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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 23, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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so embarrassed and he would run the find and biggest manure pile the moment he got home so he could be a real dog again. >> bill: i don't blame mo for doing that. >> i'll try it on percy this afternoon. >> bill: i saw a wonderful thing. two dogs sitting there, percy says -- >> dana: somebody at fox sent me a note saying percy and jasper are friends. martha maccallum is in for harris. >> fox news alert as we learn more about the suspect that police say rammed his s.u.v. through a crowd of christmas parade goers in suburban milwaukee and there is a new focus right now on the district attorney who let him walk a few days before this recent attack. this is "the faulkner focus", i'm martha maccallum in today for harris. as we've watched over recent
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days we know the death that was part of this horrific attack that took the lives of five people, four women and one elderly man, 48 others were injured. many of those are children. several are still in critical condition in the hospital right now. police say they'll charge 39-year-old darrell brooks, who you see on your screen right now, with five counts. the counts will be first degree intentional homicide. and when that happens it will sadly be another notch on his really extensive 50-page long rap sheet. brooks was facing several felony charges when the walk d.a.'s office released him on a $1,000 bond just two days before the parade. now that looks like a bad decision in retrospect. the same office also freed him on $500 bond earlier about one year earlier. so wisconsin senator ron johnson looking into this man's
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background says the situation surrounding him is simply unacceptable. >> you have crime now spilling over from high crime regions into communities like waukesha that listen, there is still crime in waukesha but it is a low crime area in general. so starting to spill over. people need to start asking the questions about our criminal justice system releasing violent criminals. we need to tighten things up and put violent criminals in jail and keep them in jail. we can't continue this catch and release whether its at the at the southern border or the criminal justice system in crime-ridden cities. >> members of the community gathered together last night. four women ranging in age from 52 and the oldest is 81-year-old man there to help his wife who was also involved in the parade.
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we also have multiple children still in critical condition as their families are so concerned obviously for the safety of their children and praying they will get better. mike tobin joins me live from waukesha, wisconsin, with the very latest. hi, mike. >> we're six hours away from darrell brooks making his first appearance in this case but he will know the drill. he has been before the judge many times in his adult life. reviewing the records they go back all the way to when he was a juvenile and they reveal an adult life filled with criminal activity. he faced charges everything from strangling a person to concealed weapons, domestic abuse, resisting arrest. in milwaukee county he allegedly fought at and shot at his nephew and ran the mother of her child over. he got out on friday with $1,000 bail.
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even the milwaukee county district attorney said it wasn't right. the state's bail recommendation was inappropriately low in light of the recent charges and pending charges against mr. brooks. the waukesha police chief says two days later brooks got into another domestic fight. jumped into the s.u.v. and drove into the people at the parade. >> it was just -- i guess for lack of a better just carnage liking it to a war zone. adults and children that were injured. some of our first responders were there with our families. they left their families to treat people. >> we are hurting. we are angry. we are sad. we are confused. we are thankful. we are all in this together. >> so the initial charges against brooks will be five counts of intentional homicide but people involved have indicated those charges could increase as this moves forward.
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wisconsin does not have a no-bail option but the waukesha county district attorney has made it clear they will set bail so high that he won't get out again. martha. >> seems like a good idea maybe too late. thank you very much, mike. pete hegseth is co-host of "fox & friends" weekend and joins me now. i don't think it is much comfort to the families of those five who were killed at this parade to hear that this time they've learned their lesson and going to try to post bail or create a bail situation that is so high that he won't be able to meet it. >> of course there is no comfort and good morning, martha. but this is for him to say what he said about setting it too low is denying his entire track record as milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm. a guy elected in 2007 to be a proo gresive. -- progressive. he inspired d.a.'s and san francisco and philadelphia.
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the progressive movement funded by george soros. he acknowledged things like this would happen in 2007. i will read it from the milwaukee journal sentinel. is there going to be an individual i divert or put into a treatment program who will go out and kill somebody? you bet, guaranteed. it is going to happen. but it does not invalidate the overall approach. his philosophy like other progressive district attorneys has been to err on the side of the criminal. let the criminal out time and time again. blame societal issues. anti-racism and the buzz words they use to be on the side of the criminal. in this particular case what he said in 2007 has become true. he had a violent background. multiple times. two open felonies at that moment, both of which were violent. punching his girlfriend in the face and shoongt at his nephew's cars and released for
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$1,000. our justice system should be set up to prevent these things and so stinging about this whole thing. it didn't have to happen. >> these poor innocent people that got into his path. you hear about these individuals and it almost felt he was crying out to be put away. every time he was released on bail he did something else. he shot at his nephew and the list goes on as mike to be-in reported. -- tow bin reported. critics are tearing into two members of the so-called squad for pushing radical prison changes and bail reform. rashida tlaib an interviewed that aired monday. >> everyone is oh my god we'll release everybody. did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now? >> you want to release everyone >> in 10 years.
