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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 30, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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griff: i'm going to the capitol right now. it's only a block away and get you a demon cat if i can find it. anita: no, thanks. i'm anita vogel. >> and i'm griff jenkins, have a great saturday. eric: at this hour president biden is meeting with world leaders at the g20 summit in rome as agenda back here at home hangs by a thread in washington. progressives holding firm pushing for a vote on the massive social spending bill on infrastructure measure. the democratic divide leaving the president waiting for action as he is overseas. now fox news is told that the house is trying to plan a tuesday vote about the social spending plan and infrastructure package. hello, everyone, this is fox news live. i'm eric sean. hi, arthel. arthel: hi, eric, hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville, we
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have two big stories that we are following very closely for you at this hour. the governor's race in virginia. well, entering the final weekend of campaigning with the dramatic shake-up so three days out from election day a new fox news poll shows republican glenn youngkin leading democrat terry mcauliffe by 8 points. the race is seen as a preview of next year's midterms and the biden administration reportedly plans to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to migrant families who were separated at the border during the trump administration. now this as there is no end in sight to the southern border crisis. eric: we have live team coverage on all the stories. peter doocy will join us on the president's push to get the spending bill over the finish line in a moment. he's in rome. dan springer in la joya, texas with the humanitarian crisis there continues to unfold. rich edison on the democrat,
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terry mcauliffe, he's adding more heavy hitters to the campaign trail but first let's go to alexandria hoff live in fredericksburg, virginia and he's covering youngkin's campaign. hey, alex. alex: hey, eric, glenn youngkin has wrapped up 3 of 5 events so far today telling voters here in fredericksburg that polls do not get election. he doesn't want anybody to get complacent but certainly excited about the new numbers. latest fox news poll the republican now leads terry mcauliffe 53 to 45% with 2% undecided. that's a major movement from two weeks ago. the latest washington poll puts youngkin 1 point behind mcauliffe but that's well within the margin of error. youngkin told us today that he's feeling support from both sides of the aisle. >> we are winning parents, we are winning the latino vote and this is something that's never been seen by the republican party of virginia before.
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alex: something that virginia hasn't seen in 12 years the election of a republican governor or any other politician in the statewide race. so, of course, it's going to lead to some stunts in a campaign. it's not unheard of but the one that happened yesterday is one that the youngkin campaign is calling desperate and disgusting. so today the mcauliffe campaign has had to apologize for a photo that they shared yesterday n. the photo you see 5 people and they are dressed up like white supremacists. keep in mind this took place at youngkin's event charlottesville. those were people in costumes. a stunt that didn't quite work out and it is a heated race and will only continue to be more so. eric, arthel. eric: the lincoln project that are trying to remind voters of what happened in
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charlottesville. busy weekend in virginia. arthel. arthel: democratic candidate terry mcauliffe is bringing in more party heavy hitters to help turn out the vote as the final hours tick down to election day. so today virginia senator tim cain and jim clyburn are joining him. let's go to rich edison. rich, we know that president biden, vice president harris and former president obama already went to virginia to stump for mcauliffe and yet youngkin didn't call on former president trump for an in-person endorsement. what's the impact of the heavy hitters actually on the ground there? >> well, he's hoping he can also bring out the locals too, arthel. nfl bruce smith is from the area. he was at this event earlier today. college football watch party here in southern virginia in virginia beach also had the musical artist farrell williams
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speaking for him in nearby norfolk last weekend and trying to bring local celebrities in heavily democratic areas. this is one of them in the southern corner to have state. he will also be in the capitol in richmond later and making his way up to the northern part of the state where there is a large segment of democratic voters. democrats have repeatedly tried tieing republican glenn youngkin to former president donald trump in this case. trump lost virginia by more than 10 percentage points last year. so we asked mcauliffe a short while ago if he's making this race too much about the former president. >> whoa, whoa, please don't say that. he has sad so much of a reason why he's running is because of donald trump. so he's trying to play it both ways. i never said the reason is because of joe biden or barack obama. i'm running because this is what i want to do for virginians. rich: earlier this week it was
