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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 9, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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♪ ♪ speak of the average price you >> the average price are paying in kansas city is below $2 a gallon come down to $2.90 a gallon, 20% down from a month ago. we are going to keep at it to assure the american people are paying their fair share for gas. laura: gutfeld next. todd: breaking news overnight, career criminal accused of burning down the all-american christmas tree outside the door on fox square back on the street without bail. can't make this stuff up in 2021, you're watching "fox and friends first". carley: he's walking free just hours ago after being charged with multiple misdemeanors including arson and reckless endangerment. he was told to return to court on january 4th. todd: i'm sure he will make the
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trip. bernard character says this is all too often. >> you have prosecutors who don't want to prosecute, more focused and on targeting police than the bad guys in the streets or things like this and you have these radical left-wing mayors who allow this homeless issue and a lot of it is not homeless, it is mentally ill, people that don't belong in the streets they should be in clinics, and hospitals, they should not be allowed to stay on the streets from where they are. neil: ashley strohmeyer joins us with all the details. >> reporter: the man suspected of torching the all-american christmas trees out of jail free to walk the streets of new york city thanks to progressive bail reform policies. 49-year-old charged with a slew of offenses including arson, criminal mischief and reckless
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endangerment but those are misdemeanors and don't qualify for bail under new liberal reform laws. frank embry noses those liberal policies are wreaking havoc in his city as well. take a listen. >> a lot of different reasons this is happening, this includes catch and release policies, one of the biggest reasons is the lack of proactive policing which is a direct result of lack of support from politicians that are completely out of touch with reality. >> rochester is one of 12 us citizen records for homicides this year as progressive prosecutors are shifting blame and dismissing surgees in violent crime, philadelphia da larry krafter says there's no crisis of crime as the city leads the nation in homicides but the mayor and police commissioner say is wrong. >> we are in a crisis situation, 520 plus lives will ensure that is the case.
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speech any commentary regardless of who is at fault or action that undermine our ability to be successful is intensive. >> los angeles also seeing surging crime as the city faces swarms of fees, committing smash and grab robberies, and full of arrests have resulted in release many due to 0 bail policies. homicides, robberies, aggravated assaults and gunshots are all up over last year. despite the stats, da george gascon is singing a different tune. >> to what extent do you and your policies -- >> none. most crime is down but for homicides. >> kaylee mac in any is joining us to discuss the impact of those crime surges as more americans are dead from violence in 12 cities than ever before.
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>> just people being murdered, no big deal, the fact this arson suspect was released without bail completely indicative of where we are today so the new york post said this guy told reporters outside the courthouse that he didn't do it and went on incoherent rants where he said the moms that want to rape their beliefing daughter set it on fire and no one in the da's office thought this guy was a danger to society. he was charged with 7 different things, criminal mischief, representations, arson, solutions, criminal trespassing, criminal tampering and disorderly conduct, arrested three prior times without bail walking the streets of new york today. >> from your liberal das to liberal governors to liberal mayors in these liberal cities, towns, whatever, they've lost sight of your only obligation as an elected official. it is why public service exists. all the other stuff that you
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leaders put out there is irrelevant. your job is to keep us safe, that is it and you are not doing it and as a result our country is in big trouble. >> talking about what is going on in california one of the biggest issues in march of 2020, 0 bail policy was imposed. to keep jails from getting overcrowded because the pandemic, 0 bail, if you commit a nonviolent offense and auto theft and smash and grab robberies, those are considered nonviolent in the state of california, you just walk out of jail 0 bail, just back on the streets and rather than realize the error of their ways the legislature in california tried to make that from a pandemic measure to make the law of the land, wanted people to vote on it, people did vote it down, tried it again but in september
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a woman named mary tibbetts living near sacramento, she was killed in her home. a guy broken, murdered or and or two dogs, her house was set on fire, he was a career criminal but out of jail on 0 bail policy and that is one awful example of hundreds of situations happening across the country every single day. another situation -- >> you mention the word nonviolent and as part of the problem because quite frankly if my sense of securities which i'm entitled as united states citizen is violated, to me that should qualify as violence but that's not the world we live in. we need to make sure the criminals feel okay. and the they can be better in society, tried to help them out, our society is not built for the bad guy. assisted amy needs to be built for the good guy and george gascon to gaslight and say crime is down, notice and, we have the numbers on your screen.