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think about it. >> human traffickers. >> i know. >> do you mean you don't actually support that? your proposal is so sweeping. it does release everyone. what i'm trying to say. >> within 10 years and there is a process of looking how we can get away from less incarceration and move towards care. >> i love it, pete. he says these are human traffickers, oh, i know. i know. now, this is from alexandria ocasio-cortez when prosecutors seek excessive cash bail it is -- now you have this case where mr. chisholm, the d.a. says it was an inappropriately low bail that was set. >> he is the one that said it and set the precedent and said excessively high for first time offenders. i don't know, how about a dozen offenses or multiple violent offenses back-to-back to back?
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almost like he wanted to be arrested that's how aggressively he flaunted the law. in tlaib's case she wants to empty the prisons. this is who the socialist squad is. they want to defund the police and let the criminals out of jail doing it all under the guise of anti-racism when all we're talking about is black or white is abiding by the law and the point of bail is to prevent a portion of it is prevent someone from being released because you know three a menace to society. d.a.s have done it for a time. a progressive attempt, she said it, empty out prisons. to go where? reimagined into what new community-based model that has worked? no one wants excessive prison use but when you have crime and you enforce the law you will
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have that. >> imagine how angry these families are about what happened in the criminal justice system in wisconsin and know it could have been prevented and their loved one would be alive for thanksgiving and christmas. kyle rittenhouse is calling out the president of the over the 2020 campaign video where candidate joe biden suggested that rittenhouse was a white supremacist. watch. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. it is actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that. >> don't forget what many in the media said about rittenhouse. tiffany cross called him a little murderer white supremacist. same network's national security analyst wroeft a 17-year-old showing up at a protest with an ar-15 is chaos and disorder. cbs correspondent said he drove in from illinois armed for
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battle. which we know is factually inaccurate. rittenhouse called out all of that. watch this. >> it's actually quite hysterical how nobody can go back and look at the facts of the case. he crossed state lines, false. he is a white supremacist, false. none of that is true and the lies that they can just get away with spreading is just sickening and it is a disgrace to this country. >> what did you think about what he had to say on his behalf? >> he is right. i thought he did a phenomenal job last night. not just in the trial which we watched but last night on tucker's show laying out what his motivations were, why he acted when he did. he pointed out there are no winners in this. this is self-defense and that's obviously not what he wanted to go down. i hope he is teeing up the mother of all lawsuits. i hope he puts all these media
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outlets on notice. everyone has a bias or an opinion that shades them in one direction or another. but your opinion is not entitled to your own facts and when you knowingly misrepresent the facts or you get ahead of yourself and you are unwilling to correct them because you don't want to change your narrative, now you are defaming somebody. kyle rittenhouse has that to include then-candidate joe biden before he was president making statements like that and making no effort to correct them. this is a smart kid who clearly wants to move on with his life but on behalf of other people who will be defamed by a media that feels completely unaccountable and untethered to facts right now i hope he does bring the mother of all lawsuits and i think it is worth pointing out the fox news channel does a really good job determining facts and waiting when pointing out what has happened in any particular case, maybe the other networks might want to take a lesson and
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watch and see how it's done. >> i think you are absolutely right. we looked at it in an even-handed way from the beginning and they could all learn a lesson from that. it is what the profession is all about. pete, thank you very much. there are growing calls for the president to sack his homeland security chief as the crisis at the border is not letting up if you look at the numbers. now he has another massive migrant caravan heading towards the southern border. plus this. >> you have to be concerned about inflation. it has reached the levels that concerns most americans seeing it in their pocketbook when they go to the store to buy food or fill up their cars at the pump. >> no kidding. the administration struggling mightily with inflation. prices for just about everything from gas to food a big punch in the pocketbook. you are seeing it every day. congressman andy biggs joins us on that coming up next.
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who accepts medicare, without a referral. enrollment ends december 7th. take advantage now. call or go online today. >> if you look at all the facts, all the facts, you can only come to one conclusion, we made great progress in this country. record job creation, record economic both, new business creation, that's the story that should give us confidence about the economy that we are building. confidence in ourselves, confidence in the future. >> martha: on the economy yesterday despite american's big concerns over inflation and as prices rise the president's polling has been declining. we aren't hearing too much about a concrete strategy that would try to fight inflation at this point. peter doocy has more from the north lawn at the white house. good morning, peter. >> good morning.
