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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 29, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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check out my podcast. jason in the house. you can find it anywhere you listen to it podcasts. this it week we are with the senator from wyoming. jason in the house. thanks for joining us. "the ingraham angle" is up next. happy halloween. hope you enjoy it. have a great day. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. florida has the hottest economy in the country and among the low covid cases and death rates. why is the media attacking governor ron desantis. he is here and has a thery. and bind's meeting with the pope and raymond raymond has it all in it friday's follies and a special anniversary surprise. where have all of the men gone?
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that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the phrase toxic mass culinity entered our society a few years ago. the argument is that boys are continued to be tough and not show weakness. and by suppressing emotions they are more likely to end in prin or in trouble at school. people who work in gender studies programs, they are dead set against the confining rules of masculinity.
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and there is a hollywood conversation. >> i think there is a model about being a real man in america. i think sometimes that model is the more stoic, hard, tough. my friend joe who was a professional football player. said he remembered his father just saying to him, be a man. man up. toughen up. don't be a girl. >> laura: this is how far we have fallen. telling a boy not to be a girl is now abusive. we are in an upside down world. people see through the attempt they are making to put their attacks on tradition gender rolls around an anti-bullying campaign. that's absurd. real men don't bully and don't beat their wives and don't hurt animals or children.
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we know that. all descent people agree on that. and long before the phrase gender fluid popped up, good parents told their sons both to be a man and to be courageous and valiant and compassionate. i heard my friend's father say stop whining and be a man. he said it a lot. it didn't hurt my buddy one bit. he is a great dad today. today the radical left has one goal in mind. destroy the underpinnings of the nuclear family targeting the rolls fathers and mothers play. come on, it's better for children to be raised by a mother and a father who are present and involved. we know that single moms and dads do their best. but it's much harder and i say
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this as a single mom myself. this idea of the traditional roles is threatening to the radicals who see the traditional families especially men as an impediment to the goal of social and rewriting american history. black lives matter disrupted the nuclear family has one of its many goals. the entertainment industry joined the anti-family crusade long ago. in films males are portrayed as goofy saps or gender fluid geniuses. >> ♪ ♪ . >> yes!
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>> it's only been thanksgiving but it feels like since forever. >> laura: news flash for hollywood. women want men to be men. they want men to be honest and kind and humble as well. but as a friend said accident even women who work outside of the home prefer a man who protects and provides and defends -- and we don't want men to push us out of the way to look in the mirror. the obama people who used the edge to push obamacare. even morning joe could not stop laughing at him. >> this is just funny. >> [laughing].
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>> laura: they are shocked young men are flocking to non-effeminite men and they are listening to joe. >> thank if for all of the bridges and the [bleep] and rockets. toxic masculinity. all of the things men prevented and toxic men prevented from you being murdered in war and protected the country. most of it is positive. >> laura: the natural instinct of most men is to protect women, but that's slowly being beaten out of them by feminist or overly feminine men who love
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submissive times. -- times. the consequences are horrifying. something happened in a manhunt manhattan car when a woman told a man to take a chill pill. watch. >> [shouting]. >> laura: that went on and on. notice what didn't happen. not a single man on that train intervened. a more shocking incidents in philadelphia when a woman was raped on the train with other passenger aboard and not a single one did anything to help her. and in san francisco was a young woman who chased found a woman who pushed an elderly asian lady
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to the ground and she was stabbed three times. where were the men? the femmeinization of men should trouble women the most. the victims in all of those attacks were women. 2 -- who were overpowered by bad men. there were no good men willing to step in to save them. that's the "angle." joining me is someone who answered the call when lives were threatened. alex, one of the heroes on the train to paris. i know situations are different. maybe people are worried about getting sued or being branded a racist if they step in. to what do you attribute this it seeming end of traditional
