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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  October 31, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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camera. this is how "fox reports" this sunday, i am jon scott, happy halloween, thank you for watching, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is up next. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," virginia governor race is two days away, polling suggests a very close contest. republicans have won the virginia governor race once in last 20 years. last year joe biden won virginia by 10 points,
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virginia turned blue, yet democrats are worried, worried enough to bring in barack obama, and kamala harris and president biden in closing days of the campaign, will it help? doe virginia voters care what people outside of virginia think? is this a referendum on the biden agenda? for the latest on ground, we begin with our correspondent rich edson in richmond, virginia. reporter: even as national democrats come to virginia and campaign for terry mccauliffe, they acknowledge this is a bell weather election, a good indication of the mood of the nation heading into the 2022 campaigns. terry mccauliffe has been campaigning here in rich mond area, and just finished a halloween parade in
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leesberg. he has been trying to tie his republican opponent to former president donald trump who lost virginia by 10 percentage points, claiming he would be a mess for the state. >> he is clueless, he is dangerous, very dangerous. been endorsed by trump 9 times, trump is calling into his town hall meeting tomorrow night. trump said the other day, quote. glen will do whatever we tell him to do. reporter: he has spent the day campaigning in southwestern corner of the state, a heavily republican area of virginia, he and mccauliffe are heading where their voters live. he said he is accomplished that by focusing on issues like education, crime and the economy. >> we see what is happening. this movement, this movement it is no longer a campaign. this movement is parents standing up all over the
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commonwealth, virginiaians standing up for values we hold deer. we're saying no, not here. >> in person voting ended last evening in virginia. you have to wait untilly election day. eerie voting was available sports in mid part of september. back to you. trey: thank you, rich. >> joining me now, someone who knows about winning governor's race in virginia, he did it douglas wilder former government of virginia, first african-american ever elected governor in united states, thank you for joining us governor wilder, where do you think things stand now. >> good to be with you,
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trey. best of luck to you and your continued good show. i think it is a toss up election. you know what i mean, those who had people committed, if they get to the polls that can make a difference, we do polling at the university, we were first to come out to show it was a very close election within the percentage of point of error plus or minus 5 was ours, at that point young kin was 3 points behind that should have sent a few shockwaves to people in the state and station who took it for granted in many instances that virginia the so-called blue state was going for
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mccauliffe, i don't think that is the case, i think this is the cliffhanger. you point out any numbers people are coming into the state to tell virginiaians how to vote, sometimes people in virginia recent that. as you indicated when i ran for governor, i would not allow been to come into the state to tell people how to vote for me in terms of my inini have thing a, i said to -- invitation. i said look i am running, people want to hear from me. trey: they did. you were the first. terry mccauliffe has been in politics since the burr and hamilton duel.
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>> i have had little conversation with terry, we've not talked at all during this campaign. i find people coming to virginia to tell virginiaians how to vote appeal they know more about us who live here. one thing that is concerns, some things that terry said he is speaking for. as it relates to what part of the wing and group he represents. the lieutenant governor was called upon to resign. not because he was convicted. but because some people says he had done something. i would like to think that the governor of virginia beliefs in due process, you
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being a lawyer you know what i mean. if people were going to be disqualified because of what someone says, none of us would be there. i think terry is trying to straddle it, but i don't believe that straddling is necessary. say when you believe. vote for the issues that you stand for. if you believe in education, what have you done? if you believe in criminal justice reform, what have you done? if you believe in housing and betterment of transportation, what did you do when you had 4 years to do it? virginia does not allow governors to run in succession. we had one governor to come back and run again. that was governor who ran as a democrat when he won. he came back and ran as a republican. what terry is doing is leapfrogging to attend of
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say extent of saying i'll stay out 4 years and come back. important thing to remember is that terry called for everyone to resign, including lieutenant governor, yet he takes great credit for medicaid expansion. that vote of the cast by the lieutenant governor in the tie breaking vote and he gets no credit for it. i don't know what wing that is. you would have to tell me, you have seen it you covered it. i lived here. i don't know. trey: governor, i can see why you were so successful in politics, you successfully anticipated my last question, why so few people run for a second term.