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critics are accusing the president of basically trying to throw a hail mary by tapping the strategic petroleum reserve as a way to address rising gas prices even though prices are rising for everything right now. republican senator john barrasso says in a statement begging opec and russia to increase production and now using the strategic petroleum reserve are desperate attempts to address a biden-caused disaster. they are not substitutes for american energy production. but biden officials are arguing this move shows they've got inflation under control. >> back in later and 18 million barrels that were already scheduled to go out for the reserve. the amount useful to help consumers get through this period of elevated prices to already push down oil prices. >> by how much, though? it has only been a few weeks since president biden spoke about this idea very dismissively.
8:21 am
>> president biden: i could go into the petroleum reserve and take out and probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon. it will still be above $3. >> president biden has previously used an executive order to instruct every cabinet agency to have climate change in mind with every single thing they do. now that's apparently flooding the market with 50 million barrels of fossil fuel. >> martha: more than a dozen republican governors taking matters into their own hands when it mes to the supply chain crisis. they signed a letter pledging to do all they can to fix it and they blame the president for the log jams quote rather than unleashing the economy, president biden dramatically increased regulations and rulemaking authority that prevents private sector growth. and they say that the
8:22 am
president's vaccine mandates on private businesses have, quote, put more jobs in jeopardy as we work to recover from the pandemic. former president obama economic advisor steven ratner has doubled down on his criticism in a "new york times" op-ed that the president is so wrong on inflation and that his massive spending plan ratner says, will add to the deficit. watch this. >> if you are basically promising the american people a balanced program that where you won't add to the deficit. this has been one of the administration's biggest selling points, it won't add to the deficit, then you have to have a program that reasonable people can look at and say it is not going to add to the deficit. we're setting the stage for trillions of dollars of more government deficit and debt. >> martha: no kidding. republican congressman andy biggs of arizona is a member of the house oversight and judiciary committees and good to have you with us today. it is very interesting to me
8:23 am
that you have now three different obama officials who are putting themselves very publicly on the record and saying that they are very concerned about inflation and that they think that flooding the market with dollars through all of these stimulus programs post covid is what is causing it. it seems like they are putting up alarm bells for the president and maybe for other politicians as well to give them a little wiggle room. >> you are exactly right. but the reality is when you do flood the economy with dollars, you devalue our currency and that's the ultimate driver for inflation. that's the classic definition of inflation. then you could mask that a little bit if we were energy independent still. but this energy going up in price actually fuels the inflationary pressure as well. so yeah, of course they're right. >> martha: what about the release of the spr. it is so interesting to look at president biden just a short
8:24 am
time ago in a town hall he did saying you can do that, it might change the price 18 cents for the short term but not a long-term solution. what does it tell you that he is going ahead and doing it anyway? >> they are desperate. they are desperate because gas prices keep going up at the pump and when people feel that they get torqueed at the administration. releasing 50 million barrels. you know, martha, we use 20 million barrels a day. you might get 2 1/2 days worth of are he leaf but this is a -- relief. this is a desperate administration that has no answers to this. the answer is exploration drilling, keystone pipeline and let us unleash the american energy sector again. they won't do that. >> martha: they want opec to help and as you say we just saw such a turnaround when we shut down the pipeline program and a lot of the regulations we just saw a massive turn around in oil prices. there are several house democrats, 10 announcing they
8:25 am
are not going to run in the mid-terms. they are dropping out as they look ahead what they think may be coming. several others decided not to run for the house but different office. republicans seizing on that momentum and going after 13 other democrats who they think are vulnerable trying to push them to make the same decision. this spot they put out focuses on the inflation crisis, cross of thanksgiving and here is a flavor of it. >> turkey, rolls, apple pie, gas, democrats reckless spending has made everything cost more. tell congressman dan kildee we can't afford this. >> martha: what do you think about this tactic, sir? >> i think it's right. i think you have to have two tactics. i think we need to remind folks the policies that have put us in the tough times we're in right now but we also better have some good ideas and keep the faith with the american people. we can't go in there just riding how bad the administration is.