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masculinity? >> well, i would say that not only is it a culture war with the media and things like that. i think it starts at the school board level. you see the kids coming out of high school and they are more concerned with making tiktok vas. i don't know what it would be like to be a man in a major city these days. you have district attorneys that don't charge criminals for crimes. in a major city in america you can't carry a gun. even if you did stop the woman on the subway, you right run into him and you don't have
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a gun. it's the degradation of our society. asking then to step up. >> laura: barack obama made comments about traditional masculinity a few months back. >> the message american culture send to boys about being a man. emphasis on physical toughness and suppressing your feelings contributed to the damaging trends in the country. >> laura: your response to that? is it wrong to teach your son to be tough but fair and compassionate? why wrong to teach your kid to
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stand up for himself or herself? >> it's not. it should not be. i thank god for how i was raised. we helped stop a terrorist attack back in paris in 2015. if we were not raised to join the military and learn the and is ha it we used that day, i am not sure i would have survived. it's like joe said. we have a lot in our country that is owed to toxic masculinity. >> laura: thanks for all you did to step up. the attacks on traditional values continue in it texas. the naacp is urging pro athletes not to it sign is teams in the
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lone star state because they violate privacy rates and fair elections and increase the rick of getting the coronavirus. >> they want to deny women their humanity. >> this is a fundamentally anti-american bill. we are going to do something in congress very quickly. >> we have a legislature and congressional body not reflected of the diversity of the state. >> laura: joining me is the texas lt. governor dan patrick and a former nfl player. it's obvious what this outrage is about. making a big scene to whip up the vote before 2022. your reaction to this attack on texas? >> it's a very misleading letter. it hurts the players that they say they are trying to help.
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misleading for this reason. this helps republicans. on the election bill 82% of texans supported a felony for voting harvesting and adding your social security number to mail-in ballots to defeat fraud. 55% of texas support and 47% of blacks. on stopping boys if playing girls sports only 28% oppose it. they want the black players to support joe biden who will increase their taxes. 74% of nfl players are black or nba players. 58% of nfl players are black and
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8% of major league baseball players. in california or new york their taxes are over 60%. tell a black player you will only take $3 million home. in texas you keep most of your money. >> laura: i think of prescott and the cowboys and the players who play for texas teams. what kind of position does this put them in? >> 2020 has been a remarkable moment to pull back the curtains. we pull back the curtains on the naacp. they are not pro-black. everything they touch goes against us. we lost the last 4 years. 40% of the black community due to abortion, 20 million black babies. voting against pro-choice for black kids.
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they are on the wrong side. i am thankful for the opportunity to show who they are. it was not a white supremacy. it was a black elitist that we trusted that open the doors to the leftists and marxists. we have seen the results. eyes are opening and the black community will realize these have never been our friends and are not our friends today. >> laura: the "new york times" said in texas they enacted the pro-life law and the number of abortions fell by 50%. that's positive news but they consider that bad news when lives are saved.
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>> as burgess said and i am so proud of him what he's done. on this it should they are misleading. black american rangers waking up. they will vote republican. let the democrats and it is naacp continue these lies to the african-american population. >> laura: burgess, the tax increases that will hit successful black businessmen and athletes. not to speak of the tens of thousands on the way to the southern border who will flood the job market for low income workers. all of this is a disaster for the black community and america. >> absolutely. understand the power that it drives our middle-class and
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small business owners. i saw that as a kid. black businesses everywhere. naacp was fighting against small businesses. they do everything to not allow us to prepare for it. to think about it. at the end of the day the judo christian values are simple. god, country and family. they are against every one of those principles. we need to fight for it. thank goodness for 2022. americans are talking together and we will win this game. >> laura: thank you very much. why is the corporate media so invested in taking florida down? governor ron desantis has a few thoughts. he is next.