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our numbers are more accurate than whatever your gas lighting numbers so stop it and this is your fault and change it. >> i don't think he is because he's so deeply involved in this awful mindset where the criminals are the victims and the victims are wrong somehow and think of what is going on in portland where the police department is so demoralized and so defended they had to post tweets and we can only respond to the most serious crimes. if you're calling 911 it is a serious crime to you and your call for help is not going to get answered because so many police officers of left portland because they did defund the police department by $15 million. neil: is good news in all of this. newly built all-american christmas tree. fox corporation making a 100,$000 donation to answer the
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call, it provides financial assistance to families of loved ones in the fdny and nypd. >> turning a bad situation into good is part of our special thank you after both agencies responded to our own emergency and work diligently to put out the flames and keep everyone safe. be sure to tune in at 5:00 pm eastern tonight to see lawrence jones and abby hornacek host the tree lighting celebration. todd and i will be there along with steve, into, brian and a bunch of your other fox news favorites, looking forward to it. we have some other news to get to including this. jussie smollett's fate lies in the hands of the jury, he faces 6 counts of felony, 4 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly staging a crime to further his career, the brothers claim the actor paid some $3,500 to perform the hoax. dan weber calling him a serial liar claiming no question orchestrated the 2019 hate
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crime. the empire actor's attorney insists the brothers are sophisticated criminals who purposely tried to hurt smollett. the jury its verdict as early as today. todd: black lives matter pledging solidarity with smollett nevada what verdict the jury reaches. former professor teaching your kids marina abdullah saying this is visible and vocal in the struggle for black freedom. it's not outright or verdict decide asked in a white supremacist charade. we can never believe police. carley: leo to arouse his it is hypocritical for black lives matter to support smollett. >> you cannot trust black police officers, black chiefs of police, can't trust the police, the race card has left the station 50 years ago.
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you've got diversity in all these democratic cities with black mayors, black police chiefs, black lives matter has no credibility and what they are doing now is further trying to distract the issue. jussie smollett lied to the american public. a black man lied about being attacked and what black lives will do is the lifeline. he's going to sink because the jury should do the right thing, find him guilty. >> 9 after the hour to fox news alert, president biden will speak with ukrainian president zelinski on russia is growing forces in ukraine's eastern border. >> foreign-policy is put to the test. >> reporter: being put to the test in a major way. vladimir putin has 100,000 troops on the ukrainian border with the reported goal of 175,000. president biden says if he invades there will be severe economic consequences but he's rolling out the prospect of putting us troops on the ground to stop it.
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>> president biden:. the the united states is going to unilaterally use force to confront russia invading ukraine is not in the cards right now. >> vladimir putin spoke at a press conference calling the accusations of the planned invasion provocative claiming his troop deployment is out of concern ukraine will be allowed to join nato but republicans who see president biden's foreign-policy is weak say putin is seeing how far he can go. >> the reason these troops are on the border is they are testing biden after afghanistan. he put in place, put in motion bad guys trying to test him at every turn. >> meanwhile there is no doubt china is watching closely to see how biden response to putin's aggressive moves with an eye on target and taiwan which republicans say may be in
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greater concern. >> unfortunately there is the democratic party, president biden has shown weakness to china. they are major supporters, big business, big tech, big hollywood, big universities are all in bed with china. >> this as weak poll numbers from the wall street journal the biden's approval rating is 41% compared to 57% disapprove, 30% approval among independents, poll finds 46% favor new policies, 48% want to return to trump era policies. president biden will host 100 foreign governments for a two day summit for democracy that is virtual and he's got that one on one call with ukraine's president to discuss the latest on the russian military buildup. neil: thank you. carley: ari fleischer has this take. >> a dossier on president biden shows president biden will cut,
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run and retreat on every important matter when it comes to foreign policy. we saw in afghanistan, when he opposed the rescue mission to take out usama bin laden, his judgment on everything military, foreign policy, for his entire career is one of weakness and cut and run and retreat and putin knows that. carley: russia have 90,000 troops stationed on the ukrainian border and intel suggesting 175,000 could be deployed for a full-scale invasion as early as next month. todd: live look at capitol hill where the senate voted to repeal the federal vaccine mandate on private businesses. show manchin of west virginia and john tester of montana joining republicans in voting against the mandate but the legislation brought to the senate floor as a congressional review of the president's executive order is unlikely to overturn the mandate. president biden will likely veto the measure if it passes the democrat led house. >> eric adams slamming current mayor bill deblasio's eleventh hour vaccine mandate on all
