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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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with our son.ives us a sign of foul play is she would never do with our son. >> a lot more to this story. we will tell you more when we get it. >> sandra: that was a heck of a couple hours. a lot of breaking news and lot to continue on fox news. >> john: down to martha with the "story." >> martha: the story live in our nation's capitol. president biden returned home in the early hours of the morning to changed political landscape. two blue states he won went upside down. rising stars glenn youngkin a name no one knew a few months back is the next governor of virginia and a man who goes by the name of jack is battled democrat phil murphy in new
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jersey. we are staying close to that story. minority leader mitch mcconnell will join us exclusive with what he sees this meaning for democrats and also for his party the republicans. and she became the first female and first woman of color elected lt. governor of virginia. republican sears will join me. bill hemmer at the billboard where he's been glued to it for 24 hours. this garden state is fascinating. >> bill: your homeitate. >> martha: it's my home state. >> bill: i won't make fun of it.
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>> martha: it's my home state. >> bill: i won't make fun of it. the difference is 15,000. murphy has a slight lead over ciattarelli. new york city is here and philadelphia down here. this is morris county west of new york. we had votes come in 30 minutes ago. murphy got a slight lead in that county. everything count and everything matters. but not enough to make a difference and it hasn't changed the margin of vote we are seeing in the difference of 15,000. what money matters: we can wonder how much do you have to spend to win? sources in new jersey are telling me that among tv money for murphy he spent $20 million. and for ciattarelli he spent $14 million. within the state itself, got it,
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okay? scratch that. this is tv money within the state. sorry about my confusion. the amount of money that came from outside of the state. murphy had $18 million come in from outside the state that he spent. ciattarelli spent less than $3 million. you add these up here and you see the difference. what did you get? you are at 38 million dollars for murphy and $17 million for ciattarelli. that's 2-1. does that sound like a bargain to you? . it's holding up. some counties are blue. we expect to see a lot of vote come in to favor murphy. hang on. we don't know that yet. we will let you when we do. this is a county.
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steve swinney is the democrat senate president. has the job 30 years. he is trailing his republican challenger by 2,000 votes. edward who describes himself as a conservative truck driver. how much money did he spen on his campaign? >> martha: $153. >> bill: bingo! it likes like sweeney because he is from this county, if you look at just like this from ciattarelli and murphy. go back 4 years ago. look at the same raw votes. murphy barely increased the turnout and ciattarelli really did better. he was up 19,000 raw votes. that's why sweeney is in trouble. something to watch there. >> martha: he is an institution
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in the state legislature leading it for 30 years. someone that spent $153 could give him a run for his money. and in hudson county they double counted the early votes and had toro do it. -- redo it and there is poll worker errors they are looking into. a lot of questions for new jersey. something to watch. we learned a lot about new jersey in the past 24 hours. great job. the gop pollster joins me now. frank, good to see you today. what is your headline looking at this? >> well, trump voters are active again and excited again and participating again. that's why the republicans run
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in virginia and are so close in new jersey. they didn't in january and they lost two senate seats. you have a higher than average vote along blue collar workers. mid 40s in both states. the suburbs returned to voting republican which they had not in 2016 or 2020. that combination with a better 2-1 win in small towns gives republicans the majority. and third, it's not just what is happening at the top of the ticket. the republicans will take over the legislature with the seats in virginia. won a bunch of seats in new jersey. this is not necessarily an embrace of the republican party, but it's an absolute rejection of what is going on in the last year in washington, d.c. the democrats woke up this morning really afraid.
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as the numbers come in, i have to believe they are having a stroke right now. understanding that the public when given the chance of voting no on what they are trying to accomplish. >> martha: yes, significant the president did not have any public events on his calendar today and no press briefing. taking at least a 24-hour breathe tore look at this. -- breathe tore look at this. they said teaching crt in schools was the most important factor. glenn youngkin 71%. he talked about school choice. your thoughts on that. >> education is an important issue. it's not just crt. it's about quality and preparing
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children for college and life. education was not a voting issue until this election. it will be a big issue in 2022 and 2024. the republicans are poiseed to retake the house in 20twa. -- 2022. you take virginia and new jersey, if republicans continue to support what they support and continue to back higher taxes and more spending, you will see a reversal in washington, d.c. one last point, 4 times in the last 50 years, the party on the out in the first election after a presidency, 4 times the other party has won the house. all 4 times it's gone from democrat to republican and all 4 times what happened in virginia has fore told a republican majority. >> martha: fascinating. frank, thank you.
