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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 25, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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one of the reason that it works. everyone will be drowsy 2:00 this afternoon and taking afternoon nap and missing the first half of the football game. todd: lions, bears is the game. mike huckabee is the governor. for all of you happy thanksgiving, thank you for joining us, "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ traveled down the road and back again ♪ your heart is true ♪ your pal a confidante. lawrence: welcome to "fox & friends" this morning. right outside that will be the parade route for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. happy thanksgiving to you all. brian, steve and ainsley are off today. carley shimkus. carley: they are thankful for that. they deserve the time off. lawrence: joey jones is here.
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first time on "fox & friends." >> joe: first time. carley: are you kidding me? carley: did you see when we went through the haunted house? rachael ray the executive producer of "fox & friends weekend." i think it was her idea. she sent lawrence and i to a haunted house for halloween. and we are. lawrence: connected forever. carley: we have a bond. we are not brave people. you are adding the brave in that for us. you were such a gentleman. he was protecting me from all the people jumping out. don't touch her. don't you dare touch her. >> joe: that would not be me. i would be totally like she has
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got legs. carley: that's right. noted. so it's thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to everybody watching. by the way, if you have pictures that you want to send us, that you would like to see on fox news, can you send them to us at we would love to see how you are celebrating thanksgiving. lawrence: sounds great. carley: we do know how president biden is celebrating thanksgiving. is he spending thanksgiving at a, get, this billionaire's compound. >> joe: nantucket. ainsley: not the most best optics when so many people struggling with their finances because of inflation and high gas prices. lawrence: that's exactly right. >> joe: people back home would say must be nice. must be nice. lawrence: with those prices soaring and the families and the kitchen table issues going on, hillary clinton is saying that people really don't understand what's going on with the biden administration. they don't understand how good he has been for the economy and
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good for america. >> i think we have a little bit of sound we're going to get. to say talking about how people don't understand how things are great. people are gullible and not getting that we should be thankful for where we are in this country right now. watch this. >> you want to buy a home, it costs more. you want to rent an apartment it costs more. put food on the table it costs more. to put gas in the car it costs more. to buy a thanksgiving or christmas front all costs more. what is joe biden doing hanging out on nantucket hanging out billionaire's house eating lobster. to have joe biden just a few weeks ago to say something as dumb as he did oh, if we spend $2 trillion more, it will help inflation? there's not a sane person on the planet who believes that. if bill here if it passes in the senate let's hope it doesn't, it will only exacerbates the 31 year high inflation rate we are
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experience. people get it that's why 71% of the country think we are on the wrong track. lawrence: that was jim jordan setting up the problem. as you guys know the problem has always been from the biden administration standpoint, they say demand is so up, so that's why we have a problem with inflation. this is why you can't -- we have a supply chain crisis, because people are buying stuff so much it's not that we have screwed this up, that's why we can't get stuff on the food shelves. hillary clinton, this is what she had to say on msnbc on tuesday, watch. >> you know, democracy is messy. you know, a lot of people got, oh, i think, kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. and they didn't really appreciate that within a year, the biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the house and the senate by any measure, those are extraordinary accomplishments. but, because of the way we are
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getting our information today and because of the lack of gate keepers and people who have an historic will perspective who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate toe the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that, unfortunately, the other side is really good at exploiting. carley: just disinformation, did you know that? >> joe: are you guys dizzy? i have never been spun around like that. you guys don't know how great you have it paying $5 a gallon for gas. carley: listen, there is this poll that the daily mail is touting, it's an online polling. it found that 77 percent of voters say inflation is affecting their lives this holiday. 77%. that's not all republicans, that's democrats and republicans as well. 57% blame hind for the soaring prices. of course, inflation is up. there is a supply chain issue,
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there is also a worker shortage, more jobs than people who want to fill them. i think one of the reasons president biden's poll numbers are so low when it comes to the economy, is because people see -- people can forecast what could happen down the road, because is he pushing build back better which would only make inflation more. there was another poll that i thought was really interesting it found 66% of people, it this is a "u.s.a. today" poll build back better hurt their families or not helped them at all. talking to people that people think president biden's big let me give you money push will help them. lawrence: what hillary clinton is saying don't believe your own eyes. not just the economy every single crisis this administration is dealing with. immigration crisis. what's happening at the border. the fact it is wide open. you have the botched afghanistan withdrawal still affecting a lot of americans. they will be sitting around. a lot of veterans are going to be upset. i know you know this, joey, today. thinking about their loved ones
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that died and paid the ultimate sacrifice, those 13 men and women, you still have the fact that you can't get food and different things on the food shelves. it's crisis after crisis in this administration to say just don't believe your own eyes. it's not just crisis it's the idea it didn't have to be this way. carley: such a good point. lawrence: jen psaki and peter doocy telling him just a dollar more for turkey listen, the price of turkey is not the problem. my family drove two hours to be at house for thanksgiving. tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, gas price. want fact people get paid hourly wage can't take off work right now. they need every dime they can get. carley: gas pricing is such a good point. biggest travel holiday of the year especially when you consider president biden's promise not to tax anyone making less than $400,000 a year. when you look at inflation, that is the greatest tax on all americans. and poor americans living in rural communities where they
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have to drive very far, commute very far to work. it affects them the most. lawrence: such a good point, i was saying in one county where it was $6 in the local town. i'm sorrying they were paying a gallon for gas. such a contrast from the prior administration, where we energy independent, pumping, pumping, pumping and now we are seeing the effects of this administration. carley: let me say one more thing, i just did "fox & friends first." we were interviewing joe concha. he made the best point about we started this conversation talking about president biden spending his thanksgiving at the billionaire compound. he said you know, it would have been a great place for him to spend thanksgiving in waukesha, wisconsin, talking to people just affected by that tragedy. lawrence: waukesha? , pick a military base. pbleg zoe joe why not be
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uncomfort fbleg for a day or two. lawrence: scranton joe. carley: follow joe with the billionaires. lawrence: push the end cash bail even after the parade attack. carley: the macy's thanksgiving day parade making grand return with spectators. we be live along the parade root route with a look at the newest edition ♪ i'm back in the new york groove ♪ task force dark rifles. i want to send my love to family back home. thank you for love and support. love you. such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines,
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♪ carley: back with headlines, three men finding guilty in the murder of ahmaud arbery. are finding travis mcmichael guilty on all counts. his father greg and neighbor billy roddie brian were found guilty of murder assault and. bryan's attorney will file a motion for a new trial after thanksgiving. another robbery at southern california nordstrom happening happening overnight. lapd searching for "the five" five thieves.sprayed suspect win substance. the guard is expected to be okay. meanwhile, police say just three people were arrested out of the 90 suspects in a nordstrom heist in the san francisco bay area over the weekend.
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the biden administration will reinstate the trump era remain in mexico policy as promptly as possible. president of the national border council brandon judd joined "fox & friends first" earlier to weigh in. >> if they implement this correctly, and this is a big if. if they implement this correctly, it's going to be like a light switch. illegal immigration is going to drop exponentially. carley: the reinstated policy will force asylum seekers to wait in mexico until their cases are heard. lebron james returns from suspension and gets two fans ejected. it's unclear what exactly the fans said to dry the ire of the laker star. but lebron said after the game quote a fan should never say it to a player. wednesday's game against the pacers was his first game back after he was suspended for a single game for elbowing a piston's forward. isaiah stuart. those are your headlines i wonder what the fan said to lebron james. >> anyway, guys, on to waukesha
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community in shock after six of his own were killed in a sunday attack. and now people are demanding to know why the why the suspected attacker was allowed to walk free. carley: todd piro is while victims are fighting for their lives. todd: waukesha resident stunned to learn freed on $1,000 bond for running over his girlfriend days before the attack. former girlfriend telling the "new york post" his own mother regrets posting that bill she is wrecked people were killed as a result she is like i am blaming myself had i not bailed him out this wouldn't have happened. go fund me created to. six deaths and more than 60 injuries on sunday has been shut down by the site. reports on brooks' social media rapper often wrote lyrics about guns, drugs murder, bleep donald trump and his supporters.
