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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 12, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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to be somewhere around $500,000 in america. a love of bread is going to be $10,000. to buy gas you will have to pay $50,000. that is where we are headed with inflation on the way up. it's very scary. todd: "fox & friends" starts right i now. >> kyle rittenhouse will be back in court ahead of closing argument. >> have you and your son discuss do it over again. >> he probably would do it again, that's the type of person he is. he always wants to help people. >> mayor eric adams refusing to step down despite. >> we are not going to live in fear and be intimidated by anyone. >> . >> bad news for build back better agenda. the president's social spending bill would give wealthy americans tax cut 10 times bigger than the middle class. >> they have the dumbest economic plan in history. >> what what's your mom think
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about what have you achieved? >> the most exciting part of this jury is watching her experience the fullness of america. >> go there. and returned by howard. howard is in for the touchdown. >> what a night for this miami dolphins team. ♪ i don't want to work ♪ i want to bang on the drum all day ♪ i don't want to. steve: ed to is one of the favorite artists from the 1970s. i'm a little older. as you look up live from the americas it's rachel campos-duffy day. rachel: i sneezed. brian looked at me what the heck are you doing? brian: so angry. have you ever said that i don't want to work i want to bang on the drum all day? very talented man that doesn't
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seem to be your mantra though. i can't picture you banging on a drum. rachel: i don't want to work i want to cook all day. steve: i was never a drum player but did i play saxophone. brian: really? where is it? you had to return it to the store? steve: you know, for a while we rented it. and then my parents bought it and it was the cheapest one they had. brian: big thing in fourth grade chance to take band. now passe things. rachel: i lost my clarion net and in trouble for ear i don't. i tried to look for it. i would got police station and then i would come in. i came in so many times. [sighs] rachel: no, we don't have your clarion net. layer net. clarinet. steve: played an instrument. brian: we had to. steve: any of your kids? brian: no. rachel: no talent.
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brian: i had the cork grease ready to go to put the wood winds together. just in case no one has seen it, can you describe the clarinet? rachel: black and long and has a reed on it. brian: if you have seen that, give it back to her. explosive day in testimony in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. rachel: defense arguments set for monday. steve: police brace in kenosha for perhaps unrest ahead of the verdict. todd? todd: that's the concern guys, good morning to all three of you. attorneys on both sides are meeting today to finalize jury instructions as they head into closing arguments next week. not before the prosecution and judge have another tense exchange. the judge grilling the lead prosecutor over his line of questioning toward a defense witness. watch. >> does real america's voice have any sort of political bias or agenda or anything like that?
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it goes to the bias of the witness, your honor. >> the bias in what respect? >> this is not a political trial. todd: the prosecutor trying to discredit that witness as bias. that witness was able to tale story freely on tucker carlson one of the men shot by kyle rittenhouse was being aggressive before he started chasing rittenhouse. listen. >> was attempting to push a burning dumpster into police vehicles occupied by police officers, human beings, and once someone put that dumpster out he immediately started to get confrontational. two minutes later he made his way to car source and began to charge kyle rittenhouse from behind and the rest is history. todd: meantime rittenhouse's mother is slamming president biden for pre-judging her son. listen. >> president biden don't know my son whatsoever.
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he's not a white supremacist. is he not a racist. and he did that for the votes. and i was so angry for a while at him and what he did to my son he defamed him. todd: jury is expected to begin deliberations as early as next week. back to you. steve: todd, can i ask you a quick question? regarding the judge asking a witness -- rather the prosecutor had asked the witness a question about his journalistic endeavors or the outfit that he worked for, was he trying to show bias or was he trying to create a bias? because the jury was right there. todd: again, you have heard sean duffy mention this yesterday. you have heard people talk about this throughout the course of this trial here on this network. what the prosecutor is doing appears to be extremely out of line for a prosecutor. any time you have seen any
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courtroom experience on tv, out of tv, you never hear about the political predilection of the witness unless there is a specific reason and there are exceptions where that would come out. one of those exceptions is not at play here. what the attorney, the prosecutor is doing is clearly show boating and he is trying to, i think, my estimation is, he is trying to play to the people at large, so that when a verdict comes down, that it's not in his favor, the mob doesn't come after him. that's my guess as to what is happening here. steve: you could be right. rachel: i think that's a good guess, absolutely. the consequences of that, and i know this just from being married to a prosecutor. sean was a prosecutor from 10 years. steve: you are also from wisconsin. rachel: we can talk about what was going on in the environment in wisconsin at that time which i think has a lot of what had to do with what happened there. also, a prosecutor has to earn the trust of the jury. there are two stories being told. who do you trust? i think this prosecutor has done a lot to discredit himself with the jurors. you know, obviously we see the judge was unhappy with.
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so things he has done. and i think that todd piro is absolutely right. he is playing to the mob. he knows there is going to be consequences when -- because it looks like this is all going in keil's favor. brian: jury gets it on monday. defense rests on friday. and the most devastating thing that i have seen in a not made for tv that was not a tv movie was what i saw yesterday. you were watching describe what the victim was up to before he was shot. i mean, it's devastating to back up the self-defense claim. the other thing is, it doesn't happen. if police weren't told get back and let a city burn. rachel: thank you. brian: when you let a city burn, people concerned about the small business owner, the mom and pop shop who are saying these people they have nothing to do with jacob blake and what happened at his house where he was paralyzed with a shot. and they are watching everything
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burn. people are going to take action because they see victims and no one protecting them. steve: you know, one of the things given the fact that i think that was some of the drone video introduced earlier in the week, the defense did rest yesterday. is the fact that there were so many images available so kyle rittenhouse could say this is what happened here. rachel: thank god, right? steve: never seen a trial where there has been so much video evidence. what's interesting and this suggests to todd's point earlier that the prosecutor knows that he is in trouble is because today, when they get together, they hash out jury instructions and stuff like that, apparently the prosecutor is going, to perhaps, ask for lesser charges, rather than reckless homicide, intentional homicide. rather than first degree murder, second degree murder. so the prosecutor knows that he has not proved his case yard. and that is a standard in this country for certainly saying
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somebody is guilty. brian story how everyone is mocking rittenhouse instead of looking at this case on merits. hollywood weighing in. top chef personally never seen best acting. some less experienced actors could do better. george decould i says this was deplorable. incarcerating prosecutors rittenhouse think he is professional actor. how justice leans hard toward privilege watch the judge in the rittenhouse case. and then you have lebron james weighing in. he is talking about saying i don't see -- i didn't see this one. man, knock it off. that boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court. are you kidding me because you don't like the way he cried. are you going to tell me that kid is an actor. steve: we will talk to francey hakes this hour about just that. rachel: kyle written's house's mom was on hannity here is what she though say.
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sean: your son's stated reason for going there was to help protect stores and help on the medical front. >> um-huh. sean: have you and your son discussed whether or not if he had to do it over again he would go into a situation like that. >> with kyle, i know him. and he probably would do it again because that's the type of person he is. he always wants to help people. even since he was a little boy, that's all he wanted to do was help people. it doesn't matter if it was raking leaves for the neighbors, talking to them, or just being goofy. that's how i raised him is to help people. rachel: again, i think you have to really take into account, steve, what was happening in wisconsin. the person who i think should be on trial now is democratic governor tony evers who refused to bring in the national guard. this city was burning for days. brian: because donald trump told
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him to. rachel: donald trump offered to bring in the national guard. he refused. this place was on fire. my own daughter was one of the citizen journalists who was in kenosha at the time. she not were the images she was sending tout us and the federalist where she was working looked like beirut in kenosha. this is a small working class town this chaos was not happening in some bad neighborhood. it was happening on main street on the parade route in kenosha. this was a thing. business owners on their buildings trying to protect property because the police wouldn't. doesn't surprise me this kid who lived in ken another shah dad lived there. there the day before cleaning up graffiti. this story all rings true. never know that from the media painted this kid as a crazy kid. steve: kyle's mother said she thought the judge has been fair and she trusts the jury. more on this a little later on.
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meanwhile 6:11 here in new york city. the new mayor elect here is talking tough after black lives matter activist threatened a riot, blood shed they said over a crackdown on time crime. the push to restore law and order in the big apple coming up. carley: carley shimkus is live in ohio talking to workers how shutting down the line five pipeline could affect their livelihood, carley? carley: good morning. i was talking to people on the ground in toledo all yesterday. they are really concerned about shutting down the line 5 pipeline because it could impact their jobs, their livelihood. it's not just that. it's also about your wallet, you watching at home and gas prices going up. where does line five stand right now? we will be talking about it when "fox & friends" continues.
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brian: 16 minutes after the house hour here are the headlines, committing horrific murders on the southern side of the border. caravan set to leave for the u.s. on november 18th. a same day a north american leaders summit is set to begin. i wonder if it about will come up. president biden will meet with the mexican president and canadian prime minister to talk about imforeign relation and it other things. sexual assault in new york city including two thursday just minutes apart in the early morning. watch this on popular jogging paths. the first assault happened in central park. police looking for a suspect, spotted the surveillance video. the suspect of the second assault on randal island is now in custody. political science say the man, a registered sex offender was just released from prison two days
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ago. bidenflation is driving americans to dollar stores discount chains up 65% just one week. comes as inflation reaches levels not seen since the 90's with the hollywoods around the corner. walmart and dollar general getting the lion share. plus president biden has claimed the historic rise of inflation on market manipulation and rising gas prices. please look in the mirror. sports, the dolphins shut down lamar jackson and baltimore ravens in upset thursday night. watch this. let's listen. >> go there and broken up. called a catch and fumble and returned by howard. out of the hands of watson. brian: that's some bad tackling the ravens offense givings up a costly scoop and score. miami held baltimore to just a field goal for most of the game. they finally won 22 to 10.
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one of the bigger stories today that last sports story matches my belt. my belt is a baltimore ravens belt given to me by john harbaugh. steve: is there a logo. brian: see the hint of purple? rachel: that makes it a sports? brian: mailed to me by the ravens coach because he stole my belt at the super bowl. they lost in the championship game. steve: i remember that. hold on a second. brian: gave him my get. i complained on division and he mailed me a ravens belt. steve: he doesn't tale your belt you gave him your belt. he didn't grab you and just take it off. but here's the thing, brian,. brian: it's a better story if i say he stole it. steve: it's just not accurate. [iron side music] steve: just the facts on this friday. he kept your belt. brian: yes. steve: sent you a belt he probably got in the gift store for free.