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>> laura: florida is one of the big covid success stories that the media prefers to ignore. they have one of the lost daily cases and death rates. they said ron desantis was
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responsible for death and instruction. florida's economy is booming and leading the country in job creation. again silence from the press. what does governor ron desantis think about this. here's part 2 of our interview. >> florida is no longer part of the united states. they pretend we don't exist. the corporate press uses whatever they can to attack their political enemies. when donald trump was president everything involving covid they said was his fault. the minute biden took the oath of office you never saw the covid metrics at his doorstep but there are more covid deaths under joe biden than under donald trump and trump didn't have any vaccine except for the end of the administration. they protect the governors in their own party and try to explain away anything that happens that is bad like the nursing home disasters.
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people like me who are in the other party and their political opponent, they will try to smear is blame. now we for a situation we have low numbers, you don't hear a peep. >> laura: the florida surgeon general is under fire for not towing the left line on covid. and the agricultural commissioner asked to you withdraw his nomination. cnn said this. >> this is too person for the public health officials. the way he treated covid in general. everything was very cavalier about vaccines and masks and the way he treated me refusing to wear a mask. >> laura: they are trying to get you to pull your commissioner there for what? they are really reaching.
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they are really afraid of you. >> this is a manufactured -- he was asked to meet with the state senator. he offered to do the meeting outside or he would stand in the hallway if that made her more comfortable. she rejected that and is using it to get political air time on comcast and at&t. that's fine. that's just politics. the idea that he should be withdrawn is ridiculous. he made a huge impact already. cdc would say all of the healthy kids should be quarantined. one person infected and the whole class goes home. there was no data to support that. he got rid of health quarantines and that kept thousands of kids in schools. the result has been in the 5 weeks we have done that, our cases are down 74% among school
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aged kids. joe was right about that. the overall media narrative said you need to quarantine health kids. he saw through that. it's part about me and part of him because he doesn't accept the narrative. >> laura: democrat howard dean predicted something about your next election. >> i would be shocked in ron desantis was reelected as governor of florida am people in florida are sick of this. good americans -- republicans or democrats, they are sick of it. all of these nuts who know better for the most part and are icate areing to the worst instincts of human being. it's wrecking the country. we won't put up with it. >> laura: your response? >> that it mentality said people should be locked down. kids kept out of school. in florida we lifted people up.
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that's why we have more opportunity in our state than any other state and kids have been able to go to schools. people are beating down doors to it move to florida and our tourism is phenomenal. we were up in august in 2021 over pre-covid august in 2019. the covid media has been dogging florida for 2 years. you have average people who realize those are phoney narratives. they look it florida as a place that stands for freedom. that's one of the reasons we are thriving. i think we will continue to thrive throughout my 2 terms as governor. >> laura: one more question. you told police officers across the country if you are forced out of your job because of
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a vaccine mandate, come to florida. we welcome the applications. you have convinced people it take you up on that offer? >> well, we have a $5,000 signing bonus. i have to get it through the legislature. it applies to all out of state police officers regardingless of vaccine status. there will be a huge -- they are already coming down. once we get this into law, you will see them beat down the door to come to florida. we are a law and order state. we back law enforcement and we will make it financially worth their while to do it. i think we will have the strongest -- we have one of the strongest already but we will be the number 1 state to be a law enforcement officers anywhere in the country. >> laura: the way it used to be.
