that many believe will raise consumer prices. if you want to see what the trade imbalance looks like, 360,000 containers at the ports and now they are spilling into private lots and nearby neighborhoods underscoring what many say is the real problem. a lack of chassis for truckers. here is what i mean. let's start at noon and go clockwise. ship arrives, container offloaded, goes to the warehouse. no labor. the driver is forced to leave the chassis. meantime empties from around the west are piling up at the ports leaving a shortage of chassis to move the new
7:57 am
containers. >> we did a survey that showed about 86%, 4500 empty containers are sitting on top of chassis. >> one solution trains. long beach has opened a new direct express lane to salt lake city that can eliminate 300 truck trips in one train. starting monday shipping companies will be fined $100 each day for a container that is not picked up and that will jump to $2600 each week a cost that will be passed on to consumers. >> we're in a crisis. we are in a national crisis and a global crisis. >> we're approaching the holidays and need to use every tool at our disposal to help move the boxes out of the terminal. that's the intent. >> get this. it can take up to 5,000 trucks to unload a single container ship. right now it is taking three
7:58 am
months to get a driver's exam for a trucker at dmv. another shortage. >> bill: unbelievable. we'll watch it throughout the next week. william la jeunesse. >> julie: a baseball lover's paradise. game three of the world series is tonight with the braves and astros tied at one game apiece. steve harrigan is live in atlanta. >> it could prove a challenge for fair weather fans. a steady rain in atlanta, 50 degrees. the tarp is out behind me since the early morning hours. blowers going the try to dry out the infield as well. there has been some celebration on the behalf of a lot of republican politicians in georgia since the atlanta braves made their way back to the world series, they were upset after the all-star game got yanked away in july. commissioner of major league baseball saying a new georgia voting act was restrictive. even some democrats opposed the atlanta boycott saying it would
7:59 am
hurt local businesses. they expect to bring in $10 million a night for the next three games here. president trump expected to attend saturday's game. as for ticket prices atlanta braves fans have been waiting 22 years to get back to the world series. standing room only tickets now at $1,000 a head. the place where i'm standing here $8,000 a ticket. julie, back to you. >> julie: steve harrigan, thank you. you can catch game three of the world series on fox tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> bill: a pretty good series. i haven't seen much. check it over the weekend. more time. games go late. we get up early. you play the piano, right? >> julie: i do. >> bill: we have a surprise for you because it's friday. before we go. dana and i love that. this is what is considered the elton john craft. so you have to look closely here now. spider. a little bit of a crowd is what
8:00 am
i think. you have a little bit of toupee on the top and sunglasses staring at you and hands are moving away like a piano player. >> julie: i love the spider and his toupee. nice. >> bill: happy halloween. be careful and have a great weekend. here is harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. the far left handing president biden the big l for a loss sending him off to europe to talk climate change with tanking approval numbers, a fractured political party, and little to no progress on his multi-trillion dollar legislative agenda. that's an l. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". progressives once again forcing top democrats to delay a vote on that bipartisan infrastructure bill.


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