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even billion messing slammed dear mainstream media a man intentionally drove his car through a parade killing six and injuring 50-plus. it was not an accident. call it's by its name waukesha massacre and a domestic terror attack. don't minimize, please. as a community mourns the loss of the six children's wisconsin hospital says they are still caring for 10 patients, five remain in critical condition. and waukesha native j.j. watt of the arizona cardinals now reportedly offering to pay the funeral costs for the six victims killed in that attack. back to you. carley: todd, thank you so much. i had no idea he was j. born in waukesha, wisconsin. it was so good to him to offer to pay for the funerals of those in the attack. lawrence: always giving to charity when a crisis happened. now it struck his home and able to be there. >> joe: we know he raised that all mahoney after the hurricane. he has made that a part of who
3:18 am
he is. we need more people like that to step up and do the right thing. carley: big headline this morning on this front is that despite this attack, and despite the fact that the attacker was let out of jail on just $1,000 bond, even though he ran over the mother of his child, and had a rap sheet 50 pages long dates back to 1999. several felony charges, the white house says they are standing by the push to end cash bail because they say that it creates a two tiered system. a white house official actually said this to fox news. ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the street. it just means that whether you get bail should be based on the threat you pose. and not how much money you have in your bank account. there shouldn't be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy americans. ultimately though, this was a decision made by local courts. lawrence: so the question is do
3:19 am
you feel like people that pose a risk to society should they be out on the streets? we are seeing this because of these progressive d.a.s backed by george soros whether you are talking about l.a., gascon, or whether you are talking about san francisco, new york, filly, all the major cities that are experiencing crime are from repeat offenders, there is one thing to say people that can't afford bail shouldn't be behind bars. okay, i get that argument, there is some reform that can happen there, the problem is the people that pose a risk to society should they be back on the street? and when you got. >> joe: can't be both. you can't afford bail so we're not going to keep you behind bars, also, you are a violent criminal, so maybe we will keep you for that reason but then not do it. if you continue to let violent criminals out on the street, their crimes are going to get more violent as we just saw in wisconsin. at the end of the day, if this guy had killed his girlfriend when he ran over her, i think he was let out the friday before, what would the bail have been about then? because that would not have been headlines. that wouldn't have been bad
3:20 am
optics. lawrence: warrant for sexual assault of a minor. carley: this guy is as bad as it gets. if you think about the groups of people that were most affected, this is just breaks my heart. is that you have older women dancing in a parade and then young little girls. >> joe: 8-year-old little boy. carley: a priest and parishioners. he targeted everything good in this world. lawrence: he would not stop. if you are looking at the screen right now, this is the criminal history. >> joe: still rolling. lawrence the whole point of criminal justice reform are for people who retheir lives. >> it started in 1999 and did not stop. eric adams talks about the bail decision and what he wants to see going forward in new york. take a look. >> you can't have someone arrested with a gun on monday and then out on the street on tuesday. as the mayor i appoint criminal court judges. and i'm going to be extremely
3:21 am
clear, if you don't understand that my city must be safe, and you can't get caught up in the politics of this city, if you must make sure that those who are posing imminent threats to our city, they are not going to be placed back on my street and back into my community. >> joe: he is saying the right thing, will he do it? will he follow through? carley: that's a good question. will. lawrence: part of the reason eric adams was elected was law and order approach. carley: that was the reason. lawrence: so many said the crime is getting out of control. you have this guy eric adams went through the ranks, former nypd cop. wanted to reform. challenged, and he made it clear this is what black lives matter got upset with him about the other kay. when there is bad officials and bad cops. he wants to get rid of them. is he gonna support the good cops and he want the criminals off the street. he took am i right at the judges that are allowing these people to get back on the street. carley: yeah. one of the major stories that
3:22 am
unfolded recently is the kyle rittenhouse situation. the fact that he was found innocent. and the media went after him for over a year on this front. he just sat down with tucker carlson and he responded to how the media treated him. take a listen to what he had to say. >> did it surprise you to see him described as a hero as he has been in so many press accounts? >> i don't see him as -- in my opinion, there is no winners in this case. there is no heros in this case. >> tucker: right. >> i defended myself, i was attacked. i think it's quite sickening how mr. huber and grosskreutz on videos when it's clear in the video they attempted to murder me in the middle of the street. >> tucker: what's the message you think the media is sending describing them as heroes. >> the message i get from it they are saying can you go out and right and attack anybody and you will have the support from the media and the politicians to do whatever you want and kill
3:23 am
innocent people and if they defend yourself, you are named a hero. that's the message i believe that's being spread. lawrence: talk about a criminal background. one of them had sexual assault of multiple children under the age of 9. the other one has domestic violence charges. and by the way as you can see in the film. the jury vindicated him. they tried to attack him, pulled a gun on the man and got shot for it so to describe this as this just goes to show you the new liberal media message as well as the progressives is no one should be behind bars. no one should be behind bars. if you attack someone, you should just let them shoot you first. lawrence: when that assistant district attorney started to paint one of the people shot, one of the people that kyle rittenhouse had to doyle save his own life. and this hero, someone there to save a community. listen, i know very well that if you commit a felony, you lose your right to own a gun. you lose your second amendment right. these are rights the government promises not to infringe upon until you forfeit them. i think we have to ask ourselves.
3:24 am
if these people are violent felons should they be allowed to be in a public gathering and protest that becomes a right.'s obviously just as das when protests turn into riots. carley: when you are talking about the prosecutor and kept on questioning kyle rittenhouse. what were you running from? it's like well, a fire. because it was a right. it was a dangerous situation. so the question now, of course, is he going to sue? is he going to sue. lawrence: i think he should. as i continue to say, i think the prosecution deserves some scrutiny. if you are a true justice reform advocate. what we saw displayed in the courtroom was despicable. they tried to violate his constitutional rights to legal counsel and the judge admonished him for that they tried to say that he had the right to remain silent and the judge admonished him for that they suppressed evidence and tried to hide witnesses. the classic will distrustful d.a., this was the case to be outraged.
3:25 am
>> joe: we talked about this on "the five" last night. one thing this case and the you a ahmad arbery case had in common were local, municipal justice systems trying to play the slight of hand. lawrence: exactly right. >> joe: in rittenhouse case they are not showing them the right video to the defense and not giving them the right to defend themselves. in the case of you a ahmad arbery a district attorney owho was not going to press charges until a video came forward. carley: video evidence was so important in both of these cases. >> both cases you a ahmad arbery case they were not going to press charges until the video came to be. as americans we shouldn't fear small town justice systems screwing up over because of bad or good optics trying to make their career or not have another protest in their town. lawrence: that's exactly right. so right, joey, we have had inside the system bad actors that aren't following the constitution. but, you know what? america won.
3:26 am
the justice system prevailed. >> joe: both cases. lawrence: got rid of the bad people in these cases and the jury convicted or acquitted amongst the peers in all of these cases in the past couple weeks. carley: so much division and anger and so much concern over riots that would take place depending on the outcomes of these trials, but i think something to be thankful for on this thanksgiving is that the jury system still works. and that it was peaceful for the most part after both of these investigators. >> joe: when we do have a fair trial no. greater example than for 126 our peers to decide our fate when we do something wrong, kyle rittenhouse's case when we don't. lawrence: i continue to say that the system is not perfect. the american way is the only way. i over mob justice any day. makes me proud to be an american these last couple days. carley: new directive to keep
3:27 am
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joe. lawrence: merrick garland targeting airline passengers. justice department to prioritize prosecution of fliers who have allegedly throned harm passengers or crew. the doj saying quote dozens of incidents have been referred to the fbi by the faa. which clear not violations qualify for the referral. the new york state trooper border for dating andrew cuomo's daughter is promoted to sergeant. disgraced exgovernor reportedly reassigned trooper deign pfeifer after learning of the relationship with his daughter cara. the two meeting after she moved into the governor's mansion during the pandemic. it's unclear whether they are still dating. check this out. if you are missing a fedex
3:32 am
delivery, officials are investigating after discovering hundreds of packages left abandoned in the ravine. north of birmingham not clear how long they were there or who may be responsible. fedex is cooperating with law enforcement in hopes to deliver the packages soon. and hockey fans slamming team's u.s.a. newly released jerseys for the 2022 beijing olympics. despite the caption quickly roasted on social media for looking more like soccer jerseys, u.s.a. hockey said the snings behind the lack was american pride and ingenuity. carley: i think they are nice. lawrence: they are good, carley. carley: give a c flows keep everybody happy. brazen robberies in new york city. some cautions against using certain words to describe the incidents one criminal justice professor telling a local abc
3:33 am
affiliate quote looting is a term we typically use people of color or urban dweller ares are doing something we tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing. former speaker of oklahoma house community bank ceo teeth taboo cannon joins us now to react. >> happy thanksgiving, a pleasure to be with you. carley: never thought the term looting describes one race over the other. big point here people are focusing on the term rather than the crime itself. >> that's what the left has done for a very long time, right? it's all about linguistics and changes. you are a looter identify as something else. i identify looters as thugs that's what they are. carley: people went after the term thug. >> it's not a therapy aflies race. as part of the left's narrative to try identify all of america as sis stem nicly racist country that can never evolve vof from anything else about but that the truth is we are hot not the home ofs is stem make racism cities
3:34 am
stem nic opportunity. looters who actually attack cities and disrupt order, they are fighting against what donald trump was calling for which was this law and order mandate, and unfortunately the left is totally opposed to it. and we are seeing the results as the biden crime crisis is sweeping across the country faster than covid is sweeping across the country. carley: that message of opportunity that you mentioned so eloquently is such a good thing to reflect on this thanksgiving. >> absolutely. carley: this looting is targeting california specifically, why is that? >> these are the same evidentist calling for, you know, defunding the police and actually eliminating police, right? we know this, any time that you have a lack of police and lack of law and order, it's created this sense of lawlessness around the country, remember, we had elected officials across the country on the left who were calling for more violence, we had people like maxine waters who was calling for people associated with the trump campaign or the trump
3:35 am
administration to actually be targeted for violence, this is something you are seeing the left do. but, we are seeing this as well. we are seeing them having to reverse the tide. voters are fed up with it people want law and order. we have to have it in a civilized society. only the republicans are talking about it and i think we are going to see big results as a result in the election 2022. carley: look at the polling on crime, it's up, the polling number on crime statistics are up. president biden's poll numbers on crime are down because he is not doing anything about it and to that point, the biden administration is standing by their four end cash bail. >> you know, this idea that we can't -- we need a national discussion about bail reform in this country. we saw just a few days ago where the gentleman, you know, plowed through a parade, killing innocent bystanders, this is somebody, a thug that should have been locked up and should not have been out in civilized society, but, unfortunately,
3:36 am
because of the left's soft on crime antics, we are seeing this happening. under joe biden less safe and prosperous and free because of lack of law and order. carley: if you really think about it crime shouldn't be political. >> absolutely. carley: it effects everybody. everybody wants to be safe. there should be united front when it comes to crime but it is political. progressives really focus more on the criminal treat the criminal like a victim why is that? >> cece nancy pelosi and joe biden building walls around their compound they think the rest of the country shouldn't be entitled to sat same protection. the reason is real core voter groups. thug and looters are the core voter group of the left. they are pandering. they are going to see and learn very quickly the american people want to return to the america first agenda. they really want law and order. they want less taxes. they want to be more free and they want people to return back to work. this paying people not to work,
3:37 am
that's also creating a problem with looting because the best social program in the world is a good paying job. carley: all connected. t.w., thank you for joining us this morning. >> carley, thank you. carley: spending thanksgiving with your kids so exciting for you and your family. we love it president biden's ties to china getting completely ignored by most news outlets. fox news contributor and "new york post" columnist miranda devine believes this is part of a large cover up to protect president biden and she joins us next. ♪ ♪
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3:42 am
cnn, msnbc, abc,cbs, nbc as of yesterday evening. here now to react, fox news contributor and "new york post" columnist miranda devine. miranda, you have been at the front of this asking the media to cover it why aren't they giving this any coverage? >> hi, lawrence, hey, look, i think it's just a protection react for joe biden. which began during the campaign. so to get rid of donald trump that any kind of media malfeasance seemed to be quite okay. you know, we experienced this last october when we broke the stories that were in hunter biden's laptop which showed that joe biden was inmatly involved in hunter biden's business dealings overseas despite the fact that he told, in fact, fox
3:43 am
news own peter doocy during the campaign that he knew nothing about hunt hunter's overseas business dealings. since then the reporting that we have done at the "new york post" has been even more damning about joe biden's involvement in this family corruption. and, unfortunately, the rest of the media has completely ignored it until, you know, in a couple over indications some stories have started leaking out and it's great to see that the "new york times" has independently verified some of the reporting that we have done and that's in my upcoming book laptop from hell. unfortunately though, sets the agenda for the rest of the media in this case the rest of the media has ignored company vhr, a chinese company hunter biden
3:44 am
still owns 10% of. hunter biden president biden's son is in business with the chinese communist party that that bought from american interest cobalt mine in africa which is incredibly crucial to battery technology. it's rare -- sort of mineral, and it's part of -- national security interest. and one ignores that. lawrence: i have to ask you, miranda. the point to know about this was during the presidential -- i think voters deserve the right to know about this. it was suppressed by big tech. and now you have the mainstream media that is completely ignored it. so, how do the american public find out what's really going on? it seems like a disinformation campaign, right? >> well, it sure is. as you said, we had facebook and twitter just locked out the "new
3:45 am
york post" account, i mean, we are the second biggest newspaper in the country and the rest of the media said that they wouldn't cover it. cnn had leaked recording from one of their news conferences say doing not cover it. so it was anive censorship campaign but, look, if i can just give a plug my book laptop from hell we got all the inside scoop on the laptop is out next tuesday. but look apart from that i think that they there should be some shame placed upon the media outlets because it's enough. these are really crucial to do with america's national security interest. particularly when it comes to china and russia. and at least the perception and probably the reality that joe biden is compromised with president xi and vladimir putin it's ironic the democrats spend almost all of president trump's time in office accusing him of
3:46 am
being, you know, an agent of the kremlin. when there was no evidence for it there is ample evidence that joe biden and his family are compromised. with these autocratic. lawrence: so alarming to me that they have zero curiosity. seems like collusion with big tech to suppress a real news story. you have been out front. have you done excellent reporting on this. thanks for joining us on thanksgiving. >> thanks so much, lawrence. lawrence: lawrence we reached out to will hunter biden but didn't hear back. thanksgiving day parade here. and we're hear that baby oda will make his debut on the balloon. adam? adam: you are right, lawrence. baby yoda is one of the new balloons that we're going to see, 15 in total. 28 parades and this is the first one the turkey that we see every year. we are going to be looking at this and all of the fun stuff coming out the rest of the show.
