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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 13, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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jersey that he was tossed out for the record of tax increases. >> thank you all if you have your own hit or miss be sure to treat at je are on fnc. that is it for this week's show, take you to my panel and thank you for all of you for watching. i can't wait to see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪. arthel: new york city mayor elect eric adams standing firm on his decision to bring back the controversial police unit to deal with the city surgeon gun violence. this despite the black activist in new york, he said the welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news live, i am arthel neville untenable. eric: thank you for joining us i am eric shawn. the mayor elect adams who has retired nypd captain who one law and order, he's doubling down on his campaign promise to address
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rising crime by bringing back a reinvented version of the anti-crime unit, that unit consisting of undercover officers was pulled off the streets by current mayor bill de blasio. the counter virtual move that could explain for an increase in crime. brian yanez live in the newsroom with the very latest on this controversy. >> the commissioner of the new york police department is the high-profile important at mayor elect eric adams will choose. he promised to choose the first nypd female commissioner and according to the new york post the top candidates are former seattle paris police chief and your police chief and philadelphia's first black female commissioner danielle outlaw, he won the election by promising to fight back surgeon crime. on wednesday adams was put to the test at a contentious meeting with local black activist who demanded adams be more specific about how we plan to reform the police.
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dissatisfied one of the activist said this after the meeting. >> if they think they are going to go back to the old ways of policing then we are going to take to the streets again, there will be riots, there will be fires and there will be bloodshed. >> that was hot news on the cofounder black lives matter of greater new york. it's not affiliated with the national blm organization. following his comments i interviewed him and he said is not personally advocating for violence but he did say violence would be inevitable if adams makes good on his promise to bring back anti-crime police units that were disbanded in 2020. >> if this is him giving free rein to police to racially profile people when they come back out into the streets and they were given free reign, it's only a matter of time for they brutalize somebody or kill someone's mother, father, sister or brother. it is only a matter of time.
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what do you think is going to happen. >> adams a former nypd captain says he won't back down from his promise to reinvent the anti-crime units by hiring less aggressive officers and forcing them to wear body cameras. >> were going to have an effective policing that is not heavy-handed. we will have the backs of our police officers and we are going to hold them accountable to do their jobs. if elements want rhetoric like that, that is silly to new yorkers. >> adams wants to make it to be, they are photos of them protested in the past together. adams is the second black mayor elect in new york city. he is walking a fine line with black progressives. arthel: a fox news alert, scotland where officials were nearly 200 countries have announced a new deal to fight
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climate change. some world leaders are saying it does not go far enough. today's agreement includes a last-minute request from india which asks that a pledge on coal power be changed from phaseout to phase down. the deal also calls for an eventual end of fossil fuel subsidies and includes financial aid for developing nations. it comes after 15 days of contentious talks with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, 2 degrees fahrenheit, envoy john kerry supported an earlier address of the agreement today saying it was a good compromise. no comment yet from carrie on the new plan. >> president biden says the newly passed bipartisan infrastructure bill will help ring down runway inflation, runaway inflation he is facing
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growing pressure on both sides of the aisle after inflation reached a high, 30 year high. lucas, then at the white house with the very latest. >> thanksgiving turkey is going to cost you more than any time this century and republicans are putting the blame at the white house. >> she's on a fixed income and she does not how she's going to make it in for decades on a fixed income, you can't do it with inflation as is worse at the bid and 40 years i think the bite in the ministry she needs to go back to school to study inflation. >> not just the thanksgiving table, driving there will also cost a lot more, gas prices from houston to new york to l.a. ranging from 40 - 60% spikes from a year ago. one democratic lawmaker offered the following solution. >> we are also really good at throttling inflation in this country. we have an effective federal reserve system and jerome powell
