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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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if this week was any indication, week will be busy as well. >> sandra: thanks, john. thanks for joining us here on "america reports." i sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thank you very much, john and sandra. good afternoon on this friday. i'm martha maccallum. thanks for joining us. we have very big developments today in the story of the shooting and killing of these four high school students. the parents of the accused now facing four man slaughter counts each. the parents on the right-hand side of your screen there. the chilling texts that his mother sent to him on the day of the shooting. ethan, don't do it. the warning that their child was clearly in need of help. even he cried out for help just hours before the rampage.
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so what went on in this situation? we have an exclusive interview with the sheriff who was investigating this michigan case. i will speak with him in just moments. first, president biden telling the country, "america is back to work" after what some read as a disappointing jobs report. a 4.2 unemployment rate is where we stand right now. that number is pretty good. the lowest we've seen in a year. but 210,000 jobs were added. economists were looking for 550,000 jobs in this running up to christmas jobs report, which we expect to see a jump in. so they got less than half of what was expected and the smallest gain we've seen throughout the course of the year. chris christie is here on the u.s. economy and also on the reaction or is it an overreaction around the world to omicron. first, peter doocy just out of that briefing a short time ago.
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good afternoon to you, peter. >> good afternoon, martha. the white house is looking past this big miss in thes report towards what they see as a big picture, a historic number of jobs created during the first couple months of the biden administration. six million. they blame the challenges in hiring and filling openings on the pandemic. but it has sounded recently like some of the way -- some of the words that they're using to describe covid in the challenges have changed. so i asked president biden about that this morning. >> it seems like the administration is starting to soften some of the language. are you no longer going to shut it down? >> we have to beat it back before we shut it down. >> notice the president's voice there, much more baritone than usual. his doctor explains it's not covid, but in a rare statement as is readily apparent, president biden is experiencing some increased nasal congestion this week.
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this can be heard in his voice and he is feeling the well known frog in one throat. i asked the president about that, too. >> mr. president, your voice sounds different. are you okay? >> i'm okay. i have a test every day. they check me for covid. there's a 1 1/2-year-old grandson that had a cold that likes to kiss his pop. he had been kissing -- anyway, it's just a cold. >> the president is a cold ant he is at work after three negative covid tests. we expect him to head to camp david at 8:30 tonight. >> thank you for pressing for the transparency on that, peter. good to see you. peter doocy reporting from the white house. interesting back and forth today with jen psaki and also with the president. joining me now, former presidential candidate and former new jersey governor,
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chris christie. thanks for being here. let's talk about the u.s. economy. this is one of the things that is weighing on this presidency to a great extent. we have a lot of inflation out there. we see gas prices in other places. but they sort of made an attempt to put a rosy spin on this number today. how did you read the numbers? >> look, when you're expecting over 500,000 new jobs and you get barely over 200,000 new jobs, there's no way to dress that up to be a success. it's a failure. it's a failure in this administration when you combine it with the inflation, you combine it with the way they have managed day-to-day what is going on with covid and the reactions to that. the mixed signals, martha. they all depress the economy. we've seen that on and on over the first ten months of this administration. so this is just another bad day for the biden administration. they're trying to say the old line, are you going to believe
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me or your lying eyes? we believe our eyes. our eyes tell us that they even department get half the number of jobs that they were projected to get and it's bad news and it's because how they're handling their reaction to inflation and because of the way they handle covid. >> martha: one of the stunning numbers within these numbers is the rate of 65% of those that are out of jobs are not looking for work who say that they probably won't go back until at least the end of the year. do you believe that the stimulus that we've seen, that has been the largest level we've ever seen in the history of the country, that it's dampening people's desire to get back to work in this country? >> there's no question, martha. as i travel around my state of new jersey, there's help wanted signs everywhere. everywhere from small neighborhood delis to large restaurants to gas stations to larger employers advertising for
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employees. no one can find people that are willing to work. why is that? why is that happening? it's because the biden administration overloaded this economy with government money, sending out checks to people and direct deposits on and every month basis.and now they can make more by sitting on their couch doing nothing courtesy of the biden administration rather than working. this is awful. not only in the short term for our economy but it's even worse for the work ethic in our country and the long-term growth of our economy. this has been a disastrous move. that's why the 1.9 trillion sometime louis that they did in the beginning of the administration was wrong, especially after we just had done $800 billion in december. that money wasn't even out the door. this money continues to get pushed out, people have less and less of an incentive to work and
