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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 16, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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dignity and love and care to my students. >> martha: that's all any parent can ask. thanks, tanner. that's "the story" for today november 16. of course, the story goes on. see you back here today. thanks nor being with us. look forward to seeing you then. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: all right. yesterday was a signed deal and now a done deal. the president in new hampshire to sell the deal. i'm talking the infrastructure-only package that had bipartisan support laying the ground work the president hopes for something bigger and he says better down the pike. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world" on a day we are learning that no matter how high prices go, people are still buying and buying and buying. is there a shelf life on that buying? we'll explore that. we have you covered all over the country with the latest
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development with peter doocy at the white house on the administration's plan to sell all of this spending and for the good of inflation. grady trimble at the high prices in the middle of the country. susan li on customers buying and buying and buying no matter the price. we begin with peter at the white house. hi, peter. >> good afternoon. the infrastructure bill is the now the infrastructure law and the president is up in new hampshire talking like somebody who has a trillion dollars burning a hole in his pocket. >> thanks to the infrastructure law, we're going to make the most significant investment to modernize our roads and bridges in 70 years. law will speed up replacement of bridges by the least -- by at least a year allow new hampshire to invest in other critical infrastructure needs. >> the president's backdrop is the nh 175 bridge in woodstock,
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new hampshire which has some leaders scratching their heads like the republican governor. >> it's a little odd the president is coming here to brag about a infrastructure bill when we get the least amount of highway funding. >> amid reports the congressional budget office is about to undermine the president's claims that the next spending bill doesn't add a penny to the deficit. the white house is challenging for the first time the credibility of the cbo saying they don't have experience calculating bills. they crack down on tax cheats like this biden bill does. the cbo defending their abilities. they're pushing back saying they have staffers at the cbo that worked at treasury. they know how this works. neil? >> neil: thanks, peter. peter doocy at the white house. meantime, you've heard about inflation and the national numbers they're racking up, running out a 6.2% clip nash family. hides the picture that in some parts of the country, it's worse than others.
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wouldn't you know the worst is in the middle of the country. grady trimble has more. >> st. louis is known as the gateway to the west but also the gateway to states hit hardest by inflation. you can see that very clearly on this map. all of the states that you see in the middle of the country as well as some states in the south are experiencing inflation greater than 7% and disproportionately impacted by the higher prices compared to the rest of the country. that is evident in car insurance. that has gone up about 6% in the last year. here in the st. louis area, that has gone up about 9%. the same goes for rent, gas and food at restaurants. at the same time that we see inflation increase at a greater rate than the rest of the country, wage growth has not kept up with the rest of the country compounding matters for folks in st. louis and the rest of middle america.
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i've been talking to folks on main streets here in st. charles. >> they tell me they're frustrated by the rising prices and the sentiment that they feel that the coasts are disconnected from what the heartland is experiencing. >> the east and west coasts are not in touch with reality and what the bulk of america is experiencing. >> small town mentality kind of gets drowned out a little bit. we hope that voice can get louder. >> they don't have to deal with the things we do. so it doesn't affect them, so they don't care as much about what happens to our prices. >> a new report by republicans on the joint economic committee found what many struggling americans already know. that is lower income families are hit harder by inflation. that is in large part because they spend more of their earnings, neil, on things like food and gas, a larger proportion of their earnings on food and gas, which we've seen spike in the last year, neil.
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>> grady, great reporting. you would think that if you're a retailer selling this stuff, you're in a world of hurt because people are not buying this stuff. you'd be wrong at least if you follow the likes of walmart, home depot and others. they're saying business is booming. susan li is with how much they're booming. susan. >> that's because americans are doing their christmas shopping early this year on fears that there won't be enough supply closer to the holidays. that's one reason why retail sales jumped to 1.7% last month. that's higher than economist forecast. a third straight months of gains. that shows that shoppers are willing to absorb higher places with inflation running at the hot nest 30 years. sky rocketing the fastest pace since 1991. despite prices going up, americans are buying online. the price inflation is what is boosting this retail jump with spending on gasoline,
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electronics, appliances and autos up in the month of october. you have americans buying christmas gifts really early. that's because there's concerns that the supply chain crisis will mean that they won't find them later on. that was echoed by american's biggest retailer, walmart. walmart says that fomo on gifts at least helping lift their sales and their bottom line. home depot reporting a big u.s. sales jump. both retailers complaining about supply chain concerns and longer delivery times. in wal-mart's case, the backlog means higher transport prices and inflation and raw materials means it less per item sold. that's why the stock fell today. that's despite signs of a strong u.s. consumer that is still willing to open up their wallets even if they have to pay more.
