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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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lara: i've been down there twice, i said over and over again when i come back people don't truly understand how much the cartel run the border. that does it for us, the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. we hope you enjoy "the big sunday show" ♪ ♪ >> former senator and presidential candidate bob dole has died at the age of 98. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: bob dole represented his home state of kansas and congress for more than 35 years. a three-time presidential candidate announcing february he had been battling stage lung cancer. reaction continue to pour in to pouring from both sides of the aisle, bill clinton who defeated bob dole in the presidential
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race says his example should inspire people in public service today and for generations to come. flags are at half staff in honor of bob dole and nancy pelosi calls a towering leader who embodied courage and excellence in public service. former kansas republican senator pat roberts in tennessee senator marsha blackburn are standing by to offer their reflections. alexandria hoff has more on the reaction to dole's passing. that's good david spunt he begins live from the white house. >> good evening from the north lot of the white house. the president and first lady called senator elizabeth, dole, joe biden and bob dole have a relationship that goes back 50 years when joe biden first took the oath of office in the united states senate in 1973. a month after taking office, he went to visit bob dole.
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he recalled that meeting and a statement that he put out. i want to read and part it was a lengthy statement honoring former senator bob dole. true friendships regardless of how much time is past we picked up right where we left off, only yesterday we were sharing a laugh in the senate dining room were debating the issues of the day against each other on the senate floor. i saw in his eyes, i've seen so many times before. former president george w. bush with a statement our entire family benefited from the friendship including my father, i will always remember his salute to my late dad at the capital and now we salute and give thanks for his life and principal service. an important moment when senator dole stood up from his wheelchair very poignant, this is december 2018 and saluted the casket of the late president and his longtime friend george herbert walker bush. bill clinton, bob was passionate
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and spirited, sharp and funny, he could spin the partisan fires and put them out in an honorable compromise and are combating cooperation even more. former president barack obama, it was matched by his integrity and he lived his life in a way that made it clear how proud he was to be an american and how committed he was making this country everything he knew it could be he prays the late senator bob dole in his statement releases afternoon. elizabeth dolan bob dole focused on veterans for decades, she ran the foundation and the military families, and the end you'll talk to former senator pat roberts from kansas, bob dole was proud to be from his home state of kansas. jon: david spunt from the white house. senator dole left his mark on capitol hill and many who looked up to him as a sample of
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bipartisanship or honoring his legacy. alexandria hoff has more. >> the former senator offer bipartisanship and in death there is no i'll awarded by the accolades. she became widow and he wrote on twitter, rest in peace, you the last of the alliance of the senate vermont senator bernie sanders provided this and encouraged in his dignity and the senate and mike pence wrote bob dole was a truly great man with service to america and deeply missed by all of us in the privilege to know him. many are sharing the personal connection that they head to the former republican leader of the senate bob took me under his wing when i came to the senate and i couldn't have a better senator to learn from. he was a great friend and mentor. god bless.
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debbie scholz wrote in part, our country could use more like him right about now, may his memory be a blessing. they hope that bob dole's legacy will encourage reaching across the aisle and civility in congress. >> we are blessed to be americans and we should treat each other that way. >> the way in which he led is something that we need to reflect on today without a doubt. >> susan collins echoed many, senator bob dole defined the term the greatest generation. on that point in his book one soldier's story, former senator dole expressed this to express the realities of war, the greatest generation. jon: alexandria hoff, thank you. joining us former kansas republican senator pat roberts. he was a giant in kansas politics. he was something of a mentor to you, wasn't it? >> yes indeed.