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brian: exactly. my belt is gone but this one is better and they lost anyway. sorry coach harbaugh. steve: sometimes we can figure out what your transition is going to be, didn't see that one coming. brian: okay. thank you. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about what's going on in new york city. on wednesday, there was a protest outside the mayor elect's office over in brooklyn eric adams who is going to be the next mayor and he just invited in after they did the protesting there he is the mayor elect. he invited black lives matter into his office and afterwards, one of the leaders fellow by the name of hawk newsom came out and essentially yeah we talked to him. take look at the cover from the "new york post" yesterday. this really sets it up. the black lives leader threatens riot, fire, blood shed in new york city in eric adams gets tough on crime. and what eric adams has done was he said essentially that he is bringing back the 600 member
3:21 am
plain clothes anticrime unit. well, now, here's mr. adams yesterday saying not on my watch. he says look, we're going to bring them back. we don't care. and that kind of rhetoric that the black lives matter guy said is silly. he said we don't need that kind of rhetoric in new york city. rachel: the "new york post" has this article who the hawk -- who is this guy? an interesting question. he is the son of a black panther. he has some bad blood with the global group of blm. he sort of thinks they are not radical enough for him. and i think sets up a really interesting debate. people who want in no, we just gave a headline about a rash of rapes that are happening here in the city. there is a lot of crime, there was an assault just here right in midtown yesterday. i mean, this is a serious issue. i don't feel safe walking around this studio. so, this is going to be a really
3:22 am
great battle between those who want law and order and the criminals, basically, who want to be off. and blm and groups like that representing them. brian: here is the hawkeye newsom with the threat. >> if they think that they are going to go back to the old ways of policing, that we are going to take to the streets again. there will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be blood shed. >> we have people in city council who can create problems for him. we have people in the streets who can create problems for this administration by shutting it down. make no mistake about it, i am not threatening anyone. i am just saying that as a natural response to aggressive oppression, people will react. brian: adams went on to say sometimes you can't show up in a black and white car and expect to solve crime in any major city. you have to have plain clothes walking the street to see where the problems are before they happen. that's why it was so ridiculous that they stopped this unit in
3:23 am
2020. here is the mayor elect. >> there is very few things that intimidate me. there are very few things that frighten, that scare me. and new yorkers are not going to live in fear. and we're not going to be intimidated by anyone. i think new yorkers should not allow rhetoric like that. this city is not going to be a city of riots. it's not going to be a city of burning. this is going to be a city where we're going to be safe. we're going to have effective policing that's not heavy handed. we're going to have the backs of our police officers. but we're going to hold them accountable to do their job. i said i was going to reinstitute an anti gun unit in plain clothes. voters voted on that. i have stated what i was going to do, what i said on the campaign trail is what you are going to see in city hall and i'm not backing away from that and that's what new yorkers want. brian: i think so, too. especially the working class
3:24 am
areas. 2020, 450 businesses were damaged, burned and destroyed. let alone the looting in 12 days. to me if democrats want to path to the future, it is eric adams. if he does at least half of what he is saying, that should be the future of the democratic party. because he was a problem solver, not a political operative. steve: two headlines in those soundbites we played at the end. number one he said he is bringing back the anticrime unit and number two he said something the police officers rank and file wanted to hear here in new york city the last two years. he said we are going to have your back. we are going to let you do your job. we are going to hold you accountable but we have got your back. rachel: you are right to bring up the working class and business owners. people rich can afford private security. on the rise. >> we have third world to have all these rich people are w. private security and then our cops can't do their job. so, good, i hope that that will, you know, that the mayor wins this battle between those who are fighting against what he was
3:25 am
elected to do. meanwhile, the state of the line 5 pipeline remains uncertain. steve: that's right. now fears of a possible shut down have workers and businesses worried because earlier, it was announced that the white house was studying the environmental impact of shutting that down. brian: yep. "fox & friends first" co-host carley shimkus is live in toledo with the real story on the ground. hey, carley. carley: hey, that's right, good morning. it's really deja vu all over again. just like the keystone xl pipeline, shutting down line 5 would negatively impact the very people that president biden has alleged to protect. line 5 ends up right here where it's refined and turned into gas for your car and jet fuel and almost everything else under the sun. this place employs a lot of people and they will lose their jobs if this pipeline shuts down.
3:26 am
take a listen to some of their stories. watch this. >> how many people would be affected if the pipeline were to shut down? >> we have between our hourly and salary full time workforce we run between 600 and 1200 employees, impact studies each one of our jobs support 16 jobs within the community that multiplication factor. >> it's what provides for my family. i'm not trying to say growing my family didn't have a lot of money. me getting this job allows me to provide a better standard of living. >> yeah. and you will be hearing more stories you just like that coming up later in the show. it's not just about jobs though. it's also about gas prices. i spoke to several people who say that gas prices if this pipeline shut down won't go up by cents but go up by dollars. president biden and the biden administration is in a really tough spot. they are facing pressure from environ mess. >> groups hospital the pipeline shut down. but, if that happens, there is also union jobs that will be
3:27 am
lost. and, like i said, gas prices that go up. speaking to a group of congress men and women from michigan and ohio, they're pressuring -- really putting the pressure on president biden not to do anything. let the pipeline remain. we are covering the human and political angle on this story all among long guys, send it back to you. steve: carley, to your point at the end about the political aspect, so, as the train comes in at 6:27 there into cathedral. carley: that's right. you heard that? steve: we can hear it that refinery that you are at refines the gas for michigan and wisconsin and ohio. those are three states that joe biden needs to win in 2024. and that, i think, is probably the political reality. he doesn't want to jack up their gas prices by a buck. carley: that's right. and it's not only about the president. there is also midterm elections. and a lot of seats in the house and senate and governor's races
3:28 am
that are up as well. and this issue is front and center on the minds of many people. rachel: those are infrastructure jobs by the way. really good infrastructure jobs. and heating is up 115%. heating oil. brian: thanks, carley. i believe there was someone on the tracks, right? is that why you hit the horn? steve: they have a cow catcher. brian: still ahead interview with senator tim scott. >> going to be the next person knocked god had a different plan for me. unfortunately my senior year i fell ar sleep driving my car down the interstate. you are not going to believe he is lucky to survive. opens up about live changing accident about poverty and more as i spent a day in charleston with him. ♪ believe in the good old fashioned way. ♪ ♪
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headlines a ninth victim dies after attending the astroworld festival in houston. attended the event with sister and cousin but lost them once the crowd surged this as rapper travis scott's team release as new statement saying in part is he distraught by the situation and desperately wishes to share his condolences and provide aid. shocking video capturing a road rage no, i did not oregon. a driver in portland pulling a sword on another driver after a dispute. that driver calmly walks to the trunk of his car and gets a rifle. the video being viewed nearly 3 million times on reddit. users saying never bring a sword to a gun fight. unclear what happened after the video cut. a california school district post unanimously not to support, enforce or comply with the state's pending vaccine mandate. the school board doing so despite possible repercussions writing, quote: the board is aware of the potential impact in terms of possible liability, exposure, funding, other formal
3:34 am
actions that can be taken against the district in response. president biden facing backlash for a comment during his veterans day address. listen to this. i have adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time pitcher name was satchel paige. >> biden's choice of words landing him in hot water the remark came white biden was attempting to wish secretary of state tony blinken's dad happy birthday. steve: part one with senator tim scott. rachel: he also spent the day with him in his hometown of north charleston south carolina. >> i got a chance to speak to the senator and talk to his constituents one-on-one unscripted. took me back to his childhood home or where it once stood. it's an amazing day. including an amazing barbecue.
3:35 am
you would appreciate it that's rodney scott's place. watch. >> brian: i asked senator tim scott if i could see what his life was at home. he said yeah. don't meet my mee in the office. meet me on the road. for lunch meet me at rodney scott barbecue. brian: why do you have me here. >> rodney scott barbecue is one of the most famous place for barbecue in all of south carolina. won more awards than you can shake a stick at. >> good to be here. rodney, heard a lot about you, brian kilmeade. >> nice to me meet you. brian: what is it about your hometown loves. >> consistency, the food, it's everything. brian bruin so i noticed as you walk, in everyone is talking, right? >> yeah. >> brian: are you okay with that. >> i am. it's kind of a blessing, right? i feel like i'm a vehicle for the great ideas of my constituents to help me make our nation better.
3:36 am
brian: does it help that you were in business? does it helped that you worked at 13 years old. >> 13 years i started working at a gas station checking oil and pumping gas back in the day when someone else pumped the gas for you. i worked movie theater. sold vacuum cleaners door to door. prepared me for a future that i could not see. he saw something in me and he knew something about the life that i could live and one of the most powerful weapons he gave me was individual responsibility. and as a kid who thought that sports was the only way out of poverty, he started saying have a backup plan. thank you, sir. thank you, sir. perfect. brian: what kind of athlete. >> good athlete in high school. thought i would be the next herschel walker. god ha different plan for me. my senior year i fell asleep driving my car down the
3:37 am
interstate. it's a miracle that i'm still here. i missed seven weeks of my senior football season. lost lots of potential scholarships. ended up with a small scholarship that led me to a school called presbyterian college where i became a christian. all those lessons of john and the mentoring that he did early on about faith based view of the world. it all kind of the crystallized. and -- hey, rodney. >> put that on hold. >> doing good, man. well done. brian: inflation one thing a number. for you it means what? >> it means we have to raise our prices. brian: because you are paying. >> we are paying more. brian: you take this back with you? >> absolutely. this is real world information. brian: keeps saying everything is getting better. i talked to restaurateur. what do we have on top today. >> number one get a lunch in south carolina.
3:38 am
brian: where are we now, senator. >> king street in south carolina. >> what's king street in south carolina. >> this is a place where all the shopping happening. where you find your greatest restaurants in america. one. best steakhouses in all of the country is right here on king street. you have great charleston place hotel. brian: is this a lot of this. a lot of this we see in new york commercial real estate these stores couldn't survive. >> the devastation of the pandemic still visible. this street i'm so excited about in the middle of the pandemic probably 945% drop. restaurants closed. hotels were 8%. occupancy usually around 80%. retail dead as a door nail. to recover from that is remarkable. brian: city hall. >> north charleston, city hall. my office is in here.
3:39 am
only way to serve your constituents is to listen to them. i put together a round table discussion. we're on the right side of the pandemic. the leg geriatrics the tail of the pandemic is still alive. we're not quite there yet. laid off 1200 people. ppp. >> the first one i got paid for the rent. still a challenge. >> what does the government assistance do or not do because of it actually hurt us in some case. >> we're critically low end of inventory seeing prices skyrocket. supply chain issues. >> given me wisdom about things we need to focus on. brian: seemed like a very inform it will tiff. >> really smart, talented people who are investing their time and making sure that the government works better for them. brian: where have you brought me. >> to my childhood home where i
3:40 am
grew up when my parents got divorced moved in with my grand parent small house 700 feet right down this road: dirt then and dirt now right in the middle of metropolitan north charleston. basically what the house was. brian: what are your thoughts seeing this. >> a lot of memories flooding back. lots of love in the house. remember how much you had inside the house even though what you had around the house is completely bare. brian: what does your mom think of about what you have achieved. >> most excite guilty part is watching her experience the fullness of america. traveling across the country. people thanking her for how she raised me that means more than anything else. brian: thank you for bringing me back to where it all started. >> absolutely. brian: not really far from where you are. but yet it is light years away. >> yeah. thank you for coming. steve: great tour. rachel: seemed like you got a bit of a food tour, too.
