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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ and tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> we are here on the stage of the patriot awards, in the good hollywood, the whole thing right after the show on, we recommended. first, that evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there is a difference between lying and propaganda and it is worth knowing what it is.
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all propaganda is lying, but not a lion's propaganda. what is the difference between the two? think about the moments in your own life when you have lied. most of the time you do it because you've done something that you are ashamed of and you are hoping nobody will find out. when you are caught, usually the truth. so someone says to you, you are a drunk. you say, no i'm not, i've only had three beers. n but actually you at eight beers. you are line, that is what line is. propaganda is different from that. it is not a shading of the truth, propaganda is a complete inversion of the truth. you are drunk, somebody tells you. no, i'm not, you replied, you are the one who's drunk. you've had eight beers. it's shameful, and i am disgusted by your drunkenness. that's what propaganda looks like. it's the mirror image of reality, the exact opposite of the truth, and it is always delivered with ferocious aggression. propaganda tends to bewilderhy people, to confuse them. what is this, do you think? and yet, for that very reason, because it's so ridiculous, propaganda tends to be effective.
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people assume lies that bold have to be true, something about the human brain reaches that conclusion and it always has. that is why propaganda has always been a sponsor of society january 6 was an armed insurrection, they screamed., russia is the real threat. the 2020 election was perfectly fair. covid is more dangerous than opioids. it's all true. we can give you countlessry examples of this in action and you would recognize every one of them, but here's one from today's headlines. "kyle rittenhouse is a white supremacist." you are hearing that claim constantly from media figures and politicians as a factual matter, in case anybody cares, that is a lie. there is no evidence whatsoevera that kyle rittenhouse is a white supremacist, whatever that term is supposedr to mean. there's no racial angle at all to this story. none. of the four people directly involved in the kyle rittenhouse shootings, all four of them were white. so you might not like kyle rittenhouse, but if you are an
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honest person you would have to concede that racism had nothing to do with what he did, how could it? why would a white supremacist shoot white people? it doesn't even make sense. that has not slowed them down. here is joe biden just two days after the shootings in kenosha. writing the first draft of what turned out to be a long propaganda campaign. >> he is part of a youth police group. he was holding a long gone, out and about, nobody was restrained him. what are your concerns about the involvement of -- others were white militia people stirring this trouble? >> i'm very concerned abouter i. what got me involved in this t race, i hadn't is what happened in charlottesville. they don't use a dog whistle, they use a bullhorn.
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they use a bullhorn. this 17-year-old on nomadic youngon man, i don't know anythg about him. all i know is that there's some reporting about a connection to militia in illinois. >> tucker: so you really you should save that tape, it's a textbook example of what's going on and what they do. notice the framing of the conversation. the propaganda from nbc news does not call him a white supremacist, you can't do that. the shootings just happened hours before. the facts are too fresh. there is no advantage that kyle rittenhouse had ugly racial views. everyone who is paying attention at the time knew that very well. instead of making a claim directly, the life of nbc news stealthily broadens the question. "are you concerned about others. who are white militia people?" wait a second, what other white militia people?wh where are these people? what are you talking about exactly? but the liar from nbc news never tells us, that's not the point.
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she has given her candidate, joe biden, the opportunity to take it from there. that is the point of the set up. biden goes on to invoke protests in charlottesville, virginia,, from years before which have nothing to do with anything that happened in kenosha, wisconsin, in the summer of 2020. but they didn't need to be to connected factually, the point was obvious. everybody watching understood the point. the point was kyle rittenhouse is a dangerous racist. and anyone who would defend kyle rittenhouse is probably athro dangerous racist, too. may be one of those white militia people. you see how that works? it works by indirection and stealth and dishonesty. of course you see it, because you see it every day. it never ended. they're still playing the same thing now. and because they never stopped repeating that lie, they assume it must be true. kyla rittenhouse, he is a white supremacist, right? many people think that, why wouldn't they? so why have they been doing this for 15 months? now, it's obvious. if kyle rittenhouse wasn't actually what he was, which is a 17 lifeguard who came to kenosha to clean antifa graffiti -- he was a member of a white
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supremacist militia, then the trial looks very, very different. it's no longer about the principle of self-defense -- no, it's about something bigger than that. it means this about whether black people can continue to live in the united states without being in fear of being murdered by white supremacy militiamen like kyle by the way, after much repetition, many americans believe that is exactly what the trial is about. and they believe it because ty keep hearing it on msnbc. >> there's only so many acceptable losses that white supremacy is willing to accept. people like kyla rittenhouse are going to be defended with all this culture has. they have to make sure that the message is sent that white men will continue to control the system and that the rest of us should be living in fear.