8:26 am
we have to have positive, forward-thinking approaches on how to solve and resolve these problems. and if we do that i think we'll have a very successful campaign in 2022. >> martha: we'll see. i want to turn your attention to this. politifact is giving jen psaki a false rating on this claim she made last week about president biden's massive spending bill. the first time they have ever fact checked negatively jen psaki. let's watch this. >> because no economist out there is projecting that this will have a negative impact on inflation and actually what it will help do is help increase economic productivity, it will help economic growth in this country. that and the build back better agenda will help reduce inflation and help cut costs for the american people over the long term. >> martha: the group is writing that numerous economists including some supportive of the white house agenda have gone on the record saying there probably will be inflationary
8:27 am
effects in the near term if this bill, the build back better bill, is passed. and as i mentioned we're months into the administration. that what the first check on jen psaki. your thoughts on that. >> i'm pleased to see that they have religion, if i can put it that way. the reality is jen psaki is not telling the truth. this will have dramatic inflationary pressure and most economists i talk to. i talk to economists in my echo chamber but this will have a long-term structural impact on our inflation and i would predict we will be most of 2022 if these bills get passed in the current state. >> martha: inflation is very hard to get past once it becomes engrained in the economy. very difficult to get past it and we'll see how that goes. congressman, you and border security caucus co-chair are calling on the president to
8:28 am
fire homeland security chief mayorkas over what's going on at the southern border. you wrote under his watch more than 1.1 million aliens have attempted to illegally cross the southern border. that number is 1.6. vast quantities of illegal drugs have entered our country because agents were distracted taking care of large groups of illegal migrants and responsible for countless american deaths. another caravan of illegal my grants are on its way now. they want to send national guard units and put up his own wall on the southern border. arizona attorney general torching the biden administration here on this program yesterday. >> make no mistake about it. as a result of the failure of the biden administration's policies we see a record amount of people illegally cross the southern border.
8:29 am
when we talk about the 2 million people who will cross just this year, you are talking about a fiscal impact and impact on our hospitals, social net. but more importantly the cartels have used this opportunity to dramatically increase the amount of drugs coming into the united states. >> martha: do you think your letter calling for the firing of secretary mayorkas will have any impact at all at the white house? >> well, no but it sets the foundation for what we need to do and we need to keep putting pressure on this administration and secretary mayorkas. at some point i hope that the biden administration will say we're taking on the chin publicly so badly. they don't care about the border policy and crime or drugs or the open border at all. but what i do think they care about is the public perspective and so secretary mayorkas is the one implementing these policies that are total failures and imper ilg this country. i hope at least that coupled
8:30 am
with our letter and additional pressure will cause the biden administration to maybe reconsider its policies and certainly the termination of secretary mayorkas. >> martha: a big thank you. good to have you here today. a war of words between a virginia sheriff and the school superintendent about two sexual assaults on high school grounds. plus this. >> if he didn't run as an actual moderate and governed as a moderate he would be more popular. he sold out to everything progressive woke left and thrown himself into bed with them. it won't end well for them or the country. >> martha: there is president biden struggles with falling polls, rising inflation and a tough border crisis we just discussed. the list goes on.mocrats are re concerned about whether the president will run again in 2024. he says he will. the white house says critics, we'll swhee the critics have to say. the power panel coming up on
8:31 am
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>> martha: we're being told that the jury is now about to get the ahmaud arbery murder trial case. the three men at the top of the screen that you see travis, george mcmichael and roddy bryan are all three on trial for murder in the case. and they have just finished the closing arguments. you heard the rebuttal from the prosecution in this case. so they will have -- the jury will get this and we'll follow it. if we get any information or questions they've asked we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. just one of the battles that is raging-in-law done county, virginia. the sheriff there is now going after the school district's superintendent. he claims that the superintendent's actions allowed a male student who had sexually assaulted a girl in a
8:37 am
girl's restroom to be placed in another school and then it happened again. griff jenkins gives us the background on this story for us today from washington with more. hi, griff. >> good morning. this is far from over. loudon county's top cop sheriff is in a war of letters blaming the superintendent ziegler for enabling a male student found guilty of sexual assault in a school bathroom to strike at a different school. he said he knew of the alleged sexual offense the day it occurred. . despite knowing the serious nature of the offense they decided to place this individual into another school population. the student is facing new charges from an october 6th incident. the sheriff's letter was in response to the superintendent's initial letter which accused the sheriff's
8:38 am