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thank you for joining us, i look forward to. >> yes. >> he said virginia now needed bold and imaginative leadership, he is running against the guy he said 134 -- he stayed should step down because he wore black face. yet, it does not matter now. that he is in the driver's seat for the nomination. i wish all of them well, i have all right voted. we'll see what happens. god bless. trey: thank you, governor. >> thank you. trey: ronna mcdaniel, what do you think is going on in virginia.
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republicans have to have a good showing on election day. i tell you something that we've seen, mccauliffe is bringing in surrogate over surrogate, obama, kamala harris, and biden, even though he said biden is hurts him, every event with them, we have not seen an fix in those areas, a lot is -- uptick in those areas. a say in education, taking endorsement from people are openly supporting defunding police. the list goes on. and having biden with him as americans across the country are dealing with biden inflation. and having prices skyrocket in their own homes a they pay more for gas and groceries and everything else. trey: ronna, you and i agree that virginia is a blue state, now, some people say it is purple, it looks really blue to me, 10 points
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is what biden won by last year, here talking about a very competitive case. >> this should not be competitive. what we're seeing across the country. in special elections that we've seen is democrats are running behind what joe biden did in november of 2020. now you have a candidate in glen youngkin who is running on his own merit as a businessman not a politic, talking about issues that virginians care about. lowers taxes, and kids have a say in their children's education, we should. and so many things he is running ohe has closed gap,
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a lot is a national narrative we're seeing where democrats are faltering, it sports with joe biden whose numbers are in the tank because of his failure in leadership. trey: you know about politics than i know. why not try that in president at races like i don't know, 2024. why not -- sometimes republicans like to talks about stuff that really the independent voters across over voters are not interested, why is that not the blueprint for success moving forward. >> i agree with you, you feel it and see it, you say businesses are struggling and go to local grocery store, it says help wanted, and you see your kids struggling in classroom. all things that came with that min tal health -- mental health, and behind in
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education, we're feeling it as parents when the voter feel what republicans are talking about, on top of crime rates that are surging that we see every day on nightly news, we know these are issues that are real, because we're seeing it in our own lives that is important for us as republicans to u.n. on issues that -- u.n. on run on issues that voters care about. trey: it will be interesting, i thought a close loss of still a win, i'm not sure it is not, making up 9 points out of 10 is good, glenn youngkin may win it. >> thank you. trey: you can catch an exclusive interview with glenn young kin 8 p.m. eastern on "life, liberty and levin." trey: still ahead, why are energy prices going up? what can be done about it? we'll talk with top
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trey: energy drives our economy, powers our cars, heats our homes, turns on the lights, when energy prices go up, the price of everything goes up, we want a safe, clean planet, but we also have to dive to work tomorrow and pick up the kids from school tomorrow. we went fly on planes power by solar panels. america was on the verge of energy independence from production was up, prices were down, then president biden was sworn in.