3:47 am
"fox & friends" will be back after the break we've been waiting all year to come together.
3:48 am
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carley: social media slamming actress kristin bell for posting with los angeles sheriff deputies in tweet. while it is unclear why bell was at the station internet called the actress a blm supporter a hypocrite and compared the deputies to gang members.
3:52 am
unbelievable. and dwayne johnson gifts his mom his personal -- rather, i'm sorry, gives personal custom truck to a navy veteran for his impact to the community. watch this. >> i got this, i car for you, a little thing. >> what the heck? >> thank you for your service, brother, enjoy your new -- what the heck is this? [cheers] >> what a reaction there. the rock said he was inspired by oscar rodriguez who cares for his elderly mother, the leader at his church and provides meals for women victimized by domestic violence. i would say he is definitely worthy of that truck and that reaction is something that i'm sure the rock is thankful for. lawrence: i love that always a giving man. carley: absolutely. highlights so many good causes. there is so much to be thankful for this year as the public allowed to line the streets of new york city for a timeless
3:53 am
tradition. >> joe: 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade kicks off in a few hours. lawrence: right behind us. to give a preview adam klotz is live on the ground at the start of the parade route. adam? adam: hey, good morning, guys. i'm actually out here with will the executive producer of the 95 macy's day parade and kind of the big question that's lingering in the air last year less crowd and fanfare what can we expect this year. back on entirely? back to a full parade 28 floats marching down the streets of new york. 15 giant balloons. 10 marching bands, whole host of performances. hopefully people lining the streets of new york this morning. adam: i have frozen out here for years. i missed it last year. i really did. a little bit warmer this morning.
3:54 am
folks who want to come out going to be nice a good opportunity for them. what are people going to see that's new this year and maybe what are some of the classics that people love to see that we know we are still going to get. >> sure a series of brand new balloons from a to twist to baby yoda crowd favorites. we have wonderful floats from partners with louisiana and kalahari, additionally we have great performances. and then some of our classics. we have got snoopy, snoopy will be flying high once again. we will be kicking off it with tom the turkey as we do every year. santa claus will be closing out the show as he does every year. >> excellent. highlights you are looking forward to that you think will be a crowd favorite? >> we got this new balloon this year. as you know really famous for all of our giant character balloons in the sky. this year we have tip toe is a new character balloon puppet on the ground 20-foot tall walking puppetted balloon walk along the
3:55 am
parade route. special moment for everyone in attendance in addition to folks at home who are watching. adam: that is incredible and still have the marching bands and everything of that nature a that we are used to seeing. >> yeah. 10 marching bands, anywhere from 100 to 500ment it's going to be an exciting. those folks have been waiting. they obviously weren't able to join us last year. so there has been a lot of anticipation and a lot of excitement. see a lot of smiling faces and a lot of great performances today. adam: excellent. can you list a couple of the performers again? >> sure kelly rollen, nellie. we have foreigner. big fan of foreigner. strike me as a big fan of foreigner. >> yeah, big fan of foreigner. >> foreigner and we have got a whole host. adam: carrie underwood. kristin chen netanyahu and carrie underwood statement in my head. adam: have you been working for days. i appreciate your hard work. happy thanksgiving merry christmas all around the corner. we all need sleep i guess.
3:56 am
guys, this is going to be an awesome show and a couple hours away we will be out here all morning. carley: adam thank you so much. sanchts sharon your fun fact about the macy's thanksgiving day parade? lawrence: 300 pounds ever glitter. i know that. carley: i don't know that one. that's the one i was looking for. >> joe: santa claus comes to town at the end of the parade. we watch this every year at my house. to be right here next to it this year is kind of a big deal. carley: thanksgiving today. of course, black friday tomorrow. and if you want to get 20% off all the fox news merch. hat gloves. warmer than normal but cold. >> joe: borrow those who keep my feet. warm. they are frozen i can't tell. carley: more information after this. s at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, entrust your heart to entresto.
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4:01 am
carley: i'm between the joneses. lawrence: trying to keep up with the joneses. carley: trying to keep up with the joneses. lawrence: steve, brian, and ainsley are off today spending time with their family. we are spending time with our fox family. thank you so much for being with us today. carley: absolutely. if you want to. if you want to see your picture on fox, send us your family photo. we would love to see you out there watching us right now. send those photos to friends at lawrence: we will put them on air so the whole world can see. carley: exactly right. we are celebrating thanksgiving all morning long. joe biden is celebrating thanksgiving at billionaire's compound in where is it again? lawrence: nantucket. carley: getting a lot of criticism and for good reason because there is so much going on in this country with crime up, gas prices up, inflation up, and then he jets off -- jets off on a private jet. lawrence: literally that we pay for. >> joe: we use this term in
4:02 am
politics tone deaf like your actions don't match up with your words, tone deaf. that's exactly what this is. how can you go and spend thanksgiving with a billionaire in a ritzy place called nantucket. he said here is a turkey we will pluck it and go to nantucket. while people are sitting home worried about making ends meet or troops serving overseas. you are the president of the united states. you have other places to go. go spend it with the troops or americans trying to inspire and lead. lawrence: such a good point. the president of the united states decided instead of spending time release proclamation. this is what the president of the united states had to say. we are grateful for the farm workers and frontline workers many of whom are immigrants make sure our food is harvested and shipped. keep our grocery store stocked and keep our cities and towns clean and safe. we are grateful for the healthcare professions working to vaccinate our nation will develop a safe and effective vaccine operation warp speed.
4:03 am
and treatment. we are grateful for our troops serving far from home, keeping us safe and defending our values as we celebrate. we will also be thinking of the many families feeling the page of an empty chair at the thanksgiving table. you are not alone and our nation stands with you. carley: yeah. lawrence: why didn't he go with be them. >> joe: talking about empty chairs. read the politics probably talking about covid. those are lives we wish none of us were lost. think about the 13 service members that died in afghanistan because his policies couldn't do something correctly. lawrence: exactly right. >> joe: really to put this message out there it wreaks of partisan politics make sure to point out that he is thanking immigrants, of course we do. carley: i noticed that, too. >> joe: take a step back. thanking fire and police and keeping this country going when everything goes to crap. carley: it's a good message. it's fine. you know, it's a solid thanksgiving proclamation until you think like joey just said. and also, look at the groups
4:04 am
that he is highlighting, the frontline workers, the healthcare professionals, the troops, and the fact that some of them have lost their jobs. >> joe: absolutely. carley: because of the covid policy. lawrence: yeah, the mandate. carley: frontline workers heroes last year and who many of them were forced to make a choice that they felt very uncomfortable with, getting vaccinated and keeping their jobs. and i just don't understand how we have gotten to this point in our country where, you know, if you think about why america was founded, to push back against big government. to keep government small. and keep our rights our own. that's what makes us distinctly american. for the federal government to come down and treat every single person in this country as the same in terms of rather than a state telling or a city telling an individual what to do. blanket sweeping statement. you have to get vaccinated with the vaccine that just came out. you know what? honestly, you if you want that's great i got vaccinated.
