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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 12, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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your life what is it? >> summer wind frank sinatra. >> [laughing]. >> dana: i would say that's not like your go-to summer song. it doesn't get you hyped but you love that song. >> bill: it's a classic. >> dana: and you sing it well. >> bill: a couple of things before we get out of here. check out hemmer time and a prediction on the mid-terms. i have a birthday this weekend. i won't be here on monday. >> dana: happy birthday. >> bill: hold the fort down and have a great weekend. >> dana: here's the "faulkner focus." >> harris: pressure from americans on president biden to pull the country out of an economic crisis that exploded under his watch. you are watching the "faulkner focus." i am julie in for harris. it could cost democrats the majority in congress:
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inflation. the largest price hike for consumer goods in 3 decades. president biden is doing everything to convince americans the economy is in a recovery. it's hard to deny that reality with the holidays right around the corner. everything shot up in price. look at these numbers: tucker carlson says the president only has himself to blame. >> tucker: inflation is real. economists have not measured inflation like now for decades. why is it happening? it's pretty obvious. like rising energy prices inflation is not an act of god.
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the geniuses in charge put too much money into circulation. >> julie: jacqui heinrich live on this. >> the president tried to convince the american people that the economy is an okay place pointing to things like lower unemployment and at the same time trying to acknowledge issues like inflation and supply chain problems pitching more government spending as a solution. former advisor to obama said the biden white house has been wrong every month and changing their games that the labor force would go back in september and inflation is only due to a few factors and it is transitory. >> i think there is a real possibility that within the year we will be dealing with the most serious inflation problem that we have faced in the last 40
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years. >> that was summers back in february. democrats and the biden administration are not changing course here. they are touting options to address spiking gas prices. and also more big spending to address labor shortages and the kinks in the supply chain. >> what ared other costs? the cost of gas? tap the petroleum reserve to bring down the cost of gas. what about the cost of food and restaurants? have more people work. paid family leave and child care would do that. >> republicans say the actions by this administration are driving this problem like shutting down pipelines and injecting money into the economy with the coronavirus rescue package in mark as a contributing factor. >> lock down the economy and pay
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people not to work. in the next bill for the people who have been working, they will raise their taxes and spend more money. stupid plan. >> the president will meet with his cabinet to talk abouted infrastructure plan that he will sign into law on monday. many are under scrutiny for not addressing this problem sooner. >> julie: thank you very much. the "new york post" op-ed calling out the white house with this headline: however the biden administration is doing its best to go around this reality. some in the media are spinning this like it's a good thing. listen to msnbc.
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>> nobody likes to pay higher prices. one dirty little secret is that people are doing it in droves. why should we expect prices to go down orrine slow when people are lining up to pay them? republicans are clearly having a field day with this. it's unfortunate that the democrats don't do a good job telling their economic story. this inflation number is not good, but they have a great economic story to tell. 5 million jobs created. 200 million people vaccine mandate. those vaccine numbers are tied to the economy. >> julie: it's not just her. check out these headlines: the bloomberg op-ed suggests it's not within presidential powers to fix inflation. jason chaffetz is a former
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congressman from utah. economists warned congress that no stimulus was needed and that new spending was bound to be inflationary. why did the biden administration ignore this fact? >> i don't know. i got to tell you it's the biden/harris administration and their policies making this situation worse. the labor participation rate you still have millions of people not participating because they are being paid by the federal government not to participate. our national debt is playing a role here. we are playing north of 1.5-billion dollars per day in interest on national debt. if the interest rates rise that could be an untenable number. that's a huge number out there. remember, the biden/harris administration cut off the
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supply. one of the key factors here is the cost of fuel and energy in this country. they could say -- the democrats could try to spin that as a good thing but it hurts people with fixed incomes who are out there working and have to pay an extra dollar a gallon to drive to work. americans have to pay it because they have no other choice. >> julie: how does the white house deny such a thing? americans are not stupid. they are pulling up to the gas pumps and seeing ridiculous prices, everything from toilet paper to gas to food. the spending bill that the president promised would not race taxes on the middle-class. it is going to do the opposite want not only are you going to be paying unbelievable amounts for gasoline, you will also be taxed on top of that in the middle-class. inflation is something to worry about with all of this on top of
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it. beef is up 20.1%. >> the basic staples of life in america. you can go to big box retailers and you can't even find things that are on the shelves. and the rules on truckers they put on place. these are all things that exacerbate the problems. they are core to the democrats message. i think biden/harris are in a terrible position. they don't have any leverage to change the trajectory. it's their policies that put us in this bad position. it won't get better by laughing about it and saying it was transitory and this is really good for the economy. it is not. >> julie: we know americans vote with their wallet.