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president joe biden in northern virginia. last night it was the vice president kamala harris in southern virginia. she headlined an event in norfolk, the race has gone national and harris warned against republican rule here in virginia. >> this is no joke. you think they don't think and i'm watching this around the country, if we can take virginia we can do this in a lot of other places? don't let virginia be an experiment. who is governor matters on an essential issue like voting rights. rich: current governor northam was here short while ago and congressional democrats, cane and clyburn and representative barbara lee all trying to push get the democratic vote out ahead of election day and on election day tuesday. arthel: the stakes are high. you mentioned pharrell, all i
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can sing is happy in my head. you know the song. rich edison -- >> rich: yeah. arthel: thanks, rich. eric. eric: tuesday night someone is going to be happy, someone else won't be but the question is who will it be in the race this comes as brand-new washington post poll show education is in governor race and up 9 points from the press poll taken last month. what else is on the ballot dr. harry wilson, college in virginia. professor welcome, the poll from your college shows mcauliffe ahead by one point and claims that education is the number 2 issue behind the economy. how do you see this shaking out as we get down to the wire? >> well, education is obviously an extremely important issue and one that youngkin has done pretty well on.
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actually very well for the republican. as you pointed out washington important issue and have youngkin winning amongst those folks and we found education is second most important issue behind the economy and youngkin was trailing mcauliffe by a pretty small margin, margin of error within the poll and much better than what you would ever see from a republican candidate. generally you think of education as an issue that's really by democrats. eric: a lot has been said about the school board controversies and teacher and parent involvement with curriculum. here is youngkin speaking about that recently. >> we have an amazing history. we also have some important chapters in our history who must teach it all so we know where we have come from so we know where we will not go. [cheers and applause] >> what we will not do is teach our children to view everything through a lens of race. eric: how has the issue of
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critical race theory and the like gotten traction in virginia? >> eric, i think that the critical race theory issue is really -- in some ways t complicated and big debate in virginia about what is being taught in schools and how you define crt but i think this has done probably for youngkin is allow him to potentially make inroads back into the suburbs of northern virginia, suburbs that were lost by donald trump and republicans and suburbs and those voters that youngkin really needs to bring back on the republican side if he wants to win on tuesday. without those votes, we will see a repeat of what we have seen for the past 12 years in virginia which is virginia trending democratic. eric: and turning democratic, the former governor mcauliffe is also talking about education. here is what he said on this stump this morning. >> i opened my campaign on education. i'm the one who is proposing a
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2 billion-dollar investment. i'm the one who is proposing to pay teachers above the national average for the first time ever. so i'm leading and let's be clear -- he doesn't have an education plan. eric: he say that is youngkin doesn't have an education plan is just focusing on the other issues. at the end of the day, do you think it'll be up to the independents, what do you predict what's going to happen on tuesday night? >> predictions are a very dangerous dismiss. i would say that the college poll calling it really statistical tie. it's really impossible to say how this is going to end up. i think it really depends upon the turnout votes. candidates are working as hard as they can to get -- bringing in essentially a lot of heavy hitting democrats trying to get turnout on the democratic side. so i think it's really a question of who is going to be able to turn out the votes on
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tuesday and we will not know till tuesday night. eric: the polls, the fox poll shows youngkin ahead and yours show mcauliffe ahead by 1 point. looks like it's close either way. we will see how it shapes out, dr. wilson, doctor, thank you. >> thank you. eric: of course, arthel. arthel: all right, eric, we will head down south now as the border surge, it's not slowing down as a massive caravan of more than 3,000 people is marching through mexico heading towards the u.s. republicans have been criticizing president biden over his handling of the crisis and now over reports the administration plans to pay migrant families separated at the border during the trump administration. dan springer is live at the word near la joya, texas, so -- so president biden is overcompensating for a situation caused by former president