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>> neil: susan, if you can stay there. i want to get a discussion on the importance of what you just said. normally prices go up, customers run away. i've always said inflation stops when we stop doing that. when we stop paying the higher prices. that's not the case. joining susan, katherine rivera. so katherine, to what susan was just reporting, this notion that the customer's resilience might be very savvy. trying to buy things now that he or she knows are only going to go up in price later. what do you think is going up? >> that's what's going on. that is correct. the -- it's been front loaded. holiday shopping is happening now because everyone knows that you have to get the dog before it's sold out or before somebody takes it. the fact is there's a lot of shortages and lead team because of the supplies and the supply
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chain disruptions. i would say that retail sales won'ts remain this strong. the 30-year high. nestle just said costs higher than 5% or increasing at prices higher than 5%, people start to change their methods of purchasing. so certainly if inflation continues, you should expect consumer sentiment to continue to drop. as cost goes higher, you should expect the consumer expect to feel the pain. >> neil: what is interesting when you pick apart walmart numbers. it's over a quartzer. you can take not just months to month gyrations. overall sales comparable to the stores a year prior, up more than 9%. 9.2%. further traffic was up 5.7%. spending was running up about
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3.5% more over last year even with the higher prices at that kind of a clip. so that tells you that there's this -- maybe this pent-up desire to spend when people were frozen in place during the pandemic and improve their balance sheets. but they apparently have the wherewithal to keep this going. >> yeah, don't forget. commerce with people spending online also wentz up. here's the problem with walmart as i reported to you. the stock dropped because of what they called squishy margins. the backlog, the higher transport costs and the raw materials. they're making less per item for walmart. that's a big deal when it comes to what wall street is looking for. walmart is being padded like the rest of the u.s. economy by the fact that you have $2 trillion in household savings. that comes from the stimulus
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packages. that will run out if you're paying 6%, the highest inflation in 30 years. >> neil: the administration has been using the half full glass line that this is all happening because people are in a good position to buy, they're upbeat and all that. solve of the sentiment surveys say that people are not as upbeat that could be waning a little bit. play out not only the rest of this holiday season, but in to early next year. what do you think happens? >> yeah, consumption is 2/3s of the u.s. economy. if it continues to recover, it's based off of the consumer. inflation digs in. if you're making x amount of money, the higher the inflation, the less bang you get for your buck. so inflation is very problematic for the economic recovery. it's been great so far. we're coming outs of a massive recession where the economy
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defactor closed. certainlism a v-shaped recovery. people are coming out ready to go on vacation, renovate their house, do all of these things. the risk here is that the fed is way behind and increases rates too late. so we have record high equity markets, massive stimulus, massive monetary stimulus and we have economic recovery that is above 6% in terms of growth this year. so this is very inflationary. that can start to negatively impact consumer sentiment. >> neil: yeah. you don't see it in the markets yet, the panic. >> you know what they say of bull markets. it doesn't because of old age. it's policy mistakes. we could be seeing that. what do you do when inflation is high? you have lagging employment growth. it's a tough position to be in. >> neil: everybody has a number
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comcast business powering possibilities. >> neil: whatever good is becoming of your rising star, it happens at a time when the vice president, kamala harris, is fading. quoting here, many democrats see harris is not as diversing in the first ten months of the biden presidency. buttigieg is a visible advocate for the top legislative achievement. harris is visible with the trouble areas. in other words, she's in trouble. you're not. what do you make of that? >> i think that's totally wrong. she's been prepared to take on and lead in so many areas. i admire her. i'm proud to work with her. i'm proud to be part of this team that is so focused on actually delivering for the american people. >> neil: but it is pete buttigieg getting the administration's attention.