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>> nancy: if kyle rittenhouse is acquitted, the rest of us should be living in fear. why would we be living in fear? because he might go on to shoot other convicted child rapists -- that is the threat? how afraid should we be of that. that claim doesn't even make sense. but it doesn't need to. it does not diminish in any way the emotional power of those words. the rest of us should be living in fear. imagine hearing that on live television from someone you are fsupposed to trust. that would scare the hell out of you. yes, it would. of course, that's the point of saying it. but there's another point too, and that point is to subvert oui justice. it's based on the principle of equality, the principle that alu of us are equal under the law no matter what we look like, no matter where we came from.nd that is called equality.ok until very recently our leaders were proud to offer it. equity is something very, very different. in fact, it's the opposite of 's equality.
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if you think equity is the point of the justice system, then you don't care about the details. you are not interested in the evidence, you are interested in who's actually guilty or innocent before thehe law. what you care about instead is i the appearance of the defendants. the identity of the people who are convicted and acquitted. according to the principles of equity, how you were born determines whether or not you are guilty. that is equity. and it's not a fringe theory anymore. according to joe biden himself, equity is the organizing principle of this white house. he said so the day he was inaugurated. but in order to replace equality in our justice system and every other institution with equity,bu that means you have to tear down the system we currently have and have used for the last 250 years. how do you do it? in the justice system, no faster way to tear it down then by calling judges racist, which is exactly what they are doing now. >> we have made a series of decisions, each one perhaps may be individually defensible, but in totality, leads to the
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impression of a biased, racist judge with a trump rally cell phone that is trying to give rittenhouse a walk. >> tucker: the racist judge. that is a very heavy thing to say. about anyone in particular the a sitting judge in the middle of a murder trial.n so the question is, is the judge actually racist? the answer, as you know, is no, there's no evidence of that at the man who claims the judge was racist knows there is no evidence of it. the man who claimed it went to harvard law school. he's not stupid, he knows what w the facts are, he just doesn't care what the facts are. whatever it takes. so this way of looking at thet world, intentionally denying reality for the sake of a desired outcome is often called postmodernism. that's not quite right. in fact, this is premodern. this is an instinct older than civilization itself. a challenge to civilization itself. this is the kind of thinking that leads to tribalism. the belief that my team is
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always right and your team is barely human. tribalism has been around for as long as people have been around, it's never gone away. it lurks beneath the surface of societies. one of the main goals of any civilization is to suppressth tribalism so that we can live together without killing one so you should be concerned when it reemerges in public, and boy has it. watch >> kyle rittenhouse trial. it reminded a lot of people of something, something -- oh, the brett kavanaugh hearings. it was brett kavanaugh who had been accused of committing sexual abuse. cried his way through the hearings to make him a permanent member and associate justice of the united states supreme court. and his tears turned out to be more powerful than the tears of christine blasey ford, which were the tears of the alleged victim.