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governor, thank you. we appreciate it. thanks to governor ron desantis for joining us. ahead terry and greta star in it 2 dancing fools and out of step pairs, biden met with the pope and raymond arroyo explains in friday's follies which is next. go with simparica trio it's triple protection made simple! simparica trio is the first and only monthly chewable that covers heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, round and hookworms. dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs
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>> ♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live. the fda issued an emergency use for pfizer's covid vaccine for kids 5 to 11. a third for the amount given to teens and adults. pfizer said it provides more than 90% protection against disease in children. 5 to 11 accounts for 39% of covid cases in children. and queen elizabeth was told by
7:35 pm
doctors to rest for at least 2 weeks. the 95-year-old royal will under take light desk based duties and virtual audience and will be present on november 14th. back to the "the ingraham angle." >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's friday and time for friday's follies. we turn to raymond arroyo. terry mcauliffe has fallen the polls and may not be all because of his education stance. >> youngkin branded himself with every man appeal. terry mcauliffe is better known for this. >> ♪ ♪
7:36 pm
>> this is a man who should never dance. it's as if he is borrowing someone else's legs am dancing with the stars won't call. climate cover girl greta could not resist busting a move. >> we are no strangers to love. >> here's my score. zero! >> laura: i think mcauliffe a trying to steal some of trump's
7:37 pm
dancing thunder. people liked it. they thought it was funny. he does that hip sway. that's tragic. >> [laughing]. >> laura: those hips are not meant for dancing. there is a close up. it's far more intriguing. >> it's all disturbing. i don't think they should dance. climate was discussed at the vatican today. there was a 2 stepping go on there as well. the president met with the pope. when biden gave his holiness a challenge coin, things got very biden.
7:38 pm
[laughing]. >> this is why the vatican pulled the plug on the live coverage of this meeting. they didn't know what bind, torture, kill -- biden would say. he looked like a guy at the end of the bar doing last call. this is more the vatican footage. >> he was a famous african-american baseball player. no one ever pitched to win at age 47. he said boys, that's not how i look at age. boys, that's not how i look at age . how old would you be if you
7:39 pm
didn't know how old you were. god love him. >> all of that won't get around the crucial question raised by the visit. what does it mean to it be a public catholic in good standing? can a politician who supports abortion on demand receive communion. the u.s. bishops say no. >> laura: what did the pope say today? >> [inaudible]. >> did the pope really say this? the vatican is refusing to confirm or dimy it. -- deny. the law says if you support
7:40 pm
these things, abortion on demand, no communion. it's a sign you are part of this community and you agree with the teachings of the church. you are free to leave or stay but those are the rules. >> laura: i find that visit determining. the satchel paige story about age. it was just dumb. what? >> these are the editing versions. it being halloween weekend it might be best for politicians to avoid costumes if you already live in outer space. >> halloween is almost here. it's time to choose your costume. this is my homage to captain kirk. >> except it is to mr. spock.
7:41 pm
they can't even level with the voters over a halloween get up. >> laura: that should be red? >> yellow. captain kirk is yellow. >> laura: star trek was more for boys. raymond, are you dressing up this year? >> no, i am not. i am going as raymond arroyo. that's scary enough. >> laura: how sad. you are a sight for sore eyes on halloween. great to see you. raymond, stay right there. up next show is celebrating anniverse verse. which one? a surprise in a moment.
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>> laura: so hasn't in the television media treat viewers like they are idiots. telling them what they think they want to hear instead of what matters. fox news is like a tall glass of ice water in the desert and a huge privilege to be on the air for the past 4 years every night at 10 p.m. eastern. i can't believe it's been that long. terrifying. we tried to bring you the issues that matter in your lives and the future of the country.