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could this kill democrats in the mid-terms? >> i do. i don't think they will get away with it. the american people don't need to read a headline. they see it every time they go to the gas pump or go to a restaurant and they can't hire enough people to even get the staff they need. go to a fast-food restaurant and it's slow because they can't get the staff. the government is competing with them and telling them don't work, we will pay you more to stay home. >> julie: yes. there are reminders any time you take out your wallet. democrats who hyped up the steele dossier now silence after the special counsel durham indicted a russian source. adam schiff tweeted this in
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2017. subpoenas appear to be part of an effort to discredit steele rather than determine the truth of the dossier. the dossier was funded by the dnc and the clinton campaign. tell that to congressman ted who tweeted: jim jordan told fox news this. then i will have you reply. there are so many red flag here i can't keep count. >> yes. adam schiff and swalwell the congressman, this is the political scum that said we have
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security clearances. we get to see classified nchtion. you -- information. you don't. they ran to the cameras and did media interviews telling people donald trump was colluding with russians to affect the election. guess what? it was the democrats hillary clinton and the clinton campaign that were colluding with russia to affect the campaign and create this facade about donald trump that was absolutely and completely false. how adam schiff has a security clearance let alone be the chairman of the intel committee is beyond me. he lied to the american people. every one of those people in the media that repeated what he said, they should shut him down. they don't because they don't like donald trump. they don't care that it was a big lie for years. i have not seen the headlines or the apologist and corrections that should be out there.
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>> julie: thank you very much. a fox news alert. both sides rested in the trial of 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse. he faces multiple charges including first degree intentional homicide for killing two men and wounding a third during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin in august of 2020. today attorneys and the judge are discussing jury instructions which would be presented on monday with closing arguments. rittenhouse could face life in prison. alexa is live in kenosha. hi. >> good morning. we will learn more about those steps. court started at 10 o'clock this morning. it's going to be the jury learning the instructions and monday we will have more about the deliberations. last night we sat down with kyle rittenhouse's mom wendy who is
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optimistic about this case. been sitting in this kenosha courthouse for days and feels good about how things are going. thinks the defense has done a great job. and kyle feels confident as well. wendy rittenhouse said her son was out here in kenosha to help protect property. she had no idea her son was going to take the stand in the trial which is interesting. only found out sitting in the courtroom and he walked up there to testify. the mom said that the judge has been nothing but fair. she's been watching closely with the jury trying to get a good read. ine with everything that happened his mother tells us that rittenhouse would go back out in kenosha again and do what he thought was helping the community. >> he would go back to help people. that's his nature. when he was a little boy, that's all he wanted to do was help people. i taught my kids treat people how you want to be treated. show respect and help people.