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>> he was a friend he lost one of our two favorite sons, bob dole and his favorite hero and they are both her favorite sons, as the day goes on everybody the bob from kansas would pay their respects in washington. he encouraged that any had stage iv cancer. we all send their prayers and great wishes to his daughter elizabeth who is his stock partner and an awful lot in her own right and behalf of those especially those disabled in our servicemen and veterans. he was a great man and he really helped me a lot when i was in the house. simply because of who he was. everybody thought since i knew
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bob dole and we were very close friends read everything i was four, he was for and i never told him the difference. jon: you mentioned dwight eisenhower. you are both involved in the creation and construction of the eisenhower memorial which opened a little over a year ago in washington, d.c. tell us about that. >> there is two things. the world war ii memorial would not exist without bob dole he had a lot of help with a lot of folks. the same is true, he always said the buses would come in from all over the states, more especially in kansas. being a marine veteran and i would say, they would say hi pat, where is bob. bob would sit at the entrance regardless of what state was there, what it was and they would all say where is bob and he would talk to each and every one of them that was one of the
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things that he said. he finally gets us completed. especially those who are veterans of world war ii and those who are in spirit today. they could sue the commander-in-chief. we finally got that down as well with bob's help. jon: i am told you to like to play pranks on one another. >> those were all classified of course. but the staff back then, it wasn't the way it is now with security. and for some reason everybody thought that i could do what bob dole voice. i would pick up the phone and call his top gun and say where is my speech and they would desperately look for the speech and of course they found out it was not there and i would not accept any dole staff calls in
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congress at the first time. i could go one. but we don't have that much time. he was a lot of fun. he had a lot of sense of humor himself. after bill clinton defeated him in the 1996 election, president clinton invited senator dole to the white house to receive the presidential medal of freedom. this is just a few days before inauguration and here's how it played out. >> i robert j dole. [inaudible] do solemnly swear, sorry, wrong
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speech. he really did have quite a sense of humor but he was a guy who could work across the aisle. these days that doesn't seem to be very popular. do we need more bob dole's in the u.s. senate? >> of course we do. that is a problem that we have today. goes back to world war i and a lot of ideology we represent the organization that we have of the country. remember the clip that he made very typical of bob sieber. he had a quick wit. i remember he did a lot of bios on people and they said bob who had an acerbic sense of humor. i had the first district, roberts must be underwater, the
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worst thing that you can do on the allegation where everybody was there to be right after dole or right before him. if you are before him and try to be a little bit funny, all my goodness. if you were after him you didn't know what to do. he could really break the balloon where we just can't get anything done and his wit and humor. i tried to animate that. i got a lot more done in the house when people thought that bob dole was everything that i was for and i sure as heck did not tell him that. i got a lot more done because i knew bob because of his leadership. a lot of stories about that. jon: his campaign as a nominee as republican party in 1996 was
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the first presidential race we covered at fox news channel. we launched a month or two before the election in 1996 and i will always remember that in the day he retired from the senate. >> he was president of iowa. >> that is true it was great to talk to you. pray for more on this tennessee republican senator harsha blackburn, your memories of the late senator dole. >> i do extend all sympathy to mrs. dole, senator dole and bob dole had an impact on our nation. i love hearing the stories about him and ms. schumer, that is something that people will remember and also the work that he did and senator elizabeth dole also for our nation's
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veterans. in one of the things when you talk about bob dole in his leadership is asked to have the opportunity to be attached or some way volunteer for the presidential race and 96. it was his desire to see people do things that were bigger than themselves. much of that came from his desire from publix service to get back and defend freedom and to make certain that we remain in the home of the brave in his commitment to that throughout his military career and his career in public service in the senate. >> he mentioned his role, a very good friend who took his family to see the memorial and lo and behold sitting there at the entrance in his wheelchair, this is some years ago was bob dole. he was out of office, he had
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campaign for the presidency and he would spend many of his days as ice understand the world war ii memorial and greeting fellow world war ii veterans who came to see it. not for glory, he felt like it was the right thing to do. >> he felt like it was the right thing to do. he will be remembered for, he fully understood and appreciated completely what ronald reagan would always say in remind people of freedom. we don't pass on in the bloodstream. every single generation has to fight for it. indicate this free and pass it on. he relished being able to do that. into love this country and fight for freedom and defendant.
