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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 12, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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count of country and we live in that count of country because of people like that, veterans, some that gave the ultimate sacrifice, some who are prepared to make that again and again and again. not only a medal, but maybe our thanks. good night. >> jesse: hello. i'm jesse waters, dagen mcdowell, greg gutfeld, martha maccallum. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." major developments in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. the prosecution hopes to safe their crumbling case. asking the judge to allow for lesser charges. the judge is considering the request before closing arguments monday.
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liberals in the media proving they don't care about justice being fair. instead they're turning this trial into a political football. kyle rittenhouse's mom defending her son after president biden called the then 17-year-old a white supremacist. >> i was angry. president biden don't know my son whatsoever. he's not a racist or a white supremacist. he did that for the votes. i was so angry for a while at him. what he did to my son, he defamed him. >> jesse: as the case for self-defense gets stronger, the mainstream media is ramping up their smears. >> kyle rittenhouse testified like a mini brett kavanaugh. >> they're making him out to be
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acquire boy, if a black kid did that, how would america feel about that? >> if he is freed, it's a message to others like him that prison won't be in their future. >> if he's in free, he will end up in congress. >> and he could end up in congress. >> jesse: the comment, greg, joy reed, that said that these were fake tears just like kavanaugh's tears were fake just shows an inability of humanity to recognize real emotion in another human being. >> greg: when you look at the face of his mother, all you see is the suffering that she's been going through. it's interesting to listen to the media defend what they would have done if a pedophile and a serial abuser, one of the pedophiles, one of the guys wanted to die, comes after you. what would they have wanted him to do? rittenhouse? don't shoot them. let them beat you with a skateboard. the media is priming the outcome
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by injecting race into it. so even though it's a white guy, white kid that killed two white goons, there's something racial about it, but there isn't. the best part about this is how many people on twitter thought the victims were black until they finally read they weren't. because the media made sure you didn't know that. so what they're doing now, they're doing the don lemon kind of the idiot argument. what the kyle was black? would they call him a hero? the answer is hell yes. self-defense with gun trumps race. we see the pistols before the pig meant. unlike cnn, the media prefers to defend the criminal rather than somebody defending themselves against the criminal. so it doesn't matter to us whether kyle rittenhouse is black or white or hispanic or asian.
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the fact that he defends himself, there's -- for us -- when i mean us, second amendment absolutists, to us, it doesn't matter. we're on your side, so it's a person that brings up the race like don lemon as usual who is the racist because as he can see is race. last things, there's no concept of incentsives in a lot of the media. when you egg on violent demonstrations and you get the expected result of massive spikes in crime, they act so dumbfounded and then they act dumbfounded with the most predictable outcome, is when there's no more comes, citizens and the second amendment step in. anybody could see it coming. some people predicted this would happen. >> jesse: martha maccallum? >> martha: a couple of things. when i listen to that sound bite from his mother, what jumps out is the last line when she said he defamed my son. you'll see a lawsuit from this family.
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because what happened -- when president biden tweeted that video and called him a white supremacist, we need to respect the judicial process here and it needs to come from the very top always. we've seen this happen with a number of prior presidents that have declared someone guilty while justice was playing out. the message from the white house, the message from the president has to be innocent until proven guilty. that message needs to be crystal clear. we're watching this process play out. all of these people are jumping in to take the place of the jury that is underway right now. we have to respect that process. we have to watch it play out. that message has to be so clear from the top. so that is so disstruckive for a candidate or president to declare someone guilty of white supremacy or in this case murder before the process plays outs.
