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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for joining us and to sean and his team. i appreciate being here. before we go, check out get tammy bruce streaming on fox nation and find me on locals@tammy sean is back on monday. have a great weekend. the ingraham angle is up next. >> i'm jason in for laura ingram. this is a special >> reporter: i am jason chaffetz in for laura into the graham. a school administrator says he
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was put on leave for exposing his district's critical race theory teaching. president biden being forced to restart a trump era policy on illegal aliens. tom homan and brandon judd will join us with that on the border crisis plus the biden administration creates a task force investigating ufos. there is an urgent discovery we need to make. a new variant, wall street plunge and travel ban. the world health organization warning about a new covid variant of concern. most prevalent in south africa. it is called a cron. new fears over the economic impact since the doubt plunging into its biggest single day drop all year but don't worry, president biden has a plan. >> i decided we are going to be cautious, there is no travel to and from south africa and 6 other countries and -- except for american citizens are able to come back. we don't know a lot about the variant except it is of great concern.
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>> seems similar to the travel restrictions donald trump put into place for china at the start of covid. here's what president biden had to say about it then. >> we have right now a crisis with a coronavirus from china. this is no time for donald trump's record of hysteria and xena phobia and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science. >> joining me now is doctor j, school of medicine professor. thank you for joining us tonight. should we be running into panic mode over this new variant of concern? >> absolutely not. there are fewer than 100 cases,
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the cases are pretty mild, there's been no hospitalizations or deaths from the variant. the cases presumably, they say the cases, a more infectious variant. that's not the most important thing. does it escape natural in the unity? does it escape vaccine immunity? no indication that is true. the panic is unwarranted. we should wait and see what the data show. >> it was just this morning, the same day the president said take more vaccines and take more out there and put this travel ban in place but earlier today doctor fauci was saying we really don't know, we don't know if it will evade vaccines. it feels like it is politics put in front of the actual scientists saying a few hours beforehand not to do these things or they weren't necessarily warranted.
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>> agree with that but the travel ban makes no sense to me. there was the case just identified in belgium of this variant, a traveler from egypt. if it is there it is already out there. the travel ban didn't work before, the lockdown didn't work before for things presumably most infectious than this variant, why would anyone think they work now. all the travel bands will do is cause distress and harm for no good purpose. i think the key thing, good public health message, there's no reason for panic, this is something we are tracking. this is an are in a virus which it gets very it all the time and most of them don't take off to infect everybody, not every variant is like delta. most of them produce no affect, they have a little blip up and go away. we should be giving people that
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message. it something worth looking at but nothing worth panicking about. we should continue to move forward, vaccinate the vulnerable and return as best we can to normal life knowing we have the tools now to start to address this pandemic. >> if you look at the difference between michigan and florida, florida has led the way, rules of how you engage with this -- with covid are so totally different but if there was such urgency in making sure we put this travel been in place why wait until monday. other countries did it today. >> i don't think it was worthwhile for the other countries or for us to do it. the problem is this is a virus
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that spreads very easily and thus the global pandemic, trying to put travel bands in place to try to stop and isolate ourselves to what end, what purpose? and the president says we have to do this just in case or to be safe, it hasn't worked before. it is not likely to worse now and it causes harm. that means it is bad policy. it is already further along in places like belgium and travel from egypt. what makes the president or anyone think this travel ban would work? what we should be doing is the kind of policies that protect the vulnerable that is quite important, make sure the vulnerable are vaccinated. make sure antibodies are in place to treat patients to do covid and the rest of society open schools, start to address the fear and panic in the population as opposed to stoking it which is what people are
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doing with this variant. to create panic for this variant, a cron, several variants and still to, we should be tracking the data carefully but not creating public panic over something that the signals look like it doesn't produce more severe disease and doesn't evade immunity. >> thank you for sharing your expertise with us tonight, we appreciate it. president biden is so proud of himself on how much time he spent making a decision about the a cron variant, look what he had to say about it. >> spent about a half hour this morning with lack of intimate by doctor fauci. >> why not do it now like other countries? >> that was the recommendation coming from my --