4:05 am
also, if you don't, then have you made that choice for yourself and that is on you. you shouldn't feel like you can't go to a restaurant or lose your job because of it. >> joe: involving yourself in the society. if you are not vaccinated you are the one taking the risk. majority of americans are. i was in the marine corps. they put every vaccine they knew could put in me. i couldn't say no to this one i felt like. i'm thankful for all the americans who chose to go to work. even when the policies of this administration might have been trying to incentivize them not to. they knew what they did for a living mattered to this country and community. lawrence: such a good point all the people he listed in this statement. this is just a statement. the people he listed here. they aren't feeling the love this christmas. this administration, this is their communication strategy. statement after statement. to hide the president of the united states. i keep saying this. pick one. out of these groups of people to
4:06 am
spend some time going out there with a billionaire on the taxpayer's time to go out there sends a bag signal. joe concha says the same thing. tone deaf message from the president of the united states. take a look. >> very interesting to hear the white house press secretary turkey is just one dollar more, what about the gas to get to grandma's house and what about all the other food that you may have to buy and then if you are in a cold area of the country and home heating costs are going to be up more than 50% this year. just to kind of say it's not really a big deal that's certainly tone deaf. carley: he made such a great point about where president biden should be this thanksgiving when he said that there is just massive tragedy that took place in waukesha, wisconsin. how wonderful would it have been for him to spend his thanksgiving in that town. lawrence: exactly right. carley: on the inflation point the poll numbers are bad for the president when it comes to the economy. people are feeling it.
4:07 am
so, you know, when the white house press secretary says oh it's just a dollar for a turkey. like joe was saying and you made the point before. it's not just that it's the price of gas. and if it wasn't the policies that the president was pushing, people would give him a pass. they are smart. everybody sees what's going on. but when you see that the president shut down the keystone xl pipeline the first thing did he when he was elected into office. has all these anti-oil and gas policies. despite the fact that the country still relies on oil and gas. everybody wants a clean climate. everybody wants, -- nobody wants climate change. but the policies that he is enacting are keeping us rely on opec which makes oil dirtier than we make it here and gas prices are going up as a result. >> joe: energy fuels everything else. why are the prices of things going? cost more money to get them here and make them. not just talking about gas in the tank. energy in this country for everything we do. lawrence: so true. another type of story in the country, and this has been going on across america.
4:08 am
crime last night los angeles robbed security guard is assaulted as three out of the 90 looting suspects are arrested in a different this as believe organized crime syndicates are behind the crime waves paying gangs between 500 to $1,000 a-to-swipe specific items from luxury stores. we know this is larger effort going on. carley: i don't know that i just assumed it was people, young kids or what have you saying okay, well, in california, if you steal less than $950 it's a misdemeanor. i don't know there was a crime syndicate behind it. >> joe: that's per attempt go. at 1:00 and do it, 2 croc, and 3:00. might add up. under 900 time maybe that's why they have 90 people doing it. lawrence: criminals, give them an inch they will take a mile. when you have set it up that these were supposed to be petty offenses. you gave these criminal
4:09 am
enterprises an opportunity to take advantage of the system judges allowing folk to be back on the street logic is so backwards, too. there raul of these progressives, prosecutors, and politicians out there to treat the criminal like they are the victim. the mentality, we have been forced to think a lot about this crime in cities across the country have gone up so much. it's like why are these criminals being allowed out on bail reform. and i think it's because the mentality among people on the left is that the country is so racist and the deck was stacked against people of color in this country that if you commit a crime. it's not your fault.
4:10 am
it's. lawrence: t. country is race sois we should feel bad for you therefore, you should be out. no bail, just come back out on the street. lawrence: this guy with a criminal since 1999, never reformed his life. tried to take his car to run over -- everyone is how do you make the connection what is happening louie vitton stores. crime starts somewhere. when you allow them get away with this. they keep inching up. the guy finally got to the final destination. speaker of the oklahoma house. he said this earlier on remember, we had elected officials across the country on the left who were calling for more violence. we had people like maxine waters
4:11 am
calling for people associated with the trump campaign or the trump administration to actually be targeted. we are seeing them having to reverse the tide because voters are fed up with it people want law and order. we have to have it in a civilized society. and only the republicans are talking about it. lawrence: leading issue here in new york. people got tired of seeing people raped in the subways. pushed into the tracks. shootings happening on every single block. i mean, it's ridiculous happening in the country. i know i talk about new york. it is happening in philly and dallas, it's happening in every major. >> joe: atlanta. carley: some headlines come out. i remember one specifically where there was an older asian woman who was punched just knocked out on the street. and then the headline is like the guy who did it was arrested 26 times prior and has a violent criminal record. it's like why are these people let out and you think about those bail reform laws. we have talked to so many police officers who say that it's so demoralizing to be a cop right
4:12 am
now in new york city. because they arrest someone before they finish the paperwork they are back out on the street. they are being arrested again. >> joe: thankful for them today that's for sure. carley: absolutely. waukesha parade horror suspect we were just talking about him darrell brooks his former girlfriend says his mother wishes she did not bail him out saying, quote: she is wrecked that people were hurt and killed as a result. she is like i'm blaming myself because had i not bailed him out, this wouldn't have happened. this as oa go fund me created to raise money for brooks has been shut down by the site. go fund me says it will ban all future attempts to raise money for the suspect. and waukesha native and nfl player j.j. watt is now reportedly offering to play funeral costs for the victims killed in the christmas parade attack. some new york city students eating lunch outside despite cold temperatures. parents outraged as some note teachers and staff are not
4:13 am
eating in the elements. the department of education says it will remind administrators of its policy to allow kids to eat inside if parents request it. yeah, it's getting cold. meanwhile, a new york upstate school is offering remote learning not because of covid but because of gun violence. the city of newburgh is investigating at least six shooting incidents in justice the last week. presser to prove he doesn't have covid toe. >> there is no lesions whatsoever. >> it's actually called disinformation when you perpetuate false information about individual. i have a fractured toe, so i have expect a full apology. carley: i bet you didn't think you were going to wake up and see aaron rodgers toe on television they you have it. following a "wall street journal" report he suffered from code toes a lingering effect of the virus. he later changed his twitter
4:14 am
profile picture of his foot at the presser to highlight his point. lawrence: i don't have covid toe. carley: these babies so cute gobble them up. nurses at the riverside regional will nic depression them up in style for first thanksgiving. they have a longstanding tradition in knitting for the babies and celebrating the newborns still waiting to come home. look at those babies. that's awesome. lawrence: baby feet on thanksgiving. carley: imagine having a baby on thanksgiving. that little extra bundle to be thankful for. lawrence: we are counting downtown top political turkey of the year. carley: love this. lawrence: you can bet walk away joe makes the list. carley: basketball star enes kanter calling out big names with ties to china. morgan or taking gust gus agrees china should be held responsible
4:15 am
and reacts to his message coming up next. ♪ ♪
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carley: it is thanksgiving. that means it's the perfect time to countdown the top political turkeys of 2021. here are the moments he thinks deserves to be roasted is former utah congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. good morning to you. happy thanksgiving, jason. >> happy thanksgiving, we don't mean to disparage turkeys but these are some turkeys, carley. carley: i think this segment is so funny. the first political turkey of 2021 that you think deserves the
4:20 am
honor is president biden we can't steam get an answer. >> you guys are bad. i'm not supposed to answer all these questions. i'm supposed to leave. >> i'm not supposed to take any questions but go ahead. >> mr. president on afghanistan. >> i'm not going to answer afghanistan now. >> i'm supposed to stop and walk out of the room here. thank you for your time and effort and i will have plenty of time to talk to you. [shouting questions] >> why won't you answer our questions, sir? carley: congressman, does he know that he is the commander-in-chief? he makes the rules. >> well, no, it's the puppeteers that make the rules. come on. they are not going to let him have any ice cream if he answers any questions. he is going to have to -- you know donald trump the most open and transparent president ever answered questions all the time. joe biden joikd not so much. >> he not to be outdone here is vice president kamala harris also landed for this moment that i'm sure millimeter at home will
4:21 am
remember, watch. >> i wonder hot head of the space council is. >> are you kidding me? the space council is the vice president. >> you are going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes, i'll telling you, it is going to be unbelievable. carley: of course, the people who are literally going to see the craters on the moon with their own eyes i'm telling you were child actors. >> yeah. paid actors. oh my gosh, carley, did you know that if we go outside, you could actually look up in the air and see the moon all by yourself. and they pay me to be the space council and i will show you all to myself. it's amazing. >> so i had forgotten about this. but it was a big deal when it happened. former president obama's birthday bash. >> yeah, party time. there is a lot to do with nantucket. nantucket seems to be a common
4:22 am
theme here with joe biden and barack obama. but, right at the heart of when they are trying to put this mask mandate on every single american. then you have got the president happy birthday, mr. president. hope you have fun. but everybody should be able to have that kind of party. not just the elites. carley: i know. that was the whole thing. great that you are having this birthday party. imthink that everybody should be allowed to have one. but when you are telling other people to mask up and not hang out with each other and then you have this giant party that was supposed to be like hundreds and hundreds of people it was the hypocrisy of 2021 that seeing. also, number 4, i forgot about this one as well. i'm glad you brought it up. the white house posted a tweet and i think it was fourth of july. it says the cost of a 4th of july cookout in 2021 is down 16 cents from last year. shouldn't be touting 1 cents.
4:23 am
i don't know. >> america, i hope you invested that 16 cents because you probably gobbled that up in gas prices just pulling out of the driveway today. 16 cents, they put together. they tweeted about it they made a big deal about it and you look at what we are going through now with the inflation, the biden/harris inflation and the policies they put in place that made that inflation possible. it was a special moment. carley: gas station hindsight is 2020 on this one now we should have been thankful for the 16 cents because the cost of thanksgiving suspect. so at least we going down at that time. look at those prices. okay. so going back to former president obama, his father. not alone and no mask party thing, d.c. mayor muriel bowser, she went maskless to an event just hours before her very own mandate went into effect. >> yeah, i dealt a lot with the d.c. mayor. and i'm sorry.
4:24 am
but california with gavin newsom, the governor there you had this problem time and time again where these people said you have to do these masks because then they are out partying and having fun. even dr. fauci himself, it's just so wrong. but i hope everybody -- i hope you and everybody else enjoy this thanksgiving. there are a lot of people who serve on our front lines. they are military, they overseas. i just hope everybody has -- we try to poke a little fun at this, but do you know what? i'm so grateful and thankful this thanksgiving for all those people working today. carley: send the segment on auto positive note. jason, you are the best. thanks for joining us this morning. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. boston celtic star enes kanter not backing down after challenging the nba for its ties to china. >> i was taking pictures with the kids. one of the parents turned around
4:25 am
and said how can you call yourself human rights activist when your muslim brothers and sisters are dying in concentration camps in china you are fake. i turned around to that parent and said you know what? >> morgan ortagus reaction to his message coming up next. hello, everyone, i'm chaplain, happy holidays, everyone. god please. show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer
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carley: we are back with your headlines, overnight australia deploying troops to violent protests. come amid strict lockdown orders. the island's prime minister declaring a lockdown following a large gathering of more than 1,000 people near the capital. the group calling for the leader to resign. president biden had a potentially free cancerous lesion removed after colonoscopy. the lesion was benign according to the white house. he had a similar procedure back in 2008. the physician to the president says biden should repeat the colonoscopy procedure every 202210 years.
