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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 15, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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should have showed up. carley: first lady and second gentlemen are going to waukesha i believe today. but i'm sure they would have appreciated that presidential visit as well and sooner to when this tragedy unfolded. sean, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. todd: in case you didn't know, they have a book called the all-american christmas out. carley: also available now. pick up a copy. "fox & friends" starts now. >> president biden set to tour kentucky. >> when the president arrived, scenes like this one, this used to be a nursing home. >> words can't express how i feel right now. the fountain is totally devastated. >> white house continues to deflect blame for spiraling crime. >> i'm not going to give assessment for every reason of crime. >> if you don't it incarcerate criminals, if you don't punish criminals, crime is going to go up. >> will andrew cuomo supposed to give back money he made for his
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book. >> we will see you in court. >> congress has raised the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion. >> how high do you think the debt needs to get before you cut government spending. >> we have a debt problem because the very richest people just aren't paying. >> we start with a fox news alert. the this morning president biden is set to go and see all the devastation firsthand in our country's heartland. is he going to travel to the hardest hit areas of kentucky where 100 people are still missing. lawrence: tragic story. 12 children including a baby girl 88 people confirmed dead across a handful of states. steve: meanwhile, overnight, the community of mayfield, kentucky come together for as you can see right there a candlelight vigil. it's interesting.
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we are going to get to rick reichmuth who is on location there very, very shortly. one of the stories that is being told in the local papers out in kentucky this morning is about how a nursing home in mayfield, which was one of the most devastated areas in kentucky, any had had a tornado drill at 4:00 in the afternoon because they knew there was going to be trouble. then when they got 30 minutes notice and they got 74 residents into the hall. there were another 30 staff members and they rode the storm out right there. it flattened the place around them. ainsley: were they all okay? steve: they all survived. 100 people survived. it's a real testament to those people to make sure everybody was safe. i mentioned rick reichmuth he is leading our coverage. is he in mayfield right now. rick, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we are at the point where trying to find splice and such.
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you are the tour manager for john michael montgomery. >> that's correct. rick: you are from mayfield. >> born and raised in mayfield, kentucky. rick: tell me where you were the night the tornado. >> me and my wife about belled me about a tenth of a mile where the storm come in. we were in our basement praying that it would miss us and luckily it did. rick: but your neighbors, very close by, everything is destroyed. >> that's where the candle factory is and that's where it hit very bad. rich. rick: so much need in these communities now. so many people without homes. so many homes that maybe aren't completely damaged but are certainly probably not livable for a little while. >> correct with holes in the roof. we were hearing windows blew out and people don't have medicine and no way to keep it cool. rick: we are inside kentucky care. this is a nonprofit organization and can help people in the community. >> yes. it don't matter if your doctor ♪ here. you can come here and get care for anything you need. we are staffed no matter what if
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you can pay or not. whether you have insurance or not. this company here wants to take care of you. we have pharmacy next door. gibson's pharmacies is one of the only pharmacies still here afternoon they are here to serve our needs. rick: you say that pharmacy that's still here, there are four or five pharmacies that downtown that are completely leveled and gone. >> the partner to this one was the main one, it was leveled. it was one of the first ones gibson across town. now this one has to carry the brunt of all of it. rick: free services right here. it do you have a mobile service. >> actually one setting outside to catch any overflow we have from here. and then one across town over by cfbs bank and it's open today. so anything you need, that's what we want to get the word out. we also have chief corner stone church is where we are sending all our supplies to. so if you need anything, please call keith allred he will get you everything you need as far
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as water and supplies. rick: always these stories start to come out after these tornadoes where the communities come together. it's now going to be that point where small companies, small businesses just donating their time and their services and their goods to help these communities make it through. guys? steve: a lot of hometown heroes, rick, thank you itch. ainsley: there is a town called brethrenmen, need for volunteers. heavy equipment they can come and help clear out the debris. and the mayor says go to the fire department to register if you want to help. lawrence: they are going to need that. ainsley: 560 members of the national guard searching for people. fema hit the ground to create long-term strategy for all the residents, too. steve: speaking of strategy, the white house really needs a strategy when it comes to crime because it is rampant all across the country. on you can see surveillance video of an apartment building in hollywood.
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terrifying video of an armed robbery outside an apartment building in hollywood. two guys were walking and four guys ran up behind them. all were armed, demanded property, the suspects eventually were able to flee, have not been apprehended. i think they got away with two very expensive watches, the lapd h.q. twitter account says four suspects, black males, early 20's, fbi offering a reward of $10,000. but this is the kind of video that we are seeing all across the country now. >> it's circulating everywhere, part of these liberal democrats have allowed this to happen. we have seen a noticeable change in tone from these progressive mayors. here's the san francisco mayor london breed talking about fighting back on crime. watch. >> time that the rein of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end. and it comes to an end when we
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take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies. and less tolerant of all the [bleep] that has destroyed our city. lawrence: my question why now? we have been covering this crisis for a while. i have been back and forth to california, san francisco, l.a., philadelphia, dallas, everywhere where we see these -- this crime going up. and many of these progressives say this is the new way of doing business. so are they looking at the polling now? ainsley: these progressives encourage homelessness, they said come on over, come to california. remember when the governor said that? and then you look at not only homelessness, high taxes, crime going up in california, so now these leaders are starting to pay attention to the republicans' message and trying to get tougher on crime now. they are doing a 180. peter doocy was at the white house, he was pressing jen psaki on the reasoning for this increase in crime in our country. >> you say that we have seen an
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increase in crime over the course of the pandemic there are age wrath reasons for that would you consider one of the reasons in the range prosecutors who are cutting people who are accused of many criminal offenses loose too quickly? >> again, i am not, as i wasn't yesterday, going to give an assessment for every -- every motivation or reason for crime in different communities across the country. what i have noted, which you see in data, is that there has been increase in crime since the start of the pandemic. i will let others assess what the reason for that increase in crime is. that is all i was conveying yesterday. steve: and the day before where she was talking about eddy. she said there is a range of reasons. we have heard her say it was because of the pandemic. but, peter asked about what about these prosecutors who are soft on crime? keep in mind, it was a year ago, after the george floyd verdict and, you know, the killing of george floyd that the cities were on fire and there were the
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protests and suddenly they are talking about defunding the police and everything like that. one year we fast forward one year and here we are, crime is rampant across the country. because they have taken away all consequence in many cases for crime. lawrence: we have got to stop letting them get away with saying this is because of the pandemic. i have been covering this issue for three years of progressive cities and crisis when it comes to crime. they set this up. they divided that they wanted to defund the police. they decided they wanted to get these d.a.s backed by george soros. they believe nobody should be behind bars. that means if you are a rapist or murderer, they believe that the justice system is inherently racist. that it is modern day slavery to have anybody locked up and they put this out on the country. and now we are seeing the consequences from every single major city that is run by liberals today and now they drop it on our feet and we see the consequences of this and now they want to make a 180 as you correctly pointed, to ainsley.
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but i think voters are aware of this. this is why you saw right here in new york city, they elected a cop. a former cop to be the man in charge and now he is appointing the first black woman to be the commissioner. she is a detective, the head of detectives in nassau county, i think. ainsley: yeah. she is. so you have these leaders that push this agenda. this liberal agenda defunding police no, cash bail. the people are arrested. we have heard them say don't worry, you are not going to be able to lock me up. i will be back on the streets in a few hours. steve: like the christmas tree guy. ainsley: christmas tree guy or the guy who committed three crimes in the matter of a few days. steve: arrested 60 times. ainsley: we keep hearing this over and over and over. we need progressive leaders all these liberal leaders to stand up and say we need to prosecute. we need to arrest these people and put them behind bars. senator john kennedy a republican from louisiana he is saying that very message.