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it's damaging the economy and you can see it in the employment numbers and you saw it today. >> martha: it's amazing to me that we don't hear that message. when the president speaks at the white house and, you know, you want -- talking about the jobs numbers. i can't understand why he doesn't say, look, let's get this -- go back to work. you know, it's time to show the rest of the world what the american work ethic looks like. we want to move beyond this. we have treatments, we have a lot of ways to deal with covid now. we never hear him say that the people. he doesn't urge them to go bark to work. citi group is offering a free shuttle to try to convince people you have to go back to your office. >> so true. look, the reason he doesn't want to do it, martha, is because he has sent continuing mixed sickle thats, getting mixed signals from his medical team and
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they're putting mixed signals out to the american people. shoe in large measure, it's the fault of this administration because they don't have a cohesive strong message on how to react to covid what we should be saying to people is, get vaccinated, if you have been vaccinated and eligible for a booster, get a booster and let's get back to work. get the american economy back to work and get our entertainment industry back to work. let's get everybody back to normal lives for this christmas. that's what we should be saying. instead, the president hems and hawes and goes back and forth. he wears a mask, he doesn't wear a mask. he tells people that they should get back to normal. then he tells me we have to be cautious about what is going on. then dr. fauci saying the things that he says which contradict the administration. that is what is going on here. the american people are looking for direction and they're not getting one.
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>> martha: let me ask you this. you had a terrible case of covid and you've been very outspoken about vaccines and masks. are you going to change anything that you're doing over the holidays based on this omicron? what do you think about the reaction to this before i let you go? >> no, i'm not changing anything, martha. i've been vaccinated. i'm eligible for my booster and i've gotten it. i've done all i need to do to protect myself. i'm smart. i'm not out there shaking hands with everybody. i'm not going to be out there trying to get in to huge crowds although i'll go watch the hockey game at madison square garden. i've gotten my vaccinations and i'm smart about the way i conduct myself. my message would be the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is to get vaccinated. if you've been vaccinated, get a booster if you're eligible. even if you get the new variant, every indication is it's very mild and people will be able to
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recover from it quickly. >> martha: governor, thank you. great to see you. see you soon. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: there's reports right now that a fugitive apprehension team is searching for the parents of the michigan school shooting suspect. they're out looking for mr. and mrs. crumbley. after this. >> reading the words "help me" with a gun, blood everywhere, this doesn't impact me as a prosecutor and a lawyer. it impacts me as a mother. the notion that a parent could read those records and know that their son had access to a deadly weapon, that they gave him is unconscionable. i think it's criminal. it is criminal. >> martha: we'll talk to oakland county sheriff mike bouchard on the possible man hunt for the parents that could now be
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underway and what the white house is saying that the pandemic is to blame for the crime and looting that we're seeing in big cities in america. >> when a huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store, a nordstrom, home depot until the shelves are clean, you think that is because of the pandemic? >> i think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic. yes. >> martha: tomi lahren and richard fowler next. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... ...with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar... in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it...
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act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. >> martha: there's a man hunt that is now under way for the parents of the michigan school shooting suspect. we reported earlier that there
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were charges in voluntary manslaughter charges for both of them. now they're being searched for as the story is breaking this afternoon. we're going to speak in a moment with sheriff michael bouchard who you've seen speaking out on this story in his jurisdiction. so obviously we want his take on these brand new developments that there's a search for the parents who have been charged. very unusual to see charges against the parents in a school shooting case. in this case, they've been brought by the prosecutor, karen mcdonald. this is fast-moving and we'll keep you posted here. also, a susrespected gang member with 16 prior arrests is out on parole and accused of two unprovoked stabbings in new york city. killing a columbia university ph.d. student and wounding a tourist. alexis mcadams has more on the growing crime in new york city. >> that's right. the students here at columbia
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are on high alert as this is an active investigation. the suspect has quite the rap sheet. we're talking in 15 minutes, he attacked according to police two people and killed a columbia grad student. take a look at this photo. this is the grad student. his name is david gere. he was in the school of engineering and applied sciences. columbia said the attack took place off of their campus calling it unspeakably sad and also shocking, this is where the stabbing happened. it was around 11:00 near 123rd and amsterdam avenue. later, the tourist was stabbed. he was stabbed multiple times. police believe the same guy is responsible for both attacks. the photos taken moments after the man was taken in to custody last night. investigators say the suspect was threatening another person with a knife as he was taken in by police.