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they put him out there on everything from infrastructure in which he play as key part to other white house initiatives. kamala harris seems to be fading in the background. that's in the eyes of the beholder and things can change and tensions in the number 2 are not unique to this administration. phil wegman is watching this one with real clear politics. there's something going on here. you know, we're now resorting to reading body language. that's always risky. you heard the same comments again and again. maybe it's the frustration with the low poll numbers for the administration, poll numbers that are low for the president, even lower for the vice president. but it is showing in the frustration with the vice president. what is going on? >> well, i think you nailed it right there. this is a classic palace intrigue story where you have staffers in the white house and staffers over in the eisenhower office building of the vice president sort of voicing their frustrations behind closed doors to a reporter.
1:18 pm
i don't think there's anything actionable here just yet but we can't ignore it. it explains some of the frustrations that they have. shows how they expected to be in a different place. and the fact that we're talking about the cnn story at all, it shows it's a stink bomb at a moment when president biden would really like to be enjoying a celebration over infrastructure. >> neil: isn't the vice president traditionally handicapped by that office? you must be frustrated with it as lyndon johnson was, he was clamoring for something to do. over the years, we've given haven'ts much more -- i wouldn't say autonomy but more power. here it is sort of like feeling the whole thing out here. i'm wondering is this a relationship that even exists right now? is it as bad as it is portrayed? >> well, i think there's
1:19 pm
limitations that come with the offers of the vice presidency. in your back and forth with secretary buttigieg, you nailed it in that if you look at the different policy priorities and responsibilities that have been given to both of them, the president depp -- deputized to get at certain topicses. there's not a lot of appetite to address some of the areas. meanwhile, buttigieg, he's able to sort of go have his moment in the sun, go on a victory tour with infrastructure and say i'm the guy that is under center for the first half of the president's economic agenda. you know, certainly that would seem the help his political star. but again, i think it would take some drastic for us to see any type of change in the vice president's office. >> neil: yeah, we forget that it used to be the case where a
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president would routinely switch vice presidents going into another term or planning for another term going back to f.d.r. like going through tissue paper. this was common place. in years since, the ticket that starts is the ticket that goes down in one term or two terms. little chance of the change. you think there's a chance of change here? way too early, i know. what do you think? >> well, you're right. it was henry wallace that was replaced by harry truman and world history changed. i think if we look at the previous administration, mike pence was battling all sorts of rumors until the very end that donald trump was going to replace him with nikki haley. this is some palace intrigue and a parlor game. if you look at the vice president's approval ratings, she's underwater just like president biden is as well.
1:21 pm
she doesn't seem to be as of right now someone that is that much of a value add at least when it came to her campaigning in virginia. the last polling that i saw for instance of pete buttigieg by whereas in only, he had pretty low approval ratings as well. there was going to be a swap, it seems like democrats are looking at a weak bench right now. >> neil: as you reminded me many times, poll numbers change along with fame, which can also be fleeting. thanks, phil. great chatting with you. >> thank you, sir. >> neil: leon panetta on what seems to be growing tensions not only with china and what it's doing regarding taiwan and a host of other thing, now russia with 100,000 troops off of ukraine. you think the soldiers are taking in the view? what could be a coordinated pressure line against joe biden after this.
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>> neil: pfizer wants an merge approval for a pill to treat covid and make it available for poor counties all over the world. more after this.
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>> russian soldiers are at ukraine's door steps again. didn't we do this about a decade ago? trey yingst has more. >> a russian drone was forced down over ukraine amid rising tensions. intelligence officials say that russia could be plans a large scale invasion into ukraine. both the french and the british offering statements of support. ukraine is not a member of nato meeting they don't have the same treaty protection and must rely on individual relationships.
1:27 pm
but the u.n. secretary general talked about the sidelines warning russia about taking aggressive ats. he said there's a troop build-up along the border as officials in kiev said there's 100,000 russian soldiers staging next to their country. the ukraine says their troops are prepared to fight back against any offensive that might take place. >> we have no panic. we have no fear. we clearly understand the situation. the only thing which is important now in my opinion is the concerted efforts of the whole civilized world as a hybrid war is taking place. >> russia and ukraine have had an ongoing conflict and much of eastern ukraine is controlled by russian separatests. neil? >> neil: thanks, trey. to leon panetta and what he
1:28 pm
makes of this, the former cia director, former white house chief of staff. a lot of big jobs. great to see you again, secretary. i'm wondering in light of these developments with russia and we know what is going on with china and these mockups to the tee of our battleships and the actions against taiwan. do you think these are coordinated between these two countries? >> well, one thing i think that is common is both of them are testing the united states to some extent. determining whether or not we're going to stand by our word with regards to the lines that neither russia or china can't cross. russia has been doing this for a while. putin has been doing this for a while, putting troops in to the ukraine. he's doing it again.
