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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 23, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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evening. thanks for joining us. never ever miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. have a great thanksgiving. >> laura: you am laura ingraham and this the "the ingraham angle" from washington. a cop lost his job last year it was found out he donated to kyle rittenhouse's defense fund -- now after rittenhouse acquittal. michael kelly wants his job back. he is here tonight with an update. as thanksgiving approaches is joe biden giving the country the bird? raymond arroyo explains in "seen and unseen" and. but first kyle is the liberal mind. that's the focus of the
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tonight's "angle." the reaction to the kyle rittenhouse trial and tucker's interview with him got me thinking. liberals used to believe in speech and they were wary of people protected the down trodden and believed in a colorblind society. new liberals are il-liberal. they lose all sense of logic. they are the most close minded people you will ever en're encounter. if you voted for trump they knicks nixed you from the holiday party and refused to teach the great works of western
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civiliation and reject our history because it's filled with racism. our nation should be defined by slavery and oppression. they refuse to think about anything that discorrupts this ridge ed review. why eiesenhower have a port trait of robert lee in the office? what is george floyd did not resist arrest. if rittenhouse doesn't deserve the right to self-defense who does. they stay inside their own cocoon. no tough questions and no critical thinking. just ranting. >> to make a hero of rittenhouse is appalling.
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>> you won't be spared. the victims of kyle rittenhouse were white. >> an acquittal cheered by the far right. even as it strikes fear in the hearts of communities of color. >> laura: all of this was unfair and untrue. he is not only not a racist. the only thing that kyle rittenhouse seemed biassed against are riots. >> i am not a racist person. i support the blm movement and support peacefully demtrating. i believe there needs to be change. there is a lot of prosecutorial misconduct not just in my case but other cases. it's amazing to see -- how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody. imagine in they did this to me what they would do to a person
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of color who doesn't have the resources or was not publicized like my case. >> laura: a great point. they acquitted kyle on all count. the modern left doesn't care. it's slash and burn. >> this doesn't change the fact that three people got shot. two people were murdered. to me it's murder. i'm sorry. >> laura: compare that to the words of the 18 years old whose life they hoped to shatter. his words to joe biden who suggested he was a white supremacist. here they are. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you, i would urge to you go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. it's actually malice defaming my character for him to say something like that. it's quite hysterical how nobody
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can look go back and look at the facts of the case and the lies they get away with spreading. >> laura: i would not want my own son to rush into a riot, most moms would not, rittenhouse impressed me in the interview with tucker. he was more poised and knowledgeable about the constitution than any member of the squad and more sincere than our current speaker of the house. >> the right thing to do would be to turn myself in. i didn't do anything wrong. it was obvious self-defense. this should not have been a political case. it was made a political case. it had nothing to do with race. the ways people are twisting this is sickening. >> laura: this was never about politics. but the left needed it to be. they wanted to make an example
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out of kyle. an armed citizenry is a defense to what they prefer to democracy. it can't be that kyle rittenhouse is innocent. they were build-up the rapists and abusers who were rioting that night as mythical figures. >> [inaudible]. they were herrose. -- heroes. they were brave and courageous. >> laura: what happened tonguing for ourselves? are we so trapped in our own bulbs that we lose sight of thinking independently? -- there is a world beyond twitter and constant protest. we all need to grow up. we have too many adults who are
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afraid of asking questions or recognizing the truths that are right in front ever them. contrary to what the regime media would have you believe, conservatives are today's rebels especially on college campuses. conservative questions authorities like when dr. fauci tells us which relatives are safe to see this thanksgiving. we don't follow the pronouncement of celebrities like colin kaepernick. their default position is to demonize smart and thoughtful people who disagree with them. they hate aaron rodgers and winsome sears who they not is think really black because she doesn't worship big government. this intellectual decay happened
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over decades. turning them all into cheap propaganda outlets. they produced graduates who have never been tested. never been held accountable. they wither under real questioning. >> in june, you suggested that the defender of the filibuster are motivated in part by racism. do you still feel that way? >> i mean it's when i look at heart. the use -- history. the use of the filibuster is trigger when it's about uplifting black focus in our country and protecting them. >> laura: that makes no sense -- not in recent history. we have big city mayors who play the victim while their policies victimize the most disadvantaged. >> there is violence and disruption. what is your message to the people on the streets?