4:30 am
biden briefly transferred powers to the vice president while undergoing the procedure. in exclusive interview with larson. the presidential candidate he supported. listen. >> i did get a lot of hate for this but i was a pretty big andrew yang supporter before all of this. >> were you really? >> part of the yang gang. >> i was part of the yang gang. >> rittenhouse told tucker he is a supporter of the black lives matter movement. elon musk is continuing to follow through on his promise to sell off 10 persian of his tesla stock jumping almost 100,000 tesla shares this week. musk has now sold off $9.85 billion worth of tesla stock after polling his twitter followers. he asked whether he should pay 10% of his shares to help pay for president biden's proposed spending bill. over to you. lawrence: i will take some of that stock.
4:31 am
thanks, carley. enes kanter isn't backing down. celtic center is taking on the biggest names in basketball, including the nba, nike, lebron james for their ties to china. joined "fox & friends" yesterday to explain why. >> i'm standing up for human rights i would say this is bigger than myself and basketball. someone had to do itment so many athletes, some, you know, singers and rappers are scared to say something because they care too much about their bills, their career, their endorsement deals. someone has to do it. someone has to step up and do it. lawrence: former state department spokesperson morgan morganortagus. happy thanksgiving to you. what's your reaction? >> thank you you too. lawrence: what's your reaction to this? this is a big fight is he waging
4:32 am
a yoor ago i was state department spokesperson. 2020 we were having a meeting at the state department trying to figure out how to bring attention to the human rights abuses in an area of china. i talked about a lot on "fox & friends" called minority group. genocide both the trump and biden administration declared that we wouldn't be able to get public support. i could talk about it all day long and mike pompeo could talk about it all day long we knew we would need people like enes kanter and sports stars to stand up for human rights in china and around the world. i'm just honor that you had had him on "fox & friends." i have been preaching this for several years now with mike pompeo enes kanter does to get the message out more powerful than i have been doing for years so i'm very grateful. lawrence: canter has become the
4:33 am
space of this moment. i have been talking about this for a while. how associating with china. why are we having the olympics there? this is what kanter had to say about that watch. >> the chinese communist party does not represent the values of excellence, of respect, of friendship, and their brutal dictatorship and they engaged in censorship and they threaten freedoms. my one message to all the athletes out there. all the gold medals in the world, you know, can you win is not more important than, your valor, your principles and your morals. lawrence: what say you, morgan? >> amen and hallelujah, to begin with. to everything that he just said. listen, it's all about money. right? whether it is the athletes, or the hollywood celebrities that kanter is talking about have refused to stand up and speak out about this because they are worried about endorsements. or it's major american companies, right? i mean, we talk about nike a lot.
4:34 am
it's not just nike. there is companies like mackenzie, one of the most prominent consulting firms in the world that reportedly according to new media reports are consulting chinese companies that support their military. listen, everybody should know for every $100 of american investment, that goes into china, analysts estimate about $2 of those $100 go directly to the chinese military. its secret police, spies, great fire wall. we are literally investing in the communist that will try to take us over. >> it makes zero sense, you are exactly, you took the words right out of my mouth. morgan. you have got hear this. we got a few seconds left. canter revealed yesterday on "fox & friends" he pass hassed the citizenship test and sworn in as a u.s. citizen by the end of the month. morgan your quick reaction because he can't go back to turkey so this is a miracle.
4:35 am
>> it's fantastic and i would just say immigrants like enes kanter that we welcome. people who love this country. people who will stand up for freedom and for democracy. and for, you know, for human rights as he is doing. so all i have to say is happy thanksgiving to him and all of the new immigrants in the country that believe in this country. and don't take it for granted like many natural born americans do. lawrence: i was getting ready to stay save that freedom and liberty. we don't know how good we have it. thank you so much for coming on the show and happy thanksgiving morgan. >> thanks, lawrence. lawrence: president biden is forced to bring back trump era policy in hopes to solve. remain in mexico next. check back in with adam klotz from the start of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. adam, are the bands ready? >> yeah. everybody is getting ready,
4:36 am
lawrence. the band just to have the side. i'm going to be talking to them in just a minute. we are getting a lot of energy. the floats are coming together. everyone is really excited and thankful. and we are going to be out here all morning tracking all the action, it's going to be a really good time. everybody, happy thanksgiving. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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4:41 am
military bases and transit centers around the world. number two, at these sites where they are landing, we are conducting thorough scrutiny security screening for everyone who is not a u.s. citizen or a lawful permanent residence. anyone arriving in the united states will have undergone background check. >> joe: a new report from senate republicans casting doubt that president biden's claim that afghan refugees will be fully vetted before arriving to the u.s. the memo obtained by "the washington examiner" revealing almost none of the 82,000 people air lifted from kabul in august were vetted. fox news contributor and medal of honor recipient my buddy dakota meyers served in afghanistan he joins us now to react. dakota, good morning. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, brother. all these efforts by guys like you and me to put their life back on the line on their own dime to go over there and bring
4:42 am
people home who deserve to come home. this is not about not wanting afghan refugees here about bringing the right people. >> i mean, look, at the end of the day, it's just like the oxygen mask thing. right? if we're not safe, in the united states of america, if our borders aren't secure, then there is nothing for them to come here too, right? like if we don't have security in our own country, to bring them here to a better life, then it does no good to bring them here. we have no place to bring all of these great humans across the world, right? that's what we want. there is none of us, there is none of us who have gone and put the nation's cloth on and gone overseas willing to go, you know, protect evil against other countries that wanted these people to be safe more than us. but we have to do it the right way. >> joe: i think we have to bring the right people here. who did we bring here hundreds
4:43 am
of natural gas troops spending away to border. you are there in texas. we have this statement from dhs as we have previously stated we are required by court order to reimplement remain in mexico policy in compliance with the court order. we are working to reimplement mpp as promptly as possible. you live there in texas, what kind of a difference is this going to make to keep people in mexico until we vet them to bring them into the country? >> well, i mean, it's not going to make any difference, it's going to make a little bit but not going to make enough of a difference to where we can huge impact on this. until we secure our border. until we go down but it does us know good. >> if we don't enforce the laws,
4:44 am
that are in place to keep people from making it i will three come across the border. then it does no good, right? you got border patrol, they are catching all these people crossing, but they can't do anything with them. we are literally giving them a citation, trusting that their named, most of them don't have identities. trusting that the name they give us is going to get them back in court so they can be held accountable on this. do you know what i mean? it is absolutely insane so until the left, until this administration believes in the laws of the united states of america, and until they are ready to enforce the laws, it really does us no good to do anything anyways. >> let's hope this is the first step in actually implementing this law and this remain in mexico policy does go in effect. we need mexico to make it happen. brother, thank you for your service. >> absolutely. >> joe: happy thanksgiving, i appreciate you and have a great day. >> thank you. let's check in adam klotz. 95th macy's thanksgiving day
4:45 am
parade in new york city with some special guest, hey, adam, good morning, guys, yeah, it is beautiful out here energy on the rise. steven howard, the director of the ann richards marching band nation's all female competitive marching band. thankfulto be here and thankful for the opportunity. >> how old are the students here? high school age students we have a campus of 6 through 12 and all our high school students participate in marching band. adam: that's so cool. leading off -- you are the first band. >> that's right. adam: what does that mean to be here and do that. >> to be chosen or selected to be the first band is a really big honor and kick off the parade and kind of set the tone for the day. really amazing. get a chance to see the joy in their eyes and experience this
4:46 am
here magic of the parade. in the end pretty tired. they won't matter how tired they're. they are going to take it all in and the joy would be palpable for sure. yeah. adam: this is pretty cool. for this particular group of young ladies, this is their first trip, what is that experience like been awesome. >> it's been an awesome week. we have been preparing since july through our marching season we are ready to kick it off for sure. adam: you are going to perform something for us. what are we about to hear. >> all the way from texas. only band selected from texas so we had to bring deep in the heart of texas. adam: we love texas. you guys perform we will get out of the way. >> let's do it. adam: cool. ♪ ♪
4:47 am
♪ ♪ [deep in the heart of texas] ♪ [deep in the heart of texas] ♪ [deep in the heart of texas] ♪ lawrence: texas here. ing. carley: it is an important song for you. lawrence: it's our theme song. carley: are you happy? lawrence: i was a little cranky but now i'm not. carley: your cranky is nothing. your cranky is sweet as pie. seriously. lawrence: so great. so the left is redefining thanksgiving with a big old serving of wokeness side.
4:48 am
>> instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits, those settlers brought genocide and violence. >> perhaps forgot turkey. carley: push to cancel the holiday coming up next. ♪ hi we are "fox news live" coast guard station new orleans and we are here to wish you a happy and safe holiday. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ - [narrator] every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft condition. without surgery, some will die.