1:29 pm
it's important for the united states to make clear to putin that that line shouldn't be crossed. the same thing is true with regards to china. i know the president and xi had a conversation in a meeting last night. talked about a number of issues. i'm sure that president biden hopefully made clear that with regards to china there's lines that cannot be crossed, either. we have to show strength now. frankly both of these adversaries have tried to take advantage of the united states when they considered our leadership weak. >> neil: did they come to that and get that view reinforced with the collapse in afghanistan? >> well, i think again, they're testing it. they're testing it because of what they saw happen in afghanistan. they're testing it because of the way the submarine deal went down with regards to france. frankly i think the thing that
1:30 pm
they worry about the most is that the united states can in fact develop alliances to confront china and russia. that is the strongest position that we can take, not just the united states but working with our allies, working with nato obviously in europe to confront russia, working with australia, working with south korea to confront china. the fact is, neither china or russia have had allies, they don't like alliances and that's the one thing that could be in our favor. >> neil: our view has always been over the years through multiple administrations that the chinese need us more than we need them. if they were to get too provocative and act on he these provocations they'd only harm themselves. they have too much at stayed with trade with the u.s. i'm reminded that england and germany were trading with each
1:31 pm
other right up until there was war. so are we giving ourselves too much of a pass here thinking this can't happen because too much economically is at stake? >> we shouldn't take anything for granted with regards to china. i think president xi has just extended his term. he's going to go through 2035. he's also planning for china to be the world leader to replace the united states. he thinks we're in decline, he thinks we're weak. he's investing not only in his military, in his economy. he's investing tremendously in new technology. artificial technology and quantum and robotics. all of these are investments to basically put china in a leading position as we go to the future.
1:32 pm
the united states can't take that for granted. we're going to have to invest not just in our economy but we're going to have to invest a lot more in technology, particularly on artificial intelligence and other areas in order to ensure particularly that our defense capability reflects that technological capability that china is developing. we're going to compete with china, we've got to invest to make sure that we stay ahead of the game. >> secretary, we have send a signal, it's notice very black and white and it's not been very clear out of the administration that if taiwan were ever attacked by china, we would defend taiwan. but there's a gray line with islands that are administered by taiwan that are not technically taiwan. that if china were to try to militarize those islands or take over those islands as they have so many in the south china sea
1:33 pm
that we would look the other way. would we? >> neil, i think the best thing that the united states can do right now is to develop a strong deterrence. we have to send a signal to china that if they try anything like that they're going to pay a heavy price. what that means is we have to deploy our military in to position in the pacific, we have to be able to deploy our forces in a way that makes clear to china that we're not going anyplace. we're going to be there and we have to build strong alliances. our allies have to send exactly the same signal to china that we are, which is -- >> neil: but they're not doing that. >> i'm sorry? >> neil: i interrupted you rudely. but they're not sending the signals. you think our response has been haphazard, their response has been nonexistent.
1:34 pm
i'm wondering if that's what the russians and the chinese are sensing, that there's discord among the entire western world how to respond to this. >> well, the most important thing president biden can do at this point in time is make very clear that there is no discord and we all have a common message to china and russia that we will not tolerate aggression by either country. that has to be a very clear signal -- >> neil: but it's not, leon. it's not coming from the president right now. maybe it might and he's hinted of that, but he hasn't stated it unequivocally as you just did. is that to our peril? >> well, i think secretary blinken and others are sending clear messages to both of them at the present time. i think the president i'm sure must have sent the same signal.
1:35 pm
so i wouldn't underestimate the fact that the united states right now is not sending signals that make very clear that aggression on their part is not going to be tolerated. >> neil: you're a former white house chief of staff. you dealt with the palace intrigue and the white house and cabinet secretary of great rank. i wonder what you make of this perceived problem for the vice president, attention with the president, whether, you know, she's gotten off on the wrong foot. can't seem to right herself right now. do you sense she's in trouble? do you sense the president has issues with her, the white house has serious issues that are not being addressed? >> well, to be frank, neil, right now the administration is in trouble, period. president has low rankings in terms of the polls.
