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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 14, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have for tonight, as always we thank you for being with us. you make the show possible. we hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" starts right here, right now, and it's a great sho laura: do you have.w. on. may, light blue and light blue, i can't tell, very pastor like. it is very icy. laura: my next just has the same outfit, you have jeans on. i'm reviewing my next guest's pants. very lovely. are you wearing crocs too. i'm totally taking your fashion advice, great to see you.
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i'm laura ingraham. governor ron desantis normally has a plan for removing illegals from his state but an idea where he wants to send them, i screamed laughing, he's here tonight with more but doctor jill stepped in to save her husband and regenerations. raymond arroyo explained in seen and unseen but first, the walking dead, that's the focus of tonight's angle. a political party like a company or a sports team or school should always have a succession plan. is about preparing for the foreseen and unforeseen. who could step in as the next ceo, the next head coach, the next school principal. how about the next speaker of the house, democrats have no such plan for their leadership at the top and a very shallow bench. consider the leadership lineup.
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looks like a new version of cocoon in washington with a faltering debilitated 79-year-old president who will be 83 of the start of his second term. >> the devastation is stunning. there's nothing left standing. they are gone. >> the uninspiring house majority leader announced said he is running for his 21 term. i saw that, can't be. chuck schumer is the youngster of the bunch at 871 but he has been in congress since i was in high school. and he hasn't changed at all. i think that is the cha-cha.
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increasingly campaign, nancy pelosi as speaker will be 82 by next year's midterm. >> clarity on the social spending bill. >> clarity on what? >> the build back better -- >> are talking about build back better, the american people. however you're referencing it is not familiar to me. >> that is her humor by the way. and? and agonizing how much you will miss her when she's gone, she's planning on running for an eighteenth term in congress, considering pelosi is essentially making all the important domestic policy decisions for the weak and ineffective by the white house i can't family, she has real power. whether or not she's in the majority but having a wealthy, soon to be 82-year-old woman
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from san francisco, beating the democrats after what i believe will be a gop wipeout in 2022, wilson really out of touch, don't you think? americans know these dinosaurs should be lumbering off into the sunset. at least trump was only in dc for four years, then there are people like jim clyburn who has been there for 28 years at age 81. he's in the lead to give up power. >> never ask anybody to die for me. don't know why people come saying you need to step aside for me. if you want to my seat come get it. >> that's the party of the future. if your calendars stuck on 1995. democrats are in a huge bind, but they will not do the hard work necessary to build their party back better. afraid of the squat's primary
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challenge is perhaps they abandoned the middle and went way radical. the result for them, politically at least, are devastating. biden lost 2 thirds of americans on the inflation should, 54% in his own party approve of his handling of that issue it hit the scheduling independents. 71% disapproval rating. trump would win in a landslide if the election were held today. you can't build a national movement with awoke ideology that believes in open borders, business going rags, high taxes, calling, bending, racial fearmonger, anti-american hatred and unending covid mandates and a partridge in apparently, you can't do that. none of it is working, none of it. the people rejected it in virginia and almost did so in new jersey. the blue states are being left behind but most don't even care
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at this point. even if california is losing business, losing population and congressional suits as a result, liberal gavin newsom reinstituted indoor mask mandate today, ditto for new york governor kathy koegel. this is complete madness and it's going to hurt their economy but they want to control their people no matter how unpopular it is. both newsom and hogle eliminated themselves from national office so who else is on the democrat bench, cuomo is gone but gretchen witmer from michigan, chris karen illinois, both of failed spectacularly as governors with their track records neither would last a month in the hotel chain. high it would be firing an overnight manager in cleveland just for being rude to guest little on the kind of track record those two governors have. as for democrat governors with
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terrific records there really aren't any, certainly not compared to the republicans, there's ron desantis in florida will join me later in the show, greg abbott texas, billion tennessee, pete ricketts in nebraska, kim reynolds and i and many more. the gop may have an aging senate minority leader in mitch mcconnell but also legislative younger elected officials who are energetic, conservative and smart. whether or not trump decides to run again the main point is that the gop actually has a very deep bench, the democrats are trying to put a good face on all of this but they know they are going to need to replace biden and they know running kamala harris would be like getting a root canal without novocain only you lose the tooth at the end. [laughter] the laura: without people buttigieg?