office of violating the law by failing to notice of the student's arrest claiming the sheriff's office gave inaccurate information in a november 3 school board meeting. ziegler wrote we cannot confirm that we have received the required notification of charges. now this comes, martha, as virginia's attorney general elect says he is launching an investigation into this as soon as he is sworn in. >> a huge day one issue. what we've seen with this kind of one party control we've had in richmond the last two years is a criminal first, victim last mindset and i will get to the bottom of what happened in loudon and make sure it doesn't happen anywhere else in virginia. >> parents are loudon county are calling for the superintendent's resignation. we reached out to the school and the sheriff but haven't heard back. >> martha: thank you very much. loudon county has been ground zero for the fight against critical race theory in schools
8:39 am
but the anti-crt movement is nationwide. last night in des moines, iowa, they protested new school board members who support the 1776 pledge which is a response to this being caught in schools. so our next guest is president of 1776 action which is a group that backs that pledge and says it is dedicated to restoring honest, patriotic education. the group has helped flip seats in school board races nationwide. thank you very much. what is your reaction first to the story that griff just reported about this superintendent in loudon county, the charges that he covered up what a student had done, shuffled him off to another school and he did it again. you can only imagine what these families feel like when they hear all these details they never knew. >> sure. well thanks for having me, martha. it makes me think first of all i'm very happy that they will
8:40 am
have a new attorney general. for a long time in loudon county or other places around the country there is the terry mccauliffe vision of school boards. no accountability from parents. and so finally there is a light being shown on this and we can get to the bottom of it. voters spoke and horrified what was going on whether it was a sexual assault or it was the curriculum and now finally things will start changing. >> martha: you know, we'll put up a map and show the nine states that have now passed bills that ban the teaching of critical race theory. several others have introduced similar legislation. school boards in states like florida, georgia, utah, alabama have issued new guidelines banning crt-related discussions. what we continue to hear even though we have shown very clear examples of this being taught. i think sometimes people caught caught up in the specific
8:41 am
definition of crt and don't look at the broader picture of the parents became aware of when they looked over the shoerld of their kids during covid and understood a little more about what the focus was on at school. i think a lot of parents just say look, we want them to learn math and science and reading and english and have an understanding. what do you say to people who say this is hog wash and not being taught in these schools? >> sure. well, it is a lot of semantics and word games. you mentioned a minute ago last night in johnson, iowa, right outside of des moines, we supported three candidates there for school board. they signed the 1776 pledge and flipped the school board. we have people upset about it arguing with the air. trying to make cases that we should teach truthful history. it's not -- no one is arguing with that. so last night you had people saying crt isn't taught.
8:42 am
this is a made up right wing conspiracy yet last night at the march in johnson, iowa they were chanting hey, hey, what do you say critical race theory is here to stai. which is it? the reality is no teacher is handed a book that says here is your critical race theory lesson for tuesday. the reality is it's a framework for seeing things and woven into every aspect of the curriculum. we -- there is a teacher in connecticut who recentry resigned. she teaches second grade. they don't have history, okay? there is no history block for 7 and 8-year-olds but they have books regular books about random stuff where they sit there and have to proactively ask the students do you see the race of making sure they see the race of all the different characters so they can see the differences and point out the differences. >> martha: it's so sad. those kids probably don't look
8:43 am
at anything that way and to put them in situation is sad. we really need to be number one in math and science and reading and we can start discussing and debating. we're so uncompetitive in our public school system and what has parents really fired up. they see the failure and want their kids to be taught the material they need to know to be competitive in the world. speaking of thanksgiving. this year's feast is going to be pricey thanks to inflation. but don't worry, one reporter has a suggestion. just skip the turkey? we cannot skip the turkey. that didn't go over very well. no big surprise. and this. >> we're happy to see joe biden back on the ticket. he has done a terrible job in 10 months. let's see him try to run again. let's see if he makes it four years. >> martha: will the current president decide to run for reelection.
8:44 am
he said this week he will absolutely. some republicans say it is only to prevent panic among democrats and to shore up the sagging poll numbers he has. our power panel coming up next. so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ (kate) at verizon, we want to put the power of 5g in the hands of every business. so come in for verizon small business days. every butcher, baker and artisanal cheese maker. schedule an appointment with our business experts, and get up to $1000 off a 5g phone. because every business deserves better.
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>> president biden was telling allies he will run for reelection in 2024. can you confirm will he run in 2024. is he telling his staff that? >> yes, that's his intention. >> martha: jen psaki saying president biden will run for reelection despite plummeting poll numbers, record inflation and migrant surge among other crises after reports that democrats are concerned about whether the president will actually follow through on a second term. fox news poll -- op-ed argues that the politicians and pundits aren't buying it or skeptical of a biden bid for reelection given his age. the president would be 82 when he faces voters again and when he took office this time around he was already the oldest president on record. here is dana perino's take? >> why would they try to reassure people he would run again? because if they did not say that, immediately he is a lame duck. immediately.
