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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 30, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> election showdown in virginia, our latest fox news poll showing republican candidate glenn youngkin eight points ahead of terry mcauliffe in a governor's race that could be a bellwether for next year. i'm griff jenkins. anita: i'm anita vogel. they're complaining as election day is drawing near. we have fox team coverage on
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both candidates with alexandria in fredericksburg and rich edson in virginia beach. rick, we'll start with you. what's the latest in this extremely close race? >> well, anita, the very latest is beer, wings and college football. there's an event at a sports bar. the governor just left, and terry mcauliffe with the local celebrities and politicians trying to get the vote out in the democratic area in the southeast corner of the state. they'll head up to richmond a democratic pocket and northern virginia trying to turn out voters. democrats have repeatedly trying to tie glenn youngkin to donald trump, and so we asked mcauliffe if he's making the race too much about the former president? >> well, well, well, please don't say that. he has had so much of a reason he's running is because of donald trump.
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he tried to play it both ways. i never said the reason i'm running is because of joe biden or barack obama, i'm running because this is what i want to do for virginians. >> earlier this week it was president joe biden in northern virginia. last night it was vice-president kamala harris in southern virginia head lining in norfolk. this race has gone natural and they warned against republican rule here. >> this is no joke, do you think they don't think that if they don't take virginia they don't do this? a lot of places. don't led virginia beach be an experiment. who is going to matter on a central issue like voting rives? rights? they're a bringing up those in congress, tim kaine, and jim
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clyburn sprinting through election day. anita: a lot of heavy hitters have been there and it wouldn't be a hot campaign without beer and wings. >> not at all, or a saturday. anita: rich edson live in virginia beach. griff: anita, time for a look how republican candidate glenn youngkin is spending his day. we have alex. >> we don't have any beer and wings here, i don't think. this is more of a family event, a harvest festival, actually. and glenn youngkin just wrapped up his visit and five has been the standard for his get out vote bus tour and the miles on the bus have been paying off. accord to go the latest fox news poll of virginia voters likely to vote, it shows glenn youngkin over terry mcauliffe,
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and a major shift from two weeks ago. according to the latest washington post poll, youngkin is behind mcauliffe. polls alone won't get him elected and it feels like he's gained bipartisan traction. >> democrats are walking across the aisle because they understand what we're going to get done is what they need to get done, lower taxes and better jobs and safe schools and better schools and safe communities. >> now, three days out from any high profile election, campaigns expect some curve balls. especially ones that potentially could change a blue leaning state red, but youngkin called something that happened yesterday disgusting and desperate and by the opposition turns out it was. and mcauliffe supporting
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tweeted out supporters and the lincoln project came forward saying that they were the ones who orchestrated this and it was in essence a stunt, which again is not surprising the last few days of an election like this, and potentially more to many could, griff. griff: all right, alex hoff for everything in the campaign. anita: griff, for more on the closely watched election, we're joined by congressman morgan griffith. thank you for joining us today. >> great to be with you. anita: thank you, you, too. want to talk to you virs about the big event in your state on tuesday. the governor's race has been turned on its head there. let's pull up the latest fox news poll which our reporter alexandria just showed us. it shows glenn youngkin with an
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8 point lead and other polls are tighter about you let's get your reaction to the poll. >> i would be thrilled if it was eight points, but i'm going to be very, very happy when glenn youngkin wins, i don't care if it's eight points or one point. and he's run the campaign he says i'm glenn youngkin and i'm not donald trump, he's campaigning. he's making sure that parents are involved in education and he's been talking about jobs and issues across the commonwealth and he's been working harder than terry mcauliffe. mcauliffe will his famous bus through my deep southwest virginia district, but he wasn't on it and glenn youngkin was there the next day and he's going to be here on monday. he's crisscrossing the state. he's working hard and he'll win on tuesday. anita: it's interesting because terry mcauliffe is a seasoned politician and here comes glenn youngkin a political novice and he seems comfortable out there
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as a political candidate. let me ask you, what changed in this race? as you mentioned there is a lot of g.o.p. enthusiasm and because the race is largely focused on education and critical race theory, it does seem to have energized republicans. 79% of youngkin supporters are extremely interested compared to 69% of mcauliffe supporters, what do you make of that? >> it's true and i think that mcauliffe is responsible for that. when he said parents shouldn't be involved in their students education. he got a lot of democrats, i'm not going to say it's 10 points, but a few democrats are going to vote for youngkin, even though they lean to the left, they believe they have a right to be involved in their children's education and when they ought to be able to go to school board with whatever the issue and be heard. anita: that seemed like a turning point in the race. i want to turn quickly to another topic, the big spending bill likely to come for a vote. you've been tweeting about this
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how you got 1700 pages sort of handed on your desk, dumped on your desk last week, if you get through enough pages to figure out whether you liked the deal, cut down 3.5 trillion, down to 1.75 trillion. what do you think so far? >> well, i've been able to get through about 200, 250 pages, the rest it sitting here on the table with me. i'm going to keep reading through it, but i will tell you i can't vote for it, a number of reasons why, one, they lowered the part by raising gimmicks, inted of 10 years, three years or two years. that's not acceptable. they want to continue those programs out for the full 10 years and. there's no protections built in here and other problems, natural gas tax is in there, going to raise the cost of heating people's homes. and they've got all kinds of, you know, you can be making like $800,000 and still get a tax benefit for buying a new
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electric car and that's all fine and good except the people in my district can't afford that because our average household-- our household median income is a few thousand more than a low end electric car. and they're ignoring people who have less economic wherewithal within their districts and catering to the rich. >> let's go over quickly where most of the money would be going when we have a graphic to put up. there are 550 billion to clean energy and child care and pre-k for three and four year olds and 200 billion for extending the early childhood tax credit. you said you're not going to vote for it. what do you think of your colleagues? do you think it's going to pass if it comes up for a vote next week? >> well, that depends on the democratic caucus, if they have a unified caucus, it probably
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will. and in they have dissenters, probably won't. there are a couple of republicans in there that may. and there are some stand alone things, yes, i could vote for it, but how many on the democratic side and the republican side. anita: we'll see, and looks like a vote next week. we'll watch for that. congressman, thank you for your time. griff, to you. griff: on the other side of the aisle, the democratic congressman from washington. thank you for taking time and you just heard your colleague, congressman griffith saying, can't support this thing because he says there are gimmicks, that the number came down, but really, the content hasn't changed. your reaction? >> listen. the framework that the president laid out this week is a recognition that we can't just go back to normal after
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this pandemic, that we need a new normal. even before the pandemic, american families have been feeling the squeeze. look i can't tell you how many working moms i've spoken to it this past year have been frustrated, sidelined from going back to work because of affordable child care and this does something for them and for employers. they want to pay less for health care and this would see premiums go down for millions of americans. the folks i represent want to see some tax relief and this bill provides that with the extended child tax credit that you just spoke to. that will be a different maker for the people i represent and listen, one of the things i'm most excited by, this bill includes some bipartisan legislation that i wrote to help people face economic distress. and there were those on the peninsula they don't want to see the top export be young people. this would provide economic
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development efforts in those communities, that's a big deal and that's something i support and something that the american people support, too. griff: and this is your piece of legislation and very interesting. and you talked about the $400 billion and anita just showed our viewers, 550 billion for the clean energy and 400 billion for child care and 200 billion for child tax, but left out of this is paid leave. is that a problem and where are we with the progressives and moderates really coming together within your party? >> well, listen, i'm someone who supports paid leave. i don't think that people should have to choose between their health and their paycheck or the health of a loved one and their paycheck. and you know, at the end of the day i get to vote on what's in a bill and not what's not in a bill. and i'm hopeful that we'll see an effort to resurrect paid leave. i think it's important, but listen, i think the suggestion that there is divisions within the democratic party often get amplified by the news media.