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>> 30 minutes, that is all the time it took to put a travel ban on eight countries, the president said was 6. joining me now is mercedes schlapp, trump 2020 senior advisor and senior fellow for the american conservative union foundation was also with these mike huckabee, 2016 presidential candidate, former arkansas governor. i will play use sound for what candidate biden said. he was going to tackle the virus, shut down the virus. >> i'm going to shutdown the virus, not the country. it is his ineptitude the cost the country to have to shut down in large part, why businesses of gun under, schools are closed, so many people have lost their living and why they are concerned. >> how has that stood the test of time? >> not very well. interesting the president biden a year ago was saying it was all on donald trump, his fault even to the point he and the press
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essentially accused donald trump of being responsible for the number of american deaths due to covid. this year we've had more depth in 2021 then we had in 2020. when is president biden going to go to the microphone and join with the press in saying i own this, i own all these deaths as donald trump did a year ago. the truth is everything president biden city year ago he has reversed. every policy donald trump had in place the biden has reversed has had disastrous consequences so the fact that it took 30 minutes, i figured it wouldn't have taken 30 seconds. what did trump? let's do the opposite, that is all we need to know. >> it seems donald trump was listening to the science in doing the -- widely ridiculed, called xenophobic, every phobic you can think of but turns out
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donald trump was ahead of the curve despite what the media was saying. >> donald trump understood listening to his advisors, asking tough questions before making critical decisions. remember it was the world health organization to criticize donald trump for these travel bands to china and european nations, waiting to see what the world health organization was going to see now with president biden making the decision to ban travel to 7 countries and south africa. that's going to be an interesting thing to watch but for president biden, he is in a tricky position. this president, who keep changing their minds every couple of hours, we are not doing anything with a cron or
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putting travel restrictions all of a sudden several hours later that changes. this muddled messaging continues to come out of this administration led by doctor fauci which creates this fear and panic that the doctor he spoke to earlier address perfectly well which is we need to stop creating this fear and panic in the eyes of the american people, let them realize we can combat this pandemic together and that is something president biden has failed to do. >> for the life of me, i cannot understand why president biden keeps doctor fauci in place. he has more time to to cover shoots for some celebrity magazines and he does to do the science and this morning he is out saying the opposite of what the president says later after the president said i spent 30
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minutes looking this over and we shutdown these eight countries or six countries, they can't decide if it is eight or six. unbelievable to me this guy still have a job, hasn't been fired. if you're going to instill confidence in the american people how do you do that with the inept communications capacity, kamala harris is nowhere and doctor fauci who nobody believes. >> doctor fauci was very credible in nearly days because we didn't know any better, this guy must be the expert but as he continued to serve in that capacity he changed his mind, we started listening to other scientists, others who are quite frankly clinicians, actual research scientists, not government bureaucrat doctors, they actually practice medicine, see patients and review data from all over the world and it
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is a different point of view, they talked about herd immunity, what we need to do is live our lives, quarantine people who are sick, not the people who are well and many of us started saying that makes more sense but there are certain people that continue to believe that doctor fauci gives his instructions basically handed to him personally on two tablets of stone postmarked mount sinai. i am not buying that anymore and many of us aren't. we are looking to genuine science and thoughtful doctors rather than government bureaucratic people who have been in government service for 50 years but never actually practiced day today medicine on patients. >> the governor makes a point. president biden was critical, we need a plan, we are going to tackle the virus but i don't understand what's president biden thinks is the actual plan. you worked in the white house. >> this is a very reactionary
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president in all sorts of areas whether on the economy, inflation out of control, gas prices going up and they are trying to tackle that problem but it is very reactionary, the same thing with covid where he made the promise during the campaign to take control of the pandemic and he has failed to do so it shows weakness out of this administration. for donald trump we have to remember that it was his vision and his dream that by him focusing on putting together operation warp speed, getting pharmaceutical companies to move quickly, getting rid of the red tape to make sure we get these vaccines in place that by the way kamala harris and the democrats were saying i don't want to take the vaccine because it is a trump vaccine and it is because of what donald trump did to put these vaccines in place that it is why president biden has any tools, anything he can
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work with right now but president biden has failed to move the ball forward, failed on this pandemic and creating calm among the american people tackling issues like natural immunity and that is why there is such distressed by the american people of president biden. >> don't think they have a plan and they need rapid testing and don't see them doing that. thank you so much for joining us. new allegations of the biden administration did nothing to that afghan refugees before shipping them to your backyard but first the indiana school administrator who exposed his district's crt teaching says he was put on leave. he's here with his story coming up next.
