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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 8, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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exposed you really are directing all this thank you for watching this don't forget to set your dvr and we will see you next sunday when "the see you next sunday when "the carley: it is monday, november 8. the post election hangover for democrats is only getting worse as president biden's aprove rating plunges further. >> the country's in a bad place. carley: we're live in washington as the left licks its wounds and republicans eagerly look ahead to the midterms. >> and did you hear this? >> it will be more expensive this year than last year. let us get off of the volatility associated with fossil fuels. >> the white house admits you're going to have to pay more
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to heat your home but the biden administration is still considering shutting down another american pipeline as winter nears. >> the chaos unfolding at a music festival in houston, after eight people lost their lives in unrieuly crowd. -- unruly crowd. >> you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm carley shimkus. ashley: i'm ashley strohmier. democrats are trying to save president biden's agenda. carley: alexandria hoff joins us live from washington amid concerns with major elections across the country. >> reporter: the house passing the infrastructure bill last friday was a win that the president desperately needed. at the same time, more americans are losing faith. the latest usa today poll shows president biden's approval rating what has hit a new low of
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38%. we're trying to bring the economy back and you've got these other things happening. so the country's in a bad place. it's a real tough time to become president of the united states. >> reporter: it took 88 days from when the senate passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to when the house was able to do so. that relied on help from republicans. the holdup was mainly due to democratic in-fighting. >> i think congressional democrats blew the timing. we should have passed these bills in early october, if we had, it would have helped terry mcauliffe, i've got to give it to the republicans. they were hungry. that's what happens when a party loses. they get hungry and win a close race. >> reporter: what he's talking about is the major barometer of the president's performance wrapped up in virginia and new jersey with devastating outcomes for the democrats. terry mcauliffe lost to republican newcomer glenn youngkin and in new jersey what should have been an easy win for
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democrat phil murphy proved to be a narrow nail biter. >> it was a rejection election. voters across the country rejected these radical policies of the democrats but they're still sleep-walking like zombies on this road to socialism. >> reporter: while democrats and progressives are scrambling to reset, republicans are seeking to capitalize on the shifting momentum. >> we've got to go forward. we've got to move on. we've got to of move on and talk about issues that people care about and i think virginia, new jersey last week showed that. glenn youngkin did not have a backward-looking campaign and neither did jack ciattarelli. >> reporter: one area where the president came out on top and that is when you compare his approval rating to that of his vice president, the same poll has vp harris at 28%. carley, ashley. carley: that is not a good number, alexandria, thank you so much. we appreciate the reporting. and you know, one thing that is bon dauntly clear is that -- abundantly clear is that the
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conversation has shift todd to the midterm elections and a lot of local policieses who lost, a lot of democrats who lost of are saying to the media, listen, this red wave is real in suburban america. one of the politicians, pa tri patriciatisdale, she lost her bo become a district judge, she said we need to pay attention, this is something going on across the country, the democrats can't do politics as usual. whether that is crime or the border or education or the economy, when we think about the economy, the president is trying to pass a giant social spending bill and a lot of moderates who live in these swing districts are saying that's not going to work for us and our voters. ashley: a when it comes to the infrastructure bill, we were paying attention to it over the weekend, on friday night when this happened, when you think infrastructure you think bipartisanship. but there's so much jargon in it that has nothing to do with infrastructure. when you go back to the elections and this quote,
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unquote, red wave that came through last week, it was masking requirements and crt being taught to the kids in schools and i think that the democrats kind of missed the mark, thinking it's not going to be that big of a deal but clearly it was because it was parents that really turned out for thistle ebbing. carley: it was parents, totally. i think a lot of parents are energized especially when it comes to kids and schools, whether it's the pandemic or the critical race theory stuff. when you think about why people vote, it's usually having to do with their wallet, their pocketbook. more important than that are their kids. ashley: president biden flip-flopping on whether or not illegal immigrants separated at the border under the trump administration should be compensated. >> you said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage. >> no, i didn't say that. ashley: the administration now saying it's up to the doj to determine who should get a
