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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 30, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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going, it's retire and replace it with german eyes asian. paul: all right, that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. ♪♪ >> boat alec baldwin in his wife speak on video for the first time as he fired a popgun on the movie set rest in mexico, killing the cinematographer alec baldwin telling fox news quote, she was my friend. hello, welcome to fox news live, i am arthel level. >> thank you for joining us, one of the major stories we are following at this minute. also political say they could predict extras midterm, both candidates in the commonwealth,
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just three days before the election. republican candidate glenn youngman pulling ahead of democratic candidate terry mcauliffe, the former governor. president biden in rome of the g27 back here at home from a house working on the massive plan for tuesday vote on domestic spending infrastructure bill pushed by the president, the u.s. and european union struck a deal to remove steel and aluminum tariffs. fox news coverage of developing stories following gubernatorial candidates and virginia. peter doocy and rome with the president, let's start with christina : on the latest news and alec baldwin breaking silence in the horrible tragedy. reporter: fox news digital again he could face charges for
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fatally shooting the cinematographer but it didn't stop him from opening up today about the tragic incident speaking for the first time during this ongoing investigation and called the cinematographer his friend. >> i've been with the sheriff's department intensify. is an active investigation. she was my friend. she was my friend. the day i arrived. reporter: you can see his wife in the video, she got upset as her husband was being asked these questions about this tragic incident. in addition to cooperating with authorities alec baldwin also said he met with hutchins son and her husband. >> the guy is overwhelmed with grief. there incidental accident on
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film sets from time to time but nothing like this. so he is in shock and we are in constant contact, he's worried about his family, his kids and we are eagerly awaiting to tell us what their investigation has revealed. >> in terms of the shooting excel, he's not sure if he will use a firearm honest betting ever again but he's extremely interested in the ongoing efforts to limit use of firearms on film sets going forward. they can listen. >> i do know an ongoing effort for the use of firearms onset is something i am actually interested in but remember, something i think is important, how many bullets have been fire- [inaudible] this is america, how many
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thoughts have gone off? how many billions? nearly all without incident so it has to happen now, we had to realize when it does go off like this, measures have to be taken. [inaudible] it's not for me to decide, it's urgent you understand so when others other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people safety, i am all and favor of an cooperate in any way i can. >> waldron and no one related to the shooting is facing criminal charges yet but it's an ongoing investigation and charges could be filed. eric: that was a live bullet and 500 rounds of live ammunition were found on the set some
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report say, the same area where the planks were used. arthel: i can't stop thinking about halyna hutchins' family. we are going to move on to the race for virginia's governor starting with republican candidate glenn jansson. election day is tuesday, he's campaigning across the commonwealth as a new fox news full shows an eight-point lead on democrat terry mcauliffe. alexander is live in virginia with the young could campaign. hey, alex. reporter: yocum said today he felt like his campaign as traveling 70 miles an hour while his opponent is cruising at 45 and he may be met in a little of signs. he's on a course of five stops of it at all miles appear to be paying off. i latest poll shows likely virginia voters were publican mouse leads terry mcauliffe
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53 -- 45% with 2% undecided. yunker is behind mcauliffe while within the margin of error. they are energized, first event of the day started at 8:00 a.m. in alexandria where he was welcomed by a large crowd. from there, his get out the vote bus tour continued south while touring the airport museum, he said he's giving support from outside the republic and party. >> we are talking about the issues most important to virginia. lower taxes, best jobs, communities, this is why independence, double-digit lead of independence because education and parents are winning. >> is clearly pleased by recent poll numbers. he reiterated today polls alone do not win elections. arthel: all right, thank you, alex. eric: democratic candidate
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former governor terry mcauliffe heavyweight to fire up support. poll numbers have fallen in recent weeks. live look at campaign event going on in virginia, virginia senator tim kaine speaking on behalf of mr. mcauliffe. congressman has majority also campaigning in the commonwealth for mcauliffe. hey, rich. >> good afternoon, eric. virginia senator speaking right over my shoulder and as he mentioned, a number of washington congressional politicians and democrats coming up to virginia right by the big city, 15 or 20 minutes, the vice president for terry mcauliffe last evening's are probably a little bit we will hear from jim
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clyburn from south carolina. and bobby scott, virginia congressman is here as well. we will see a lot of this the next few days all the way up until election day as congressional democrats, to campaign for terry mcauliffe. this is number or event for him, trying to get democrats to the polls. a new washington post poll has the race essentially tied with education, capturing the list of top voter concerns with the economy. the education voters by 33 points right now youngkin leads by nine. we ask terry mcauliffe whether he underestimated education as an issue. >> i opened by campaign on education, to billion-dollar investment, on the one proposing to pay teachers above national average for the first time ever so i am leaving. reporter: earlier this week was present joe biden in northern virginia, last night was vice