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>> americans fighting back has been a corners >> americans fighting back is a cornerstone of the ingraham angle after exposing how the indianapolis school district is pushing critical race. my next guest says he was placed on
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leave. his email account was locked out and banned from any school building. what are they telling you? >> it is chaos, the last couple weeks they told me many of the staff at indianapolis public schools are behind themselves with clinical anxiety and are terrified i'm going to pull out my phone and put them on fox news tomorrow which is flattering i suppose and the more we shed light on the things that are going on that parents should know about the more nervous the district is getting. they locked me out, i heard nothing since wednesday when they locked me out of my file, calendar and everything. we have to wait and see what happens. >> they haven't told you i can hope they are still paying you but what is it you did that is so injurious, that they won't
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let you going to school grounds? >> a few weeks ago our district told our principal not to tell parents we were teaching critical race theory when we were, lots of evidence that we are teaching critical race theory and we showcase that. recently we posted a video of the director of our racial equity office telling the audience that white people are perpetuating racism toward unborn black children he and they didn't like that much because a couple hours later i was locked out. >> help you further understand the evidence, when the school board or school district says we are not pushing critical race theory is. actually you are
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>> there are many things when you can take a look at it. our strategic priority too, the project resolution, black lives better resolution the school board past indicate several definitions of racism out of white and the storm worked on critical race theory writings usually just stood in 1995 a large essay on why critical race. should be implemented in k-12 schools, told the entire staff teaching is political and critical race. is a good thing and our racial equity office mentioned at all the time in their personal meetings and professional developments. it is steeped into the district. >> what are these characteristics of white supremacy, what are they?
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>> depending on who you ask, white supremacy can be any strong man you can build. what do you want to gripe about today? punctuality? i've seen several slides indicated in racial equity meetings that say a sense of urgency is a factor of white supremacy culture, being respectable and expecting respect from others, being on time for things, eyesight things when i see them, those are aspects of white supremacy culture and that is rather interesting to me. >> being on time is white supremacy, really? >> that is a big one. that has been stated several times. a sense of urgency, needing things to follow a specific schedule is very protestant work ethic and we know protestantism has been held up as a trademark of white supremacy apparently. >> thank you for your good work and for standing tall for what you believe and sharing with parents so they can make an informed decision. parents want to be armed with information and you've done as
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much is anybody to highlight that. i will be fascinated at the ingraham angle to see where that goes next. thanks for joining us. for some reason school stopped putting our children first. what happened during covid open our eyes to how they are being treated and what they were learning. we know about crt and how the teachers unions keeping our kids masks, socially distanced and flat-out out of school but there are so many other disturbing stories out there. in new york city according to the post kids are being forced to eat their lunches outside on the grounds. temperatures were in the 30s and 40s. in north carolina a female student says she was suspended for reporting a sexual assault. in vermont schools are handing out free condoms to middle schoolers. joining me now is cynthia garrett, education activist and
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author of i choose victory and the vice president of strategy and investigations at parents defending education. hard to choose where to start with this but you are deep into this with what our parents to do, what should they be looking for and how do they deal with it? >> for two years every time i have gotten an email, or thousand emails asking the same questions i have the same answer, show up at school board meetings whether you are a parent, mom, dad or grandparent because a lot of grandparents have the time and are looking at these issues that are impacting the children in their life even even if you show up you support those meetings, you have to make them viral and i have to tell
12:27 am
you one of the things that is the most critically satisfying to me is moms have been showing up. look at virginia, and have been recording meetings, look at what has gone viral in the last couple months where we see the file being taught to our kids, crt, all manner of lies and all manner of school board abuse of parental rights and our children and it is all about control. it is all about how do we -- you know? >> it is about control. schools are facing back lash for taking steps against indoctrination. some put it back on the shelves but in fairfax county really concerned about that because they initially banned gender queer, a book you. a salon, then the other complained the equipment removing or restricting clear books in libraries and schools
12:28 am
is like cutting a lifeline for queer use might not even know what terms to ask google to find out more about their own identities, bodies and health. since when our public schools responsible for affirming a child's sexuality and where are we with this situation? >> it is tragic. you were asking how this happened, june of 2020 we had the great woke awakenings that happened in this country. we saw it in school after school, from our teacher on the ground, we went from this book critical race. that was in law schools and your guest just talked about, white fragility. how does this become the garbage that is now indoctrinating our children? there is this book called race wars. a children's book about white privilege.