8:50 am
and we're three years from a primary. i think they have to say he is running because the alternative to them right now is really, really bad. you don't want to be a lame duck. >> martha: power panel joins us now. matt schlapp and crystal. is that the reason, crystal? you are so early into this term you don't want to be telling people he has already decided he is not going to run. >> absolutely. it is a little unusual that we are talking about 2024 and it is still 2021. we should expect every incumbent president to run for reelection. he has gotten the build back better plan through congress headed to the senate and we don't know what the 2022 mid-term elections look like. if the democrats are strong we should expect the president to run stronger in 2024.
8:51 am
>> martha: matt, one of the things that is always an indicator, we saw it last time around. a lot of republicans retiring and deciding not to run for the house. we're now seeing that on the democrat side. what do you read into that? >> everyone in this town knows the democrats won't have the majority in the house of representatives after next year's elections. that's pretty foregone conclusion. she only has a majority for a couple of seats now. here is the thing that's amazing. joe biden's numbers are terrible. most of these polls they the end to grade on the curve for the democrat. his numbers are historic lows. the democrats got pummeled all over this country. we can talk about virginia, which turned into a blue state and the fact that the republicans won the governorship. it was seattle, it was minneapolis, it was defeat of crt, defeat of defund the cops. you have a mayor in new york city taking on the black lives matter defund the cops agenda. all over from sea to sea the
8:52 am
democrats with this socialism and extremism were rejected. i have never seen a national political party self-destruct so quickly. >> martha: it will be interesting to see if they try to turn the ship a little bit towards a more moderate take in order to maintain and hang on to some of those seats in places where they are likely to lose them. i want to ask you about this. inflation and supply chain issues have spiked prices on a lot of food heading into thanksgiving. an nbc reporter giving suggestions how people can manage that situation. >> perhaps forego the turkey. bear with me. i know that's the staple of the thanksgiving meal. however, some people think turkey is overrated. so it tends to be the most extensive thing on the table. do an italian feast instead. if you they will everyone you are having thanksgiving without turkey some guests may drop off the list and that's a way to cut costs, too.
8:53 am
>> martha: i like the turkey. i would be disappointed if there wasn't turkey. how about you? >> i like a turkey, too. i think people have to he did side what their pocket books can actually afford. suggesting that people forego turkey, although inflation is high, the cost of groceries, the cost of milk is higher than it was last year, that's probably not the best suggestion but really, people should be guided by what they can personally afford and we can't rely on political pundits to tell us whether or not we should have a large thanksgiving feast. >> martha: thank goodness. crystal stay with you for a moment. are you frustrated there isn't more being done to have a better impact on energy prices to maybe go back to some of the policies that allowed more drilling in the united states? would you like to see a pivot as i just mentioned before in your party toward a more moderate stance? >> well, it is really up to what this administration decides to do based upon, you know, figuring out inflation
8:54 am
and costs. i don't think there is much the administration can do as far as affecting the cost of goods and services but can they introduce more policies that are consumer friendly in the long run? absolutely. if there is anything that would aid the american public in being able to afford their basic cost of living i think that's what the party should absolutely move toward. >> martha: matt, a minute left. a lot that has already been done by the administration that really did cause the massive spending and spike that we've seen in inflation. what could they do to turn it around? >> i spent a lot of time in the rural parts of virginia. we don't have a turkey problem in this country. we have plenty of turkeys. people aren't working in the country in blue states they're still paying people not to work. we have this hysterical approach when it comes to dealing with the health effects of the virus. joe biden doesn't have to worry about being a lame duck. he needs to worry about being a lame turkey. when you have the secretary of energy saying we have to get
8:55 am
used to paying higher energy prices i say no way, the voters will reject that. they want to drill and fill up their trucks at a reasonable price. >> martha: great to have you both with us. thank you very much, guys. that's "the faulkner focus" for today. i'll see you on "the story" at 3:00 p.m. eastern. "outnumbered" is up right after this break. if it's "let's wrap this up" season, it's walgreens season.
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>> fox news alert, the christmag his first court appearance in the deadly rampage. darrell brooks is certainly no stranger to the law. he has a long rap sheet with an active warrant in nevada. still, despite all of that, judges released him twice on lobel this year alone, including just days before the massacre. now progressives are sparking even more outrage by pushing for lower bails or eliminating them altogether.


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