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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 15, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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really line. he's imputing my character. nathan bruin -- he's a right-wing journalist. all six of them are lying. and then i forgot, detective howard, he's lying too. he could see through the videos. he could see that joseph rosenbaum came out from behind the car after my client passed. rush to judgment, as i said earlier, you bet. highly charged atmosphere here in kenosha, make no mistake. they had to do something. they had to charge the white supremacist. who isn't a white supremacist. they never reassessed their case. they've never looked at it. they've never said, dr. kelly, let's talk about this wound on my hand.
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that means he was touching the barrel or his him was over the barrel. that means he was pretty close. now, we are not going to reassess. we are going to march forward. we are going to throw it into the hands of 12 people from the city and let them do our work. ladies and gentlemen, this is a political case. we can take politics out of it, but the district attorney's office is marching forward with this case because they need somebody to be responsible. they need somebody to put and say "we did it ethical. tomei." kyle rittenhouse is not that individual privet demonstrators who turned in the rioters, those are the individuals who bring us forth. and i ask you to remember, i'll show you the videos for the last time for me, the anger in the
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mob that was going on that night. they were not going to be dissuaded from doing things. they were pushing, firing dumpsters, destroying property. >> so you are saying mr. rittenhouse put out a fire? >> yes, it was a small fire. last time i checked, small fires turn into big fires. so kind of stupid. >> james armstrong, hocus-pocus out of focus. i talked about him. he spent 20 hours reworking the frame of the video and averaging that my client somehow miraculously going for a right-handed shooter to a left-handed shooter. the mirror on the truck. their whole case relies on that one photograph that he spent 20
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hours on -- that is the proof and publication. you never heard those of the opening statements. it was my client who chased him down and shot them in the back. loops come i prove that. this is the day before our source -- burning to the ground. the trailer between the subject. pictures later on. there is kyle earlier that day on the 25th setting up his alibi, setting up his "i'm a good person" story. then he thinks is going to go out and killed three people that night. ladies and gentlemen, that's garbage. what does that do? it shows he's interested in is community trying to do good.
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source three. the states doesn't want kyle to go to source three. he has to stay at the car source two. 59th and sheridan. i asked him to go there, because whoever was going to protect that property... speak objection, the record did not indicate that that made the phone call. >> you heard the evidence pretty is a recollections to determine what the truth of it is. and discount anything that is not supported and the others. speak of the testimony was he received a phone call saying they were destroying cars and he went down there. first kyle asked for a fire extinguisher, as the other individual to go down there with him. didn't give an answer and kyle took off going down there to try
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and help protect that property. that night with tear gas, players don't mike fiers. here is mr. rosenbaum pushing one of money dumpsters. right there, that's one. on the other one. through the gas station. they're trying to push it. i apologize, they are trying to push the dumpster down to the line of police or to the gas station.
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it is put out and the reaction from mr. rosenbaum. you hear the voice. there is mr. rosenbaum arguing. they didn't know each other -- maybe they didn't, but they sure spent a lot of time together that night. holding his firearm, yellow pants. flashlight in her hand for the last time i checked, there wasn't any lighting problems. the flashlight is a weapon to bash heads if you have to.
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many people with ar-15s. not one person with an ar-15. that is the difference between this and what happened down at car source three. kyle rittenhouse was alone. he had been taken away from the bird and mr. rosenbaum was going to get him. movement. mr. rosenbaum and his bag -- she's not dissuaded by the people. he's going right at him. he's not afraid of them, he's
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pushing an end going at them. he's not afraid of a gun. yelling. shoot me, unworried. pulling his gun down to his side. remembering this is black lives matter and he's there to support their cause. yeah right. mr. huber holding him back, physically holding him back. right in the middle of it. look at the anger in his face. this, here. i going to start it, but i will point it out first.
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right here. you see him shoot in the lighter fluid or flammable liquid. this is a calm tuesday evening that mr. binger is alluding to. mr. rosenbaum, this time wearing a blue mask tipping over the porta potty. it was just a little porta potty. the trailer. the trailer is important. he arms himself with chains.
