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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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eating. this is what scott said hopefully it gives these kids something to inspire to do every day and look forward to in the future. we support you, brother. we love it also, i'm hosting hog "fox news primetime" all next week. >> jesse: he is about to cry so we have to go. that's it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are watching three major stories. a new jobs report shows more people are being hired while the u.s. economy is still short millions of jobs from pre-pandemic levels, this is by far the most positive jobs report in several months. there is growing controversy over president biden's flip flop on paying huge settlements to illegal immigrants. illegal aliens separated from family members at the u.s. southern border. and the big story at this hour, this minute a giant game of democratic legislative chicken on capitol hill.
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progressives are threatening to not vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill at this hour until the build back better or reconciliation bill is voted on as well. house speaker nancy pelosi may put the bipartisan infrastructure bill on the floor anyway. and essentially dare progressives to vote against it. even now there is continued uncertainty up on the hill with a back and forth that has stalled the president's domestic spending agenda. multiple preferences promising deals have not yet developed. concretely. congressional correspondent chad pergram starts us off with the latest at this minute from capitol hill. good evening, chad. >> good evening, bret. fractures among democrats, moderates and liberals sniping. house democratic leaders cutting their losses. they lack the votes to pass the social spending plan. so democrats looked for an exit strategy. they punted on the social spending bill. now they want to win on infrastructure. >> i do believe that there are a large number of members of the
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progressive caucus who will vote for the bill. that is my understanding. >> we have 218 votes to pass it? >> we will see won't we? >> house majority leader steny hoyer how says the house will pass the bill before thanksgiving. liberals are reeling. >> this has been a bit of a curve ball, this latest development. and it's unsettling and disruptive and i hope we can get back on that original track. >> it was schultz diplomacy as members came and went from the speaker's office throughout the day. the g.o.p. said democrats still did not learn from tuesday's election losses. >> thousands to millions of voters who just gave you a very clear message where are the democrats today? breaking their own rules, setting new records, just keeping votes open. and trying to intimidate and bully members to vote for something. >> democrats finally decoupled the social spending bill from
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the infrastructure package, liberals still argued the house should wait to pass both bills. pelosi can lose some democrats on infrastructure and make up the difference with g.o.p. members. but, so far, too many progressives are threatening to vote nay. there is tension between moderates and liberals. >> i'm still saddened that the president didn't walk into the chamber a week ago, 10 days ago to do the same thing. and sadly, here we are. >> to your point. >> i think we should vote on what we have. >> we hear a lot about senators kirsten sib ma and joe manchin, other democrats are duplexing their muscles now. it's moderate house democrats like stephanie murphy, ron kind and kurt schrader who are dictating when the house can vote. bret? >> bret: chad, it seems like this is new territory for speaker pelosi. she is not usually putting things on the floor. she doesn't have exact numbers of what's going to come back,
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but, there are some questions. even right now, right? >> yeah, absolutely. it's not a done deal but they will consider infrastructure tonight. in fact, we think that number progressives who are willing to bulk is bigger than the number they can make it up on the republican side of the aisle. pelosi does not put a bill on the floor unless she has the votes. so far even though that's the plan she has not put that bill on the floor, bret. >> bret: we'll follow it. head back for breaking details. chad pergram on the hill. chad, thanks. let's look at the numbers behind the spending bills. here is fox business correspondent hillary vaughn also on capitol hill tonight. good evening, hillary. >> good evening, bret. well, for speaker pelosi, it's all about the map. no vote on the house floor unless she has the vote. and for moderate democrats, holding up that vote today it's all about the math, too. whether or not president biden's social spending package is actually paid for like he promised. >> i think that is a need for more information on the bill.