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but in america, there is a thing about white vigilantism and white tears, particularly male white tears. >> tucker: that is a currently employed msnbc anchor and harvard graduate, not an employee of radio rwanda. she's telling us what she thinks in a tiktok video. she mocks the very idea. people that evil can't cry. they don't have human emotions because they're not really human. you don't have to care about them, they don't qualify for your compassion. you can laugh as they weep and feel good about it. you often hear the word "dehumanized." what does that mean? that's what it looks like. you wonder how long this thing can go on in our country before somethingat really important breaks. jason whitlock has been thinking about thishi topic lately. we are happy to have him on the show now, jason. i'm starting to worry not about the outcome of this trial,
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leaving those aside, the effect of this trial on the country seems almost certain no matter what the verdict to divide the country even more and make people hate each other even more that's thes like intent of the people for a framing it the way they are. >> there's no question about it, tucker. look, regardless of whatever verdict comes out of this trial, i think the mob has won. and mob rule has won. just the fact that we even have this trial. any rational, sane prosecutor, district attorney would've looked at this, looked at all the evidence and said there's no case here. this young man acted in self-defense. we wish he had stayed at home, we wish he hadn't carried a gun, but he acted in self-defense. the mob forced this trial and now the mob has taken the jurylf hostage, i believe mentally.ed there is so much fear in kenosha that we are going to have the rioting, looting, violence, andi the arson that we just saw a year ago that is going to repeat itself..
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and as i said a week ago, this is a failure of leadership across the board. if the prosecutors had done the right thing, you wouldn't have these now 12 jurors in the crosshair, sitting in kenosha in fear, paralyzed, unable to reaci a conclusion in this case. and again, speculation on my to me, it's because of the fear. do they want to trade the life that they used to have in order to do the right thing for kyle rittenhouse and let him go? that's going to take an incredible amount of courage that right now, some members, all members, they can't get there to that level of courage, and it is because of the incredible lack of leadership that starts with president joe biden and just filters its way all the way down through the rest of our political system and lawmakers and decision-makers, elected
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officials. we are being overrun by cowards. >> tucker: yeah. i wish -- frequently you say things that i haven't thought of and challenge my view. and with 24 hours i found myself nodding in sound agreement. i agree with you completely. i've got to ask you, if you are in the media and have access to some sort of mass media, particularly television, don't you think -- i'm not calling for censorship, i never would, but don't you think you've some moral obligation not to makeor people more afraid than they need to be? >> listen, we are looking at big tech -- if anybody says anything about the vaccine, it's labeled as misinformation, it's the most dangerous thing in the world and all we've got to stop it and deplatform this person. you can go on tv and say anything about race and racism and white people and that's all
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good. the information doesn't have to be sound. i've spent part of today just reminding myself of what does country used to be and the kindt of leadership that it took for us to get here. when i look at joe biden in comparison to dwight eisenhower, in this moment with the rittenhouse reminds me of 1957, arkansas. little rock, arkansas, nine students, dwight eisenhower went on national tv and showed some real leadership. sent a thousand national guardsmen, the 101st airborne to protect those kids. this needs to happen for these jury members. they need to know that from the president on down, america has their back. they can make whatever decision they want. they will be protected. we will not let this mob overrun them and ruin their life. >> tucker: that is such a smart point. jason whitlock, thank you. great to see you tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: during the closing arguments in the rittenhouse case, which was fascinating, if you watch the whole thing.
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prosecutors argued that rittenhouse did not have the right to defend himself when threatened with death. a violent pedophile chased him down and he said he wanted to kill kyle rittenhouse, so we set out loud that rittenhouse should've allowed rosenbaum to beat him. watch this. >> everybody takes a beating sometimes, right? sometimes you get in a scuffle and maybe you do get hurt a little bit. that doesn't mean you get to start plugging people with your full metal jacket ar-15 round. and no, bullets are not bullets. >> tucker: really that's the point of the trial. we wanted to hear what jesse kelly had to say about that. we are happy to have him join us. jesse, you watched this whole thing. you don't have the right to protect your own life? >> that's the take away they will get away from it because it's their entire world view. it's hard for americans to accept, it's hard for me to accept where we are as a country.