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the reality is democrats are united in the belief that we're sure that families can have accessible and affordable child care. democrats are united in belief to provide more affordable health care to american families and we're united that we should provide financial aid for folks to be able to go to college. and those are things that are in the bill and that's -- listen, that is a contrast with my republican colleagues. so we're going to pass, i hope soon, we're going to pass legislation to lower health care costs under the last administration, the last republican congress, they were suing to take health care away from people. griff: congressman, let me bring you back because you talk about the division within your party. so let not myself and the news media characterize it. how much bad blood is there between progressives and democrats. in a few weeks time should this pass, it's a win obviously for
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the president's agenda, but we certainly, i think, were surprised by how much bad blood there is, so you tell me. you're inside there. >> well, listen, now that seattle has a hockey team i'm told i get to make hockey analogies and i think every democrat wants to get the pucks into the net for the american people to lower the cost of health care and child care and paying for college and housing, but legislating is a little like hockey, it's a tough game and it might not be played on ice. but i think the president has made some progress by finding common ground around a framework that can pass the house, pass the senate and make a difference for the folks i represent in western washington and i'm confident we'll get there. listen, you know, come next year when roads and bridges are getting built, when water systems, we're pulling lead out of water systems, when we're providing funds for more affordable health and child care. no one will remember whether it passed in mid october or halloween or the first week of november or whatever.
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they're going to be happy that congress has done something to help them. griff: good point great hockey analogy. in the 30 seconds we've got left. people will remember the results of this virginia gubernatorial race. what are your thoughts and what we're seeing in virginia here? >> look, i know that virginia is close to washington, but not my washington. i'm from washington state. but listen, it's perfectly normal for polls to tighten as we get closer to election day. those gubernatorial campaigns generally swing on local issues and local candidates. and john bel edwards got elected governor in louisiana and reelected, you know what it said how louisiana would perform in a federal election? nothing. and in kentucky didn't mean that joe biden was closer to winning in kentucky. i know terry mcauliffe is looking at health care and that's my bet is virginia voters will be for, too.
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griff: and congressman derek kilmer, we'll have you back to talk about the bill if it passes. >> thank you. griff: all right. on november 2nd, you can watch our special coverage as soon as the polls close in virginia. bret baier and martha mccallum will bring you the latest and tomorrow, chris wallace will have an exclusive interview with florida senator rick score on sunday. check your schedule for time and channel. and what's driving the race with analysis from his guests, howard kurtz, 11 a.m. eastern. >> well, live images now from our southern border. a migrant caravan is make its way across mexico to the u.s. southern border. and making payments to migrants separated during the trump
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administration. dan springer has the latest object this. >> hi, those are a couple of big stories along the border. you mentioned the migrant caravan 4,000 strong, deep in mexico making its way to the southern border and also at the wall street, biden administration is considering $450,000 per person as they came across the border during the trump administration, as a family unit. and there's a fear that migrants would be paid that much money with all the cases filed. what's happening on the border in the way that texas is really trying to change the dynamics here with the way they enforce on private property to crackdown on immigration, and
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also to a deterrent. we've seen ranchers' farm land getting trampled, and keeping cattle from escaping, getting cut weekly. and now border patrol is on the ranches. >> for some they're charged with trespassing and could be jail time. >> we haven't gotten to the punishment phase of any trial setting yet, but more a class a misdemeanor you could be jailed for up to one year, that's the maximum. i feel a feeling there are a couple that will be going tore a year, especially if they're repeat offenders. >> to make room for the new trespass cases, the state prison in dilley, texas were cleared out making room. and kinney county can rip
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through 60 cases in a week, but they're getting that many new ones in a week and ranchers generally like the support, but they don't want to become targets for getting involved in putting targets away. >> i don't want to be the one that says arrest them. if governor abbott wants to arrest people along the texas border, that's his decision and i support it. i don't want to be the one who says do it. it's not my place. >> the national guard is also putting up a show of force in eagle pass and other high traffic areas. this week, we started seeing lines of military hum-vees. roughly 3,000 national guard soldiers are involved in preparation for the caravan as i said is slowly making its way to the southern border of the united states in texas, it's been a place where they've targeted in the past. back to you, anita. anita: it's interesting, dan, how they're now bringing in local authorities to help police the crime along the border. like you said, home owners feel
9:20 am
caught in the middle. dan springer, thank you so much for that live report. coming up in the next hour, we are going to speak with former ice director tom holman on this latest crisis. griff has been in mexico throughout the week following the caravan and you might have seen some of his excellent coverage. they'll have a lot to talk about, so stay tuned for that. griff: well, thank you, anita. and with neither of the massive spending bills ready for the president's signature. president biden is meeting with g20 leaders in rome. he's i can making news and we'll go there next. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) finally yasso!