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president kamala harris in virginia here while mcauliffe maintains about local issues from races on national with democrats trying to tie when jumping to former president trump embossed ten percentage points last year. even the vice president acknowledging national consequences of this race. >> it's a close election and for what happened the rest of the country. what happens in virginia will in large part, determine what happened in 2022, 2024 and on. reporter: the democrat campaigning throughout the day for terry mcauliffe, a couple of more events to end up the date and he's going to spend a few days in the southeastern corner of the state from richmond and northern virginia trying to get democrats to the polls. eric: all right, thank you. arthel: more on the issues
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driving this with lauren wright, political scientist princeton university. first of all, if i'm sitting in plano or petaluma or prime, why should i care about the outcome of the governor's race in virginia? >> that's a great framing for this conversation because in general, i would say there actually overemphasized, it's hard to draw conclusions about national elections from these individual races, especially years in advance so it will be a close race but regardless of the outcome, the tendency of people is to draw conclusions about the parties at large based on one election and we arty know in the midterm, incumbent presidents party will have a very difficult time democrats are already in trouble so we don't need the virginia race to tell us that.
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arthel: in essence, what's on the ballot? >> a lot of local issues that aren't being paid a lot of attention to. there's a budget deficit in virginia not as bad as other states but still there. taxes, rising healthcare costs, these are all incredibly important local issues but in a race, it's become so nationalized and that's what research shows, we are talking about education in terms of national debate about race theory rather than local school board issues which in the past have been just local issues. arthel: so if the virginia governor's race becomes the playbook for them in terms, how should each have their own strategy to win? i know you said the incumbent party loses midterm but how do you think it will play out? >> i could probably tell you
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more in terms of what the party should not do but despite a slim margin, democrats pull off a win here and yes, that is the status quo, slightly advantaged in terms of it very well known and both by about ten points. regardless of that, democrats should not assume a win, everyone loves what biden is doing, everyone is supportive of the biden agenda, they should pay close attention to likely republican gains in this and on the other end, republicans if they pull and upset should not assume trump is alive and well in a viable political strategy, they should stick to the implications for races just like it but the midterms and presidential elections, those are different. arthel: because youngkin one even have the former president down there, he's like okay, you get a video, don't stand next to me.
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before we go -- given the current climate in congress, what you think lies ahead for our democracy as we know it? >> i don't see an end to the polarization. i wish i had a different answer for you. this will likely continue into 2024 and beyond until trump is out of the republic and party or at least somewhat separated from it, who will continue to have the same discussions so i don't know who will be on the ballot in 2024 but the discussion in terms of trump heavy-handed and public and is him will continue and will see who is on the democratic side. arthel: nothing is getting done, i am on the side, whatever you say is wrong, i am on that side, whatever you say is wrong, we can't get anything done. >> our identities are becomingly
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inextricably linked with this act of dictation which was never really the case so rather than what people think about issues determining which party they vote for, which party they belong to is determining what they think about the issues and that something really difficult to overcome. arthel: and which issues are best for the country as a whole. i have to go, it's been a pleasure speaking with you. thank you. eric: president biden in the g20 summit. the nuclear talks with iran and president suggested that could happen soon. also some of america's ally friends or the handling of the submarine deal. peter doocy is live just after 10:00 p.m. for the world leaders had a dinner including risotto with pumpkin and white truffle and seabass and tangerine
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dessert. good evening, peter. >> it sounds good, early dinner but it's only 4:00 p.m. on the east coast. they are still at that dinner and while they -- a white house official is telling us there is no date on the schedule for the restart of the talks about the nuclear program even the president biden said today there is debate on this. >> when would you like to talk? what is the next step? reporter: the president was mistaken as an official tells us officials are just hoping to have something on the books by the end of november because leaders from the u.s. uk, france and germany are alarmed about nuclear activities they don't think are related to civilian nuclear program so they came together saying in this spirit,
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who welcome present patents clearly devastated commitment to return u.s. with the nuclear deal. to stay in compliance, so long as iran does the same thing. emmanuel macron words there, working together today. it appears things are more dramatic after the president came clean urine from but the u.s. made a mistake reading rights to the dark about our submarine deal about australia wound up costing french jobs. >> what happens. up to 15%. she said the deal will remake the global economy for a more prosperous place for american