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listen. >> well, the president could start, i think many members of congress already have. by talking trait up to the american people and say stop disrespecting the police. and then say stop defunding the police. look, most americans understand that the vast majority of cops do not get up every day and go to work hoping for the opportunity to hurt someone. most cops will leave you alone unless you do illegal stuff. so don't do illegal stuff. but what you allow, will, is what will continue. if you don't arrest criminals, if you don't prosecute criminals, if you don't incarcerate criminals when they deserve it, crime is going to go up. lawrence: the senator is correct.
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new talking point from the white house and democrats they want to now just throw money at the issue. that's not going to fix the problem. of course, that will help offset some of the costs when you guys decide to defund the police. the way you view criminals is a big part of this problem. again, there is all this talk about criminal justice reform, which i support. there needs to be criminal reform as well when it comes to making sure people, that are a risk to society, are locked up and when are we going to have some victim reform? who is advocating for the victims. we brought you so many stories throughout the last two years of victims of these repeat offenders, just seems like the democrats don't give a damn. steve: you know, you could have 1 million police officers in new york city but unless the top cop and the mayor says you have got to arrest the people, you have got to haul them downtown and you have got to book them and we're going to actually make sure that people are held accountable, unless that happens, you wind up with the situation right now. mayor de blasio said the other day, new york city is like the safest big city in the it.
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lawrence: which is a lie. steve: because the crime rate has only gone up 4%. if that's a true fact, whatever the number was, it was something like that. the reasonable the statistic is only in the single digits is because the cops aren't arresting people. because they know that when they haul somebody downtown, nothing is going to happen to them. why not say hey, scram. stop it. lawrence: there is an attempt to spread this out to say let's do it based on the last 10 years. when you talk to average day americans, they feel it they know they feel. steve: they are scared. brian. lawrence: they see what's happening. and see in liberal cities leaving for the free state of texas or free state of florida. because they want a place where they support the cops and there will be some sort of law and order. ainsley: a lot of police officers retired. a lot of police officers have dropped, you know, gone to other states or are not serving anymore because they just say it's not worth it anymore. so you have not only a lack of police officers, but you also have the ones that are working that do, to your point, say it's not worth it i'm not getting
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involved in this. cab driver the other day i said this last week on air says to me got in a car accident and called 911. and they said sorry, just get the guy's information and you have got to move on. we don't have the manpower. steve: it's crazy. lawrence: new normal. steve: new normal is you have got watch your back wherever did you go in new york city. my friend monty, who proudly served our nation many, many years, he sent me a text yesterday from tennessee and he said hey, i'm thinking about bringing my wife wanda to new york at the end of january. do you think it's safe? and i wrote back no. ainsley: really? lawrence: that's the truth of the matter. ainsley: your friends that used to come watch the show. steve: they used to. they are watching right now. ainsley: good morning. steve: they have a lot going on. also coming up on this wednesday $5 million punishment for disgraced exgovernor andrew cuomo his response after being told you have got to give back the book money, andy. ainsley: and president biden wants to bring christmas joy to
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authorities say they have not been able to identify the driver. overnight, congress voting to raise the u.s. debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion. the vote was mostly along party lines. illinois congressman adam kinzinger only republican to vote with democrats in favor of the limit increase. the house voting on the debt ceiling just hours before the december 15th deadline. exnew york governor andrew cuomo is pushing back against an order to return the more than $5 million he made from his book about the pandemic. an ethics committee ruling he violated his book deal by using state resources and staffers to right the novel. cuomo's attorney says the move is driven by political interests and is vowing to take the issue to court. nba super star seth curry becoming the league's all-time leader in three point shooting last night. >> it was a beautiful i will call it ending to this last week. special atmosphere. i knew the garden would deliver.
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>> curry hitting the 2974 three pointer of his career breaking ray allen's win over the knicks at madison square garden. congratulations to him, guys. over to you. steve: that's fantastic. lawrence: i watched that last night. >> speaking of last night. there was a big party in washington, d.c. keep in mind because of crohn's, coronavirus. scaling back parties. that's not the case if you are the dnc where last night they had a big party at a washington hotel up on a roof. 400 donors staff members and labor leaders were in attendance and obviously it's harder for the donors to open up their wallets if there is no holiday party. so they had a big holiday party last night. the president made some jaw dropping predictions. ainsley: he had a message for the republicans. listen. >> so much more to do.
3:22 am
police reform, criminal justice reform. immigration, gun violence, the courts, protecting a woman's right to choose. all these critical issues. and as we fight to make progress on all -- i hope you remember what got us to the white house in the first place. in 2020 we won as a unified democratic party more unified than ever. cheers. now we look at 2022 i want to tell my republican friend get ready, pal, you are in for a problem. we need to stay unified. we have to keep making the case. if we do i believe we are going to win. let me say this again for the president. we are are going to win in 2022. lawrence: this is delusional. steve get ready pal. lawrence: can we stop off with the issues he named. none of the issues the american people cared about. he didn't talk about crime. he didn't talk about securing the border. he didn't talk about the supply chain crisis. he didn't talk about the fact that we are purchasing oil from overseas when we were energy
3:23 am
independent. there is president to be such a moderate that he claimed to be so disconnected from reality the american citizens across the country. it's just sad. steve: and when you look at the polls, the number one issue of interest to americans is inflation because, you know, joe biden said we are not going to raise taxes on anybody making more than $400,000 a year. every time somebody who makes $38,000 a year goes to the gas station they are paying a 1.50 a gallon more or the cost of food. yesterday from the podium, jen psaki blamed big beef for the reason that beef prices were up 20%. the problem is there are all these bottle next in the supply chain things because the administration while they ran on elect us to get us out of the pandemic they did a bad bob planning. they didn't help private tri get back on their feet fast enough.