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>> without a cbo score, the gold standard for tallying up the price tag and the pay-fors for proposals in congress, budget hawks say the total price is a mystery and that's why some moderates feel uneasy. speaker pelosi in the past used to get that and used it as an attack against republicans. >> they are rushing it without a cbo report. forcing a vote without a cbo score shows that the republicans are afraid of the facts. they are afraid of learning the full consequences of their plan. >> but others pressuring pelosi for a vote today think cost estimates they do have from outside economists and the joint committee on taxation should be enough. >> i just feel comfortable that there are sufficient documentation, documentation, numbers documentation. >> but some of the documentation out there from the penn wharton budget model says the math doesn't add up and, in fact,
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comes up about $300 billion short. >> there is a reason why they want to run the bill through without having a congressional budget office tell you how much it costs. there are gimmicks behind this. >> one of those so-called budgetary gimmicks is sun setting programs, having expire after a few years to keep the price down. penn wharton says the real cost is programs are made permanent is over $4 trillion. now the joint committee on taxation did release their estimate. they say the bill over 10 years is paid for. but for the first five years the new tax hikes that some impact middle class those in the middle class and small businesses do not cover the new government spending over that time, which means biden would have to borrow billions to build back better. bret? >> bret: hillary vaughn live on the hill. hillary, thanks. we are told the progressives are still meeting. there have been phone calls with
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president biden. so far there is not a break here. and still stalemate. lawmakers are demanding answers tonight over the news that the biden administration is pursuing a controversial plan to pay millions of dollars to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families as they attempted to cross into the u.s. white house correspondent peter doocy asked the first question about that to president biden. he has an update tonight. >> president biden was against cash payments for illegal immigrants. >> that's not going to happen. >> as biden officials defend money for illegals separated from family members under the trump administration. >> we're in this place that we are today is because we had an administration that had inhumane, immoral policy that was taking babies away from their families, from their mothers. >> republicans see a flip flop or worse. >> many times president biden tells us one thing that doesn't seem to be truthful with his own administration taking action for another. >> g.o.p. senators mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley write to the attorney general any settlements to illegal
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aliens because they violated the law are wrong. these kind of settlements are offensive to the american people. >> you have got the woke lawyers in the justice department and the woke lawyers for the aclu negotiating a settlement. they are both on the same side of the table. >> the former head of the border patrol thinks most migrants won't read the fine print and will flood the border. >> we talk about push and pull factors. i'm worried about the pull factors. >> yeah. >> whole message will never go out it will be illegal aliens got paid $450,000 apiece after they got to the u.s. >> for now this policy is only expected to apply to people who broke the law to enter. >> there is a long line to get into this country legally. is there any kind of discussion about giving people who are coming here the right way money? >> why would -- why would we be giving people who are coming here the right way money? >> why are you giving people who came here the wrong way money? >> i don't understand the question. what is -- you are saying that we should give people just money
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who are coming through? i don't understand the question. >> you are giving people immigrated here illegally money. >> like i said, like i said, that's the department of justice. >> we thought we were going to hear from the president again today because he told us he was going to come out for questions after the house passed his spending bill. but that hasn't happened yet. he has also set to go to beach house to delaware today. we don't know if that is going to happen anymore either. it doesn't seem like democrats around here or on capitol hill really know what to expect next. bret? >> bret: you know, peter, there is another story raising some eyebrows, fbi activity tied to a diary stolen from the president's daughter ashley. what's the latest on that? >> the latest is that today, bret, fbi agents raided two locations in new york that are tied to the conservative media outlet project veritas whose leader james o'keefe came out today in a statement to say is being scrutinized in this
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investigation into a stolen diary that went missing, belonging to the president's daughter ashley right before the 2020 election. but for now, project veritas is saying that they didn't do anything wrong. it was brought in by a whistleblower and no charges have been filed at this time that we know of. bret? >> bret: will the fbi. that's an interesting story. peter doocy live on the north lawn. peter, thanks. the economy added more than a half million jobs in october. the unemployment rate fell to 4.6%. that is the best jobs report in quite some time and the administration is obviously touting it while republicans are saying if there is this big turn around in the economy why is there a need now for massive spending bills? edward lawrence of fox business joins us now with the rest of the story. good evening, edward. >> good evening, bret. exactly the administration taking credit as saying success for this month's job report as you mentioned 531,000 jobs added back to the economy. the last time the unemployment
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rate was under 4.6% was 19 months ago. president biden claiming victory here saying that his american rescue plan laid the groundwork for this strong report. and what the president did not mention today is inflation. the latest wage report wages rose 4.9% over the past 12 months. cpi inflation rose 5.4% year over year. the stuff we buy is increasing more than what we earn. on tuesday, in his news conference in glasgow, scotland the president said wages rose faster than inflation. that's simply not true year over year. this is how he phrased it today. >> not only are more americans working, working americans are seeing their paychecks go up. weekly pay went up in october. average hourly earnings up almost 5% this year. >> and in the report there was a big sectors that gained big job gains. adding back to the economy. look at leisure and hospitality added back 164,000 jobs.
