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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 12, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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company - being attacked in various lack the leadership we need to withstand the kind of enemy we are facing now and will face in the future to a greater extent. ♪♪ a highway ♪♪ i want to ride it all night long make todd: generally by tom,. this is good morning on friday, you are watching "fox and friends first". shimkus planned to ohio but correct me if i'm wrong. carley: i've been on highways yesterday and today.
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i am in ohio, the toledo refining company, the uncertainty of the pipeline and the importance of critical infrastructure and meeting americans energy needs and the impact of skyhigh inflation on your wallet, the president double down on the need to spend trillions of dollars of your taxpayer money and turns out the democrats social spending plan would include a massive tax cut for the wealthy. todd: didn't think that would happen. police in kenosha bracing for unrest in their street as the kyle rittenhouse trial draws to a close. ashley strohmeyer joins us with more. >> reporter: kyle rittenhouse's defense team and prosecutors will be back in court for closing arguments on monday to go over jury instructions was a witness said joseph rosenbaum was part of the chaos during the protest in kenosha claim he
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tried to push burning dumpsters and to occupy police cars and became confrontational. the judge coming down the prosecutor but this time regarding questions directed to the witness. >> this is america's voice have any sort of political bias or agenda? it goes to the bias, the witness, your honor. >> bias in what respect? this is a political trial. >> reporter: the kenosha sheriff the purpose release a statement that had potential unrest following a verdict saying, quote, we recognize varying opinions revolve around the trial, both department of dedicated staff working to ensure the safety of the community. the city of chicago, ahead of the potential unrest, kyle's mother spoke in regard to president biden saying her son was a white supremacist. >> president biden doesn't know my son whatsoever and he is not
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a white supremacist, he's not a racist and that for the votes and i was so angry for a while at him, what he did to my son, defame him. >> he spoke about how she thought her son had died. >> when i look at the video that guy pointing a gun to my son's head i thought he was going to die. just pointed his gun at his head. it took a long time just to grasp that he was alive. >> reporter: a lot of emotional is the prospect of a mistrial is looming. prosecutors say they will ask
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for approval for the jury to consider lesser charges against rittenhouse. >> thank you. >> former congressman told the average bashing the mainstream media and democrats for rushing to judgment before getting all the facts in this case. >> this is a problem. there is no care or interest in evidence or the fact or justice. it is about politics, are you one of us or one of them? are you on our team or are you the, quote, enemy? as you've seen in this example and others if you are not on our team you are a racist, you're a white supremacist, you're a terrorist. >> we will talk to lara trump about the media bias later in the show. carley: more broken promises from president biden is a new study reveals the president's social spending bill will give wealthy americans attacked the ten times bigger than middle-class. >> the president will support the supply-chain crisis at a
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meeting with his cabinet this afternoon, griff jenkins joins us with more. happy friday. >> this is bad news for the bills back better agenda, this analysis as if the president's social spending bill passes, 20% to 30% of middle-class households will pay more in taxes in 2022, that breaks one of the president's core promises do not raise taxes on anyone making less than 400,$000, inflation and a 30 year high, prices are skyrocketing from fuel to food to furniture. demon former president obama's former counsel director admits being mistakes being made and hard times are here to stay. >> policymakers in washington unfortunately have almost every month been behind the curve, it was transitory, doesn't look transitory. >> reporter: this as the chairman of the federal reserve
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warns relief may not come into into next summer. that has democrats worried the president's wait it out strategy spells trouble for democrats in the midterms. >> looking to some long-term thing, you have to deal with it today because today's politics are bad on inflation for democrats. >> reporter: with narrow margins in the house and senate republicans smell blood in the water and are blasting the biden administration. >> everything costs more because they have the dumbest economic plan in history, their plan is lockdown the economy, spend like crazy, pay people not to work, people who have been working, they will raise their taxes and spend more money. stupid plan. >> reporter: this afternoon all eyes on the president's cabinet meeting where they will discuss the bipartisan infrastructure bill, see what he has to say about his build back better bill. todd: griff jenkins, thank you.