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where we are is people in positions ofe power, they are the crazed nut job that used to be on the street corner protesting the man hating feminist who used to hide in her apartment, these people are now the ceos, district attorneys, senators, presidents. that is why you see this. they genuinely believe kyle wren and how should not have stopped the street animals from burning down kenosha, or any other city. they believe they have a right before god -- their communist god -- to bring this country down. >> tucker: i love nutter butters. i'm sorry to say that. i'm not defending feminism -- [laughter] i can'ten resist. what's our reaction to this? you've got to think of people watching this trial, no matter what the outcome ultimately is, will conclude you really can't defend yourself in the country. like, how couldw you? >> i don't think people want to hear what we have to do, tucker, because the truth is we have too move out of blue areas.
10:18 pm
you are not safe in any area that is blue now in this country. not because of the street mobs, because of exactly what you are seeing here. get to a red area, become an activist, run for d.a., run for school boards, make it redder. we are not in the year 2000. we are not even in the year 2010. these people are now desperate and lashing out and they are going to hurt a lot of people on the right before they are done. >> tucker: i think that's right. and when the californians show up, make them obey your customs and not vice versa. [laughs] jesse kelly, such a smart man. great to see you tonight. thank you. >> be good, brother. >> tucker: we are almost two years into covid and the pandemic. it's worth pausing and asking, what was that? and why have so many americans died of covid-19, more under biden than under trump?
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who are the people running our covid policy exactly? the former member of the white house covid task force saw firsthand how incompetent these people are. an amazing conversation with dr. scott atlas, next. ♪ ♪ conversation with dr. scott atlas, next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: welcome back, we are in hollywood. the good hollywood, the good state of florida. the patriot awards on fox nation. you can watch it by going to it was about nine months ago, last spring that we watched as some of the most informed people in the country, people who actually knew what they were talking about and speakingeo factually, were pulled off social media and the tech platforms. google, facebook, twitter. not because they were wrong, but because they were saying things that challenged theut democratic party story line, which is inherently false. at that point, we thought, we should have these conversations in a place that big tech can't touch. fox nation is that place. so we just had an amazing conversation with a man called dr. scott atlas from stanford university. scott atlas knows more about this country has tackled the coronavirus pandemic than any within an american. he was on the white house coronavirus task force in the previous administration.
10:25 pm
for saying things out loud that are true and has first-hand knowledge of, he's been censored. he will not be censored as a member of that task force, scott atlas saw first hand of the people who are formulating our covid policy, and he was shocked by it. here's part of our conversation. ♪ ♪ >> in mid-august, i went to the task force meeting. and of course, it's the people you know sitting around the room. and the vice president ran the whole task force, dr. burke is the task force coordinator who ran the medical side. i'm listening to these people talk and i was stunned at the lack of knowledge, at the complete lack of knowing the data, at the lack of critical thinking. so there's this discussion -- >> tucker: was fauci in these meetings?-
10:26 pm
>> yes, fauci, burx, redfield. a lot of people who were heads of agencies. dr. gerard was there. the three what i call the trifecta of the task force was dr. redfield, head of the cdc, dr. fauci, and dr. birx, who was the head of the task force. i would listen to them and their discussions were... they were off-base. my first meeting with the vice president, does everyone agree? and i was reluctant to speak up. and he sees my face and he saysk scott, you are here for a reason.. i asked you to come here to say your opinion. if you disagree, say it. i said okay, i totally disagree. and then i went through the data. and, in fact, i was the only one who had scientific papers in the task force meeting. i walked around the white house my entire time and every task force meeting i went to wam two dozen papers, all the new data. and i would go through the scientific papers whenever i spoke.