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we've gone too far over the line where people expect it now. what i'm saying is to reserve your judgment and say hold off. i don't know how this jury is going to decide. they're deciding based on the video, the frame by frame video. was he acting in self-defense? that's the only thing that matters to this jury. this judge is going to make that very clear to them after those closing arguments. they have to have tunnel vision and color needs to be absolutely out of the picture and have tunnel vision here. >> jesse: they should. dagen, you know the jurors are human. they have to feel some sort of social pressure. we've heard talk from i believe a george floyd family member so to speak saying people are out there taking pictures of jurors. people are watching. they're looking at them, taking names. it's got to be some of their minds. >> pressure tactics. covering trials, you never know unless you've been in that
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courtroom every day and seen every piece of evidence that the jury has seen and every argument, every witness that the jurors have seen, you never know what the take-away is unless you're in there every day, number 1. >> number 2, you talked about joe biden piling on and calling kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist that needed to be in contempt. this is when he was running as a uniter. again, the signs were there how easily he caved there to the left wing and the progressives as he is nows, as he got in front of the american people and called the border patrol agents and called them out for whipping people, which was a lie. he lies without any consequence and he lies recklessly, dangerously so. but the left from moment one that this shooting happened, not having any evidence, the left needed to reposition kite
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rittenhouse to reinforce their narrative that they were rioting for justice. they were rioting against white supremacy and the bigots and police brutality. so this didn't fit their narrative, so they immediately had to label him, you know, what they wanted him to be. one more thing real quick. there's a -- by the way, kyle rittenhouse is being treated for ptsd and is in therapy according to his discussion in the court today. bill eckman is this liberal hedge fund manager. he tweeted this long thread. he said last night this is when rittenhouse was testifying, my wife and i watched it and we came away believing that kyle is telling the truth. our first hand impressions were materially different than those that we previously formed based
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on opinion. like i'm the subject of press reports. i know something about it. he said yet somehow i continue to believe other articles in the same newspaper about subjects that i know less well. he brought out this was bias. the end of the thread says i just got a call from the media asking if my twitter account was hacked >> jesse: jessica, it's like when you read reports about me. when you meet me in person, i'm adorable. >> greg: he is a demon though. >> jesse: that's not fake news. >> i won't be distracted by what i need to do right now. >> jesse: okay. >> so i think when you use the term white supremacist now unless it's like a neo-nazi or something like that, people tune out on both sides. right? people that want to think it was a white supremacist, that's confirmed and they're done. people are like no, there's an alternative explanation, they
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have their story as well. the fact that this happened surrounding the shooting of jacob blake by the police seven times in the back leaving him paralyzed turned this into a race issue no matter where he went. >> jesse: that was a justified shooting, by the way. i want to make sure the audience knew that. >> i'm sure they do know that. >> jesse: they're very smart. >> i love our audience. >> jesse: not as much as i do. i'm sorry. >> i'm going to get cut off. so that put this in the context of the black lives matter protest and et cetera and made it into a race issue. the down grading of the charges is a give me for the prosecution who had a bad week. so i think that that is going to satisfy a lot of people that have been watching this trial ernestly and saying, okay, this looks like it's self-defense.
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i'm still not willing to say a kid that lives across state lines and get an ar-15 and goes into a play he doesn't live to help out on the police side went there with perfect intentions. he wasn't on his property. he wanted to intervene in something that he didn't really have any business being in. that will not be lost. >> greg: i have to -- i live across state lines, you know? i cross a few when i come here. i go from new york, connecticut. it's like -- he's really close to kenosha. he's dad lives there. parentsly goes there a lot. i think the state line thing, i mean, it's not like a border. okay? >> jesse: it's a buzz word. >> greg: let's build a wall. >> you don't borrow your friend's guns to drive through connecticut. it's different to drive into a riot. >> greg: if you're in a riot,
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maybe so when you're watching whats going on and there's no police. >> >> martha: when you go back and watch the video of what happened in kenosha, stores getting fire bombed and this woman that i talked to who had a mattress store and her employees got hit in the head with a brick. you have to put yourself in that moment to understand the full context here. he didn't go oh, i think i'll drive to kenosha with my rifle. he thought he was going to protect people. whether or not he should have been there is a fair question. >> jesse: stores were burning. coming up, black lives matter threatening blood shed if america's biggest city cracks down on crime. ♪♪