1:36 pm
the administratio has got some problems. democrats in general have some problems. that's all being reflected among democrats at every level. so i don't think you can look at one person and say that person is in trouble. i think the party is in trouble right now and all of the democrats including president have to work veried hard right now in order to deal with the challenge that are out there in the country that frankly are not being dealt with. that has to be the action point and that frankly involves the president, the vice president and the democratic leadership and democrats together. all of them have to respond to the challenges that are out there right now. >> neil: leon panetta, thanks very much. good catching up with you. >> good to be with you. >> neil: leon was touching on the russians and what they're doing. you probably heard that they did a missile test and blew up one
1:37 pm
of their own satellites to test this thing. one of the problems is that it shattered in to thousands of pieces, right? that's all garbage that is endangering not only the international space station and those astronauts but some cosmonauts and chinese astronauts up there as well. the woman who was the first to command the space shuttle on that after this. to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go. the best things america makes are the things america makes out here.
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1:42 pm
with eileen collins. you know her well. the first woman to command a space mission, a great book out right now through the glass ceiling to the stars, the story of the first come to command a space mission. i remember her four missions well. she's kind enough to join us. colonel, great to have you with us. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: i was thinking, you know, for the shuttle flights that you were on, commanding or not and you're in space, circling around and something like this had happened under any one of those missions, the russians blow up a satellite and all of those pieces are wandering not far from you, i'd imagine you'd be concerned. >> well, on my last mission on the space shuttle, the number 1 risk to the shuttle and the crew was getting hit by space debris. that was before the last two
1:43 pm
anti-satellite tests launched by china and this one that happened by the russians. it's a risk to our space station, it's a risk to the astronauts although they can and they did go into their respective capsules. so the four americans went into the spacex dragon and then the three -- the two russians and the third crew member went into their soyuz as a lifeboat in case they got hit by a piece of debris. they did that twice. so this is a high risk to the astronauts and to the space station. >> neil: and the china incident -- i apologize. were you and your colleagues given a heads-up? i was wondering if anyone on the i.s.s. or the chinese space station were given a heads up that the russians were going to do this. i imagine not. >> neil: okay. from what i know, there was no announcement that this test was going to take place. u.s. space command whose job it
1:44 pm
is to track the debris saw there was is a debris field. so they figured it out. the field came from an old russian satellite that goes back to 1982. it has been inoperative. they didn't do any damage to their satellite or to the mission of the satellite because it was already not operating but did a lot of potential damage to their space station which they share with the united states and the international community. >> neil: so they're endangering themselves. >> it's not logical. >> neil: colonel, i didn't know that you were the first -- after the columbia tragedy, five years later, to command that commission. that was a scary mission. that was the one enter entering the atmosphere, the tiles were loose. i'm thinking the pressure of
1:45 pm
that on you to make that mission safe. wire still dealing with tissues of the safety of space travel. now increasingly taken over by private enterprise. you think we have forgotten that, this this is not that routine, that we're -- it's marvelous to look at and all the deep pocket billionaires leading the charge but there's still risk up there. >> yes. you alluded to the columbia accident which happened in 2003. my crew was five weeks from launch when that happened. we didn't launch in five weeks. we launched in 2 1/2 years. we accepted that risk as long as we knew the problems that caused the accident were fixed. the problems were fixed. then there's the unknown. you mentioned continuing with special space flight. and i'm very supportive of that. but they have to understand they're taking a risk. a lot of that is with the
1:46 pm
unknowns. we don't always what will cause the next accident. we have to look at history, which caused the challenger accident, the columbia and not just technical but management decisions that could have been much better. i'm happy to say when i talk to the commercial companies, they say yes, we do study the mistakes from the past. that gives me -- that gives me good indications that they can do this safely. again, as i mentioned, there's unknowns and people are taking risks. but that's part of the job. i should say is it worth the risk? yes. we're exploring space, getting people off the planet. we will not always live on the earth. we will be living in other places in the solar system some day. we're taking the baby steps now. it's worth the risk. >> neil: is it worth for someone to get a ten minute ride,
