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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 31, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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visit with golo, i've lost 13 inches in my waist. they're outta here. you eat normal food. you're not eating diet food. i'm doing something good for me finally. (announcer) go to to lose weight and get healthier. ♪♪ mike: with just two days until election day, glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe headache their final pitches to voters. welcome to "fox news live" on this halloween, i'm mike emmanuel. youngkin leading by 8 points in the typically blue state. we'll start with rich edson in the richmond suburbs with the latest for the mcauliffe campaign. good afternoon, rich are. >> reporter: good afternoon,
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mike. i'm in a backyard of a supporter's home in the rich honed suburbs, preparing to host terry mcauliffe where he'll also campaign with congresswoman abigail spam berger, this is her district. it's a close, tight district here, they're trying to turn out democrats from here and across the state. mcauliffe is in the northern art of the state close to the d.c. suburbs, that is manassas, virginia is. he'll come back down here and then head back up to northern virginia in a race that has become very tight. a recent washington post poll had this race essentially tied with education now sharing the list of top voter concerns along with the economy. the post poll also said in september education voters favored terry mcall cliff by 33 if percentage points, now glenn youngkin leads by 9, a subject that dominated the mcauliffe's conversation this morning on "meet the press."
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>> he's got a don donald trump, betsy devos take money out of public schools, it them into private schools, that doesn't work in virginia. and that's why parents supported me when i veto thed that bill, and i have a plan to move our education system forward. >> reporter: the former president in tying him to glenn youngkin has also been a part of the close of the mcauliffe campaign. he's been campaigning with several national democrats this week, jim clyburn, vice president kamala harris and president biden. the democratic governors' association sent out a last minute fund raising e-mail that was picked up by some news outlets warning of, quote, disaster if mcauliffe loses this race. mike, you see this, democrats and republicans send out endless amounts of fund raising e-mails, but it is a bit of the tone you're getting on the mcauliffe campaign warning of a major problem if glenn youngkin is elected here. and certainly, the national case for all of this -- even the vice
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president acknowledging this is very much a bellwether for what they're facing in the 2022 midterms which were upcoming this just about a year. mike. mike: anxious times down the home stretch. rich edson is, many thanks. glenn youngkin is starting his day in southwestern virginia, and that's where we find alexandria hoff. what's the latest with the republican nominee for governor? >> reporter: yeah, mike, glenn youngkin just attended a worship service here today, the second of five stops he will be making in the commonwealth's far southwestern counties. and, of course, the latest fox news poll showing once again youngkin holds an 8 percent if lead over his democratic opponent if, terry mcauliffe, so there's a lot of enthusiasm here. he started by meeting with veterans at a military prayer breakfast in wise county. you really can't get more southwest than this, and supporters told fox news this morning they aren't used to visits like this. >> this is the first time aye been able to -- i've been able
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to meet a governor candidate in person. >> sometimes the people in virginia don't realize that we're down here, and he has made a point to get down here. it's so good to see a candidate that comes down and talks to the everyday people. >> reporter: while the poll numbers have given a jolt of energy to the campaign, youngkin has been adamant to crowds saying polls alone don't win elections, and and he can't afford for voters in a reliably conservative part of the state to think this is a shoo-in and not show up on election day. >> everybody's got to do their part. i mean, i've been telling virginians that our democracy is not a spectator sport. it's not. it's a participatory democracy. >> reporter: some people not in the arena as big name republicans, youngkin has head it a point to exclude them from
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the campaign trail and has criticized terry mcauliffe for taking a different route on this. mike? mike: alex hoff, enjoy your visit. thanks very much. ♪ mike: the house of representatives is working on a plan to vote on both the massive social spending plan and the infrastructure package on tuesday after several deadlines have come and gone. kevin corke has the detail thes live in washington. kevin on a sunday, it's great to see you. >> reporter: great to see you, my friend, and this is right in your wheelhouse. i want to be really clear, mike knows what's going to happen. hopefully he'll tell us later. we all know that it's obviously the devil in the details, we just don't know what will happen between now and then. but we do though this, there will be plenty of horse trade are thing on the line by democrats because the bottom line is they have an internal fissure between progressives9 and the old guard. and i say the old guard because, let's face it, nancy pelosi is known for chose aring deals but, boy, she's got her work cut out