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trump, is that the criticism? >> well, arthel, just compensating. so there have been scores of lawsuits, up to 900 lawsuits filed by families, migrant families that were separated at the border for two months in 2018. that was during the trump administration during zero tolerance policy. he got a lot of criticism for that, trump did and he backed off of that. during that time there were like 5,000 different individual who is were separated from each other, families, kids from their parents and now the biden administration is trying to settle those lawsuits and the word from the wall street journal is that the biden administration is considering a 450,000-dollar payment per migrant who came across the border and was separated. so that would be $450,000 for the kid, $450,000 if parent. and this could be up to a billion dollars when it's said and done. dhs has not commented on the report at all. meantime texas is trying
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something very unique along the southern border in hopes of creating a deterrent and also cracking down on illegal immigration and it start with this new enforcement or different type of enforcement here on private property. renters have been suffering as we all have been reporting from a while damage for many years. farmland gets trampled, fencing that keeps cattle from escaping gets cut weekly, sometimes nightly. ranchers are fed up and now state troopers and national guard soldiers are doing patrols on these border ranches. when they catch illegal immigrants they are sending them to county prosecutors who are pressing charges for trespassing and for some there could be fairly seriously jail time. >> we haven't gotten to the punishment stage on any trial setting yet. but, you know, for a class a misdemeanor, you can be in jail to one year, that's the maximum. so i have a feeling there's going to be a couple of them that will go for one year especially if they're repeat
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offenders. >> now to make room for all the trespass cases, the state prison in dili texas was freed up clearing one thousand beds for migrants, court appearances are done on zoom and county can rip through 60 cases in a week but they are also getting that many cases each week. generally like the support but don't want to become targets for getting involved in putting migrants away. >> i don't want to be the one that says arrest them. if governor abbott wants to arrest these people all along the texas border, that's his decision. i support it. but i don't want to be the one that says do it. it's not my place. >> meantime the national guard is also putting up a show of force in eagle pass and other high-traffic areas. this week we started seeing lines of military humvees in preparation for migrant caravan
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that now is 4,000 in southern mexico, arthel. arthel: dan, just wondering, had those migrants been cleared through all legal steps of migrating to the u.s., would they have been looking at a guaranty of 450,000 payout? i mean, how did the biden administration come to that number? >> no, this is strictly all the people separated at the border. they were coming illegally claiming asylum and at that time trump was saying, we can't tell if these are parents or just another adult who was attached to these kids and so they put the kids in those detention facilities and they largely removed all of the adults back to mexico but you did have those images of the kids in the cages and in the detention facilities and the lawsuits have claimed that the kids have suffered psychological damage that's ongoing and so the biden administration wants to come in and clear out all of those lawsuits with this
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450,000-dollar payment. arthel: okay, dan springer, there at the border in texas, thank you. eric: dan and arthel, president biden meeting with world leaders in g20 summit in rome. among the topics in the agenda resuming the nuclear talks with the iran. the president suggest that could happen soon. peter doocy is covering the g20 in rome and joins us now. hi, peter. peter: and eric, white house officials are now starting to tell us there is no date set for these talks with iran about their nuclear program to resume even though earlier today the president said there was. >> mr. president, when would you like to talk to iran to resume? [away from microphone] >> what is the next step? peter: no answer there. the president was mistaken. an initial tells house officials hope to have something on the books with iran by the end of november because leaders from u.s., uk, france and germany are
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alarmed of nuclear activities that don't seem to be for a civilian program. in the spirit, we welcome president biden's clearly demonstrated commitment to return the u.s. to full compliance with the jcpoa, the iran deal, and to stay in full compliance so long iran does the same. the president and emanuel macron, french president are working diplomatically together. wasn't so sure that was going to be the case after the president came clean yesterday, the u.s. made a mistake in leaving france in the dark that wound up costing the french money. [away from microphone] peter: the treasury secretary janet yellen is here in rome too talking to unanimously support a tax up to 15%. yellen say this is deal will