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carley: back with quick headlines, listen to this. hundreds of southern california residents could have no power for thanksgiving. utility companies are trying to prevent wildfires as strong winds hit the region, early this morning los angeles' national weather service tweeting the highest gusts. some areas getting 77 mile-per-hour winds. car rentals for thanksgiving travelers as much as 75% from last year. that according to travel site kayak. this as the founder of car rental slight prices are up $100 from 2019. he attributes the rising cost to car shortages and the supply chain crisis. so, is the media trying to ruin thanksgiving? >> instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits. those settlers brought genocide
4:53 am
and violence. that genocide and violence is still on the menu. >> perhaps forego the turkey i know that is the staple of the thanksgiving meal. it tends to be the most expensive thing on the table. feels like it's going to be weird. maybe make it fun. start with hors d'oeuvres in the garage. we will have drinks. we will do our rapid test and come on in. >> we can make it playful, make it fun and then be able to enjoy the holiday because you are not worried about safety. >> they are just crazy. it doesn't stop there newspapers running headlines like this saying thanksgiving is a day of mourning and celebrates racist genocide. joey: a new "wall street journal" op-ed fight back saying don't let the idealogues steal thanksgiving. carley: who reacting abouting he ing aboutingeditor of the chicar evita duffy. i'm sure you see this kind of thinking on your college campus all the time. why is the left so hell bent on
4:54 am
trying to attack this great country. >> it's such a good question. it seems so confusing to most of us who love america and who love this holiday. you know, that the line that thanksgiving is a symbol of genocide is a flat out lie. thanksgiving is -- it it's a staple of over 50 years of peace between greatest example of peace and harmony between settlers and indians. i think a lot of this comes back to a book howard zen's people's history of the united states. and in this book pseudo historian howard zen basically looks through every single moment in american hills industry through the prism of race and class and creates this narrative of american shame and guilt and we see that all over on the united states now that
4:55 am
this sort of this fringe book that's now become a staple of history curriculum and now we have race riots, we had the 1619 project and have this lie about thanksgiving. and it's really shameful. lawrence: you know, ivette tax we also have ungrateful people. simply ungrateful and they want to ruin the fun. lawrence: for all of us. >> that's absolutely right. people die all the time. they sacrifice everything to get to the united states of america. we have a wonderful country. and i think that the left trying to smear this holiday is not -- not only shows a lot of ingratitude but i think if i was going to use one of their own words, shows a lot of privilege. carley: absolutely, good point. joey: sometime 2021. thankful. bring people of different strokes all together anding be thankful for the holiday. >> that's right as well. thanksgiving became an actual
4:56 am
holiday 1863 by abraham lincoln that was the bloodiest year in the civil war. similarly, today we live in another time of great divide in our country. and thanksgiving could be an opportunity for us to come together and think about what we're grateful for despite everything else that's happening in the world. and unfortunately, they decided to use it to divide us even more. carley: evita so encouraging someone as young as you and beautiful inside and how the feels the way do you about this country. there is not a lot left in your generation. will. lawrence: god bless you. >> thank you very much. joey: white house standing way to end cash bail even after the deadly attack waukesha parade. the shocking justification next hour. ♪ it's on. get yours on at
4:57 am
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5:01 am
people that was closest to your tv screen. lawrence: so crazy because i grew up, like, in texas watching this on tv. carley: and now you're on tv the during thanksgiving. lawrence: that is pretty cool. see, i didn't even think of that. joey: i'm probably going to fan boy when snoopy comes by. [inaudible conversations] carley: well, speaking of babies, not that call lawrence out, but you are definitely a mama's boy. [laughter] last hour lawrence was talking, we were all doing -- it was about this time last hour, 7:00 time, and i look down and i see on his phone screen mama was calling. joey % she's not here you're not there for thanksgiving. carley: you are so beautiful. when i saw a picture of her, i thought she was your sister. lawrence: oh, my god. as if she needed any more help.
5:02 am
but, mom, love you. carley: what are the thanksgiving traditions you have? lawrence: so the night of thanksgiving is when we put tree up. it's a tradition, we stick to it. during thanksgiving is when we start christmas music. carley: and you have kids, so i'm sure this is a fun day for them as well. joey: millions of american families will gather today and share what they're thankful for, and biden is getting roasted for spending thanksgiving at a billionaire's nantucket home. hillary clinton says americans don't appreciate biden's accomplishments. carley: yeah, that's right. and, you know, i was looking at a poll earlier this morning, and 77% of americans feel inflation impacting their lives. and we should really highlight that number today because it is thanksgiving. people are spending at lot of money at grocery tores. they have to get the turkey, the
5:03 am
potatoes, the onions, all of that is up. thanksgiving inflation 2021 versus to e 2020 -- 2020. everything is more expensive right now, and people are blaming president biden for that. he is commander in chief, and i think one of the reasons his poll numbers are so reflective of how people are feeling it in their wallet is because people are worried about what's happening down the road when you often his big spending bill, pumping more money into the economy for social programs that most americans don't even really feel we need. lawrence: such a lack of responsibility. former candidate for president of united states, hillary clinton, i saying, you know, officially the american people are ungrateful. [laughter] don't believe your own eyes. jason chaffetz sounded off earlier on "fox & friends." take a look. carley: the cost of a fourth of july cookout in 2031 is down -- 2021 is down 16 cents from last
5:04 am
year. >> america, i hope you invested that 16 cents, because you probably gobbledded that up in gas prices just pulling out of driveway today. 16 cents, they put together graphics, they tweeted about it, they made a big deal about it, and you look at what we're going through now with the inflation, the biden/harris inflation and the policies they put in place that made that inflation possible. carley: you know, it's funny, because i said hindsight 20/20, everybody was making fun of white house for saying 16 cents, spending more than, you know, what we were last year. lawrence: it's out of control. and there's been no accountability from the administration. you see it with every crisis that's happened in the country. it's blaming the american people for the crisis that he's putting us through. joey: if we thought hillary clinton was the right person to
5:05 am
leapt us know how lucky we are to have president biden. inflation and border crisis and what's going on in afghanistan and everything else, you're just so lucky of him. thanks, hillary. lawrence: actually, let's hear from her in her own words. take a look. >> you know, democracy is messy. you know, a lot of people got, oh, i think kind of frustrated looking at messy process of legislation, and they doesn't really appreciate -- they didn't really appreciate that within a year the biden administration has passed two the major pieces of legislation through both the house and the senate. by any measure those are extraordinary accomplishments. but because of way we are getting our information today and because of the lack of gatekeepers and people who have a historic perspective who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that,
5:06 am
unfortunately, the other side is really good at exploiting. lawrence: wow. carley: you know, i was -- i know. i was thinking about future and what is coming down the road with this social spending bill. and one of the things that hillary clinton and president biden and progressives want to say is it's a compassionate bill. spending that money on the american people is compassionate because people need a leg up. we already have a social safety net in this country. what's not compassionate is keeping people trapped in that social safety net by giving them more money, because we already have welfare. do we really need a child tax credit on top of it? joey: in this country we have our mind and our to hands, and all we need is an opportunity, government to get out of the way. hillary clinton says we're just too the stupid to understand how good we have it. we need more smart people with ivory tower educations to explain it to us. lawrence: it's the on heels of they talk all this -- they
5:07 am
haven't even used all of the past money, and yet they're still trying to, we see what has happened with inflation, it seems like democrats aren't learning -- i mean, the policy are really reflecting the pulse of country. and instead of, like, making -- the democrats just want to double down. joey: just take a vacation in nantucket with your billionaire friends. carley: wouldn't that be nice? lawrence: so president biden's sticking to ending cash bail. carley: radical bail reform being blamed for freeing a violent offender who killed six in wisconsin. alexandria hoff joins us live from from washington with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's clear that progressive leaders, specifically in wisconsin, knew that their radical bail policies were going to lead to tragedy. all it takes is a look at what john chisholm said in 2007. he said, quote, is from the going to to be an individual put into treatment programs who's
5:08 am
going to go out and kill somebody? you bet, guaranteed. st going to happen. and it did. waukesha residents were stunned to learn that darrell brooks was freed on just $1,000 bond after running over his girlfriend just days before the attack. quote: ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the street, it just means that whether you get bail should be based on threat you pose and not how much money you have in your bank account. on tuesday wisconsin republicans introduced a bill to allow judges to consider public safety when considering how high to set bail. a democrat who considers himself a champion for criminal justice reform seemed to at least somewhat agree writing in part, quote: it needs to be based on public safety. this is an individual where he definitely should be behind bars. now, brooks' ex-girlfriend told "the new york post" that his mother is, quote, wrecked and
5:09 am
regrets bailing brooks outs of jail. carley: alexandria, thank you. she's got such a beautiful baby. lawrence: she's so great. you know, guys, i agree that it should be based on the threat that people pose, but that's not what the democrats believe. they really believe people should be locked up. i mean, this is this new -- carley: rashida tlaib wants bail banned. joey: i would you see her -- did you see her trying to explain it? she didn't even have the words for it. he had to remind her what she was advocating for. and the problem is if rich people are going to buy their way out of trouble the, it's not going to be at the bail parking lot, it's going to be before that happens. we saw the family in south carolina. all the craziness that surrounded them, if people are going to be corrupt, they're going to do it smartly. carley: i just can't believe the milwaukee county district attorney, he released that
5:10 am
statement in 2007 saying are are my policies ring going to get someone killed? yes. that is the most disqualifying statement of all time. and look at what happened. and then he has the audacity to, after this waukesha attack the, say, oh, we need to look into why this guy was out. how about you relook at what you said in 2007? that's all the investigation you need. you called it. you knew this was going to happen and were okay with it. lawrence: this is what we call being married to ideology. no matter the consequences of ideologying, because they say they believe it, they'll go with it anyway. they straight up admitted that they understand the consequences, they were just okay with it. i think there's this common misconception that they don't know what they're doing. they know exactly what they're going to do. they know exactly the consequences, they don't care because they're married to it. carley: last night there were two nypd officers were shot again by a career criminal and, thank god, believe that they're going to be okay. and mayor-elect eric adams, he was speaking about this.
5:11 am
he was voted -- he was elected into office because he is a former police officer, and people in new york city, i mean, this is the most blue area of the country. they are so sick and tired of feeling unsafe, and that's why they elected him. he was talking about the bail reform decisions on "the view." talk a listen to him for a second. >> you can't have someone arrested with a gun on monday and out on the street on tuesday. i appoint judges to be extremely clear. if you don't understand this city must be safe and you can't get caught up in the politics of this city, you must make sure those who pose an imp innocent threat -- imminent threat, they are not going to be released back into my community. lawrence: he's taking ownership of the city. we'll see how he governs. he's already tussled with black lives matter, i'm going to support the officers who cotheir job every day.