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so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. . anita: well, all roads do lead to rome, which is hosting the first g20 summits in years. discussing vaccine, global access and averting the pandemic and much, much more. peter doocy is live from rome with the latest. hey, peter. >> griff, good evening. there was just a leader level meeting with the americans, the french, the germans and the british about how do best restart talks with iran about their nuclear program. >> mr. president, when would you like to talks with iran to
9:25 am
resume? (inaudible) >> what is the next step? what do you want to achieve in your meeting today the four of you? waiting for an answer there. the leaders in rome also took a big step toward a new global minimum tax on corporation zero percent to 15%. many republicans plan to object to it in d.c., but signals support from highest levels of government in the countries in rome that represent 80% of the world's gdp. a white house official explains the deal works because it removes the incentives for the off-shoring of american jobs. it's going to help small businesses compete on a level playing field and it's going to give us more resources to invest in our people at home. climate is also on the agenda here, and president biden claims he talked to pope
9:26 am
francis about the climate in his build back better agenda. and something they didn't take about, abortion. and a group of catholics debate in the church whether or not the president's public pro choice abortion policy makes him ineligible for communion. the president claims the pope gave him a pass. >> president biden is taking a little break before a dinner here in rome with the rest of the g20 leaders in town. griff. griff: our peter doocy keeping us informed from rome. thank you. anita: griff, joining us now to discuss biden's first g20 summit and what to expect. benjamin haddad, senior director of the europe center at the atlantic council:
9:27 am
what i want to do is put up a list on the screen of the g20 countries. these are the countries with the leading economies and biggest population centers and there you see the flags and the games of the countries just to give our audience more information. and so what are we to expect from this trip? we just heard peter doocy's report that the americans, the french, the germans and the british were gathering together maybe to talk about resorting the iran deal. we know that they're going to talk about global warming, limiting global warming and talk about the covid pandemic and the vaccination rates. what else? what are the goals for president biden and the u.s. on this trip? >> you're absolutely right. there's so much of the agenda on this g20. of course, still fighting the
9:28 am
covid-19 pandemic and making sure all countries have access to the vaccination, beyond europe, and we're talking one success, an agreement on a global minimum tax on corporations which will allow to put pressure on tax havens and bring back profit to the united states and european countries. it's an opportunity for president biden to have consultation with his allies from both the european union and asia, to talk about iran. iran today is in direct violation of its commitment on the nuclear agreement and has restarted uranium enrichment and talking with europe and u.k.ment and talking with china, especially europeans when we're talking about building a common strategy on technology, on trade. so a lot of the agenda for the
9:29 am
president today in rome. anita: as you mentioned, it's a chance for him to meet with european leaders and maybe renew some of those relationships. we know he already met with the pope. we heard about that from peter. they talked about, well, the president said that the pope told him he could still take communion, but we also saw what looked like a pretty strained meeting yesterday with the french president. the first time those two had met face-to-face since the fallout over the nuclear submarine deal with australia. do you think that the president was able to say enough to patch that relationship up? what do you think? >> i think it's going to be a process and it will take time. the truth is the relationship between europe and the united states is under strain today. you mentioned france, of course, which is still reeling from the secrecy in which this nuclear submarine agreement between the united states, australia and the united kingdom was shaped which led to the recalling of the french
9:30 am
ambassador from the united states to paris, first time it happened in the relationship in both countries and we've seen other episodes that show the hasty withdrawal from afghanistan this summer which also was received, i think, with a little shock in capitals like berlin or london, both countries-- >> hate to cut you off there. but we're getting cut for time. thank you for your analysis and we'll have you back again. griff. griff: a lot more coming up, new york city's mandate for city workers. that's coming up next. e grass♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built
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>> new york city is bracing for a shortage of first responders after the deadline passed for police, firefighters, emt's to get their first covid-19 shot. our david lee miller is in manhattan with the latest. hey, david. >> griff, the official deadline for complying with the mandate
9:35 am
was 5:00 friday night, but it's actually going to be on monday morning. that's when workers must be vaccinated when they show up for work then, otherwise they will be put on leave without pay. the fire department says the current vaccination rate for all members is now 77%. a breakdown of the data shows 90% of civilian employees complying with the mandate. 84% of emt's and paramedics lagging behind are the firefighters themselves at 72%. and complicating matters, some firefighters protesting the mandates have called in sick, reporting in some fire companies to be temporarily put out of service. and a sfament statement put out, it's contrary to their oath for service. and despite these actions by
9:36 am
some the department will respond to all calls for help that come our way. union leaders for the firefighters, say the city enacted the mandate too quickly without negotiations. >> we're trying to avoid what is going to be an inevitable disaster by design on monday morning. >> the latest figures of n ypd, 48%. and commissioner says a thousand members in each of the last two days got the shot. now, the bottom line here, is simply too early to tell what the impact of those who don't comply with the mandate will be on monday morning. as i said at the outset, the deadline to get vaccinated was friday by 5 p.m. and city employees can actually get vaccinated over the weekend. and if they do, they show up for work, they will not lose any pay.
9:37 am
griff. griff: david lee miller covering it for us from manhattan. david, thank you. anita. >> the director of national intelligence issuing an updated assessment on the origins of the covid-19 virus, saying u.s. intelligence agencies remain divided on the issue. lucas tomlinson is following the details of that story. hi, lucas. >> hi anita. this is the most detailed report released to date though the conclusions the same as august and the only change the supporting evidence that was just made public yesterday. overall the proverbial smoking gun remains elusive. here is what it says, four intel agencies give low confidence to natural exposure theory that this occurred in nature from animal to human. one gives moderate conference to the so call lab leaks theory. three intel agencies can't come to any conclusion without additional information something that china has not been helpful supplying, officials say.
9:38 am
part of the justification for the lab leaks theory, the fact that the employees of the wuhan institute of virology where the first cases were discovered, had conducted these in the past. many don't think that's a coincidence. and many have questioned dr. fauci and others for gain of function at the wuhan lab for question of accessibility. >> and the real question was or wasn't gain of function? what was it? what was happening in the wuhan lab. that's what we need to get to the bottom of. >> china would need to cooperate, however, beijing hinders the global investigation, resists information sharing and blames other countries including the united states. the report does say one thing
9:39 am
with certainty, it says that china did not unleash covid as a biological weapon. anita: not the end of this story, lucas. i have a feeling we'll be hearing more about this. thank you for the live report. griff: anita, did you disturbing details out, how many people handled that gun before alec baldwin pulled the trigger and how many protocols were ignored next. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery.