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private businesses in the city. a spokesperson to the new york post, quote, the outgoing mayors when something like this knowing the implementation and enforcement would be the responsibility of the next mayor. the mandate takes effect december 20 seventh just four days before deblasio leaves office. >> former kansas senator bob dole laid to rest in the capitol rotunda. the survey for the former presidential candidate will be invitingly due to covert safety measures. it will be followed by a memorial service tomorrow in dc and another in his home state of kansas on saturday. dole died sunday after battling stage iv lung cancer. he is survived by his wife elizabeth and daughter robin. he was 98 years old. carley: of life lived. >> speaking of that crime policies san francisco woman arrested not once, not twice but
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will: chicago police bracing for civil unrest and moving this weekend, the department telling commanders to prepare to potentially shutdown the city's central business district, violence plaguing chicago as younger people form the area fighting and being a bus driver, some blaming the out-of-control crime and theft on the city's democrat leaders. >> mayor lightfoot blaming retailers, senior remain store. it is not the retailers. it is the mayor. she is a failure. >> chicago officers have been ordered to cancel days off. todd: a san francisco woman behind bars for repeatedly stealing after she was released on 0 they'll for 120 shoplifting incidents. joining us to react is jessica
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patterson, chairwoman of the california republican party. why did it take 120 alleged the shoplifting incidents before the liberal da actually pushed for no bail? >> you see these policies california democrats of champion have been the result. we saw 40,$000 worth of crimes in one store from this woman and we have seen in california even if you didn't know the city would have known that was coming from california because these policies have affected the way we are living life here now. neil: we actually have to give bodine a measure of credit, because healed and we did push for bail the judge released her. why would judge do that? >> it doesn't make any sense. hard for me to give credit to someone who has championed these
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policies was california voters rejected proposition 25 in 2020 which would have made permanent no cash bail, they said this is the way to do things in california but liberal das across the states are continuing these policies and mister bodine who is facing recall understands being the party of crime and chaos is not the way to go. californians are looking for more law and order. we saw in los angeles the sheriff released stats comparing 22019 when we look at unlawful assault with a weapon, homicide, we are seeing an increase of 70%. motor vehicle theft over 50%. you know what is down? arrests. arrests are down 34%. it is absolutely insane these policies and we are not going to see a change and so we see change at the leadership level. todd: what stands out about stories like this is how
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important, feel not just in san francisco but throughout the country. how do we return to a time when the bad people actually think long and hard before they commit a crime because they know there will be consequences they do not like? >> that is exactly what we need, consequences. proposition 47, 57 in california which decriminalized what would normally be criminal acts and have real consequences have affected our everyday life, affects californians, people that are out there working hard. this has taken the place of regular christmas shopping. >> you are chairwoman of the california republican party. looking ahead to future elections, namely the midterms in 2022, local elections in the coming years, not just next year but, years how the republicans make the case that the only way
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to bring california and other liberal jurisdictions back is to vote republican? >> california is at a turning point and following the redistricting effort we are going to have a lot of opportunities up and down the state to make the case to california voters. we have seen what one party willing in the last year with gavin newsom was one man rules and to our state. we have an opportunity to return it to the golden state that once was. we've seen californians have been voting with their feet for the first time in our status history we lost a congressional seat. california is an amazing place, california democrats of ruined it for many. >> it sounds crass but i think the fact that this crime wave is starting to the rich areas of california, you saw it in
1:24 am
beverly hills, the pacific palisades of all places, i think that could lead to change but we will see. jessica patterson, appreciate your time this morning, thank you so very much. >> the time is now, 23 minutes after the hour. if there were any questions before about where exactly blue-collar joe's priorities are when it comes to his infrastructure bill listen to this. >> think about climate, equities critically important, we cannot leave anybody behind and blue-collar jobs? >> really? taking a 12 days of giving with the foundation that is bringing the holiday spirit to military families when christmas tree at a time.