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period just to be so grateful to have the opportunity to defend this nation and defend freedom. jon: he bore the scars throughout the rest of his life but he never seemed bitter about that experience. i want to change gears, you mention fighting. one of the things that americans are fighting right now is inflation. i want to redo an eye-catching headline, this from cnn business. why inflation can be good for everyday americans and bad for rich people. it goes on to say inflation can be a good thing for many working americans especially those with a 30 year mortgage because wages are going up which not only empowers workers but gives them more money to pay down debt. plus in the case of a mortgage your monthly payment will be the same but your house will increase in value. what do you think about the
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logic? >> that is the washington crisis logic. 70 at church said to me today people in d.c. just don't get it. they were so frustrated with inflation and the price of the pump with what their pain at the grocery store. with all of the different increases that they're seeing. at the end of the month you have less money. you dollar doesn't go as far. that's what happens with inflation and this is the same logic, the left is trying to tell you that inflation is good for you. higher prices are good for you and that's the same logic they would use when they say the tax cuts and job acts are bad for you. we wanted to make certain that everybody has more money and take-home pay and that the dollar went further.
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jon: let's take a look at the statistics, bureau of labor statistics. the consumer price index takes are up 24% in october 2021 versus october 2020. there up almost 12%, chicken up almost 9% and baby food up 7.9%. it is pretty hard to go to the grocery store and not notice some of the prices. >> that is right, going to the grocery store and buy christmas presents. everything that you're doing for the holidays, the transportation to get to and from. everything is costing more. how in heaven's names, cnn thinks this is good for people. and wanting to pull a straw and say if you have a 30 year mortgage and your wages are going up but still you have less money and then you know that
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cost is going up, you know that your home insurance is going up. this is more of the out of touch liberal talk. jon: very quickly or on the armed services committee. we have obtained satellite photo that shows the russian military buildup along the border with ukraine. how concerned are you that an invasion of ukraine by russia is imminent and what should our response be? >> our response should be something to say you're not going to do this. of course during the obama years when russia went into crimea. you had barack obama sending blankets and meals ready-to-eat. when donald trump when and what did he do. he sent them artillery and what they needed to defend themselves. you have anthony blinken just having met and all they talked
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about was sanctions. the thing is putin knows that joe biden is a very weak leader. he knows that joe biden is going to do nothing. he knows joe biden will let him keep pushing. of course we know russia and their partners in the axis of evil china, iran and north korea do not wish us well. there are adversaries and we need to be very firm in saying you cannot, crusher border and standing there and helping ukraine. jon: the pictures that we obtained have an ominous look to them will continue to watch the story at the border. marsha blackburn republican from tennessee, thank you. one final note on bob dole. in 2013 when chris wallace asked him how he would like to be thought of.
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jon: another blow for the cuomo brothers, cnn fire chris cuomo yesterday saying they uncovered details with the lengthy went to defend his brother the disgraced former andrew cuomo from sexual harassment allegations. chris cuomo himself is the target of sexual harassment claims. lara ingle has a story from long island new york. >> you know it's an incredible turn of events with chris cuomo going from the start of the network to unemployed over the weekend and now as you mentioned new allegations against him that are very similar to those facing his brother andrew cuomo.
3:25 pm
we have new news tonight, the new york post is reporting that a woman described as a former junior colleague and another network has accused chris cuomo of sexual misconduct and she will have a sitdown this week with outside lawyers hired by cnn pending an agreement to keep her identity and everything that she says confidential. the attorney representing the accuser releasing a statement which reads my client came forward at this time because she felt her story and related documentation, she cannot protect other women. cnn announced the network was cutting ties with her primetime anchor in executive learn more information about how he allegedly misled the cable network of the extent of his role downplaying the sexual harassment accusations against him. back in august chris cuomo denied any wrongdoing on his show. cnn releasing a statement saying this based on the report that we received regarding chris's
3:26 pm
misconduct with his brother's defense we have cause to terminate with new allegations came to us this week we took them seriously and saw no reason to delay taking immediate action. a spokesperson says in part apparently in an ominous allegations are not true. quiz cuomo has called firing disappointing and says this is not how he wanted his time at cnn to end. jon: lara ingle from new york's long island. thank you. the suspected michigan school shooter and his parents are all residing in the same jail tonight. as we learn more people could face charges. we will explain next. e think dealing with copd is a walk in the park. if i have something to help me breathe better, everything will be fun and nice. but i still have bad days... flare-ups, (cough cough) which can permanently damage my lungs. my lungs need protection against flare-ups.