3:41 am
steve: restaurant row. brian: add to this. this there is a part he talks about getting divorced. he is living on military bases and the parents get divorced. remembers being 78 years old and them coming coming in and making the announcement. that sadness never left him. talked about the divorce he is 55. talked about it like it happened yesterday. talked about the impact and sadness. they got together again and let bygones be bygones but he moved on. he said the impact of family back then is still devastating that was an area of charleston. brian: you never went here? no, very white, very black area we stayed apart. that has changed that city is as integrated as any city i have seen outside of atlanta. they have made great progress in a region. and he is very impressive. rachel: he is the american dream story. brian: he is. rachel: you can come from like he said that house that you saw, you said his actual house was.
3:42 am
brian: they wrecked the whole block. behind it is another block. and pretty dilapidated he said those houses are nicer than the one i grew up in. steve: his life story is one of the reasons so many people are talking about him, perhaps, being on the ticket in 2024. brian: if president trump doesn't run, my hunch is it's likely but if president trump runs, i don't see it. rachel: maybe he could be a vice president? brian: right. he is a big fan of president trump, i know that. steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour on this friday. up next, kyle rittenhouse on trial right now, the media are already convicting him. >> i don't understand how you are defending yourself after murdering someone. that acting job of the crying, i can't even look at it. steve: so what are they talking about? isn't he going to get a fair trial? we hope so. we are going to talk about that coming up next. and relieve i.
3:43 am
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steve: kyle rittenhouse claiming self-defense in the shooting of three men in riots last year. jury determination determine the final verdict. the media already convicting rittenhouse. watch. this kyle rittenhouse sthoted three people. are one. murdering someone. >> the acting job of the crying i can't even look at it. [applause] >> that is one of the worst acting jobs i have ever seen. steve: written mouse defense team and prosecutors set to meet in court ahead of closing arguments which will start on monday. here with insight is former prosecutor francey hakes. good morning. >> good morning steve. steve: cbs had to delete a tweet kyle rittenhouse testified in murder trial yesterday breaking down in tears telling murdered two men in black lives matter protest in self-defense. seems like the media not
3:48 am
watching the same trial a lot of americans are seeing with their own two eyes. >> no. you know, steve, they really not. they are making comments as if he has already been convicted as if he is a murderer. and completely discounting self-defense. what son anies who citizen said is shocking she is a former prosecutor. she knows very well the difference between killing and murder. she used that word deliberately multiple times as if it's a forgone conclusion. she is obviously not watching the trial there is excellent case here for self-defense. i don't know where she is coming from. but it's clear there is a political agenda. steve: surely. joy behar is a comedian so, you know, she has got her -- i know, she has a narrative she is going to stick to but for a former lawyer to take that stance and say that that's a head scratcher. francey, since you are here, what do you make of the fact that apparently today they are going to talk about the prosecutors are thinking about
3:49 am
lesser charges. obviously it's because the prosecution has not done a good job and defense has done a good job. >> fairly standard in trials for the prosecutors to ask when the trial hasn't gone well to ask for what are called lesser included offenses, so instead of murder, there may be a manslaughter charge, so, i am not surprised by this but you are absolutely right. the trial has been going very poorly for the state of wisconsin and it's the fault of the ada there because they have been acting as though they have no case and acting as though they thought this was going to be easy. steve: what's so interesting so much video that night. that video has helped him say, look, i was surrounded, i thought they were going to kill
3:50 am
me. the help -- the video has completely backed up the story he is telling in court. >> that's a great pointed, steve. the media narrative in thed me e hours and days that kyle rittenhouse was on vigilante mission. he was literally hunting people. the d.a. said that. what this video shows us is a very chaotic scene. shows us he was being pursued and attacked. the guy with the skateboard hit him in the head. rosenbaum the first person he shot attacking him. it was really bolstered his case. it should have changed that media narrative but it just hasn't. steve: closing arguments are going to be on monday, let's see what happens. francey hakes. thank you for joining us from atlanta. >> thanks, steve. steve: basketball star ennis canter is dumping on china
3:51 am
ignoring human rights abuses. now he is taking his protest directly to the court. right back. ble night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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janice: good morning, happy friday. isn't it great it's the end of the week? we have a storm coming across the northeast. a snow storm that's currently
3:55 am
happening over the upper midwest and very cold air behind it be prepared. blizzard gharntion effect for parts of south dakota through minnesota. we could see upwards of a foot of show in some of these places. our first big snow of the season, travel is going to be delayed, if not impossible in some of these areas with wind gusts 60 mile-per-hour. then we have this front that's going to move across the northeast, that's going to brings rain not only today but tomorrow even the first snow fall for parts of upstate new york new england. watch that get into saturday and sunday. you can see the cold temperatures. i mean, it's warm, actually, up across the northeast, warmer than average temperatures. but we will drop those temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average over the next 48 hours. can you see how things get colder as we get into the weekend. there is your forecast today 66 in new york. probably going to see some showers and thunderstorms on the commute n the next couple of hours. and also watching the potential for some rain for the northwest and some mountain snow as well. we will keep you up to date with fox weather. back inside, steve, ainsley and
3:56 am
brian. happy -- oh, no, it's rachel, i'm sorry, hi, rachel. i saw her on earlier. brian: that happens. janice: habit. brian: head shot in the green room. you should definitely recognize her. janice: i will correct it and brian i learned that as well. brian: thank you very much go. there all the time. rachel: thanks, janice. brian: boston celtics center ennis canter taking the nba, lebron james and china on when it comes to doing business with china at the expense of the human rights and that they lack thereof in that country. >> nike obviously is one of the biggest sponsor for nba. nike was one of the first company out there with black lives matter. but when it comes to china, nike remains silent. china is the big bucks for nike. obviously they are not going to be able to answer because they know what they are doing wrong. they are one of the biggest, you
3:57 am
know, hypocrite companies. brian: wow. steve: both nike and the nba remaining silent as canter take his protest directly to the court literally with his message on his shoes. rachel: good to rakd react here to react are my weekend co-hosts pete hegseth and will cain. what do you make of this guy and protest. pete: he is fantastic. he has a background. he understands radicalism and autocrats having coming from turkey he gets it he looks at it different way from a lot of the fellow athletes in the nba. here's what he knows two wars going on right now. a war going on in our country over who we are and what we represent. a war being waged against us by the communist chinese. he has decided to take a side and say if social justice activism, if black lives matter activism is totally acceptable, in fact, embraced by the league, why can't my activism against
3:58 am
and believing that the communist chinese evil okay? let's take a pick between the united states of america and china the way we are going to conduct ourselves. we know what the nba has done there they bowed like big tech to the overlords in china. is he fighting back against that which is why he has two enemies here. but, and it makes the courage he has shown even more substantial. brian: do you know what would be interesting, will, if the nba took up his cause and put on the side of the court muslims lives matter. that would show that they are thoroughly in his corner. number two, i would have to say, he has more courage than john kerry. doing a deal with china. it's not my lane to get involved in their lack of human rights and the horrific condition that the uyghurs are being putting into right now. more guts than a former secretary of state. will: let's talk about courage in lanes for a moment. pete is right.
3:59 am
ennis can'ter has proven to have kanter. has proven to have the courage. he has the more courage to back up. on the stay in your lane aspect of that, brian. this is what is fascinating. something will yield. looking at the irresistible force and immovable rock. look back at history. general manager of the houston rockets says something about talk juan. brian: hong kong. will: forgive me, yields to the chinese threats. kanter talking not just but the uyghur muslims but standing up to taiwan as well. making several political stand against chairman xi. you would think the chinese would not remain silent on. also bring in kaepernick on this because if you think about this. kaepernick makes a political protest on the field. the nfl says goodbye because his risk does not outweigh his
4:00 am
reward. is he too expensive. it costs their business too much. ennis kanter has a ton of moral courage. he is not great nba player right now. he is a guy at the end of the bench. it will be fascinating to see what the nba does with kanter's future knowing that he is costing them. is he making a moral stand but at some point something is going to have to yield. brian: china does not carry celtic games because of his comments and that costs them money. steve: pete, what's going on this weekend on "fox & friends weekend"? pete: representative kat cammack, lara trump and duong. you know part of this you are going to be with us as well? steve: absolutely. we are talking about the all-american christmas book you can preorder right now check it out. rachel: makes a great christmas gift. this is so easy by the way. click, order for all your people. brian: go right to my story. steve: go to fox news and preorder and that way on the
4:01 am
day it comes out you will get it at your house. brian: also, pete, great news for you and for us. your new special modern warriors "we were soldiers" is now available on fox nation. not only getting ready to host the patriot awards you have that series going forwards. >> in honor of veterans day we interviewed vietnam veterans who didn't get the welcome home that we got. and with what happened in afghanistan it has echos, obviously, of saigon. we sat down with four members of that generation to reflect on veterans day, their service, america today. it's awesome. 7:00 p.m. also on the channel. brian: will, got a text message from dan rooney, brian, you look great today. i probably shouldn't have read that your swing was so much better than will's. i'm saying that's just what he texted me. [buzzer] will: had you 10 tries. steve: can i read your phone from here it's your wife saying bring home a loaf of bread.
4:02 am
rachel: see you guys tomorrow. steve: hour 2 of "fox & friends" started a minute ago. [laughter] >> kyle rittenhouse's mother speaking about the night her son says he was under attack. >> i thought my son was going to die. >> he said self-defense. >> no act that acting job of crying i can't even look at. >> it obviously not watching the trial. i'm watching the trial. there is an excellent case here for self-defense. >> parents left scrambling after classes were canceled. some citing exsocrates. >> four day weekend and give a day's notice is absolutely ridiculous. >> parents' build back better bill bad news. >> 20 to 30% of middle class households will pay more in taxes waiting for the better in build back better. when do we get to that point. the fate of line 5 pipeline remains uncertain. >> fears of a possible shut down leave workers worried. that ask a pipeline shut down
4:03 am
it's a lifeline shut down. >> they go there. it's called a catch and fumble and returned by howard. and howard is in for the touchdown. >> what a night for this miami dolphins team. ♪ everybody's working for the weekend. everybody wants a new romance. brian: those are mountains. so, they are tall. they are lumpy. and you find them in america. rachel: a lot of them. steve: you are looking at asheville, north carolina, currently 60 degrees. they are going for a high of 10 degrees warmer than that. it is a beautiful day in ashville. and in america and welcome to hour two of "fox & friends." ainsley has got the day off today. and rachel is starting her duty one day early. rachel: honored to fil for ainsley. happy to be with both of you.