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for her this time, nike. here's what we've got. there are a few add-ons that han between now and then, more immigration, tax hikes on billionaires, medicare expansion, longer paid leave and even more green energy provisions. however, thanks to a fractious democratic caucus, of course, led by progressives, what makings it out of the house ultimately may not survive the senate. their argument is a familiar one. if not now, when. if not us, who? they say time's now to stop with the compromise and the half-hearted deal making. conservatives argue this is a political suicide mission. >> the truth is the country at large as people face higher and higher prices overwhelmingly americans think these big spending bills are bad. and as senator rand paul was pointing out, the bill only gets to a lower number by lying. it says, oh, this is only going to be for one year. well, the scoring process is ten
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years. everybody understands that the stuff they want to do the first year they're going to keep doing. so the whole bill is a lie. and i'm not sure she can get the votes on tuesday. she's failed every time she's tried, and it may be that this is one more downer for the democrats in virginia. >> reporter: savvy analysis by the former speaker. a lot of this is shell moving, and this happens on both sides of the aisle, by the way. now, florida republican rick scott is obviously speaking in large measure the way many republicans are speaking about the massive spending plans. quote, i am not going to bankrupt this country. again, that's against the backdrop of opposition both from the right and from the left that democratic leaders face. we'll see what happens between now and tuesday. mike: we had an end of september dead deadline, then an end of october deadline, we'll see if third time's a charm. >> reporter: december 3rd's going to be here sooner than you think too. mike: kevin, thank you. i'm joined by virginia republican congressman and member of the house armed
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services committee, rob whit math. first to the tight governor's race in the commonwealth of virginia. as a virginia lawmaker, what are you seeing regarding level of interest in this governor's race in your district and elsewhere? >> well, mike, i've had the -- [audio difficulty] i'm going to just -- glenn has been focusing on what's important for virginians, and that's why he's really connected with folks in this race. i've travel thed around with him, the level of excitement is off the charts. people are really focused on what's best for their families. he's connected on issues where he wants parents to be in charge, wants to build back virginia's economy, wants to make sure we keep our communities safe by supporting police, not defunding police. all of those issues he has connected with folks on, and they have been incredibly important, i see, across the state of virginia and in the
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first district as to what people want to see in the next governor. mike: it's been a 12-year slump for the gop since bob mcdonnell, 2009. is this time different? >> i think it will. i think glenn has captured a level of frustration in what people are seeing happen with local school boards, with the economy, with what they see in efforts to defund the police, make communities less safe. he's really been able to capture an undercurrent that people want something different, they want a change. and this just isn't in virginia, but i i think it's beginning to show itself across the nation. and that's what he's been doing, and that's what he's been capturing. he travels across the state of virginia, as you look at the record crowds that come to his rallies, and the things he is talking about are exactly the things people want the next governor of virginia to address. they don't want big government. they actually want to be in control of what happens in their
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communities. they want to see efforts to grow jobs. they want to see efforts to make their communities safer, and glenn has captured that not only with his proposals, but he is a very personal individual, and he's like your next door neighbor. and that too, i think, puts people at ease. and they have in mind that glenn would be the perfect person to be the next governor of virginia. mike: okay. to your day job on capitol hill. we have seen the deadlines come and go on infrastructure and the social spending package. they're going to try again on tuesday. does speaker nancy pelosi get it done? >> i think they're going to have a very, very difficult time. this massive tax and spend bill doesn't reflect the priorities of the american people. if you look at it not only does it have massive tax increases, but it's going to result in more government, more inflation. it's going to also if puppet us on the path -- put us on the path to socialism. and it will, i believe, put off the american people as to what they see as what's necessary for
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government to do going forward, mike. i think it's going to be very difficult for her to get the votes because there is a giant gap between the progressives and the moderates in her party. i don't know that she can bridge that gap. mike: some republicans like aspects of new infrastructure, of the infrastructure package. what would you say to those considering voting for it? >> well, listen, there are certain good aspects in the infrastructure bill but only a small portion a actually goes to building roads, bridges, ports, airports and broadband. much bigger green new deal policies that don't do anything to help the long-term economy in this nation. and that's what people are looking at today, mike. so i think there's a separation, i think more and more of our people are looking at truly what's in the bill. and i understand some of them worked on putting together parts of it. but if you look at it and understand what beneed, to me a speech -- to me, a simple path forward would be to take the money unspent from the five covid-19 relief bills that came