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carley: house speaker nancy pelosi privately objecting to democrats pitch for a billionaire tax calling it a publicity stunt, progressives pushed as a way to pay for the president's social spending plan but the party often we abandoned it in october after resistance from moderates, pelosi is the sixth wealthiest member of congress, worth $100 million. that is a lot of expensive ice cream. the president's spending agenda haven't been passed yet, the american people are being hit with a tax hike. watch. >> the problem is you cannot spin inflation was people feel it when they get a second groceries against the gas pump. it is -- they see that. the problem president biden has is it will affect the passage of build back better,
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reconciliation bill. and also is going to affect the veracity of his claim that he doesn't tax anyone who earns under 400,$000. you have inflation your paycheck is being eroded and that is why the impact on people at the bottom of the pile. >> a large part of president biden's spending agenda focuses on climate related initiatives, many of which he and democrats a been touting in glascow. >> is democrats are world leaders focus on going green russia and china amazing aggressive and consenting was removed. alex hogan joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the us sounding the alarm to its european union allies as new satellite images surface raising concern these images showing tens of thousands of russian troops stationed near the ukrainian border, the white house confirming his consulting
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with members of the eu over the possibility of an invasion which it firmly denounced. >> we don't have clarity into moscow's intentions but we know it's playbook and our concern is russia made a serious mistake, attempting to rehash what it took in 2014 when it amassed forces along the border, crossing into ukrainian territory and did so claiming falsely that it was provoked. >> russia is countering any wrongdoing calling the deployment an internal matter, the country is accusing the us of provoking the situation by failing its warship in the black senior russian troops. over in china a new resolutions cementing president xi jinping's power in the communist party, the document elevating his power naming him the historical figure equal to the founder and
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successor, china voted to amend its constitution a racing term limits and giving xi jinping the ability to pull for the rest of his life, this week brnovich 26, china announced a joint climate agreement. questioning john kerry of the extent of those conversations. >> how in the several months of meetings did you bring up some of those issues such as use of force? >> that's not my lane here. my job is to be the kind of guy. >> reporter: ahead of 26 there was concern that political disagreements could interfere with climate compromise. world leaders are trying to avoid exactly that during the 14 day summit which ends later today. carley: happy to see the end of
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the summit. alex hogan, thank you. todd: the longest summit in summit history. the president facing backlash during the veterans day address. listen. >> i have adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, went on to become a great picture in pros in major league baseball, jackie robinson. todd: biden's choice of words referencing hall of fame pitcher satchel paige land commit hot water online when he was attending to wish secretary of state anthony blinken a happy birthday. newly released email show the national board association was engaged with the white house, the department of justice and other federal agencies before sending a letter to the president calling parents, quote, domestic terrorists, just five days after the letter was
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sent to biden the doj send a letter to investigate the school board. after intense blowback they apologized for that letter. attorney general merrick garland has not retracted the memo to the doj despite telling congress his only proof of threat against school boards was that letter. threats of violence and carefully coordinated letter justify his message. carley: the fate of the pipeline remains uncertain which is why i am in toledo, ohio. i spoke with workers and business owners who are worried about a shutdown and the mayor of oregon, ohio, who has a message for president biden. >> the facility has been operating for 127 years. >> this is where we bring crude oil in at the facility. >> this was where line 5 connects to the toledo refining company. >> that is correct. >> the line 5 pipeline takes raw crude from canada transporting it to the great lakes and state
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of michigan and in ohio, it delivers 540,000 barrels a day of crude to the refinery. >> how many people would be affected if the pipeline were shutdown? >> we have between the hourly and full-time workforce 600, 1200 employees and studies to support 16 jobs in the community so that multiplication factor gets an astronomical number of people affected. >> provides for my family. i'm not trying to say my family didn't have a lot of money and me getting this job allows me to provide a better standard of living. >> governor with a wants the pipeline shutdown, she feels a section of it is safe and could create an oil spill. how do you feel about that? >> i don't share that same level of risk. the pipeline is robustly built,
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highly unlikely -- >> wind and solar, they are great, geothermal all great but you can't just get rid of this too. it's not a real thing. we want to clean planet. most construction in this refinery over the last several years is about protecting the environment. >> the pipeline shutdown would affect your business, how so? >> a trickle down effect with prices, they shut that down, we lose jobs. >> shutting down the pipeline, the people in this community and all the other communities between the pipeline and us, that is a pipeline shutdown. that is their life. >> reporter: what does this company means your family? >> this company means everything. i have been fortunate enough to be the refinery life, child of my dad working here so long and me being here over 6 years of
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afforded me opportunities for my family. >> reporter: how long have you worked here? >> last week i just completed my 31 year. >> reporter: how important is this job to your family? >> great opportunity. i'm a woman, number one, in a job that is typically male so it shows my daughter, that is 13, the women can do anything. >> reporter: there is concern line 5 is shutdown. are you worried about that? >> yes, i am worried. >> reporter: are you worried? >> absolutely. losing my livelihood. >> if it happened it impacts my family. >> my standard of living will go down. my daughter's standard of living will go down. my friends that work here, their standard of living will go down. you can't replace the jobs that are here like that.