3:24 am
that's why we are where we are. ainsley: marist national poll approval rating 40% approval. real clear politics average of all the polls, only 42% of the people in america approve. steve: if you think about it he is in front of a bunch of donors if he is going to say hey, get ready, pal, we are going to lose they are not going to open up their wallets, instead trying to put a good face on things, in fact, the speaker of the pows, did you hear her, of course you didn't because it was up late. we have a soundbite, here is nancy pelosi. >> mr. president is an honor and of course a pleasure to be here at this time of challenge and with the coronavirus the national institute [inaudible] natural disasters and more our country could not be better served than with this most experienced capable hands than your president biden. [applause] he is just perfect. the timing couldn't be better. madam vice president, we're
3:25 am
inspired by your work for the people as you continue to be invaluable partner to president biden. lawrence: forget about the polls. don't believe your eye kamala harris is doing a great job as well. i keep wondering to myself maybe the democrats will pivot. maybe they will realize that they have. steve: what. lawrence: turn this around. it seems to be they are going to double down on it i was on the campaign trail back during the 2020 election. and at that point in time, 54% of americans said they were better off under trump they expwreed with his tone the way he dealt with things. voters getting buyer's remorse you are not getting better to be, just lying to the american people. ainsley: can't get your christmas presents, crime is up. did you forget what he did in afghanistan, nancy pelosi, look at crime across our country. schools teaching all this crazy
3:26 am
stuff to our kids. steve: you know, ainsley, all those things are real, really happening. ainsley: important to the people. steve: the fox news channel has been in business for over 25 years. we have been telling you from the get-go, what's going on well now some of the media members are catching up and talking about inflation and talking about supply chain things and it's not making the white house feel good about things we heard a story last week where apparently the inner circle of the white house was complaining to members of the media, can you help us out? can you give us some better coverage? chronicle reporter sat down with kamala harris and done three or four pieces out of that interview. was that part of the better coverage because it was not exactly hard hitting journalism. lawrence: you mean the part where they asked her about redecorating her office and everything that they decided to do with that kamala harris has
3:27 am
we decorated the v.p. offices. >> people making pun of this. tea party did you get a chance to ask her about the border or do journalists stick strictly to wallpaper. andy biggs no time for the border? jim hanson says take that all you haters who said she does nothing. >> miranda devine was on tucker last night she said it was simply a puff piece. watch. >> pretty rare to get a one-on-one interview with kamala harris and the san francisco chronicle today great credit managed to score one they didn't ask her about the border crisis the 2 million migrants come over under her. she is supposed to be fixing. it was not about that. it was the shade of blue that
3:28 am
she had repainted the walls. she has replaced apparently some patterned couches with pristine white ones. lawrence: i will say this. there has been numerous amounts of reports about the white house staging these off-the-record conversations with the media to kind of slant things to turn this thing around when you can't even keep your own staff, the people that went to war with you during the campaign and they say it is a toxic work environment? i think you have lost. you are sinking with your own people and sinking with the american people. you are sinking in congress. nobody wants to really work with this administration. i just think if they don't turn this around by the end of this year and pass something for the american people, which they won't, it will be a red wave. i really do think so. steve: get ready, pal, because joe biden is going to win i just heard him say that. ainsley: we saw that red wave in seattle out on long island, virginia. definitely. lawrence: we're seeing it on the border, too, with these local
3:29 am
city council races on the border that have been democrat for years are saying, look, we're still democrats but the way that they are conducting business, i'm out. i'm done. >> all right. coming up, speaking of crime, up next, a deeply disturbing story about the murder of that police officer's dog out in kansas. why investigators believe that german shepherd was targeted because the owner was a police officer. lawrence: unbelievable. weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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>> later this morning president biden will toure devastated parts of kentucky after tornadoes leaves 47 people dead including 12 children, at least 100 are still missing as the state continues to deal with widespread power outages. governor andy beshear saying it could take years to clear all the rubble. the democrat controlled house voting last night to hold former white house chief of staff mark meadows in criminal contempt of congress. the resolution now heads to the justice department that will decide whether to pursue criminal charges. just two republicans liz cheney and adam kinsinger voting with democrats for the resolution. south dakota governor kristi noem says she will introduce a bill banning transgender athletes from female sports. the legislation would apply to k through 12 and college students. her announcement comes as u penn
3:34 am
thomas sparked national debate. breaking multiple college records swimming on the women's team with some female swimmers calling her impossible and discouraging to compete with. those are your headlines, steve, over to you. steve: all right, carley, thank you very much. we have a warning this next story is extremely disturbing. but it needs to be told because the anti-police sentiment has led to police officers being ambushed and now their families and their personal dogs are targets, too. a three month old german shepherd puppy named ranger who belonged to a parsons kansas police officer, was shot and beheaded after he was taken from the owner's backyard. investigators believe whoever is responsible knew the dog belonged to a police officer. and parsons police chief bob spinks joins us right now from parsons, kansas. chief, good morning to you. >> good morning from the midwest. >> it's good to have you. thank you very much. what happened?
3:35 am
>> well, what happened is on december 3rd, a friday afternoon, our school resource officer, who has had working patrol because we, like many agencies across the united states are short shifted and trying to recruit officers, had come home early in the morning had to double back for another shift that afternoon. she left her purebred german shepherd out into a fenced backyard which water food outbuilding, and it was unseasonably beautiful day here in parsons, about 73 degrees outside. she went to lay down, caught some shut eye, woke up went outside and she found the carcass of her beautiful little puppy, the head had been severed, the head has not yet been recovered. and also we found the muzzle of the animal. based on the crime scene it appeared that one or more
3:36 am
individuals broke into that backyard, took the puppy to another location, we believe it was probably shot in the head. it was -- it was -- the head was severed, and then to add even more injury and insult to the event, they broke back in a second time into that fenced backyard while the officer was still asleep and left the remains of the puppy. in my 41 years as a police officer, this is obviously a very dark evil heinous crime. not only because of the animal cruelty, which is a felony in kansas, but also because it's obvious that our officer was targeted. her patrol car was parked in the driveway, clearly. the suspect, the suspects knew, saw this was an officer's residence. steve: what kind of creep does that? >> somebody who has a psychopathy that can lead to
3:37 am
more violent crime. animal gateway crime for domestic abuse child abuse and homicide. this is one of the reasons why we believe this is a very serious crime. not just when you look at it as an attack against the defenseless animal but also a targeted attack against law enforcement. steve: absolutely. chief, speaking of targeted attack against law enforcement. we seem to be seeing more of this all across the country. now that poor little puppy is dead. >> yeah. absolutely. you know, honestly, parsons is a beautiful community. you n. my 41 years in policing, most of my career was on the west coast. in eugene oregon, seattle washington, and as a chief out west, coming to the midwest, you know, i want to say this is an aberration this is one, you know, evil sinister dark hearted individual that we want to put in prison. because if there is a good part
3:38 am
to a very bad crime, in this case the outpouring of support from our community has been, you know, it certainly reaffirmed during the holiday season the good heartedness that you see in hardworking midwest individuals who have donated money for our reward fund and hopefully we can solve this case. steve: that's right, the reward is $4,000. chief, real quick, you mentioned she was -- the police officer is a school resource officer. do you think this could be related to her work in the school? >> no, absolutely not. one of the things we looked at that and looked at any kind of interactions, arrest history. we have four individuals that are persons of interest that we are working on right now. steve: all right. well, let us know when you catch them because we would like to know. if anybody has any information, on the incident, please contact
3:39 am
the chief at the parsons police department or you could email tips at parsons chief, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. have a safe day and appreciate your support. steve: absolutely. we got your back. all right, coming up next on this wednesday, new york's mask mandate frustrating retailers across this state. a furniture store owner explains why the governor's new mask rules are bad for everybody's business. ♪
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or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. lawrence: gifts that keep on giving. today new york city mayor bill de blasio lay out details for plans to require all private sector workers to be vaccinated by december 27th. update comes amid growing frustration retailers over governor kathy hochul's new mask mandate which requires workers and customers to wear masks or
3:44 am
show proof of vaccination. jasser, the manager of harlem furniture and says the governor's order is bad for business and he joins us now to explain. sir, thank you so much for being on the program. i was reading you say you already are struggling right now to sell online. you can't do that anymore because you can't get the product out. and now you are struggling with getting customers in the door. so how long can you success tape your business? >> so, i don't really know how long we can sustain it. but, this problem is with online business, ever since the pandemic, it's hard for manufacturers to send out if you were temperature to all receipt tailors, so because of that, we have to shut down our online business and we weren't able to sell online because it takes us long times to get all the furniture that we don't have already in our store and in our warehouse. sunday and our business is basically only people that walk
3:45 am
into the story or sometimes even call ahead and we have to limit who we can let in. that's only requesting to hurt our business more and more. lawrence: jaser how bad has it been so far? i know there is a $1,000 fine that the city is going to impose on you. have they already started to come in and harass you and your business? >> i haven't seen anybody as of yet. but if they are going to be charging the store, it doesn't even make sense for that fine, they want to fine somebody, me as a store owner, i can't force anybody to wear a mask, i can give them a mask. i can ask them to wear it but i can't force them to wear it. lawrence: jaser how hard is it right now? we just came out of a pandemic. i spent a lot of time in harlem. it is a great loving community, but it's been a community that's been hit rough by the pandemic. so, i guess my question for you is, is how is this going to impact your business in the long
3:46 am
term? >> there is no denial that it will impact it. it there is really no telling how much it would until it happens. it's definitely going to be a negative impact. lawrence: when there is a customer that comes in that doesn't want to wear a mask, you say you obviously can offer them one. what then happens to you if you decide to just allow them to make their purchase? >> i mean, before, i would just let them walk around because i don't really know if they're going to buy or not. but i would just still let them walk around if they don't want to wear the mask. now with the $1,000 fine, i can't risk that because not all the customers walk in through the door at the end of the day not all of them buy. now i can't risk having them walk around if i'm going to get a $1,000 fine. i will have to ask them to leave now. lawrence: last question for you, do you plan on leaving new york any time soon if this continues? >> no.