10:27 pm
and whenever i spoke about an issue, whether it was schools opening, the risks to children, the immunity, no one there, none of these medical people offered any data to rebuff. they never had any scientific papers. they would say i'm an outlier, they would say -- >> tucker: they would go after you personally? >> it was all personal. they were a unit. in fact, dr. birx in january or february of this a year -- she had an unwritten contract agreement with fauci and redfield that if one of them got fired, they were all fired. it stems from hiv and aids. and i briefly mention this inms the book, they work togetherid with one focus, to get a vaccine, which should ring a bell of what's happening.he they were a group of people -- when you are in the government
10:28 pm
for 40 years in high positions like dr. fauci, the people that are in the government successfully are not there because they are neutral and therefore they can exist in different administrations. they are there because they understand how to navigate the they understand how to make friends and various agents. this is a very political position when you are a 40-year government bureaucrat. i thought dr. fauci, i think is a smart guy, he knew the material from the emails that he wrote to his friends from february-march. what was said during the meetings was revealed by not just dr. fauci, by all thehe medical people in the task force. a lack of knowledge about the data. they never cited a scientific study. they never knew a critical assessment. they never gave a reputation of any studies nor a reputation or
10:29 pm
disagreement of each other. never, not once. i mean, that is unheard of in science. there is no science without -- >> tucker: that's not science. >> there is no such thing. i'll give you an example. as a person who looks at science and papers, i was a scientific paper reviewer and for many, many years, you look at the method section of a paper, in a journal, meaning thet materials -- how did you do the study design? if you see that's not appropriate, you are done. it doesn't matter. you can't make a conclusion if the study was done incorrectly. okay, so i evaluate the papers. i didn't sit there and read the blurb of the paper in "the new york times." i look at the paper. i was talking almost every single day to some of the world's best epidemiologists about the data on an ongoing basis. there was never any indication that they knew the papers,
10:30 pm
cited the paper, or even criticized the paper. and as i say on the book, they were medical words being mispronounce, statements being made -- i was looking around and sort of saying, did anyone else hear this? i have never worked with people at this level in my career as i did in that task force. and i'm not saying that a high level. okay, i'm saying at a low level. i've worked with some of the best medical centers in the country. i was a medical student at stanford university, mount sinai new york. i would always say -- i'm notrs sure these people could have been assistant professors where i worked. i mean, there was a lack of critical thinking, a lack of preparation. no one cited data but me. >> tucker: you can watch the full hour of our conversation with dr. scott atlas on fox nation by going to or
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we've got some many great conversations so far. we don't want to claim every one of them is a must watch, but that one really was. bobby kennedy jr. so the qanon shaman, the chewbacca guy dared to walk about the capitol in a haze, he's the guy in viking horns. there's been a very troubling development in his we will tell you what it is, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. your insurance marketplace healthmarkets aspirin made amazing! dog barks you're right bunker, the medicare enrollment deadline is almost here. try new liquid-filled vazalore.
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♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, i am marianne rafferty live in los angeles. of the jury ended a second day of deliberations about reaching a verdict in the case against kyle rittenhouse. the 12 jurors spent about 45 minutes re-watching video from the trial inside the courtroom as jurors deliberated, rittenhouse's defense team asked the judge to declare a mistrial, the second such request in a week. at issue, a piece of drone video that prosecutors showed the jury during closing arguments.
10:37 pm
if they would have approached things differently, had they received a high quality video earlier. the judge did not immediately rule on that request. 18-year-old rittenhouse is facing charges of homicide and attempted homicide for killing two men and wounding a third during protest last summer in kenosha, wisconsin. rittenhouse, a former police youth cadet, says he acted in self-defense. i am marianne rafferty. now back to "tucker carlson tonight." >> tucker: just when you thought it couldn't get crazier, we are learning tonight that joe biden's nominee to a key position in the treasury department isn't simply a lunatic radical, she also has a criminal record. fox news' kevin corke has that story for us tonight. >> amazing story, indeed. fox news has obtained a wisconsin department of justice criminal background check of the president's nominee to lead the currency, the occ. t according to the background check, she was arrested back iny june of 1995 in madison,
10:38 pm
wisconsin, with a count of misdemeanor retail theft. the white house says she has been open and honest about it. it was 25 yearss ago. and they are unmoved by the report. a "she is qualified given her strong track record of regulation and strong academic credentials. the white house strongly supports this historic nomination."or historic is certainly one word for it. keep in mind she is probably the only person nominated for the occ post tod have called indusy she might regulate a "a-whole industry."ca she is also called for the end of banking as we know it. she wants deposit accounts moved over to the federal reserve, that means checking and savings accounts. just a little bit about the president's nominee that i think folks should know a little bit about. tucker. >> tucker: kevin corke, thank you so much for that. so, of all the people you couldk nominate to control the currency, a thief, really?