4:04 am
brian: i'm wondering is hiking a good hobby? do you know people happy with they hike? i see mountains like that wouldn't it be great to get work boots and walk up a mountain? rachel: yeah. you could get lost though. brian: tell people where i am. i will drop a pin. rachel: drop some bread crumbs. steve: good exercise good to be outside and fresh air. brian: a little concerned about bears and cougars. ains. rachel: should be. steve: go during the daylight hours. rachel: closing arguments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse set for monday after the defense rests. steve: that's right. defense and prosecutors are going to meet today one last time to hash things out before the weekend. they have already dismissed the jury for the weekend. brian: alexis mcadams is live in kenosha where police are potential unrest ahead of the verdict. alexis. >> that's right. we did hear from the kenosha county sheriff preparing for that and local businesses as
4:05 am
well in downtown kenosha went through so much last summer are also preparing. we did sit down just hours ago with kyle rittenhouse's mom wendy rittenhouse who tells us she is very optimistic about how the trial is going. wendy rittenhouse tells us just last night when we talked to her here in the wisconsin area that her son was only here in kenosha during that unrest last summer to help protect the property. and ended up protecting himself. wendy rittenhouse says she had no idea though her son was going to take the stand, which is new information we just found out. she says she only found out kyle rittenhouse is going to talk and speak for himself inside of that courtroom when she was sitting there and said she was really shocked when he walked up there. >> it felt like forever. and only time him talking about that was the first time i ever heard him talk about that night. when he i had to do it, mom. >> now, just one day after kyle
4:06 am
rittenhouse took the stand, the defense resting his case, rittenhouse facing five felonies and up to life in prison after authorities say he shot and killed anthony huber and joseph rosenbaum also wounding gaige following the shooting of. he said he felt cornered and defending himself when he opened fire. prosecutors have said rittenhouse was an instigator of those shootings. saying he should have never been out there in the first place. there had been heated exchanges between the prosecutors and the judge throughout the trial. take a listen. >> relevant to this. >> your honor, we have had a lot of questions about other people. >> relevant to this? >> i would like to know why he felt the need to retain an attorney [inaudible] in this case? i think it goes to bias and goes to credibility. lunch break.
4:07 am
>> now after closing arguments named will be drawn in kenosha to decide which 12 members of the jury will deliberate. waiting to hear more as well from kyle rittenhouse's family to see how things play out today in court. back to you. steve: thank you very much, alexis, live in kenosha where it's a little chili on this chill chilly thisfriday morning. we have a clip of "the view" reacting to kyle rittenhouse. i think they have made up their mind is he guilty. >> the outcome of this case will be a bellwether where we are in this country. kyle rittenhouse shot three people. two were murdered one injured. >> having a protest in another state and he takes it upon himself to go there. you know, and then he says it's self-defense. no, that acting job of the crying, i can't even look at it. [applause] that is one of the worst acting jobs i have ever seen. rachel: sonny austin attorney
4:08 am
herself. thank god videotape because he was tried like they are watching something we are watching. brian: brace for the verdict it looks likely that he is heading towards a diminished charge or a dismissal. here's his mom last night. >> i just broke down with kyle crying like that. it made me feel heart broken, sad, and i wanted to just go up there and just hug him and tell him it would be okay. brian: does anyone think he is acting? do people think he is acting? steve: look at twitter.
4:09 am
a lot of people think that. wendy, the mother, also said she has -- she thinks the judge has been fair. she trusts the jury. francey hakes, who we spoke to about 15 minutes ago, thinks that the media, including the ladies on "the view," have a political agenda. watch. >> they're making comments as if he is has already been convicted. as if he is a murderer. and they are completely discounting self-defense. what sunny hostin said is especially shocking she is a former prosecutor. she knows very well the difference between killing and murder. she used that word deliberately multiple times as if it's a forgone conclusion. she is obviously not watching the trial. i'm watching the trial. there is an excellent case here for self-defense. i don't know where she is coming from. it is clear there is a political agenda. brian: right, the reason why he went there, he wanted to protect some of the businesses, his dad lives there he saw what happened over the last two days. he saw the cops in the street. but he saw the cops were powerless to do anything because
4:10 am
they were not empowered by their remarkably inept governor who put pressure on the police chief and we watched that whole little town burn to the ground because of what happened with jacob blake when the police officers were called there because of a threat to his girlfriend or wife who was under physical threat. showed up. jacob blake ends up paralyzed the city ends up in ashes. rachel: city was burning for days before this incident with kyle rittenhouse. he wasn't the only one who was there to protect or defend the city. business owners were left to defend their own businesses, multiple video footage of that. business owners on top of their roofs, in front of their buildings, trying to protect their town. again, this was happening in the center of town. this is a parade route in kenosha, wisconsin. this is stuff that never happens in kenosha, wisconsin. this town was in shock. they t. looked like beirut. not surprising that this young
4:11 am
man went there by the way in that interview with his mother, his mother calls out the president of the united states saying that the president smeared her son as a racist. brian: white supremacist, yeah. steve: simply to get votes. we have been talking about the trouble with schools. there are parents in a couple of the localities who have just furious with their school boards. >> and the administration. in seattle, the schools are closed today because it was closed yesterday for veterans day. a federal hollywood. -- holiday. classes they have canceled because some teachers called in and said i'm going to take friday off. apparently it was okayed by the school administrator because now they have canceled the school because of the teacher shortage, you know, the vax mandate and stuff like that. i simply don't understand why if so many teachers called in and said hey, i'm going to take the day off on friday is that okay? why didn't the school district
4:12 am
say no. you know what? we have got to be open. it's going to be a day open? but, instead, they said oh, you want the day off? sure, take it off. we will mess up everybody plans in seattle. rachel: a lot of parents left going what do die with my child because they are closing down the school right now. makes the exact point i was going to say. why did the school district not say no, you can't take that day off? we don't have enough substitute teachers and by the way we might not have enough substitute teachers all these mandates people have to be vaccinated. brian: a single mom weighed in on what it means along with a maryland parent about what it means when they take a day off. steve: brian, let me just add, in montgomery county, maryland, north of washington, d.c., what they're going to do is apparently the schools are now going to be closed a day before thanksgiving for the same reason. the teachers want the day off. it was going to be a half day, so many teachers are calling in saying i need a substitute. so, in seattle, montgomery county, the teachers, the
4:13 am
teachers are running the show. watch. >> i'm a single mother. i work full time. i have got two kids that attend seattle public schools. we're about 8 weeks back into the school year the first time in a year and a half that they're actually teaching in person, and so to say 8 weeks in that they have had enough and need a four day weekend and give us a day's notice is absolutely ridiculous. >> really an insult all the parents essential workers. to those of us like myself in healthcare. any parent that cannot turn on a dime and drop everything, this is unacceptable. we cannot just say a day here, a day there doesn't matter. we need to provide an education and our school systems are failing to hold up their end of the contract. rachel: the seattle public school saying that this is indicative, this indicative of the fatigue the staff and students feel they hope this four-day weekend will offer physical, mental and emotional restoration. brian: meanwhile, the kids the ones sitting there with masks
4:14 am
for seven hours. rachel: kids now way behind in all their scores and testing because of a year of time off. steve: you know, obviously, we have been talking about supply chain issues. it's hard to find people to take jobs. to apply for jobs. at the school district northwest school district in northwest missouri, they need people to work as janitors and food service to do the lunches and the before and after school programs. what do they do? they did something really mart. they said you know what? if there is a student in our school district who could do those jobs, let's hire them. and essentially. rachel: i love them. steve: 25 students have applied. they ever on boarding now. it's a great chance to give the kids an opportunity to have a job. because, for a lot of families. the kids got to work at a certain age. and this gives them the opportunity to work for the school rather than have to late into the night and the school district is going to provide
4:15 am
transportation. rachel: that's good. so they can be the janitor maybe after school. they put down their backpack and grab a broom and start sweeping up the floors and cleanings the classrooms. brian: my son's school they did that they offered that after school if you want to stick around after school and clean up the school they would pay them. mark the chief human resources officer from the northwest school district said this to fox news. private to covid we were facing a shortage. the pandemic made it worse. the opportunity to be employed by the district allows them to stay connected to the school and community as well as provide real life work, skills beyond high school, our priority will always be their education and we are committed to providing a flexible schedule so they can continue to focus on academics and still be involved in school-related activities, closed quote. steve: absolutely. and it's good for a kid to have a job. rachel: yes. steve: all of our kids at the doocy house all this h. jobs when they were in middle school or those were largely volunteer
4:16 am
jobs. but then when they were in high school they had to have an after school job. rachel: absolutely. steve: including the person we are about to go to who used to work at a grocery store. rachel: why he turned out so well. steve: turned out okay. he worked at a grocery store. from washington more broken promises joe biden. new study reveals the president's social spending bill would give wealthy americans a tax cut 10 times bigger than the middle class. brian: despite the crumbling economy the president is set to hold a cabinet meeting today to discuss the infrastructure deal. rachel: peter doocy joins us live outside the white house with more. peter? pete: good morning. what i remember about that first job. the first paycheck, you get it and you look, a lot of it was missing because of tasks. and so that is the tie-in. yes. that is the tie-in here. because the president's whole thing is he wants to raise taxes on people in -- who work on wall street and don't live in scranton. he says he would never raise taxes on anybody making less
4:17 am
than $400,000 a year. there is new data to suggest that his plans are not the way to do that. it is from the nonpartisan tax polling center. they analyzed the build back better plan and they found it would raise taxes 20% to 30% on the middle class in 2022 alone, which means that the president's repeated promises may have been off base. many. >> the cost of the build back better bill in terms of adding to the deficit is zero. best of all terms of adding to the deficit is zero, zero. zero. >> it is zero price tag on the debt. it's all paid for. it's all paid for. peter: add that to real inflation concerns fuel up 50% last since last october. used cars up 26%. steak up 24%. bacon up 20%. furniture up 12%. white house officials are now claiming that the way to bring those prices down is for
4:18 am
congress to pass their social spending bill which has previously been hailed as more of a climate change fighting bill. but, as of right now, democrats do not have the votes in congress to do that. to pass it in both houses and send it to the president's desk. the president or cabinet leaders, cabinet secretaries are going to put their heads together at a meeting today to try to figure out how to fix the economy. back to you. steve: all right. peter, i got a text from somebody that said what grocery store did you work at? you worked at joe concha's favorite grocery store in franklin lake, new jersey. >> the market basket. try the turker. steve: turkey sandwich with bacon. brian: how easy it would be to work in a grocery store right now all the shelves are empty. no boxes to open. [laughter] steve: the problem was he was the stock boy. brian: that would be great.
4:19 am
steve: very fancy grocery store so he wasn't a stock boy he was stock analyst. rachel: millennials who need a little more. steve: thank you peter. now we are going to turn to headlines. downtown ceilings is currently so dangerous city employees are being offered security to get out of the office. king county rolling out, quote: a walking bus program. employees will be escorted to a nearby train or ferry location which is a total distance of less than half a mile to each drop off location. apparently not safe. the pilot program comes as the city sees a surge in crime including 35% rise in shootings from last year. meanwhile, a minute societies principal allowing a boy accuseo students to remain in school. that principal is now threatening to punish students who staged a walkout in protest. the students staging their own walkout even after being told they could be suspended.
4:20 am
the principal also saying he would call the police on parents who questioned his decision. the school board is refusing to comment. we're going to work on that. that's ugly. meanwhile, britney spears 13-year long conservatorship could end later today. the pop star's attorney heads back to court for the first time since her father jamie was removed as conservator. sheet took to instagram earlier this week sharing in a now deleted caption, i haven't prayed for something more in my life. i will never get those years back. and those are. so headlines on this friday morning. rachel: those years were toxic. brian: i heard about that. all on the documentary. 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. 40 minutes before the top of the hour. now this unprecedented move by the chinese communist party could keep president xi in power indefinitely. general jack keane says it's a threat next. ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization.