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>> and a fox news alert. now being told that the house is working on a plan to vote on a spending plan and the infrastructure package on tuesday. if the house approves the social spending bill it would move onto the senate and the infrastructure bill approved by the senate in early august. the text of the bill would be finished this weekend ahead of a tuesday vote and we will be watching that, griff. griff: all right, now, remember the santa fe district attorney saying that criminal charges may be filed in the alec baldwin prop gun shooting that called hutchins. i think we're all captivated by this tragic story because we keep learning that a number of individuals may have handled this gun, that some protocols may have been missed. layout for us, if you will,
9:45 am
sort of the chain of individuals between the person that's supposed to be taking care of the gun, that's their job on the set is the safety of the gun to actor baldwin? >> i think some of the reporting suggested it's touched at least three people. there was a time when mr. baldwin was rehearsing, he was given the gun. before he had it the assistant director had it. it's unclear where the assistant director got it. there's a suggestion he picked it off the table. in that case it should have been in the anderson of the armorer and unclear if she kept a chain of custody on the gun and certainly didn't have control at the time. there were at least three or people who had the gun before it went off and i think that makes this whole investigation interesting. griff: when we hear a report the armorer, the woman who is sort of the weapons specialist on the set said she really doesn't know how a live round could be in the gun. that really is hard to process.
9:46 am
>> well, it suggests that she didn't-- she didn't know what she was doing. if you don't have an answer how to happened, if you had a better answer, which is i kept the gun here, it was in a safe, it was on me, no possible way it could have got there. that's the better answer. if you say you don't know how, the procedures weren't in place, and that's how we got in this tragic situation. >> i would think with so many contracts with actors and a major production, there would have been a legal responsibility for someone to have weapons on a set on a movie like this. >> what was interesting, there apparently were some disputes with the crew earlier this week about safety. this was not the first incident that led to the crew being concerned about safety. there absolutely are protocols that should have been in place here that had someone who was supposed to be responsible for the guns hired onset and obviously, she failed at her job completely. so the district attorney is
9:47 am
going to look at the failures and determine whether there's a reason for criminal charges. it certainly possible, you're dealing with guns, firearms, live ammunition and called the death of one individual tragically and the serious injury to another. i wouldn't be surprised if they say it's involuntary manslaughter. >> who would that be. >> the question whether would be the assistant director, the armorer or both. the question is why the assistant director would declare this is a cold gun. it's established by with the reporting that he said that when he handed it over, but apartment hadn't made any checks and hadn't done anything to determine that. if you're handing someone a gun and say it's safe and it was not, negligence in that and reckless, why was the gun there, why were the bullets in it, that's the responsibility of the armorer and i think both of them are certainly in legal jeopardy. griff: i read this story and struck that a an assistant
9:48 am
director is declaring a cold gun and handing it to the actor, when wouldn't the weapons person be the one to handle the gun at all times for safety purposes? or am i-- it certainly should have been. it it suggests they were rushed and replaced the crew earlier this day. one report i saw said that mr. baldwin was trying to get a dummy gun, a real gun for what he was doing and apparently didn't have one onset. and so, again, at every step there was a failure, you know? it's a small production maybe they didn't have the right things in place and trying to rush. there's know reason the assistant director should have done that. griff: and obviously as reported there had been incidences in previous movies and this one shocking hollywood and the film community. what does this tell you going forward about weapons onset? >> it's interesting, we have, this was an independent production, there's a done of production, new streaming services and a lot of folks putting content out there. this i think will be the number
9:49 am
one case for everyone who works with guns or any types of explosives onset to say, don't let our movie, our tv show, be another "rust" because i think people will say, firearms and explosives onset, we can't mess around, people can die. >> they sure can. do you as a criminal defense attorney would you be advising the armorer or the assistant director to lawyer up at this point? or it's going to become a bigger story? >> it appears they have. she had lawyers with statements trying to push responsibility to the production itself and gosh, we didn't have training, that or that. i think that's too late for that. but she is certainly concerned about liability and she's hired lawyers and i suspect there will be further developments on that front. griff: and just in the last 30 seconds or so. do you expect civil cases as well? >> yeah, i mean, you have the death of an individual onset
9:50 am
that should never have happened. it happened because the negligence. this is what the civil lawsuit systems are for. films are interesting and it's hopefully insurance here and ways for hopefully the family to get compensated for this death. and absolutely it was a case of next against and i feel bad for the family. griff: and alex little, have a good rest of your day. anita: people in mideast saw historic flooding. we'll give live to the worst damage in cambridge, maryland next. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. it wasn't long after i had joined golo before i had to start buying new pants. golo changes your whole lifestyle and it changes the way that you think. you don't have to deprive yourself of anything.
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>> well, residents on maryland's eastern shore are dealing with cleanup after powerful storms dumped heavy rains causing some of the worst flooding in years along the coast there. fox weather multi-media reporter katie burns joins you now with the latest. katie, it looks like you've got quite a bit of flooding behind you there. is that a street? >> yeah, anita, believe it or not, this is actually normally a street. but today not looking like that and actually this looks better than it looked yesterday. but we've got a few inches of rain here, as you can see, i'm probably standing in about four inches of rain and flood waters, but it has gone down a little bit. we're right along a marina here
9:55 am
so they see flooding quite a bit in this area and clean up. the guy who runs that says the first project this morning was getting rid of a dumpster that made it all the way from lindh into one of his boat slips. it happened before high tide when waves in the chesapeake bay were six to 10 feet high. this is what it looked like at high tide. you can see the waves crashing against the docks and boats rocking in the water and forecasters say this could be one of the worst flooding situations the southeast maryland and d.c. areas have seen since hurricane isabel. one neighbor says she remembers that story well and worried about flooding in her basement again. >> during isabel, it was halfway to the block that we're standing on and we lived just off the corner and we have a full basement that you can stand in. that basement was mostly
9:56 am
flooded and like the furnace was floating in the basement and we had to run a gas powered pump to keep the water from just doing more damage, so, yeah, i have been checking all day and it didn't look so bad and now it looks pretty bad. >> now, just up the chesapeake bay, this is what annapolis looks like this morning. businesses there are boarding up yesterday and a lot today, too, because you can see the downtown area just covered with water. now, there's still a coastal flood warning in effect in southeast maryland and southeastern virginia, and eastern virginia, parts of those areas at least and maryland's governor actually declared a state of emergency yesterday for more than a dozen counties including the one i'm in in dorchester. anita: all right, katie byrne live for us from maryland. you can get the latest on our fox weather streaming service or download the app for all of your weather needs. griff: final sprint is underway in virginia in the governor's race.