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forward and put that into transportation. i think you'd get agreement tomorrow. take the $700 billion left to be spent, put that directly in infrastructure and make that what this bill is about and have it exclusively to roads, bridges, ports, airports and broadband, and i think that is the path forward. mike: congressman rob whitman, big day on tuesday in virginia and also on capitol hill. thanks for your time, sir. >> thanks so much, mike. mike: now to the other side of the aisle, michigan democratic congresswoman debbie dingell. congresswoman, welcome. >> thank you. mike: speaker pelosi asked her colleagues not to embarrass president biden. some deadlines have come and gone, do democrats cobble together the vote to pass infrastructure and the social spending package this week this. >> so, first of all, mike, you know, adjectives give people an impression, cobble together. i think the democrats actually
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have been very united in their values, and there's been a healthy discussion about how we get there. and i would argue that democrats and republicans want many things for sure that are in the bipartisan infrastructure bill when you talk about fixing our roads and bridges, getting internet into urban and rural areas. i think -- [inaudible] lead out of every water pipe in this country, not enough money to do that. you call that green? okay, i'm sorry, it may be green, but i don't think our kids -- 50% of the kids that have been tested, whose blood have been tested have lead in the water. we need to get that done. the amount of money that's in that bill has come down. are republicans really against helping people that are working or looking for a job, in training or have a serious health issue from getting childcare? we have a serious problem. 3-4 million women have left the work force. small businesses and big businesses can't find people to
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do the jobs. that's what's in there. and by the way, corporations that have paid zero taxes now have to pay their share. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. so i think we're going to get it done. there's been a lot of hard work, a lot of discussion, a lot of people listening to each other and, hopefully, we will get this done next week. mike: as someone who's been around washington long are enough, have you warned system of your young progressive colleagues that they're not going to get everything they want in this package? >> you know, i -- compromise is not a dirty word. congress is coming together. so am i happy, are there things that i think should be in this bill? yeah. electric vehicles and leaded pipes. but you make progress so things that you care about, you feel strongly about, you get up the next day and you keep fighting for them. so medicare, my father-in-law was the person that introduced health care in 1940. it took 25 years to get medicare. then we got children's health
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insurance programs. a lot of people think those two programs are good. it takes time. you got to tell people what it is, educate people. there's a lot of talking points, let's tell people what the facts and reality are, and you keep moving forward. we're the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn't have early childhood education. and, by the way, that's a factor. when you're competing in a global marketplace and you're competing with countries that, by the way, pay for health care and companies put that into their economics, those are competitive issues in the global marketplace. mike: okay. but i'm sure some of your constituents are paying a whole lot more at the gals pump, when they go -- gas pump, what about those who are worried about it only aggravating inflation? >> this bill is going to help get this done. we've got to address the supply chain. that is contributing significantly to the higher prices. but many of the things that are in this bill, and i'm going to keep working after we get this done because we've got to start
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producing chips in this country again. and i think we all agree on that. and you know the irony i find is that a lot of republicans didn't vote for the american recovery program, but they've taken credit and have been happy with the dollars that went in there. i don't want to -- we're americans. why does everything have to be so partisan? we're trying to help the american people, and that's where i wish we could focus more. mike: all right. congresswoman debbie dingell, we have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. mike: some other big races beyond virginia coming up on tuesday. new jersey incumbent governor phil murphy facing a challenge from republican jack ciattarelli. murphy's trying to break a 44-year curse for democrats in the state. they haven't been able to win second terms for all that time in the garden state despite 1 million more registered voters in their party. some mayoral races appear to show many voters in big cities that saw the biggest increase in crime since the killing of george floyd are pushing back
10:17 am