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has a full range of tools at his disposal. remember we had record low interest rates for years and years and people wonder why am i not getting any interest out of my savings account. he can take that up a little bit and tinker with to keep inflation in check and we need to do things like that. >> is not just inflation, a federal appeals court extending president biden's vaccine mandate. the mandate also be rejected in part of the u.s. military. though, national guard says they will not enforce a mandate. president biden is scheduled to speak with chinese communist leader she's impeding on monday night and perhaps a coronavirus in inflation and trade will be part of the topic. arthel: lucas tomlinson at the white house. eric: president biden acknowledged that inflation is taken on many of us. he promises to tackle the issue head-on. consumers are paying more for
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everything from groceries to gas as we have seen. and shed, since november of 1990. back in july the president said he does believe the spike in prices was only temporary. >> our economy has come running back, we see price increases. some folks have raised worried that this could be assigned of persistent inflation. that is not our view. our experts believe in the data shows that most of the price increases that we have seen were expecting and expected to be temporary. eric: founder and ceo of the firm, dirty to advisors and former economic advisor to president obama. former chairman and ceo of ubs america. you just heard, this wiki promise relief, but when will it come? >> you and i have chatted before. as you know i was nonsupportive
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of said chairs powell's view of transitory. it is clear to me that inflation was here then, it's here now and it will be here for the foreseeable future. because of supply and demand is completely out of whack right now based on the postpaid debacle putting. we have huge demand both in goods and services and that we have supply issues both from lack of manufacturing, lack of trade and a surge with respect to demand especially as we go into the holiday season. eric: what is the cause, is that natural were as you pointed out businesspeople raising the prices on purpose or is it just the cost of these items because of the pandemic that have increased? >> it is a few things, we have never had this type of pandemic and over 100 years.
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the idea that we knew how we were going to come out of it, we didn't. the pent-up demand has been building for 18 months the amount of stimulus by trump in the bite in administration has been something like we've never seen before. the savings rates that people have have been beyond what we've seen in decades yet now you have this demand that we haven't seen in years. the other side manufacturing took an 18 month pause, trey took an 18 month pause. the reopening had a complete and balance. now align that with low interest rates and you really have a perfect situation where inflation was absolutely foreseen. i don't think it is transitory because i don't like that word. do i think we'll see inflation in 23? highly unlikely. i think we'll get our arms around it but i do think we will see throughout 22. i also think the president biden infrastructure is going to be helpful because there are things that you can do with the army corps of engineers with respect
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to pop upwards and helping with different tunnel in rail but it's not going to happen overnight. eric: take a look at the rights and how it's increase. back in january 1.4% and just last month as you can see look how much is increased six-point to percent. gasoline is a much 50%, natural gas just over quarter, electricity not quite as much, what can the fed do or the government do right now if anything. >> the fed should be ending all of that, not just reducing balance sheets but ended it. they should start thinking about raising rates as a prior gentleman said maybe as a into the first quart of 2010. more important lease some of the things that we need to fast-forward that permitting and getting some of the money from the infrastructure plan which will be signed on monday, things like a pop-up port, things like
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changing rail and tunnel so we can get more progress through in the way that we pay these people in construction to get things done more quickly. i am in full support of the infrastructure plan. on the build back better, things like childcare and eldercare is going to help as well, it will change the supply demand in the aspect that we have within the labor market as well. eric: i went to the supermarket yesterday, this is one i have gone to my family has gone to, for decades, this is not a scientific survey look at some of the prices let me start with lemons. see that, it's not 2 pounds, it is to lemons, two lemons, $2.49. apples, $7.99 -- sorry $2.99. potatoes him a $6 for a bag.