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he stopped keystone pipeline but he supports a russian pipeline, he wants less american production but more opec production. and he wants you to change your life while china continues to do whatever it wants without consequence, president biden wants to build back better, with what? what does he plan to build it with windmills? a cleaner tomorrow implies there is a tomorrow, we need energy today. joining me now republican leader of senate committee on energy and national resources senator john barrasso. we were headed toward energy independence where are we now. >> tomorrow joe biden will be in glasgow, scotland to wave the right flag of surrenders surrendering our energy dominance to becoming an emergency
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independent nation. you outlined it. the keystone pipeline, and blocking production in western united states, i would expect in his speech tomorrow he will double down on the reckless tax and spending bill, challenge make it worse for american energy, people are paying a 7 year high for gas at pump, $25 more every time you fill up, higher prices. 7 year high for natural gas, half of the homes in america are supplied with natural gas. his solution? asking probe -- asking vladimir putin for. >> senator every now and then you hear something you,
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don't believe it. it so defies logic, when i heard he wanted america producers to ramp down their production but then asked opec to increase their production, we produce cleaner energy, why would you ask the guys doing it better to stand down, but let saudi arabia stand up. it longic defying? >> it is defying logic. the president does not understand a couple key basic truths, we can protect your environment here in united states, without punishing our economy. we all want to make energy as clean as we can, fast as we can. do it in ways that don't raise cost for american consumers, you know who gets hurt the hardest, it is people on fixed incomed. other truth that president does not fully understand is that we stronger as a nation
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if we selling american energy to our friends than having to buy it from our enemies. he is in glasgow, who is not showing up in putin and russia not showing ub. up and xi and china are not showing up. president biden wants to send american jobs and america's lifeblood to our enemies, this makes no sense. trey: there was a infrastructure bill that i think passed senate. pending in the house, the project, let's assume it past tomorrow, they will require energy, like currently available energy, how do democrats think we'll build the product product projecting without -- infrastructure projecting without current energy supply. >> you are right, you look at what they are promoting. president biden is at a
4:24 pm
point he has really disconnected to what the american people believe and where we want to go, there was a large gap between things he is talking about and what american people are talking about. 22% of americans in today's poll said that america is heading in the right directiontion over 70% say we're headed in the wrong direction. when luke at this major reckless tax and spending bill that democrats are now proposing, it makes matters worse. 550 billion dollars for climate core of climate activists to -- they want to hire a million people to go out and protest oil, gas and coal? all this money for electric vehicles? additional money payoffs and subsidies for green energy companies, we want to make red, white and blue energy that is what powers the country, we need it all, we
4:25 pm
need wind, solar, we need all demands of globe for everyone. it will continue to go up. and we need to focus on the things that the american economy needs, jobs for america. there are 10 million job openings in the united states when the president is proposing is hiring a million people to protest american energy and american energy job. trey: wow, thank you, i keep wants to call you doctor, anybody that went to school as long as you deserves to be called doctor. senator john barrasso thank you for joining us. >> with the way this president is taking the country, we'll take back the house and senate and country will be in a better position, because of it. trey: thank you so much senator, we'll talk soon. >> still ahead, who could possibly attack a house of worship, it used to be
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trey: it was a wednesday night, june 17, 2015. it is church night for beliefers who worship at mother emanu el in charleston, south carolina, gathers to read the bible and pray. a hundred miles away, a defendant gets in his car drives to charleston, toward this church this particular church. when he arrives at this historically significant black church in downtown charleston. the members do what bible teaches them, they welcomed him, they opened their arms and welcomed him, he on the other hand opened fire,
4:32 pm
murdering them, murdering 9 black christians because they were black and christian, he murdered all but one of these believers who welcomed a stranger, he left one woman alive so she could tell the world of his hatred and bigotry. did the fbi botch the background check on this shooter. money will not bring you back from the dead, money will not dull the pain of knowing someone you loved was killed, only because they were black and christian. the killer was tried, convicted, sentenced to death in federal court. no word if those on left i think that death penalty is too inhumane. this is but one attack on a house of worship in our country, how has hate seeped
4:33 pm