3:47 am
not any time soon. new york is where we started our business, and we like what is going on and ride this out and see what happens. lawrence: thank you so much. prayers for you and your family with this business. thanks for coming on the program today. >> thank you, man, have a good day. lawrence: you bet. you too. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> i'm worried we are going to have severe weather again this evening and into the overnight because we had this very normally warm air mass ahead of a really strong cold front and all of the ingredients are going to be there for not only strong tornadoes but very strong winds, very powerful winds, hail, and heavy rainfall, so that's going to come in the overnight hours. and i many concerned that people are going to be asleep. now is the time to know what you are going to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. you can see that significant threat there for parts of iowa, minnesota and wisconsin. and very likely and then we also have the possibility down
3:48 am
towards oklahoma. so this is the big area the bullseye where we think all those ingredients are going to come together for severe weather outbreak. please be on alert. really warm temperatures across kansas city and class. we are going to break all time records here. all-time december records for parts of illinois and iowa. so you have got that very warm humid air mass ahead of a cold front and that could be a recipe for disaster. all right. keep you up to date. behind that by the way really cold air and a lot of snow for the west. we will keep you up to date, of course, fox if you want to download the appear and get those watches and warnings. back to you, lawrence. lawrence: showing leaders how many will leave if this continues. the mom organizing this display joins us live.
3:49 am
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hey, meghan. >> hey, good morning, how are you. ainsley: good morning. doing well. thank you. you organized this group 650 pairs of shoes left outside of the administration building. why did you do that? >> yes. i just want to make it very clear this was not only my effort there was a team of folks, mostly teachers that were helping organize the event, and they just did an incredible job. i was helping and willing to go on camera and be a face. they don't feel safe to be able to step out in front of the camera. the props go to them. they did a lot of hard work to get those shoes there. send a message to the loudoun county school board and the administrative offices in particular scott zegeren ler that we were kind of fed up with what's been happening in our schools. our kids are going to school each day and we just don't know what kind of phone call or email blast that we are going to get. we are really concerned for our children's safety. we are concerned for our medical
3:54 am
enfreedom and parental rights and the things they are feeding our children, unfortunately, are not math and reading and writing unfortunately some disgusting of pornographic material that we have been talking with the sheriff with is coming to a fevered pitch at this point. we feel like we don't have a voice and we are not being heard. ainsley: ask loudoun county they say is not happening in the schools. the majority of this group are teachers. what are they saying are happening. >> the teachers, again, feel like they can't speak out because it's quite a hostile environment as you saw with tanner cross who got dismissed from his job for speaking out in a personal capacity. these ladies and gentleman don't feel they can. i'm speaking to you parents they do not have the right to mask your children. take them off. encourage your kids. i had a brave kid yesterday who sent her kid and said i will support you. you do what you need to do. they took their mask off and unfortunately placed in the room alone for the rest of the day
3:55 am
with no education. that is not a free education free and fair and equal education. so, yeah. it's a completely hostile environment for most people who are not willing to just put their face diaper on, be quiet and follow what they say that they want them to do. ainsley: loudoun county say their attendance has risen people are not leaving in october they had 260 more students attend they said compared to september. in november another 250 additional students attended. is that true? >> no. so wade bird is really good at word smithing and pulling out facts to find numbers that do work for him. unfortunately he was talking about attendance. we are not talking about attendance. we are talking ben rollment. the board of supervisors didn't even grant them all the money that they wanted to raise the income to the schools because their enrollment numbers are dropping and they have been for years. the number of home school families and alternative education families in this area
3:56 am
is skyrocketing. and they may have some people that are fleeing the cities and things of that nature coming farther out into western into loudoun and western counties in our state. but by far and awide their numbers are down and they know it they are trying to clamor for any type of numbers that look positive. talking about attendance rate goes up after september because their number that they project is not any longer the number they have to report to. they have anywhere number and 96% is who is actually enrolled at that point not who should have been. ainsley: you are thinking you want to leave the district next year and want your son finish last year of elementary. thanks for coming on with us.
3:57 am
>> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious —and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. it's good to be moving on. watch me. move, look, and feel better. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. ainsley: this morning president biden is set toe see all the devastation firsthand in the country's heartland. >> when i got here, all of this was gob. my immediate thought was the baby. >> white house has a very convenient scapegoat for rising prices. >> prices are higher because of you could call it corporate grief. >> first it was oil and gas companies. now it's meat con glom rats next week elf on the shelf. >> look at 2022 i want to tell my republican friends get ready pal we are going to win. >> nothing positive to run on. wages are down.
4:01 am
skyrocketing prices. >> going an elizabeth warren. >> warren accusing musk of quote free loading. musk responding with a zinger please don't call the manager on me senator karen. >> largeman mammal escaping from a live nativity scene. >> nothing surprises me in bonner springs. steve: 7:00 in the east on this wednesday september 15th, 2021. we start with a fox news alert. later this morning, president biden is set to leave joint base andrews to fly to kentucky to see the devastation firsthand in our nation's heartland. he will travel to the hardest hit areas of that state where 100 people remain missing at this hour. ainsley: 12 children, including that little baby girl, 2 months old are among the 88 people confirmed dead across a handful of states. organizations coming together now to offer their assistance. lawrence: overnight the community of mayfield coming together for candlelight vigil.
4:02 am
steve: as you can see right there. it is -- they have not released the president's exact itinerary. is he trying to keep out of the way because, you know, you have got the people still trying to dig out. in downtown mayfield, i was reading one of the kentucky newspapers this morning, a quote from a person who has lived there their whole life. they said there is nothing fixable. there is nothing fixable that town. ainsley: i do know he will be in mayfield and he is also going to speak this afternoon. is he going to go to dawson springs which is where that 2-month-old baby was killed. lawrence: always this balance of when the president comes you have got to come with the full motorcade and all those resources are shifted, so. ainsley: you don't want the focus to be on you but you want to show your support. lawrence: want to show your support for those folks. prayers for the president as he makes his way there. ainsley: prayers for families devastated by the storm. heart breaking photo shows 9-year-old anson clutching favorite little doll she named
4:03 am
her mammon sheltering in the bathtub just minutes before she died when a tornado ripped through her home in missouri. >> that young victim's aunt andrew hooker joins us now from missouri. sandra, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we are so sorry for the loss in your family, what happened? >> >> we knew that there were going to be, you know, storms that night, and meghan and i had spoken where their safe spot was going to be in their new house and about 7:23 i texted her and told her that the storms were probably 15 minutes away to get prepared. and she texted back that they were in the bathroom. and i texted and told her that the sirens in crowthersville is east of her new home were going off.
4:04 am
and she asked me were they continuous. and then the ones in town went off and i said no, they just went off. and that was the last i heard. some time during this conversation, she snapchated that picture of the girls in the tub and so they were ready. they thought. ainsley: i know the house was splintered. the whole family was carried through the air and unfortunately ainiseson's body was found in a field. i don't know how a mother moves on from this how is the family doing? >> well, as you probably know, meghan is in the hospital in cape girardeau, missouri fighting for her life. she has severe brain trauma and other injuries and lots of broken benzo and deep serious lacerations. and she has still being
4:05 am
unresponsive. and i just ask everyone to pray that meghan will wake up and come back to us. lawrence: she will definitely be in our prayers today. can you tell us a little bit about little ainiseston? >> can i tell you a lot about her. she was so outgoing and friendly and loving. she was creative and she liked to play. and she loved cheerleading. and she was part of a competitive cheer team. she loved to put on all the makeup and the outfits and do the stuff. she took gymnastics and could do the cart wheels and backovers. she just loved it she loved to dance. she was so much fun to be around. i have called her an angel among us. she was very brave.