5:12 am
i hope he lets the d.a. know this can't stand in new york city. this sents the tone for the whole country. joey: he understands what it takes to keep a place safe and how important it is, and i hope his actions back up his words because he's saying the right thing. carley: yeah. you just have to think, i'm so grateful for my health and, you know, to be here, but there are so many people who are hurting right now because of this increase in crime and the awful stories, the one out of philadelphia where a pregnant woman was shot as she was unloading baby gives for her baby shower. joey: you're not doing criminals any favors by not -- carley: no one wins. joey: i'm all about reforming people, giving them a second chance. i'm here alive for getting a second chance. that shouldn't be a death sentence to anyone if it's petty crime or theft, but they should have to learn from it and grow. lawrence: let's make sure these people actually reform their lives. this guy killed six people, one
5:13 am
is a child, in waukesha. he never reformed. 50 pages, he never changed his life. instead, they put him back on the street until he finally killed someone. that is -- that's not criminal justice reform. that is making sure that the victims never get justice and that the criminals are the only ones that get justice. carley: and we've talked to so many moms on "fox & friends," parents who have lost children, and they're saying to these district attorneys like the one out in los angeles, why are you advocating for the criminal who killed my son? it's such backyards logic -- backwards logic. and it negatively impacts the communities as well. we were talking about the san francisco with these looting incidents that are the happening, what happens when there's crime in a city? businesses don't want to be there like walgreens pulled out, yeah. and it's a revolving door. joey: people need drugstores, hardware stores. lawrence: i think the american
5:14 am
people have said this in virginia as well as across the country, here in new york, they want law and order. no matter where they stand -- carley: it's as simple as that. shouldn't be a big ask. joey: it's thanksgiving, we want to be thankful. lawrence: we thank you for joining us. carley: a your finding three men guilty in the murder of ahmaud arbery, deliberating for about 10 hours finding travis mcmichael guilty on all counts, his father greg and neighbor willie bryant were convicted of felony murder and other charges including aggravated assault and false imprison. the attorney will file a new motion for trial after thanksgiving. another robbery at in order. strom happening overnight -- nordstrom. a security guard expected to be the okay after he was sprayed by a suspect with an unknown substance. meanwhile, police say just three people were arrested out of the
5:15 am
90 suspects in the in order strom heist in the -- nordstrom heist in the san francisco bay area over the weekend. fairfax county public schools reinstating two controversial books, lawn boy and gender qu e -- queer, a memoir. parents condemning the books as obscene. the allegations were denied writing in part in a press release, quote: the robust committee process took place over several weeks and considered whether the books -- regulations by being deemed harmful to juveniles. neither books were deemed to have fallen foul of these regulations. and cancer, rath -- [inaudible] revealing he passed hisship test live on "fox & friends." >> the great country in the world, and actually not many people know this, and this is the first time i'm saying it, i
5:16 am
passed my citizenship test, and at the end of this month i'm actually getting sworn in and becoming an official american citizen, and i cannot wait. carley: kanter had his passport revoked in 2017 over criticism of the government, and that was an emotional moment for him. you could see he was smiling ear to ear, but also a little weepy too. lawrence: that's right, welcome. joey: that's what a proud american is. lawrence: we're so grateful this morning. happy thanksgiving, and thank you so much for sending in your photos. i think we've got a family right here. the taylor family from stuart, florida, is thankful for their family and for governor ron desantis. carley: look at those cuties. joey: charles from crab orchard, west virginia, is thankful for our country and those who serve it. carley: and kim is thankful for
5:17 am
her fox family including this real one. met her last week at the patriot awards in hollywood, florida. look at that -- i remember her. oh, my gosh. it's good to see the pictures and that moment again. look at that, joey, that's so cool. lawrence: it was so great being at the patriot awards to meet our extended family and the people who pay our bills. we feel like we know them. carley: i kept on saying that to everybody. they were like, oh, this is great. i was, like, this means more to me than you. joey: i kept introducing myself, hey, i'm joey. yeah, we know. carley: what a simple concept, thanking the people, thanking the real heroes of this country, not celebrities, not the people that get crept and, you know, the celebrity star power every single day, the people who really make this country the place that it is. lawrence: so true.
5:18 am
thank you so much for being with us today. coming up, we're counting down the start of the macies' thanksgiving -- macy's thanksgiving day parade, and i'm headed outside to talk to viewers about what they are thankful for this year, coming up on fox. ♪ ♪ >> i'm internallist roll rootion, i want to wish my family a merry christmas and a happy holidays. i miss you guys. i can't be with you in the present, but i'm with you in spirit.
5:19 am
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carley: a live shot outside our studio here in new york city where parade-goers are lining up to watch the 95th macy's thanksgiving day parade. joey: lawrence is live outside to talk to the crowd. brother, what you got? lawrence: other here -- over here i found some friends outside, and i want to know what they are thankful for. how y'all doing? where y'all from? >> jackson is, new jersey. lawrence: what about you, sir? >> jackson, new jersey. that's my dad. lawrence: what are you thankful forsome. >> happy to be healthy, happy to be back in the city for thanksgiving. happy this is back on. >> yeah, same is. i'm happy, you know, to be with my family for thanksgiving, i guess. i'm happy to be back from college for thanksgiving. >> well, sort of. lawrence: it'll be a little bit before they're fighting again. all right, where y'all from? >> virginia. lawrence: and this is your first thanksgiving day paradesome. >> yes. and i'm thankful to be here with my family for the first time in new york. i love it. lawrence: what are y'all
5:24 am
thankful for? >> new york in general. >> yeah. i'm just happy to be here. i'm thankful to be back in the city. lawrence: all right, sur, where you from? >> d.c. lawrence: is in your first thanksgiving parade? >> yeah, yeah. lawrence: what are you thankful for this morning? >> to be here and for my family. lawrence lawrence anything you want to see change this new year? is. >> i mean, just the world to be more united in general. put everything aside, and we need to just -- [audio difficulty] lawrence: i think we could all use a dose of unity. thank you, sir. where are you from? >> new jersey. lauren lawrence what about you? what are you thankful for this morning? >> i'm thankful for my family and being alive, well and healthy. lawrence: that's what i'm talking about. >> for being here for the first time. lawrence: lastly, what are you guys thankful for this morning in. >> oh, family. lawrence: we all love football.
5:25 am
[audio difficulty] lawrence: where y'all from? >> i'm from clinton, maryland. lawrence: thank y'all so much. i'm going to send it back to you in the studio. carley: lawrence, i'm thankful for a great many things, and one of them was you were the one who had to go outside and not me. joey:st not that bad. lawrence: i'm going to go in and get warm. carley: up next, president biden is reversing course and taking a page from trump's playbook. joey: and karl rove discusses why it took biden so long to recognize if it ain't broke, don't fix it. ♪ -- i'll be there for you. ♪ this is not a drive-by. ♪ just a shy guy looking for a good time. ♪ everything is all right ♪♪ ♪
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>> stand by. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, guys. we're back out here, it's the 95th macy's day parade, and i have have chris who's going to be on one of the floats. this is your first time out here. what's the experience been like for you so far? >> yeah. so first time in the macy's thanksgiving day parade and just walking around and seeing how big of a production this is is much different than i thought. watching it on tv is one thing, but being here in person and seeing how many people there are here is amazing. adam: did you grow up watching this? >> yeah, as a kid all the way up till now never hiking i would be here, so this is a bucket list. adam: very cool. and what are folks going to see you perform today? is. >> i'm singing my most popular song, i don't know about you, and very excited on playing it. a ad awesome. you recently have a new son, is
5:31 am
that correct? is he here with you? >> yeah, yeah. so my wife and i, we brought our son dutton. his paris time to the city -- his first time to the city, but i'm so excited to have hum out here and for our first thanksgiving as a family to be playing macy's thanksgiving day parade and to have him be a part of this, i told my wife make sure you get plenty of videos. adam: awesome. have a great show, a great performance. carley, back oh to you. carley: appreciate it. in the meantime, president biden planning on promptly reinstating former president trump's remain in mexico policy requiring asylum-seeking immigrants to wait on the mexican side of the border for processing. the dhs telling fox news in compliance with the court order, we are working to reimplement mpp as promptly as possible.
5:32 am
joining us now to react is fox news contributor and former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush, karl rove. karl, good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you, good morning. carley: so when i first saw this headline, i thought, wow, this is big news. it could truly alleviate this border crisis, but we need mexico to also comply to this. and could this statement just say, okay, we are going to, we're going to bring back remain in mexico eventually, but they could also be sort of dragging their feet on it as well. what do you think? >> well, they have been dragging their feet on it. let's step back just a minute. president trump begins the remain in mexico policy which is actually called the migrant protection protocols. started it in 2019 and then suspended it during the pandemic and instead relied upon a thing called title 42 the which said we're going to just return people who come across border from mexico, we're going to
5:33 am
return them without letting them make an asylum claim. then in comes biden, and biden continues the title 42 policy, but then in june he formally suspends the migrant protection protocol saying we're not going to require people ever to remain in the mexico. however, missouri and texas sue, and by august a federal judge has said you've got to reconstitute it. now, since august they've been playing around with this, but they're under a court order that says you've got to reinstitute this program. you did not end it in a reasonable fashion, there's a serious threat on the border, you've got to do something. so they've spent since august rying to find a way around this. i think they finally concluded that the judge was adamant about it and they better reinstitute it. but it will help. carley: it absolutely will help. but you have to wonder what the progressive wing of the democratic party will say to president biden about this and how much pushback he's going to get because of this. >> oh, yeah, absolutely.