into the soul of america? what can people of good conscious do to put an end to it? dr. russell moore, is joining us, what is going on in this culture of hate in this country? >> well, it seems that the world is going through a nervous break down. there are increased divisions, and attacks, really across every institution. maybe most troubling would be the attacks that happen on houses of worship. because if you think about it, a house of worship represents the quest for ultimate meaning. people are gathered together to think about issues of life and death, and more than life and death. and for someone to attack that sort of an institution, where people are praying, and vulnerable. it ought to shock the
4:34 pm
conscience. we saw this charleston 6 years ago represented depth of human hatred, but also represented best aspects humanitarian in the aftermath. the community came together, we have to be communities that are standing up for one another. that means, standing up for houses of worship, that we might not agree with. and saying, we're not going to have this sort of hate rest and violent happening to anyone of any religion in any house of worship. trey: dr. moore, i have become something of a cynic later in life, does not mean that i'm wrong, the line between politics and religion seems to be be on be on -- obliteratedded now. >> that is one of things that i hear all day long,
4:35 pm
churches that are divides over political questions or people in communities who have the sort of for -- about politics that makes it ultimate in ways we can understand in seeing one another, as created as images of god, something has really gone wrong in american culture, we should right it. trey: i'm going to ask a couple these longal questions -- theological question, i think there was a jewish carpenter what talked about loving the world, i wonder what he would tell us to do. >> to look to him. he is the way, the truth and the life. i think that part of the problem right now is that we're all consumed with our
4:36 pm
earthly lives, and we're consumed with lashing out at one another. rather than asking the really deepest questions that we can ask. which is what is a person for? what is a life for? what -- where are we headed? not everyone would agree with me. that eternal life comes through jesus christ, but they are questions worth asking, when they are not we replace something else. and that is always going to lead to disillusionment and cynicism. trey: dr. moore, i was looking through the old testament today, i saw a conversation between god and satan, and new testament, a conversation between jesus
4:37 pm
and satan. maybe we could start with civility. thank you for joining us on is a surge day. >> sunday night. >> thank you. trey: you will remember we had federal judge esther salas on, she told us about her son daniel. tragically killed because she is a federal judge. >> let's talk about some facts. the facts are this, threats against the judiciary -- they are on a rise, skyrocketing rise. the fact is that there is something that congress can do and that is inact a law that would make it very difficult for people to find our home addresses. trey: we asked the house and senate judiciary committees for an update on daniel's law and heard nothing, to jerry nadler and dick durbin, you don't owe me an
4:38 pm
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>> to got fulfill -- provide the public safety to the citizens. minneapolis police department -- police department in our -- >> there is a price we pay for living in a free country, when you have free speech you allow people to say stupid things. when you have very few constitutional requirementses for holding office, you sometimes elect people that don't like the country they claim to represent, this comes together in case of
4:44 pm
representative ilhan omar. she claims her critics are anti-muslim and anti-immigration and antiblack and sexist. what if -- critics don't like if if you say stupid things. congresswoman omar also said, i don't defend or explain the rise of crime, that is not my job. then she immediately defends and explains the rise in crime. you will never guess who she blames for crime crippling her district? she blames the police, they are to blame for murder, rape and
4:45 pm
carjacking, don't blame the person actually committing the crime, blame the police. in her world there is no personal responsibility. no one is anyone's faulted unless you are rich or a cop, or jewish. congresswoman omar puts responsibility for murder and rape and robbery not on the people committing the crimes, but on the people who risk their lives to prevent and solve those crimes. media just ignores the is upduplicity. when republicans say stupid things, the media is quick to report on that, we should all be quick regardless of who makes them, but you will not see media hole her to account they never did. in south carolina people who
4:46 pm
start fires, are called arsonists. in minnesota they are called members of congress. freedom only works when a corresponding responsibility. i will look to see whether there is any responsibility for a member of congress who blames crime on everyone, except those actually committing the crimes. and if she has her way police will be defunded. there will not be any police, i wonder who she will flame then? jim jordan is ranking member of house judiciary committee, congressman how can the police be the cause of rising crime rates? >> they are not, of course, anyone with common sense understands that, the americans don't like this attack on the individuals that put on uniform, risk their lives and bust their
4:47 pm