against candidates that called for defunding police. in new york city, democrat eric adams beat out a number of liberal candidates who wanted to cut funding for cops. his republican challenger is the founder of the guardian angels, curtis sliwa. in buffalo, new york, india walton who won the democratic primary in june is taking a much softer tone today, asking for reform. she faces a write-in campaign from former incumbent mayor brian brown. and in minneapolis incumbent mayor jacob frey who took a lot of heat from black lives matter activists for not calling for defunding police is facing a challenge from one of the primary organizers of protests after floyd's death. sheila nezhad. watch our special coverage on tuesday, bret baier, martha maccallum will bring you all the latest and all your favorite
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prime time shows will be live on air. today tune -- stay tuned to fox news channel. and chris wallace has an exclusive interview with republican rick scott of florida on "fox news sunday." alec baldwin speaking out, what he had to say coming up. ♪ ♪ but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at
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mike: president biden wrapping up hiso rome after a series of bilateral meetings with the world leaders this weekend. fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is live in rome with the latest. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, mike. well, the latest issue that was just discussed at length between these leaders including president biden was supply chain issues. and president biden said -- and the others agreed -- that countries need to work better together to solve these issues because really this plagues many of the countries here. president biden, for his part, suggested that the u.s. would institute an early warning system for goods that are running short, also would propose taking some important raw materials from u.s. stockpiles that aren't needed to use for technologies and also cut some red tape so that ships can get faster in and out of
10:23 am
port. also the g20 leaders today the agreed upon a minimum corporate tax deal, 15%, to keep big corporations from taking advantage of low tax rates overseas, depriving countries where they actually do business of tax dollars. the biden administration says that this would benefit the united states to the tune of tens of billions of dollars a year if it gets through congress. another deal sealed here was the waiving of tariffs on european steel and aluminum, reversing a trump era move. this apparently will help ease steel shortages in the u.s., and in exchange, also europe will cancel its reciprocal tariffs on anything from bourbon to harley davidson motorcycles to peanut butter. this deal also has provisions of blocking dirty steel into the united states. >> the united states and the european union have reached a major breakthrough that will
10:24 am
address the existential threat of climate change while also protecting american jobs and american industry. >> reporter: biden also met turkish president erdogan today. they spoke about u.s. concerns that this nato ally on the one hand is buying russian surface to air missile defense systems, on the other seeking to purchase american f-16s. this issue among other things. and finally, here at the iconic trevi fountain in rome, a lot of the leaders met today to toss coins over their backs into the fountain that symbolically means you'll come back to rome. but for now for most of them, it is on to scotland. in fact, biden didn't even make it to the trevi fountain today because he was business by with erdogan. but in terms of progress maden climate issue ahead of the 26
10:25 am
summit which is underway now, the italian prime minister, mario draghi, said he feels goalposts have moved significantly in the direction of solving some of tease issues -- these issues. but the u.n. secretary-general says he's, frankly, disappointed by the level of commitment though he says his hopes are not dashed. mike: president biden's expected to do a news conference later this afternoon, we'll take you there live when it happens. alec baldwin's wife says she is worried her husband will develop ptsd, this as baldwin breaks his silence for the first time. christina coleman is following the latest on this story from los angeles. hi, christina. >> reporter: hi, mike. hawaii larrea told "the new york post" that her husband had a traumatic thing happen to him. she says the day after the shooting she got her kids in the car and drove for an entire day to somewhere out of the public
10:26 am
eye before deciding to head to manchester, vermont. she was with baldwin yesterday when he spoke publicly about halyna hutchins for the first time since her death. at this point he says he can't say whether he will ever use a firearm on a film set again. >> how many bullets have been fired on films and tv shows for the last 75 years? this is america. how many bullets have gone off in movies and on tv screens? how many, billions? nearly all of it without incident. so what has to happen now is we have to realize that when it does go wrong and this horrible, catastrophic thing, some new measures have to take place, rubber guns, plastic guns. >> reporter: attorneys for the woman in charge of the weapons for the film say she doesn't know where the live rounds came from. her attorneys say the whole production set became unsafe due to various factors including a lack of safety meetings. so far the investigation has revealed that an assistant
10:27 am