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kyle helps people. >> one day after kyle rittenhouse took the stand the defense resting its case. rittenhouse facing 5 felonies and life in prison. shot and killed two men and wounded a third. he opened fire with an ar-15 because he felt cornered and fires in self-defense. rittenhouse testified he was defending himself when he opened fire. prosecutors argue that the teenager was an instigaor and said he should have never been out here with that gun. after closing arguments the names will be drawn for the 12 jurors and we will learn about them on monday. >> julie: a leader in the black lives matter movement doubles down on threats of blood in the streets if new york's next mayor brings back under-cover
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anti-crime units. the power panel on that and plus this. >> it's about threats of violence. it makes clear in the first paragraph that spirited debate is protected under our constitution. >> julie: the attorney general and the white house facing fresh questions now. bombshell emails uncovered showed the role the white house played in the school board letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists. the man who discovered the truth joins us,i an pryor. stay with us. amily. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs
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the white house did indeed coordinate with the national
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school board association before it sent the letter to the doj comparing actions by concerned parents to domestic terrorists. that raised questions about garland's congressional testimony. he was pressed on the letter and the white house response worth another look. let's take a look at a flash back. >> the national school board is not part of the national government. >> i speak on behalf of this government. >> i didn't adopt every concern in their letter. only the concern about violence and that hasn't changed. i signed the memo and i worked on the memo. >> julie: griff jenkins has more. >> they were led to believe there was no cordination and the
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attorney general acted independently. this tells a different story and shows them meeting with the white house in early september weeks before sending that letter to the president comparing parents to domestic terrorists. which occurred before the doj took action in early october. in this new memo dated october 12th the board's president said they were engaged with the white house and the department of education and surgeon general on pandemic related issues. when garland was pressed under oath about relying on the nsba, he deny this. >> this doesn't change the association's concern about
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violence. it alters some of the language in the letter. >> those words are contradicted by the nsba's president's account writing: he reached out to the doj and nsba and not heard back. interesting to see what jen psaki says today. >> julie: time to talk the man of the hour. you obtained those emails. ian pryor and the father of two
8:24 am
opportunities in the loudoun county, virginia school system which is ground zero for parents fighting against the woke curriculum. it turns out you obtained the emails. i want to know your reaction with the association coordinating with the white house. >> parents defending education obtained those emails and did great work getting that story out there. i saw it when this first happened. it struck me as there is no way that an attorney general memo could come out 5 days after that nsba memo without pre-planning. i worked at the justice department.
8:25 am
i know how long it takes to do these memoos. the fact the white house was involved with members of the department of justice -- doubt garland would walk over to the white house to talk about this but i am sure he had counselors working on this ahead of time that trigger this nsba memo. by the time it comes out the attorney general memo is ready to roll 5 days later. that's appalling. >> julie: if you watch what happened since the biden administration took office. things don't happen that quickly. this should not be a surprise to any of us. fox news did reach out to several school districts in virginia including loudoun county and officials denied teaching element of critical race theory despite proofs in
8:26 am
memos they do. you shared with us proof in righting. the former loudoun county school superintendent said they do teach crt. and you showed us an voice that the district paid thousands to instruct teachers about how crt? they have the gall to deny it. >> there is even more evidence. they hired a company and one of their core pillars is critical race theory in education. paid $500,000 and kept them on contract for 2020 and 2021. for the loudoun count toe lie to parents. the superintendent made something up about why we could not use bath rooms. they are dishonest. parents are not stupid. they have done their home work and talk to their children and
8:27 am
other parents. they have the receipts. the fact we have public elected officials and school superintendents lying to the public is why there is a breach of trust in the school system. >> julie: absolutely. the pandemic for parents like myself to know what is going on in the classroom. for 3 months when i was pulling my hair out and drinking too much wine i got an inside look of what was going on in the classroom or what was not being taught which was disturbing. there is a new study that finds the media's coverage of critical race theory was misleading and dismissive. just 5 of the 91 news accounts mentioned race based groups. fewer than 12 mentioned the rejection of colorblindness and contends that the u.s. is a
8:28 am
racist country. what do you say to that? >> well, it's been interesting to watch the media. one thing that is absent is anybody defending critical race theory in the mainstream. they will say this is a college level course. it's not being taught. of course it's not being taught like a subject. they are applied in how we teach our opportunities and train teachers to teach. it's a viewpoint to look at america and cultures and language as systemic racism. there is a big difference between teaching accurate history with the good, bad and ugly and implementing critical race theory and how you teach students. >> julie: thank you very much. fascinating emails you discovered. president biden and vice-president harris are sinking to new lows in the
8:29 am
polls. how much trouble could that spell for dems in next year's mid-terms and also this? >> if they think they are going back to the old ways of policing, that we are going to take to the streets again, there will be riots. there will be fires and there will be bloodshed. >> julie: the new york city mayor-elect has a former cop has a response to that warning from a black lives matter leader. power panel is next.