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sources tell fox news that the suspect was out on parole for charges in 2018. he's not been charged in this case but we're expecting those today. now these attacks come two years after tessa major was was murdered here. she was stabbed by a group of teens during a robbery. this is still an active investigation as students call for more security. >> one of the reasons we were able to clean up new york in the 90s and the early 2000s is because criminals knew that there was a certainty of arrests and a certainty of incarceration. now they know it's the opposite. >> this comes as a major concern over a rise in crime continues here in new york. the "new york post" is reporting today that the ceo of bank of america is putting his employees on high alert, telling them to dress down, don't wear your company logo and that's to avoid becoming a possible target of
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crime. other companies also offering transportation for their employees so they don't have to take public transportation. back here at columbia, there's a vigil planned on the campus behind me around 5:00. that is calling on people talking about more security concerns and also a vigil for that 30-year-old. martha? >> martha: alexis, thanks very much. across the coast, los angeles police announcing the arrest of 14 people involved in a slew of smash and grab robberies. shockingly, they're all free because of the zero bail policy. the white house striking a more serious tone on this after suggesting the pandemic was to blame for all of these thefts that we're seeing. >> the justice department and the fbi has been in contact with jurisdictions where we have seen this high level of retail theft. >> martha: all right. so let's bring in tomi lahren,
12:20 pm
host of "no interruption" on fox nation and richard, let's start with you. she was asked by peter doocy about that yesterday, jen psaki. she blamed the pandemic largely as the root cause of what we're seeing going on in all of these cities across the country. today she talked about the fact that more resources are being sent to police departments. are they sort of not meeting the moment? are they not understanding what is actually going on out there at the white house? >> well, thanks for having me, martha. there's some consternation to the white house. here's why. there's a root cause. the root cause is deeper than the pandemic. the root cause is how do we mitigate crime. if you talk to anybody in law enforcement, they'll tell you locking people up is not the answer. we want to stop them from committing crimes. the way you do that, have rec
12:21 pm
centers and community problems so we can stop thinking about crime as an option. we have to have policing when people commit crime and a bail policy that delineates between crimes of desperation versus people with criminal rap sheets -- >> martha: richard, don't you agree -- i want to get tomi in. but don't you agree i heard howard say that it's pretty simple. you go back to a time period when we had a lot less crime in new york, that's his background and he was in boston at one time, he said you have a certainty of arrest. it was a huge deterrent. so people like this graduate student at columbia didn't end up dead and people didn't have to worry if they own shops across the country that people will break their windows and steal everything because people knew they would get arrested. don't you think people felt better if there were ramifications for their actions? >> of course there should be
12:22 pm
consequences for people's actions. but you have to make the delineation between the types of crimes. if you see someone stealing food, it's a crime of desperation versusmashing and grabbing at nordstrom. that's different when you look at criminal bail policies. >> martha: i apologize. i have to jump out. we have breaking news in michigan. tomi, my apologies. we look forward to having you back, a big development here in this story in michigan. there's a statewide man hunt underway for james and jennifer crumbley after the oakland county michigan prosecutor announced charges to hold them criminally accountable for the killing of four students. their son is the suspected shooter in this case. he sketched a note so graphic that a teacher snapped a photo of it on the morning of the rampage and brought the note to
12:23 pm
the police. [technical difficulties] >> a drawing solve a semiautomatic handgun, pointing at the words "the thoughts won't stop, help me." in another section of the note was a drawing of a bullet with the following words above the bullet, "blood everywhere." between the drawing of the gun and the bullet is a drawing of a person who is appeared to be shot twice and bleeding. below that is a drawing of a laughing emoji. further down, "my life is useless" and to the right of that are the words "the world is dead." >> martha: we'll get an update from michael bouchard about what is going on with the parents at this point. but first, steve harrigan has more. hi, steve. >> the parents have been charged with unvoluntary manslaughter.