director unwittingly handed alec baldwin the loaded weapon. >> he's obviously the person that fired the weapon, so we're going to continue interviewing and getting to, getting the facts of his statements and the evidence and the case and possible witnesses or anybody that has any information. >> reporter: authorities collected nearly 500 rounds of ammunition from the set including dummy rounds, blanks and what appeared to be live rounds. how they ended up there and who brought them is all part of the ongoing investigation, and so far no one has been charged yet in connection to this shooting. mike? mike: christina coleman live in l.a., thanks very much. for more on how this incident unfolded, joining us now, armorer and movie prop supplier mike t the istano. welcome. >> thank you for having me. mike: for those of us not familiar, in your view, what went soar the write wrong? -- terribly wrong in. >> well, we still don't know how
10:28 am
lye ammunition up -- live ammunition ended up on a movie set. we've never had it on any of our film sets. and to say you don't know how it got there, i mean, it didn't just magically appear. so there is a protocol to keeping everything that you would be putting in any of the firearms, meaning all the blanks, very organized and very visible to everybody that they are blanks. and there's a big distinction between a blank and a live round. mike: the an actor came to you and can said he or she didn't feel comfortable fighter on a movie set, what would you say to reassure them? >> we would set up the shots again. i mean, any protocol involves setting up the shots with the director, with the director of photography and with all the actors and actresses so that everybody feels very comfortable doing it. there's no reason to not ever have that happen. you know, i go through the rehearsals with everyone, i set up a mark that the actors can fire at. they should always be comfortable. there's no reason for anybody to be worried that something's
10:29 am
going to happen. and with 600 films i've done, it's not really that tough to do. once you follow a good safety protocol that we've set up, nothing can go wrong because everything's very transparent to the cast, to the crew, and something like this cannot happen. mike: alec baldwin has to live with this terrible tragedy. is he also going to pay dearly with lawsuits against his production company? >> he may. he was one of the producers on the till the. so that, of course, is a big factor in that. it's really hard to say where this is going to go. i still don't personally believe alec was at fault. he was handed a gun that he was told was a cold gun, meaning it was empty. never in the first place should have picked that gun up. the guns only go from the armorer to the actors. mike: interesting. you know the industry. you say you've never had a problem with these kind of terrible accidents, but do you think that the industry will
10:30 am
still feel only gated to take some -- obligated to take extra precautions going forward? >> well, there's nothing wrong with taking extra precautions, but the safety protocols are in place already. there's not much we can do to further enhance that. we personally, my cane has a lot of guns -- company has a lot of blank-fire only guns, so no live round could go in them even if you wanted to it a live round in it. so that's one of the things we do to enhance safety on a set. we keep everything very, very safe, and i think anybody that's worked with us can attest to that. mike: thank you so much for sharing your time and your expertise with us. >> my pleasure. thank you, mike. mike: have a great day. a large caravan of migrants making their way toward the southern border. more on that after the break. ♪ ♪h: ed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
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♪ mike: live images from our southern border as a massive migrant caravan continues to
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move through mexico toward the u.s. while the biden administration remains quiet on a plan to pay high grant families that were separated at the border. let's go to dan springer live in la joya, texas, with the latest. hi, dan. >> reporter: yeah, mike, this story about paying illegal immigrants huge sums of money has been out there for about four days, and not a single word from the biden administration, and they are getting beaten up over it. these payments would go to roughly 5,000 children separated from their parents after crossing the border this 2018 during president trump's controversial zero tolerance policy. money would also go to their parents. it led to hundreds of lawsuits and about 1,000 children still have not been reunited. under president biden we are seeing record numbers of people crossing the southern border illegally. many are unaccompanied minors or families with very young children who mostly are being allowed to say. republicans say the system is
10:36 am
broken. >> this is wrong. we've got to start -- do logical things. secure the border, balance the budget. watch how you spend money, cut taxes. this is what americans want. they don't want this crazy, radical, socialist agenda that the biden administration's come up with. >> reporter: migrants are also crossing the border dangerously in vehicles. this week in texas 75 migrants were found locked this a refrigerated truck. they were shivering with the temperature set at 58 degrees. earlier mexican authorities stopped three trucks with 650 migrants, and friday morning four migrants were killed when their suv carrying 15 guatemalans crashed. five survivors are in critical condition. and a pregnant woman gave birth just minutes after crossing the border here, border patrol agents delivered the baby girl and then took them to the hospital. luckily, they are doing fine, but so many others, mike, do not as they continue just gow going on these dangerous -- going on these dangerous and really
10:37 am