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remake the global economy into a more prosperous place for american business and workers rather than competing on our ability to offer lower rates. america will now compete on the skills of our people which our ideas and our capacity to innovate which is a race we can win. the president attended mass in rome this evening. there's the leader, dinner with all the leaders in the g20 countries here in half an hour and we know that the president is just looking ahead despite what's going on here to tuesday when we are told capitol hill leaders are set to take up both his spending bills, eric. eric: more on that in a few moments with john bussey, peter doocy live in rome, peter, good to see you, thank you. arthel: well, the investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of the alec baldwin movie rush -- rust taking a turn. we are going to have new details about a new search warrant that's revealing more people touch the gun before the tragic
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shooting. we will have the details coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. arthel: right now fox news digital is receiving video of alec baldwin speaking for the first time since the deadly set shooting. we will try to turn it around
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and bring it to you as soon as we can. meanwhile the santa fe sheriff's office is releasing a third search warrant in the shooting on the set of baldwin's west earn rust last week. it reveals that a fourth person handled the gun that killed the cinematographer halayna and injuring suiza. so katie, i just want to talk to you about generalities right now. just generally speaking how safe would you say hollywood sets are and how would you rate your -- the safety protocols that are currently in place industry wide? >> well, hollywood sets tend to be very safe because there's multiple layers that ensure they are safe. we start with the production meeting where we have all of the department heads come together. we discuss what has to be filmed and any issues that may come up. we then go on the to a scout
11:24 am
where we physical i will go to the location, we look for hazards, where we will set camera and where lighting will go. any conditions is -- is the surface unstable and rehearsal with the actor or go with extra training for the actor and maybe they need to learn scuba diving techniques or shooting a firearm is very common. then on the day onset our first hold a safety meeting. at the safety meeting all work will stop onset. no one is permitted to work during safety meeting and it will also go on the radio. ad will discuss what we are going to do and you may also hear from the stunt coordinator, the armor, maybe the fire marshal and at that point anyone from a production -- the low production assistant all the way up to executive producer can chime in and say any safety concerns they may have or any thoughts or concerns or if any
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confusion, so we really go out of our with, you neglect, and knowledgeable union crews is another thing that we have going for us. so safety is paramount onset. arthel: absolutely. so sounds like you have a very long safety list to check off. so in addition to being the president of the stunt women association. what type of guns are you involved with, katie? >> i shoot pistols, rifles and handguns. i'm an nra pistol instructor so i have worked with actors on occasion to teach them or show them basics, how to draw or even to look better on camera. in addition i've taken stunt people out to feel how, you know, to actually shoot guns because it is a unique feeling, so -- >> arthel: so how likely is it that the armorer doesn't or wouldn't know if there are live rounds in the gun?
11:26 am
at a glance it's difficult to distinguish, live bullet from a blank? >> well, there's two things. so just looking at a gun lying on a table you're not going to be able to tell if it's loaded. you have the physically inspect the gun for a semiautomatic you have to take the magazine out and rack the slide, common things that we see, there's a round in the chamber and they are cleaning it and the gun goes off. for a resolver you have to open the cylinder or open the loading port and physically spin the cylinder and look in every chamber to be sure it's empty. now, the ammunition is a different -- a different matter. live rounds look exactly like dummy rounds. we use dummy rounds if there's a shot of say someone loading a gun or holding up a bullet. but in the dummy rounds they actually normally put a bb so when you shake them you can hear that it's not an actual run. a blank actually has a tip or a
11:27 am
colored wad at the end so they do different. the ammunition cannot be in the gun and you cannot just look at the gun and tell that it's loaded or unloaded. arthel: so what happened on rust, the set of rust which is horrible? does this warrant banning real guns altogether from movie and television productions, you know, using prop guns and couldn't that present other problems? you would also get rid of experts like yourself and potentially maybe compromise all levels of safety restrictions. >> well, by the number of accidents we've seen over the years which has been very few with weapons, the safety protocols are working when they are followed properly and with experience crew members and professionals and are absolutely key. it's not a job that you pick up on the go or learn as you go.