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>> martha: breaking new developments in the brittany spears conservatorship. britney spears is free for all of you that have been out there
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wanting that to happen. looks like the judge just ended this long-time conservatorship after a 14-year battle with her father. jeff paul is on this story live from los angeles. hi, jeff. >> yeah, this has been a long time coming. this started several months ago. we started coming to the hearings in downtown l.a. little by little, britney spears and her team chipping away at this conservatorship. now it's all over. she's been under this strict conservatorship for 13 plus years. it's now dissolved for her personal life and her financial aspects of her life involving her money. you can hear in the background the excitement from the hundreds of free briteny folks. they brought this to attention shortly after britney spears said she would go on a hiatus in 2019. they started looking at the conservatorship. there was a documentary and
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brought this movement nationwide. britney spears, the pivotal moment in this involves britney spears getting an attorney to represent her own interests. that's when she stated for the first time in a court setting that she found this conservatorship abusive and she wanted out, she wanted her freedom. so now she has that. one quick note though. there will be a cta involved in her financial position temporarily as she gets back on her feet. as it goes, britney spears is free. >> martha: thanks, jeff. thanks very much. what do you think? >> greg: i don't care. i absolutely don't care. i'm going to -- this is why you get paid on tv. you have to pretend to care. how does anybody know anything about what is going on in her life other than her family? yet you have this moment based on watching a documentary, all
2:20 pm
of these people -- how much time do you have in your life to protest or somebody that doesn't know you exist? you're out there protesting. shouldn't you be spending time with your family and worried about what is going on in your town? this movement has the intellectual depth of a kiddy pool. i think she has serious mental health issues and they were dealing with that but nobody cares because they're the bad guy. >> martha: jesse? >> jesse: i care because as a feminist, it's too long that men in this country have institution naturalized women, forced them in to conservatorships and live off of theirenings. i'm glad this effective later swooped in and took in this gross arrangement because of
2:21 pm
this other bottom-feeder attorney. is she the most balanced person? of course not. have you seen the rest of the country? the rest of the country is crazy, too. she should be allowed to be just as crazy. >> greg: that's beautiful. >> jessica: that's hopeful. i want the lobotomy. >> dagen: yeah, he went back and forth to talk about lobotomies. >> jessica: an impressive historical track. i grew up a huge britney fan. i was not part of the movement. >> martha: you have other things to do. >> jessica: a few other things. i was keeping track of her. we went to see her a couple times. what is interesting about this case, it changed when the first documentary came out. the detail that seemed to spark so much controversy is that her father and her team were not allowed her to take out her iud to make her own decision about whether she was going to try to
2:22 pm
get pregnant with her long-time partner. and i think that that really galvanized the level of support from women and from a lot of men that are like how is this possible? this is going on today in the post lobotomy team. >> jesse: free the iud. >> martha: and she's obviously running a business and i'm employed these people and making money to support them -- >> jessica: and mismanaging her money. >> martha: and mismanaging it. >> dagen: she wasn't running a business number 1. number 2, the iud statement was questionable. >> martha: really? >> dagen: yeah, conservatorships in california, it's your right to get pregnant and get married. i agree with greg. she has a fortune walking out of this in to the tens of millions
2:23 pm
of dollars. it's a very complicated situation. i watched all of the documentaries multiple times, i've rad everything about it. "the new york times" documentary that launched this, they interviewed their fans. that was the depth of the reporting. they didn't talk -- they did no reporting on her alleged potential mental illness. the coverage of this story and the coverage of violence in this country and the coverage of the mental health crisis does no one any service because it never talks about illness and treatment. and what might happen in a family's life if somebody is suffering, whether it's schizophrenia or bipolar. this is junk from moment one. >> greg: they've been proven
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>> if they think they're doing to go back to the old ways of policing, we're going to take to the streets again, there will be