10:39 pm
maybe that's the person you keep away from the currency. to another story you've been following for months now, jacob, often known as the qanon shaman or chewbacca guy. you remember him from january 6th. he was the guy on countless videos, wandering around with viking horns on. deep in his own dreamland. didn't wreck anything, didn't threaten anyone. you remember these videos, here they are. >> [bleep] man. good to see you guys. look at this guy. covered in blood. god bless you. >> do you need medical attention? >> i'm good. i got shot in the face with some kind of plastic bullet. >> any chance i could get you guys to leave?
10:40 pm
this is the sacredest place. >> there's a cop right there on video who doesn't seem to findnd chewbacca guy very threatening at all. he walks around the senate floor, he upset joe biden, that is what he did. for that crime, he has already spent ten months in solitary confinement. he's now been sentenced to 41 months behind bars. at the same time you will notice not long ago a kid that shot up a classroom in fort worth, texas, and got out in one what are we watching here exactly? will cain is the cohost of "fox & friends weekend." our friend, he joins us now. thanks so much for coming on. >> hi, tucker. >> tucker: how are they going to convince us he was a threat to the republic? >> they can only convince us of something that's already we know is true. that's a political prosecution. as you point out, he did henothing. people are going to hear you and i have this conversation and say oh, there go tucker and will defending the people who rioted on january 6th.
10:41 pm
i believe what we are defending is something called due process. as you point out, let me ask you a couple questions. does that ring true of what is justice, over three years for what amounts to obstruction of an official proceeding? f how about, as you pointed out, that he's been in solitary for the better part of the year with no bail, no hearing, to find out what was true justice. it may be the most insidious part, he submitted to and did submit to some type of brainwashing. they've made all these january 6th defendants essentially repent from any believe they ever had and echo critical race theory ideas, read the right books, and tell a judge they apologized for everything they've ever done. it's a violation of due process and it's a violation of our sense of justice. >> tucker: and decency and proportional punishment, of course. can i note the obvious? this guy is not quite right. i don't know how to define
10:42 pm
mentally ill, but he's not quite right. normally, we carve out a place for people who are not quite right. we don't send them to prison for four years.e do you? >> we try to find them help. those who literally burned down cities, those who did violence and property damage. which according to the ap, which i don't know if it's true or not, the average citizen was something like 27 months. 27 months for burning down the city. 41 months to mill around the capitol. m is that justice? is that due process? and by the way, if you were in new york, they got zero months. if they basically did not process rioters in new york city. >> tucker: it was their office that got invaded, right. your office gets invaded, not a big deal. will cain, good to be with you. great to see you. thank you.oo [applause] >> by the way, he heard it. it's on the record. >> tucker: a combination of
10:43 pm
open borders and covid lockdowns are directly responsible for a lot of deaths, far more than we thought. we are now getting an idea of the total number of americans mostly young people, who have died over the last year because of our leader's unwillingness to acknowledge what's happening with opioids. we will tell you the numbers straight ahead. ♪ ♪ we will tell you the numbers straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the saddest possible milestone, deaths from drug overdoses just topped 100,000 americans per year for the first time in our history. now, there are two reasons why this is happening. the first, the unprecedented amount of fentanyl going across our border from mexico. the second, of course, are the covid lockdowns. douglas murray is a fast selling author and what of our favorite thinkers and people. he joins us now to assess what we are watching. douglas murray, thank you so much for coming on. this is one of the stories that would be ignored by and large in this country. why do you think that is?s >> it's the story that's been going on for years relentlessly.
10:49 pm
most news networks just don't bother to follow it. more than half a million americans have died in the last 20 years from opioid overdoses that's escalating year after year as we've seen now. the attention is all in the wrong places. if you go to any university in america or anywhere else in the west, and you learn anything about the world abroad, not many people do, you will behe told about the chinese opium wars that happened 200 years ago. you will learn that that means we can't say anything about china today. today, china is responsible for an awfully large amount of the opioids coming into america. i'm much more interested in what's happening in recent yearn and in the last year than i am in going over and relitigating something 200 years ago.