4:06 am
she had a rare liver disease which required a lot of visits to the doctors for checkups and required lots of hospitalizations. she never let that stop her. and her parents are such good parents, and they-trey and meghan were so supportive of ainiseton and encouraged her to live life with gusto to the fullest. and not be held back by her liver disease. ainsley: i know the middle child, she had a broken vertebrae in her back and she is going to undergo surgery today. so we will be praying for that whole family. thank you for coming on. you are very brave to do this. we appreciate it for telling your story so that we can all pray. we know that prayer works. and hopefully we can help raise some money for the family. a fundraising page has been set up for the family of ainiseson
4:07 am
rackly. go to to donate. thank you so much, sandra. >> thank you. and thank everyone for their prayers. steve: yes, ma'am. lawrence: you got it every bit counts in these moments. we know that a lot of families are struggling right now. if you can contribute go to that "fox & friends" page. steve: after disasters tragedies like this, we give a number. this many people died. that just one of the people in that town. ainsley: hard to even say, i know, because 88 people are dead. having similar stories. and it's a week and a half away from christmas. lawrence: any life is hard but when it's a baby that has their full life ahead of them, it just hits new a different way. ainsley: imagine the mom who carried her child for nine months and delivered it and two months later the baby tragedy hits. steve: that family took all the precautions. that's what you are supposed to do. go to an interior room in your
4:08 am
house, usually it's the bathroom because it's small, they had the kids in the bathtub. and it. ainsley: best time in their life. moved into a new home. three beautiful children. christmas is around the corner. it all changed in second. ainsley: in surgery right now. probably not knowing exactly all that has happened. she has been through a lot, too. we will be praying for them all day. steve: we are going to switch gears and talk a little bit about what's going on and is exacting you. that is the high cost of everything. a new number came outer yesterday, you can feel this inflation the wholesale prices have surged to -- i think 10%. almost 10% in november, which is the new record, it is the highest wholesale prices of inflation as long as they have been keeping records. when did you go to the store, and particularly in that guy looking through the meat case, the beef case, beef is up 20%.
4:09 am
why is that? jen psaki knew who to blame and that's the big companies that processes the meat. listen. >> the president thinks the way people across the country, american families digest inflation is by price increases. and if you look at industry to industry, it's a little different. so, for example, the president, the secretary of agriculture have both spoken to what we have seen as the greed of meat con glom mats, go to the grocery store and try to buy meat the prices are higher. that is, in his view and the view of our secretary of agriculture, because you could call it corporate greed, sure there are other areas where we have seen increases because of supply chain issues. and we are seeing those increases around the world as it relates to gas prices. oil supply. there are some areas where we have seen corporations benefit profit from the pandemic.
4:10 am
everyone else's fault. steve: it's the pandemic. lawrence: senator tom cotton says it's their policies. >> they're blaming everyone for their record inflation when it comes back to democratic policies. look, we have had this pandemic for two years. we didn't have record inflation in 2020. we only had it in 2021 when the democrat are in charge, spending trillions of dollars. to make sure that there is more money, chasing fewer goods because of all the lockdowns and capacity restrictions you still have in democratic governed states. first it was oil and gas companies. now it's meat conglomerates. maybe next week elf on the shelf when there aren't enough christmas presents under the tree. ainsley: it's been such a tough time. look at restaurant owners. not only did they go through the pandemic they had to shut their doors if they day d. stay home. mask mandates and vaccine mandates and wasn't enough room inside. some of them didn't have room on the outside to put, you know, outdoor seating.
4:11 am
they have been through so much. now they are all telling us they can't get their products. they are having to change their menus and having to increase prices. steve: yeah, i just saw a story this morning that apparently a number of national chains because of all of those reasons, ainsley, they are reducing the menu. fewer items on the menu. you know, you go to some places a million paired back. going back to what the senator said a moment ago. this year, there is no elf on a shelf because the elf is on the ship. >> so true. >> you know, this is bound to happen. this is what happened when you elect a guy that had no business experience. the majority of his life he has been in political office. when you look at kamala harris, the same for her. when you look at the people that work in the white house, they are academics. they are idealogues, they don't believe in looking at their eyes, they believe in what the studies and what they study deed in these big ivy league schools taught them to be. when you look at the american
4:12 am
people, what they're struggling, they don't realize every little thing they do impacts he every day americans. it's a tax. steve: there are makers and takers. one of the makers awarded "time" person of the year this year that we elon musk the guy with tesla and spacex and all those other things senator elizabeth warren sent out-saw the "time" magazine announcing him and sent out a tweet and said let's change the rigged tax code so the person of the year will pay taxes and stop free loading off of everybody else. hillary vaughn our correspondent on capitol hill talked to the senator shortly thereafter and she had this to say. >> how high do you think the debt needs to get before it is time to cut government spending or freeze any new government spending? >> uh, i think you look at this the wrong way. when we have a growing debt load, it's because the revenues
4:13 am
coming in don't match the expenditures, and one thing we need to do is to get the billionaires to actually pay income tax. jeff bezos claims, despite being one of the richest people in the world that he only had $83,000 in taxable income last year. and, therefore, paid almost nothing. elon musk, in the most recent year we have data for paid zero in federal income taxes. so, yeah, we have a debt problem bus but we have a debt problem partly because the very richest people just aren't paying. lawrence: that's a lie. such a lie. the top 1% pay 40% of all federal taxes. this is why elon musk tweeted in response please don't call the manager on me senator karen. and this is referring to also, guys, the fact that the democrats, part of their plan on how they are going to collect all this money they plan on hiring this new group of irs agents to double down to have
4:14 am
these audits so they can collect. steve: to extract. lawrence: calling the state in go after the billionaires. ainsley: he tweeted three times the first one stop projecting and posted a link to a fox news article about elizabeth warren lying about having native american heritage. then he said you remind me of when i was a kid and my friend's angry mom would just randomly yell at everyone for no reason. and the third one was what you said, please don't call the manager on me senator karen. steve: elon musk very busy on twitter. back in november when bernie sanders said he supported raising taxes on billionaires and elon musk replied i keep forgetting that you are alive, bernie sanders. want me to sell more stock, bernie? just say the word in reference to the billions of shares of tesla -- billions of dollars worth of tesla that he sold to pay taxes. when you look at. lawrence: that's exactly right. steve: look at the numbers. the number on the right is the
4:15 am
combined net worth of all-american billionaires. it's $5 trillion. but then the number on the left as you can see we owe $30 trillion, about in debt. so you can take all the worth, forget about taxing them, let's say 50%, 75%. 100 percent, it's not going to help. lawrence: listen, we are a giving nation and proven time and time again that we give. look at these tragedies covering, millionaires and small communities come in. ainsley: look at afghanistan. they were sending out. lawrence: planes, private jets to get people. i do think it is anti-american to tell people if you grew up with nothing, like i did, and you get a good job and go to school and that you have got to pay it all to the government, i think that's such a bad message. why even do it all? why even try to strive for success if uncle sam is going to take it all. steve: you were so shook up you threw your pen.