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payment and how much. framing the notion as a benefit to taxpayers. >> if it shows that it saves taxpayers money, if it rights a wrong, that's where the justice department to decide. ashley: the biden administration has not said whether payments being sought for families separated under the obama administration. carley: president biden's administration leaping to defend the vaccine mandate for private companies with 100 or more employees, this as a federal court halts the rule amid grave constitutional issues. >> the president and the administration wouldn't have put requirements in in place if they didn't think they were appropriate and necessary and the administration is certainly prepared to defend them. carley: the white house defending the legality of the mandate citing workplace safety. >> i'm quite confident the validity of this requirement will be upheld. if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job, it could put in place these simple measures to keep our workers
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safe. carley: at least 27 states have issued legal challenges to the mandate. more to come on that front. prices at the pump are surging across the united states and the biden administration a is considering shutting down another pipeline as part of of its climate agenda. ashley: alex hogan joins us live in london as the administration tells americans the only remedy is a adapting clean energy incentives. >> reporter: good morning carley and ashley. a lot of back and forth over the potential decision for americans across the country especially as we head into the winter months. 12 of the michigan indigenous tribes that are recognized by the country sent a letter to the president urging him to shut down a portion be of the line five pipeline specifically the underwater section in the great lakes, citing the dangers of a potential leak. at the same time, there's mounting criticism over what's
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stopping the pipeline would of mean financially. back-lash from the republicans that the move would exacerbate skyrocket gas prices with prices up 50%. >> it would be more expensive this year than last year. let us get off of the volatility associated with fossil fuels and others who don't have our country's interest at heart and invest in moving to clean energy. >> reporter: that what is the white house is saying. environmentalists are voicing their concerns, calling on the government to close the pipeline. last month a group of protesters attempted to cut a safety device which prompted the company to shut down the pipeline out of precaution. now, keep in mind, this is all coming just about a week after biden's a attendance at the u.n.'s global comply matt conference and the -- climate conference. while the president is back on u.s. soil, this conference
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continues for about another week with delegates from all around the world and among those speakers today is former be president barack obama who touched down in scotland last night. carley, ashley. carley: alex hogan live for us in london. congratulations on the big move out there as well. >> reporter: thank you very much. ashley: now a developing story out of houston, travis scott and drake are hit with lawsuits over the deadly incident at the astro world festival. carley: eight people were killed and dozens injured during a massive crowd surge. jackie aibanez joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. 113 people including five minors were hospitalized after the deadly festival. candlelight vigil took place in houston sunday for the eight victims killed. all but one have been identified. their ages range from 14 years old to 27. authorities launched a criminal
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investigation into the festival. they say someone in the crowd may have been injecting people with drugs. intense video shows medical staff and concert-goers frantically trying to give cpr to victims as the concert raged o. rapper travis scott and event organizers are facing at least two lawsuits over the incident. one suit alleges the two incited the crowd. the 23-year-old said she was injured and is seeking $1 million in damages. in a second suit, launched against travis scott and organizers, another attendee says they failed to plan a conduct and the concert in a safe may nor, they ignored the extreme rick of harm to concert growers and encouraged dangerous behaviors. it caused plaintiff serious injuries. this as scott who headlined the festival as running it issued a personal response to fans
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saturday. listen. >> i just want to send out prayers to the ones that was lost last night. we're actually working right now to identify the families so we can help assist them through this tough time. i could just never imagine the severity of the situation. >> reporter: the rapper previously pled guilty to disorderly charges stemming from two previous concerts where scott encouraged fans to rush the stage. ashley: a such a scary story. carley: thank you. ashley: chaos at at a number of ivy league schools after they received a string of bomb threats. yale, brown, cornell and columbia sending out alerts sending students and staff into a panic as they ran away from campus buildings before an all clear was given hours later. police beefed up security on the campus as they investigated. columbia university determined the threats were not credible. authorities have not linked any of the threats. carley: in boston, a