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riots, there will be fires and there will be blood shed. >> jessica: a black lives matter leading vowing blood shed in the incoming mayor dares to do something about crime. eric adams promised to get tough on crime. this week an older man was knocked to ground and stabbed. in the face of intimidationing threats, eric adams is not backing down. >> new yorkers are not going to live in fear and we're not going to be intimidated by anyone. this city is not going to be a city of riots, a city of burning. this is going to be a city where we're going to be safe, we're going to have effective policing that's not heavy-handed, we'll have the backs of our police officers and hold them accountable. i said i was going to reinstitute an anti gun unit and i'm not backing away from that. >> jessica: so as a new york city resident, somebody that
2:30 pm
ranked eric adams first and happy to see him win the election, i'm relieved. jesse, what do you feel about the soon to be inaugurated mayor says here? >> jesse: i can't wait to de blasio is guy. if this guy does what he says he's going to do, he's a breath of fresh air. i did some research on hawk. his real name is walter. a high school dropout that lives with his mother. he's an annoying guy because he protests and blocks traffic, one of my biggest pet peeves and a fraudster. he had a charity running out of his apartment. the irs stripped him of it because it's fake. now he sells t-shirts that says donald trump is a white supremacist. he's a coward. what he should be protesting,
2:31 pm
the gang bangers that are shooting people dead in his neighborhood. the only thing i agree with that he says he doesn't want to live near white people. i can agree. white people can be annoying when it comes to neighborly disputes. you know the kinds of disputes i'm talking about. imagine seeing jacob blake get shot. this guy has a gun, a rape charge, wielding a knife. you fly all the way out to kenosha. that's what he did. right around this neighborhood, women and children and innocent civilians are being slaughtered by drug dealers. the major that wants to put the very drug dealers in prison, he's protesting the mayor to not do that. this guy is a fraudster and he's in it for fame. >> jessica: so martha, president biden had eric adams down to the white house after he won the primary with another group of like-minded law enforcement officials. do you feel like this is the tact more as we head to criminal justice renorm and another set of elections that the white
2:32 pm
house will be taking? >> martha: i hope he sticks to what he says. the basic sentence that -- the fact that it's so refreshing to hear a mayor of new york city say we want a safe city is astonishing. to jesse's point, which is a good one, hawk newsome that i've had on my show a couple times and we've had some interesting conversations about where he's coming from, since they disbanded the plain clothes police force in new york city, homicides have escalated dramatically. i remember talking to a detective in new york. he said as soon as they disband this force, you'll see homicides sky rocket. that's what happened. you know whats killed? put these faces on the screen. 21 children under the age of 21. okay? these are young people whose lives were snuffed out, they are too young to die and look at these individuals. so these are the people that he should be caring about.
2:33 pm
how about a recent graduate that was gunned down -- stabbed on the street last week. okay? because a guy who was 17 years old who had been guilty of assault was let go by a judge who had let other people -- similar situations go before and took this young man's life. so where is hawk newsome yelling and fighting for these individuals that the rest of us in new york city care a lot about? because these children deserve to live. those plain clothes police officers did -- there were incidents. there's no doubt about it. they have been litigated. by and large, they protected people like these children. >> jessica: greg? >> greg: all of the victims were black. so hawk newsome is fighting against something that could help blacks. i think it's a great gig for eric adams to be mayor after de blasio. you can't get a better job. that's like being the new boyfriend after your girlfriend just dated ted bundy. there's no where to go be up up.
2:34 pm
i would have like to have seen the discussion with adams and hawk newsome publicly. i would like to here newsome's solutions are. i feel there's none. by why is he vowing for violence? something that went on that he didn't get that he wanted? the interesting thing though is watch the media. this feud can't be about race because they're both black, right? the media will make it about race the first time that they call eric adams the new face of white supremacy. because they did it for condoleezza rice, they did it for larry elder. any time a black leader speaks in sensible terms in moderate terms, the media says the face of white supremacy. for the rest of the country and new york city, if adams sticks to his guns literally, he will be seen as a savior after what de blasio did to this place.
2:35 pm
de blasio has committed probably committed the biggest moral crimes turning new york city to a hell pit that resulted in countless deaths and he's still walking around. >> jesse: could we charge him with crimes against humanity? >> greg: i'd like to. >> martha: while he was busy painting the street. >> dagen: and his wife was busy setting fire to almost a billion dollars that was trying to solve if mental illness crisis in this city. the people that matner this conversation are the people that voted for eric adams. the difference might be that he a democrat. so now democrats, liberals will be calling their own white supremacists potentially. the people that voted for eric adams in the primary were not the snooty white liberal elitists living in manhattan. the biggest problem is i don't want to step in dog poo.