12:29 am
no longer is this just a white car or is this a black card. these are cars that symbolize privilege and it is just like tony was saying they are now indoctrinating our children with this idea that is taking away their innocence and on the issue of sexuality this is not just a unicorn. now what these children are getting is this thing called gender unicorn, grilling them about their gender identity, gender expression, who they are attracted to. this but -- >> how old are the kids? >> 12 years old. this is the tragedy. you know as well as i do this is the tragedy of how they are coming after our children and every parent has to be awakened,
12:30 am
every grandparent, every neighbor, we must protect our children. >> i think part of what happened, i want to drive home the death of the parents, got to pay attention. i think covid forced the situation, allowed parents and grandparents to see what was going on and they are praying on the whole idea that they were oblivious to what was going on but now that they are there and seeing if they've got to take action. i wish i had more time to chat with both of you but cynthia and as rough, thanks for joining us on the ingraham angle. did president biden put americans in danger to clear out afghan refugees as fast as he could? afghanistan and were congressman michael walsh reacts to the latest allegations coming up next.
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>> raise your hand if you trust the people behind the current border crisis here and the afghanistan debacle to vet each and every one of these people. the fact is,
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laura: raise your hand if you trust the people behind the border crisis and afghanistan debacle to that each and every one of these people. we've seen potential bad actors nearly slipped through the system. is there any reason to believe the vetting is being done in accordance with us law? >> the angle has been warning you about this for months, how can you trust the vending the biden administration is doing of the afghan refugees after the couple attack, the answer as laura has said many times as you can't even though the president said this. >> planes taking off from couple are not flying directly to the united states. the sites where they are landing we are conducting thorough scrutiny, security screening for everyone who is not a us citizen or lawful permanent resident. anyone arriving in the united states will have undergone background check.
12:37 am
>> the senate gop memo paid by the washington examiner is revealing the, quote, almost none of the 82,000 people were vetted before being admitted to the united states. a source saying, quote, they didn't really try to do anything. it would have been hard and would have taken hours and days which they didn't even try, they just assumed a big risk because it would be less work. joining me now is florida congressman mike walsh, member of the house armed services committee and combat veteran himself. thank you for your service to this nation but this revelation by the washington examiner and this gop memo in the senate saying almost none of the 82,000 people were vetted, that is exactly the opposite of what the president and secretary mayorkas promised us.
12:38 am
>> you know i have been one of the strongest and loudest voices that we had to take care of our allies, had to get americans out and had to stand with those who stood with us for so many years to defend our flag but just one more incident where the biden administration botched this thing. there were many of us republican and democrat, veterans back in april listen as he made this announcement saying you have to start the evacuation now and you have to get these people to third countries or third-party locations where you can do a thorough and proper vetting, where you can buy time, get them to safety but to the vetting and get the right people, now we found out on the one hand they want to say losing this war was a strategic failure but the evacuation was a big tactical success. we are finding not even that was a success. they didn't get the right people out and what has me and others
12:39 am
upset is there are still so many s ivs still there, green card holders, legal permanent residents and so many out risk afghans are still there and got the wrong people out and now they lied to us about the vetting process, they shunted, they truncated it because they wanted this whole thing to go away. >> they started dispersing people into the homeland. there are some legitimate people who were great help to the united states military, them and those families should be well taken care of but the vetting, the way it is supposed to look like, was not even close, the way it could have been done. they could have done it months in advance to start if they knew they were taking them out but that is not what is going on here. >> know and we have to make the distinction that there was some screening going on and this is
12:40 am
the wordsmithing the biden administration is playing games with. there are some basic screenings where you are running people's names and identities and fingerprint against our databases but this thing was so chaotic, was such a mess a lot of them had no id, very incomplete afghan documents and rather than slowing down and doing the right thing and extending the process, doing personal interviews, what needed to be done, according to this memo and the sources behind it ordered the defense departed and dhs to truncate the whole thing and let people get through. because again they wanted out of sight out of mind, off the headlines so they could move the build back better socialist agenda and things they really want to be focused on. it is scary. but i agree most of these people are great people who wanted a
12:41 am