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jon: michigan authorities are expanding their investigation into the oxford high school shooting. the shooter and both of his parents are in separate cells in a michigan jail. police are looking for an
3:31 pm
accomplice priest steve harrigan joins us with the latest on the investigation and the discovery police made that is angering many parents. >> that is right the parents might've had some help getting into the warehouse in detroit. the bond has been set at 500,000 each for the parents because they're considered a flight risk. it took a major manhunt including the u.s. marshals to find them and bring them back. they face charges of in one into involuntary manslaughter for the real point of focus is the source of an independent investigation and what everyone is talking about what went on in the school. an emergency meeting the day of the shooting before the shooting began. the 15-year-old suspected shooter, his parents and school officials. it came after a teacher was alarmed by violent drawings found in the 15-year-old's desk. the school is saying the student tried to pass up the drawings of people being shot as plans to
3:32 pm
design his own videogame. the school allowed him to return to class and never inform police of the meeting or possible trouble until after the shooting. here's the sheriff. >> my reaction to the whole process. it was concerning. the teacher in the classroom enough to call and parents. at that point we would've loved to been looped in. law enforcement officials in the prosecutor are saying this is a premeditated shooting. they found videos as well as a journal in the 15 year planning attack on the school. in the sheriff's word he says the 15-year-old was excited about the possibility to kill as many of his fellow students as possible. back to you. jon: looters breaking into several cannabis dispensaries in the bay area over the past month getting away with $5 million worth of product.
3:33 pm
in southern california tensions remain high as residents deal with a wave of smash and grab and fellow home robberies in the l.a. area. christina coleman live with more on that. >> sadly were used to hearing about thieves in california but also targeting bay area cannabis dispensaries. take a look at the surveillance video a group burglarizing oakland and dispensary on november 21. this shop is one of 24 cannabis businesses that have been targeted by smash and grab thieves in san francisco oakland. gun violence a major concern. police say more than 175 shots have been fired during recent robberies. here is the owner of the store reacted to the burglary. >> i would say i'm selling more on the streets illegally. that's the reality and living in
3:34 pm
right now. >> southern california critics of the justice system would say it's too soft on crime are really never the fact that 14 suspects in connection to 11 smash and grab robberies that happened around thanksgiving are back on the streets. they didn't spend a single day in jail because of the policy. the courts have the rule in place to reduce jail population during covid for certain crimes including luxury pre-ballet police chief says repeat offenders are gaining the system and critics question whether the robbery suspects will return to court for their hearing. legal experts reacting to the 0 bell policy. >> it is a stupid policy is training criminals who are on video back on the streets the day after the commit them. >> we reached out to l.a. county court official for reaction with a criticism to see if they have plans on changing the policy.
3:35 pm
we are waiting to hear back. jon: unbelievable. christina coleman in los angeles. thank you. the u.s. and mexico have agreed to restart the trump aero remain a mexico policy with slight changes. after court order of amid upsurge in migrant overwhelming the border patrol agents. ken paxton was part of the legal battle rate he joins us next. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: the omicron variant is popping up across the nation with 16 states reporting cases. most of the infections appear to be mild so far. meanwhile the restrictions are set to take effect tomorrow. jonathan serrie live in atlanta
3:40 pm
with that. >> georgia has reported the first in-state case of omicron variant and involves a person who returned from travel to south africa according to the georgia department of public health, patient is recovering at home with only mild symptoms according to a study omicron variant likely picked up some of its mutation from another virus perhaps a virus that causes the common cold, this could make this more infectious but less lethal. federal health officials caution this is far from proven. >> is a bit of a stretch to look at the letters of the instruction book the genome and predict when it affects people around the globe. >> the u.s. will require inbound international travelers to show proof of a negative covid test within one day of departure.