7:47 pm
we respect your point of view and intelligence. you are the reason we reached great heights as a television show. 10 o'clock every night. the number 1 show and it's because of you. i would like to look back at highlights. >> welcome to the debate of "the ingraham angle." i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from a busy washington. >> will be taking over the channel. >> we have a jam-packed show. breaking news. a story you don't want to miss later in this hour. >> straight analysis. >> you have the key point here. you are right on the money with your analysis. >> up river. they had to rescue them. >> this is where it all
7:48 pm
happened. may 27th 2 days after the killing of george floyd. this was burned to the ground. to get crack and heroin? >> under a minute. >> i am here with frustrated parents, students and teachers. at the white house amy coney barrett was sworn in. only 25 years since i worked for you. we had like a closet. now you have nice chambers. >> anybody else going to out shadow us. >> i am having a good time. we are doing a job nobody else has ever done. >> laura: a 3 state sprint across the upper midwest and i tagged along for each leg of the
7:49 pm
ride. in michigan it's a heart crowd. 10 degrees with a wind chill. nobody is living. >> religious liberty is the foundation of our republic. >> laura: more awful is losing america to a new normal. emails to and from anthony fauci show how cozy his relationship with china. you are satisfied with the transparency from china about the disease? >> my direct interaction with chinese health officials i believe what they are telling me. >> laura: we are bubble wrapping our audience tomorrow. >> [laughing]. >> bubble wrap the governors? >> laura: yes, all of them. >> we want to unite everybody. the country has more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world. >> laura: time for an american call to action. this is though time to be
7:50 pm
suddenly or afraid. my -- silent or afraid. my next job quit her job as a nurse as a results of the vaccine mandate. >> it was right for me. >> laura: parents have power in numbers. >> my daughter was sexual assaulted at the end of school. i went to the school board meeting to see what was going on. i am tackled to the ground. >> my son was taken from me. no mother should have to deal with that. >> laura: never forgot him. it's a $15,000 reward. it's $20,000 now. >> thank you. >> laura: what do you pray for, for this country? >> peace. >> ♪ ♪ . >> laura: back with me now is raymond arroyo. smile! >> [laughing].
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>> laura: oh, whoa. the aclu cared about the rights of the accused. >> you threw me down in such a cruel fashion. >> laura: my hand slipped. >> you pushed me. >> ♪ ♪ >> happy mardi gras. is this unbelievable? look at this crowd. oh god. >> laura: [screaming]. oh. raymond knows if a see a bug, i can't help but scream. i hate you. i am so embarrassed. with raymond arroyo for our watch party. what do you say to america. >> [cheering]. >> nice. >> laura: i can't believe it's been 4 years.
7:52 pm
raymond, is that not scary? it seems like yesterday. if you said 2 years, i would say yeah. >> it's a blur. i kept thinking of paris, normandy, and the great moments. the historic moment the 75th anniversary of normandy. the moment that stuck out we don't have on video when you returned to the studio and were locked in the bathroom just moments before show time. we thought we would have to send a demolition crew in to remove the door. that's those moments that live strongest. >> laura: i would not be surprised if someone got that on video. i know by the time the 6th anniversary rolls around. tommy and sam will say we did have a small camera as you emerged from the bathroom. there was a few weeks ago am we opened up our studio again in washington. it was a brand new latch.
7:53 pm
something happened and the latch would not open. tried to pry it open and it didn't work. >> you were ready to slip under the wall there. >> laura: we will persevere to get on the air. tommy, sam, david, michael. i will miss people. multiple mikes. everyone. we have so many great people. >> jessica. >> laura: this is like the academy awards. everyone knows how important they are on the show. raymond you have been integral to keeping me laughing and informed. >> thank you. >> laura: we love you the viewers. thank you for what you have done for this show and we think we helped the country understand the issues and laugh along the
7:54 pm
way. a sneak peek of my new project "the last bite" is next.
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>> mining fox nation special, california on the edge, is out now. it takes you on a tour of some of the worst parts of the once shimmering state. in this sneak peek, we review how drug abusers are treated more favorably than homeless vets. >> it is definitely ridiculous this is going on. these guys are out here on the street. >> for activist robert reynolds, this issue is very personal. >> i went through this myself in 2018 and 2019. i didn't like what i saw. i came here with the service dog to get in. i was in iraq and the va told me if i got rid of the dog, i could come inside. and as that is not going to get rid of the dog. so i ended up out here on the sidewalk and i saw all these
8:00 pm
veterans ending up your on the street and it was just -- it was heartbreaking to see. there was no outrage or to anyone them. >> laura: you can watch the entire thing on fox nation right now. that is it for us tonight thank you for watching. remember, it's america now and forever. before his next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> greg: happy friday, my frighteningly friendly little freaks. it is the last day of halloween week, which means it's time to check in on our favorite sitcom. >> previously on "here's greg"... >> would you look at this? i've seen it a million


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