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8:35 am
brian joins us live in new york city. >> i spoke to the co founder of black lives matter of greater new york. he said i am not advocating violence but warning new york city's mayor-elect eric adams do not bring back plain clothes anti-crime police unit that were dismantled in 2020. he said that would lead to the same violence we saw in the streets last summer. >> when these plain clothes police officers come back into the streets with the mentality that they are going to eradicate crime, they will make a mistake and kill someone. when that happens there will be a repeat of george floyd. it's simple math. it's not making threats. >> his organization met with adams in a meeting that was live
8:36 am
streamed on instagram on wednesday. they claimed adams does not have a plan to reform the police. after the meeting his sister called adams a bargain basement rudy giuliani knock off and newsom said this. >> if they think they are going back to the old ways of policing, that we will take to the streets again, there will be riots. there will be fires. there will be bloodshed. >> adams a former nypd captain who ran on fighting back against crime and bringing back those planed clothes police officers is not backing down and will fulfill his campaign promise. >> this won't be a city of riots and burning. this will be a city where we will be safe and have effective policing. that is not heavy handed. >> crime in new york city surjdz this year. the nypd is looking for this man
8:37 am
after a woman was sexual assaulted in central park yesterday. and a 54-year-old woman jogging in another neighborhood was sexual assaulted allegedly by howard shaw who was released from prison on tuesday and now back in custody. >> julie: thank you very much. the power panel now. david and leslie. thanks for coming on today. this is disturbing on many levels. we also have a black mayor for the first time in years. you have black lives matter already planning protests and chaos in the streets if he gives the power back to the police officers to get the crime under control. david, your reaction? it's despicable. >> eric adams call winsome sears. she knows about being an elected
8:38 am
leader trying to protect americans and being called a racist and a white supremacist which is what will happen to eric adams. though the words are not the biggest challenge for either one of them. it's the prosecuting attorneys that the progressives have elected to make sure that repeat offenders and the worst violent offenders get back out on the streets. talk to any police officers. they will tell you it's not the funding level that is the biggest problem. they do their job and arrest law breaking news and within hours they are back on the streets because the attorneys won't prosecute them. >> julie: leslie, a "new york post" op-ed says this is an insult to new york crime victims and this headline:
8:39 am
the left wing endorses policies that weaken this of the they want to live in the city safely. we are not doing that and have not done that since mayor de blasio stripped police officers of their power. wouldn't democrats want lawless streets to be finished? >> they do from the election in new york and throughout the country. i am glad david my point it's not about funding. defund is a bad idea. a good idea that president biden spoke about and the new mayor of
8:40 am
new york spoke about and the majority of democrats want and many republicans is reformation of police. people were horrified when they saw the murder of george floyd on video. they said enough is enough. what we also saw with the people looting and being violent is the overwhelming majority saying enough is enough. we want change. there is never a time, i don't care what group you belong to, to call for violence. we have fringe element on both sides whether it's on the right having a cartoon about trying to kill a fellow congresswoman or someone on the left saying there will be riots in bloodshed in new york. the majority of black lives matter do not want violence. nobody wants violence. >> julie: the problem is democrats have been in office where we have high crime rates
8:41 am
in new york city and chicago. they have emboldened the leaders of black lives matter that threaten if police ramp up there will be chaos in the streets again. they are playing with fire. that's all the time we have. david and leslie, thanks for talking to us. president biden drawing new ridicule with his latest gaffe during his veterans day address. let's cringe together. >> i adopted attitude of the great negro at the time pitcher named satchel page. >> social media lighting up. we will bring you and of that. can i say this word whoop ass? i did. it was in the prompter so i can't get in trouble. and a woman having too many
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call today. >> i adopted the attitude of the great negro pitcher in the negro league that became a great pitcher in the pro's and major league baseball after jackie robinson named satchel paige. >> julie: yikes. the gaffe machine running on all cylinders. striking out mentioning satchel paige during his veterans day address. social media blowing up.