4:16 am
>> so upset. ainsley: elon musk is worth $252 billion the world's wealthiest man. steve: that is a good reason to study hard in school. lawrence: i want to be like him. what about you, carley shimkus? carley: his brain probably physically looks different than mine. steve: all of you was. ains. carley: unbelievable. he employs so many people. when you talk about elon musk and jeff bezos they are boosting the economy. ainsley: making all these big cars that these progressives love. ainsley: exactly. all right. we have to get to some headlines here starting with the tragedy in oxford, michigan. the parents of accused school shooter ethan crumbley appeared in court yesterday. james crumbley mouthing i love you to his wife as he fought back tears. the pair was in front of a judge for a probable cause hearing. but the proceedings were delayed. the judge granting the prosecution more time as they say they are working to review a, quote: staggering amount of evidence. the couple has pleaded not
4:17 am
guilty. the only black juror on the panel that convicted jussie smollett and his hate crime hoax trial opens up about a key piece of evidence, telling local chicago media he couldn't understand why smollett put a noose used in the attack back on to show police as an african-american person i'm not putting that noose back on at all. smollett is awaiting sentencing for five convictions related to the fake hate crimes. google is reportedly planning to fire employees who don't comply with the company's covid vaccine january 18th to get vaccinated or be placed on paid leave for one month employees remain unvaccinated after the paid leave would be put on unpaid leave for six months and anyone unvaccinated after that faces termination. okay. get ready to ring in the new year with fox news channel. "fox & friends weekend" co-hosts pete hegseth, rachel
4:18 am
campos-duffy and will cain will present live coverage of the new year from nashville, tennessee. lawrence and fox across america hosts jimmy will join them live from the wild horse saloon while emily compagno and griff jenkins watch the ball drop in fox square. all join the show live along with special appearances from judge jeanine, dan bongino, and ainsley as well. what a line up. i'm so excited. ainsley: it's going to be fun. have great time. steve: they did ask -- thank you very much, carley, they did ask me if i could appear, here is the thing, two things, it's new year's eve so the doocys will probably be drinking. lawrence: exactly. steve: here's the other thing, when was the other thing when was the last time you were up until midnight. ains when they asked me i did say can i do it earlier in the show? because at midnight i might sound a little different. lawrence: steve, i'm up to
4:19 am
midnight all the time. that's what we do. one day you will be enterprise reporter. ainsley: that's because you are single. steve has three kids. those days are done for us. steve: i can outdo you. i'm up at 3:00 a.m. every day 30 years 3:00 a.m. completely different. lawrence: more cities adopt mandates. new poll reveals america's true thoughts on companies requiring vaccines. we will bring you the numbers. ainsley: it's been nearly a month since the waukesha christmas day tragedy. why residents now say they feel abandoned by lawmakers and the media.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
xfinity rewards are our way of thanking you just for being with us. enjoy rewards like sing family fun nights! rent sing for $1, then belt out all your favorite tunes from the movie with sing karaoke. plus, see sing 2 in theaters with buy-one-get-one free fandango tickets. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends." first lady jill biden second
4:24 am
gentleman doug imhoff are set to visit the first responders waukesha christmas day attack today. a month after the tragedy residents are feeling abandoned now that the national media coverage. the lack of attention the attack doesn't fit their narrative. republican senator chris capture joins us now. thank you for joining us for the program. i'm troubled by the six american citizens died that day because a repeat offender because they allowed this guy to be back on the street it seems like there is no push back on this, why? >> a career criminal let out a week before this incident, he actually had run over and punched his childens mother and he was out on a $500 bail, i think it was for that incident. when he has a criminal history a
4:25 am
mile long and it's the soft on crime approach of the district attorney in milwaukee that caused this incident. this community is frustrated with it frustrated with the first lady flying into the area she dual her photo op. and take off but nothing will be done from the top down on the democratic side the problem of the soft on crime that caused this incident where we have got children and grandmothers and grandfathers who were run over by a vehicle and, unfortunately some of them passed and some of them have serious injuries blame. >> blame the vehicle for the attack instead of the person who he did it. this seems to be a national policy of the democratic party
4:26 am
assure this won't happen not just in waukesha but anywhere in the country. >> it's a national trend you see happening. it's been radio silent from the commander-in-chief. again, like i said, this is the first time that any like the first lady is coming in and yes, she dual her photo op. and say i'm sorry and there is no narrative about what are we going to stop elevating the rights of criminals above those of victims? and that's the problem we have got is the democrat party continues to say the criminals are more important than the victims. and we have to rebalance that our system of justice is you are innocent until proven guilty. if you are guilty, you have got to serve the time and pay the price for the actions that you have done. and that narrative from the other side of the aisle is basically out the window and they feel like the criminals are more important than the victims. that's wrong.
4:27 am
lawrence: senator, i have got about 10 seconds. i have got to ask you, has there been any condemnation of the district attorney? that's where it starts right there. >> well, we actually signed a letter, all the legislators in waukesha county which is the county it happened in requesting that the governor remove the district attorney. he has that authority. there has been no response to that. lawrence: the governor should do the right thing. government number one responsibility is to keep american citizens safe. the residents safe, and they failed and the d.a. should be removed. thank you so much, sir, prayers to your community as y'all deal with this tragedy. >> thank you. >> you bet. up next, mandates are back and americans are not happy. fox news medical contributor marc siegel on if the new requirements follow the science, that's next.
4:28 am
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become an owner. >> man: what's my safelite story? vanguard. my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ainsley: in just hours president biden is set to visit kentucky. joining us live on the ground in dawson springs. nicole, isn't that where the 2-month-old baby was killed? >> that's right. several babies, unfortunately killed in this tornado. and president biden was clear when he mentioned he would be
4:32 am
traveling to areas including mayfield and dawson springs today that he wanted to make sure his visit did not interfere with the search and recovery efforts that are truly still top of mind and a priority here in communities like dawson springs with more than 122 kentuckians still unaccounted for. when president biden addressed the nation on sunday which was less than 24 hours after the storm he promised that the federal government would do anything and everything it could possibly do to help. telling americans we are going to get through this together and the federal government is not going to walk away. now, there of course is so much need in communities like dawson springs with still more than 24,000 without power across the state. we have about 500 or so national guardsmen on site helping those to find shelter, food and water. really it's the community that is helping see that message of positivity and support.
4:33 am
president biden did sign that emergency declaration as soon as he did. some look around and find it hard to find any of that hope. >> you walk outside, your town doesn't even look like a town anymore. it's nothing but rubble. you know. there is everything that you love and all of the memories that you have and all the buildings, it's heart breaking to see that. >> that was melinda gouin currently living at a shelter. the president expected to travel to fort campbell, kentucky today and end up in mayfield and look at the damage himself which i'm sure will continue to show up as profound. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much. all right, sve, over to you. steve: thank you, ainsley. later today, new york city mayor bill de blasio is expected to lay out more details for his plan to require all private sector workers to be vaccinated by december 27th. and people are furious here in new york city. meanwhile, philadelphia will
4:34 am
soon require proof of vaccination to eat indoors in restaurants or drink inside bars like new york city. but, you know what? a new poll reveals most americans think it should be illegal for companies to deny service or employment to the unvaccinated. 51%. here with reaction, fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, good morning to you. so we know that businesses with their employees as part of their employment supervisors agreement, they can pretty much dictate whatever they want to. but, when it comes to their customers, that's different. >> absolutely, steve. good morning. and i think the science is a factor here because i think the public is learning combination of factors: if you go into a public space, the chances are you are going to encounter only
4:35 am
vaccinated people. number one. number two, you know, i think what got people upset is customers as well. what about someone that got over covid and i don't yet want to give them a vaccine. what about somebody that gets a rapid test that should be an option that's on the table here. i agree that businesses have a right to keep their spaces safe but how are they going to go about that? and where is the flexibility we see in europe and israel where getting over covid actually counts for some immunity? again, rapid testing may be a better way to see who is at risk. i think that all factors in. in that poll you mentioned, steve, 47% of democrats were against this. and 52% of republicans. and that was 1,000 people studied over just the last couple of weeks. i think this is a current public sentiment. in philadelphia, about 73% are vaccinated. so it's a little bit less. but the more people you get vaccinated in an area the safer the area is i was with the knicks. with the knicks they check you on the way. in you can get a rapid test or a
4:36 am
vaccine, either one. and the whole arena people are relaxing, enjoying themselves and no outbreaks have been traced to that whatsoever. so it's all about the overall public health. steve: right. you know, a lot of people who have had covid or thought they had covid have said, you know, i don't need to do that because i have natural immunity. you have written an op-ed for the hill and the headline is immunity can be dangerous. you have had covid but you need a shot to boost it. and so explain why you think people who have had covid need to get the shot. >> first of all, carlos del rio, who is the president-elect of the infectious disease society of america, i interviewed him recently, he told me doesn't like the term natural immunity it implies that the immunity you get from covid is better somehow than vaccinated immunity. steve, all immunity is good.