12:24 pm
they were last seen publicly in a car during the arraignment of their son. it's not clear that deputies have any idea where they are at this point but they seem to be on the run right now and a man hunt is underway. the fbi and the u.s. marshall's office is trying to track these parents down. we're learning more details about what happened in the run up to the shooting. the prosecutor laid out the case that the father and the 15-year-old son bought the pistol that was used in the shooting together. the mother and the son trained on it, posted online about it as a christmas gift. the first alarm came the day before the school shooting. that's when a teacher noticed the 15-year-old searching for ammunition online during class. the second alarm, even greater. that happened when a teacher noticed that a drawing he mad of a bloody figure with bullets and a gun with "the thoughts won't stop, help me." here's the prosecutor. >> but the facts of this case are so egregious, reading this
12:25 pm
document, looking at it, reading the words "help me" with a gun, blood everywhere, this doesn't just have impacted me as a prosecutor and a lawyer. it impacts me as a mother. the notion that a parent could read those words and also know that their son had access to a deadly weapon, that they gave him is unconscionable. it's criminal. it is criminal. >> this drawing of someone being shot with a gun and the phrase "help me" led to a meeting at the school on the day of the shooting. the parents of the accused shooter all met. may be the 15-year-old had the gun during that meeting and yet somehow he was allowed despite the gun and despite drawing this thing, he was allowed to return to class. there was no mention of a gun. police were not told about it. the prosecutor says she's angry
12:26 pm
and everyone should be angry about multiple failures to prevent this tragedy. here's the prosecutor. >> of course he shouldn't have gone back to the classroom. of course he shouldn't have. i don't have ill feelings or negative feelings about anyone. but of course he should have. he should not have been allowed to go back to that class. >> so this investigation is continuing. the prosecutor refused to rule out the fact that there could be charges against school officials for criminal negligence. so just when you think the school dropped the ball, it appears now that the police have dropped the ball announcing for more than a day that there's likely charges against the parents and now the parents nowhere to be found. martha, back to you. >> martha: steve harrigan, thank you very much. very glad to be joined now by the sheriff of oakland county,
12:27 pm
michigan, michael bouchard. thanks for being here today. i know you have a lot going on. we appreciate your taking time to fill in the people about what is going on. let's start where steve harrigan left off with regard to where these parents are. what is your understanding of what is going on? >> yeah, you know, we very much as you did learned last night that the prosecutor was going to make a decision within 24 hours. she announced that yesterday. we learned this morning when you did that charges would be announced. so we began the process of going to get those individuals because up to that point there were no charges levied or pending. we had contact with the attorney for the parents and the parents said with the attorney that they were going to turn themselves in. the attorney said she would make that happen this morning. when we were notified by the
12:28 pm
prosecutor i've office that she was going to issue charges, then we went to move to arrest the parents. at that point, the attorney said the parents are now nonresponsive. >> martha: there was some discussion yesterday that the parents would be charged or could be charged. are you -- sounds like you -- i don't want to read in to what you just said but do you believe you should have been given more of a heads-up by the prosecutor so you could take these parents in to custody or ask them to come down earlier? >> well, as i said, we didn't learn of the charges until we were called by the news media. we would have liked to maybe have done some other things last night. >> martha: do you have any handle on where these parents might be? do you know if they crossed state lines? do you have cell phone data or license plates? what is going on with the search
12:29 pm
right now? >> our detectives and fugitive apprehension team and the u.s. marshall service and the fbi, all of us are in concert looking for them. i'm confident we'll find these two. you know, unfortunately the way this has played out wasn't the way we would have liked it to. we would have liked to have been given a bit of advance notice that a warrant was coming and had set up on them or done something electronically. it is what it is and we're going to find them. >> martha: would you have been able to park a car outside their home as soon as you got wind that they were potentially going to be charged? >> absolutely. we would have done more than that. yes. there's things that more than likely we would have done had we known charges were imminent. >> martha: as of yesterday when charges could come, there was no
12:30 pm
police vehicle or surveillance of them at that point? >> a charging decision would be announced is what we were told. >> martha: okay. let's talk about what went on at school. because the oxford community schools superintendent tim thorn said this yesterday. let's watch what he said. >> there's been a lot of talk about the students that were apprehended, that he was, you know, called up to the office and all that kind of stuff. no discipline was warranted. there are no discipline records at the high school. >> martha: sheriff, what is your reaction to that given what we now know when he says no discipline was warranted and we see there was a gun purchased and we see there was a threat to