10:50 pm
this is in america who is dying now in historic numbers year after year. >> tucker: it's so if the precursor chemicals, the chemicals from which fentanyl is made, those chemicals come from china. and 100,000 americans die in one year. why isn't the president of the united states, every member of congress yelling about this? i don't understand. >> you know, often i say they don't know the people affected. there might be something in that. can't say it is completely true with this administration. broadly speaking, they don't know the people affected. there are cities in america i visited quite a few myself where you just see the effects of this. i was in ferguson last weekend i see communities who have been hollowed out by all sorts of economic forces. they are hollowed out by the opioids, hollowed out by the addictions and the death. nobody cares about that. just like they don't care about the towns after they have been burned down. the media moves on.
10:51 pm
but these people don't. their relatives can't move on. it's an absolute scandal. the most important country in the world, the richest, is going through this. and nobody seems to care. >> tucker: why does it take someone not even from the united states to notice what is happening in the united states? douglas murray, thank you very much. we've been chronicling for the last year and a half or so the politicization of everything. if you have the wrong political beliefs, you can't reallyer function as a free american in the country. you could lose your banking services without notice. is not hypothetical, it is happening. we have exclusive reporting on where it is happening and to whom. we should tell you the hot patriot awards, you can stream it after the show on [applause] ♪ ♪
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's be >> tucker: welcome back we are at the fox nation awards in hollywood, florida. we are all in on fox nation anda not just they celebrate parties and nice people but fox nation is protected from the tech monopolies that control almost every part of american life. they don't control fox nation but we can say what whatever wes want. we don't have to be afraid. that is worth a lot right now, we think. here is an example, by the way of what can happen if you are not protected. we pay with subsidiary of morgan chase and denying services, services with major conservative group in missouri called the defense of liberty. we claimed that the group is involved in hate, violence, racial intolerance and terrorism. were they? no! patrick is the state treasurercu and demanding those accusations are true. so far they have not provided us
10:58 pm
anything. here to explain, thank you so much for coming on tonight. thank you for being one of the elected officials to do anything about this. is this a violation of law, do you o think? >> i think chase has the right to do whatever they want, a business and the term of who we the state of missouri will do business with. we will not do business with the state business office and up essentially half the populationu and they decided to do this and suspended the defense of liberty a founder paul kirkman, and marine veteran deployed to the middle east and fought the war on terror and came back to missouri as a state representative, who i served with six years as a great limited government free market conservative who brings these events together. the speaker at this next event that they are going to have that we pay essentially two cans when causing to be rescheduled is
10:59 pm
donald trump jr., cecilia for the rnc. like you said they essentially accused them ofof being hate organization, race organization and decision-making processes proprietary and no additional information will be given to them but the decision was final. so i sent a letter today to jamie dimon as you know the ceo of morgan chase. and they will discriminate against half the country and about 60% of missouri. according to the last missouri election with conservativeot organizations that they will not be eligible to do business with the state of missouri. >> tucker: amen. really quick, last week in new york the leader of black lives matter organization threatened violence against the city of new york if he dared to enforce the law in new york. are they still a client of jpmorgan chase? where he platform to black lives matter? t >> i don't think they've the platform. they are only interested in doing business with one half of
11:00 pm
the country, they can change their name to woke bank or snowflake bank. we will see how it goes though. >> tucker: scott fitzpatrick i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: we are out of time and we will be back 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have a great evening. a surprise for you the great sean hannity takes over now. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," day two of the deliberations of kyle rittenhouse trial, it is now officially in the books and still no verdict. earlier today, and explosive development from the courthouse and it all surrounds this drone footage showing kyle rittenhouse shooting joseph rosenbaum in what looks like a clear act of self-defense. according to one eyewitness account, he threatened rittenhouse telling him "i'm going to [


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