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still, that's 1.4 million jobs below february of 2020. manufacturing train and transportation and construction added significant numbers of jobs. republicans still pointing to the cost of living. >> they put a ban on drilling on federal lands and then you are going to beg opec? opec said no for a reason. they want higher gas prices. it's the lower income families hit the hardest by president biden's inflation tax that he created himself. he can reverse it he just doesn't want to. >> then you add back in the vaccine mandate which could affect employment, in fact a new study from the kaiser family foundation found that 37% of unvaccinated workers say they would leave their job if that mandate went into effect. bret? >> bret: yeah. no matter what party you are in, this is good news, that jobs report. just perspective. edward, another news front item, pfizer on the verge of getting this pill approved by the fda which the company says is 89%, 90% effective at eliminating a
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hospital stay or death if taken soon after a covid diagnosis. we talked about merck also having a pill like this. has the white house said if there is still a need for a vaccine mandate if you have these pills? >> i asked this directly of folks in the white house. the deputy press secretary for the president says that they -- vaccine saves lives in their mind. also that the vaccine will improve the economy even more. they have no intention of backing off this band-aid at this point saying that it go l. go into effect on january 4th for companies with 100 employees or more. bret? >> bret: big deal. edward, thank you. about that, there is growing concern tonight that president biden's vaccine mandates may cause the supply chain crisis to worsen. it's already bad now. we have brought you multiple stories about that with dozens of ships still stuck in the waters off of various ports. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reports tonight from the port of los angeles. of the problem comes from a shortage of truck drivers. >> tackling the trucker shortage
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is undoubtedly one of the keys to breaking the backlog of consumer goods piling up at our ports. >> so we do have to work with them to make sure we get them back on the job and get them back driving. >> but some trucking organizations told congress this week vaccine mandates will hurt the dry to recruit more drivers. the trucking industry is not anti-vaccination. we are anti-supply chain inefficiency. >> the moot point given that many truckers are independent contractors with dozen of container ships idling off the california coast, the message from president biden's commerce secretary to american consumers is simple: don't expect your government to fix the issue. >> it's the private sector that runs supply chain. >> secretary raymond dough said earlier this week her advice to people whether they will get deliveries from the holidays was, quote: call fedex. she also said the infrastructure
3:15 pm
bill will help matters. republicans argue it will make the situation even worse. >> they really should be working on fixing our supply chain crisis. but the democratic policies will create even more disruptions shipping more of our businesses overseas. >> pre-pandemic around a dozen or so container ships would sit offshore for, perhaps, one day on average. waiting to dock at the twin ports of los angeles and long beach. the largest in the u.s. today, around 70 container ships are waiting. and the wait can easily stretch for more than a week. those ships represent hundreds of millions of dollars of goods americans want in their homes. which brings us back to the truckers. the biden administration says it is working to get new truck driver's licensed as quickly as possible ahead of the holiday shopping surge. the average time it takes to train and qualify for a
3:16 pm
commercial driver's license is seven weeks. seven weeks from today it will be christmas eve so the pressure is on. bret? >> bret: jonathan hunt at the port of los angeles. jonathan, thank you. energy secretary jennifer granholm is dismissing the idea of encouraging more domestic oil production to ease the soaring gasoline prices. grand home was asked that question today on another channel. her reaction speaks for itself. she calls the suggestion hilarious. >> what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] >> that is hilarious. boy if i had the magic wand on this. >> bret: aaa says the average cost of a gallon of gasoline is $3.42. record closes again today for the three major markets on wall street. the dow gained 204. the s&p 500 was up 17. the nasdaq finished ahead 31. for the week the dow was up
3:17 pm
almost 1.5 percentage points. the s&p 500 gained 2. the nasdaq was up 3. up next, should the steele dossier that inspired the trump-russia investigation actually about be called the clinton dossier? one major media source thinks. so we will bring you that here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in san francisco a police sergeant is arrested on suspicion of robbing a pharmacy and is on unpaid leave pending an internal investigation. the source telling the station dan kohl allegedly demanded pain killers from that store. this is a live look at atlanta from fox 5, our affiliate there. the big story there tonight, a huge parade for the world series champion atlanta braves. they defeated houston in six games to win the fall classic. it is their first world series championship since 1995. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪ the winner takes it all
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♪ >> bret: police in new haven, connecticut, are asking residents it avoid the downtown area tonight. this comes as they investigate multiple bomb threats at yale university. police received a call to nonemergency number stating that bombs were placed in several buildings on campus. the school quickly sent out alerts to students, faculty and staff to evacuate those buildings, so far authorities haven't found anything there. there is growing attention tonight on the story we updated thursday about the investigation into the origins of the trump-russia probe.