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in my eyes, and base that decision on people. not politics. no place for that. >> reporter: a lot of concerned people. where does the pipeline stand? the answer is complicated, it is locked in a battle between gretchen witmer, and then it got kicked up to the biden administration because canada once the pipeline to say, they invoke the 1977 treaty, you don't see that happening often but there are so many people on the ground, hard-working people that work at this company that are really concerned this pipeline is going wait if it goes away that means their jobs go away with it. >> what is important about your piece it is not just those jobs would go away with it, it is the
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supporting jobs, the restaurant owner you saw, people not going to the restaurant as much, they are talking how his town will be impacted. that's why stories like this are so important and so important to tell it the way you did. >> one other thing, everyone has been so nice at the toledo refining company and a lot of people are here extra early, they haven't gracious enough to host us and he's saying it is not just about the jobs but also the company does so much for this community, toledo is an up and coming city, really getting things going in the right direction, a lot of new construction and they want the town to be great and this company goes away that is not happening anymore so a lot riding on these legal battles, the decision whether to shut the pipeline down, we are talking to more people on that front all morning long. in the meantime parents in two major school districts are left
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in limbo because teachers say they are too tired show up for work, you will hear from two concerned moms next. todd: derek schmidt, doctor mark siegel, f from paul coming up on this busy friday morning, don't go away. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪
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todd: parents in several school districts left scrambling after classes were canceled because educators are taking time off the exhaustion. a problem made worse thanks to a nationwide substitute teacher shortage that hit areas like saddle and maryland hard. seattle public school parents and a summary public school parent doctor jan wiseman. i will begin with you. i feel like there are a lot of us who are pretty tired thanks to our jobs, looking at the team here getting up a little the night. what makes seattle teachers different from the rest of us. >> two kids attend seattle public schools. first time in a year and a half they are teaching in person.
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and a 4 day weekend. >> you heard erica talking about short notice. is there no consideration for what that short notice does to plan their lives? >> it is an impulse to all the parents worry social workers to those like healthcare and any parents turning on the time to drop everything, shows your responsibility for children under their care. todd: let's go to various statements from respective districts, on canceling class today we are aware of the larger the more were number of spf staff and don't have adequate personnel to open schools, it is indicative of 15 educators and students are experiencing. only a few weeks into the school
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year, how to we compete with countries like china on major subjects like math and science and reading and writing when our education system and power through. >> we are not. >> seattle and washington state we can't afford to take a day off. same teachers, screaming equity all the time, think about the kids and families impacted by the last-minute notice, smaller children, people who can't afford the opportunity to work from home. this inconsiderate notion for an additional day off. >> it does impact those families and where is the equity in that? here's the statement from
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montgomery county public pools, low attendance of students in high-level staff seeking time off. they are not picking up the openings. what is your response to the substitute teacher explanation? >> something they knew about. it is a problem the leaders of the school district failed to adequately address. canceling school the day before thanksgiving citing attendance is down more than usual, do we decide today before spring break we don't need school? it shows not prioritizing children's education. todd: what is going on here? >> parents and children being held hostage, a negotiation happening. parents are watching and this is unacceptable.
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we cannot just - we need to provide education in the school system and the contracts. >> what is going on in seattle. >> the entire conversation hold the decisions and rolled over and let it happen, another great example that. what are we going to do, making the message that clear. >> set the standard in your areas as well. todd: thank you. over to you. carley: i showed you my conversation with workers depend on the pipeline in ohio, we are sitting down with a mission, a lawmaker whose district is devastated by a shutdown.