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>> michael sussman will stand trial in late spring of 2022 facing charges brought by john durham in his investigation into
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the origins of the russia probe, was invited on a charge he lied to the fbi during the meeting about links between russia and donald trump. durham alleges he was eagerly working with hillary clinton's campaign even though he told the fbi he wasn't working for any particular client at the time. he pleaded not guilty. carley: lawmakers at the head of instagram, send the study does not do enough to protect teenagers. >> we have to reach the point we realize some real bad stuff is happening. you are the new tobacco whether you like it or not. you have to stop selling the tobacco in quotation marks. don't give it to them. carley: instagram's ceo deflected blame. >> duality is keeping people safe, not just about any one company. an external survey suggested
1:30 am
more teens are using tick-tock and youtube than instagram. we 5 they are working on bipartisan legislation to protect get online which instagram says it is supporting. >> president biden's infrastructures are raising eyebrows after revealing how the white house plans to prioritize its $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. >> the president is asking us to use this policy to rebuild the country. this is a 3, 5, 10 your proposal, we need to think about climate, equities critically.we cannot leave anybody behind, blue collar jobs. todd: curious order, facing backlash for listing climate and equity as a priority ahead of labor and blue collar jobs. time is 30 minutes after the hour, trees for troops delivering 15,000 farm grown christmas trees to terry families this year alone. >> the executive director of the christmas foundation joins us with more on how to spread
1:31 am
holiday cheer. merry christmas, happy to have you on. what would you like us to know about trees for troops. >> good morning, thanks for having me. this is our seventeenth consecutive year since the foundation was born in 2005 and i think we will get close to that 15,000 total 3 mark this year where we will pick up two periods, started on november 29th through tomorrow december 10th, the primary fedex rate we will pick up 50,000 trees from 55 locations around the country and deliver them to 77 bases around the country. todd: you would not be doing this if the need were not great. describe how great the need is. >> it is a gesture, it is a thank you, a mission of our foundation is to improve christmas spirit and this does that.
1:32 am
we know that it has a positive impact on folks serving in the armed services because they tell us. one of the common things we hear, for example my spouse was just deployed and we weren't even in the mood for christmas, we weren't even going to decorate. we got a tree and we realized how many people care, how many people support us and it made me feel better and we decided to decorate. that is a common thing you hear so we know we are having a positive impact and helping raise the christmas spirit for some families serving in the military. >> what an amazing reaction, so fulfilling, use a 15,000 trees will be donated to the terry families this year. who's doing the donating and how are these trees being delivered? >> trees come from multiple sources donated by tree farmers themselves so american family farms, donate them. a lot of times they have individuals donate trees and work with groups to donate them
1:33 am
as well. the trees come from a farm so farmers don't eat them, customers don't eat them. fedex is our partner in the program and they pick them up, we coordinate where they will pick them up and get them gathered together and take them to the base and one thing we often get asked is once the trees, how do you decide who gets one and the answer is we don't. decide how and when and where and once they arrive it varies. in some cases they simply tell their base personnel, first come first get, they said they have a staggered distribution, all the personnel you can get a tree from this time and he 7 and so on. in some cases they pick which
1:34 am
families receive them. todd: is the industry farmers are fedex. if you don't fall into one of those categories you can help because they need funds to help move this along. you can see at the bottom of the screen. christmas\donate to help out. we appreciate what you are doing, it is a great gesture and those people deserve it. >> appreciate it. >> hundreds of college professors are fed up with the woke movement getting the wave education which will tell you what they are doing about it. >> 30,000 afghan still living on us military bases 3 months after the us withdrawal and their families and friends are still trapped in afghanistan. army combat veteran in florida congressional candidate corey mills joins us next.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends first". time for look at the international stories around the world. first, top pentagon official in asia morning washington of the urgent need to bolster military forces and i of the concerns of the chinese attack.