3:23 pm
the special counsel investigating the matter, john durham, announced the arrest of a man accused of contributing to a document used to justify the fbi probe. it has been known as the steele dossier. tonight the "wall street journal" writes it should be called the clinton dossier. the opinion piece by kimberley strassel who will be on the panel tonight, points out that igor danchenko is a long-time democratic operative who was active in the 2016 hillary clinton presidential campaign. tonight we examine how the mainstream media have been largely ignoring this story after years of pushing stories the other way. here's fox news media analyst host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz. >> the indictment of igor danchenko steele dossier end twind with the investigation of trump and russia triggered this admission from "the washington post. the paper said in today's lead story the allegations cast new uncertainty on some past reporting on the dossier by news
3:24 pm
organizations including "the washington post." yet, despite the enormous media attention to the russia investigation, including the dossier, the nbc, abc, and cbs evening newscast ignored the danchenko indictment yesterday. danchenko was charged with lying to the fbi about false information he fed to former british spy christopher steele, including unsubstantiated and salacious accusations against trump. danchenko allegedly fed some of his falsehoods to charles dollan, a former clinton administration official. the fbi had said it launched the russia probe before seeing the steele dossier. but in a wiretap application for former trump adviser carter page, the bureau used the dossier's claim. fox news covered the story extensively. >> there were obvious red flags with the dossier from the very beginning. for one thing, christopher steele was working for an opposition research firm called fusion gps which was funded by the hillary clinton campaign. >> cnn and msnbc did not cover the story after 5:00 p.m. except
3:25 pm
for rachel maddow who had relentlessly trumpeted the investigation. >> this report comes in the midst of a concerted attack on christopher steele himself from republicans in congress. they are alleging that he was basically peddling false information. >> and last night she slammed special counsel john durham's case. >> the unmistakable impression is that this indictment is designed to smear christopher steele's intelligence reports as things that were deliberately made up and concocted by rascally democrats. >> the steele dossier may seem like a mere footnote in the incredibly complicated saga that once dominated our national politics. now that its wild charges are being further discredited, many in the media have lost interest. bret? >> bret: all right, howie, we will tune into media buzz, glean greenwald journalist will be with you. up next the panel on the status
3:26 pm
of president biden tax and spend. first beyond our borders tonight a chinese spokeswoman say people support taiwan independence will be criminally libel for life. people subject to the new rule will not be allowed to enter the mainland or cooperate with entities or people from china. it marks the first time beijing has laid out concrete punishment for people deemed to be pro-taiwan independence. gunmen execute two drug dealers from a rival gang just south of cancun dramatic shootout erupted near upstyle he resort sending tourists scam bring for cover. wore ski masks and arrived by boat. one other person suffered non life-threatening injuries in that attack. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: texas is coming up with new ways to fight the surge of
3:31 pm
illegal immigrants across the border with mexico. correspondent steve harrigan shows us tonight from del rio. >> the chaos along the border ends most nights here in a battle between the texas brush team from the department of public safety and migrants from guatemala and honduras. fox news embedded with the team overnight. 15 people were taken into custody. ranchers say their properties are overrun. officers say what they are fighting is a crime. >> when they get cause with us, they are not getting released and going back, you are being arrested for a criminal trespass and you are going to jail. >> things are so bad on the border, texas governor greg abbott says texas has to do things for itself. national guard and police. positioning tactical vehicles and building their own wall out of razor wire and empty shipping containers with a more permanent wall on the way. >> we expect construction to begin very soon and we expect
3:32 pm
some of the border wall to be up before the end of this calendar year. >> on the other side though, the motivation is strong. we spoke with women, wet, winded and weeping. just after climbing out of the rio grande river. most left young children behind in venezuela. we asked why. for one, the answer is simple. >> money, she says. in venezuela, try to get enough to eat to stay alive. if you have four children, you can't do it. you have to find a new country. for another, the reason is bigger. >> this is the only place, she says, where you can feel secure in this world. police are corrupt in my country. if something happens to you in my country and you report it, nobody pays attention. the rule of law is something both sides here say they are desperately looking for. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan along