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>> you have been hurt. thank you for calling out the administration for what it is doing. it's unconstitutional and an affront to democracy. >> laura: or a vice-president who is so in over her head she makes joe biden look capable. >> what will you do to fix the problem of inflation? >> let's start with this. prices have gone up. it's on a daily level it's a heavyweight to carry. it's something we take seriously. >> laura: he is an embarrassment to liberals everywhere. time to rethink your plan -- america thrives when we reward those of all colors and backgrounds and are hard working, capable and independent. instead of rewarding those who spend their waking hours waiting for the word to rescue them and
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complaining how unfair life is. we need date icated public servants who understand if they refuse to protect the public safety the public will have to protect themselves -- it's time to demand better of ourselves and those we elect to the office. that's the "angle." it isn't there is a deficit in the number of good elected officials we have. it's so many of them actively work against what is best for their own citizens. it's stunning. >> yes, that's right. if you look at what happened in wisconsin, you have this corrupt prosecutor going after kyle rittenhouse. bringing a case to trial that should have never been brought in the first place. thank god he was acquitted. in the same state a prosecutor
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let's a guy go on $1,000 cash bail and kills 6 people in a terrorist in wisconsin. you need people who you elect to do a job. so many public officials are unable to carry out the public charge people gave them -- >> laura: jen psaki was asked about biden's defamation of kyle rittenhouse's reputation. >> would the president ever apologize to kyle rittenhouse for claiming he was a white supremacist. >> that's what you saw in the video. >> laura: that's what we expect from people who take no
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credibility. >> the presidential didn't remember what he said yesterday much less than 6 months ago. it was many things he said during his campaign. he was actively criticizing this kid. it's a sad contrast. a guy who embarrasses you every time he goes on television criticizing a 17-year-old in a false way. i hope kyle rittenhouse goes after the media and the president and everybody who lied about him and should have known better. >> laura: joy reid continues to be an example of the left's best distorted view of the rittenhouse trial. >> the right celebrateded gunning down of three fellow americans. leaving two dead -- like it was the super bowl. >> laura: i think most people on
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the right are really depressed that it was a 17-year-old who felt it was necessary to put himself in this situation. no one ever wants to see any loss of life. that was because local officials would not keep the peace. >> where were the adults? this fell to a 17-year-old kid because law enforcement and prosecutors gave up kenosha to the mob. setting local businesses on drier and destroying that community. where were the adults? i feel bad that kyle rittenhouse felt like he had to do something because none of the people who were supposed to protect kenosha were actually doing it. >> laura: great to see you tonight. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> laura: speak of the lessons learned from the rittenhouse case the virginia police officer who was fired for donating to kyle's defense fund wants his job back. he donated $25 to help fund
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rittenhouse's legal fees and that was uncovered after hackers outed him and his donation. it went public in an article by the guardian. now that rittenhouse is not guilty, he demands he gets his badge back. william kelly joins me. your message tonight to everyone watching? >> i think that the rittenhouse verdict vindicates my donation and the comments i made. every american has the right to express their opinions especially on a topic that is being debateed in the public square. just because i am a police officer didn't mean i don't have that freedom. my comments were made anonymously. i didn't identify myself by name or that i was a police officer. the fact that somebody hacked
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into the website, it didn't mean i did anything wrong when i that he had that donation. >> laura: cnn made comments about your firing in april. >> his actions erode trust between police and the communities they are sworn to protect. this is why people are so angry in this country. >> you say wow. what was he thinking? >> laura: these people are so stupid. your response? you as a police officer in your own free time have no right to donate to a cause you would like to donate to. you have no rights. >> the city of norfolk go not give me a list of opinions that were approved. i thought i could come it my own conclusion after watching the videos and seeing the evidence
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and expressing personal beliefs. if it's the wrong opinion, then i should be fired. >> laura: the police chief who fired you didn't he attend a blm protest. is that right? >> you are right, laura. he took a blm sign that had a name of a person shot by a police officer. his sign demanded justice for that person at a time the case was being reviewed by the prosecutor's office to see if the use of force was justified and he walked in uniform in a blm gathering. i don't understand how that type of behavior -- >> laura: that's okay. when police or local officials are unwilling to keep the peace and keep people safe and their
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property secure, are you surprised that citizens step in and try to do that? ? won't that happen across the country in these liberal jurisdictions? >> it's not something i would do but i understand the humaninate to want to protect your community. those decisions are not being made by the officers on the scene. they are made by people downtown calling the shots. >> laura: good luck to you. why the looters in the smash and grab in california will walk and how donald trump was right about the degredation of our civilization. our panel is here in moments.