9:57 am
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[upbeat music] anita: election showdown in virginia. latest fox news poll republican again youngkin 8 points ahead of terry mcauliffe in the race for the governor's office. both parties spending millions in a race that will help set the stage for the midterms. welcome to fox news live i'm anita vogel.
10:01 am
griff: and i'm griff jenkins. great to have you in dc for this race as well. we have fox team coverage of both candidates alexandria hoff and rich edison in virginia beach. rich, let's start with you. what's the latest in the race and did you leave the sports bar because they ran out of wings and beer? rich: i don't think they would ever run out of wings and beer although there are supply shortages and maybe make it back in a little bit, griff. mcauliffe have left the sports bar a while ago. he's campaigning in the southern corner of the state, he's go to chesapeake and norfolk and capital of virginia, richmond and even further to where there's democratic rich poll.
10:02 am
now education sharing the list of top voter concerns with the economy. the post poll in september says favors mcauliffe but youngkin leads by 9. we asked about mcauliffe and he says he opened the campaign on education and earlier this week it was president biden in joe biden and last night kamala harris in southern virginia heading an event in norfolk. while mcauliffe main tapes the issue is local issues it has gone national. mcauliffe tieing youngkin to donald trump and even the vice president acknowledging the national consequences of this race. >> it's a close election and it gives a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country. what happens in virginia will in
10:03 am
large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on. >> virginia governor ralph northam was campaign and have representatives barbara lee and jim clyburn stomping for the democrat terry mcauliffe. griff: rich edison live in virginia beach, rich, thank you. anita. anita: turning to how republican candidate glen counting kin is spending his last weekend before election day. alexandria hoff if i understand herself in the middle of it all from fredericksburg, excuse me, virginia. hi, alex. alex: it's tough to keep up with all of the stops and today glen saying his campaign is traveling 95 and his opponent 45 miles an hour. that can be literal in some sense, he's starting third of 5
10:04 am
events today and all the miles putting on the bus may be paying off. likely voters show republican glenn youngkin leading democratic opponent terry mcauliffe by 8 points. 2% still undecided. that's a major movement from two weeks ago. and the latest washington postpoll puts youngkin one point behind mcauliffe but that's still well enough within margin of error. >> we are talking about the issues that are most important to virginians. lower taxes, the best jobs, the best schools, safe communities and this is why we are seeing independents literally double digit leads with independents because education matters to parents. alex: now yesterday his opponent's team had to issue an apology of sorts after they shared a photo from one of youngkin's events in charlottesville, depicted 5 people dressed as white supremacist. mcauliffe's team dedicated that these were youngkin supporters, they, indeed, they were not
10:05 am
youngkin supporters, they were props by the lincoln project and literally costumes, yesterday youngkin's team called this a desperate act that was truly disgusting. we will send it back to you guys. anita: alexandria hof. where it's coming down to the wire in virginia. griff. griff: anita divide over education is deepening in loudoun county virginia and legal proceedings haul arrest in june school board meeting and superintendent compared protests to people drinking in virginia beach went further saying those voiced opposition were reminding him of the january 6th demonstrations on capitol hill. some of the participants say the allegations are faith and they lost trust in the superintendent. anita. anita: terrorist threat close to washington. police in northern virginia suburbs are making their presence visible and especially concern because it's halloween
10:06 am
weekend but also because tuesday is election day for the virginia's governor race, the fbi did not comment on record but say they take all threats to public safety very seriously. ♪ ♪ anita: with glenn youngkin in the lead in latest fox news polls in the virginia governor's race, mcauliffe has days to win over voters. joining us now are two folks who are watching this very closely. we have guy lewis and spot scott bolden. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having us. anita: it is political theater at its best. you have the well-known, very seasoned politician and former democratic governor terry mcauliffe who really should have had the race in the bag against
10:07 am
a novel politician glenn youngkin, successful businessman. he's 8 points ahead. we can put that up on the screen if we have it. okay, and other polls have the race a little bit closer, but guy, let me ask you first for your take on what happened here with this race or what is happening with this race? >> so anita, i actually traced this lead in the polls that youngkin is experiencing back maybe a couple of weeks to the october 4th memo from the attorney general of the united states to the u.s. attorney's offices, the fbi, the criminal division where he said and i've got the memo in front of me. i wouldn't check it because there's so much controversy and how law enforcement tools can be used to prosecute threats of violence and during these school
10:08 am
board meeting and things like that. to me, that has galvanized and that has created such an anger and enthusiasm among the republicans that boy, oh boy, i think you're seeing it reflected in the polls. anita: yeah, we saw merrick garland, the attorney general really grilled on that on capitol hill last week. scott, what do you think about that? it does seem like education and parental involvement in schools has really become the central issue in this race. >> well, education has become the central issue in the case. i don't think my good friend guy's point, i think it misses the mark in the sense that may be part of it but the videos and advertisements that we have been getting in washington, d.c. i can quote and both sides spent money on it and the gap that youngkin covered in the last 4
10:09 am
to 6 weeks has been based on the education piece and whether parents ought to be involved or not, they pulled a clip or statement from terry mcawfully in their last debate and then ran that which in my opinion as a democrat took out of full context. that was a bill that allowed parents to weigh in on whether certain books could be read by their kids or not. terry's comment about wanting parents teachers who to do, i think that resonated with a lot of republican voters. you'll note that youngkin while he has been embraced by trump and early on embraced trump he's running from trump right now and so they closed the gap. it's a very close race but you see both sides out there campaigning hard because it's about get out the vote at this point. whoever does that better and i think there are a lot of democrats who are very concerned about this. whoever gets out the vote best on tuesday is going to win this very close race and i'm not surprised it's close because of that education issue. anita: okay, let me pick up on
10:10 am
what you just said. you mentioned donald trump. it does that terry mcauliffe has tried to paint glenn youngkin tied to donald trump but seems like voters are more interested in local issues like education. scott, what do you think of that? >> well, i think he's tied donald trump to youngkin because youngkin has embraced donald trump early on in public statement. he said the basis for him running was because of donald trump, quote, taught them. with youngkin he painted himself as a trump supporter and a trump candidate but he's just nicer, better looking and dresses better perhaps in khakis if you will. anita: all right, guys, let me get guy in there real quick. i want to switch topics. >> that's somewhat of a complement, i shouldn't have said that. >> i respect scott greatly but the numbers and enthusiasm and the excitement, look, they -- people, to quote an old movie years ago, people are mad as heck and they are tired of this.