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we still have mayor pete. former mayor of south bend is plan b you better be in favor of running joe again even if he can't form a sentence. will way felt was super weak, bomb -- at every debate, barely campaigns, block time and new hampshire, still wipes the floor with every other democrat. my thought about that today is i forgot that. there only stars are the squad members that they become their own sideshow more interested in brand building the governing. and may not be as fun for them with the gop majority. the one democrat governor who has shown some sense is jared policy of colorado. >> the end of the medical emergency. people who want to be protected are the emergency adults of public health doesn't tell people what to wear.
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it is not their job. public health, it should always decrease anything but that's not something you require, you don't tell people what to wear. if you are vaccinated that is your choice, i respect that but it is your fault when you are in the hospital with covid. >> for the democrats especially reasonable statements the crazies in his own party are blasting him as a heretic. this proves the point the wild left-wing activists will not tolerate any deviation from their failed policies, they just love and was spending of the stakeholders, mask mandates, ripping down searches and, diversity, equity and inclusion curriculum at school. all this may make you popular on social media but none of it works in the real world. so democrats are facing a
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difficult dilemma here. stick with pelosi and biden and they will join the walking dead with no future in politics. go your own way and you will be isolated, castigated, shunned and hounded in your own home and that is the angle. louisiana congressman jim banks, republican study committee chairman and victor davis hanson, senior fellow, good to see you tonight. your reaction to big news in the last 24 hours the president biden and nancy pelosi are both going to be holding on. >> if you think about this has been a pretty lucrative career for nancy pelosi, she was worth $3 million when she started out in congress, today she is worth $200 million so why not keep doing it. it is awfully lucrative but effective matters nancy pelosi is older than michael brown.
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joe biden is the same age as my grandma. i don't believe my grandma is capable of leading this country, not capable of filing my taxes but if that is the future of the democratic party it tells you everything you need to know about where they want to drive this country. a very wise businessman in my district tells me they shouldn't put 80-year-old people in a position to make 20, 40, 50 year decisions for the business or for our country and that is what the democrats are trying to do. >> speaking of grandmothers. here was hillary yesterday. >> the republican party has gone along with him. they have their spines up on the wall as they walk into their offices. they have no conscience, have no spine. it is time to decide whether we're going to be a grown-up country or not. >> i think it is amazing to hear hillary clinton, who is still whining about losing the election in 2016, on reading her speeches she didn't get to give is talking about growing up. isn't it time she grows up? >> she's in her mid 70s too, dick durbin, the third man in the senate is 76.
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bernie is 80. they are all octogenarians and septuagenarian they are not going to retire. what else would they do. they've been in politics their entire life. they've given the democratic party over the cliff, if they retire they will take a big beating in 2022-2024 and will be blamed for it. they got on the left-wing tiger and got on the back of it, the squad as you said, a siegler blm and even antifa they winked and nodded and they can't get off that tiger. if they retire and jump off it would take their place, some crazy people and they know it and have wrecked the democratic party because they didn't have a graduated retirement, didn't bring in new people because they were narcissists and egotists and now they haven't sabotaged or hijacked by the hard left and all i have is january 6th, donald trump is a monster,
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lockdown forever and a new one hillary is spinning at, adam schiff, that if the republicans win in 2022-24 we are going to have on autocracy, dictatorship, the end of democracy. all that means is the polls are against them. when biden won they were saying the system has been redeemed, democracy is fresh, then they had ten months and ran their poles in the ground and have the most unpopular agenda -- to blame -- don't have a clue. laura: we said this last week. the pre-spin has begun. democracies and really democracy in the united states. there's only one part of it matters. i think the democrats could be a vibrant party they were enforcing the border, pro-life as they used to be, be a little more centrist, they refused to. we want a two party system that is healthy and vigorous but
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msnbc is working first in machine because they know what is coming down the pike. >> how can democrats move forward with any election? how can president biden move forward to any reelection unless he looks at the threat to our democracy we still face right now and that is january 6th, the attack on the capitol. laura: what else do they have? they don't know what else. they have the race issue, tearing down statues, abortion, porn, pot and this. >> the only agenda is power. hr one symbolically, the most important item they put forward in the congress is a bill to give them permanent power by changing elections to give democrats an advantage election day, make dc estate so they get two more democrat senators, public financing of campaigns, get the opportunity to contribute to bernie sanders for president every four years, that is their agenda, permanent power.