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demonstration turned violent when antifa county protesters showed up. the original gathering was meant to protest mask and vaccine mandates in the city. antifa members reportedly blaired loud you music and used instruments to drown out the protester. boston's police chief said two people were arrested. ashley: now to a heart warming moment out of the new york city marathon. a runner who fell less than 200 meters from the finish line is helped over the line by complete strangers. the touching video shows the men carrying the runner who appeared barely able to straighten his legs. the crowd cheering them on every step to the finish line. carley: that's amazing. he finished it. that's awesome. okay. and in nfl action the rams had no answer for the tennessee titans at home. the titans' defense picking up quarterback matt stafford twice
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on the way to the 28-16 win. the cleveland browns trounced the bengals in an afc north showdown. baker mayfield connected with donald peoples jones for a 60-yard touchdown. the chiefs hold on to beat the green pay packers. the packers scored one touchdown without aaron rodgers in the 13-7s loss. josh allen and the buffalo bills scored a season low as the jacksonville jaguars pull off the 9-6 upset, what a low score there. and finally, the new york giants pull off an upset of their own, defeating the las vegas raiders, 23-16. todd is very pleased. ashley: i'm pleased too. my chiefs needed everything they could get. carley: was he at the game? ashley: he was at the game. carley: consistent great layingses, -- congratulations
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todd. ashley: president biden wants to cut checks for illegal border crossings. what message does that send to the cartels and illegal traffickers. we talk to former border patrol chief next. ashley: we have a big show lined up on this busy monday morning joe concha and attorney general ken paxton joining us live. don't go anywhere. [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist, including automatic emergency braking. find new peace of mind. find new roads. chevrolet.
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at ashley: the chinese military is building missile targets resembling u.s. aircraft carriers and other war ships in the remote desert, the satellite images show a full scale outline of a u.s. carrier and at least two missile destroyers. the u.s. naval institute reports the new target range complex has been used for ballistic missile testing. china continues to focus on anti-carrier capabilities, specifically on u.s. navy war ships amid high tensions between washington and beijing. mexico's national institute of migration is offering work visas to the caravan, that's if they're willing to stay in the central american country. the program would also extend the visa benefits to family
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members of caravan migrants. the government is offering to facilitate their paperwork in southern mexican states in what seems an attempt to keep the caravan from getting closer to the u.s. border. the group has previously rejected similar offers. carley. carley: president biden changing his tune and defending his administration's plan to cut checks to some illegal immigrants. >> there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who were separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each. >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it's not true. that's not going to happen. because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border, whether legal or illegal and you lost your child, you deserve some kind of compensation. what that will be, i have no idea. carley: okay. joining me now, ron vitello, former chief of border patrol and retired acting i.c.e.
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director. the president admitted to peter doocy that these payments would incentivize illegal immigration and now it looks like they're happening. >> well, that's the case. i mean, i like the first answer better. this is garbage. why are we rewarding people who came into the country illegally? i understand that people didn't like what they called the family separation problem but it wasn't that. it was a no tolerance prosecution for people who came into the country illegally. what might experience at at the border patrol taught me was if you hold people to account, if you give a consequence for people who break the law, you get less law breaking. if you hold people in custody after they cross the border illegally you'll get fewer people coming. this problem was fixed in january 19th and we see the largest surge on the southwest border that has ever occurred and that's because they reversed the policies that were working previously and now here's another incentive, the incentives are all wrong in the se nature he yow we see right
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now. carley: -- scenario we see right now. carley: what about parents who lost their children to illegal immigrants? we covered a story out in florida where an illegal immigrant allegedly killed 5-year-old girl in a drunk driving accident, that's a permanent separation. while that's a what about-ism political point, the president does open himself up to that kind of criticism. >> correct. nobody wants the border to be in chaos as we see it today. border communities don't want it. the agents and officers that work on the border don't want it. the communities where these people are settling don't want it. everybody wants the border secure. we are a very generous nation as relates to immigration and having the border in the case that it is now, this chaos, it can't continue. carley: you mentioned a bunch of groups that want the border secure. the one group that doesn't want the border secure are the cartels and they are he getting exactly what they want.