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joining me now in d.c. is bret baier and co-anchor of "special report." >> bret: i will be interested to hear what senator mcconnell says on your show. it's weird to, to be in this seat in this studio. >> martha: thanks for letting me do this. >> bret: i looked into the numbers. there are key things that youngkin has done in virginia. one is looking at the black vote. he got 13% of the black vote. donald trump in 2020 got 11%. mitt romney got 8% and john mccain 4%. there is a republican story to be told about the black community and chipping away and getting more voters to pay attention. this is a race where the pundits
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said that youngkin was blowing the racial dog whistle and trying to get white supremacists engaged in the race. that's the dynamic much more black voters voted for the republican than in the past. to frank a point, this has ramifications broader. we will see in the next day or two that this means on capitol hill. i have senator joe manchin on the show tonight about where moderateses will be in the wake of an electoral political earthquake. >> martha: i am looking forward to senator manchin interview. it's a question for him: does he feel empowered today? like i told you so? whenly axality where voters are? >> bret: he may not be alone in speaking up anymore.
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>> martha: and the black voters entering to watch that shift. i will speak to the lt. governor sears. she had a great speech. a lot of people are just learning about her for the first time. it raises questions about education. the intersections are not along racial lines anymore. democrats assumed they would stay that. >> bret: black moms and dads and hispanic moms and dads care about their kids and what they are learning. that cross racial lines when
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that issue hit home. i think republicans will use the education umbrella issue in the suburbs across the country. >> martha: one of most interesting lines in her speech, i am black obviously, but it's not about that. that's interesting. we will talk about that. good to work with you. love your new studio. it's great around here. fun seeing the new digs. see you tonight. breaking news moments ago. minneapolis mayor jacob frey won a second term. the democrat fought off more than a dozen challengers and calls for changes of policing against the death of george floyd. he came out against the plan to replace the police department and 56% of voters rejected that
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plan. it would have focussed on a public health approach. still ahead mitch mcconnell called last night "a difficult evening for democrats." >> president biden was only given a 50-50 senate and a tiny majority in the house. he decided to let the radical left run the country. citizens wanted a return to normalcy. but they got a never ending series of government created crises. >> martha: we will talk to him about and a stunning theory on the deadly shooting on alec baldwin's movie set. stick around for that. record lows ear and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow
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>> martha: a stunning suggestion from the lawyers for the crew member of the charge of the guns on the alec baldwin's movie set. they said the shooting of hutchins may have been the result of sabotage. >> we know there was a live round in a box of dummy rounds that should not have been there. at least one live round. we had people who had left the set and walked out because they were disgrunteled. we have a time frame between 11 and 1:00 that day in which the firearms were unattended. >> martha: a lot of questions out there. these two attorneys and not naming any possible suspects. investigators say four people handled the gun before the shooting including the assistant director david hall. but his lawyer said that she could not tell me whether he
12:19 pm
handed that gun to alec baldwin. >> did he hand the gun that was used and that killed halyna hutchins to alec baldwin? >> here's what i am trying to tell you. when i answer a question i want to make sure it's consistent with all of the facts. i don't want to answer a question to you and later be proven wrong. >> martha: okay. we know that baldwin called the shooting a tragic accident. the sheriff would not at this point be able to call it an accident and prosecutors have not ruled out criminal charges. we will stay on top of that as we get new developments. the question in politics today: how big of a deal was last night's election? big in you listen to some of the reaction out there. watch this.
12:20 pm
>> somebody high up who was with mcauliffe put it this way to me an hour ago. it's a blood bath. >> how much is a message to the democratic party that they are too far left? >> democrats are coming across in ways we don't recognize that are annoying and offensivive and seem out of touch. >> martha: let's bring in scott and mark. let's listen to one more sound bite last night and i will get your reaction to all of these democrats are saying today. >> this is a big deal.