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that is not like sixpacks. i went over to sharman, $25 almost $25 for nine roles and coffee, ready, $8.29. for one of those little things, 11 out something. paper towels, i lost that one, paper towels, that is expensive. you gotta get a mortgage, i'm going to ask folks who are watching tweety at eric shawn tv, let me know how much you are paying we will put that on tv tomorrow to get a range of prices. bob lemons, $2.49 for two lemons, not a pound. how do you live this way. >> there is no question it's hurting every family and these are the issues that we need to focus on especially when it
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comes to food in all of her other staples. a lot of this is going to happen once we reopen the country and everyone has his pent-up demand and a portal is a quarter turn the corner tomorrow. eric: we need as much help as we can get especially with the prices that we have seen. robert wolf former economic advisor to president obama. we will follow up tomorrow on what folks around the country are saying. arthel: the surge of migrants at the southern border continues to grow as local officials raise concerns about human trafficking. this comes as president biden prepared to meet with mexico and canada next week. bill live from the latest on the border. >> good evening dhs source in the last 24 hours in the rio grande valley, border patrol has
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encountered more than 1900 immigrants crossing the border just in the span of one day the activity out here starting to ramp up again as you mentioned more caravans heading our way this was the first caravan that left mexico last month. the size of that caravan has dwindled onto a thousand people but the leader of the caravan says he's planning to go over to the state to link up with a different caravan reportedly 10000 strong, he wants to merge those two groups together and march north to the mexican state of sonora, south of arizona. we will be keeping an eye on the caravans and how that progresses. we plan on doing that next week. meanwhile in the rio grande valley i mentioned activity picking up, we went out with texas dts to look for runners, does not take long to find them in the brush, one guy hiding in
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a tree trying to stay away from law enforcement. the runners do want to give up because they have a criminal record where they know they will get title 42 back to mexico. they do whatever it takes to avoid apprehension. also at night you have big family groups coming across. this was here and the whale, big group of 150 migrants crossing over the rio grande and walking into the la jolla area, these are mostly the family units, parents bring in the young kids hoping they're going to get a chance to be released into the country. this was earlier on tuesday for the very first time texas pps was there. and wanted for sexual assault. we talked to the texas dps white so hard to get these guys and
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their wraps. take a listen to what they had to say. >> it's been challenging to apprehend smugglers. they know the area and the river. not only that but they use women and children is a barrier to separate themselves from law enforcement. >> again another concerning stat that we learned from border patrol last night they reported in a 14 hour span they apprehended for confirmed members of the ms 13 gang. the activity out here really picking up again and as you mentioned president biden will be meeting with the mexican president next week. that will be on november 181 of the things that they will be talking about is immigration. we will definitely keep tabs on that. arthel: bill melugin, live in the way of texas. eric: it's nearing an end as the judge considers whether to allow the jury to consider lesser charges against him. the reaction from the rittenhouse family and how the
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when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. arthel: a federal grand jury has charge former president trump longtime ally steve bannon with criminal contempt of congress this comes after bannon to appear before the house january 6 committee, investigating the capital riot and refused to turn over documents. in a statement the attorney general merrick garland said the indictment reflects the justice department steadfast commitment to the rule of law. yesterday former trump chief of staff mark meadows also failed to appear for deposition before the january 6 panel he now could face similar charges.
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eric: the judge in the trial is expected to issue his final rulings today on lesser charges that the jury may consider if it acquits rittenhouse of murder. closing arguments are set in the trial for monday. emotions running pretty high, governor tony evers wants the national guard ready just in case. alexis is live in wisconsin with the very latest on that. >> good evening were waiting to hear from the judge in the county checking the court system to see if he made any of those decisions on the charges ahead of deliberations which started on monday in wisconsin but businesses in the locals in general praising for unrest. this is the downtown of kenosha. businesses boarded up after the unrest in august following the police shooting. those businesses never came back in the boards never came down. were waiting on the judge to issue the final ruling on the lesser charges the jury can consider in the trial of kyle
1:23 pm
rittenhouse. the judge ruling yesterday that he will allow jurors to consider lesser charges but also denying one of those requests. legal experts tell us that this trade-off could get a conviction in the case but the move would also ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. right now not guilty to multiple charges including first-degree intentional homicide, the team took the stand and his mom says she is proud of that testimony. >> my son is not always a promise, he's not a racist. he is a caring young man, he has a heart of gold. >> that area hit hard during the unrest in kenosha following the police shooting of jacob blake, the business alliance tells me more than 100 of the businesses in the area were badly damaged or destroyed during the unrest. with the national guard on standby business owners remain
1:24 pm