1:22 am
>> correct. so we have this kind of chaos. they're the ones that are profiting because you have many border be patrol agents instead of patrolling the border and a he protecting us like they always do, they're distracted with the care and comfort mission. when i was at the border several weeks ago, 40% of the workforce was you assigned to the care and comfort mission versus controlling the border. cartels continue to do you human trafficking. the agents are distracted because of the chaos that exists there. the border communities suffer because of the crimes that are committed, the dangerous smugglers who overload vehicles and are chased by law enforcement authorities. carley: we know this is more than just a border issue because the biden administration is flying illegal immigrants to various places across the country florida governor ron de santis' office said 70 late
1:23 am
night flights landed in jacksonville since the summer and these flights, are they paid for by the american taxpayer? what's going on here? >> yeah. so we ended the year in record territory, 1.7 million encounters and apprehensions and many of those people not from mexico, from all over the world, 150 countries as reported by the chief -- the former chief of the border patrol, rodney scott. many of those are children who come to the border unaccompanied and they're flown all over the country, including florida, because that's the way the law -- they're exploiting the loopholes in the immigration law. the they come to the country illegally, without their parents, and then they're placed in cities all over the country including jacksonville. carley: it's a big issue and it's only going to get worse under these policies. ron, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. carley: ashley. ashley: time right now is 4:23 on the east coast. if you can't stop crime should
1:24 am
you tolerate it? the controversial question promming swift backlash. and cancel culture is coming for thanksgiving. we're going to tell you about the push to erase the beloved holiday, that's happening right now on one american college campus. stick with us. ♪
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♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most. carley: ashley: welcome back, social media users are tearing into the san francisco chronicle for the headline asking residents should they tolerate burglaries during the city's crime surge. some label it too harsh while others were shocked a paper would post it. this comes as crime runs cam pant in the city, burglaries and attempted burglaries are up 13% in one area of the city. car break-ins are up 750%.
1:29 am
some are demanding twitter's news director resign after there's a history of anti-israel tweets, she is under fire after announcing a new role with a tweet including flags in the region but left out the blue and white israeli flag. in 2010 she tweeted israel was not born but dropped like a bomb in the middle east. she changed her personal profile to private amid the allegations. ashley. ashley: thanks. and cancel culture comes for thanksgiving. the university center is hosting an event with the hope of scrapping the beloved holiday. joining me now, president of the school's young americans for freedom chapter. okay, terese. thanks for being with us this morning. >> hi, ashley. thank you so much for having me on the show. ashley: no of problem. let's read this, this is a tough
1:30 am
talk event description. it says why is thanksgiving celebrated in america when the truth behind the holiday is the massacre of indigenous communities. terese, tell me why you're concerned about this event being held on your campus. >> yes. so i'm very concerned about this of event being held on my campus and i'm disappointed to see the school sponsoring the event. the first thanksgiving native americans came together to give thanks and it celebrates diversity and is not race aist a --racist as the university is claiming. the left's radical agenda is to tear down the family structure and cause division which is what the university of buffalo is trying to do by taking away thanksgiving from us. ashley: a is this the first time an event like this has been held on your campus? >> unnoterly, not. i think -- unfortunately, not. this is part of a larger problem
1:31 am
on university campuses, the left consistent spores events like this -- sponsors events like this all the time. last year there was a story that the university was segregating stories based on race for elections, listening students ss where students could come together but they did it by race. things like this happen all the time. ashley: do you know anyone who is going to this event to support it and then on the counter to that, just going to see what it's all about? >> yes, i believe in freedom of speech. i want to hear what they want to say and make my own point. i know my chapter, young americans for freedom, are the only conservative club on campus. we're trying to raise awareness about the event to show a university funded with taxpayer dollars is funding this kind of leftist nonsense. we're going to host an event so we can talk to students about
1:32 am