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here is rosenbaum pushing. he's just a regular demonstrator or misunderstood -- what does he need a chain for? here, three things. blue circle backed up by the fire. look at that bag. does that look like there's nothing in it? what is that? that's not a water bottle, ladies and gentlemen. taking it from right here. right there.
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those boots would soon be impacting my client's face. run down live here. once again, rosenbaum at the trailer after he's been taken down the street, sat up on that side, and started on fire. you can still see one of the chains hanging from the tongue of the trailer. run down live, the state showed this video. i started my opening statement with it. i was going to show you where mr. rosenbaum's. i've already done it. i don't need to waste your time. [indistinct] >> here's the picture that we
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showed at the beginning right there. mr. rosenbaum during the run down video. mr. rosenbaum with the chain. as i said earlier, look at how kyle is stressed. look at the pack on his left hip. going across the front and the back of his chest. nowhere in the magic picture is not depicted. 11: 40, he's crossed over that line asking people if they want medical. runs into yellow pants. he walks away from confrontation. yellow pants said, you pointed your gun at me and he goes like this... the individuals who were there with him, slingshots, rocks and
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the hand, gone. mr. mcginnis. kyle, after having the brief thing with yellow pants, he goes away from them. goes over, looks for -- they might've been close to each other, but they did not find one another. he tries to go back. get back to car source two. after that, he goes back and waits. he gets the phone call, he testified about the phone call. and what did he do? he gets a fire extinguisher. hadn't had a fire inc. establist like the extinguisher.
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he testified, the call came through. you know if it wasn't in his phone, the state would have brought it up. but now they are playing games once again. this is drew hernandez's video. it starts in black-and-white and goes to color. kelly stefanski talking. during the first part -- it cut off the view from this location. i was to put a few times. did you hear that at? talking about a pepper ball exploding.
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blurry. keep your eye here, kyle come in. that is kyle wright there to the right of the garbage can. mr. rosenbaum, as soon as kyle is coming, gets up and starts walking away. he was there earlier.
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that time with the fire extinguisher. it doesn't say anything to any of them. they see him coming, they had down to do their ambush. he's not chasing them, he's not running after them. he's walking down to put out the fire. started over again. you hear kyle yell "friendly, friendly, friendly." that is the start of mr. rosenbaum chasing kyle.
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now they come in. it's thrown -- he's throwing the bag. kyle comes right into this area before he is chased. it's shown on madrone video, it's shown on the fbi video.
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you hear the obstruction of the vehicles. he approaches. [indistinct] he is off and running. we've seen the videos. parts of it. as i said, watch for the first shot. look at all those people. a wall of people destroying
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cars. the state wants kyle to run into that wall of people. listen for the first shot and watch the last attitude and hear the four shots in quick succession and watch what happens. >> think about that, ladies and gentlemen. the first shot happens, they barely begin to move. between the first shot and kyle's first shot -- that's just the second shot you here. that wall of people is there and there's nowhere else to rome. the cars, the band, all the people destroying property.
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he turns around and mr. rosenbaum keeps coming. mr. rosenbaum keeps coming. he lunges. there he is with his gun down there. as his wife yells, get them, get them, he just shot somebody. which they started. >> he shot them! >> once again, his right hand. >> he shot them! he shot him!
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>> he shot him. >> cell phone video. does kyle ever point the gun at him when he runs up on him? >> you shot somebody? >> i'm going to get the police. he's going towards the police, he's continuing on. he has passed before team. he hasn't shot gaige grosskreutz. the medic -- wasn't there? he doesn't know where he is attending. none of the people chased him. there is no evidence. he doesn't want anything to do
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with it. his wife doesn't want anything to do with it. but the mob has no formed and is chasing him down sheridan road. >> who shot? >> he turns all the way around looking towards car source three. could go there. at this point he hasn't armed himself. kyle is zero threat to anyone. this active shooter b.s. is something that mr. binger is trying to sell you people. has he shot anybody car source three? no he hasn't. mr. binger must live in fairy tale land to think that kyle could stop, put his gun down, and say hey, everything's good. leave me alone. i'm going to the police. unfortunately, that is not how the real world works. this was real world.