tense. >> i'm hoping for the best, i hope we have evolved as a community to try to reach a common ground. >> as we wait for the judges to decision in deliberations which started on monday. business owners say once they heard the announcement from governor tony about having 500 national guardsmen on standby brought back some of the memories of the unrest following the police shooting in august. wisconsin's governor said the state will work with the national guard and local and county police to make sure everyone remain safe. arthel: that was so troubling, alexis and kenosha. arthel: meantime it's not only the testimony getting attention, the courtroom drama also putting judge bruce schroeder in the spotlight. the judge lashed out at prosecutors from their line of
1:25 pm
questioning to their facial expressions. >> i was astonished when you will begin your examination by commenting on the defendants post arrest, i have no idea what you would do something like that and i'm a little bit challenged when you say is there something that i'm seeing that cause the faith that you are making? >> go ahead, say what you're going to say. >> yesterday i was the target for disregarding your orders. >> i was talking yesterday about the constitution of the united states and how the supreme court has interpreted it for 50 years. arthel: let's bring in richard st. paul. i have to tell you i did a double take at the tv when i heard how the judge was stressing down the prosecutor in some of those things he witnessed and allowed him to say, is this normal? >> it is normal let's just take
1:26 pm
it frame by frame. in the first the judge said he was talking about the constitution and the post arrest of rittenhouse and the prosecution talked to rittenhouse with his silence. we all know the fifth amendment protects you in the right to remain silent. you have the right to an attorney and by the silence i allude to the jury that something was wrong that he was guilty and the prosecutor rightfully slow for bringing that up. you have the right to remain silent and that should not be inferred to guilt secondly body language is very important and as an attorney being in court you have to watch her body language because the judge will feed off of that and sometimes your body language speaks more than you the good thing about this the judge did out of the purview of the jury. arthel: hang on he also did in
1:27 pm
front of the jury. if you want to talk about body language and action and tone, could the judges actions in the courtroom prejudiced the jurors? >> yes, they could and that is another issue. he did it in front of the jury, when he is in front of the jury in the prosecution or defense, that could give the jury a bad taste for that particular attorney. what you want to do as an attorney want to keep the focus off yourself you want the jury to like you, the last thing you want to happen is the jury does not find for you because they don't like you. arthel: it seemed like the judge did not like the prosecutor. if i'm a juror i'm looking at the prosecutor sideways. >> absolutely. it's his courtroom, if he is a particular way about himself. arthel: let's look at the current charges against kyle rittenhouse. you have count one, first-degree reckless homicide, count to
1:28 pm
first-degree reckless endangerment. count three same as count two. count four, first-degree intentional homicide. count five attempted first-degree intentional homicide. count six, possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. as you know the judge could allow two-way lesser charges. if that happens, who benefits? >> the prosecution will benefit. prosecutors will charge the highest crime and include charges typically at the onset. the reason why they don't do that at the onset, they want the jury only to consider the higher charges. in this case the prosecution may have an out and say face by having the judge, which he said he would consider lesser charges. arthel: i guess a lot to say in terms of the social justice self-defense. we will be watching this.
1:29 pm
richard st. paul, it's always good to see you, nice to talk to you. take care. be sure to tune into fox news tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern for the nancy grace special and kyle rittenhouse investigation. eric: inflation is here and causing a lot of us a lot of grief. especially with the holidays around the corner. is not just consumers who could be worried. up next republican congressman carlos simmon as on what higher prices could spell trouble, the democrats and the midterms. ♪
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>> people have more money because of the first legislation i passed. everybody got checks for $1400, you got checks for everything, change people's lives. but what happens if there's nothing to buy and you got more
1:34 pm
money, it creates a real problem. arthel: that the president talking about, whether we go to the supermarket or philip at the pump rising prices are everywhere even as consumers continued to shell out more money for everyday products. progressives are pushing a social spending package. the president says that past infrastructure program will create jobs and help curb inflation in the build back better will do that also. florida republican congressman carlos gimenez, he is in miami. welcome, they are making -- how do you think it affected midterms if inflation will still be here in 2022. >> it will affect the midterms big time, it's always pocketbook issues that drives elections and pocketbook issues will drive the midterms. inflation, ray is at a 30 year
1:35 pm
all-time high and if this continues to go up and up, more people may be getting more money in their paychecks but it's all being gobbled up by higher gas prices, food, eggs, milk and everything you're buying is going to be more expensive, this will be the most expensive thanksgiving industry. if you want to get somewhere is going to cost you a lot more because the president is hectic but i'm trying to destroy our gas and oil industry in the united states and begging opec to produce more and all of that has the effect of inflation everything prices paid when he dumped her untrue trillions of dollars into the economy what do you think will happen that is economics 101. the value of the dollar will go down in the price of everything will go up, it'll hurt the poor, then no class and seniors who are on fixed incomes of most. i think it will hurt them in the midterms.