3:33 pm
the border in texas. steve, thanks. former secretary of state colin powell is being remembered as a principled man of humility and humor. powell's funeral was held today following his death last month. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports tonight from washington's national cathedral. ♪ take my hand. >> the nation's top leader gathered at the national cathedral to say goodbye to colin powell a soldier who rose to become the country's first black national security adviser. chairman of the joint chiefs and secretary of state. >> colin powell was a great leader because he was a great follower. he knew you could not ask your troops to do anything you were unwill to do yourself. >> powell served in vietnam and under president ronald reagan at the pentagon where he began a 40-year friendship with richard armitage another vietnam veteran. >> have you two disgruntled multitour combat vets not
3:34 pm
delighted with the way we conducted war and we left. developed not only the weapon systems we needed but redeveloped the morale that our nation needed. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright and he even butted heads over the proper use of the military in the bosnian civil war. in his book powell recalled telling albright who later became a close friend the u.s.s. army were not, quote, toy soldiers. >> when the book came out, he sent me a copy inscribed patiently yours, collin. and when i replied i signed my note of thanks forcefully yours, madeline. >> his son michael directed his final words at the nation and its divided political class. >> to honor his legacy i hope we do more than confine him to the history books. i hope we recommit ourselves to a nation where we are still making his kind for as he said in highs autobiography. his journey was an american journey. >> colin powell was a soldier, a
3:35 pm
statesman, and an american icon. he was 84. >> bret: thank you, jen. we'll be right back. ♪ hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. bye mom. my helpers abound, i'll need you today. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun
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♪ >> cbo scoring talking more about the effects it has all through our economy and all through people's lives. that's something reasonable to ask. >> it will not be a cbo score until thanksgiving. there's a reason why they want to run the bill through without having a congressional budget office tell you how much it costs. there are gimmicks behind this. >> the secretary of the treasury i believe we are on the right track. economists are on the right track and rely on those individuals. >> bret: here is where we are right now. congressional progressive office meeting up on capitol hill. so far they say they are voting against the bipartisan infrastructure bill because there is not a deal on the other one. the reconciliation bill, build back better bill.
3:40 pm
if 0 progressives vote against it there won't be 20 republicans who vote for it to cover that so nancy pelosi will not have that bill passed potentially she is not put it forward. let's bring in our panel harold ford jr. ceo of empowerment inclusion capitol. mollie hemingway federalist. and cimberly strossel member of the editorial board at the "wall street journal." i called this a legislative chicken. there is pressure. the president has called the if that's the case, you are going to have to wait, i mean it may punt to december. >> thank you for having moo on and what a day for the country as we bury colin powell. i say two things put the bill on the floor tonight speaker pelosi and her leadership team should. those progressives who wish to vote against it should be allowed to vote their conscience and go home and definite it. if i was still in congress and i
3:41 pm
represented a district in memphis, go i had to go home and defend why i voted against the $1.2 trillion bill that would build more roads and bridges and build more broadband, make america more competitive against china and i voted against it, maybe i would have a good reason, bret, i can't think of one right now, those people should go home and defend those votes. i know speaker pelosi doesn't like it bring the bill to the floor where she does not have the votes. this is one of those moments where you have to test the mettle. if you don't you could end up in the minority next year. as i can tell you as someone who served 10 years in the minority, it's much better being in the majority. >> bret: they may be in the minority anyway depending on what happens one way or the other here. kimberly, the thing is that it's clear that this strategy by speaker pelosi of linking these two bills together has absolutely failed tonight they have already punted vote on the infrastructure deal with the reconciliation later. they don't want to do that this is one of the reasons why there is a delay.