1:47 pm
plunking a lot of money down. >> that's a important choice. i won't do it. i don't even go on roller coasters. >> neil: i don't believe it. >> i will not ride on a roller coaster. i have no control over it. >> neil: i agree with you. eileen collins, thanks very much. the first woman to command a space mission. go back and think of what she wendt through and what our space program went through and the dangers that we went through. we can't be too cavalier about that, can we? more after this. for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly
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>> neil: a house hearing dealing with the supply chain problems. the solutions weren't what you would think. hillary vaughn has more from capitol hill. hillary? >> hi, neil. americans are being hit with high prices across the country. house republicans are criticizing their democratic colleagues saying they're too worried about a green supply chain instead of the chain issues impacting americans today. >> now instead of holding a hearing to examine how to fix the supply chain crisis, deal with sky rocketing energy costs and inflation, we're here to talk about the clean energy
1:52 pm
spline chain. this strikes me as a bit of a joke, president biden is doing everything he can to make energy less affordable. >> president biden is trying to make green energy more affordable. dumping taxpayer dollars into green energy. the republicans are worried the mean could be going overseas if the u.s. doesn't have enough supply to meet the demand. >> we cannot rely on china to build our nation's infrastructure. it's the wrong way to go. we need reliable supply chains and we need to recognize the need of the american people. >> the united steal workers union said they had been promised a green job over two decades but the promise has not turned into a paycheck. neil? >> neil: thanks, hillary. here's the proof in all of the proof you need that people aren't quite in to fitness like they say.
1:53 pm
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>> neil: i think some of us talk about how much we're getting in shape. consider this, a 3 1/2 pound reese's peanut butter cup pie, if you have to ask, you're not in to this stuff.
1:57 pm
phenomenal. with very little publicity, sold out in an hour. a bunch of people got it and plan to give it as a gift. you can believe that i bought them all and ate them all. it's not true. but anyway, kat timpf is here with us, mike gunzelman. if you can afford to do this, it's another sign people are feeling good. that's -- that's at their core, a lot of people are feeling good. what do you through? >> i'm sure some are. >> neil: if you like chocolate. >> i saw this. how many people would say look at my cool pile. >> neil: there's been a lot of sightings. >> there's one that sold out. on e-bay, it's $449.
1:58 pm
>> and nobody has topped me. >> 449? that's kind of sad, i think. >> neil: if you're going to spend that kind of money, if you go in the black market for this thing and people are paying the most for a thanksgiving meal than ever before, inflation is real, very real. but there's some things for which people will gladly pay these prices, right? would you? >> the original price -- >> would you pay $500 for a pie, guns? >> here's the thing. when it comes to thanksgiving, this would be great. it's 7,600 calories in this cake. >> neil: is that all? >> you can eat it for lunch, dinner and breakfast. it's so big. >> neil: stuff it in the turkey. >> there you go. >> neil: home run. >> i like you're thinking.
1:59 pm
i'm still over pumpkin pie, pecan pie. >> neil: pumpkin pie is overrated. >> you get this, this is the party. >> it's like a birthday cake. you have to eat it. if you say no -- no, have some. you'll do it an hour. you have to say yes even though oh you don't want to. >> neil: you don't cook, right? >> it's been years. >> neil: you could slice this puppy up -- >> i wish i had one. i'm going to a friends giving this weekend. people bring food to that. like i am not going to cook. i'm not going to cook. nobody wants to eat what i cook anyway. isn't it better to buy something from the store? the reason it's in the store is it's so good. >> neil: people are paying them. so people have their priorities. good and a good time is a priority. look at you. >> i came prepared, everybody. this is a cake that i will have right here. >> neil: looks very nice. >> kat, you didn't bring thing. >> i didn't bring snacks.
2:00 pm
>> no way to eat one of these. >> he's going to eat it. >> neil: you can wrestle him and take it. there we go. we're not minimizing higher prices, folks. inflation is very, very real. but what is fascinating about what's going on so far, people have their priorities. there's some things for which they will pay a good deal of money so far. chocolate is one of them. here's "the five." >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino, geraldo, jesse waters and greg gutfeld. this is new york city and this is "the five." the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse double murder trial could come at any moment. inside the courtroom a jury is deliberating the charges against rittenhouse. earlier today, the 18-year-old randomly picked a group of people that will decide his fate. outside protesters gather


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