the history of thanksgiving and see students' thoughts and show we're not okay with the left pushing this agenda on our campus. ashley: is there any fear for you they that you think your voice will at least attempt to be muzzled because you are going to table against this? >> yes, unfortunately i think there always is that risk as conservative on a college campus. i'm willing to take that risk. i think it's important to stand up for what i believe in and show there is the opposite opinion to these leftist ideas. i know in my personal experience conservative voices are muzzled on campus. i know we often do tabling on issues like abortion, communist, gun rights at fairs and students come up and say i didn't know there were other conservatives on the campus, which love to join you -- i would love to join your club, i can't join because i'm afraid people will discriminate against me. it's too bad because college should be a place for freedom of
1:33 am
speech but voices are silenced. ashley: it's awful that you feel your voice and your peers feel their voices will be muzzled because you are conservative. but terese, keep up the good fight and we appreciate you being on with us this morning. have a good day. >> thank you so much. carley: the time is 32 minutes after the hour. coming up, an nba superstar is now offering thousands of dollars to bring an alleged cop shooter to justice. as a georgia officer and father of two is fighting for his life. and as drugs pour across the southern border, one coroner warns marijuana could be laced with deadly fentanyl. his warning for all americans, coming up next.
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ashley: at least nine people are dead and 43 hours injured in shootings in chicago over the weekend. one man killed in a shooting during a fight over a parking space, four of the shooting victims were minors including a 4-year-old boy. the boy is in good condition at a local hospital but no arrests have been made in the case yet. one police officer was shot eight times whine on duty. a gofundme page for the officer raised $35,000 in eight hours. carley: nba superstar shaquille o'neal is donating $5,000 to increase the award for information on alleged cop
1:38 am
shooter. the chop was shot point blank. a manhunt is underway for the suspected shooter, the 22-year-old is accused of injuring the officer during a domestic dispute. he is a father of two children and has been with the police department for a little over a year. overdoses in the u.s. are skyrocketing with 96,000 drug related deaths across the country since the start of the pandemic. ashley: dr. william clark, coroner for the baton rouge parish in louisiana is concerned that fentanyl may turn up in may was that. -- marijuana. he joins us to discuss. we were talking earlier. you have not seen marijuana yet laced with fentanyl, correct? >> not in the sense that we would say this is happening currently but the concern is that it's going to happen. we're already seeing it --
1:39 am
fentanyl being laced with cocaine and methamphetamine. the next iteration would be that it ends up in marijuana. ashley: back in my home state of missouri, i covered this for a long time and in st. louis there was marijuana that was laced with fentanyl and it was a big concern back in 2016, 2017 and we worked with the dea on this story. so it already is showing up in certain places in the united states, whether or not it's in your state or other states. it's here. do you think that would mean that there would be or could mean there would be a bigger push for legalizing things like marijuana to avoid things like this happening, that way it's regulated. >> well, so if you legalize a drug that certainly might seem to take care of the situation but regardless of legalization you're still going to have an illicit market that exists and that's true for all drugs. so i don't know that that completely solves the problem. it's the illicit market where you're seeing the fentanyl issue. carley: i can't get over the
1:40 am
number, dr. clark. 96,000 drug overdose deaths during the pandemic a. overdose deaths are at an all-time high. describe what you're seeing on a day-to-day basis. >> so we've had 250 deaths in my community he related to overdoses. all but about 28 of those involve i'll liss fentanyl -- illicit fentanyl. in the past it was the opioid addict or the one traditionally going out and seeking opioids, whether heroin, fentanyl or a combination. now we're seeing people that never abused opioids in their life, they either get cocaine laced with fentanyl or getting fentanyl sold to them unknowingly and using it and having an overdose. there's a lot of people that use recreational marijuana. if the fentanyl find its way
1:41 am
into the marijuana and is ingested the next thing you have is a fatal situation. ashley: dea said a deadly dose of fentanyl is small enough to fit in the size of a pencil lead. was are the age ranges,s is it younger people? is you it all over the board, as far as what you're seeing where you are? >> that's what makes the opioid open -- epidemic one of the worst in the country, is we're seeing all ages. we're seeing young kids, high school and college, we're seeing older people. it doesn't affect one race, it affects all of them, it affects men and women, doesn't matter whether you're poor of rich. that's why we're seeing huge numbers in the devastating epidemic. carley: what can be done? how can we reverse the trend? >> you have to hit it from two sides. number one, law enforcement and strict laws that involve the illicit trade of drugs on one