11:28 am
their -- they're masters and should go directly to the stunt person and never handed off to intermediaries to pass along. one thing we say all guns are always loaded because that gives us the mindset safety always around guns. the armorer offer when it's a cold gun, with any crew member, be it the sound person or costumer to f they want to inspect the gun before the scene, he allows them to come do that because it's an attitude of safety first. arthel: katie, i have to go but i want to ask you quickly, what are you and your fellow safety, you know, ambassadors, if you will, saying of what happened in the set of rust? >> of course, there's always a lot of speculation of what's going on but i think the main thing that's coming is there
11:29 am
should never be live ammunition. there's no exception to it. we had had far more fatalities and serious injuries with vehicles and yet there's no quarrel to ban vehicles onset. i think guns can be used safely in the proper hands. obviously sgi can help but there's a place for guns onset. arthel: all right, katie rowe, thank you very much for joining us and we want to keep the memory of halyna hutchins close. eric: of course. well, president biden meeting with world leaders tat g20 summit in rome right now. well, back home we are told the infrastructure and social spending bills, well, they will go to a vote on tuesday. straight ahead a look exactly what's in it and what it means to you here on the fox news channel. ♪ ♪
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eric: they are trying to set up a vote on tuesday on president biden's social spending plan and infrastructure package. this after he unveiled a pair-down version of the spending plan before we headed off to europe where he's now attending the g20 summit of course this weekend, to what is in it john bussey and associate editor for the wall street journal. first of all, john, did the progressives win, they did get their way, is it going to go that way when they have the vote on tuesday? >> well, i'm not sure anybody has particularly won. i mean, this is a $3.5 trillion package to begin with. we are down to 1.5 trillion now. and what you're seeing, eric, is some negotiating on getting things into the package but for a limited time frame. in other words, reduce the cost by not making it a permanent fixture, a permanent law. and so you're seeing kind of at the front end of programs that both moderates and progressives
11:35 am
are interested in but for a limited time frame so the extended child tax credit, for example, extended for only a year the affordable care act extended in the essentially the subsidies or assistance for that, extended to 2025 prek for 6 years and not permanent. the strategy being, okay, if the programs prove popular with voters then it's going to be very difficult future congress not to continue to fund them. eric: yeah, the administration has been touting the plan, talking about medicare, how it helps with child tax credits. if you're taking care of an elderly parent, for example, that gives you credit. especially trying to sure up medicare but what you're saying that some of these, even though it's in the bill, the way they get away to bring it down is by shortening the length of time that these are part of the law. >> yeah, that's right. you've seen this before in legislation. you know, prek, universal prek
11:36 am
may help the country in a variety of ways, this may not be beneficial for those who take part of it. parents can go to work if they have prek for their kids which could expand the tax base and increase revenues to the treasury department and we will have to see over time whether or not some of the programs gain traction if the bill is ultimately passed and hope to do it next week. some of the programs will gain traction and prove popular and some might not and they disappear from legislation in the future. >> republicans say this is too much spending. it's too big spending. it's socialism and government handouts, democrats saying it's what the country needs and the white house will help with unemployment and help bolster our economy. what say you? >> well, you've given the arguments perfectly. and i think that, you know, the shrill side of both arguments
11:37 am
that it's not a socialist country or that it's going to solve some problem on the left, that it's going to solve some problem that's proven intractable for years. on the extreme ends of the argument, probably not worth listening to but the core reason to these programs. we didn't have social security and we didn't have medicare in press years and finally those were passed and they've been embraced by the public. some of the pams will gain traction and some won't but i think it's important for people to kind of use -- apply reason to the discussion and not listen to the extremes on beth ends. eric: finally, quickly, are you confident that it will pass, do you think it will get a vote on tuesday? >> by tuesday who knows because there's been so many deadlines that have been missed. this is a problem for the democrats in that there's a very importance set of elections on tuesday including the virginia governortorial race. they hoped to have this in hand,
11:38 am
passed so that they should show that the democrats are leading effectively in washington but instead the traditional problems of washington legislative gridlock have slowed it down. so they will not have that going into the election on tuesday. if it passes on tuesday, i think that will be a time where the democrats have actually managed to meet a deadline in all of this quite in contrast to what is going up until now which has been delays. both this pack on and on passing the infrastructure bill. eric: perhaps the president when he returns hopes to view assign of victory. see what happens this coming week. john bussey of the wall street journal. always good to see you, thank you. >> you bet. arthel: all right, john and eric, new york city is bracing for possible shortage of first responders as the covid vaccine mandates are now in effect for police and fire departments in the city. starting monday officers and