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todd: a migrant caravan set to leave, north american leader summit set to begin. president biden will meet with the mexican president and the prime minister to discuss immigration and other things. the caravan is expected to meet with the current group consisting of haitian and central americans on november 18th. the mexican government banned migrants from hitting ride on truck so they will walk the entire journey to the texas border. have the caravan approaches thousands of dhs employees could lose their jobs over president biden's vaccine mandates. 30% of homeland security workers have not been fully vaccinated. the deadline is quickly approaching. dhs says those who do not comply will be room move from federal service.
1:32 am
carley: a michigan lawmaker pleading with the biden administration to keep the pipeline open. it is a major source of propane and energy. cannot afford to lose. with me is senator lana tice. if line 5 shutdown what happens to the people in your district? >> thank you for letting us advocate for the state of michigan. what happens to people in my district and the entire state is increased energy costs go up and all costs go up. are medicine costs go up and not just at the pump but experience what is happening every time we go there, the price goes up. >> reporter: people are experiencing high gas prices so if the pipeline shutdown do they go higher? >> more than double.
1:33 am
over $300 a month in these are the people with the lowest median income in the state. >> reporter: why is gretchen witmer doing this? she's concerned about the environment? >> this is something, spent four years in the house. have yet to meet her. >> reporter: is:getting colder and the biden administration, it is going to go up. what will happen? >> pocketbooks are maxed out. we have covid inflation covering everything, groceries, fuel, we can't afford this, it has to stop. >> reporter: what is interesting, it establishes the situation for the keystone xl pipeline, this pipeline has been here 70 years.
1:34 am
because of that, already in existence and their is no other way to get the propane to your constituents. the only way to do it would be by truck. only time we get into that, that is worse for the environment. >> picture a truck, we have to shut the bridge down, picture of propane truck trying to come in. >> reporter: what about the biden administration saying people don't understand what is going on with the economy, supply chain issues or what inflation means, do you agree with that? >> michiganders are smart, the american people are smart, we've seen inflation before, we understand what it looks like a we haven't seen it like this in 30 years, it doesn't need to be this way of what we shouldn't do
1:35 am
is double down on stupid and make it worse by shutting down the pipeline. >> reporter: portion of the pipeline may be replaced, that is the part of the pipeline the governor issuing under at the great lakes, if that replacement happens with the pipeline be safe? there is concern on the environmental front? >> it is extraordinarily safe and that's why they are doing it but the best thing is private industry working to make the environment safer but this is been operating for many decades. we need to keep providing the energy to our citizens and not shut it down. >> reporter: are they worried about this? >> every day. there pocketbooks are maxed out. they can't afford an increase in costs. >> reporter: you are talking the loss of jobs for a lot of people in ohio, the cost of energy going up for your constituents in michigan so definitely a
1:36 am
concern on the minds of a lot of hard-working americans and that is why we are talking about it. >> based out of my district, they stand to lose jobs a they work on this pipeline, they will build a new one. we desperately need to keep it going. jillian: we appreciate it. we will head back to new york. todd: thank you very much. 36 after the hour, black lives matter says there will be riots and bloodshed of mayor elect eric adams brings back the nypd violent crime unit. one democrat isn't caving to their demands. every day americans about how the president's policies making their lives harder. ♪♪
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jillian: restoring law and order. eric adams vowing to revive the nypd's anticrime unit after black lives matter founder threatened riots and bloodshed. the old ways of policing, do some defending his rhetoric in an interview. >> police are not the answer. we need to make people obey the law, social workers might carry guns.