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business and workers rather than competing on the ability to lower rates, america will compete on the skills of our people, our ideas and capacity to innovate which is a race we can win and there is a tie in with everything going on here and in congress with the virginia governor's race because we are hearing now tuesday democratic leaders plan to try again to pass the infrastructure bill, the human infrastructure bill 1.5 trilling and priorities such a happen tuesday, same day as the virginia governor's race. eric: all right, thanks. arthel: iran's with rains, hardly the only topics on the agenda, what else is the president discussing? the "wall street journal", he's joining us next. ♪♪
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but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. look at our drone camera with a live look at the border in the higher taxes. this is happen as a migrant caravan is making its way across mexico toward the border. this is also as outrage rose
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over reports the biden administration may pay families separated at the border during the trump administration and the payment total more than a billion dollars in your money. dan springer, you are in la jolla texas, one of the details here? >> the dhs is not talking about the story about payments to migrant families separated at the border, the "wall street journal" broke that story in silence from the administration they are talking in their report possible payments of $450,000 to each migrant separated at the border from the family members, young family members during two months in 2018 during the trump administration and that went on only for those two months because after a couple months we heard bipartisan backlash and
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policy separating kits from the parents until ended but a lot of lawsuits were filed and now the lawsuits have been built up in the ministration seems to be wanting to get rid of them all with the past and we don't have the exact number but that's what is reported. up to about 4000 people, migrant still deep in southern mexico moving slowly for the border with united states texas because it's moving so slowly, we are seeing texas has a lot of ties to prepare for the caravan if and when it gets here and we started to seek texas national guard humvees line up in rio grande eagle pass. about 3000 national scholz shoulders are deployed as editor turns. guard members are allowed to make arrests of illegal immigrants caught while on private property. since march, when operation lone star was flushed from a military
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has made combined 150,000 apprehensions. 1200 arrests led to trespass charges and jail time and a state prison in texas. >> there is concerned they are staying in jail longer than they should but once we get complaints filed against them within 30 days, it is a process. you have to go to the arraignment process and guilty or not guilty, you go to the child. reporter: late yesterday the administration, a lot more conservatives here when they said they are trying a second time to undo the remaining mexico policy that began in the trump era policy upheld by a court and now the administration wants a second time to go to court to get that overturned. arthel: dan, thanks, dan. eric. eric: drivers every time they go to the pump, increasing price of
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gas. the agenda on the g7 summit, producing countries to boost production and keep the pandemic economy recovery on track but it's one of the many topics facing world leaders adding to the mix, ongoing pandemic, nuclear program and climate change. prices world leaders have tried to tackle repeatedly but will china cooperate? assistant editor of the "wall street journal", james joins us. let's talk about global energy. russia, saudi arabia comes to mind, are they going to play ball? >> i know it can be hard to follow what he's doing here because it all seems contradictory. we see a lot of the u.s. and the president trying to reduce energy production, fossil fuels, we see huge subsidies in this bill to continue to try to develop energy sources but the president realizes how unpopular
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high gasoline prices are so simultaneously saying to the dictatorships overseas, please pump oil, it's hard to follow but very costly for us. eric: for the countries listen? when they all sit down at the g20 and with their white wine and whatever, maybe something better, to the commodities meetings with something concrete? for the countries actually increase production to try to reduce gas prices? >> i'm worried what they may have on the menu as u.s. taxpayers and i think we should all be concerned because the general play here with the climate negotiations is to get countries like ours to pay more to subsidize this transition but as you mentioned, they have this short-term political problem, they want president biden and
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democrats to get reelected to congress next year so he doesn't want gas prices to go up so he is urging opec and countries like russia to pump more oil. i think they're going to pump whatever they think they need to hit the perfect they make a lot of money and more production so they're going to act in the interest and ignore the president but they are not going to pump oil in russia or iran for the benefit of the united states. they are going to maximize their benefits to them and that is their job, our job is to look out for the united states and i think that's what we ought to be concerned about with president biden there. i'm not sure he understands the points of the meetings. eric: in terms of china, they are not playing ball with climate change they are not going to start until 2030, there
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still building power plant. >> you see it in new york, too, they realize wind and solar are expensive and intermittent. in case people haven't gotten the memo, it's a prayer bizarre time for the discussion to happen next to costly for the u.s. eric: china, china, china. that's the issue no matter what they come out with. good to see you. >> you, too. arthel: president biden meets with world leaders at the g20 summit, back in washington, the house is weighing a plan to vote tuesday on two bills critical to the president domestic agenda. stacy on the house budget joins us next to discuss. ♪♪