3:42 pm
"wall street journal" 3.98 trojan horse. all of the provisions of 8 bill except green energy tax cuts new spending increase by $3.8 trillion while the tax revenue would stay at $1.55 trillion over 10 years. this means the real cost of the sanders, biden pelosi budget is $4 trillion and putt the u.s. on a path to european. that's what these moderates are saying we need to see the score. >> yeah. i mean, this is the third or fourth time they have tried to do this? look, if they had brought up this infrastructure bill back in september, and nancy pelosi had simply said we are holding a vote on it, it probably would have passed. but i think that those numbers you just read out go to the weakness of the progressive democratic position. they know that the rest of their party is very uncomfortable with this. they know this isn't necessarily popular in big parts of the country so they deliberately tied it to that more popular bill to try to force both of them through now we are seeing
3:43 pm
the limbs of that policy. >> we will follow it i want to turn to the durham probe and it is moving forward and we knew it was going to come eventually it took some time take a listen to jim jordan and andy mccarthy on the developments. >> these are not about these individuals lying to john durham and his investigative team. they are about the original lies they told back in 2016 and 2017 to the fbi that started this charade that was the trump-russia investigation. >> the fbi didn't didn't interview danchenko until february of 2017. well, they were in the fisa court in october of 2016 bringing to the judges there what is supposed to be a verified application which means they are supposed to corroborate the information before they go to court. they didn't do it until much later. >> bret: mollie, here is the national review write up. donald trump might have had a desire to closer relationship
3:44 pm
with vladimir putin but it was democrats who had aggressively and successfully disseminated russian disinformation during and after the 2016 election manipulating compliant media and law enforcement. no, i do not undermine trust in the american electoral system. we now know that the premise of the narrative that under girded hundreds of stories was created in a public relations lab. what we don't know is how much the media knew. even if we generously concede that most journalists were merely dukes rather than participants, the lack of skepticism and professionalism is still jarring. we have done a lot on this mollie. it is coming to roost here. >> kim and i both did a lot on this story. we actually always knew it was a democratic operation. we learned it was democratic funded and democratic party sourced and, yet, the major corporate media coverage said otherwise. causing untold damage. we know, in fact, that one of the people mentioned in this
3:45 pm
indictment yesterday dollan was meeting with media figures. they already knew that as part of the russia hoax. they already knew who some of these people were. and this is what is so frustrating about this. some accountability can be had. we had one fbi lawyer indicted for his lies in wiretapping trump campaign affiliate. we have one dnc or democrat party lawyer who has been indicted for his role in the hoax and then yesterday we have this other operative who was indicted. but there are so many more people that need to be held accountable. they basically got away with so much that they did and so much damage to the country. >> bret: yeah, it's a wonder why none of this was covered in the mueller report and we have got a lot of things to continue to look at. okay, panel, stand by. up next, the friday lightning round and it will be lightning. ♪ ♪ as about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ >> in october, our economy created 531,000 jobs. well above expectations. this recovery is faster, stronger and fairer and wider than almost anyone could have predicted. >> that's great for merkt. they have been utilizing their poor jobs numbers to say why they need build back better. so if this was the case today, why would you need the bill?
3:50 pm
>> bret: okay. there you have it. the jobs numbers were better than expected, 5 '1,000 jobs added in october. unemployment rate falling to 4.6%. back with the panel. haired, it is good for america. no doubt about it no matter what party you are in. better than expected jobs report is a great thing. but what about what leader mccarthy said there? why then push these big massive spending bills? >> well, i think two things two reasons one we should be celebrating the numbers, 1.5% drop nun employment since january. i think there has been a lot of hope and optimism on the part of many that the reopening of our economy is going to continue to expand and if we have government supporting and investing in the right thing we can grow even more. i think of the spending bill different than leader mccarthy does. this is about allowing us to be competitive with adversaries and allies around the globe. first and foremost on that list is china. while we are investing a trillion they have invested 10 trillion in infrastructure. think about that.