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>> laura: new details are emerging about the widespread looting in walnut creek, california. there were 80 masked individuals and up to 25 cars with their license plates covered. in the end they stole $200,000 worth of merchandise. if you think these thugs will face repercussions think again. last year a radical left d.a.
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put forward a new policy requiring that prosecutors must consider whether the theft was committed for personal need. san francisco's abc affiliate ran an article who warned against using the term looting describing act like this because it has racial undertones. joining me is steven miller and harvey dillon and tammy bruce. we have d.a.'s from coast to coast who are endangering their citizens. this has to stop. how and when will it stop? >> i think even liberals in liberals cities like san
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francisco affected by this are beginning to wake up. i am seeing this in my next door app and in the efforts to recall some politicians. that's good news. we need for good career prosecutors to step up and run for these positions. they have been neglected by conservatives who want to run for higher offices. give voters a choice and they are beginning to elect politicians who are more in favor of public safety. the problem here in california is not just the crazy prosecutors. it's that we have these so-called criminal justice reform laws that allow these people to down grade these serious crimes down to misdemeanor and prosecutors and judges have almost no latitude. those laws need to be changed. >> laura: there is no
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repercussions. steven, you see this again across the country. it's not just california or something. there is theft and robbery everywhere. your group is involved in efforts to get the lousy district attorney's out but they are well funded? >> well, the left's effort to destroy the rule of law in america is financed by some of the richest people on planet earth including george soros. people who live in palaces with security guards and gates and walls. they are forced on citizens prosecutors who are literally protecting violent criminals and resulting not only in massive looting and theft but catastrophe like we saw in wisconsin. this seems to be a national movement to restore law and
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order and republicans need to pass legislation for federal funding for tough on crime policies. >> laura: tammy, your hometown in new york city. a statue of thomas jefferson yesterday was removed from city hall. it's been there for 187 years. four years ago when the left started to get going on the tearing down the confederate statutes. trump was ridiculed for predicting this. >> does george washington next week and thomas jefferson the week after? where does it stop. how about thomas jefferson. do you like him? we will take down his statue. he was a major slave owner. >> laura: tammy, trump was right. we will say that a lot.
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>> indeed. and what is unfolding in northern california and the san francisco school board focussing on changing the names of schools that honored lincoln and washington. this is the nature and heart what have it means to be american. because this is a nation built on an idea represented by the founders you have to erase the nation's heros and erase the reason for the nation to exist. this is classic. you can see these people in universities sitting around a seminar table talking about this. the state of nature that you want us to revert back into. it was meant to be an excuse for people to embrace a totalitarian
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regime. this makes it a ticket if you shoplift anything up to $900. they are asking for people to rely on the worst of ourselves and that's not in the american sensibility. it's not the american way. they are trying to do this. new york is letting it happen. new yorkers and others voted for a lot of republicans in the last election. we must step up and say enough is enough. the people it hurts are the people in the urban areas. the people who have poverty. these stores that get robbed, they have been shutting down. they leave these neighborhood. it destroys jobs and the quality of life. >> laura: staying in the big apple. there is a new bill in new york that would allow illegals to vote in local elections.