better life and relatives of those who stood with them but it only takes a few to get through and let's not talk about the 5000 hardened terrorists let out a bagram with a wide-open southern border, this is a total mess. >> we could have had fingerprints of those who helped us as translators and what not. thanks for being on top of it and thanks for joining us on the ingraham angle. the biden administration might be doing something good for a change, it only took a court order to force it, the department of homeland security telling fox news they are working to read implement trump's remain in mexico policy, quote, as promptly as possible but there is a catch to this, quote, we cannot do so until we have the independent agreement from the government of mexico to accept those we seek to enroll in mtv, the migrant protection
12:42 am
protocol. joining me as tom homan, former ice director and brandon judd, president of the national border patrol council. i know you both, i know how deeply you care about this issue. and we are having some deep problems like we have never seen before. i stew start with you. there is a statistic called got aways. explain what that is and the trajectory we are taking into this year. >> this is one of the major problems on the southwest border. when people enter the country illegally they are doing one of 2 things either giving up and claiming asylum or trying to evade apprehension. those trying to evade apprehension are what we call got aways if we cannot apprehend them. this fiscal year alone we already have nearly 100,000 got aways on the book, people we
12:43 am
know we detected these individuals across the border. this does not count for the unknown so the trajectory we are on his we are already on pace to shatter any record we ever had of got aways which was last year, on pace to have 600,000 got aways this year alone. >> 600,000 get into the homeland but back to the remain in mexico policy somewhat is detained, if they go to a border checkpoint they might in claiming asylum might have to remain in mexico. explain the policy and why the biden administration is going to have to if the court order sticks what they don't want to do which is have them be in mexico before they come to the united states. >> the biden administration had to be sued, to sue the biden administration when they lost the court case they appealed
12:44 am
that decision. let this sink in. the first president in the history of this nation to appeal the decision to secure the border. it is unbelievable. the biden administration, and to start it, what brandon said, 7000 a day to only remove a couple hundred. what the trump administration did whatever significant change in border numbers, a game changer like it was for donald trump but they don't want to do this. they will shut it down for administrative procedures act. they don't want to secure the border. they are not hiding it very well. >> you've done some work with the state of texas to put some
12:45 am
containers to block and impede people to get through you put containers up. >> i talked to the governor of texas, and they are empty for processing. they are very mobile, and the secretary wants to build a border barrier. >> i got to interrupt you with this mask mandate, they may not continue to go to work. >> 900 people have not complied
12:46 am
with the administration mandate which i will support if they feel it is dangerous for them. can't afford to lose one agent below 900 agents. >> numbers are startling. could have numbers on every day, america's that cares about securing the border would be shocked. coming up the pentagon creating a brand-new task force to investigate ufos. we talked to one expert who reveals the most urgent question we need answered. stay right there.
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>> here is something a little different. the pentagon is creating a new group dedicated to investigating and monitoring ufos. the task force will also work to mitigate any associated press to safety of flight and national security. joining me is nick who investigate ufos for the uk ministry of defense. i am fascinated by this is what
12:52 am
threats are we talking about? >> the threat posed by objects in our airspace often around sensitive military assets in these things run rings around cutting-edge technologies, the f 18 jets can't catch them, they are tracked on radar but we have no idea what they are. is it russia? is a china? could even be something extraterrestrial? we don't know and congress is saying we need to find out. >> makes a lot of sense. my understanding is simply of 144 incidents that could never quite explain. watching these videos, that weird green thing, and then it is gone. when you are working with the united kingdom what were they finding. >> these things seen by military
12:53 am
pilots tracked on radar and forming speeds and maneuvers we simply couldn't match, this has been going on for decades but only in recent years the military and intelligence community is getting a grip on this. in congress, the senate, the house, the intelligence community, they want to find out, the dod is ramping up answers. >> the united states started the space force but this is different and it will be fascinating to see what they find. what do you think the viable explanation might be? >> they deliberate, director of national intelligence deliverable in a reassessment in june, one single need answer to
12:54 am
this. a lot of things going on and the speed, maneuvers, accelerations have cause for concern and if an adversary for russia or china have developed breakthrough technologies this is extreme concern and kirsten gillibrand, we want some answers. >> nick, there need to be some answers. thank you for joining us. our final thoughts when we return. -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon.
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thanksgiving. that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching this special edition of the ingraham angle, check my podcast jason in the house and you will hear my latest interview with foxbusiness network's kennedy. have a great weekend. gutfeld takes fhere. enjoy. >> greg: oh, i don't give a damn. happy post thanksgiving friday. i hope you feel as fat as i do. oh, i'm filled with gravy and self-loathing. to the monologue, shall we? so, he lied about helping a homeless vet and now must pay a big ole debt. it was ain


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