1:41 am
>> taking violent criminals off the streets in the wake of george lloyd's protests. two women were sexually assaulted in broad daylight in new york city. a man suspected of one of those assault is in custody. the registered sex offender was released from prison. >> he was released two days ago, they completed rape in 2005. >> both assaults happening early in the morning. the assault happening in central park. and a $3,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. a warning this video may be hard
1:42 am
to watch mitigating of men get up and robert 62-year-old man in an unprovoked attack in a manhattan neighborhood. hits the man with a metal pole and six others attack the victim on the ground. the victim remains in critical condition. the police are asking for help and identifying the mob. todd: biden inflation splitting the nation, 22 state struggling with the inflation rate of 6.5%. residents being hit the hardest. cofounder, cliff winston, in arizona, joe sobel is big easy construction in new orleans. thanks for being here. how is inflation hurting your
1:43 am
bottom line q >> everything we have, the local government as well. we are hurting in a way quote quote price. part of what is happening. >> tough stuff. we will pop a map on the screen to take a look at where inflation is the worst. it's not great in california, not great in the northeast, and i as bad as it was in the heartland. why is that disparity? >> the convergence of supply
1:44 am
chain issues and labor shortages, stopped the government assistance in june on unemployment, great return to work that was expected. the job force will return and inflation has affected a raise to increase the pay raise. getting people to come into work. carley: america's inflation problem, states with 6.5% or more inflation, 23 fit that bill, 18 of those states voted gop, does president biden not seem fired up about inflation? it isn't hurting his voters and his donors as much? >> i would say if you can keep bringing money in it is not
1:45 am
going to bother them much. do a lot of business in this industry and the cost of steel going up. as that continues down the line it affects the user. they are not getting that, others were saying. it is making it a lot harder. todd: one more set. focusing on categories, fuel up 50%, used cars up 26%, bacon up 20%. i feel like this doesn't impact city dwelling liberal biden voter who is not worried about the meat necessarily, take the subway to work and live in a tiny apartment you don't
1:46 am
necessarily need to furnish with a lot of stuff. you agree with that? >> that sounds reasonable. people down here where i live, mostly single-family homes, electricity, that i drive to work. cars are skyhigh if you can find a new vehicle or a used vehicle, i was in the market for a truck. the first one was available. it is hitting of hard. todd: an absolute mess, in the heartland. joe sobel, wish you the best of luck. 46 after the hour, bankruptcy filings, family trees, hidden
1:47 am
camera footage, what school district say they found in a disturbing dossier allegedly compiled by a school board member. apparent personal information when we come back.
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>> reporter: san diego firefighter calling out california officials for threatening to fire thousand first responders amid an upcoming vaccine mandate deadline. >> if we protected you with personal personal protective equipment, we love protecting the citizens and to say the threat is inconsistent with what we have been doing but government terminates the year and a half? rachel: they hope to granted religious exemption before december 1st. todd: demanding school board president redesign when they say the dossier included their personal information, videos and photos as well with a parent in a district in one of those videos is live for us from arizona.
1:52 am
when i looked into this, what did you find? >> we found a digital dossier, with divorce decrees, mortgage documents, background checks, social security numbers. todd: let's pop up the items, the contents of this dossier, the bankruptcy filings, background checks, hidden camera footage of conversations with parents phone numbers, text messages, conversation. why would you be tracked? >> i became an advocate in the district, i became an advocate for parental rights and education, that made me a target
1:53 am
and harassed and intimidated us, terrified of, and >> >> his father connected to this, they have emails attached to all this, they deny involvement, what can you tell us about these guys? >> jan michael in an email to two parents, sentiment solicited email to their parents with google drive address, the superintendent and board, vice president and to deny that it exists or connections, with district email or someone pretending to be him but don't
1:54 am
know how he will explain how he is not involved. todd: they raise concern, such activities are not in the purview of the school district to control or unrelated to the district's task providing learning opportunities to 22,000 pre-k-12 students. they are deflecting when they should be taken. >> the superintendent answers to him but we need other board members to step up and hold this person accountable. if they care about the district and our students and parents and trust, they need to call for his resignation. we don't feel safe with him on the board. todd: what is your message to people who mess with kids like this? >> parents are not the domestic terrorists here.
1:55 am
we are the victims and once all parents, grandparents and community members to stand up and that these districts know that we are not going to back down and be diminished. we want to have parental rights and a voice in the school district and the involved in our children's education and we are not backing down. todd: thank you for being here. if this were happening to me i would be freaked out, understandably so, you are as well. appreciate your time this morning. todd: coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first," documents show the national school board association coordinated with the white house, comparing parents to domestic terrorists. we have a lab report next. heather: lots more to cover in the next hour. kansas attorney general derek schmidt, doctor mark siegel, gordon saying and lower trump join us next.
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