3:41 pm
the mass mandate is being extended through march. despite concerns of omicron variant several health officials say they have tools and procedures to deal with covid-19 than they did before. >> is why the holidays this year have been very different than the holidays in 2020 i been able to take my kids trick-or-treating and i got together with families for thanksgiving millions of americans are doing the same we can gather safely for the holidays. >> there's a lot of concerns, several health officials point out more than 99% of current covid cases in the u.s. are driven by the highly infectious delta variant. jon: jonathan serrie reporting from atlanta. >> i'm unaware whether dr. fauci has been to the border certainly during the time of covid. i don't think he has any
3:42 pm
personal first-hand knowledge and people being tested, and across the board. most of the people coming across, not all of them are not being tested. the president and the biden administration has two standards if you gonna pay money to come into the united states of america lawfully, you have to be tested. jon: greg abbott of texas. it is almost a month since the president open the southern border is nonessential travel after it was closed due to covid restrictions. as new cases of omicron variant are popping up what is preventing people from crossing into the u.s. and bringing the variant with them. ken paxton joins us with the latest on the crisis at the border. it's irony peter doocy asses spokeswoman jen psaki about earlier this week. if you gonna come in from europe on an airplane you have to take covid test and exercise
3:43 pm
precautions. if you want to walk across the southern border you can do what you want. >> is a very good point even american citizens coming from foreign companies have to be tested otherwise they cannot come in. here we have a situation where the federal government the biden administration is encouraging people to cross the border knowing full well that they of covid not vaccinating not testing, i believe they don't want to know the day of covid they can transport them circulate over the country. you must be putting your head against the wall in texas watching the constant stream of illegals. you cannot believe the biden administration cares about covid they will let 2,020,000 people across every month. knowing full well 20 and 30% or maybe more have covid and study them around the country. i don't know how you claim other
3:44 pm
than say they really don't care about covid and they certainly want as many people crossing the border as possible even if they have covid we have border crossings in october of this year versus october of last year. at 128%, 71000 last year, 164,000 this year. the total numbers under the biden administration roughly 3 million border crossings. >> is up 300% from a year ago is not surprising when you announced a one that you will encourage people to come you will not deport them and you get rid of every policy that worked including the wall. it is not surprising that we have the invitation is out people know the invitation is out and they're taking the president upon it. jon: the courts have forced the biden administration to resume
3:45 pm
the remaining mexico policy which was an active member of the trump administration. i imagine you're happy to see that. there are some changes can you describe those. >> we sued over this. we sued because we knew what the law required, if you're coming in and claiming asylum which is being used as a loophole, yet to be detained or stay in mexico. under the biden administration that was ignored and the people were ignoring the federal law and not showing up for the asylum hearings most were not qualified. the whole thing is a loophole and play by the biden administration to their advantage to get as many people here as possible. i don't anticipate many changes per the biden administration is working towards doing changes but that's not the way the law works. jon: i want to put up poll numbers, cbs news regarding
3:46 pm
people's attitudes towards the current situation. democrats ask whether they think the president and democrats are handling immigration. 20% say it's too tough, 26 not top enough among independents 80% say the president is being too tough, 61 not tough enough. you win elections among independents in this country. >> why the biden administration when pay attention to independents they understand the problem is not just covid there's an importation of drugs will kill thousands of people. we have a lot of human trafficking and cartels charge everyone to come across. that is human trafficking. i think the american people understand this. >> will see problems for years to come from all of this. texas attorney general, ken paxton, thank you.