10:11 am
the fact that the fbi, that the u.s. attorney and these kind of memos by the way, anita, they don't get issued. look, i've been there. they don't get issued unless the president blesses it and it goes over to the department of justice and then down to the u.s. attorney's office the idea that a parent who is there trying to direct and steer the quality of their education and that they would be investigated by the fbi and potentially prosecuted for their disagreements with local school boards who seem to be moving left in any event. to me it's outrageous and i think that's what you're seeing in terms of the polls. anita: hang on, guy. that really got a lot of people riled up. but i have to get to another topic before we run out of time. we just reported our congressional correspondent chad has informed us that the house is likely to plan to take a vote on both of the spending bills.
10:12 am
the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the social spending bill on tuesday. what do you think of that, guy, let me go to you first quickly. >> so clearly to me it's an act of desperation in as much as you sigh that, hey, we the democrats have got to get something out there and maybe, just maybe it'll affect in some way, shape or form this election in virginia and that goes back to what you heard the vp say earlier. i don't agree with her often on a lot but she said it and i agreed with it, this election in virginia is big. the way virginia goes, i would suggest to you, anita, the way the country goes. anita: yeah, we will see about that, scott. is your party going to be able to you night for this vote on tuesday? >> i certainly think so no matter what happens in virginia because virginia is the bellwether state because it falls between the presidential
10:13 am
election as well as the midterms in 2022. it won't be that $3.5 billion bill. it's probably going to be cut in half because we can all agree that the democrats need to get something and this is an investment in human infrastructure. if they can get a deal done, maybe half, maybe come back in a year or two, it may save the midterms for them as well as 2024 by getting this done. they come back for the second half at another time. anita: any way you look at it tuesday is d day, virginia governor's race, the election and then now you have this potential vote on capitol hill. >> get your popcorn. i'll have mine. [laughter] anita: guy lewis and scott bolden thank you so much for coming today and we will see you again. griff. griff: anita let's go overseas. new developments on iran and resuming talks on the nuclear deal as president biden meets with world leaders at the g20 summit. white house correspondent peter doocy live in rome with the latest, hey, peter. peter: breaking tonight we are
10:14 am
hearing, griff, that president biden talked leaders into getting closer to talks with iran about their nuclear deal. the concern with the americans, the french, the british and the germans is that the iranians are doing things with their nuclear program that are not for civilian purposes so they put out joint statement and part of it says this, we welcome president biden's commitment to return the u.s. to compliance and stay in full compliance so long as iran does the same and negotiations are will apparently on the books. >> mr. president, when would you like the talks to iran to resume. [away from microphone] >> what is the next step, what do you want to achieve in your meeting today, the four of you? [away from microphone] peter: officials hearsay they support minimum global tax on
10:15 am
corporations, up to 15% officials claiming that preventing giant corporations from sending jobs overseas and collecting taxes in countries with lower rates. this deal will remake the global economy into a more prosperous place for american businesses and workers rather than competing on our ability to lower offer rates. america will now compete on the skills of our people, our ideas and our capacity to innovate which is a race we can went. the president just went to church. we don't know what he was praying about. as you mentioned earlier, the vote on both spending bills set for tuesday, griff. griff: peter doocy covering it all for us in rome. peter, that's. -- thanks. meanwhile thousands of migrants on the move. we will talk to tom homan and take you live to the texas
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
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so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. anita: welcome back, live images now from our southern border. that's the destination for huge migrant caravan making its way across mexico towards the u.s. this as the biden administration set to be negotiating payments to migrants separated at the borderment dan springer live in la joya, texas with the latest on this, hi, dan.
10:20 am
reporter: a lot of people are upset about that. the migrant caravan is a big story as it continues to grow 4,000 people now and moving very slowly still deep in southern mexico as it makes its way to u.s. border weeks away and giving texas authorities to prepare a defense and we are starting to see how the defense is shaping out. the texas national guard humvees and soldiers now for the first time allowed to carry live rounds are employed as a deterrent. the guard members are able to make arrests of illegal immigrants caught while on private property. since march, the military and dps have made 150,000 apprehensions. in cepe county alone, 1100 arrests have led to trespass
10:21 am
charges and jail time and state prison in deli, texas. >> there's a concern that they are staying in jail longer than they should. once we get the complaint filed against them in 30 days, it's just a process. you have to go through the arrangement process and if they plea guilty or not guilty, then you go to trial. reporter: the prison was cleared out of state prisoners to clear up 1,000 beds. but even more now with this current surge and yet we spoke with one rancher who is afraid of retribution, retaliation from the cartels that are profits right now. >> i'm scared to death that if i say governor, i want to press charges, arrest these people, now i'm the bad guy. it's not my -- it's not my place to be the bad guy.