8:48 am
one user said imagine the explosion if trump said this. president biden forgets what decade we live in. he thinks we are in the '30s and 40s. hearing that word on television. >> we both physically cringed. that's not the first time we heard that clip. every time i tighten up. >> julie: yes. it's uncomfortable and not okay. i don't have have an answer for not knowing that's not okay. >> there is no answer. you don't see the other networks freaking out. if president trump in one tweet is what i was thinking. if president trump used that word in any context even praising someone from the '30s and 40s, schools would be closed
8:49 am
down. [laughing]. everybody gets a day off. >> julie: absolutely. it's not being covered. biden gets a pass for everything. >> i know. >> julie: michigan's democratic attorney general in hot water after getting hammered at a college football game. i guess you can get drunk at college football games. >> huh? >> julie: she had to leave the stadium in a wheelchair. >> i have never done that. >> julie: dana is addressing tailgate-gate. wrote that her friends told her to leave to prevent from vomiting on constituents when polls show is unpopular. she wrote i attended a tailing on an empty stomach.
8:50 am
i had 2 bloody mary's and it was practically a salad. her challenge said this: she waited 2 weeks to release at 5 p.m. before a holiday. that is not lunch. >> no, but can be. >> julie: you don't drink until you fall down. >> she was not transparent. she doesn't have 2 bloody mary's. you do the juice cleanse and you are fine. >> julie: i carry it well. [laughing]. >> she is pretending they told
8:51 am
me not to do this. i am the cool girl. you don't even have to give the number. nobody asked you the number. my bad. i didn't eat enough and the hot dogs looked gross and i got too drunk. >> julie: if you are the attorney general you don't go to the football game. if you are tailgating and realize i had too many drinks and can barely stand up. just don't go. she didn't have the common sense to disappear. >> i would had her back and say i got too messed up. don't gaslight me. >> julie: yee we are drinkers. >> yes. >> julie: after 2 bottles of wine i am feeling effects but
8:52 am
not 2 glasses. a "sports illustrated" swimsuit veteran talked to instagram to push back on sexist views of aiming women. the -- aging women. the 56-year-old posted pictures of herself on vacation and they called her a desperate grandma. one twitter said lady stop the attention ploys. it's okay to not objectify again. sarah jessica parker applauded her. she pointed out he has a full head of gray hair and considered a sexy guy and she gets comments about fixing herself. the assumption there is something wrong with aging for
8:53 am
women. i saw that picture and thought the same thing. she's got gray roots but this is nothing new. it's disturbing. >> it's horrible. all female swimsuit models should be 75 years old. when you are 18 or 20, you -- people think you are into your bod. >> come out with a swimsuit calendar for the elderly. >> yes. i am serious. i never posted a bikin pick. i am start when i am 17. >> julie: looks better than i did at 18. >> absolutely. >> julie: the whole double standard it makes you wonder. the public is to blame for this. it makes you wonder what the
8:54 am
leaders are doing. celebrities. i like to blame celebrities for everything. they are out there first traping. >> we need more grandmas surf trapping. influencers. give them to older women. i want to be allowed to get old. i never thought i would live this long. i am getting older. oh, no, it's happening to me. it's going to keep happening to me. i need to still have people think i am hot when i am 80. >> julie: you will be. this is great. this was fun. thanks for watching the "faulkner focus." harris is back and "outnumbered" will be coming up after the break. i will see you there.
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>> fox news alert, america is awaiting the conclusion of a coup subscribed national attention. both sides have rested their cases and are right now hashing out jury instructions before monday's expected closing arguments. this comes as the media, hollywood elites, and democrats target and attack the 18-year-old defendant. this is "outnumbered." i am emily compagno joined by kayleigh mcenany and julie banderas and tomi la


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