3:47 pm
jon: the city of stanford connecticut kicking up the christmas season with a spectacular show, holiday characters repelling daughter 22 story building. her very own fox mother meteorologist adam klotz joined in on the action on the side of the building and make it to the ground, how did it go there adam,. >> i was one of those that had me dressed up as an elf very good looking elf grade we scaled off of this, 300 feet for a crowd of thousands of onlookers part of the hudson lights program. it kicks off the holiday season lynn ends with everyone going to the christmas tree. tons of kids lighting up their faces an absolute blast. it was so much fun the adrenaline stepped off of the wall and scaled down.
3:48 pm
it felt really exciting i did a practice run but to do it in front of the crowd it was perfect the folks had a wonderful night in connecticut. the weather is beautiful, that is not the case and across the entire country. a snowy day for some folks in hawaii today. mostly rainfall across the island but a high elevation a blizzard warning until tomorrow morning a massive system and a high elevation snow in window 100 miles an hour. otherwise temperatures warm in the middle of the country. feeling not quite wintry. however, across the upper reaches of the midwest getting into great lakes there's been snow sweeping through. for the last 24 hours is been snowing heavily in the area. we still have snow to calm portions of minnesota to the
3:49 pm
michigan we will see totals of a particular system. even though it's warm for now it's going to change i'll take you out there big grounds of snow in the next couple of days. the good news is i got down on the ground, the christmas season is kicked off here in stanford and across the country, snow will move in and the next week. jon: i hope they let you keep the elf suit, it suits you. >> thank you. adam klotz from stanford connecticut. congratulations. jon: congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown last week. there's plenty left to do for the new year as lawmakers clash over big challenges. will dive into that next. ♪ you'll ever hear. okay, it's an app that compares hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars
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jon: the government is not close this weekend although congress came pretty close to a shutdown last week. lawmakers face big challenges in the coming days. congressional correspondent chad pergram reports. >> one down, two to go. congress averted the government shutdown funding washington through february 18. the congress must lift the debt
3:54 pm
ceiling and democrats aim to prove their social spending before christmas. december is the craziest month on capitol hill as congress faces a crushing to do list. lawmakers came together for the lighting of the capitol christmas tree but they struggled to find common ground and the lights of the federal government. >> i'm glad cooler heads prevail the government will stay open. >> averting a shutdown was supposed to be the easiest item to check off the congressional calendar. lifting the debt ceiling by midmonth is problematic, most republicans will not help treat senate majority leader chuck schumer and minority leader mitch mcconnell are holding back talks and hope of reaching an accord. >> let me assure everyone the government will not default as it never has. >> the passage of the social spending bill the touchtone of the democrats agenda. >> adobe on the president's desk by christmas. >> democrats are getting antsy of having all their members on
3:55 pm
board. >> this christmas mureau appears each holiday season it is been here since 1973. if lawmakers don't complete their work soon this may be their only taste of holiday cheer. on capitol hill chad pergram fox news. jon: we'll be right back. like a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute because platforms this innovative, aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade. hi, my name is tony cooper, and i'm going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and
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3:59 pm
against his fellow athletes who won't speak out against china, today he spoke to maria about becoming a u.s. citizen a few days ago. what that means for him. >> i think, becoming an american citizen was my goal the first time i stepped to america, you have refreedom of speech. and you have checks and balance its was a dream come true. jon: what a smile. he was raised in turkey, but had his home country passport revoked in 2017 after years of speaking out against the turkish regime. taking a live look at our beautiful all american christmas tree, on fox square here in new york city, it is 50 foot tall with 10,000 ornaments a hundred thousand light its took the team 21 hours to assemble it from the base to
4:00 pm
the star, fox news will ring in christmas season with all american christmas tree lighting, starting at 10 p.m. eastern. eastern. that is how fox reports this sunday december 5. i am jon scott, thank you for watching, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," according to u.s. intelligence reports russia is planning for an invasion of ukraine, perhaps early next year. invasion plan calls for 200 thousand russian troops to amass near the ukrainian border. and this is in addition to the provocative actions that russia has taken already.


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