10:22 am
if our president would simply do his job and protect our country -- >> and late yesterday the dhs further angered conservatives along the border where they will take a second challenge to the remain in mexico policy that they lost already in court once. now they are going back again to try to get that thing once and for all off the books and they will go ahead and comply with the court order and be ready if necessary in mid november to reinstate. anita: and the people keep coming. dan, thank you so much. griff. griff: for more on this joining me now former immigration and customs director tom homan, tom, thank you for taking time as you may have seen, i just got lack backfrom caravan last night in mexico. they are, indeed, making it to the u.s., 4,000 strong. it's interesting, this one is made up of so many children,
10:23 am
1200 kids and women with babies. it's interesting. the news of the week the administration looking for reparations in separation of children on top of the administration saying that they are seeking to terminate mpp, how do you see this? what do you make of this? >> well, first of all, family members 450,000 is ridiculous. we are paying who entering the country illegally? what messages are we sending to cartels and family units? come across the border and commit a crime and you will never be prosecuted because we do not want to get separated. different set of rules for migrants. you put this on top of the no
10:24 am
enforcement policy that came out from the department, the new ice priorities, ice can't arrest somebody from being here illegally, they stopped building the border wall. it's bringing more people into the country illegally. they haven't done any enforcement strategy, no consequence, no deterrence, just more and more enticements. we are in the middle of the biggest border crisis in the country. historic numbers never been seen before and they just keep coming, more policies that send a message, come to the united states illegally. you get released in the united states you never have to leave. as a matter of fact, you can get a job legally now and you don't have to worry about ice to arrest you. griff: tom we covered this a lot, years ago caravan from honduras to eagle pass, texas, that's where they crossed in 2019 during that caravan. i want to show you a picture i put up to day, it tells the story of the caravan, the incentives the administration is giving people, this woman
10:25 am
walking in 90-degree heat she came from nicaragua. walking and she's smiles because i'm taking her picture. this is really the tragedy of it with so many women and children, there's more than 100 babies under a year old in this and they believe that this administration wants them to come one migrant from el salvador name william told me, quote, tell biden we are coming. is it your belief that this administration is intentionally taking these -- these -- making the decisions to incentivize people to come like this caravan? tom: absolutely, this is open borders. president joe biden ran on the promises and kept the promises. you can't point to one thing this administration has done to slow the flow. i advised the last couple of weeks, what's the number one people thing say to you, i come here to get a job. they are not seeking fear and persecution from homeland. they are coming to get a job. what's the first thing the biden administration did in response to that, they sent a memorandum
10:26 am
out to ice agents, you can no longer do enforcement operations. what can we do, this is open borders, not mismanagement. not incompetence this is by design and this is going to continue because the actions this administration speaks louder than the words. 600,000 releases in this country, 400,000 got aways, they have no fear from ice or the judicial courts. griff: unbelievable, tom, also last night i reported the breaking news today, the migrant caravan was offered work visas for the women in the caravan with children. they turned it down and continued marching. tom homan, thank you for taking time. have a great saturday. >> thanks for having me. anita: problems with pentagon as military leaders deal with new potential weapon in the chinese arsenal, a missile that can go 5 times faster than the speed of sound. what that means for our defenses
10:27 am
coming up next?
10:28 am
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10:31 am
>> set to vote this week on whether to keep the police department or replace wit department of public safety. christina coleman live with more. hi, christina. christina: head of police force is strongly against getting rid of the minneapolis police department and replacing it with this new department of public safety. >> as your chief of police, i would not be in favor of this ballot amendment. that does not have to do whether you have an r or a d or an i behind your political affiliations. that is based again on the realities on the ground that i see and men and women are experiencing every day including the victims of crime in our city. christina: the chief says the reality on the ground is that minneapolis is down a third of its sworn police officers.
10:32 am
he says getting rid of the police department will not address the race related and socioeconomic disparity issues that surfaced after the murder of george floyd. the chief also says he's not been presented with a concrete plan on how the city would actually replace the police department with this new agency. >> i was not expecting some sort of robust detailed word for word plan but at this point quite frankly i would take a drawing on a napkin and i've not seen either. christina: if voters approve this ballot measure, a new department with a comprehensive public health approach to policing is supposed to replace the minneapolis police department. city council would have more oversight of this new department and it will also drop the city's required minimum staffing level for police. >> the current model of policing does not work. what we are doing is asking police officers to be everything. we asked them to be social workers, mental health providers
10:33 am
and homeless outreach coordinators and the reality is that is not what they are trained or qualified to do. christina: also minnesota democrats are split on the policing future. you have progressives ilhan omar who support the initiative and moderates like amy klobuchar who want the city to keep its police department in place. griff. griff: christina coleman live for us covering the story. very interesting, christina. the chief, you can hear concern in his voice, christina. anita. anita: military officials reportedly very concerned over china's testing of a hypersonic missile that could evade american nuclear defense. for more on what the testing entails and what it means for the united states, we are joined by heritage foundation senior research fellow on chinese political affairs dean chang, thank you so much for joining us today. appreciate your insights on all
10:34 am
of this. first of all, what is a hypersonic missile. we do know it travels at 5 times the speed of sound but how else is it different than a conventional nuclear missile? >> so a hypersonic vehicle in theory could go any speed above mark 5. in fact, your normal icbm war head which can travel as like as 25 is a definition a hypersonic vehicle. what is unique about these new vehicles that are being tested is that even though they are actually a little slower than traditional icbm war heads they are maneuverable which means they can swing to the left and to the right and go up and down and they can jink essentially and makes it much harder to track and much harder to intercept because icbm war heads follow ballistic which you know where they're going to be in the future and target with war head.
10:35 am
anita: the enemy has more control on where the missile is going to go. let's put up a picture to illustrate what the trajectory of the missile looks like. you see there it is launched from a rocket, it goes above the atmosphere and goes undepicted d detecte by radar. >> it's going to be more expensive than systems and a lot of radars and it's flying and below the radar, you will need to fly a lot of radars looking separate up than further out with normal intercepter against an intercontinental ballistic missile. anthony: china test fired the hypersonic missile. how behind are we, where are we in terms of development and
10:36 am
testing? >> we've had a very lack approach to testing. they are probably on par or in some cases may be ahead. we have no right to be surprised. the intelligence community has a warning about this since 2016 at least in the annual report to congress, but it appears that elements in the pentagon and certainly among the folks in congress who fund these sorts of effort, the attitude has been, well, you guys can do is less, all you need is an r&d production and not pushing to put things in production which requires full-blown program to make sure what we put in production works. anita: we will see if those attitudes change now in light of this test from china. dean chang, thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate it. griff. griff: anita, there's a world
10:37 am
series going on if you didn't know the braves leading the astros 2 to 1 as they go to game 4 tonight in atlanta. the city reaping the benefits of biggest gains after mlb yanked the all star game. so much happening there in stadium next.