1:42 am
hand. on the other hand, remember, there are a lot of folks out there -- i refer to them as patients because i'm a physician, but they need our help. we need addictive services to work on their substance abuse disorder. but you've got to do both of those things. if you do one or the other, you're not really solving the problem. that's my suggestion for the solution. carley: dr. william clark with probably one of the most important messages this morning about fentanyl that's affecting drugs that you may not even know about. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. ashley: thanks. >> thank you. have good good morning. carley: airline pilots telling joe biden enough is enough with vaccine mandates. on saturday, the u.s. freedom fliers organized a protest of the vaccine mandate t outside of charlotte douglas international airport. one pilot at a major airline saying, quote, we're out here today because we're tired of the mandate, we're tired of being told that our bodies are not
1:43 am
ours. it just comes down to enough is enough and we're going to make a stand and this is our stand. this as airports across the country prepare for a busy holiday season. southwest pilots previously protested vaccine mandates which led to thousands of delays and canceled flights. ashley: mayor-elect eric add a dams says he wants to end new york city's school mask mandate. >> i think it's imperative if we can find a safe way to do it. i'm looking forward to get rid of the masks. i think part of socialization is a smile. not seeing smiles of our children, i believe it has a major impact. ashley: adams' desire to drop face covering for students, comes less than a week after new york city mayor de blasio declined to give a timetable for dropping the mandate, saying it really works because the kids adapted to them well. i'm not sure if some parents would agree with that. carley: and music to parents'
1:44 am
ears on the eric adams front ash exactly. democrat tule sigh gabbard -- tulsi gabbard has been calling a referendum. >> this is where we see the darkness coming from. people chose to respond positively towards that message of hope and optimism for our few churr. carley: that is the same thing we're seeing in deep blue new jersey where voters embraced the gop agenda in a big way. up next we talk to a group of republican whose just turned several state seats red. ♪ always had high, high hopes. ♪
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and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim web. because platforms this innovative, aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade. ashley: mark levin is bashing some in the mainstream media over the coverage of the virginia gubernatorial race. >> the media have turned on quote, unquote, white women in the suburbs. two elections going they couldn't slobber over them enough. righteous people, who believe in diversity, you're the ones they demonize and attack. ashley: glenn youngkin won by 8 percentage points. some are citing women as the key to his triumph.
1:49 am
tulsi gabbard said the gop won big in virginia thanks to the uplifting message. >> if you're not able to another person as a child of god, someone you can respect as a fellow american, then this is where we see all of the darkness coming from. it's no wonder, you were talking about the results of virginia, that that people chose to respond positively towards that message of hope and optimism for our future. ashley: gabbard added that the gop's message was in stark contrast to the anger and di vie divisiveness by democrats in the mainstream media. carley: new jersey governor phil murphy narrowly one on election day. now they're coming to the realization the party must evolve or continue to lose ground. >> it's clear there's a lot of hurt out there and there are a lot of kitchen tables that we need to connect more deeply with and help folks get through this
1:50 am
period. they're frustrated by the ongoing pandemic or economic recovery, whatever it may be. carley: those remarks coming after four deep blue seats in the garden state turned red and joining me now, beth ann mccartney patrick and beth sawyer who of won assembly seats as well as two who of won county commission seats. thank you for joining us this morning. beth ann, you are a retired firefighter and emt and your assembly seat was held by a democrat since 12002. so how -- 2002. how as a republican did you recapture voters? >> i just walked the streets, talked to everyone, told them that it was time for change, our taxes, our property taxes are outrageous and everyone knew that. and we just needed to try and put a stop to it and i was voted in along with my colleague, beth
1:51 am