12:21 pm
these numbers are bad. this is not some -- these are our voters. these are voters that came to us in 2018 and in 2020 and abandoned us in droves in 2 states. if this party doesn't wake up tomorrow morning and figure out how do we run back to regular focus. >> martha: scott, do you agree with his assessment there? >> i don't agree necessarily. what i agree with it democratic voters are not energized because the biden/harris white house and the democrats in the senate and the house have not delivered on what they promised. they have not delivered on covid going away. they have not delivered on the economy. they have not delivered on major legislation. biden/harris.
12:22 pm
half of the country voted for them to deliver. they have not delivered on criminal justice reform or voting rights or build back better legislation. why should democrats come out in droves to vote for an administration that did not liver for them? republicans had a great night. they are energized. that's the problem. the other thing is youngkin was a great candidate. he stiff armed donald trump and used his own money and didn't need trump to win. and mcauliffe in the last debate give him an education issue he had the money and expertise to execute a winning difference. what is scary about virginia for
12:23 pm
democrats. the top 3 races they were winning by 2% points. just enough and beating democrats in democratic strong holds. >> martha: mark, one of the things that scott argues is delivering on infrastructure and human infrastructure and voting rights and all of those issues would have a made a difference. scott it sounds like you are suggesting that democrats need to go all in on delivering on those things to change the tune here? >> well, they went all in on 2020. >> martha: okay, mark get in here. >> it was a referendum on joe biden. if you look at the exit polls half of the voters voted on whether they approved or disapproved of joe biden and a third of virginia voters said i voted to send a message they
12:24 pm
disapprove of joe biden's presidency. why? i think it's all. things scott mentioned. the incompetence and the border and radical education and weaponize be the fbi against school board moms and the debacle in afghanistan. his approval ratings collapsed after afghanistan. it was an issue of whether they thought joe biden was competent. if you look at the polls, he had a 55% the night before kabul fell and on every issue from terrorism to the economy and his competence running the government. after afghanistan, a majority of american -- only 37% of americans today say joe biden is capable of handling a crisis. when people say you are incompetent that's hard to recover. that will have lasting damage for the next year and the
12:25 pm
mid-terms. >> martha: van jones talks about these are voters who came to us in 2018. you look at the suburban voter who wanted everything from 2020, they wanted to calm down and wanted a steady hand leadership and a moderate leader. that's how joe biden presented himself at that point. it seems the voters in the suburbs said we have a lot of crazy stuff going in my school. i want to send my kids back to school. they lost a ton of learning. they don't feel like they are getting a steady hand of leadership and want a change. >> parents spent more time with their kids during covid than any other time and listen to what they were taught remotely. if anyone missed the mark on how
12:26 pm
important and involved parents were where their kids, it was during covid. terry mcauliffe's comment about parents not wanting to be ininvolved with children, he could never recover from that. here's another are we don't talk enough about. the first race without donald trump either being on the ballot or on social media. donald trump endorsed youngkin but youngkin didn't need his support or money. it begs the question whether biden and the democrats won because america was tired of trump or whether america voted for biden and harris because they agreed with their policies and the direction they were taking the country. i would argue as a democrat it was the former and not the
12:27 pm
latter. >> martha: very interesting. gentlemen, thank you very much. coming up senator minority leader mitch mcconnell's first intervie and the conservative who made history as the state's first woman of color elected lt. governor. >> usa, usa, usa!
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>> when i joined the marine core i was still a jamaican but this country did so much for me, i was willing to die for this country. usa. >> usa, usa! >> martha: republican winsome sears delivering an emotional speech as voters in virginia elected her to be the lt. governor. let's bring in winsome sears congratulations on your win. wonderful to see you with your beautiful family accepting the win houchlt did you feel this morning but woke up? >> tired. [laughing]. . >> martha: [laughing].