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people yelling to stop them. next picture, he saw an open space. mr. grosskreutz chased him down. he kept his gun in the small of his back. he is arming himself right here. look how far, rittenhouse is ahead of him. no threat -- almost three. it's at the far end. he hasn't shot his gun cents. if he's an active shooter looking to take as many people as possible, he is laying waste to everybody as he's running. remember, he's got 30 bullets. he's not indiscriminately shooting.
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here is full speed. is he pointing the gun at anyone? running down the street trying to get to those lights. where the bearcats are in law enforcement. he's not running off to the side to hide in the shadows. blow to the head first. knocking his hat off. what has kyle rittenhouse done? nothing, trying to get away. he's not an active shooter. he's gone two blocks and hasn't shot anybody. coming in behind, with the skateboard at the ready. that would be strike number one.
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remember in opening statements when mr. binger's at all, something up and do a skateboard. he took a swing at him. kyle blocked him with his arm. what does he do? he grabs the skateboard and comes in for more. he's on the ground. the most vulnerable position you can be in. what we have? already picking up his skateboard. the sky with a towel wrapped around his head. he hit him in the head. as we go forward just a little bit...
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>> you saw this individual over here, who is now obstructed, come in. kyle points his firearm at him. he backs up. leaning with his foot -- his foot is still on the ground. what direction is kyle pointing right now? watch what happens after he kicks him in the face. turned around, he's looking in that direction. anthony huber coming in with a skateboard. watch with anthony huber does with the skateboard. a blow to the head. coming in, kyle is trying to get out. this is the fast one.
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the gun is pulled away from kyle. anthony huber fires. when anthony huber fires, gaige grosskreutz flinches. covers up. natural uncontrollable reaction. [shouting] now here's the slow motion -- she'd been hit in the head.
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his cap is off. anthony huber winding up with the full force of his body. he swings the skateboard at kyle. kyle sentences that come in, he turns around and looks, blocks it with his arm. doesn't turn around and shoot anthony huber. he's being attacked with what is a deadly weapon. a skateboard can cause death and great bodily harm, ladies and gentlemen. he doesn't do it, he continues to run a couple of steps before a blow to the head. he immediately changes direction, goes running for the skateboard.
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this is slow motion. these down on the ground, he set up. trying to get out. the individual at kyle's left is the one whom ron said. kyle points the firearm, he backs off, he is not shot at. backs up. he's now addressing the second stretch. that individual right there is stopping. he watches. contact. incomes anthony huber.
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a blow to the head. now going to start it, you will see anthony huber pull out his gun. you will see the of the gun separate from kyle's body going that direction away from him. he didn't pull away from him. mr. huber goes down. grosskreutz flinches, phrases, stops. hands up.
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no pull. mr. grosskreutz is standing like this and you can see him kick his foot back and launch forward. his back foot going forward at kyle. a loaded glock handgun. kyle sees it coming. within a couple of feet, he fires. if he had got his hands on them -- and wants nothing to do with kyle like everybody else, just backed away. i do don't get shot. mr. grosskreutz decides is going to take him out and his only regret is that he didn't fire
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first. he's backing up. that is the last shot. it went through the quickness to that fourth shot. he still see this individual armed. he doesn't shoot at him. his hands are up. he feels around. that was the end of it. kyle turns around. he turns, that individual steps away from him, no more shots.
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doesn't shoot randomly. the shot is behind him. continued on his way. trying to turn himself into the police. trying to get the other one. people yelling to shoot him. the others stop because it's not safe. [indistinct] >> continues on.
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you have the story about the pepper spray. ladies and gentlemen, that is the case. there was no threatening behavior that started this. mr. rosenbaum was held on tom causing trouble that night. he started those. there are tragic parts of it, but kyle rittenhouse's behavior was protected under the law of the state of wisconsin, the law of self-defense. you've heard the instructions in this. you decide to count one, if you decide that his conduct was privileged under the use of self-defense, you don't go on -- if it was privileged under self-defense, that affects count do. both of the things that happened in scene one as i read earlier.