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800,000 of them to be exact. it's expected to be approved next month and new york city will allow non-citizens to vote. quick reaction? >> we already this law this san francisco with respect to the school board. only a few das own parents signed up to vote there. i don't think they are making a difference there.parents sign vote there. i don't think they are making a difference there. they are saying these looters really need a hand bag to eat and survive. you have a distorted vision of reality. hopefully people will reject that. >> laura: steven, you predicted this would happen. let millions in. the foundation of the country torn by the left and replaced by
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an idea of what america should be? >> you are witnessing a plan of action and we are living through the horos. they are trying to abolish citizenship and sovereignty itself. in 2024 president trump could win back the white house on the issue of restoring border control alone. because this could ruin our nation. >> laura: in fairfax county that has seen crt and all of that. now afghanistan refugees are coming in unvetted. they are kids and entitled to an education. schools are in it under pressure after covid and low test scores. bringing in 100 refugees who had no formal schooling in afghanistan. now they are in places like
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fairfax. >> yes, we saw this at the border even. you have individuals and people are trying to teach english. teaching people who never held a writing instrument from south and central america. we have this bulk of individuals who know nothing. don't know the language and are in this environment. these are vulnerable individuals who can be great americans if they make it through. they will be condemned because they targeted american kids. these kids coming over, they are looking at them like the next meal. the teacher unions and the left. this is why this is happening. they need to keep them ignorant and vulnerable. all of us have to care about this. regardless of your position on immigration.
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this kind of attitude has destroyed the countries that these people are fleeing. we are putting them back into that environment here. it's unacceptable. >> laura: panel,ful to see all of you. have a great thanksgiving. government and the media are trying to limit thanksgiving and biden gives the country the bird. raymond arroyo will explain it in "seen and unseen" next.
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>> welcome to fox news live. an 8-year-old boy is the 6th person to die after a man drove his suv into a christmas parade the the suspect darrell brooks was charged with first degree intentional homicide. the driver steered side to side to strike marchers and
7:38 pm
spectators. brian laundrie died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head says the family lawyer. petito was found deadin september. her death was ruled homicide by strangeuleation. back to the "the ingraham angle." -- >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: time for the miss -- thanksgiving edition of "seen and unseen" with raymond arroyo. why are so many people hostile to the idea of a traditional thanksgiving in year? why? >> part is notting to control how americans celebrate the holiday. -- even the media are trying to
7:39 pm
dictate the terms of your thanksgiving celebration. this is nbc's vicky. >> forgo the turkey. that's the stable of the thanksgiving meal. some people think turkey is overrated. it's the most expensive thing on the table. do an italian feast instead. some guests may drop off the list and that's the way to cut costs too. >> how do you forgo media advice on the holidays. they are trying to blame biden's policy on the people buying turkey! you should sit at home and eat beans and spam and that will make everything better. this absurd. >> laura: we are supposed to be happy with less because biden is president and we will have a lot
7:40 pm
less. she is not taking my turkey. >> exactly. the new governor of new york issued her own advice for celebration the holiday. watch. >> goat more people vaccinated and get the booster if you have not had it. wear a mask and maintain social distancing. >> let grandma and grandpa eat on the back porch. >> laura: don't you see her grabbing your butterball turkey with a booster shot and shoving it in the rear end of the turkey? these people will not stop until they cancel all traditions inned united states. they don't want any of it to happen -- she can go fly a kite.
7:41 pm
>> now peta is trying to shame people out of serving turkey. they issued this heart warming tweets. keep your fists out of bird's butts: equating eating a turkey of a sexual act is way off the grid here. we just use this to get people to stop eating turkey. this is below the belt. >> laura: i am walking away from that entire discussion. i am think of stuffing. are they against stuffing too if will they give us bread crumbs. we will beg for bread crumps in the biden campaign? >> he actually pardoned some thanksgiving turkey. with biden it's hard to separate
7:42 pm
the turkey from the fowl. >> every american wants the same thing. look the turkey in the eye and tell him everything is going to be okay. turkey is infrastructure. >> laura: oh my. >> ponder this. even he knows it's a joke to make everything from child care to the environment infrastructure. infrastructure gets the turkey from the market to our home. he doesn't understand that. >> laura: in biden's america -- that would qualify as infrastructure. [laughing]. >> everything is infrastructure. >> laura: these people are killjoys, raymond. they are having no fun except when they think the camera is not rolling and take off their masks and it's party central like your mayor in new orleans. she will party with the mask off.