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*laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. brian: chinese communist party adopting a landmark resolution that could keep president xi in power for unprecedented third term or longer. this as tensions build between the u.s. and china. disturbing satellite images out of beijing. computer show life size mockup of warships and aircraft carriers outside of complex. of course they want us to see this. here to react is retired four star general jack keane. general, president xi doesn't leave the country and he's not going to leave power. what does it mean? >> what is taking place here this is the chinese central committee six-i as they refer to it this is the same group that removed the two term limits in
4:26 am
2018 that the chinese communist party rulers were living under. so what they have done here is an historical resolution that helps to define their ideology. they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the chinese communist party. as such they are enshrining president xi. they have only done this twice before in terms of historical resolution. one in 1945. economic reform helpedchina wit. this is leading to the national party congress next year towards the end of the year and when that group comes together, what is being predicted is certainly president xi will be extended for a third 5-year term with the implication that he will serve tifntly until he chooses to no longer serve. we have never had anything quite
4:27 am
like this mao. brian: he has a housing crisis staring him in the face much like us in 2008. we how he plows over economic concerns. i want to bring you to the secretary of state antony blinken. something going on with russia and ukraine. i believe invasion is imminent. here he is. >> we are concerned with the reports of the unusual russian activity near ukraine and our concern is that russia may make the serious mistake of attempting to rehash what it undertook back in 2014. when it amassed forces along the border. crossed into sovereign ukrainian territory and did so claiming falsely that it was provoked. brian: so the word is they are going to invade in january and the word is they looked at our
4:28 am
weakness in afghanistan and said now is the time. what do you hear? >> well, firlg, we predicted this as a result of this incredible collapse in afghanistan. we said it would embolden our adversaries. what have we seen? we have seen china increases intimidation and coercion of taiwan in a way that it has never done before, with 150 airplanes just on one weekend alone. not to speak of the civil society undermining every sync gel day inside of taiwan itself. we have seen the iranians attack the united states in a base in southern syria with five armed drones. the pursuance, to kill u.s. troops that were stationed there. we got early warning. we got our people out. formally. and there has been no response to that the iranian-backed militia inside of iraq have attempted to kill the iraqi prime minister. that's a first. and why is that? because that same prime minister
4:29 am
wants u.s. troops to stay in iraq. and obviously iran knowing full well that military bases and multiple cia bases are no longer on their eastern border wants the united states out of their western border. here comes russia. we shed that russia would likely step up its activity in ukraine as a result of the collapse of afghanistan. and we're seeing that here. he has moved an elite tank guard unit closer to that border. now, what defense intelligence agency is likely looking at, this is the kind of work that they do is if there is going to be an invasion, it will have to be logistical infrastructure to support that invasion and sustain it. they will be tracking to see if those forces come into play as well. if they do come in to play, then that clearly starts to flag some intent here. so it bears watching. but it's not surprising given the weakness that the united states has shown on a world stage. brian: the ripple effect is
4:30 am
astounding, devastating and we are living through it now. there is not a secretary of defense or state. there is no strength in either at the head of either branch of our government. general jack keane, we got until january to come up with a plan. hopefully we will come up with something. thanks so much. >> great talking, brian, have a wonderful weekend. brian: you too. lifeblood of the u.s. group of lawmakers warning president biden about the devastating economic impact of canceling the line 5 pipeline. carley shimkus is live in ohio talking to some of those leaders. carley? carley: yeah. that's right, brian. i'm at the cathedral refining company. in a few minutes joined by a group of lawmakers who have a message for president biden. we will be talking about the political ramifications of whether or not line 5 will be shut down and what it means for your wallet. stay tuned, more "fox & friends" after this.
4:31 am
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brian: fuel and gas prices on the rise. that is not stopping the biden administration considering closing another u.s. pipe line in the midwest. steve: just what we need. 13 lawmakers sending the president a warning writing, quote: line 5 is essential to the lifeblood of the midwest. should this pipeline be shut down, tens of thousands of jobs would be lost across ohio, michigan, wisconsin and the region. billions of dollars in economic activity would be in jeopardy and the environment would be at greater risk. rachel: "fox & friends first" co-host carley shimkus is live in toledo, ohio, with three of those leaders. carley, i'm so glad you are covering this story up close. steve: nobody else is. rachel: yeah. really. carley: thank you. i am, too. leave it to "fox & friends." that's why i love working for the show. i'm with three very important people. we have congressman bob lata from the great state of ohio. congresswoman lisa mcclain from michigan and congressman tim wall bern from michigan. so happy to have all three of
4:36 am
you with would happen if this pipeline shuts down. because people need the pro-propane to heat their homes and is there any other way to get the propane to the people? i'm going to give you the mic. >> if this is an environmental issue we have no other alternative other than putting trucks on the road. last i checked, we have a shortage of truck drivers, inflation is up. it's already going to cost us more to heat our homes. do we have a solution because line 5 provides 55 percent of the heat for the state of michigan. carley: that is such a good point about truck drivers as well. congressman wahlberg, what is going to happen here? this is a pretty complicated issue the fate of this pipeline in federal court and also canada
4:37 am
is going to be talking to the biden administration about it. so we have a court battle and also two countries battling over this pipeline. what can be done here and what do you think is going to happen ultimately. >> the purpose for our letter that we sent to the president it was to remind him there is a treaty that since 1977 it's been in place. we have had a pipeline that's that thick. that thick going across five miles of the straits of mackinaw been safe since that time. it's provided resources for us all. i think it's common sense prevails and it looks like our letter is having some impact. carley: i'm glad you brought that up because congressman lata, you all did sign this letter, and the biden administration's tone has changed. first they said they were looking at the looking at the impact of shutting it down and now backed off. do you think that political pressure has gotten to the biden administration over this issue? >> i think. so because, really we are in a misery indention out there now. when you think about what we need to have in this country, our energy, and especially here in ohio with line 5 provides
4:38 am
for, and it's about 540,000 barrels of product every day you think about the propane up in michigan and also ohio, this is how we have so many people heat their homes. and also, you know, our farmers are out right now. and talking to a farmer yesterday. you know, they are drying grain. prices are going up. it's hurting everyone. everyone is getting hurt. carley: that brings me to the midterm elections, congress woman, you all live in swing states, and money is on the minds of every single american right now. with this pipeline shut down, what does that mean for the midterm elections. >> american people are waking up to the failed policies of this administration. it is time that we begin to put people first. i think so many times when lawmakers make policy, they forget about the people in which
4:39 am
the policies impact. and that is critical. so line 5, how are we going to heat? what is our alternative. carley: you are absolutely right. i'm glad you said that. when i was covering the keystone pipeline, everybody that i spoke to who lost their jobs said that they feel like washington wasn't listening to them. they feel like they are the forgotten people, and it could happen again, but not on your watch because you don't want the line five pipeline to shut down and have you made that very clear. i will send it back to you in new york right now. steve: all right, very interesting stuff. carley, thank you very much. and please thank your guest. straight ahead on this friday, a college professor is refuse together back down while backing the blue. he joins us live with why he will not cave to students demanding he take down the flag. and, florida governor ron desantis shares a fiery message for president biden about those secret migrant flights to florida. >> if they're going to come here, we will provide buses and
4:40 am
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ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." a university of southern california professor is refusing to back down after students demanded he remove a blue lives matter flag from outside his office. professor james moore teaches statistics at usc and he joins us now. professor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. let's get right into it. do you think you would be facing this kind of pressure if you had hung a blm flag outside of your office? >> i can't imagine that i would. i think this is -- i don't think they like the message. rachel: so you are a statistics professor. and your background is part of the reason why you refused to take this flag down. so, tell me what does statistics tell you about black citizens and their threat from police
4:45 am
officers? >> well, i think that i'm a little bit unhappy with, -- i don't want to call it a narrative because that, i think dignifies it a bit. but the premise, the story that black folks are attic risk from police violence. that's not accurate. i think it's an active -- i will call it what i think it is, i think it's a lie i wanted it send a counter message. i wanted to make the fact that lack lives benefit rather strongly disproportionately from the activities of police. that we cannot diminish police violence by diminishing policing. that's nonsense. black lives matter are at greatest risk from reduced police service. that if we're serious about protecting everybody. all lives matter and black lives, in particular matter.
4:46 am
and we need to make sure that they are secure. rachel: so you have students that want you to take down the flag. you had an administrator ask you to take down the flag. i'm just curious. what's it like to be you at usc right now? >> i deal a little bit of responsibility right now. i am -- i wanted to communicate to progressively oriented students that there is a competing point of view. they live in something of a progressive bubble on a college campus. usc is representative that respect. i wanted to communicate to conservative students in which there are many that, in fact, they are entitled to their voice. that the messages they hear are really not representative of society at large. they get constant messaging from the senior leadership of the institution, from senior leadership of their schools and rank and file faculty that the world is progressive place and
4:47 am
progressive point of view is the one that we should buy into. rachel: yeah. >> they suspect otherwise. and i wanted to alert them to the fact that they're entitled to those suspicions, to be me right now is to feel a little responsibility to my students. rachel: we got a student from usc. they said the university does not have a policy that limits the display of materials in spaces like this. so we are looking at whether it is needed. professor moore, you are doing a lot to bring about intellectual diversity on campus and we thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. rachel: of course. we will check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice: good morning, rachel. we are getting the rain right now in new york city. we have a front that's moving through. warmer than it normaltemperatur. we see
4:48 am
isolated tornadoes for parts of new york up towards new england down into the delaware area. and there's your forecast. so stormy weather for the northeast. we also have a blizzard that's happening right now across the upper midwest and very cold air behind that and that cold air is going to sink southward and it's going to move eastward towards the northeast this weekend. 5 to 10 degrees above average. look what happens as we go into saturday and sunday. we will see temperatures really drop significantly. so more fall-like air, especially for november. just be careful because we could see some good thunderstorms across the northeast and people are traveling in so, be careful. rachel keep you up to date from fox weather. back to you. rachel: thank you, janice, even though it's rainy you have sunny out there. janice: i have my mostly sunny. rachel: perfect branding, thank you, janice. president biden ready to fly migrants to impair after secretly flew them sunshine
4:49 am
state. standing up for safety and joins us now. ...
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
steve: florida governor ron desantis is threatening legal action against the biden administration for reportedly flying more than 70 flights filled with migrants from the mexican border to
4:53 am
jacksonville, florida. >> come here, we'll provide buses and i will send them to delaware and do that. i mean, if he's not going to support the border being secured , then he should be able to have everyone there. steve: send them to delaware. joining us right now with reaction is brevard county florida sheriff wayne ivy. good morning to you. >> good morning thanks for having me. steve: you and i were just talking during the break and it sounds like it's close to 80 flights that so far have been flown by the administration into florida, but it's not like they're telling the desantis administration, hey, we've got a flight into jacksonville. no they do it under the cover of darkness and they don't tell anybody. >> yeah, you're exactly right. when you're not communicating to the governor of florida and you're doing things in secret and bringing in flights of illegal immigrants into our state, into our country, that message right there should tell everybody, everything they need to know.