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back to the big news in washington, the house is trying to plan a tuesday vote on the
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bill back better plan and infrastructure package. scaled-back framework as you've probably heard for the spending plan before he left for europe. house democratic delegate, she represents u.s. virgin islands, house budget committee, thank you so much for joining us and before we get to the specifics of what's in the bill, but having parts of the house phone number two on tuesday? >> i haven't gotten the news as to what bills will be on the for in which days but i do know in the past several weeks, members have been talking extensively with one another, house leadership speaking with the senate, the president has spent extensive time talking with members, hearing their concerns in the house and the senate so we can deliver for the american people a package that's not just
1:34 pm
going to on the estimate of our economy but provide equity, housing, affordable housing do what's necessary to make this country work for everyone. arthel: okay, you can't confirm about tuesday. we will move forward. okay, currently included in the boat back better framework is $555 billion for clean energy and you know it's not law yet, how does this play? in the framework alone, how does this play ahead of the summit next week for america as a front runner for climate change and conflict president biden as leader? >> it takes a bite out of what we need to do for climate change. it hasn't gone as far as many people would like but it's a
1:35 pm
significant leap forward because not only does it reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, it also creates and supports new jobs, higher-paying jobs in the energy sector for americans and frees us up to continue to be the innovators in this so i think the president should have confidence he has the backing of both the house and the senate, democrats are believing something needs to be done so i think that should bolster him as he goes in front of these other colleagues and world leaders to know that america is on the right track if we want to do what's right and we are going to make our economy adjust to what needed for climate change. arthel: okay, i want to talk about other items in the bill back better framework. $400 billion for childcare and preschool, 200 billion for child
1:36 pm
and income tax credit, 150 billing for home care, 150 billing for housing, 130 billing to cover 88 affordable care act, 1 billion for immigration which is other items, $1.7 trillion total so i want to know, what you say to people who see this simply as a appropriate handouts that will impact their lives? >> i can't see how people think it won't affect their daily lives. we know the child tax credit, a tax credit, not a handout to american families reduced child poverty by 50% in this country. individual children living in poverty have a tremendous toll on our economy. they have health issues, many of
1:37 pm
them drop out of high school and have a toll on our system itself. supporting families supporting childcare to help american families, everyday families. we are trying to bring affordability to hearing aids, vision in this and when it comes to affordable housing, this is for the families pain but they are unable to meet the needs with a roof over their head so giving them tax support to and factors to have affordable housing is one way we are doing this as well as providing support for affordable housing because we know america's greatest means of growing wealth is homeownership which has a rooted many. i have young adult children who are working and cannot afford to
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buy a home so we recognize to create generational wealth, that's how people leverage you have small businesses, to be able to afford college, it's not a handout from a business america trying to stimulate our economy for those who have been left behind or lagging behind in making sure we are not advancing the deficit in this bill, we are going to pay for this and we are paying for it by not just making corporations but also for the wealthiest to have part of the share and paying their share, we are not against wealth, just everybody paying their fair share. arthel: the question to put you on your heels to give you the opportunity in this form to present your argument. >> i am grateful for that. arthel: and how -- all right.
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>> i appreciated because i understand so many people see that as a handout so i really welcome the question and i thank you for. arthel: all right, thank you for joining us. thanks very much. eric: winston churchill once got out of a taxicab in new york city and hit by a car. fifth avenue in 1931. spent a week in the hospital. mayoral candidate curtis suffered the same fate yesterday. he jumped out of his campaign fan and he was hit by a taxicab instead, it was his fault and spent a few hours in the hospital. he's back on the campaign trail today despite a broken arm. only three days left of the race, i spent a lively contest for city hall. >> that's all i want us to do. reporter: from the police officer turned politician versus the guardian angel. >> the first thing we must do is
1:40 pm
get one gun violence are under control. >> cracking down on crime. >> campaigning to take over and take back new york city health. after eight years of progressive's and largely unpopular mayor bill de blasio. eric adams and heavily favored in overwhelmingly democratic city but he faces a local legend. founder of the anti-crime group, the guardian angels decades long public figure, curtis movement. >> i would do immediately is something our mayor is afraid to do which hire more police report most conservative democratic candidate to emerge from largely progressive field in the june primary. >> i became a police officer to bridge the gap between us. reporter: he cofounded to block law enforcement groups and navigate law in order message while also recognizing racial justice. he denounces defined police movement answers public safety