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it is not to do anything at all to help -- laura: i want to jump in, we were talking the other day and i'm concerned about this as well, republicans take power next year and then what? a republican is going to be ready on day one with an agenda they have campaigned on, that is going to be able to be moved quickly because the democrats were ready, they had what they wanted to do. >> we are, starts with big tech, securing the border. those are the issues. laura: those are general issues, we need pieces of legislation, contract with america. i will jump on you but can't just be anti-biden. that is what i'm concerned about. anti-biden anti-pelosi, where you for? >> energy policy that gets us a lot more oil every day, go back to being free of the middle east dependency, stop this critical
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race. discriminate in discrimination, be racist and go back to martin luther king's content of our character, not the color of our skin and say that if you're going to be in the united states and voting election you've got to be a citizen. can't have 800,000 people that are foreign nationals voting in his the election. there should be a federal law that supersedes state law as there is -- laura: tax cuts for the middle class, across the board for the middle class, get government off the backs of people. you are my first guest back in the studio. you get a fruitcake later on, thank you, good to see. dating law enforcement, a man smuggling illegals slammed into a mother and daughter killing them both, texas lieutenant governor dan patrick sounds often moments plus florida governor rhonda santos just made a big announcement how he will deal with the influx of illegals in his state, here to tell us next.
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>> laura: for months we've been warning that biden's open border policies wouldn't just put a burden on president biden's open border policies and budgets but burden of the country but would have violent consequences. just is your mother and daughter were killed when a smuggler t-boned their car after running a stop sign in michigan, texas. the suspect was speeding away from police while trafficking six illegals into the united states. "cavuto" have been arrested. texas was in governor dan patrick, this story is so been raging on so many levels. it is tragic, it is needless and it was aided and abetted by this administration. >> this hit me to my core. i've seen a lot of death from domestic shootings and police violence and the disasters but last saturday morning 11:30 common sosa, mother and daughter, 59, 21, sitting outside a stop sign.
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little did they know the minutes before, some wild crazy smuggler was racing through stop signs and red lights in the town of mission right by the border. when they pulled out by the stop sign they were killed instantly. the flame of their life put out, their future gone forever, their family grieving. did i see any comments from the white house? did i see a condolence and prayers from either biden or kamala harris? know, nothing. they don't care about american lives, the blood is on the hands of the president. this is a strong thing for me to say but i believe in my heart, if his policies don't change these won't be the last people to be killed, they don't care about smugglers and gang members of coalescence americans or law enforcement killed by illegals, they don't care about drugs coming in. mayorkas, i'm asking you to
12:24 am
resign tonight, tonight if you don't resign and if mister president, if you won't reach out to these families then you have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself do you care at all about them? he should come to the funeral or send kamala harris, look this family in the eye and say we were wrong, we are sorry but nothing from this white house, nothing. he doesn't know. >> nothing new, democrats -- obama didn't take calls, pick and choose, when it advances your own narrative, police are bad, racism marks the entire society but when it comes to these border crimes this is one of hundreds if not thousands of violent acts against americans and a lot of them hispanic americans which is why as i pointed out before they are moving toward the republican party in the rio grande valley
12:25 am
and all the way up the east coast as well. >> it is not about politics, it's about human life, carmen's family in law enforcement, her sister who retired from law enforcement, this president shows that he doesn't care about americans left behind in afghanistan, doesn't care what inflation is doing to the american family, just doesn't care, put these radical policies of the left, open borders on the line and people are paying a price. when our soldiers are killed in the line of duty the federal government reaches out, the president will go to delaware and see the coffins come back in. i argue these people on the border are on the front lines and they deserve the same dignity from your office so at least call that family, mister president ask jen psaki if the president even cares, if he knows. carmen sosa, 59, her daughter,
12:26 am
21, probably sitting there at the stop sign a moment before their death i this 18-year-old smuggler racing at 70 miles an hour, he never hit the brakes, probably talking about christmas and family and the new year at and their life is gone in the future is gone. these policies by this president. >> this is been i keep saying this, this has been happening for decades in the united states. hit and run, dwis, trump was maligned for bringing this up after he came down the golden escalator and -- the way politicians are phrasing it, we got to go, we got to get -- >> ordered thousand a year. we apprehend 2.2 million, there will be millions more infiltrating this country. laura: we got to go. we got to go. i hate to cut you off but we got to go.