4:54 am
nothing this administration does anymore surprises me. in fact, i personally believe they are now co-conspirators in bringing thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants into our country and when you're looking at an administration that does that and not working with the governor of the state of florida that spells trouble across-the-board. steve: what about the fact, wayne, that the thousands of people and a lot of kids, thousands of kids being flown into florida they will wind up in the florida school system. there is a tax burden involved in that, where if the administration, the biden administration, is going to send kids to florida for an education , you would think that they would probably, they probably ought to reimburse the state of florida. >> well there's no doubt they ought to be communicating with the state of florida, reimbursing, but again, we've said this over and over. illegal immigration doesn't stop at the border it filters into every community just like you said, in taxing, it filters in in drug increases, gang activity, everything, and i'll
4:55 am
be honest with you, it's why close to 100 sheriffs from across the country join together to do we've had enough. we are all standing up saying enough of this because it's not just happening in florida. it's happening everywhere across the country and the governor is right. if he needs me to drive some of them up to delaware we'll be glad to do it but the governor is right. we need to close our borders, we need to protect this country and protect our american citizens. steve: well how about it sounds like a lot of these migrants are on the honor system because there is such a flood at our southern border there was a case last week down in florida where a 24-year-old honduran man had been posing as a 17-year-old, he had stolen somebody's identity. there is the guy right there, and he winds up being taken in by a family in the jacksonville area. this guy was flown into jacksonville reportedly and then he kills the guy who took him in >> exactly. listen, there's no control measures at the border and that
4:56 am
is not the thought of the brave men and women out on the front lines fighting this. the administration in washington d.c. that is putting all of american citizens at risk and there's no control measures. people are coming across with no id, no covid testing, none of that and they are being pushed into our communities, and putting americans lives at risk, and somewhere along the line the biden administration has forgotten that governments one and only responsibility is to protect its citizens, and they forgotten that. steve: sheriff wayne ivy brevard county down in florida, sir thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. steve: straight ahead, hunter biden skips down as plans are canceled for the public to see his pricey art work. the controversy surrounding the amateur artist, straight ahead on hour three of "fox & friends." before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day,
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dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> kyle rittenhouse will be back in court today ahead of closing arguments. >> have you and your son discussed whether or not if he had to do it over again. >> probably wouldn't do it again because that's the type of person he is. he always wants to help people. >> bad news for the build back better agenda. >> as the new study reveals the president's social spending bill. steve: gives wealthy americans a tax cut 10 times bigger than the middle class. >> newly-released e-mail show the national school board association was actively engaged with the white house. >> parents are not the domestic terrorists, we're the victims and not backing down. >> mayor-elect eric adams is
5:01 am
refusing to back down despite blood shed by a black lives matter leader. >> new york won't be intimidated by anyone. brian: the south carolina senator tim scott opens up about growing up in poverty and more. what does your mom think about what you've achieved? >> the most exciting part of this journey is watching her experience the wholeness of america. >> ♪ rachel: welcome back it's 8:00 a.m., here on the east coast in new york city, and that's a shot of cleveland that you just saw, and it's already bright and -- steve: beautiful out there. rachel: going on in cleveland. steve: we've got a rainy day here. brian: right. steve: we're showing you cleveland because we're going to go out to geraldo who lives in cleveland. rachel: that's right. brian: maybe, maybe in the
5:02 am
control room, they're thinking show cleveland without odell beckham. maybe that's the reason. rachel: is that where carlie is at today? steve: she's in toledo, ohio. brian: we'll try to unlock our own mystery we put on ourselves meanwhile closing arguments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, they are set for monday, the defense rests yesterday. rachel: prosecutors and the defense will meet for one last time today in court, before they break for the weekend. steve: alexis mcadams is live in kenosha where police are bracing for potential unrest ahead of the verdict. are they worried about trouble before the verdict? reporter: good morning, we're still trying to figure that out but the kenosha county sheriff's department says they are prepared before and after this verdict does come in. we talked to some local businesses who said they're preparing because everything they went through as well just last summer has been a lot to handle so kyle rittenhouse's mom did sit down with fox news and talk exactly about how she's feeling with this trial.
5:03 am
she was in the courtroom with her son took the stand and she tells me she's still very optimistic about how things are going here in kenosha for her son, so sitting down, as you can see here just hours ago, with wendy rittenhouse, she tells fox , her son was only out here last summer to help protect the property the night of the shootings in kenosha. wendy rittenhouse says she had no idea her son was even going to take the stand, finding out while she was actually sitting in the courtroom. then, watching her son breakdown as he testified. wendy rittenhouse tells me that the judge has been nothing but fair in her opinion and is still closely watching the jury while she's in court. >> i look at everybody that's in the courtroom and try to read them and see how they feel, how their reaction is from the prosecutor, from our defense my son's life is in their hands. reporter: now, just one day after kyle rittenhouse took the
5:04 am
stand, the defense resting its case. kyle rittenhouse facing five felonies and up to life in prison after authorities say he shot and killed anthony huber and joseph rosenba ug, with an ar-15 during unrest in kenosha last summer following the police shooting of jacob blake. rittenhouse testified he felt cornered and was defending himself when he opened fire. well prosecutors said rittenhouse was an instigator of those shootings saying he never should have been out with a gun in the first place in the streets here. there's been heated exchanges as well between the prosecutors and the judge. >> does real america's voice have any sort of political bias or agenda or anything like that? >> it goes to the bias of the witness, your honor. >> this is not a political trial. reporter: this is the second time i've sat down with wendy rittenhouse just exactly a year ago sat down with her, again, when she was preparing for her
5:05 am
son to hopefully get out as they raised money for him to get out of that juvenile detention facility in the area. she's so much more optimistic right now than she was at that time. she's very confidents in how kyle did on the stand and says the judge once again has been doing a good job in her opinion, now, preparing for possible unrest following that trial is what the kenosha county sheriff says they are doing currently currently at this moment after closing arguments names will be drawn to decide which 12 members of the jury panel will deliberate the rest of this case steve, brian, rachel? steve: live from kenosha. rachel: thank you. brian: let's bring in greg jaro d, fox news legal analyst to see where we are at right now so it's always good to see , greg, so the defense rests monday, the jury gets the case. so far, if you were kyle rittenhouse, does anything worry you? >> well it's folly to predict the outcome but i think he's mounted with his defense attorneys a very strong case and
5:06 am
they had an advantage going into this. this has been an unmitigated disaster for prosecutors as their witnesses and their evidence, brian, have dis integrated, including the key witness for the prosecution, who melted under cross-examination and admitted that he advanced and aimed his weapon at the accused, so this is a very strong case of self-defense, and prosecutors have had all of this evidence. most of it exculpatory for more than a year, which invites the question. why did they charge? i think the obvious answer is that they fell victim to public pressure, the woke mob, and the media that drove the false narrative. rachel: so speaking of the prosecutor, here is him getting scolded by judge shroder take a look. >> i'm a little bit challenged when you say is there something that i'm seeing that caused the face that you're making? go ahead. >> i have to say, your honor,
5:07 am
yesterday i was the target of your ire for disregarding your orders. >> i was talking yesterday about the constitution of the united states, and how the supreme court has interpreted it for 50 years. rachel: you know, i was married to a prosecutor, one of the things that i know is that, you know, you want -- brian: he's still the same guy. just saying something else. rachel: i'm still married to that prosecutor, former prosecutor. you need to trust the prosecutor because there's two different stories but also, how much does like ability play into this? he just seems like a very unlike able person in addition to having video tape evidence and other things that are problematic for his case. >> well, jurors take cues both from the judge and what they see coming from the prosecution in the history of tongue lashings of prosecutors, boy that was right up there, and the
5:08 am
judge was right. i mean, this is a productivities who trampled on the constitutional rights of the accused, the right to remain silent and the right to confront his accusers in addition to egregiously violating a pre- trial judicial order and, you know, jurors perceive that stuff. they weren't there for the scolding but they likely know about it. steve: well, and i think, greg, the productivities knows that he's behind, because it sounds like they are going to talk to the judge today about lesser charges, in addition to what kyle rittenhouse has already been charged with, lesser charges, like you know, instead of intentional homicide wreckless homicide, instead of first degree murder, second degree murder, because the standard is lower, which would suggest he realizes, you know what? unless we lower those , we are really going to lose. >> yeah, it's a sign of
5:09 am
desperation, steve, i think you're absolutely right. this should never have been charged with the high counts as it was, even the lower counts are dubious, but the right of self-defense still applies and as i say, you know, there's a pl ethora of evidence an the burden of proof shifts to the prosecution once you assert the affirmative defense or self -defense. they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt this wasn't self-defense, and i think there is that, you know, reasonable doubt. brian: wendy rittenhouse was on the mom of kyle, was on last night with shawn hannity. here's what she said about what the president said about her son >> i was angry. president biden don't know my son whatsoever, and he's not a white supremacist, he's not a racist, and he did that for the
5:10 am
votes and i was so angry for a while at him and what he did to my son, he defamed him. brian: by the way, as a candidate, he becomes president, hey, if rittenhouse is exonerated, is allowed to go, and there's no retrial, could he turn around and sue the president for defamation? >> oh, he absolutely could, not to mention all of the news organizations, pundits and reporters that slandered him with accusations of being domestic terrorist or racist or white supremacist. look, those are not protected opinion under the first amendment. no those are assertions of verifiable fact it can either be proved or disproved so i think rittenhouse, if he does get acquitted here, has a pretty strong case for defamation, not just against news organizations,
5:11 am
but joe biden. rachel: right, wouldn't it be interesting to see him on the stand defending himself in this. it's interesting the parallels between covington and this in terms of video tape ending up exonerating potentially for kyle rittenhouse and also, the way the media played into it and the kid in cover covington, he won. they cut a deal, but you know, clearly he was able to do that. steve: greg, we wanted to ask you, a little bit, remember it was a couple weeks ago where the fbi said do you know what? we're going to be taking a look at what's going on in school boards and essentially the fbi is going to investigate, and that comes on, came on the heels of the national school board association, apparently sending a letter to the president and the white house referring essentially to parents as domestic terrorists and said maybe you could use the patriot act. now as it turns out some internal memos had been released and it turns out the school
5:12 am
board was speaking, they were conferring about this and it looks like coordination. a couple of weeks before they actually sent the letter to the white house, and part of what they said was this. in the september 14, 2021 meeting of the organization of the state association executive directors liason group , they had been informed there was a meeting with the white house staff that morning and that the national school board association was preparing to send a letter to the president subsequently on september 17, the interim executive board e-mailed notice to the state association executive directors that indicated a letter requesting federal assistance be sent. that's a mouthful, all it really says is they were all in ca kansas ca kahootz. >> now we have documentary proof, steve. this was a setup. the biden white house meets with the national school board
5:13 am
association and says send us a letter of outrage accusing parents of being domestic terrorists and we'll order, or assign merit garland to sick the fbi on parents who dare to complain about things like critical race theory and mask mandates. this is garland, who is acting in a lawless way, has no federal authority over this , this is a state matter, and he is weaponizing the vast powers of the department of justice and the fbi to suppress [indiscernible] dissent to tell parents to shut up or else. it is unconscionable but it doesn't surprise me that merit garland capitulated. brian: all right, greg thanks so much it's unbelievable the white house works with the school board to tell the department of justice to investigate and they act like it was just something that happened organically. i thought they weren't supposed
5:14 am
to politicize the department of justice i have to go look at the president's remarks again meanwhile turning to your headlines everyone stand back i'll take it from here. a first grade teacher from georgia, is found dead on the side of the road in mexico. the 24-year-old is seen at a concert during her vacation. police say a person has been detained in connection to her death. this , as a texas police are claiming drug cartels are commit ting horrific murders on the u.s. side of the southern border. several agencies are working together as part of an operation that we call lone star to ease the crisis. texas had to put that into operation themselves. a warning, this next video maybe hard to watch, a gang of men beat up and robbed a 62-year-old man in an unprovoked attack in a manhattan neighborhood. one of the attackers comes from behind, hits the man with the metal pole, and then six others attack the victim on the ground under the scaffolding the victim remains in the hospital in critical condition. the group remains on the loose. the police are asking for help in identifying the mob. please give them a hand.