1:41 pm
is the number one issue. >> we cannot allow what we see on our streets. reporter: spent his life around fighting crime. starting the angels in 1979 in the night manager of mcdonald's in the bronx extending anti-crime patrols across the globe and becoming popular local talk radio host. >> i know how to do this and i learned from rudy giuliani, the greatest man of our lifetime especially when it comes to law and order. reporter: hiring 3000 no caps and calls for not defunding but refunding the police. >> got to lift the police and fire more police. my adversary says he supports the police but doesn't want to hire more police. reporter: he paints adams as the darling of the elite. adams trying to portray him as an unreliable and not a serious candidate. >> do standby think ron and a
1:42 pm
buffoon? >> the example of the crown like actions. we are not a circus in new york. reporter: observers say he would likely get more traction against progressive democrats and adams. in this race they agree on the cutting crime and public safety will bring the city back. we wish the very best for recovery from a curtis hit by the taxicab, election day is tuesday. arthel: it's not tuesday yet. on two other news, after the messy u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan, pentagon officials your concerns about possible terror threats given the biden administration's inability to secure your afghanistan. dan hoffman on deck to talk about that next. ♪♪
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country to aid counterterrorist efforts against al qaeda and isis. pentagon officials warning of possible terror threats from that region. jason, fox news interpreter. , a huge base the president came under criticism for abandoning it and the administration says they could not have kept it without inciting continued war with the taliban what are your concerns about the fact that this over the horizon capability we have we not be enough to protect our nation against terrorist attack? >> i don't think there is anything to this so-called over the horizon capability. i don't think it exists. it's a pleasant sounding way but when you look at the facts, our
1:48 pm
intelligence collection has been severely degraded because we are not in country. we don't have any basis nearby or obviously in afghanistan so even though we are conducting flights over afghanistan to do reconnaissance, the time is significantly reduced for the main think we just have the people on the ground and the fact that we are able to put pressure on isis and on al qaeda's isis has been able to mount attacks against innocent civilians and the only importance their loan wealth sympathizers and fellow travelers including here in the united states northern virginia. eric: we have had an attack or loan wealth attack. you talk about virginia, there is the warning from authorities that isis potentially could try and attack shopping malls and shopping centers in virginia but you think that is a realistic possibility? >> many of my friends have asked me about this and i have said assume the threats are real
1:49 pm
until proven otherwise. the concern here is we have an election for governor tuesday, that would be a time when terrorists would very much like to strike where there's a shopping mall or another location so we all have to be on alert. the purpose of that warning was so our citizens would do what we have always done in the last 20 years, speak up and say something, but authorities know. i've been driving the past couple days, there is increased police presence for sure. eric: the past couple of years because of the pandemic other issues, we've gone to a low about terrorism. your advice going forward? we should get back to that. >> we should and i will tell you this feels similar to the 90s when we didn't recognize al qaeda was at war with us even though they blew up our embassies in africa in the world trade center in 1993 tried.
1:50 pm
endless war but al qaeda and isis are still at war with us they are trying to do harm every day tragically will have the capability because we are not taking the fight to the enemy like we used to. eric: radical islamic terrorists against the u.s. in 1990, the assassination -- five blocks from where i am sitting right now. dan, always good to zero. >> you, too. arthel: months after major league baseball all-star game from atlanta over burgess new election law, world series and up to games with game for tonight's preview in atlanta. next. ♪♪
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record exit now world three series, policies and air in now reaching financial benefits of posting the fall classic just months after the leading yankee all-star game in george's election laws and charles, with more the game and the actions,
1:55 pm
charles. >> hi as you can see we have some rain showers out here rest to the city, not much at all and roy sing on the part right now is there winning and game four of the world series a lot of these can relax today have to gain three and again which stands out here is a nailbiter. and there was angst on the side and a pulled out a win friday and the chance that they need of the astros three - one that is probably music to the republicans who as billings in these decisions to: all-star game after the state passed new voting laws that were causing restrictive and unnecessary as a move ironically that for the democrats and republicans pushback against and you work
1:56 pm
with governor brian who said the mlb still the game from hard-working georgians but all may not be lost because business owners here in atlanta and surrounding suburbs are hitting a reprieve of sorts and restaurant owners in the bars and the uber drivers, and bringing in at least $30 million in the next few days pretty. >> okay thank you and by the way the game is on fox tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern and check it out. >> see you tomorrow. for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> hello everyone i am lisa along with jacky and others pretty welcome to the big saturday show. a. >> a lisa, will alec baldwin is breaking silence on the movie set shooting and the cinematographer the got killed rated. >> there are accidents. but nothing like this. [inaudible]. >> what he said about working on


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