12:31 pm
kill? >> well, in terms of school discipline, he may be right. at the point certainly in the second meeting and the second day when some of those very disturbing images and comments on the paper were written, we would have very much wanted our school resource officer in on that meeting. he would have taken protocols that we have in place to have him removed from the school until action has happened. for example, the school told him he had to begin in counselling. we would have had him removed from school until that happened. also to make sure he had no access to weapons. that is our standard protocol. yesterday afternoon we investigated a threat. we arrested another 15-year-old for making threats. we went to that home. as a precautionary measure seized weapons. that is a standard thing that we do all the time when we get information that somebody is
12:32 pm
going off in this kind of direction and they have access to weapons. that is the protocol that would have been triggered if we were in that meeting. >> martha: so why wasn't it in this case? >> that's going to be a question for the school district. >> martha: i mean, you look at what we've learned today. that the father went on friday and the gun was purchased with this son and with the father. then he got caught searching on his phone to purchase ammunition. that's what triggered the first meeting or the first phone call home that there's a boy that is looking up ammunition on his phone during class to which the mother sent texts to the son. something to the effect of, you know, lol, don't get caught when you're looking up ammunition on your phone. so then you move forward to the next day. this kid, who, you know, you have to have some sympathy for this suspect because he says,
12:33 pm
the voices won't stop. help me. that doesn't trigger discipline? that doesn't trigger calling the police on the part of this school system? >> well, when i say it doesn't trigger discipline, maybe not be something the school would discipline him but it would trigger i think removal from the school, some intervention and certainly a safety search that we would have done on the secondary part of it. so absolutely it would have triggered reaction and intervention. maybe not the formal word "discipline" by the school as you're being punished to detention or something. that's the way i read the word discipline. i think he should have been removed from the school after that second meeting. that would have triggered our school resource officer to make sure he had that happen and that he didn't have any weapons on his person and then the home would have been the next subject
12:34 pm
of our attention. as i said, it happened yesterday with another 15-year-old. exactly this. we intervened. we took that person in to custody and did a secondary search of the home. for safe keeping seized weapons. >> martha: four high school students are dead. they're being mourned by their classmates, their families today. are you -- i don't want to characterize your emotions. what are your emotions about the fact that you were left out of the loop that this person wasn't searched, that his parents didn't say well, he may have access to a gun. was he asked by the high school at that meeting? do you know the answers? were the parents asked, does he have any access to a gun? >> i don't believe those questions were asked nor answered. >> martha: what are your emotions about this? i know you try to keep that aside but i have to believe your
12:35 pm
feeling something here. >> our whole agency is, especially our deputies that went in to that scene as it was unfolding and i've been at a debrief with a lot of them, it's raw and it's causing great distress in our agency that this happened and there was an opportunity potentially to prevent it. >> martha: so here's another question that was asked of the prosecutor about the school and about school officials. a quick back and forth. let's watch that. >> are they looking at anybody else for charges? >> the investigation is ongoing. >> martha: do you have any indication that you should be keeping an eye on the school officials? we know the parents have fled. what is your posture on that part of the equation?
12:36 pm
>> for some reason, i lost your feed there. all i got is the parents have fled. what was the beginning part. >> martha: so i just played the sound bite. i'm not sure if you heard it. the prosecutor was asked, is your office looking at anyone else for charges, namely school officials. i'm asking what your posture is with regard to the school officials. do you have a sense -- >> this is news for us. we're going to stay ahead of a lot of this stuff, but, you know, we're encouraging everybody to be more communicative, especially on the side of what has happened and what is going to happen. so we asked the prosecutor's office, our investigators to give us more information on where they're headed with this in advance. >> martha: i don't blame you. this is an instagram picture posted by the young man on the screen that is the suspected shooter showing off, i just got my new beauty today. this came from instagram via the
12:37 pm
"new york post." your office was not aware that this student was posting this picture. would they be aware of something like that days before this shooting? >> no, we weren't aware and wouldn't be aware unless someone brought it to our attention. as i said numerous times the last few days, the only way we're going to preempt these kinds of tragedies is if teachers and students that are the ones that will see any troubling information first bring us in sooner than lawyer. we would rather check out a thousand nothings than miss a real deal. we investigated three potential threats within five days prior to this and deemed them not credible. as i said yesterday, we arrested a 15-year-old. it's something that we regularly do and aggressive about.