5:15 am
>> president biden facing backlash for a comment during his veterans day address. take a listen. >> i've adopted the attitude of the great at the time negro league went on to become a great pitcher in the pros and major league baseball after jackie robinson. his name was satchell page. brian: thanks for that story biden mixed up his words while referencing hall of fame pitcher landing him in hot water online. the remark came while biden was attempting wish secretary of state anthony blinken's dad a happy birthday, really, satchell page came up when talking about the state department. >> hunter biden leaving town as the new york city art gallery shows the work with the public the show opened up at the end of last month, two appointments only. the high prices of his art that started at $75,000 apiece, have drawn sharp criticism from some wondering if they could result
5:16 am
in influence meddling. do you think so? let's examine that. steve: all right now rachel is here with us this week and today she's joaning us because ainsley is off. she's going to be working this weekend but so are you. brian: i'm going up to albany today so elkart, indiana in south bend, vero beach tuesday heading down for the patriot awards, hope to see you all and hollywood, florida at the event signing before and after, and then over to alabama, and then saturday in the villages and here's the big event on stage in orlando, to talk about all of the books, go to briankilmeade .com special thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, that's congressman brian fitzpatrick in pennsylvania. was able to go to a church and not do a sermon but talk about american history in a great town in pennsylvania, and a chance to meet a lot of great people and it's just amazing people come out and are so into american history and want to know more about the story and of course it segways to what we are talking
5:17 am
about crt and 1619 project the book coming out. rachel: a lot of parents want books like yours because they realize they have to be informed about history because they're not confident they are going to get the real history in their own kid's classes so they are going to have to be the teachers from home. brian: try to arm them with the real stories and the real people. steve: check out the book it's a big new york times best seller congratulations. brian: thanks. rachel: congratulations. steve: meanwhile as crime rises here in new york city, the new mayor-elect is vowing to restore law and order, where has he been we've been waiting for that so why are groups like blm pushing back? geraldo will react to that coming up next. brian: plus taking you behind the scenes for a day in the life of up and coming republican star senator tim scott. >> a vehicle for the great ideas of my con stich wants to help me make our nation better. brian: he thoughts on his faith and family and the great state of south carolina, that's still ahead. >> ♪
5:18 am
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5:23 am
be a city of burning. we're going to have effective policing, that's not heavy- handed. i stated what i was going to do and what i said on the campaign trail is what you're going to see in city hall and i'm not backing away from that. steve: fox news correspondent at -large geraldo rivera joins us right now from cleveland. good morning. geraldo: good morning, how you doing? steve: i'm doing okay here is the cover of the new york post where the mayor-elect says "not in my city" reacting to the black lives matter leader who essentially said well if eric adams is going to bring back the 600-member anti-crime squad, with these plain clothes police men, there's going to be blood shed and riots and fire and then eric adams said do you know what that kind of rhetoric does not belong in this city and he's doubling down. geraldo: i absolutely applaud him, you know, eric adams, steve is a former police captain, no nonsense, he really means it,
5:24 am
speaking about an era that no longer exists here in the suburbs of cleveland, where there used to be black lives matter signs on every lawn, they are gone, people are sick and tired of the black lives matter hypocrites who only care about black lives if a cop is involved in a death. they are full of it. i think the test will come when the rittenhouse verdict comes down, as expected late next week if there is, as expected, an acquittal on all of the serious murder charges and maybe just a conviction on the misdemeanor gun possession, i think there will be the incentive for , you know, these activists these militants to take to the streets again. new york was savaged, as you know, steve, from first-hand eye witness accounts that, you know, what happened after the george floyd verdict, they trashed madison avenue and park avenue and they robbed willy-nilly and they assaulted people. my god you saw that video of the
5:25 am
60-year-old guy getting, you know, hit with the metal bar by a bunch of thugs and i think thugs will be the target, violent crime will be the target , black lives matter is exposed as hypocrites, who have turned into anarchists rather than activists and their time has passed. eric adams is the future, you have to protect your citizens, that's the number one job of any government is to protect citizens that's the prime job and i think eric adams is exactly the man for the job unlike his predecessor, bill deblasio in new york. steve: and something else that the mayor-elect said in addition to bringing back the anti-crime squad, he said something that the rank-and-file has been waiting to hear and that is i will have your back. the cops, that is. speaking of cops there's a brand new episode of cops all access with geraldo, that's my transition. it will be available -- geraldo: excellent, very smooth. steve: it'll be available
5:26 am
tonight on fox nation at 6:00 p.m. if you love the series back when it was on fox, now, you've got all access where you bring the officers in and you talk about it today. geraldo: it's a big hit show on fox nation, i am delighted having been associated with the program at its launch decade s ago to see it back, to see the audience as expected, flocking to watch cops, this is the only program on tv that exto lls the virtue of cops that applauds cops that has their back and as we see them in action, you understand the p eril that they face and the kinetic action involved sometimes. the risk they take, on our benefit, on our behalf, it's a great show, and i hope you see it, it drops every friday, steve. steve: it does indeed before body cams, cops was the show that showed you exactly what those guys, men and women were up to. geraldo thank you very much have a great weekend there in cleveland. geraldo: you too, steve. steve: you bet. 8:27 now here in new york city.
5:27 am
up next, schools out between a teacher shortage and a vaccine push, kids are missing class today. also, we're live in chicago. plus the line five pipeline could be in jeopardy and americans are fearing the worst. carley shimkus is live in ohio to breakdown the massive impact a shutdown would have on the refinery behind you. reporter: yeah, steve you're right and shutting down line five would mean that everybody here at the toledo refining company would lose their jobs, but the fate of the pipeline also impacts this region of the country in ways you might not even have considered. we're going to be talking about that coming up, next, when "fox & friends" continues. >> ♪ ♪
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5:32 am
denver area as well as in several other states have had to close because of these staffing issues. in seattle, teachers were already off for veterans day and then hundreds also took off today, to have a four day weekend, but then the district couldn't find enough substitute teachers to cover for them, so they decided to close up shop entirely for the day. here in chicago, all classes are canceled, but the district insists it has nothing to do with staffing shortages, they say today is vaccine awareness day, encouraging kids to get the jab, but many parents are complaining that its left them scrambling to find child care with only a week's notice. here is how one parent put it to the chicago tribune. it comes across at callus, to abruptly create a day off is really disruptive and disrespectful. that is not how most parents plan, so brian, whether it's staffing shortages or vaccine awareness day, liked to in chicago, a lot of parents trying to figure out child care at the
5:33 am
last minute for their kids because of these school closures brian: and they're all wearing masks still, right? reporter: here in chicago, absolutely and likely all those other districts as well. brian: same with the city that we are in too, grady thanks so much appreciate it. rachel? rachel: the state of the line five pipeline remains uncertain, and fears of a possible shutdown have workers and businesses worried. fox & friends first co-host carley shimkus is live in toledo , ohio with more, carlie? reporter: rachel, that's right. the fate of the line five pipeline does remain uncertain, as michigan governor gretchen whitmer wants to shut it down. the biden administration is looking into the environmental impacts of a replacement line, all the while, the hard working people here in toledo are worried about what that means for them. watch. >> this facility has been operating for 127 years. >> this is where we bring the
5:34 am
raw crude oil in for the initial distillation process at the facility. reporter: so this is where line five connects to the toledo refining company. >> that's correct. >> the line five pipeline takes raw crude from canada and transports it down through the great lakes through the state of michigan and down out here in ohio and it delivers 540,000-barrels a day of un refined crude to the refinery and other places. reporter: how many people be affected if the pipeline were to shutdown? >> we have between our hourly and salary full time workforce we run between 600 and 1,200 employees and in-plant studies says each of our jobs supports 16 jobs within the community so that multiplication factor is really get an astronomical number of people affected. >> it's what provides for my family. i'm not shy to say growing up my family didn't have a lot of money and me getting this job allows me to provide a better standard of living than i had growing up. reporter: governor whitmer wants the pipeline shutdown. she feels like there's a section of it that's unsafe and it could
5:35 am
create an oil spill. how do you feel about that? >> i don't think, i don't share that same level of risk, this pipeline is very robustly built and it's highly unlikely there be an incident with the pipeline. >> wind, solar, they're great, geothermal they are great but you can't get rid of this too. it's not a real thing. we want, in fact, most of the construction that's happened in this refinery over the last several years has all been about protecting the environment. reporter: you could say the pipeline shutdown would affect your business, how so? >> absolutely, i mean, it's really a trickle down effect with prices, if they shut that down, one, and one we lose jobs, so there's business right there. >> shutting down a pipeline, the people in this community, and all the other communities between the pipeline and us are looking at it, not as a pipeline shutdown, as their lifeline shutdown. that's their life. reporter: what does this company mean to your family? >> for myself, this company
5:36 am
means everything. i've been fortunate enough to live the refinery life as a child with my dad working here for so long, and then now, me being here a little over six years, it's afforded me a lot of opportunity for my family. reporter: how long have you worked here, sir? >> last week i just completed my 31st year. reporter: how important is this job that you have to your family? >> it's a great opportunity for me. i'm a woman, number one, in a job that is typically male, so it shows my daughter that is 13 that women can do just about anything. reporter: there's concern that line five is going to be shutdown. are you worried about that? >> yeah, i'm worried about it a lot. reporter: are you worried? >> absolutely. the thought of losing my livelihood. >> if it happens it would definitely impact my family. >> my standard of living will go down, my daughter's standard of living will go down.