1:39 am
china has increased its presence with aircraft flyovers. president biden will speak to the ukrainian president zelinski. earlier this week he talked with americans about the growing presence of russian troops of ukrainian border, with economic sanctions of russia invades. as far as the southern border, guatemalan's president in interview as john roberts says he's had the communication with the white house was vice president kamala harris, the borders are focusing to focus on the root causes, it is in 6 months since he last spoke with her on her guatemala trip this summer, the white house just reinstituted the trump era remain in mexico program which will require migrants to stay in mexico until their us immigration court date the border patrol has brought two people back across the border under that policy just yesterday. back to you.
1:40 am
jillian: thank you so much. afghan still living on military bases across the nation over three months after president biden's withdrawal from afghanistan was corey mills, florida congressional candidate joins us live and you conducted the first overland rescue of americans out of afghanistan was right now you are in the united arab emirates, why are you there and what are you learning? >> one of the things we are looking at is what conditions are and the capability and capacity the abu dhabi camp has. we are trying to support efforts to get out others who supported american troops or being hunted and brutally murdered by the tell dan, by isis k and the comedy network. carley: what is the situation
1:41 am
like for those who helped americans, helped the us government who are still in afghanistan and being hunted down right now? >> the issue is from the very beginning the biden administration wanted to utilize the afghan withdrawal as a political optic. rather than utilizing donald trump and mike pompeo's conditions based agreement they wanted to earmark september 11th as the withdrawal date. and said what they've than is left thousands upon thousands of americans behind like texas natives from texas 13, the family my team and i rescued as well as for all our s ivs, they continue to talk about this successfully let's, they don't talk about the american people that the majority of the people who got on these aircraft are not fitted in any way. many didn't have a id card for afghanistan. these people are sitting on military bases at taxpayer expense. this is not a successfully lift. this is not a successful
1:42 am
withdrawal. this was a botched plan they are trying to cover up at this point. >> glad you brought that up because when this congressional memo came out that almost all the 82,000 afghans in the united states are unfettered it, a lot of people's attention. the vetting process is separate. you need to do in person interviews to make sure these people are who they say they are and that is what didn't happen. how worried are you about that in terms of national security for our country? >> i'm exceptionally worried. i spent the majority of my adult life trying to fight against terrorism abroad, to help those oppressed and ensure that we keep the homeland safe. we have open borders where we have people streaming through, some of those were yemeni males who were on a targeted terrorist watchlist, now we are bringing tens of thousands of people in
1:43 am
that were unfettered. these aren't people he received background checks prior to boarding the aircraft. these are people who may have received background checks since arriving in the us and meanwhile the s iv applicants had gone through background process and been proven admitted through the us cis process or the us embassy i left behind so this paints a picture that is about political optic the democrats are doing something but in reality they are trying to endanger american lives by allowing potential terrorists into the us for another 9/11 attack. >> it seems so backwards and wrong how all of this unfold and 3 months later it is still a very big part of your life everything will day as i know it is to many veterans who are trying to help get the good people into this country who helped our country and american citizens as well. thank you for joining us this morning.
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todd: time is 43 after the air. hillary clinton officially confirming she might never get over 2016. >> it is hard as it might be to imagine your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. >> live reaction to that. >> can you make it over here, you going to make it? ♪♪ plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> two texas dads they were silence after being arrested in september following public clash you pleasant the round rock school board. this one being escorted from an artists meeting accused of going off topic. >> you are not allowed to be speaking to items that are not on the agenda. you are not allowed to be speaking to anything that is not on the agenda. todd: both dads facing charges of enduring, the second dad said his arrest came after this video where police attended, quote, simonson elderly resident from speaking it meetings telling fox news, quote, we believe we were intentionally targeted for arrest assignments our voices because we were speaking against
1:49 am
the school district for illegal activities. >> over 1100 current and former college science and math professors raising the alarm about the california movement to illuminated fenced math classes in k-12 schools. an open letter they say the reforms which aim to reduce achievement gaps will be a disadvantage to american public school students. they write in part, quote, initiatives like the california mathematics framework proposed drastic changes based on scant and inconclusive evidence, subjecting the children of our largest state to such an extent in spite of the responsibility. the cms would apply social justice concepts to math lessons without you do that? >> not only be china. president biden touting his agenda. >> president biden: i was talking with members about improving passenger rail, something i know little about. i've been doing it for a long time.