12:38 pm
we need everyone to be talking to us too much rather than too little. >> martha: i don't think that message can get across clearly enough, sheriff. i've heard you say it several times the last few days and i hear the frustration in your voice that you weren't given more of an indication that the charges were coming against the parents and your frustration about what happened in these meetings and why they -- >> i have to say it was frustrating to have a call from a news person about a press conference before we were aware. >> martha: so what's going on there? why aren't they communicating with you? now you have two suspects on the loose. >> we're doing our best to work with the prosecutor. the prosecutor's office is a new prosecutor, a new team. you know, we've worked hand and glove with a lot of folks that used to be there. i guess it's part of the relationship time and relationship building that has to happen. we want people again to talk to
12:39 pm
us sooner than later. give us too much information than too little. >> martha: you know, what is your message to these two parents? to the crumbley parents that are out there? you said we will find you. what kind of information do you need from the public in order to do that at this point? >> well, we just pushed out -- probably be receiving shortly, their pictures a picture of the license plate. if you see them, call 911, we'll come get them. i'm confident we'll get them in short order. we're not going to take any chances. we're going to pour everything we have in to it to make sure it happens. >> martha: as soon as we get that information, we'll put it on the screen as well. before i let you go, sheriff, what would you say to the school and schools across this country? this school specifically about when you should have been
12:40 pm
brought in to the loop when these messages and pictures of guns dropping with blood -- i've heard of kids getting sent home from school because they made a gun out of their fingers. what would you say to the school about when they should have contacted your department? >> as soon as behavior is described or considered troubling by the school teachers, the administrators. bring us in to that consult, even if it's again, too much information. we would rather be part of it and go no, this raises some concerns with us. we would like to dig a little deeper. we would like to contact the parents ourself. we'd like to ask permission to search the home. do they have access to weapons. trigger as series of protocols that we do sadly almost every day, but didn't have an opportunity to do that day. >> martha: would the school have the right to search him, to search this student at the end
12:41 pm
of that meeting with the parents? could they have said we need to look in your backpack, we need to basically pat you down and make sure that you don't have anything? do they have the right to do that? >> i think they certainly have the right to ask. they certainly -- again, i believe if we're in the meeting, and there was a refusal, that would have raised more concern for us. we would have been there to handle it. so those are the kinds of things, again, that we're using and trigger specific protocols from us. >> martha: again, as far as you know, he was never asked if he had a weapon and the parents were not asked if he had a weapon? >> as far as i know they were not asked if he had a weapon. obviously now that we've been deeply investigating the situation, he did not leave the school after that meeting. he obviously either had the weapon on his person, in his backpack or within the building and had access to it.
12:42 pm
>> martha: this is no doubt one of the reasons that we she the parents with charges and they're on the run. they clearly knew they had concerns about him and knew that he had gone with his father to purchase a gun a couple days before. that is why these two are on the run. the crumbley pair that you see on the right-hand side of your screen. sheriff bouchard, thank you so much. obviously, you know, we feel your frustration with how much you were out of the loop both by the school and now by the prosecutor's office and we wish you the best of luck in finding these two. as soon as you send us that information, we'll get it on the screen. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> martha: good luck to you. let's bring in former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor, ted williams. ted, a lot to talk about here in terms of what happened and what didn't happen.
12:43 pm
what are your thoughts there? >> i can tell you, i'm outraged. i'm pissed off. i'm embarrassed for the four victims and their families, martha. here it is, you have a school system, you have a prosecuting office and you have a sheriff. none of them are on the same page. as a result, we have four young people who are dead. we have a kid who was crying out for help. his parents weren't helping him. the school system wasn't helping him. he has his backpack. they could have searched that backpack to see if there was a gun in that backpack. they didn't do anything. now you have these parents on the run. all the sheriff can tell you is that the prosecutors are not telling him that they're ready to prosecute these people, that they didn't communicate that to
12:44 pm
him this morning. all of a sudden it's a complete mess. it's a sad commentary that we now have four kids dead as a result of this incident when it probably could very well have been prevented. if grownups would have acted properly. >> martha: would it -- it would seem reasonable given the drawings that he was drawing, guns, blood, talking about death, crying out for help, it would seem reasonable that the school would say to the parents, does he have any access to a gun, correct? >> absolutely. you would have expected them to ask did he have access to any weapon. you would expect the school system to say hey, take your son out of here. go get him some counselling. we're not going to let him go back to the classroom.