10:38 am
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10:42 am
world series. charles watson has more on how atlanta is benefiting ahead of game 4: hi, charles, i'm jealous of your assignment by the way. charles: i know, griff, good afternoon. well, that win last night certainly has fans as you can see are out here today prompt for game 4 at truist park. you can imagine, you can probably imagine the fans have adrenaline pumping through their veins from all the pagentry and there was late tribute to hank aaron and with his son throwing first pitch and there was a lot of nail biting, the braves pulled ahead 2-1 lead series against houston astros and no one may be thrilled more than republicans especially georgia republican who is have feelings over the mlb's decision to pull the all-star game from georgia
10:43 am
after state legislators passed new voting laws that were called restrictive and unnecessary. >> it took a hundred million dollars of economic impact away from small business owners, a lot of minority businesses and employees in atlanta and then kalb county where the ballpark is for really no reason other than politics. so it's great to see the game coming here. charles: ironically both democrats and republicans opposed the al-star boycott and subsiding when you consider the amount of money that's out here to be made in the next few days. according to one economist we spoke to, these games are expected to bring millions of dollars right into the pockets of local business owners. listen to this. >> it's the bars and the restaurants that are located up in the battery, kalb county, people who have parking available, uber drivers and what have you, they are going to be
10:44 am
making extra dough this weekend as a result of the series being in town. remember, ordinarily you wouldn't have an event like this. charles: on top of that, president trump expected to watch the game in truist park. griff: battle of the bullpens tonight, charles, thank you, enjoy, great coverage, my friend. game 4 is tonight. the atlanta braves taking on the houston astros. the braves looking to get up with a 3-game lead but the astros obviously want to tie it up. you can check it out and watch it on your local fox station starts at 8:00 p.m. check the listings for tonight's game on where you can see it, anita. anita: looks like fun. some of the controversial cases set for the supreme court will be playing out next week. we will give you a preview coming up next.
10:45 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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10:48 am
griff: the supreme court on monday will embark over first chapter of abortion curtailed in the coming months. anita: justices will hear arguments over a texas law known as sb8. it is the most restrictive regulation in the u.s. banning
10:49 am
the procedure at about 6 weeks. it remains in effect until the supreme court rules but the key issue is the state's enforcement mechanism. the court for now is not likely to address its constitutionality. griff: texas law is unique, instead of having state officials enforcing it texas puts private citizens allowing anyone to sue abortion providers and seek personal and financial damages and that's what the justices will debate on monday. anita: we expect a high-court ruling within days and what the justices do here will set the stage for an even bigger fight over abortion, a challenge to mississippi's 15-week ban, that case will be argued in just about a month and the very future of roe v. wade could be at stake. so really interesting week for the supreme court. but this abortion case in texas, the reason this is so interesting is because of the enforcement mechanism that the court is going to look at.
10:50 am
it's interesting how the texas law is allowing for private citizens to do the enforcement. griff: it is and while the constitutionality of abortion in roe v. wade is not specifically the -- the target, you will see according to our great producer bill who covers the supreme court every day that we could see the justices weigh in particularly conservative arguments pointing more towards that. so we will hear about it although the focus is on as you mentioned the mechanism, one law professor here in town paul smith saying watch the chief justice. here is a little bit of what paul smith had to say, listen. >> i'm sure that the chief justice would rather go fairly slowly, that tends to be inclination in these situations but they'll be some justice who is are impatient to get to the final determination of the validity of roe. i can imagine a situation where you have 3-3, three liberals to
10:51 am
be upheld and 3 saying overruled. anita: and the reason the court is taking a look at the texas case because as we said the most restrictive abortion law in the country saying that after 6 weeks there's a ban on abortion. that's pretty much when doctors would detect a heart beat. griff: that's not the only case. it's going to be a big week for the supreme court. on wednesday they will take up a second amendment case. the gun rights group appealing a restriction in new york state for conceal and carry, that would be something to watch as well. anita: yeah, coming in a time where crime is on the rise and a lot of people will be interested in that. just in time for halloween. we are seeing here some of the most haunted and spooky spots inside the capitol hill coming up next.
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griff: how about a visit to a haunted house or as congressional correspondent chad shows us a haunted house in the senate. >> you heard about tales from the crypt but how about tales from the congressional crypt? some politicians naturally have skeleton in their closets and some real skeletons haunt capitol hill. congressional cemetery is one
10:56 am
spooky spot, visitors can wander the graveyard for soul strolls, nighttime tours. you'll encounter the grave of robert, carpenter who fell to death of rotunda and george washington's top aide who later shot himself. congressional cemetery is the final resting place of many prominent americans and members of congress, but once they yield back the balance of their time, many still haunt the u.s. capitol just a few blocks from here. >> any building with 100-plus year history and especially as fraught history as seen in the united states capitol is bound to have some interest and intrigue and perhaps a little bit of history that's difficult to explain. >> the voice of president john qu anymore cy adams is said to haunt statuary hall. adams died in what was the speaker's office and the legend of the demon cat, startling of
10:57 am
all stories. >> the demon cat strolls halls when they are quiet. >> we heard of things like that before civil war, kennedy's assassination. there are even paw prints in the capitol which may belong to the demon cat and supposedly the signs initials in the obscure senate stairwell. steve has been working an capitol hill for decades. could that the not be district of colombia, direct current, detective comics. >> yes, it can be any of those things but none of those things appear here in the capitol with regularity like the demachine cat does and so there's good reason to believe that is the demon cat's initial. >> you think congress gets a hostile press now, try 1980's,
10:58 am
blood are impressed in staircase, reporter of charles and the legend that talby's trip reporters. >> only reporters. >> only reporters. >> would this apply to other reporters in other parts of the building trying to interview the canadian prime minister? >> yes. yes. talby's ghost is around the building and he does not like reporters. >> it's natural for skeptics to doubt ghost stories. >> steve, i've been in every corner of the building day and night and i have never seen a single thing. sometimes you see --
10:59 am
>> i'm a historian and the wine facilitates what i do which is thinking about and communicating with the spirits that founded this country and are embodied in this building. chad: there's disagreement whether the capitol is actually haunted or as stephen king sometimes we make up pores to help us deal with the new ones. griff: i've never seen the cat and never been tripped but i will keep doing it. are you excited for halloween, thank you by the way for dc. anita: thank you. i just have to say about chad, we continue to learn from him, about politics, about halloween. this year i will be generic. i will be a witch. in the past i've been katie perry and had the blue wig and the whole thing and i know you
11:00 am
are really into it. griff: i'm going to the capitol right now. it's only a block away and get you a demon cat if i can find it. anita: no, thanks. i'm anita vogel. >> and i'm griff jenkins, have a great saturday. eric: at this hour president biden is meeting with world leaders at the g20 summit in rome as agenda back here at home hangs by a thread in washington. progressives holding firm pushing for a vote on the massive social spending bill on infrastructure measure. the democratic divide leaving the president waiting for action as he is overseas. now fox news is told that the house is trying to plan a tuesday vote about the social spending plan and infrastructure package. hello, everyone, this is fox news live. i'm eric sean. hi, arthel. arthel: hi, eric, hello, everyone


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