had, and that's what we're going to do. carley: beth, the associated press has a piece out this morning, titled local democrats warn the party there is a growing republican wave and it's real. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. i think that people are tired of what's going on from the white house down to what's happening locally. the constituents have spoken. the amount of votes we have won in a district that was held by pretty much lifetime democrats for three seats. carley: chris, you won a county commissioner race in new jersey and you had something really interesting to say in the e-mail you sent our producers. you say what happened on tuesday shifts the balance of power and has the state potentially becoming a battleground state in new jersey for the next presidential race. >> that's actually true. if you look at the policies and the way things work they in new
1:52 am
jersey and south jersey in particular, the senate president has typically become the power broker. with him no longer in power and all the power base shifting, almost all of south jersey is now red with the exception of camden county. with that power vacuum you see a potential shot of a small portion of being reliably blue. carley: ken, you've got a commissioner seat in a county that has been democrat controlled for 30 years. what has happened during that period of time that you want to reverse? >> i'd like to reverse the trend of the increasing property tax rate. every single year that has been democratically controlled the property taxes have increased. we would like to stop that trend. we would like to stop it from becoming an avalanche. right now, the county ranks 28th highest in the country as
1:53 am
far as property taxes are concerned. we would like to reverse that. carley: beth ann you heard governor phil murphy at the top. he recognizes there is a problem for his party in new jersey. the question is, is he going to change? he's one of the most liberal governors that new jersey has ever seen. do you see him shifting more to the middle? >> he made a comment a while ago about that he wanted to change, make new jersey the california of the east coast and we're not going to let that happen. so he's going to have to change or it's not going to work for him. carley: beth, democrats still have control of both the senate and assembly in new jersey so you four want change but that could be stopped just by the power that's happening with the numbers. so what do you see the future of new jersey being? >> i think new jersey's got one of the brightest futures it's
1:54 am
had in a very long time. i think that constituents believe in us, believe we're going to be the face of hope for new jersey. we knocked on many doors during our time campaigning. the biggest things is a number of democrats say they feel the democratic party has left them and they're -- and you saw that in the voter turnout. i'm excited. i'm excited to work with other people and i promised that we would. carley: nick, chris, i owe you a question. we are unfortunately out of time. we thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. carley: ashley. ashley: today, the u.s. is easing restrictions on international travel including from canada and mexico. u.s. will now allow in visitors with proof of third vaccinations and a recent negative test. the rule ends a ban on travel from several nations after more than 18 months but it is placing a burden on airlines to force vaccination requirements or face a $35,000 fine per violation.
1:55 am
and fed ex ceo fred smith predicting 100 million more shipments this holiday season compared to previous years. he says he believes the infrastructure bill will ease the supply chain crisis. >> one of the three reasons that we're having a supply chain problem that we're having is the lack of investment in infrastructure and other policy changes that could have made our logistic system more flexible and nimble. ashley: he said fed ex is currently going through 90,000 employment applications and hiring thousands. the company is in the process of modernizing its fleet of planes so they emit less c o2 and use less energy. carley: kyle larson is your 2021 nascar cup series cam cham, picking up a victory on sunday. the race capping off one of nascar's most competitive
1:56 am
seasons ever. nascar's president president calling the quality of racing, quote, one of the best if not the best in the history of this sport. look at all that consistent at the timey. congratulations to him. the biden administration said it's ready to fight for the private sector vaccine mandate after a judge hands red states a win and suspends the controversial policy. .ken paxton joins us to discuss the legal battle. joe concha also joins us live next hour. don't go anywhere. ♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. all together: me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on buick suv models.
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carley: it is monday, november 8th. a post election hangover for democrats is only getting worse as president biden's approval rating plunges even further. >> the country's in a bad place. it was a real tough time to become president president of the united states. carley: we are live in washington as the left licks its wounds and republicans eagerly look ahead t


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