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page nine of the jury instructions. if his conduct was privileged, it's privileged as to mr. mcginnis. onto the the next ones, there is no evidence whatsoever that he was an active shooter other than mr. binger calling him that and there's no evidence that any of those other individuals who attacked him in the mob that night were attacking an active shooter. he wasn't shooting. and if they want to be the heroes and they want to beat somebody, they better be right. and they weren't. kyle rittenhouse shot mr. rosenbaum because he was attacking kyle. every person who was shot was attacking kyle. the one with the skateboard, the one with his hands, the one with
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his feet, the one with the gun. hands and feet can cause great bodily harm. we could say well, he didn't have great bodily harm, so that doesn't matter pair that is in the standard. the standard is could cause bodily harm paired my client does not have to take a beating from the hands of this mob for the hands of mr. rosenbaum. mr. rosenbaum might be a little, but is a pretty muscular guy. some 30 some-year-old guy taking a 17-year-old kid. ladies and gentlemen, it is a tough choice, but the evidence only leads to one conclusion. that is that kyle rittenhouse's conduct on august 25th was privileged based upon the actions of mr. rosenbaum and others. there's no winners in this case, but putting kyle rittenhouse
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down for something he was privileged to do will serve no legitimate purpose. i ask you to do this, do justice here under the law in the state of wisconsin. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. richards. let's take about tennis and please don't talk about the case. >> if you've been watching the murder trial kyle rittenhouse, at the closing arguments today. it has taken all day. they are obviously being very detail-oriented. the jury's listening to all this and is expected to get the case tonight. we are in a ten minute break in the trial, so we will take it around the table here. all here for "the five." >> he said not to talk about the case. [laughter] >> what would you rather talk about? i'd hate to get in trouble. i don't want to get in trouble.
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jesse, your opening arguments or statements? >> i love that you can see in this country the wheel of justice turn like this. there's not other countries you can just watch a lot of trial and see all the evidence, see the testimony in the video. there's no reason if this looks like it's going away it's going for anybody to be violent. if you watch this case closely. kyle was there trying to help the community, the people that were shop where they are to harm the community. kyle did not have a critical history, these people did have a criminal history. kyle gave up his body armor. the defense counsel made a great point, why would you give up your body armor if you were some sort of active shooter looking for trouble. i didn't even realize they searched kyle's phone -- he didn't have anything in there about militias, white supremacy. the phone was clean. but the one guy's phone they have the subpoena for they didn't search, the one guy changed his case about three times. this guy, rosenbaum, the who was
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chasing him using the n-word at a blm rally. do you think he was really with that crowd if he was using the unworried at a blm rally? assaulted with a skateboard, punched, then a loaded glock aimed at him. this whole time kyle is on the ground. so the case is cut and dry. and for the prosecution knows they indicted too early. they know they overcharged. so what do they do? they live. and they say yeah, he shot rosenbaum in the back. no he didn't. he didn't shoot him in the back. and then he got coaching that one witness to lie. he says you don't have the right to self-defense if you are the one that brings the weapon. a straight up not true. then he said he is an active shooter. you are watching video clear as day that this guy had apple opportunity to cap anybody and katie and i were in the break talking about he had 30
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rounds -- the democrats -- what are they want? time, tops. if you had less than 30, he might not have survived that night. so it's a political case, the guy says up there, he wants to nail kyle's hide it to the wall. because he needs a scapegoat to the violence in kenosha. think about it. the whole city burned down in the guy that went into protect the city from burning, he's not supposed to rot in jail for the rest of his life? it's preposterous. if you don't like the system, please leave. the judges appointed by a democrat. and then ran for reelection and the people put them there. the jury, half of them were selected by the prosecution. you have a problem with that? go live somewhere else. it's extremely transparent. he was allowed to have that ar-15 is a 17-year-old. that was as clear a cut. i've ever seen.
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>> the weapons charges here -- the question we were discussing during the trial is why did the judge dropped the dangerous weapons charge? the defense which is very good for kyle read the law and brought it to the judge and said you are allowed to have a rifle as long as it is not a short-barreled rifle. they threw out the dangerous weapons charge. and now the prosecution has practically nothing to go on at this point. i want to talk about how the defense has gone back to the evidence is nice. >> if you could pull that one up -- thomas binger basically -- he is the prosecutor. the defense is talking about him lying.