1:50 am
the fact is you are looking at mister amtrak here. i traveled over 1,250,000 miles on amtrak. >> joining us is the host of fox across america, is mister amtrak, does he get a crown maybe? >> he gets a hug. he's doubling himself mister amtrak. you are a bus depot, this is like me going into, i mister pizza hut at taco bell. >> your mister yellow but you actually are. >> where my radio show is going this week i will be in a yellow cab biden have a lot of folksy charm when he does these things, his jokes, his amtrak tales, what he doesn't have his votes because people like joe manchin and kristen sinema realize how reckless spending is that the
1:51 am
part of this that is so frustrating is he's out there selling this like it is a good thing but the cbo said would raise inflation, the deficit and it will happen fast so this is like throwing a drowning man a sofa. >> what the best saturday night live jokes over the past 25 years as when they label them the amtrak masseuse, got to get this because you are fired up about hillary clinton breaking down in tears while recording a reading the 2016 victory speech she would have given if she had beaten trump. >> as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. i am is sure if this is anything i have ever known, together we will make america even greater than it has ever been. >> should have a better question
1:52 am
than this so go is the question. have added. >> i was more moved by bill reading his list of interns he would have hired, stop it, i'm being silly but shame on them for doing that to this woman because she has clearly turned into the person you want up at a party, you know what i mean by that? go over and ask that woman about the 2016 election and we die laughing because we know what is coming, all she's trying to do, she's broken biases that i genuinely feel bad for her because she's never going to start running for president. 20 years from now on a trump rally they will be chanting help her up. >> she did say she's not out of politics. this and the reason to talk about hillary clinton recently but what does it mean when she says she's -- is she going to running in? >> yes. the old adage is the presidency is a disease only carol why don't. people want to be president die
1:53 am
wanting to be president. she would be younger in 2024 than president biden is right now. president biden is in his late hundred s, she gets in their. >> you know what is interesting about that, this poll after poll about who is going to be the democratic nominee, if president biden doesn't run, she's anomalous, no one is thinking about it. >> thing about it. remember the movie when woody harrelson's characters done bowling because he has a rubber hand, we will have rubber hand hillary running for president in 2024. i might have to vote for it that point. >> you just referenced kingpin at 4:503 am. you mention the master class. social media likes to be funny and they had some fun it hillary clinton's expense on this master class. beverly hallberg, not necessarily known for her comedy but this is pretty good, she will be teaching you how to wipe an email server with a cloth. there were a lot more. does she not see this kind of reaction is going to come when she does stuff like this?
1:54 am
>> he just can't walk away. >> if somebody told me to do master class i don't know that i would teach anybody. >> i can teach you how to cut somebody up on the way to laguardia. it is psychotic and said that the best part is you know she charged them for the speech at the end. >> i'm not watched the master class but it was teaching people the skill she developed throughout her career which is why beverly hallberg posted that we. what skills would you be teaching somebody? >> to her credit she has made a gazillion dollars doing something. says like we're making fun of her for the clinton's long initiative, one of the greatest rack as the world has ever seen, bernie madoff, if you notice the minute they got of politics the donations dried up entirely which means the whole thing was
1:55 am
a record. hunter biden is sitting around why didn't i think of that? >> we did get a 3 carat diamond from china. when you get a 3 diamond, uber into the realm of shady business. todd: 12:50 on your program, i will be joining you and we will get shady, we will get loose. >> i'm there. carley: you sure you want to be there? thank you so much. dave portnoy's parcel business helps people save their lives and locked in and bill deblasio suffered another blow, talking two days about the coming up. todd: terra frederick, joe concha, cheryl casone and kayleigh mcenany. "fox and friends first" rolls on.
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carley: the career criminal accused of burning down the all-american christmas tree outside our door on fox square is back on the streets without bail. you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: we were joking about it but it is no joke in 2021. vagrant walking free just hours ago after being charged with multiple misdemeanors including arson and reckless endangerment he was told to return to court


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