5:37 am
all my friends that work here at the refinery their standard of living will go down. you can't replace the jobs that are here, like that. >> president biden is going to make a decision and we hope he can look in my eyes and see the pain of the people here and base that decision on people , not politics. reporter: yeah, so the question is what is going to happen to this pipeline and the answer is nobody really knows, canada will be speaking directly to the biden administration about this , there's also a federal court decision that could shutdown this pipeline, and if that happens, rachel, as you saw , people will lose their jobs , and gas prices will go up. rachel: it's a very cold part of the country, wisconsin is going to be affected as well. so glad you're doing this reporting so glad you're there, wish you'd taken joe biden, aoc and bernie sanders with you on that trip. thank you, carlie.
5:38 am
reporter: maybe they saw the report. let's hope. rachel: let's hope. all right, well still ahead, south carolina senator tim scott opens up like never before. his thoughts on d.c., family, faith, and how a life-changing accident put him on the path to politics. >> i fell asleep driving my car down the interstate. it was a miracle that i'm still here. i missed seven weeks of my senior football season.
5:39 am
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and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends" so earlier this week we saw brian's sit down interview with senator tim scott but he also spent the day with him in his hometown of north charleston , south carolina. brian: i had a chance to spend the day with the senator, and talk to him and see how his constituents interacted with him one on one and be able to observe that, but he also took me back to his childhood home or
5:43 am
where it once stood and we started the day with some amazing barbecue, watch. rachel: i'm jealous. brian: so when i asked senator tim scott if i could meet him in charleston to see what his life was like at home not in washington d.c. he said yeah, middle east me on the road talking to people intact for lunch lunchmeat me at rodney scott's barbecue. >> good to see you, buddy. listen, rodney scott's barbecue is one of the most famous places for barbecue in all of south carolina. it has won more awards than you can shake a stick at. brian: rodney, heard a lot about you, brian kilmeade. >> nice to meet you, brian. brian: what is it about your place? >> man, it's the love, the consistency. look, it's the food, it's everything. brian: so i notice as you walk in, everyone is talking. are you okay with that? >> i am. it's kind of a blessing, right? it's like a vehicle for the great idea of my constituents to help he make
5:44 am
our nation better. brian: does it help that you were in business, does it help that you worked at 13 years old? >> brian, at 13 years old i started working at a gas station checking oil and pumping gas, back in the day when someone else pumped the gas for you. i worked at a movie theatre, sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door. brian: you did not? >> one of my mentors prepared me for a future that i could not see. he saw something in me and he knew something about the life i could live and one of the most powerful weapons he gave me was individual responsibility, and as a kid who thought sports was the only way out of poverty, he started saying, have a backup plan. thank you, sir. brian: look at that. what kind of an athlete were you >> i was a good athlete in high school, i thought i was going to be the next herschel walker, but unfortunately, my senior year, i fell asleep driving my car down
5:45 am
the interstate. it was a miracle that i'm still here. i missed seven weeks of my senior football season, lost lots of potential scholarships ended up with a small scholarship that led me to a school called presbyterian college where i became a christian and all those lessons of john and the mentoring that he did early on about faith- based view of the world, it all kind of crystallized, and we're doing good, man. brian: and talking to real people and inflation means one thing, it's a number but for you it means what? >> it means we have to raise our prices. brian: because you're paying? >> we're paying more. brian: you take this back with you. >> absolutely, this is the real-world information. brian: no, no, i talk to my local restaurant. so senator what do we have on tap today? >> we have a busy day, we don't get an hour for lunch in south
5:46 am
carolina. brian: where are we now, senator? >> on king street in charleston , south carolina. brian: this is great. >> this is a place where all of the shopping happens, this is where you find your greatest restaurants in america. one of the best steak houses in all of the country is right here on king street, you have great shopping at the charleston place , hotel. brian: is there a lot of this because we have a lot of this , we see in new york. >> they have commercial real estate. brian: these stores couldn't survive. >> the devastation of the pandemic is still visible right here if you think about this street that i'm so excited about, in the middle of the pandemic, probably at a 95% drop. restaurants closed, hotels were 8% occupancy where it's usually around 80%, retail dead as a door nail and to recover from that is remarkable. brian: senator, city hall. >> my office is in here.
5:47 am
brian: you're a u.s. senator but you want to find out what's going on locally. >> actually the only way to serve your constituents is to listen to them so i put together a round table discussion. >> on the right side of the pandemic in many ways but the legacy, the tail of the pandemic, is still alive and it's well, so we're not quite there yet. brian: in a space of just weeks i had to lay off 1,200 people. >> with the ppp loan the first one i got paid for the rent and coming back is still a challenge >> what does government assistance do or not do because it actually hurt us in some cases. >> we're at critically low levels of inventory, you've seen prices skyrocket and now with the supply chain issues we've got more shortages. >> you guys are getting a lot of wisdom actually about things we need to continue to focus on. brian: that seemed like a very informative meeting. >> really good, you heard smart , talented people who are investing their time and making sure that the government works better, for them. brian: senator, where have you brought me? >> i brought you to my
5:48 am
childhood home, where i grew up when my parents got divorced we moved in with my grandparents, very small house, about 700 square feet, it was right down this road. it's still dirt, it was dirt then and it's dirt now we're in the middle of metropolitan north charleston. brian: so what are your thoughts seeing this? >> a lot of memories come flooding back. there's lots of love in the house. just remember how much you had inside the house, even though what you had around the house was completely bare. brian: what does your mom think about what you've achieved? >> the most exciting part of this journey is watching her experience the fullness of america, watching her travel with me around the country, to thank her for the way she raised me, that probably means more to me than anything else. brian: thanks so much senator for bringing me back to where it all started. >> absolutely. brian: which is not really far from where you are but yet it is light years away. >> thank you for coming. brian: yeah, and he worked 24 hours a day, and he really
5:49 am
focuses on not his career helping people, and he said if i wasn't doing this i'd be a preacher i just want to help people at this point and he pointed out one man that helped him out he owns a chick-fil-a but tim never worked there. he just took an interest in him because he knew his son and he just saw the potential in him because he was almost failing out of school in tenth grade and he finally found his way. he was so devastated by the divorce of his parents at seven and eight, him and his brother and they went from the military bases to living seven people in a very small house, in a poverty area of south carolina wondering as a kid, is it my fault. rachel: it's interesting you bring up that he lived in poverty but also came from this broken home i was reading an article saying it's the broken home that really hurts, not so much the poverty and i wonder because you interviewed so many people do you see presidential or vice presidential timber in senator scott when you talk to him? brian: i do, here's the thing. he could do it, but he doesn't need to do it.
5:50 am
there's people that thirst for more, he will thirst for what's next and where it leads him and if he does it, he'll go full bore but i don't see him doing, he really likes president trump. i don't think he would think about doing it. rachel: is his mom a republican? brian: don't know. i don't know. rachel: ask him next time. brian: meanwhile straight ahead we told you how to win big on the fox bet super 6 app, but now , you can hear from someone who actually cashed in. rachel: but first let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour dana? dana: thank you so much i love that feature with senator scott and brian, you said he works 24/ 7 i think you found your soulmate, because we know that you do as well. thanks so much. coming up, the biden cabinet convenes today for the first time since july and have they got a lot to talk about we'll discuss it as well. plus as fentanyl deaths surge could drug dealers be charged with murder we'll talk to the d. a., black lives matter versus new york's mayor and the new e-mails between the national school board association and the biden white house, we'll see
5:51 am
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. rachel: well good morning to you in a very wet new york city, we have a front that's moving through, and cold air behind it let's take a look at the weather maps and i'll show you what's happening, so we've got actually warmer than average temperatures ahead of this cold front.
5:55 am
once the front moves through things are going to drop significantly, and potential for showers and thunderstorms for the north east and then we have our blizzard that's roaring across the upper midwest and the northern plains, we have blizzard warnings for south dakota in towards minnesota, with that blowing snow that's going to cause reduced visibility and very big travel concerns, so snowfall forecast some areas could get over a foot of snow depending on where you live and this is the first official snowfall of the season and then you watch that cool down across the midwest the great lakes over the next couple of days it's going to really start to feel like fall, almost like winter, across the northeast, you know the gulf coast are going to still remain in pretty good shape so if we travel we should probably go to florida or the gulf coast, rachel, brian, back to you. rachel: thank you, janice. brian: thanks janice. rachel: we've been telling you how the fox bet super 6 app gives you a chance to win big in a quiz show game. brian: but just a don't take our word for it last month, john walker became a $5,000 richer by answering six questions
5:56 am
correctly on a variety of topics including sports and entertainment. rachel: john joins us now with fox nation host tom shillue to preview this weekses quiz so john tell us about your win. how did you know all this stuff? >> well, i tell you what. it's a closely-guarded secret that i use, the same formula that they use on the farmers almanac that was 1792. no, not really! i don't even know how that all works. it was maybe a little skill but mostly luck. i'm pretty excited about all this , especially being on television. i think when you win, you get on television. i can hardly stand it. brian: especially with the great tom shillue. were you as excited as he is when you find out you have winners? >> i am and you've gotta remember it's not just the $5,000 he gets to be on tv and he did something that literally millions of people have been unable to do.
5:57 am
>> i want to tell you that i'm west of coon rapids, minnesota and south of elk river, and it's a pretty big deal for somebody north of the river to be on television so i'm really excited about it. brian: let's play again, tom run through and play. john you can try. >> all you people out there, don't think you can win, you can win just like john, download the app and play it's easy question number one. which football team will score the most touchdowns saturday? oklahoma, baylor, tcu, michigan state, oklahoma state, or tie. >> michigan state. >> i'm going to say oklahoma, a >> there we go, how many, he's got michigan yeah, how many two foot pizza slices will the winner eat in 10 minutes at the second annual fat boys pizza eating championship? >> i'm going to say e, 7, because that seems like a lot.
5:58 am
>> yeah, i'm going to say six, c. >> john? >> 7.5. all the way. >> next, which qb will throw the most touchdowns on sunday? rachel: i'm going to say a tom brady because i actually know that name and he's very cute. brian: i'm going to say justin herbert, d. >> john? >> i'm going to say zach presco tt, because i don't know who he is and i'm going with him. brian: you don't know who he? the cowboys quarterback. >> [laughter] >> and rachel? i'm cute too but i can't throw touchdowns, which state will the winner of the 2021 bands of america grand national championship come from, kentucky , ohio, south carolina, texas, indiana, or other? rachel: i'm going to say texas.
5:59 am
brian: that's a good one. i'm going to say ohio. john? >> i'm going to say ohio that's where i came from. rachel: all right >> there you go, how many tweets will elon musk tweet between friday and sunday? rachel: eight or more. he likes to tweet. brian: 0-3 he will have a quiet weekend at home. john? >> seven, he's watching quiz show. brian: all right tom this is very exciting. >> i like your system. that's your questions, guys. rachel: i like you, john you're great on this , i love it. you should do a lot more tv. brian: but again according to tom he is the cutest. rachel: download the fox bet super 6 app and enter for your chance to win, thank you, tom, thank you, john. come back again. and, just in time for the holidays, order me and
6:00 am
my husband's new book, all-american christmas, it's available at it makes the perfect and easiest christmas book, christmas gift. brian: you've squeezed in three of my stories, i said pick one, you put in all three. that's how special my stories are and my chapter. rachel: all right goodbye, guys. >> president biden about to


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