heartbreaking journeys. mike: dan springer, thanks very much. candidates for virginia governor making their final push ahead of election day on tuesday. our political panel will weigh in on what to expect next. ♪ ♪ lanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. at t-mobile, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the most 5g coverage and great value. ensure complete! so we unleashed the 5g experience on magenta max. with 4x more 5g coverage than verizon. and unlimited premium data. only at t-mobile. i was not expecting to learn about my heart health
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looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ♪ mike: turning out the vote is going to be key for tuesday's election in virginia for the next governor. joining us for more on what is motivating virginia voters, we're joined by former virginia governor bob mcdonnell, and for the democrat side, ben triit. gentlemen, welcome. republicans have been on an extended slump since 12 years ago, has glenn youngkin done enough to win this virginia tuesday night in. >> yeah, he's a great new talent. he's wright, he's energetic, he's getting parents back in control of their school systems and cementing good public safety
10:42 am
for our community. i think the answer's yes. you look at the last 35-40 days, mike, you've got about a 6-point swing there about 5 or 6 down to maybe even to 1 or 2 up. and i think so much of it's driven by what's happened about a month ago where terry mcauliffe actually said in a debate that he didn't believe parents should have input into the curriculum of the schools, of the libraries and ought to basically butt out of school board meetings which is just hosk. and parents just know at a gut level that's wrong. he's capitalized on that issue in loudoun county , and i think the cost of living issue and giving parents back the control of their kids' education which is, by the way, the law in the code, is going to carry him to victory. mike: ben, what about that comment about mcauliffe, was that a game-changer? >> i don't think that it was a game-changer. i think it was a gaffe, for
10:43 am
sure. look, i think part of what will drive the education vote in this election is these issues are all revolved around advanced academics in high schools. both the youngkin tv the ad that deals with the books in the libraries as well as the loudoun county issue all revolve is around ap english classes. 75% of students in loudoun county take advanced academic classes by the time they graduate, one of the highest rates in the nation, and i think this will actually backfire on the republicans. the curriculum is so important to the students there. mike: governor, how do you respond? >> i don't think it was a gaffe, i think this is really what terry mcauliffe and democrats around the country really believe, and that is that government's got the solutions, government knows better than average people. you see comments like that at school boards in houston, l.a. and other places, and so this is really a hard issue.
10:44 am
really no empathy for this young girl that was assaulted and the parent dose ask tries to have his -- goes and tries to have to have his say. this is a deeply motional issue, and that's why in a 61% biden county won over trump, this is a rallying cry and not just there, but around the state. i think people are tired of democratic control, you see it at the federal level and the incompetence of the biden administration. that carries over into what people feel about the democratic party and their inability to govern well and have less freedom. i think that's why he wins. mike: okay. to crime in america's big city, wen, some cities that have talked about defunding the police are having a change of heart. what's your assessment in. >> i think this is playing into the governor's race, for sure. crime was the issue in which glenn youngkin has the biggest edge on terry mcauliffe, and i actually think that's driving this more than education
10:45 am
particularly in small communities around the state. it's something that democrats are going to have to address before the midterm elections. i think that what you see with what came out of eric adams' campaign is much closer to the message the democrats are going to have to have to be successful going forward. mike: governor, are elected officials realizing you need police to go into dangerous situations, not social workers? >> well, absolutely. you know, and that's going to be on the ballot in minneapolis where they have a strict democratic party turning into it a public health care system as opposed to public safety system. black lives matter is now eight years old. they started with these ideas certainly of socialist redistribution of wealth, and, you know, undermining the nuclear family. but now it's poured into this idea of defunding police which i think is the dumbest public safety and policy issue -- [laughter] that i have ever seen.
10:46 am
you know, at a gut level, people black and white understanding that we need is the same or more police, and black families are disproportionately victims of crime. i think you see what erin adams. has -- eric adams has mentioned this new york, people that are good on law enforcement win. mike: ben, we've got about ten seconds. final word? >> yeah, i think i agree with the governor there and what we see on tuesday is going to be a big turnout for terry mcauliffe in northern virginia, glenn youngkin doing well in the rest of the state, and i think we're going to see a very close election. mike: all right. thank you so much, gentlemen. have a great day. >> thanks, mike. mike: new york city facing a possible first responder shortage after a vaccine mandate went into effect. a live report from the big apple after the break. ♪ ♪ terest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes.