11:39 am
firefighters will be put on unpaid leave if they do not at least one dose of the vaccine. this is happening as crime and homelessness are on the rise throughout the city. david lee miller is live in new york city on how some are fighting this mandate, david lee, what can you tell us. david: well, staff shortage caused by new york city firefighter staging a sickout protesting the vaccine mandate has reportedly resulted in the closure and i should say the shut down, temporary shutdown of 26 fire houses that being reported by the new york post. now earlier before this report, the city did say that some fire houses are out of service but that none have been closed. now the fire commissioner issued a statement earlier saying, quote, the excessive sick leave by a group of firefighters because of their anger at the vaccine mandate for all city employees is unacceptable
11:40 am
contrary to their oath to serve and may endanger the lives of new yorkers. despite these actions by some, the department will continue to respond to all calls for help that come our way. now the fire department say it is current vaccination rate for all members is 77%. let's break that down, the number show that 90% of civilian employees in the department complying with the mandate, 84% at emt's and paramedics but lacking behind are the firefighters themselves at 72%. union leaders for the firefighters say the city enacted the mandate to sick leave without negotiations. >> we want everyone to keep the city running and keep it safe. we are trying to avoid what it's an eni visitable disaster by design on monday morning. >> latest figures for the nypd show 84% of its employees complying with the mandate and rush to get vaccinated, a
11:41 am
thousand members in each of the last two days got a shot. now this vaccine mandate applies virtually to all new york city employees. there are about 160,000 workers in the city that are affected, cops and firemen, though, they have been among the most vocal critics worth noting here, arthel, is that even though the deadline official deadline for the mandate was 5:00 p.m. friday, city workers who get vaccinated over the weekend will be able to show up for work monday morning and they will not lose any pay. arthel. arthel: it'll be interesting to see coming this time tomorrow how many people have been added to that vaccinated list. we will find out. we will have you out there, maybe you or another correspondent. not sure if you're off tomorrow. eric: months after major league baseball took the all-star game out of the city protesting the restrictive voting law in the
11:42 am
state. well, game 3 hours away on fox. we are live at truist park with the preview. ♪ ♪ ♪
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arthel: minneapolis will vote tuesday on whether to replace the city's police department with a department of public safety. the controversial measure gathered enough signatures to go on the ballot as the defund the police movement took hold after the murder of mr. george floyd last year. christina coleman live with all the details, what can you tell us, chris. christina: the minneapolis police chief is urging residents to vote against replacing the city's police department with an agency focused on public health. he says ballot measure does not even address the race related and socioeconomic disparity issues that surfaced after george floyd's murder. >> it will not eliminate tragic
11:47 am
incidents between police and community occurring in the city and will not reduce the disproportionate crime studies involving african-american victims that has been a public crisis for decades and not change culture of police department that has been in existence for 155 years. >> the chief says minneapolis is at a critical juncture for safety in its community and city down a third of sworn officers and hasn't heard any plans of how the city would carry out replacing the whole police department. >> to vote on a measure of reimagining public safety without a solid plan and an implementation or direction of work, this is too critical of a time to wish and hope for that help we need to desperately right now. christina: if voters approve the ballot measure the police chief and the police department would be removed from the city's charter and a new agency with a comprehensive public health approach to policing would
11:48 am
replace the current police department. city council would have more oversight of this agency and the ballot measure also includes dropping the city's required minimum staffing level for police. >> the current model of policing does not work. what we are doing is asking police officers to be everything, we ask them to be social workers, mental health providers and homeless outreach coordinators and the reality is that is not what they are trained or qualified to do. christina: again, the critical vote is on tuesday, arthel. arthel: how much is chief arodondo's folks are being heard before folks go to the poll, christina coleman, thank you. eric: baseball's biggest event returns tonight game 4 of world series in atlanta. it's on fox and hint tonight of a political debate during the classic, charles watson live in truist park in atlanta on what we can expect, hey, charles?