1:36 pm
eric: the administration since the passage of the recent package and build back better will curb inflation, what is your reaction. >> that's ridiculous, when you don't trillions of dollars into the economy. that means the dollars that we have right now are going to be worth less and less, that is almost this year inflation by itself, it's going against every single economic theory i've ever heard of. we dump money into the economy and somehow it all curb inflation. it is ludicrous and crazy. it's crazy as everything else that this president has done his first 11 months in office. eric: i think you would agree with alexandria ocasio-cortez, she voted against the recent legislation. let me read your tweet. among the progressives who do this, i want to protect her party from the disappointment collapse in turn often communities like mime, we did things we didn't do, we shouldn't promise all lead pipes will be fixed ' case. some will but most won't. we must push for bbb. what is your reaction the
1:37 pm
furthest left progressive in the democratic party voted against what the president is pushing? >> they just voted against it because they really want to bbb plan which for me is the bbb bs plan. the bbb plan says they're going to create 2 million jobs except the wharton school of business as it's going to cost 200,000 jobs that their neck attacks anybody under 400,000 and yet that study says 80% of americans will see tax increases. will have 80000 irs agents coming to look at our checkbooks and our accounts so they can squeeze $500 billion more out of you and me and taxes and not just the rich. you, me and those that are getting our waiters and waitresses, hospitality industry people, those of the people that will go after. it's not the bbb, if the bbb bs plan.
1:38 pm
eric: what intrigues me the congresswoman represents working-class immigrant enablement in queens here in new york city they use public transportation and have to rely on the infrastructure. take a look at the list. by voting no she voted against billions of dollars that can help the infrastructure of new york city as well as the public transportation. 10 billion for the mta subways. 8 billion for subways on second avenue and 30 billion for trains. on and on. when you think that this money would be what a representative would want to vote for to help her community? >> maybe it will help her community in general. otherwise it will hurt america, to be invested in infrastructure. i think the $6000 in infrastructure regardless of the 1.2 trillion dollar bill passed. there are other things of the
1:39 pm
1.2 trillion that i couldn't go for. by the way they're all tied together, the 1.2 trillion of the 1.8 which is $4 trillion. how much more is going to tack on and how much is it going to hurt the middle class. there is very few people that she wants to help that will be hurt by the bbb bs plan that she wants to pass because again it's going to keep inflation up and it will hurt our gas prices, it will destroy our gas and oil industry in the united states. it's going to cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and it will hurt the poor, the middle class and those on fixed incomes of most. on top of that 80% of us will pay more in taxes. it is really a nonstarter for me that she voted against that, it was a message to the rest of the democrat party that she meant business and she wanted the bbb, i think when push came to shove if she had to vote for, she would've voted for it. eric: a billion here, billion there and they talk about real money. now trillions.
1:40 pm
exactly. congressman carlos gimenez with miami in the back room. thank you. arthel: knew details today in a brutal july murder that put a national spotlight on big-city crime. autopsy results revealing more about the deadly attack on a 40-year-old woman found stabbed to death in atlanta piedmont park. charles watson did live in atlanta with the latest. >> this is a gruesome and disturbing case, the victim being stabbed at least 50 times according to the newly released report obtained by wa ga, 15 of the stab wounds were in her face and she had the f18 carved into her scan your chest and torso. the medical examiner ruled her death a homicide and said the 40-year-old died due to sharp force that cause significant
1:41 pm
injuries to her major blood vessels and internal organs. her and her dog last seen alive on the security footage released by police were found dead near an entrance near the piedmont park where they went for a late night walk in july. when they did not return home, her partner emma clark became worried and started tracking the 40 -year-olds location to the gruesome murder scene in here is her call to 911 moments later. >> what is the emergency. >> i met piedmont park, she's dead, she's at piedmont park, please help. >> yes, help, send help. >> in the days following the brutal murder atlanta mayor tried to dispel fears that a serial killer was on the loose saying there was no evidence of that or a hate crime has been committed. atlanta police and the fbi
1:42 pm
continue their investigation but nearly four months later no arrests have been made. we will send it back to you. arthel: that is horrible. thank you so much we'll be right back. voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. eric: white house official confirming they spoke with the national school board association and justice department before the group set a controversial letter to president biden. the letter compared to actions by fired up parents at school board meetings to domestic terrorism. including the threats of violence at the school board meetings. it led the attorney general to tell the fbi to start looking into those threats. alexandria half has more from washington. >> the white house confirmed that they did contact the department of justice to discuss. schoolboard interaction but added that the d.o.j. took enforcement action on their own.