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mike: the big apple can see a major shortage of first responders this week after a vaccine mandate went into effect on friday. david lee miller's live in new york city with the latest. hi, david lee. >> reporter: hi, mike. the official enforcement of the city's vaccine mandate will actually begin tomorrow morning, but this weekend firefighters in protest over the city's policy of no vax is, no pay called in sick. the staffing short average has resulted in some fire companies
10:51 am
temporarily go out of service. in a statement the fire commissioner said, quote: the department has not closed any fire houses, it's creating a danger for new yorkers and their fellow firefighters. they need to return to work or risk the consequences of their action. many employees say it is mayor bill de blasio's vaccine mandate that is to blame for endangering new yorkers. >> people should be ware and should know that this mayor is putting people's lives at risk and in danger. there will be ambulances run down, there will be fire houses that will not be open. we want to serve the people of new york city, we want to respond to these calls, we want to work. he is not allowing us to work. >> reporter: 22 perfect of fire department employees and 16% of the, this ypd -- nypd are currently not vaccinated. city workers who got a shot over the weekend will not lose any pay. in a last minute push, mayor bill de blasio says 2300 city
10:52 am
employees received a last minute jab. that compliance now puts the number of city workers who have received at least one shot at 91%. mike? mike: david lee miller live in new york city, thanks very much. ♪ mike: ah, how about a visit to a haunted house? or as congressional correspondent chad pergram shows us, a haunted house in the senate. >> reporter: when people come to washington, they bask in the grandeur of capitol hill. but for this journey, we'll go deep into the capitol catacombs for tales of the congressional macabre. the u.s. capitol is a seemingly haunted place, mysterious sounds of a custodian who passed on. some can still hear her scrubbing the floors late at
10:53 am
night, or you might hear pennsylvania senator pembrose reading bills late into the night. some have reported sightings of soldiers wandering the building even today. >> some of them have continued to stay here. a lot of soldiers died here, and they were very idealistic at that point, and their spirits would be here. >> reporter: joe that voteny just retired from the house after 30 years. you've seen him on c-span as the house reading clerk, and he's observed some weird things in the house chamber late at night after everybody else is gone. >> all of a sudden in the well of the chamber directly in front of me i see a man walk in front of me. and i look up immediately to see who it is, and there was nobody there. you tell yourself, is this real, but it was vivid. >> reporter: towering above all capitol ghost stories is the
10:54 am
legend of the demon cat which prowls the capitol. it appears before national emergencies z is as much as when the british burned the capitol in 1814, the civil war, pearl harbor, kennedy's assassination. its footprints are purportedly visible in the capitol's senate wing and supposedly it also signed its name n. an obscure congressional stair welshing you'll find this. now, does this stand for district of columbia, direct current, detective comics or dee hon cat? in another stairwell you'll find the blood of a coi congressman, newspaper reporter charles kincaid shot and killed him there after a dispute in 1890. his ghost is said to periodically trip reporters as revenge. that hay be why i was -- may be why i was tripped on a capitol
10:55 am
stairway when i tried to get a word with justin trudeau? >> it's absolutely plausible. >> reporter: holliday says capitol ghost stories are history by another name. >> it's the a way people can remember -- sometimes misremember, but it's a way they can remember figures and events from the past. >> reporter: any 200-year-old building is going to have ghost stories, and the u.s. capitol is no exception. on capitol hill, chad pergram, fox news. [laughter] mike: the capitol's a zany place. that's all for this hour. a reminder, president biden will have a news conference this afternoon from from rome that we will bring to you live when it happens. initially scheduled for 2:30 p.m. eastern but could now be later in the afternoon. whenever it starts, you will see it here live. on tuesday the you can watch our
10:56 am
essential coverage as soon as the polls close in the commonwealth of virginia. bret baier and martha healthcare call lumbar will bling you all the latest, and all your faith prime time shows will be live on air. stay tuned to fox news channel. right after this show, chris wallace with an exclusive interview with republican rick scott on "fox news sunday." that is it for this edition of fox news live" on this halloween. i hope you and your little ones have an awesome day. be safe, with healthy -- be healthy, happy halloween and have a wonderful week ahead. thanks for watching, take care. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ ferry horn honks ]
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chris: president biden overseas on the world stage at home his domestic agenda and presidency aligned. ♪ >> no wonder everything they wanted including me. but that's what compromise is. chris: mr. biden looking for a win as he meets with foreign leaders after a last-minute stop on capitol hill to unite democrat at odds over the massive social spending plan


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