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>> think back-to-back on november 2nd when this case started. did you hear one word out of mr. binger's mouth about provocation? you didn't. because it was never said. provocation -- one, he's lying. two, he's misrepresenting pit or three, he wasn't prepared at his closing argument is a change. >> the defense has been able to go back to the evidence of the jury to show them, to let them see what happened where is the prosecution has repeatedly change their story based on their own witnesses blowing their case. admitting that he was fired upon by kyle rittenhouse after he pointed his glock 19 and his face. so therefore proved that self defense case the jury.
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one thing that's happening in kenosha right now, there's been a lot of public opinion about this. kyle was tried in the court of public opinion. there is a national guard troops on guard to make sure that the place doesn't burn down again. watching all the footage and watching the evidence from this trial brings up last summer again until this was allowed in city after city completely burned to the ground. people were killed as a result of this writing. and it was excused over, and over, and over again. tonight people are threatening to riot if he is not convicted. who are they defended in this case? are they defending rosenbaum who is a convicted sex offender? are they defending huber who was a domestic abuse are with felony strangulation. then it really points out right versus wrong in this country. and are you on the side of kyle rittenhouse who was there to clean up graffiti and defend his community or are you going to defend the guys who ended up
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attacking him, this band of criminals who attacked them in the streets. is that who you are going to defend? i mean, that is what this comes down to at this point. >> 500 national guard troops order to the area. >> you have the media saying we are bracing for right it's, but they're pretending to be ignorant of the role of setting all this up. they are telegraphing is always that somehow it is acceptable to riot or wage some kind of violence in the streets because there is no justice. and you have to take a time machine and go back and remind people about jacob lake. a knife wielding bird who attempted to kidnap -- she called the police. the police came and did their job. that was their job. he had a knife. yet the media collusion with the activists class green let the violence on the riots. and later expose this void where there was no law enforcement. when that happens you end up with citizens and the
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second amendment coming together to fill that void. we've been covering this stuff for almost seven, eight years. there's a bigger problem. these are parts of the problem. the bigger problem is the refusal to look at the handful of deadly outcomes between police and suspects at individual cases. we can count them. it's really easy. this may be 20-30 a year. any journalist could spend an hour a day and figure out how each one is different. if you actually look at these 25 or 30 cases, more than half are white. if you did that, you wouldn't be able to have riots. you could see that each one is different. if you looked at jacob lake individually, you never would've had these rights. you would've seen he's a knife wielding fiend. but what you have now and what we pray to is everything is grouped under one heading. all these cases fall under systemic racism created by police brutality and a system that doesn't allow for justice for blacks.
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creates this narrative -- there's no equality, no opportunity. that replaces achievement with angst. and what it really is is if you just took the time and looked at each case, you would see that all of this pain and suffering as unnecessary. >> if you could pull up number one for us -- this is a prosecutor on self-defense. we mention this briefly, but it's worth playing this again. >> they have to convince you that joseph rosenbaum was going to take that's gone and use it on the defense, because they know you can't claim self-defense. against an unarmed man like this. you lose the right to self-defense when you are the one who brought the gun. when you are the one creating the danger. >> i thought that was something that a lot of people are like wait, what? how could that be?