12:32 pm
>> i had only slept for 2 hours. i was losing my voice. i thought i would be able to sleep in. >> martha: there is a lot of talk. in the tease before our segment. you are the first woman of color and lt. governor of virginia. last night you said i am black, if you have not noticed and then you said but it's not about that. what did you mean by that? >> because we are framing too many issues in terms of race. it continues to divide us. politicians are using it as a tool because of the things that happened to us historically to advance their nefarious
12:33 pm
purposes. if we stop looking at race and look at people. i am destroying all of the narratives about race. look at me! i am a heartbeat away from the governorship in case anything happens to the governor. how are you going to tell me i am a victim. i didn't do anything special to get here accept stay in school and study. i took advantage of the opportunities available here in america. he was not born here. this is not my country, but america allowed me to come and do for myself and my family. i remember when i was wanting to go to college, i had 3 children under 5. my husband took a lower paying job to stay home because he already had his degree. i put one of my children on the back of a bicycle to get to college. no one can say i don't know what it is to be poor.
12:34 pm
you are looking at the american dream! we can do better. it's not 1963 when my father came 17 days before marthin luther king junior gave his i have a dream speech. we are better than that. i am not saying we are perfect but you see people at the border dying to get in. they know if they put a foot on american soil the trajectory of their lives will change as it did for my father. >> martha: what joy reid said last night on msnbc about the youngkin win and your win. >> you have to be willing to vocalize these republicans are dangerous. this is not a party that is just another political party. they are dangerous to our national security.
12:35 pm
stoking that white nationalism leads to the hard-core stuff. >> martha: your reaction? >> i wish joy reid would invite me on her show. let's see if he is woman enough to do that. i would go in a heart beat and we will have a real discussion without her speaking about me behind my back. she talks about white supremacy. i ran against a white supremacyist. get your facts straight and talk to you. >> martha: winsome sears the new lt. governor of the say the of virginia. thanks for joining us. ly look forward to speaking you with in the future. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up senator
12:36 pm
minority leader mitch mcconnell on the republican victory in virginia and whether it signals a red wave ahead in 2022. stick around. homeowners. r veteran newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ doesn't your family deserve the best? eggland's best eggs. classic, cage free, and organic.
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that's what one moderate democrat stays today. the control of congress is on the line in the mid-terms. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell is here. first a correspondent standing by on capitol hill. >> this reignited the feud between progressives and moderates and several are very worried about next year.
12:41 pm
a small taste of all of the emotions on the hill today. >> there is a lot of doom and gloom this morning. >> [inaudible]. >> one who will run for reelection in 2022. i need results i can show the american people. >> there is no way you can blame a 12 point swing on one bill. >> i am worried not just in virginia but across the country. we have to show we can deliver in a pragmatic way. >> you heard the chair pushing back on this idea that terry mcauliffe could have won if progressives were not holding the infrastructure bill hostage to get the president's bill through. one pointed the finger back at her. and said terry mcauliffe can blame his loss on obstructionist
12:42 pm
democrats who blocked bold actions in congress. that's a jab at joe concha and krysten sinema. manchin said this is a warning that americans are worried about spentinged and inflation. developing right now the house democrats are pushing ahead.din. developing right now the house democrats are pushing ahead. the house rules committee could meet to markup their large bill. it looks like there will be a house vote on this later this week. >> martha: senator minority leader mitch mcconnell. thanks for joining us on this big day in american politics. i want to get in the next segment down to the nitty grit of this bill she reported on.
12:43 pm
the big picture at the white house. president biden arrived in the middle of the night and got word that indeed glenn youngkin would be the next governor of virginia. what do you think the big picture take away for this president should be? >> well, even more significant than virginia is new jersey. we were not competitive in the governor's race up there and yet the republican candidate no one knew almost won. what we can say about new jersey and in virginia, it was a referendum on the popularity of the biden administration and what they are trying to do. i would argue had they already passed this tax and spending bill they would have lost worse. the american people are saying don't double down on taxation and spending. the american people have had enough of all of this excess.