2:36 pm
it was black and latino and low income voters in the outer boroughs in this city that are witnessing and experiencing on a day-to-day basis the sky rocketing violent crime, shootings doubling in two years, murder sky rocketing. they care are. they want it to stop. eric adams got elected because he promised to do that. >> jessica: i voted for eric adams. >> greg: because that's we have no republican party in new york city. >> dagen: manhattan did not vote for eric adams. he won every borough but man had tan. >> jessica: the school board president is accused of keeping enemy lists of parents that are speaking out. ♪♪
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>> dagen: the left's war on parents goes to the top. new uncovered e-mails show the white house coordinating with the national school board association in the weeks before they sent that infamous letter to the department of justice comparing parents to domestic terrorists. over in arizona, startling report of a school board head keeping a dossier on outspoken parents that oppose mask mandates and critical race theory. the documents include personal information and photos. martha? >> martha: i would just say, you know, with regard to merrick garland and the communication going on with the white house when he testified, he said there was nothing. he said i didn't talk to the white house about issuing this directive. but so far there's no real evidence that these are federal crimes. they should have been dealt with at the law enforcement level and i would imagine that is a priority for him because he didn't want to be political in
2:42 pm
any way. >> dagen: this letter scaring parents didn't help the democrats in virginia. >> jessica: no. education rose to the top of the charts, whether it was about schools being cancelled or the parents upset about critical race theory. it was obviously a big deal and something that the democrats will have to deal with going forward. it's interesting to see if a.g. garland gives a statement about it. i'm not surprised there were conversations about it but it's an issue that isn't going away until we go in to the winter and see a spike in cases. >> dagen: jesse? >> jesse: i was a happy i didn't interrupt jessica there. >> jessica: because i spoke four seconds. >> jesse: yeah, the doj is off to a rocky start. they raided rudy's apartment and james o'keefe's apartment because joe biden's diary went missing. now they're paying millions and
2:43 pm
didn't they have the fbi let dirty laundry guy when they should have had eyes on that slug? what about fentanyl? have you heard about the fentanyl crackdowns? how about the illegal guns? have you heard about a big bust in chicago, st. louis? i haven't heard anything. what about these monopolies in silicon valley? it's crickets. the doj under joe biden is what they accused the doj of donald trump of being, personal lawyers for the president. no, that's garland. >> dagen: greg? >> greg: it's interesting. we've had this crime wave a year. all the focus seems to be on a the noncriminal. in every every element, every story, they pick that side. underneath the undercurrent of everything is like a loathing of the average american, of being stupid, rittenhouse's mother.
2:44 pm
that's what they see americans as. just like -- they don't know those people. the worst part is about how they're embracing the practices of east germany. they're freelancing -- the government is not doing it. they're freelancing their motives to citizens so deputizing them as snitches. it has to stop. if it doesn't stop, the parents and the citizens will stop it. because you can't create a country of snitches. you know what happens? you get stitches. >> jessica: i hope texas is listening when people go to exercise their rights about abortion? >> jesse: jessica, what did i say about talking? just kidding. >> dagen: you can slap him. >> jesse: i don't want to.
2:45 pm
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♪♪ >> greg: that's hollywood squares! first question, we don't have a lot of time. who is your favorite tv/movie villain? martha? >> martha: tony soprano. >> greg: excellent choice. jesse? >> jesse: who is that really ugly guy in the bond movies? he likes had that really mechanical jaw? >> greg: richard --
2:50 pm
>> jesse: that could chomp your face off. >> greg: he was called jaws. >> martha: yeah, the jaw. >> jesse: a scary dude. >> martha: he was scary. >> greg: they could have whispered in my ear and i could look smart. jessica? >> jessica: i like the penguin. >> greg: the original one? >> jessica: all of them actually. >> martha: because of the humanity, the cruelty. still loved him. >> jessica: like tony soprano. >> greg: caesar romero as the joker. amazing. >> dagen: hanable lecter. >> greg: i have a try. frank booth from blue velvet. >> dagen: can i do it? >> greg: and frank gorsen as the riddler. one more. if your childhood had a smell, what would it be? keep it clean. >> dagen: tobacco.