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>> blue check mark twitter was even like -- even i know that's not right. i'm no god expert. i think the prosecution has not done a great job in putting aside inconsistencies in the story as we've gone from november 2nd up until today. just a few comments that have come out that of raised eyebrows. do you know this case will enough? do you know the laws in wisconsin well enough? there's obviously a very -- especially governing self-defense and guns. that's it. prosecutor teams could not be aware of. and when the judge dropped the gun charge earlier this morning, i was like okay, this is done. they assume this was the only thing he was constantly going to be held on in the possession of dangerous firearm. we were talking about whether we think there will be these rights tonight and how hopeful we were that it wouldn't or tomorrow night, whenever the verdict may come back if it is that he's acquitted that maybe we can move past this. to greg's point about people not
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knowing the details of things, where do you go for your source material matter so much. because there's a lot of people -- it's not your fault necessarily that you didn't know that two people who passed away unless were not black. it was not advertised. that the victims were white. to your point, to me that doesn't matter. i understand in the grand scheme of things that someone i don't want to know versus i would like to know you and continue to be friends -- these other things. but it doesn't mean that is deserving. i think we need to move away from that because this idea vigilantism is so dangerous. the justice system does its job. and rosenbaum had whatever's coming to him, he's been convicted of it already, let that happen paired but no one deserves to die in that
2:49 pm
particular instance because of something that happened before. but it goes to his character and the idea he was more and willing to be there. he attacked kyle rittenhouse and said he was going to kill him. he had chains. character matters and your history matters. we've tried this case and the court of public opinion, but i think it's really important that people understand who these people are in terms of their character, especially since people like the president of the united states, as a white supremacist who was just a vigilante in this community when really he was there trying to clean up his community -- he was asked to be there to protect people's property and to protect people's lives, quite frankly. so we are going to try kyle and look court of public opinion, it's more than fair to try the people that attacked him violently in the streets and to talk about their criminal records as well which includes small children. >> obviously it's terrible, but
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you do get into conversations with how many people came out talking about george floyd. what jokes he was on, how many prior offenses? >> even at the beginning of this case, if there had been accurate and wholesome reporting about jacob lake. >> i want to have you call up number seven -- but before that too, did you want to comment on the self-defense? >> it goes to if someone is a suicidal bipolar maniac off his meds yelling the n-word and i'm going to f you up on jeans and a and chasing this guy. that package has to be demonstrated to the jury. >> and it was. >> if you had a problem like this, you would want your defense counsel to make that exact argument. >> kyle rittenhouse did break down on the stand. here is with the prosecutor said about that.
2:51 pm
as the jury is about to go to deliberate. one of the first things they saw on that first day, kyle rittenhouse and his emotions. this is how the prosecutor described it. >> even on the witness stands when he testified on wednesday, he broke down crying about himself. not about anybody that he heard that night. no remorse, no concern for anyone else. >> i don't know what the jury's point is, but the prosecutor doesn't know that. >> this guy is in way over his head. he reminds me of me when i'm not prepared for the show. so it's like you are just saying things and it's just like, you know, he's trying so hard not to do his job. it would've just been easier if you try to do his job. but everything that he's been doing so far has been so off the mark. it's so clear he's a terrible student. he said maybe i could just swing this.
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>> some people think he was actually angling for a mistrial because of the way he acted earlier last week. when he held the gun, the ar, i mean obviously it's not loaded. but after alec baldwin, he pointed it at the jury. and his finger was on the trigger. on the trigger. the jury is already probably getting death threats, getting photographs taken of them going into the courtroom. maybe somewhere else. you think you want the prosecutor pointing a weapon at you after the deadly accident? look at that, he's pointing that out the jersey. this guy is the state's lead prosecutor, which is crazy. then he puts up this video which they work days on to show that kyle at one point had raised his weapon. he never raised his weapon. he never raised his weapon. they made this huge showing of how he raised his weapon that just wasn't true. to speak of my favorite part was
2:53 pm
when he tried to compare this to a bar fight and then he turns to the jury and goes, you've all probably been in a bar fight before. >> let's assume for a minute joseph rosenblum is chasing after the defendant because he wants to do some physical harm to him. he is an unarmed man. this is a bar fight, this is a fistfight, this is the fight that may be many of you have been involved in. two people have the him throwing punches, pushing, shoving, or whatever. but what you don't do as you don't bring a gun to a fistfight. >> the idea that you turn to the jury and essentially said, you are just like the people we are talking about a mistrial. it's probably pretty insulting to them. he said he was an unarmed man. we're taking this case and looking at the evidence. according to fbi statistics, more people are killed each year with hands, fists, the people are killed with ar-15s.