1:47 pm
the action of the biden administration is distancing itself from attorney general merrick garland state fbi involvement in schoolboard disputes. national school board association documents obtained by fox news show that the group met with the white house early september 14. discussing concern over the current climate of school board members. the association was engaged with the department of justice and the document they also took credit for the october 4 d.o.j. memo after sending a letter to the president five days prior with some parents to domestic terrorist. >> the national school board association put together a letter. >> i have had no such conversations. i would be surprised to think of that happened but i don't know. >> we know someone was in the d.o.j. in the loop after being contacted by the white house. here is former acting attorney matt whitaker earlier today. >> those are serious tools that law enforcement had and to put that on parents that are merely
1:48 pm
voicing their concerns about critical race theory and other things being taught in school they should never have happened but the speed with which you happen should the department of justice was clearly coordinating. >> the school board association apologized for the wording used in their letter to the president. the d.o.j. has not rescinded their memo and standby garlands testimony. in washington alexandria half, fox news. arthel: after years of being under conservatorship, britney spears has been set free by a judge. what is next for the popstar's huge legal victory. ♪
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arthel: a toxic court battle,
1:53 pm
britney spears is finally free. the popstar is in control of her finances after a judge ended her 13 year conservatorship yesterday. christina coleman has the story from los angeles. >> the popstar has no plans to return to the stage at this point but it did not stop her fans from celebrating yesterday. many wanted her free from her conservatorship of her 40th birthday on december 2. they got their wish. a california judge terminated the legal arrangement. a big moment for the popstar she tweeted this, they got 2.6 million views, she said good god i love my fans so much it is crazy ethical cried the rest of the day. best day ever, praise the lord can i get an amen, # free britney. she wrote free britney, not free britney like her fans have been writing, as part of the free
1:54 pm
britney movement, they were very excited yesterday they wanted the 39-year-old mother of two to be allowed to control her own personal affairs and a roughly 60 million-dollar fortune. britney's father jamie's peers i controlled her estate since 2008. he had agreed to step down from the role and august following intense media and legal scrutiny following brittany's emotional june testimony. that's what she told the judge of their father should be in jail for his role in this legal arrangement. she said she was traumatized, depressed and in shock. her testimony shined the light on conservatorship abuse. >> she helped shine a light on not only this conservatorship which was corrupted by her father james spears. she helped shine a light on conservatorship and guardianship from "coast to coast". that's a tremendous amount of insight, courage and grace.
1:55 pm
>> jamie spears denies allegations of abuse. britney's attorney said they will investigate her claims. a cpa will stay on as a safety net to oversee the transition of britney's estate and other hearing on the matter is scheduled for december 8. arthel: freed britney, happy 40th. thank you. eric: britney is free. aaron rogers, have you heard about this, he's coming off the sidelines after the ten day quarantine. we will have details on the expected return straight ahead. ♪ welcome to allstate. ( phone notification ) where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. now, get new lower auto rates. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower rate today. when you hear, you're in good hands cough cough sneeze sneeze. [ sneezing ] it's time for,
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2:00 pm
he tested positive for coronavirus on november 3. rogers faced a lot of heavy criticism after it was revealed that he was unvaccinated. despite an august that he was immunized. those comments were misleading. it should be quite a game tomorrow russell wilson back for the seahawks, how about the saints. ♪♪ >> hi everyone i am aishah hasnie along with joey jones, emily copan jo and sean duffy, welcome to the big saturday show, here's what's on tap tonight. >> your pain more from everything from groceries to gas, what is president biden's fix, spend more of your money and go green


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