12:44 pm
they sent a message yesterday, stop! that's the message that should be taken by the democrats out of yesterday's election. >> martha: do you think there is any chance the presidencies it that way or will he listen to the voices that says jam this thing through? >> i think that's what they will argue. pelosi and schumer and the president will argue what people are saying is get this done. i think that's a misinterpretation of what happened yesterday. i don't think it was about the democrats failure to do it. it was because people didn't like that they were trying to do it. and getting a result on this massive reckless tax and spending bill won't improve their position in the american people. i think we are going into 2022 with a typical first mid-terms election and a new president
12:45 pm
with a mid-term report card and the american people gave the biden administration yesterday an f. >> martha: what is the message to republicans who are running in 2022? when you look at the model of these 2 candidates. the future century of virginia and the race still going on jack ciattarelli in new jersey as they plan their own? >> in the senate races next year directly related to this administration, republicans candidates will want a referendum on the popularity of this administration. inflation and higher taxes and massive spending. that's the administration upon which we will get a mid-term report card next fall. frequently he's elections in virginia and new jersey are
12:46 pm
a precursor of what happens in the next year. that's what happened in 2009 the first year of the obama administration and the second year of the obama administration they got crushed. that is likely to happen again a year from now. >> martha: when we come back i will ask you about president trump and glenn youngkin and the way youngkin handled the virginia race. we will take a quick break and talk about and what you see about the path for this bill they want to vote on. right after this break. stay with us. >> passing such legislation is not easy. but the long hours we are putting into it will be well worth it. liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to.
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>> martha: rejoined by senator minority leader mitch mcconnell. it was interesting to see the way that glenn youngkin orchestrated the issue of former president trump. kept him at arm's distance but able to turnout the vote and even drive up the vote beyond the trump numbers in southwestern virginia. what is the lesson to be learned from the way glenn youngkin ran his campaign? >> well, he thanked president trump for his support but moved on to make the election about glenn youngkin and his plans for virginia and the issues that divided the two parities. the -- parties. the teacher's union was telling parents to stay out of the way we educate your children. republicans are happy to have president trump's support, but
12:52 pm
in the end we will run with our own people and our own positions and focussing on the 2022 election and the referendum we will have a year from now on the performance of the biden administration. >> martha: would you counsel gop candidates to follow glenn youngkin's model? >> yes, it's a good model. voters are voting about things that are happening now. what we will have next years a referendum on how people feel about how things are going. 70% of the american people are unhappy with the way we are. the blame is laid on this administration and its policy. >> martha: look at a chart. this is the crystal ball shift in senate races from the university center of politics. kelly in arizona and nevada.
12:53 pm
all of those going from leaning or demto toss up or likely dem. what is your reaction? >> well, the wind will be at our backs next year. the senate majority lies in georgia, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, missouri, ohio, and arizona. i remember what it was like to be in a real minority. we were down to 40 the first 2 years of the obama administration of the we are 50 now. the way to the majority lies in those states. all of those states are gigged redder every day. >> martha: where does this bill go? senator manchin reacted to putting paid family leave into the bill.
12:54 pm
when do you expect to vote? >> if the house passes it this week and send it over here. if there is a final vote it will be set by manchin and sinema. not a single republican will vote for this. every democrat could kill the bill, modify the bill. that's in the hands of manchin and sinema. they will be able to determine what it looks like. i think the best advice i can give them politically after yesterday they ought to drop the whole thing. >> martha: do you think they will separate the infrastructure bill and president biden will look at what happened yesterday. now we will do it my way. infrastructure on its own and let's do it quickly? >> i don't know. i expect the white house is reeling and trying to grabble with those decisions. the infrastructure bill is a separate bill and passed on a bipartisan basis. that's a way to demonstrate they
12:55 pm
could get something done. >> martha: would you encourage republicans in the house to vote yes on that infrastructure bill passed in the senate to have a bipartisan win? >> i will leave it up to them to figure that out. >> martha: senator, thank you very much. mitch mcconnell always good to see, sir. >> thank you. >> martha: a quick break and we'll be right back with more. veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. you're a one-man stitchwork master.
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1:00 pm
you watch this developing story of the vaccines and election 2021. that is the story for today on this wednesday november 3rd. the story goes on. i will be back in new york to see you tomorrow. "your world with neil cavuto" starts right now. i will see you tomorrow. ms. to >> neil: we are waiting to hear from the president too. this will be his opportunity to respond to the debacle in virginia and new jersey with the governor's race. more of that in a second. this announcement is meant to talk about the vaccine available and given the go-ahead by the cdc as it was by the fda to use on kids as young as 5. that would be 29 million eligible children across the country. the president is going to talk about the need to get vaccinated what was going to be cl


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