4:37 am
all immunity is natural. no matter how you got there is good. it's not good that you had covid. if you had covid and got some immunity for it that's good. but do you know what's really good? multiple studies around the world and everywhere from qatar to johns hopkins to oregon, all over the country and in new york here at rockefeller, multiple studies have shown that if you get one shot of an mrna vaccine, pfizer or moderna on top of recovering from covid. one shot your immunity is more substantial than if you got vaccinated. that's a really important finding. so we need both. if you have had covid get at least one shot, please. the government should allow for that, too. steve: especially get the shot if you have had covid. if you had covid a year ago because the immunity starts to wash out. >> well, that's also true by the way. that's also true. people count on that. they said oh i had it a year ago. i never even got tested i know i had it. i had the symptoms. you may not have had it.
4:38 am
it's very variable from person to person and you are sluferlt right. it washes outs over time. one last thing. with the omicron variant coming, we are seeing a lot of reinfection of those cases, too. that's another reason to get vaccinated and get boosted. steve: to get hybrid immunity. dr. siegel, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks, steve. steve: you bet. 2 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, hundreds of shoes are set outside of a virginia school representing the number of students vowing to leave that school over critical race theory in the classroom. douglas murray joins us live with reaction coming up next. ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. some changes made me stronger. others, weaker. that's the nature of being the economy. i've observed investors navigating the unexpected, choosing assets to balance risk and reward. and i've seen how one element has secured their portfolios,
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♪ christmas music ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
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4:43 am
voice and we are not being heard. lawrence: fed up parents in loudoun county not giving up the fight for education, placing hundreds of shoes in the district's offices. how many students will leave amid allegations of indoctrination and assault cover up. steve: author douglas murray is live in new york and joins us live. >> >> food to be with you. steve: she is wrong. the voice something heard. >> being heard loud across the country. the loudoun county school board is the ones that keep ignoring them. not just the school board. look at what the national school board association said about these people, about these parents. carrying about their children's education. they don't want them to be indoctrinated into critical race theory. and not indoctrinated into trans ideology. for that the parents at school defend domestic terrorism. doesn't get worse than that compared to domestic terrorists.
4:44 am
steve: teaching the children. >> it has gotten a lot of traction across the country. what we have to see is that action actually resulting in a change. i hope that will happen. and, you know, exercises like this just help to raise awareness. maybe, we will see. lawrence: douglas, one of the most demented things they did singing the doj on the parents. dad upset at the meeting. the daughter was assaulted. the board knew about it the superintendent knew about it and tried to cover it up. >> it doesn't get worse than that, does it? you have a father hauled out by police from a board meeting. hauled out, referred to as a domestic terrorist. it turns out there was very good reason for that father to be upset. >> we have good reason. the child is allegedly assaulted in one of the bathrooms at the school. and just imagine being a parent in that situation, on top of all of that personal grief, to find
4:45 am
everyone in authority not just is unsympathetic to you but actively opposed to you. knows what you are going through as a family. knows what you are going through and puts you through even more. that is, you know that is -- i hate the to use the term that is really evil. lawrence: it is. ainsley: so many parents came out and voted for now governor elect young kin because he said i voted for crt. what are you hoping to see in the midterms next year. >> i hope the people will vote ongoing opposition to crt and also indoctrination of american children this indoctrination is flat out wrong. people who do it have a very strange technique. they do it and then pretend they're not doing it at the same time. they teach crt and say no, we don't teach crt. lawrence: they made parents nondisclosure agreement to see the curriculum finds out it was being taught they couldn't release it because they have to sign the agreement. >> right, they have been playing
4:46 am
these games with parents. i just hope in the midterms at every opportunity american parents have, they make their voice heard on this the'. and realize they are not going to be intimidated. they are not going to be hauled out. they are not going to be assaulted and called domestic terrorists. they are going to stand up for their kids and they have every right to do so. sorry, go ahead. steve: the loudoun county school board said this. ainsley: here we go: since the beginning of the 2021 to 2022 school year, attendance numbers across the school division have risen, we are averaging 96% daily attendance, which is one of the highest rates in the state. but then when we asked that mom who organized all those shoes out in front of the building, she said they are talking about attendance there. we're talking about enrollment. so many families, if they haven't done it already, like the lady that you saw at the top of the segment, said she is considering pulling her kid out of the school as soon as he finishes his last year of elementary school. >> and very pulling them the
4:47 am
kids out of the school teaching them things you are fundamentally opposed to as to the loudoun county school board themselves i trust them as much as i would soviet farming in the 1930s. high production of wheat this year in the soviet union. steve: i don't know that they would be teaching that in the loudoun county schools. >> no. [laughter] steve: all right. douglas, thank you very much for joining us live. >> a great pleasure. ainsley: let's check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice: january hello, good morning. it's a beautiful morning in new york city. i want to be on alert for folks across the midwest. we have another potential severe weather outbreak that's going to start this afternoon into the overnight. let's take a look at the maps and i will show you what's happening. we have this area of low pressure and very strong cold front that's bring epic snow amounts to the west. that's going to interact with historic temperatures, breaking worlds, temperatures in the 70s and 80's and some places. so those ingredients are going to come together for the risk of
4:48 am
a tornado outbreak again tonight. there is your severe storm threat. a very significant one for parts of iowa, wisconsin, minnesota, and then surrounding areas, you are not out of the woods either not only the risk for tornadoes but look at this. winds in excess of 50 sh. if i recalls 60, 70 miles per hour. this is ongoing today through tomorrow. why widespread event. i need to you know where you are going to get your watches and warnings. weather radio is always a good idea. fox will bring you all of your alerts as well. those temperatures are going to be soaring. we are going to break all time december records across the midwest. so just be on alert. we will certainly keep you up to date on fox weather. steve, ainsley and lawrence, back to you. lawrence: i'm always impressed that you remember our names. janice: i have a system. this morning is it is sal steve
4:49 am
ainsley and lawrence. steve: other days small business administration. steve brian and ainsley. lawrence: the uso will show you how easy it is to make care packages for our service members overseas. ainsley: they deserve them. steve: thanks, sal ♪ ♪ finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. ...
4:50 am
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4:53 am
reporter: back with headlines a father of three is beaten to death in front of his young daughter in chicago. jose telez was hanging up christmas lights outside his home saturday when police say two men attacked him hitting him in the head with blunt objects. so far no arrests have been made as police try to determine a motive for the attack. >> oj simpson is now a totally free man. a nevada parole board granting him early release two months ahead of schedule following a prison sentence from a 2007 robbery. simpson maintains he was trying to get back personal items stolen from him after his acquittal in the 1994 killing of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. this is the first time simpson
4:54 am
is free in over a decade. >> amtrak will temporarily suspend its covid vaccine mandate amid litigation over the president's vaccine order. the railroad is no longer expected to cut some service next month, in a memo the company says, it will allow unvaccinated employees to get tested on a weekly basis instead, ceo bill flynn says 97.3% of workers have gotten at least one shot. >> white house press secretary jen psaki appears to have no answer when asked about president biden's greatest foreign policy achievements. watch this. >> what does the administration consider your biggest achievement in foreign policy in the first year. >> this is a great question, i want to be thoughtful about it and talk to the president about it. reporter: when asked about the biggest foreign policy failure she quickly brushed off the afghanistan withdrawal as a contender, and guys, the president thinks he's a foreign policy expert so to not have an answer to that question is a little concerning.