12:45 pm
they let this kid do back to the classroom and as a result of that, we got four young people that are now dead. very troubling. >> martha: you know, i want to play a piece of sound that is from jamar pitman, a father. his son was in the school. his two sons were in the school. i spoke with him yesterday. his older son lost two of his friends, justin shilling and tate myre. >> if i got called to school two days in a row, we know something is wrong. i would have took him home with us. it was news to us that the parents had been at the school the day prior to the event and the day of. >> martha: your thoughts, ted. >> that parent makes a lot of
12:46 pm
sense. day one, teacher sees him looking at ammunition on the phone. day go, the teacher sends him to the office. day two, we have this kid in the system and he's again acting out, crying for help. they bring him to the office. they call his parents in. they talk to him. they then tell this kid, go back to the classroom. the parents go home. one of the parents at one stage or another there sends him e-mails telling him, hey, look, be careful about -- what you research -- >> martha: she said ethan, don't do it. that was a text from the mother to her son. >> that text, martha, is very, very troubling. that tells me that those parents
12:47 pm
knew that there was a possibility that this young man could very well have done what he did at that school. the parents did nothing. the sheriff's department should have been alerted immediately, immediately when they saw that kid, the next day, when they saw those cartoons, those drawings, the sheriff's department should have been put on notice. they were not put on notice. then we get here today where the prosecutor holds this press conference and say, the parents and the school didn't look in his backpack. hell, why didn't school officials look into that backpack before letting that kid go back to the classroom? there is -- you talk about negligence and gross negligence? there's clearly gross negligence on the part of a lot of officials, grownups in this school system. >> martha: yeah, we plate it a
12:48 pm
short time ago. tim thorn, the oxford community superintendent. let's play that one more time. i want to get ted's reaction to that. >> there's been a lot of talk about the student that was apprehended, that he was called up to the office and all that kind of stuff. no discipline was warranted. there are no discipline records at the high school. >> martha: ted, what is your reaction to that? >> no discipline warranted? you have to do something, mr. administrator. right now you're trying to cover your butt. and i have to tell you, you're not doing a good job of it. this kid was an accident waiting to happen. everything he did showed that
12:49 pm
there needed to have been some intervention and there was none. no discipline warranted? you call his parents. you send him back in to a classroom and now four young people are dead? you're hollering no discipline was warranted? what the hell are you talking about? >> martha: obviously the four young children, 14, 17 years old, lost their lives as a result of this. i would just point out again that this -- there's three pictures of three of them obviously in the prime of their young lives. excited for everything that was to come in their lives. that was snuffed out in an instant when this shooting began, ted. my heart breaks for their families as we head in to christmas. i just don't know how they handle it and i can't imagine what it's like for them as they hear this, all of these red
12:50 pm
flags out there. of course nobody is perfect. when you have this many events coming together and you think about what has been going on in our schools and our law enforcement and how difficult all of that and stress that has been. this is the kind of protection that people expect, very basic level of protection that people expect for their students. now you have -- it's unusual to have manslaughter charges brought against the parents. when you hear about what they were aware of from the prosecutor. now put your law enforcement hat on for me or lawyer, of course, as well. how are you going to get the parents back? >> well, i would hope that at some stage or another they'll be in touch with their lawyers around turn themselves in. but we have this like o.j. simpson and the bronco moment here where things should have been in place. the prosecutor should have been
12:51 pm
talking to the sheriff. before she held a press conference, she should have let the sheriff know that she was about to bring charges. the sheriff could have then sprung in to action. none of that has taken place. so now from what we've been told, these individuals are on the run. so what -- the sheriff is going to need, we need the eyes and the ears of the community out there to try to help to bring these parents to justice. or perhaps maybe as i said, their lawyers if they're in touch with them will get them to turn themselves? martha. >> martha: it's james and jennifer crumbley whom they're searching for at this point. we showed a picture of the gun. there's the new pictures that we just got. this is the pair. these are the parents of ethan crumbley, james and jennifer. if you have any information
12:52 pm
about their whereabouts -- we understand they may be driving a black 2021 kia s.u.v., 2021 kia s.u.v. with a michigan license plate number, which we'll put on the screen, dqg-5203. we'll put that information on the screen. if anybody out there has any information on these two people whose son is the suspected shooter in the oakland high school michigan shooting that took the lives of four students. three students are still hospitalized that were wounded. the others that were wounded have been released. the sophomore facing multiple, multiple murder charges and the parents face involuntary manslaughter charges. the father on the left-hand side of the screen took his son to purchase this gun friday. the mother then congratulated her son, that he had gotten and early birthday present and they
12:53 pm
trained together. then she found out -- this is all according to the prosecutor, this is what the prosecutor put out there and alleges today. according to text messages, the mother, jennifer, on the right-hand side of the screen there, after training with her son, learned that he was in class on his phone searching for ammunition ais said something to the effect of lol, don't get caught next time. then they get pulled to the school. there's notes found that he wrote in one of them calling out for help saying the voices keep coming, i need help. that does not trigger help from these two individuals according to the prosecutor. they're then brought in to the school. he's all -- the sophomore is brought in to the room as well. by all accounts he had a backpack. never left the school in the middle of this team. we had every reason to believe circumstantially that the gun had to have been on his person or perhaps he left it in the bathroom.