5:34 am
well, and also we've got to make sure they're actually doing it. look, if you've been, if you get rid of it in june and immediately end up in court and by august, which is a pretty rocket docket for a federal judge between you, ending it in june and coming down in august and making the decision that you have to reinstitute is it and it takes you until december to try and finally say you're going to do it, we better be watching carefully as to whether or not they're actually doing it or if they're undermining it in some way, shape or form. carley: yeah. you know, the other issue that we're talking about a lot this morning is, of course,st it's thanksgiving and people are feeling it at the gas pump, at the grocery store, and president biden is spending thanksgiving at this billionaire's compound. would you have advised the president to spend thanksgiving at said compound during your time working at the white house? >> well, look, i understand how important this is to him personally. he's been going to nantucket since 1975, 46 years, he and his family have always rented a
5:35 am
house at nantucket. i think i would have said, mr. president, it is better for you rather than doing this flashy thing in nantucket, can't you find a way to bring the family together at camp david? if it'd be a wonderful moment at camp david, many of your family have never been there, spend holiday there. i think i would have done that. but i tell you, we're talking about the wrong thing though. what we ought to be the talking about is jen psaki saying, oh, your turkey is only costing you a collar more shut -- a dollar more, hut up about inflation. -- shut up about inflation. all items, everything that that we buy, in january inflation was rising at 1.4%. in october, the last month from which we got numbers, it's rising at an annual rate of 7.5%. think about that. shelter, which takes up a third of most people's budgets went from 1.6 in january to 4% today. food, which makes up about 1 out of every $6 that the average family spends went from 3.8 to
5:36 am
6.3. that's what we ought to be talking about. carley: you're absolutely right, and the president promised not to raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000, and those numbers prove that through inflation he most certainly did. >> a hidden tax, you bet. carley: happy thanksgiving. thank you for coming on. >> same to you. carley: coming up, we are shining a light on products made right here in america. our next guest is a vet veteran whose products can spice up any meal, and we've got some easy recipes that will be sure to impress. stick around. ♪ ♪ in touch with the ground, i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪♪ smell like i sound ♪♪ entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant;
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lawrence: welcome back to "fox & friends." let's check in with adam klotz live from the start of the 95th macy's thanksgiving day parade
5:41 am
where more famous faces are getting ready to hit the parade. carley: who have you got will? lawrence: adam, who you got with you, brother? is. adam: well, jimmy allen, he is a singer, song writer, famous from -- what's show? you been on all the shows. you can dance? you can sing? >> just a little bit. adam: did a little "dancing with the stars" -- >> yeah, that was fun. adam: thanksgiving's about family. we know your young daughter had a little bit of a medical emergency on tuesday night. how's everything going? >> she's stable now. we've got her to a hospital with doctors that have time to do their job. [laughter] which is important. so, you know, they got her stable, and she's breathing better. so she's doing, she's doing good. because, like, the whole thing
5:42 am
started with she got taken to the hospital, and my wife told doctor, hey, she can't breathe. the doctor just checks her temperature and her heart rate and says, well, she's good. my wife says, no, she can't breathe. you need to do a chest scan. no, can't. what? i just feel like -- adam: she's doing better now though. >> shout out to all the health care workers out there. i know it's a trying time right now, but, you know, we just have to remember that no matter what our job is, it's the job that we signed up for, you know? and thanksgiving the season holiday, you know, we just gotta work a little harder, make sure everybody feels comfortable. ad a ad yeah. we're grateful that she's doing okay. you're going to be the performing on the jolly green giant float. what are you going to be doing? >> a single i have out with brad paisley. it'll be fun. i'm in a good mood now that my daughter's feeling great. happy to be here. i wasn't going to come, but my
5:43 am
wife said, you should come. we're actually in delaware, i'm going to go right back afterwards, but it'll be fun. me and my grandma used to watch this parade. adam: we're running out of time, but thanks for stopping by. >> appreciate you, man. cheers. adam: guys, back over to you. carley: we're so glad his daughter's better, god bless her. absolutely. joey: all right. ahead of the christmas shopping season we're taking time to thank and highlight small businesses week. frag out flavor aims to bring american families quality seasonings for every meal. they offer a variety of spice if blends and bash rue rubs and donate to rooms and the military community. founder of brag out flavor and veteran patrick flynn joins us now. patrick, good morning. >> morning. joey: i know a little bit about what you did overseas, but i
5:44 am
don't know anything about cooking, so i'm actually really excited to have to have these. we've got freedom spice and combat canary. is this going to make cooking easier for me? tell me about the spices and how we use it. >> absolutely. those are two of our goods ones. we have a very quality craft lineup to help your cooking regardless of what you're making. there's something for everybody. poultry seasoning is our combat canary, great on chicken whether you moak it, cook it in the -- smoke it, cook it in the oven. yeah, really going to enhasn't your flavor whether it's something that you've already had perfected over years or whether it's, you know, you need some significant help with the meals that you're preparing,st simply going to enhance the flavor of your food. joey: my brother-in-law's a fireman, he's at my house cooking right now. what inspired you to create a spice line? what is it about frag out flavor
5:45 am
that now you're giving back to the military community? >> yeah, great question. i've always had a very entrepreneurial spirit, so that just continued to grow during my time in the service. and then when i was out of the service and transitioning back into civilian life, i really had a desire to kind of -- i was missing that camaraderie, and i really missed working with the veterans. and i realized, hey, look, let's go to the drawing board, find a way to reconnect not only myself, but other veterans who struggled after they get outment and obviously, you know, just like with your fireman, they, you know, barbecuing and cooking is something like a hobby that we really share. so i thought, hey, i could quite literally bring something good to the table here, let's come up with a really quality craft line of season and establish a brand. joey: i can't thank you enough for it. for more info, head to
5:46 am at thatpatrick, thanks for doin, thanks for coming on. >> absolutely. happy thanksgiving. carley: all right. oh, you're tossing to maine we're right next to each other. [laughter] lawrence: i've got cameras -- laugh. carley: he's doing amazing. thank you. can i be in your shot over here? there we go, look at that. how fun is that? whew! we've got to share some headlines. philadelphia is on the verge of 500 homicides this year, but the city's democratic mayor is blaming the, blaming it on the lack of gun control. listen. >> the volume of guns that are in circulation in our communities is at a record high. pennsylvania general assembly must allow us to enact reasonable controls on guns in our city. carley: the increase in crime comes as democratic-led city is facing a police staffing shortage after defunding the department more than $14 million. lebron james returns from
5:47 am
suspension and gets two fans ejected. it's unclear what exactly the fans said, but lebron said after the game, quote, a fan should never say it to a player. wednesday's game was the fist game back after he was suspended for a single game for elbowing a pistons' forward, isaiah stuart. thanksgiving's time-honored position of food and football kicking off today on fox starting with a special edition of npl, fox nfl sunday at 10:30. terry bradshaw and the crew will be broadcasting live right here from fox square. then at 12:30 eastern the chicago bears taking on the detroit lions also on fox followed by cowboys and raiders -- [applause] [laughter] carley: as well as the statements and the bills. -- saints and the bills. how are they going to do? lawrence: they better -- carley: it's america's team, right? [inaudible conversations] lawrence: it doesn't take much.
5:48 am
[laughter] all right. if you are in charge of cooking this thanksgiving, we have some great tips to make it a meal -- to make a meal for your family and friends that they will love.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> my name's specialist kyle mercer and i'd like to give a happy holidays to my family, all my friends back at home, all my friends back in the rear. i hope y'all are doing good, and i'll see y'all soon. joey: it's a beautiful thanksgiving morning, and some of you may till be scrambling to find the perfect recipes. lawrence: celebrity the chef george duran is here with three simple meals that everyone will enjoy. carley: that's right. he joins us now. where do you want to start? >> oh, my goodness, with the tar of the show, centerpiece of beauty, these are tyson fresh whole roasters. some people are fight overdrumsr the holidays and have the cajun rub chicken -- carley: chicken, not turkey? >> in addition to the turkey. carley: got it. >> why don't you guys start eating? you also have the chicken breast
5:53 am
as well. and then way i cook some of these pieces are in this beauty, it's called a brava, it uses multi-zone cooking. when i open this up, you're going to notice three different ingredients, chicken, roasted potatoes and, of course, the green beans. three different zones. the brava knows how to cook it. carley: wow. >> you press the green button, automatically it cooks it. carley: so you can cook meat and veggies at the same time, and machine knows -- >> hotter, cooks to perfection, and the brava knows exactly -- you news your smart device or there's an oven cam so it doesn't heat up your kitchen that much. up to $300 if you go to right now. it has a baking function. this one oh here, you just press the button and low and slow, it cooks it to perfection.
5:54 am
carley: what a time to be alive. >> hickory smoked, real smoked bacon, beautifully made. i made loaded mashes potatoes, loaded cornbread. carley: it is so good. >> it's layered with onions, peppers, honey on top of it. and don't forget mac and cheese. carley: can i eat some of this? >> yeah, i'm doing sausage. it just changes everything. if you have a regular mac and cheese, bring it up a notch. [laughter] some of sausage adds spiciness, smokiness. again, no antes, all -- no antibiotics, all natural. carley: that is sod good. >> just keep eating, we have more. carley: that mac and cheese is amazing. it's one of cheesiest i've ever had. >> i'm telling you, it's
5:55 am
sausage. carley: what kind of cheese did you use? >> it's cheddar and mozzarella, monterey. but any mac and cheese you have at home, just add some of that and work uille, and you're going to elevate it. carley: can i join your family in. >> come on over. joey: can i get you to come at least once a month? carley: come with oven. >> you don't even need me. press the green button, the brava is going to do everything for you. lawrence: how much are these ovens? >> they're on sale for black friday, up to $300 off on all these recipes are on lawrence: this is going to be on "fox & friends." carley: this may sound stupid, i'm not one to be very good in the kitchen, i never thought about stuffing a chicken before. >> yeah. so think of it like a turkey but on a smaller scale.
5:56 am
carley: clearly. >> you can is every -- have a spicy chicken rub, and the other is herb stuffed. lawrence: it's cajun rub for me. joey: thanks for giving me a thanksgiving meal. carley: you're best. and he comes with the oven. how about that? more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪ ♪ black friday is back at lowe's. shop now for the best deals. make everything twice as nice, and twice as merry. don't miss black friday shopping and cyber steals. or buy online and pick up in store.
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>> just in time for the holidays order rachel and sean duffy's new book "all american christmas." happy thanksgiving. i have to run. bye. >> what a difference a year makes. millions of families reuniting with loved ones. celebrating thanksgiving today and so much tore thankful for after the pandemic hampered the holidays last year and the year before. i'm julie banderas. >> benjamin: i'm benjamin hall. julie, a pleasure to be with you. happy thanksgiving. >> you are spending it without your children. they are back in the u.k., right? >> benjamin: they'll do some kind of thanksgiving. i'm a passport hold


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