12:27 am
to get to desantis the 27 of the borders and staying at the border. illegals are flying across the country. florida governor ron desantis propose working with bus companies to transport illegal aliens out of the state. he has a good idea for destination. >> somewhat tongue-in-cheek but it is true. if you sent to delaware or martha's vineyards of these places, that board would be secure the next day. >> governor desantis joined me now, good to see you tonight, critics say this about safety, it's about 2024 into that you say? >> the border is a disaster and some people say that is the problem for texas or arizona. actually the biden administration puts people on planes and flies them into florida in the we hours of the morning so they've done over 70 flights in the last 6 months, dumped people and we had a few weeks ago one of those people
12:28 am
that biden dumped into committing a murder in northeast florida. these are crimes the would not have happened but for biden's recklessness so our view, if they are something, we want to be able to facilitate transfer to places like delaware so we have $8 million in my new budget to be able to do that. we also look to the carriers the federal government is contracting with that we will pass legislation that says if you are facilitating biden's policies which is a mass human smuggling operation you are not going to be eligible to do business with the state of florida or other local governments and we are going to charge you restitution for each individual you are bringing because drugs, crime, you also have things with healthcare costs, education, all the services because of biden's reckless policy so we have a responsibility to fight back and that is what we are doing. laura: i want to get to
12:29 am
washington post op-ed that came out tonight i know you won't be surprised to hear this, the headline of this is ron desantis is paving his path to the white house on the backs of vulnerable migrant children. you are laying the groundwork to kick vulnerable migrant children out of florida shelters, not about public safety, performative cruelty to immigrant children. as dan patrick just noted, congressman, do the lives of the american people, legal immigrants, matter at all to these democrats because they are being impacted? >> in florida if you have a foster child in florida you get paid a lot less than the federal government pays for bringing people from the southern border from foreign countries so my view is let's use our resources to help kids who need help in the state of florida? american kids, floridians. let's not be a repository for people coming from all of the
12:30 am
world illegally through the southern border and then brought to the state of florida so focusing on your citizens first is common sense and we do not want to facilitate biden's reckless policies in any way, shape or form, their policies are wrong and if states band together and do things like florida is proposing to do, more likely they will have to reverse course but if you are facilitating than they are going to continue to do what they are doing. laura: on this issue of mask mandates. i know you rejected them across the board. with your reaction tonight to both new some in california and local in new york going back to mask mandates with this omicron which seems to be thankfully so far a mild virus and that the data we have so far on that. what is your reaction to the blue states's reaction to this?
12:31 am
>> we are on day 700 of the 15 days to slow the spread. i think we've learned you get these people and inch they will never let go, they will take the mile, they are going to mandate, they are going to lock you down as we cannot accept that. in florida we do not accept it so there's no reason to be restricting or mandating anybody throughout our country and the fact that this is still going on in these blue states and may even intensify over the coming weeks and months it just shows you if you value your freedom in 2022 in those states, make your voice heard you got to do a change of direction because i fear they will continue to do this until they suffer at the ballot box. >> new york has now on higher case rate than florida, new york
12:32 am
city, new york city to be specific about that. >> so here's the thing. it is a seasonal pattern, southern states of a different season, northern states going through their season. mandates and restrictions of not ineffective but they've been very costly and the proof is in the pudding, you have people that want to come to florida to vacation, to buy homes, you don't have the opposite where people are leaving three states to go to new york these other places. >> great to see you tonight, thanks for joining us and biden sits for a big interview on late night and the first lady tries to save her husband, seen and unseen, raymond arroyo in the studio and next.