11:49 am
charles: hi, eric. i want you to take a look at this sight here behind me because i'm willing to bet there are a lot of georgia republicans who are gloating at this right now, tons of fans out here getting ready to enjoy game 4 of the world series tonight from truist field in atlanta. you'll remember this was the home all-star game until mlb decide today move it from georgia to colorado after georgia republicans passed new voting laws in the wake of 50-50 elections that were heavily scrutinized and unnecessarily, ironically democrats and republicans in the state pushed back against the all-star game boy cot georgia governor brian kemp said the mlb stole the game from hard-working georgians and here we are 3 months later the mlb is forced to return as atlanta braves who lead the stories to houston astros for game 3, 4 and 5 from truist park
11:50 am
and hope the mlb will learn its lesson to stay out of politics. listen to this. >> i hope the commissioners learn to stay out of politics and just let it be sports. if we win it here, we have to present the trophy on the field. i don't think he's going to let a lot of cheers from the fans. charles: you know, the hard feelings may be subsiding when you consider the amount of money that's out there to be made over the next few days. the restaurants and local bar owners are expected to make tens of millions of dollars collectively, eric, that's what we have learned from economists that we spoke to and, you know, if this game didn't have enough politics involved in it, we've got president trump here tonight, eric. eric: all right, charles, waiting for the game tonight. love baseball, thanks. we will be right back.
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arthel: severe storm is pounding the east coast with heavy rain and high winds and worst fliedings than hurricane isabel. adam klotz. hey, adam. adam: the storm on the east coast where temperatures otherwise still feeling fall-like, you're seeing spots
11:55 am
fairly widespread, 60's, 50's, warm spot pulling up there in the middle but the storm you just talked about, fairly large and lingering across the entire eastern half of the country. stretches as far south as florida. they have seen pop-up showers throughout the morning but the heaviest rain frontal boundary does continue to fall across the eastern portion of the united states, heavy rain rolling off the atlantic getting up to new england and boston area and interior new england, all spots that are currently seeing the heavy rain but the heaviest of showers for the last 11 hours or so were further to the south and washington, d.c. area up to atlantic city. fairly large area where they've dealt with a whole lot of rain for the last little bit. future cast does continue to bring all of that rain lifting to the north so you unup a little bit more so in new england from now taking into sunday. you see the time stamp in the corner. heavy rain on sunday in new england. otherwise across the country,
11:56 am
forecasted highs for today. a lot of spots sitting in the 60's getting up closer to 70 degrees and we are also tracking, arthel, another round of rain in the next couple of days. arthel. arthel: thank you, adam, i've got the app. really good, guys. i'm serious, i love it. if you want the latest up to date information you can do it too download the foxweter app that's available on iphone, it's available on android and check this out, come to your screen right now, see the qr code on your screen, yeah, there it is. go ahead and scan that and -- or you can visit eric. eric: i'm going to get the code right now. we are back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. see you.
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welcome report, i am paul gigot. but as caps on to have a proposal to select their next widely seen for an extra's midterm elections and from your three days to go until election day. my new foxhole glenn duncan pulling ahead of mcauliffe with businessman pleadings the former governor by eight percentage points against voters, 53 -- 45. the spring and


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