2:51 pm
fresh tobacco. >> greg: sitting in a car while mom and dad are smoking? >> dagen: in a field. the special of tobacco growing. >> greg: jessica, you liberal. >> jessica: my dad was a big cook. so fresh cooked things like pizzas, chicken, great family together -- >> greg: my parents were lousy cooks. >> jesse: fresh cut grass and chlorine from the pool. >> greg: somebody had a pull growing up. >> jessica: public pool. >> martha: popcorn. i used to put it in the microwave. i love that smell. popcorn here smells like -- >> jesse: that's your childhood? >> martha: popcorn. mr. chlorine. >> greg: musty grandma's house. and crayola crayons. >> martha: i love the smell of that.
2:52 pm
>> greg: red was my favorite flavor. >> martha: and i loved the names. >> greg: don't put crayons up your nose unless you can get them out. ♪♪ bye mom. my helpers abound, i'll need you today. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the
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united states postal service. . .
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing, greg? >> greg: about gutfeld live that's me when i'm live. i am going to be birmingham, alabama tomorrow. there probably are tickets, jessica, jefferson convention. 7:00 p.m. newark new jersey december 12th that's a sunday go to g to get tickets. i'm also going to be in phoenix and salt lake city early next year. time for -- watch my show, too tonight it's great. before i forget tonight bret baier, oh it's crazy congressman jim jordan, dagen mcdowell. it is so -- what do the kids say
2:57 pm
off the hook? that's what a pirate says. let's do this greg's baby animal news. in this order. kerry, a two toed baby sloth, let's show them, huh? there he is, latest edition at the london zoo. nothing better than a baby sloth unless -- look at that creature. looks like me. then there is marta a mere leopard club at the santa barbara zoo. like how adorable that is. spotty little sucker. finally we have brazos, should be jeff brazos elephant calf born and introduced at the fort worth zoo. i would like to take them all home and let them play around in my apartment. >> jessica: so cute. >> greg: they never grow. >> jesse: i would like to address a little controversy from yesterday's show. apparently i was the only one to have a little foot rest. a lot of people have been commenting about this on social
2:58 pm
media. and here is the answer my legs are too short to dangle but they are too long to tuck. does anybody understand that? too short to dangle too long to tuck. i had to get them in the perfect position no other reason for that. >> martha: people rushed around to get you the right size. >> greg: too short to dangle and too long to tuck. >> jesse: i just made it up. also speaking of making up stuff. "watters' world" 8:00 saturday night i hit the streets to ask people about, you know, veterans and ask them who won the civil war. you're going to be appalled. and then very entertaining. i also portnoy and begin griff and tulsi and mark geragos. a hot show. prime time next week i'm hosting the whole week at 7:00. >> greg: when do i get the phone call. >> dagen: already got email.
2:59 pm
>> jesse: you guys sound so excited. >> jessica: no one asked me. this would happen to, you walk out into a parking lot and it's raining just on your automobile. no rain anywhere except right there. ultra localized rain. i want to pose this to depression. do you think this is a fake video or not? i watched it over and over again guilt gut either that or pissed off some dead person and a dead person with a weak bladder. >> jesse: truman show didn't that happen then? >> dagen: yes. but that was a movie. >> martha: hawkins my hero 105. set the record for the 100-meter dash it took her a minute but she is the only person in the over 105 category so she won. okay? she is a winner. she is such an inspiration. you have to keep moving as you get older. keep moving, moving, moving.
3:00 pm
>> jesse: enter things where only you can win. i like that theory. >> jessica: 89-year-old man spent two decades working towards his ph.d. steiner, congratulation to us. what incredible. manfred. see you back here on monday. have a nice weekend. ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. coming to you tonight from fox news headquarters from new york. breaking tonight, president biden says his blue collar blueprint will bring down inflationary pressures. the president held a cabinet meeting today as his administration deals with historically bad numbers, white house correspondent jacqui heinrich starts us off tonight from the north lawn, good evening to you, jackie. >> evening to you, bret. the last time the president convened full cabinet in giuliani consumer prices were rising. now four months later the same problem at even greater pace. >> do you need a bag? >> more of what we


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