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>> laura: it's time for are "seen and unseen" segment where we reveal the big cultural laura: time for seen and see where we reveal the cultural stores and then for that we turn to the author displayed saved christmas, raymond arroyo. after months president biden sat
12:38 am
down for a big interview. >> without probing journalist jimmy fallon on a friday night. cbs cooking shows get more high balls than the so that especially time to hide biden's confusion, felon raise the dishes like how wonderful it was to see biden at the kennedy center honors. >> president biden: the trump arm of the republican party which seems to be the republican party now did not even show up at the kennedy center, they wouldn't go to the awards. >> ringing class back to the office. amazing that he did that. >> went the dissenting the kennedy center honors become a constitutional prerequisite. >> amazing that you did that, you took the motorcade four minutes to get to the kennedy center. >> in 2017 norman year, kennedy center honoree refused to attend
12:39 am
if trump showed up so he said i will stay home so we don't disrupt the gathering but to actual topics president biden had to check his notes. >> how much do you pay attention to approval ratings? >> president biden: not anymore. people are afraid. people are worried, so they are being told armageddon is on the way. one of the things i find and you would associate with this, most's, republican congress would agree. >> he lost his way repeatedly. he would occasionally just trail off jeannie gleefully went on to the next question but there are serious consequences for performances like this. our allies and enemies are watching and this is what his domestic agenda, he's falling apart and politically changed.
12:40 am
laura: he's doing this crazy stuff, pelosi running domestic policy, she's tapped into the squad doing the radical stuff. biden, get me through the day. >> they sent first lady jill biden out and she was quizzed on cbs about his mental decline, she was having none of it. >> quite a few americans have some questions about the president's current mental fitness. as somebody who spends, i can see you shaking your head. what is your response to that? >> i think that is ridiculous. >> no follow-up. moments later biden joins his wife, and doctor joel had to rescue him. >> retired helicopter lands, when i come home from wherever i am she is standing on the balcony. i'm serious. >> you are a lucky man.
12:41 am
laura: i'm a lucky man. >> smile. >> president biden: she says you are too emotional. >> imagine if someone were giving you emotional cues, stand up, smile, look sad. this is so bad for him, it looks like he's being coerced and told what to do and when to do it. >> pattern of altered gentlemen who get emotional it on moments. john banner would cry the second time. i don't want you to worry. kamala harris ready to assume the presidency? she was out doing important work today at an electric car charging event in maryland. >> there we are.
12:42 am
>> that is it. >> there is no sound or fumes. >> i love when she's holding record of the electric charge like she's pumping -- no sound or fuel. welcome to electricity. wait until she comes across a curling iron. no fumes but we may be underestimating kamala. last week she launched, and it is cruel of you not to have covered this, she launched a huge initiative that got away too little coverage. >> i'm issuing a nationwide call to action to both the public and the private sector. how to part of health and human services and centers for medicare and medicaid are launching a new initiative to designate birthing friendly hospitals. this is a new designation. no woman understood how to find
12:43 am
obstetric or neonatal care until now. thank goodness this day of action. i know you all were leaping into action to locate those birthing centers in your community. what is she talking about? >> there party, and the trial lawyers who pour money into are the reason we have so few ob/gyns left in the united states. >> pushing money to abort children what do you need a birthing center for, we believe it there. >> birth men and birth, birthing people. the world is paralyzed by fear over a new covid variant that we know is more mild. our medicine cabinet has answers in moments. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> should we be expecting yearly boosters? change if it becomes necessary to get you the boost and we was a step to deal with it when that occurs. >> fauci and friends will most certainly push yearly boosters but he's ignoring the latest science. a new cdc analysis of 43 americans, small group but that's what we have infected by the omicron variant found 34 of them were fully vaccinated.