12:54 pm
we don't know. the school talks to them, looks at these messages and images. according to the prosecutor, the parents wanted him to go to class and not to be brought him, which is a big question mark and the student is alleged to have pulled the gun out in the bathroom and came out shooting into the hallway. four high school students lost their lives and three of them are still in the hospital. ted, we see their pictures on the screen. what else goes through your mind as you put that together as i just laid it out? >> you know what goes through my mind, martha? we've gone to the holiday season and four young people who had a promising life has been snuffed out. the system, an entire system has failed these young people.
12:55 pm
and i -- i cannot -- just think about what is going through the minds and the hearts of these family members who are here saying that their loved one, their child, their child, we sent that child off to school, we expected that child would get an education, we expected that -- the door of our house would open that afternoon and that we would be able to embrace and tell that child that we love them. now, now we're having to bury our own children. all because of grownups, grownups in a system that failed. >> martha: ted, thank you. thank you very much. i'd like to bring in constitutional attorney and former high school teacher, leo terrell. he joins me now. a fox news contributor. in the control room, if we have
12:56 pm
the video of tate myre in the rain when we talked to the pitman family, let me know. leo, that is -- i know you're going to be upset about this because i know you care about these kids and you worked in a high school as a teacher and your a constitutional attorney. i think ted put it well when he said the system failed the four children in a big way. your thoughts. >> oh, absolutely. the question you asked, the sheriff told me a lot. let me be clear. the school dropped the ball, a comedy of errors. that could should have been suspended on the spot. those letters that he wrote was clear indication that he was unstable. the school is doing to be exposed to a civil lawsuit. the superintendent did nothing more than go into a denial mode. i'll tell you right now, the district attorney if she's going to do her job completely and i
12:57 pm
hope it's not motivated by politics, she should be looking at charges against the school officials for allowing that boy, that was crying for help, to remain in school. he put every kid on that campus, every school official on that campus in harm's way. it was clear by your interview, martha, with the sheriff, that there's no communication between the sheriff's department and the district attorney. the sheriff's department should have been aware well before the decision to charge those parents and that's why you have the parents on the run right now. it's clearly divided. that's why you have basically the sheriff basically cautioning or measuring his words. he should have been involved. one other factor before i stop. there should have been a school police, call it school resource person in that meeting. why? because that kid was talking about a threat to harm people,
12:58 pm
harm others. that's not someone playing tag or throwing a water bottle. those were pictures of somebody that is going to inflict deadly force on others, including possibly himself. >> martha: you know, i want to play this sound bite of tate myre. it's so important that we remember thing young people whose lives were lost as a result of you have said a failed system around them. this is tate myre as a football game a couple weeks ago. >> in the rain, this is where we live. rain is just like after football, tough, muddy. everything about us is tough. >> martha: everything we have learned -- >> in the rain -- >> martha: there's reports that he ran in and ran toward where the shooting was to try to stop what he saw going on. leo? >> he made the ultimate sacrifice. he made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save others.
12:59 pm
here we are questioning grown adults who have an official responsibility to protect those kids. when kids do to school, the school acts as the parent in control. they dropped the ball, martha. very clearly. the school official. as a former school teacher, those school officials dropped the ball. there are trying to cover themselves up that district attorney, if she's talking about everyone being held responsible, also includes government officials, i.e. the school officials and the school superintendent, martha. >> martha: you know, we have to go, leo. we're at the end of the hour. i can't help but think of the minor slights that have incensed schools and the things that we're worried about that seem so small compared to the basic ability to use common sense and to protect the students in your school to the greatest extent
1:00 pm
you can. that's all we ask is for people to use common sense. thanks, leo. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: so that is "the story" for this friday, december 3, 2021. we'll continue to cover this story out of michigan as the hunt continues for the parents of ethan crumbley. >> it's now in eight states. anthony fauci weighing in what we do and how bad this gets but finally addressing and clearly addressing what is happening at the border and the thousands of migrants that have been trying to get here who have been diagnosed with covid. anthony fauci speaking out on these matters, first time he's been at fox, certainly on this show since the summer. meantime, back to the virus that is getting everyone's attention
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