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this idea that you can be an unarmed person and not be dangerous but also if you have a skateboard and you are threatening to hurt someone with that, you could kill somebody with a skateboard. this idea was completely destroyed by all the evidence that people saw throughout the trial. you want to comment? >> yeah, i couldn't believe that was real. i mean, that's a classic. maybe not the best. >> initially he wanted to go with dirty dancing. >> adding movie clips can sometimes be helpful. >> i also want to play -- number five. does the prosecutor have a point here? watch.>> the same set of rules y
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the same rules apply to him as everyone else. >> dana: we will take you right back to the courtroom. they have resumed the prosecution now is starting its rebuttal. >> mr. brian house four feet from the end of that gun, your first shot immobilized him. it shatters his hip. then, he is caused to go forward. if you watch the videos and we are going to watch a couple during this brief rebuttal, he crumbles. he immediately crumbles to the ground no. one is saying mr. rosenbaum should have chased mr. rittenhouse. no one is saying that mr. rittenhouse didn't have a right to defend himself this case is about the right to use deadly force and i want to talk about that standard because attorney richards, perhaps on accident, misstated it.
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he said that the standard is that it could cause death or bodily harm to mr. rittenhouse or that it is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to mr. rittenhouse. that is absolutely not what the standard is. and that is not what this trial is about. the standard is the defendant may intentionally use force, which is intended tore likely to cause death or great bodily harm, such as firing an ar-15 only if the defendant reasonably believed that the force used was necessary -- was necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself. not oh, if you repeatedly smashed one's face it might repeatedly danger jerg or this could have happened. imminent death or great bodily harm. there is an old phrase that i could kill you with my bare
2:57 pm
hands. and then there is literally no evidence that mr. rosenbaum was capable of that. mr. rittenhouse has size on him. we heard how he is a swimmer. we heard is he a lifeguard answered is apparently in some kind of shape. punch him in the face. kick him in the testicles knee him in the face, hit them with your gun. you don't immediately get to shoot someone. i don't care about provocation or any of that. put that aside. it is not reasonable for any adult, for any person, for any 17-year-old male to not try and defend yourself first using other methods. factor in provocation, the fact that he had no right to retreat or no ability -- or he had to retreat and that he had exhaust all methods. clearly, if there is provocation, he is guilty. but even outside of provocation, why do you get to immediately
2:58 pm
just start shooting. as mr. binger said he brought a gun to a fist fight. and he is too cowardly use his own fist to fight his way out. he has to start shooting. let's just say theoretically that we think that the 12 of you think that it is reasonable to have used force deadly force in that situation? shoots once, takes out his hip, what does mr. rittenhouse have to do to avoid that? take one step back mr. rosenbaum is no threat. mr. rittenhouse is responsible for every round of that gun. it does not have to happen as fast as mr. rittenhouse. he could have held back one shot. he could have held back at two shots. the guy in the blue hid hoodie in an attempt to kick him didn't get four shots. mr. rosenbaum didn't get four shots. mr. grosskreutz did not get four
2:59 pm
shots. the defendant has the ability to gauge what he is doing and to stop shooting. mr. richards talked about the threat being immobilized. what threat does someone 6 inches shorter than you already shot in the hip and already falling to the ground have? why do you have to keep tracking him and shootings him and end up with a kill shot in the back? hit him, kick him, knee him, anything else. and mr. rosenbaum and mr. rittenhouse are alive. because, the defense talks about games that the prosecution has played. let's talk about games. let's talk about how mr. rittenhouse on that night did not tell anyone about this grabbing of the gun did tell anyone i was afraid they were going to use the gun against me. that is because once
3:00 pm
mr. rittenhouse and his team understood that an unarmed person chasing him, and unarmed person chasing him later on would not be enough to meet this standard, to meet this privilege. they had to concoct a story. they had to concoct a story about how suddenly i was in great fear of this gun being used ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to "special report." we are continuing our coverage of the kyle rittenhouse trial live from kenosha, wisconsin. >> you darn well know if there is any evidence saying the night of we would have known about it so, yes, mr. rosenbaum is 4 feet or so from the barrel of the gun. he gets shot in the hip. he begins to crumple. remember, we


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