3:51 pm
>> bret: kimberley. >> the farer we get away from spending bills already the better the economy is becoming. the government is in the way that ought to give all of washington some real pause about inventing all of these new programs that, again, throw a bunch of unknowns out there as well as imposing a lot of new taxes on corporate players. >> >> bret: mollie, quickly on the vaccine mandates. there is already push back, legal push back as well as businesses concerned. where do you think this goes. >> also interesting we just had news about a pill that's been approved in britain to do a good job with covid treatment which as you noted it decreases even the best case for a vaccine mandate. that we would be enforcing a vaccine mandate disproportionately affects those portions of the economy that we need to have going really well is also unfathomable this is
3:52 pm
what the biden administration would be doing. >> bret: all right. winners and losers around the horn. harold, first? >> my winner is colin powell, his life his patriotism his example will be missed, loved and hopefully replicated by future generations of soldiers and diplomats, our loser and i call my loser the person who could have done it better this week is aaron rodgers i hope that he shot straight with his but it doesn't seem like he did. >> bret: all right, kimberly? >> my winner are the nation's police departments who got a huge boost from americans who voted down anti-police initiatives and candidates. and my loser is democratic argument that we need a federal takeover of election laws to save democracy. i would point them to this week's booming turnout. >> bret: there you go. mollie winner and loser? >> my winner is john durham who has done such good work on
3:53 pm
unraveling some of this terrible stuff the country was put through with the lie that donald trump was a russian agent. my loser is major league baseball and rob manfred who banned atlanta from hosting the all-star game because he threw a temper tantrum about georgia's work on election integrity and had to give the award to the atlanta braves when they won the world series this week. >> bret: that's exactly right. okay, panel. thank you. make a great weekend. when we come back, it is friday and that means "notable quotables." ♪ wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party.
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>> bret: flags on the right sided, the house is in session. bill. one of them. it is friday. that means "notable quotables." >> i think we are going to win in virginia. >> all righty, virginia. we won this state. >> white identity politics that works for republicans. >> here i am living proof. >> thank you to jersey. >> no one should be declaring victory or conceding the election until every legal vote is counted. >> today is a wake-up call for washington democrats. >> i think that we are tired. >>ing [inaudible]? some of these folk need to go awoke detox center or something. >> blue states and blue cities are yelling at the wing of the democratic party you're nuts. slow down. >> 50,000 people in one place. all on top of each other. we don't want guns there. >> police we form yes they should.
3:59 pm
we need police. >> we don't get to pick and choose our rights. we are supposed to enforce them all equally. why does this one get special treatment. >> $450,000 per person. is that what you are saying? >> that was separated from a family member. >> that's not going to happen. >> what scares the bejesus out of me, i don't hear people saying this is good for our country. >> i think it's time for you to resign. >> i have no responsibility for the current pandemic. >> i think poetic justice great win for the organization. certainly the team what they did. >> i can hear them in atlanta right now jumping up and down. [cheers] >> bret: congrats to the braves. that's one week. pretty hard to believe. just learning that president biden will not travel to row rehoboth beach tonight. spend the weekend in town. investigation is continuing and going forward. bill hemmer hosts "fox news sunday" this weekend. the show will feature chris
4:00 pm
wallace's exclusive panel with house minority whip james clyburn and liz cheney. bill will introduce senior adviser to the president cedric richmond. that will be good to watch. check your local listings, thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. mac it a great weekend. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy starts now. >> rachel: thank you, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. if this week's elections taught us anything it's that americans care about kitchen table issues. we want what's best for our country and what's best for our families. these are the things that americans value most. number one, jobs. and the economy. number two, the cost of living. and, three, most importantly, our kids. democrats know that. our voices were heard this week. but they don't care. and they are purposely ignoring