12:49 am
that includes 14 individuals who were fully vaccinated boosted. only six people with natural immunity caught the variant. why is that? next year university study published today found two dose covid 19 vaccine generate a lower antibody response a concealer constraint suggesting the variant could lead to more infections among the fully vaccinated. joining me is sanford school of medicine professor, and pediatric cardiologist, is this a stunning study or is it too small to tell us much? >> i don't think it stunning are too small. this is early in the state of the new variant, some interesting data which you would expect, you expect is there are 30 mutations, the only variant, you would imagine a vaccine that
12:50 am
was prepared against the legacy coronavirus, you would expect it to not be as successful. what i would have liked to see in the uk study is if they would actually test the serum of those who had been previously affected and see how that did against the omicron variant. >> they to do that and tend not to do that as we discussed before because they don't want to look at the natural immunity question but fauci had the sunday show toxic to continue to push the vaccines on kids. >> if your child is 5 years of age and older please get them vaccinated. we need to protect the children. this idea the children are not vulnerable at all is not -- the number of cases of children now well over 2 million children from 5 to 11 have been infected, over 8000 to 9000 hospitalizations and will over 100 deaths. laura: a just undermined his argument by highlighting a rare it is for children to have severely adverse effects to this
12:51 am
virus. >> children, thank god have been relatively protected from the severe disease even without a vaccine. there is a thousandfold difference in the risk of severe disease and death from children's always, older people being much more affected by this infection. is playing on a strongman, children can be infected, no one ever doubted that. the issue is to they respond to the infection with a severe outcome in the answer is they don't. the scaremongering again to parents for reasons i do not understand. we should be assuring parents that compared to other things like flu or many other risks children face covid is not among the most severe risks children face, they should be getting back to normal life. >> i want to play something by this woman on and s nbc because
12:52 am
apparently now the blame shifting after a year of a lot of deaths for the vaccine goes back to trump. >> a monstrous thing we have to wrestle with and the country is that allowing people to die of covid was a policy choice by donald trump, it is now a policy choice by the republican party. we are getting into the realm of crimes against humanity. laura: the man is totally unhinged. crimes against humanity last year, what does this mean? >> i'm not sure what this means but if i consider a crime against humanity i would consider we haven't explored other ways and promote early treatment of those who are infected. i see hope in our medical creativity in this situation. we've had almost a year of vaccines but for those of us
12:53 am
seeing patients in their homes as in our clinics, with the legacy we tried one thing, from doctor mccullough's work at as delta came we changed it does is with success and with omicron we will do the same thing, we need to change our early treatment the concern is the only hope coming out of the medical community is vaccine was what about early treatment, helping people, i see people all the time who were sent home with no treatment. some of the basic things i use our basic asthma meds. laura: we talked about this before but it bears repeating. from the beginning when we were fighting on this issue we were having from my doctors tell us vitamin d deficiency, zinc deficiency, using things from
12:54 am
hydroxy chlorine 10 to ivermectin, treatments that were banned or discounted. why? >> i don't know the answer to that but early treatments are not controversial. governor desantis on the show earlier promoted the use of antibodies which are nih, fda approved, and documented. that kind of thing should have been part of the toolkit from the beginning was the nih has a trial they are doing on ivermectin that is due to be completed in march of 2023. it should have been an all hands on deck effort to evaluate treatments from the earliest of the epidemic. >> there was only one path that went to the big pharma companies. great to see. of next and inspire moment comes out of a terrible tragedy.
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age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. >> laura: in the wake of the horrific tornadoes that devastated the midwest
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>> the perfect tornado that demonstrated the midwest, when kentucky man decided to make something really beautiful. >> support the victims of this terrible disaster by donating to team western kentucky tornado relief fund, the website is listed below. pray for these people. i more ingraham. >> it is tuesday december 14th, the national guard on the ground as kentucky reels from the worst storm it has ever seen. governor bashir overcome with emotion announcing the youngest victim, a 2-month-old baby girl. >> we are up to 74 kentuckians that we've lost >> a live report from the


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