tail every day for us. the increase in crime should not surprise us. when you defund police you should not be surprised when you get to more crime, but to turn, round and blame the very people who bust their tail for us is very wrong. your monologue was on target. trey: i tell you how boring my life is now, a watch house committee hearings on c-span, and i have been watching you, you seem particularly interested in the first amendment at least with some committee hearings that i've been watching. >> yes, look, i think our first amendment liberties every one of them, you are right to practice your faith, and to -- they have all been assaulted in last year by the left. when attorney general did, a
4:48 pm
week and a half ago during this hearing, he issued that memo setting up a snitch line on parents who attend school board meetings to stands up for their kids, what he did was so wrong, and to see then next day after that hearing, the national school board association, who started this whole thing see them apologize for letter they sentiment i would like for attorney general to rescind his memo, hopefully he will, we'll continue to investigate this. this is as wrong as it gets and americans understand it. trey: you know congressman, i was 1 a prosecutor many moons ago. i was a federal prosecutor, i went through my head the list of federal crimes, crime rates are soaring, where can the feds help. it never entered my mind starting with parents of schoolchildren in virginia would be best use of our time and resource for
4:49 pm
department of justice. >> no, it is ridiculous. and i think -- said this in the hearing, because i mean it, i think that the attorney general memo is maybe the last straw. americans had it with this attack on first amendment rights and overall freedom. when you start telling moms and dads that government knows what is best for your children, more than you do. i don't think that anyone will stand for that. and you see an awakening, an embrace of freedom from people of this great country, they are tired of statements like when congressman omar made, there was a week last spring where the week started with congresswoman tlaib saying, not that we should defund police, dewey should get rid of -- but we should get rid of the police. trial judge in minneapolis
4:50 pm
. democrat introduced ledge lake to add 4 new associate justices to u.s. supreme court, in 5 days, this is what upset americans, you add to that an idea that attorney general is going to go after moms and dads showing up at school board meetings. americans know police do a great job, they bust their tail for us. >> i'm going to ask you about something you don't like talking about, yourself. you are a husband, a father, a grandfather, ncaa wrestling champion, you are also author of a book, how did you find time to write a book? tell us what got you excited enough to sit down and put pen to taper. >> thank you, trey, you have
4:51 pm
writ friend great books. i took my lead from watching you in how you should prepare for committee hearings. we wrote a book. what you tell the voters of south carolina, you got congress you did that. i try do the same thing, it is basic, we talk about big investigations we are involved with. benghazi and irs and impeachment and behind scenes with president trump, and then freedom caucus, i think your viewers, i think they will enjoy the read, preorder on amazon or barns barnes & noble if they want to reorder it. take them behind the scenes. to do what the voters. trey: i tell you, nobody prepared more than you, it shows with your questions,
4:52 pm
can't wait to read your book. hope it is big print. and easy small words so i can understand it. >> thank you. trey: coming up, is there value in halloween? that is next on "sunday night in america."
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♪ ♪ trey: as we say good-bye there may be a knock on your door tonight, it is halloween. my wife terry is in charge of answering our door, she is good at it.
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year's team, i'll do what i'm good at, sitting in the back of the house watching dallas cowboy play football, halloween does not impact my life much any more, but i have memories and lessons of childhood, going door-to-door with my 3 sisters, and i learned to negotiate my sisters for the candy, and i learned to talk my baby sister ahead of me in case was there a dog at house, and child of a medal doctor of a great thing, every day of the year, excepting halloween. i learn that neighbors who scared me the most during the day, they were the nicest, most generous when night fell. we grow up and watch our own children get dressed up, in search of candy, our children went to an event at church on halloween, the kids dressed up like animal,
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terry would walk with our children while they played games and got candy, i stood there and wonders if noah had both mosquitoes on the arc with him, why didn't he get rid of them then. halloween is end of october, the end of end of october is beginning of holiday season, where we feel and see things differently. value. children love candy of day of the year. we don't have to wait until they dress up like ghosts, houses we were wound afraid to visit are neighbors we stress ear the most. -- treasure the most. with that. i think i hear the doorbell ringing. let me make sure terry is not giving away all of the butter fingers. i hope you have a great week ahead, until next week, you can find us on-line.
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or the trey gowdy podcast, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." over 40 years ago i was a school board member in pennsylvania. outside of philadelphia. i remember we had some ruckus meetings then, we didn't call in fbi or department of justice, that would have been absurd, as it is today, but today's
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issues are more


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