7:43 pm
>> nancy pelosi and her outdoor parties. but you have to be bundled up and double-vaccinated. biden pardoned peanut butter and jelly, the names of the 2 turkeys. listen to this. >> peanut butter and jelly were selected on base on their temperament and vaccination status. instead of getting basted, they are getting boosted. may god bless you all. >> [laughing]. he can't even get a turkey pardon right. this is an interesting revelation. your worth is based on your vaccine status. if you are vaccinated you are pardoned and spared. if you are unvaccinated it's the ovens. this is more than a joke. >> laura: they have a covid cast system for people. as the world turns actor got
7:44 pm
canned because he was not vaccinated. they have a covid cast system for turkeys as well. >> happy thanksgiving. >> laura: he said this was a good looking turkey. caressing the turkey. >> [laughing]. happy thanksgiving and get close to your kids. >> laura: to everybody. happy thanksgiving. why biden's policy is not raising gas and energy prize prices, he is threatening our future security. senator john kennedy explains it all. stay there.
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>> i want you to just take a look. you don't have to agree. i want you to look in my eyes. i guarantee you, i guarantee you we are going to end fossil fuel. >> [cheers and applause]. >> laura: promises made and kept. the average national price is $3.40 up 62% compared to the $2.10 average a year ago. the u.s. energy information administration predict that energy bills this winter could rise 50% for those defending on
7:50 pm
natural guess gas and 59% for those using heating oil. the u.s. sitting on one of the greatest energy reserves in the world. is biden ramping up production? of course not. he is get unrefined oil. >> you should see the price of gas drop when you fill up your tank. in the longer term we will reduce our reliance on oil as we shift to clean energy. right now i will do what needs to be done to reduce the price you pay at the pump. >> laura: this is irresponsible. it's a power move. only covers 2.5 days of usage. joining me is senator john kennedy representing louisiana where much of that reserve is located. senator, he started the fire in the house. now he says we have to get some
7:51 pm
people to help us put it out maybe. it's crazy. your reaction? >> well, here's what i think, laura, for what it's worth. i think releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the petroleum reserve, our national emergency oil savings account won't make a difference in the price of gas. american consumes 20 million barrels of oil a day. that's 2.5 days. that's why after the president's announcement oil futures went up and not down. we are going backwards here. number 2, i think that one of the differences between people and dogs is that dogs would never allow the weakest or the
7:52 pm
dumbest to lead the pack. president biden's energy policy is both weak and dumb. he and his woke friends have eliminated and ended america's hard-fought energy independence. here's their new policy. let's force america to buy oil from foreign countries that hate us so those foreign countries will have money to buy weapons to try to kill us. there is just one problem. those foreign countries opec, russia, are not increasing their oil production at any price. at any price. that's the main reason that you see gas prices going up. other way of putting it is the reason gas prices are going up
7:53 pm
is because of the oil in louisiana and texas and the dipsticks are in washington, d.c. i read that somewhere. >> laura: [laughing]. it's not just biden. his secretary of energy she is in over her head. watch this. >> how much barrel of oil does the u.s. consume per day? >> i don't have that number in front. me. >> laura: we are not facing a crisis now. she didn't know how many barrels oil we use today. what does that say about the quality of our cabinet here? >> i think they are trying to create a distraction. they know what the answer to this is. go back to what we were doing in december of last year. let america be energy independent. we got the reserves.
7:54 pm
reliance on foreign oil is causing gas prices to go through the roof. in people won the lottery, the first thing they would do is fill up their gas tanks. it's ridiculous. the average price is $350. i was in california a couple of weeks ago. it's $5 a gallon out there. >> laura: senator, it's great to see you tonight. you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> you too, laura. >> laura: one of the most hilarious tweets of all time. i will explain it in a moment. e keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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is that real? purity, everybody have a great thanksgiving with your family and friends, pray for our country, bethink fully live in america. that filled his next. ♪ >> all right happy tuesday, everyone very recently a violen fiend has been released from jail after posting a minimum bond for punching the mother of his child and then trying to ru her over. now, you would think this guy who had outstanding warrant


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