4:55 am
ainsley: afghanistan surely his biggest failure but she's going to circle back with the president and let us know. lawrence: this is her specialty too. she used to, would in the state department. steve: she did. lawrence: she should be aware of things. ainsley: but does something come to your mind? lawrence: nothing. steve: when you think to foreign policy to ainsley's point he wrapped up things in afghanistan and it was so botched at the end , 13 americans lost their lives, and then or would it be russia, where now there are tens of thousands of russians along the ukraine border? lawrence: our allies are apologizing to friends. ainsley: and not pressing china to find out the origins and to prevent another virus. steve: so it will be interesting to hear, i believe she's got, because the president is going to be traveling to kentucky today. i think there's a briefing tomorrow, if she will, but do you know what we've talked about it, i talked to the president about it and his greatest foreign policy achievement thus
4:56 am
far? lawrence: that's what they always say. steve: stay tuned. ainsley: 7:55 coming up next, kentucky's first lady is collecting toys to help all those families that were hit by the devastating tornadoes. britney beshear will join us live at the top of the hour with how you can help. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone.
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4:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. >> this morning president biden is set to go and see all the devastation firsthand in our
5:00 am
country's heartland. >> when i got here all of this was gone and my immediate thoughts was the baby. >> the white house has a very convenient scape goat for rising prices. >> prices are higher because of you could call it corporate greed. >> first it was oil & gas companies, now it's meat conglomerates maybe next week it's the elf on the shelf. >> now we look at 2022 i want to tell my republican friends, get ready, we're going to win. >> the democratic party has almost nothing positive to run on. wages are down, skyrocketing crime, border crisis, game over. >> elon musk is going after senator elizabeth warren. >> warren accusing musk of free loading musk responding please don't call the manager on me senator. >> a run-away camel, apparently escaping from a live nativity scene. steve: it is 8:00 in the east and we start this hour with a fox news alert this morning, president biden is set to see the devastation firsthand in kentucky.
5:01 am
he's going to travel to the hardest hit area of the common wealth where 100 people at least are still missing. ainsley: 12 children including that baby girl, the two month old are among 88 people confirm ed dead across a handful of states. lawrence: unbelievable, over the night, the community of mayfield coming together for a candlelight vigil. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth has coverage from kentucky. hey, rick. rick: hey, good morning. yeah, people coming together, people coming together really from so many even far away states coming here to town, to try to bring the support the people need. earlier in the show we talked to kirk willey, whose the tour manager for john michael montgomery, about one of the communities or one of the businesses here that is helping out with relief take a listen to what he had to say. >> come here and get care for anything you need. we are staffed, no matter what if you can pay or not whether you have insurance or not. this company here wants to take
5:02 am
care of you, and we have a pharmacy next door, gibson's pharmacy is one still here and they are here to serve our needs rick: so that's a non-profit organization called "kentucky cares" and there were about five or six pharmacies here that were completely wiped out and because of that there's all of this medical need or for people to be able to get their medications that they need. now i just want to tell you guys when i first arrived here sunday morning if you've been watching this whole time. this was the first spot we stopped on the first presbyterian church in downtown mayfield, completely destroyed but i just want to show you this last couple of days ainsley and steve you've been asking about the efforts to clean-up and you just get a sense here when we arrived, all of this debris was out to right about here on the road, everything from the church. now you can see they've got this backed up, they've got the sidewalk cleared off. basically just creating a wider birth for all of the crews . these big trucks that are coming
5:03 am
in here they've been coming in through the overnight hours and they continue to come into bring electric it back, to bring all of the different support, water, and all the volunteer equipment and gear that people have been sending. i want to point out one other thing. it's really windy here today. there's a big severe weather threat today, not right here in the areas that have been impacted by the tornadoes so if you're hearing that and getting a little bit of fear because you're hearing severe weather it will not be in the areas that we saw. that said, go up towards parts of iowa and minnesota and we have the threat today for some really strong winds, possibly up to around 100 miles an hour across a wide swath of area, so we're going to be watching some damage but it's going to be areas farther towards the north. right here, temps warmed up we're back into around 60 degrees which is a lot better than we've been last few mornings which is good but rain comes back here tomorrow, and probably a couple of inches of rain through thursday and friday , which is certainly going
5:04 am
to hamper a little bit of these efforts on this clean-up happening right here. guys? steve: absolutely, reporting from downtown mayfield, kentucky rick, thank you very much. ainsley: think about all of the weddings that have taken place in that church, all of the services, christmas, celebrations, baptisms, all right there, behind those brick walls and it's just gone. steve: and the question is will they rebuild? as one of the people who live in that town said earlier, there's nothing fixable. nothing. ainsley: first christian church right next door said they are going to rebuild. lawrence: i keep thinking about the children that have passed. ainsley: me too. lawrence: obviously no life is untouchable. steve: here we are 10 days away from christmas and what is christmas going to be like for all those people who don't have a house anymore and those children and what are they going to do? well britney beshear is the first lady of kentucky and she's organizing a program for the tornado victims.
5:05 am
mrs. beshear, good morning, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, thank you for having me. steve: we are 10 days away from christmas and what are all those people going to do? you'll try to help them, aren't you? >> absolutely so there's never a good time for a natural disaster to hit but this one right before christmas and the children of western kentucky have lost everything. they've lost their homes, they've lost their security, they've lost their families, and so when i, along with so many americans across the country thought what can i do? my immediate thought was i'm going to help these kids as best i can, and so we decided to organize a toy drive to bring the children of western kentucky from birth to 18 years of age hopefully a moment of joy amidst this unbelievable tragedy. ainsley: how do you organize something like this and when we go to donate a toy, does it link us to a website where we can buy boys there or do we send toys? >> so we have a website setup.
5:06 am
it is and there are several ways that you can give, if you are in kentucky, we have 20 sites setup across the commonwealth, several of those are kentucky state trooper posts, broadband arena in louisville is also accepting mail-in toys, and so you can get them there. there's also a relief fund setup if a monetary donation is something that you would prefer and you're able to do and that is team wky relief the outpouring of support has just left me speechless. i am just so proud of kentucky and of our country for stepping up and helping these kids. lawrence: if you are part of our fox family and want to give go to for info to donate to the toy drive. brett any, can you set the stage
5:07 am
i've been struck by your interviews that you've given add the amount of compassion and shear emotion that you've expressed. what is life like in kentucky right now? >> you know, we're hurting, and i think along with everyone else , when the sun came up over western kentucky and the damage was clear, there just aren't words to describe how horrible it is, but kentucky is strong, and kentucky in times of crisis we coming together and the number of stories i've heard of neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers, really speaks to the compassion of the people of kentucky and so while we're hurting, we are resilient and we will get through it together. steve: and it has impacted your family, britney. i understand your husband, the governor, his uncle lost cousins in mulenberg county,
5:08 am
right? >> yes, actually, he lost two cousins. it's just such a small, small thing in the grand scheme of this devastation, but eddie also lost his wife to cancer this summer so he's hurting, and additionally, my father-in-law, his hometown dawson springs was hit extraordinarily small and for a small town of under 3,000 people, it's hurting. half the town is just gone. ainsley: that's where the two month old baby was. i'm sure everyone there had christmas plans, people were going out of town and now its been so amazing to watch people just put their lives on hold to go help those that are in need. thank you so much for everything thanks for being here and organizing this toy drive because many of those toys that moms and dads have bought are destroyed now.
5:09 am
steve: and britney, before you go, you want new toys, unwrapped in the original condition, or $25 visa or mastercards, right >> that is correct, yes, anything, any donation, any gift , nothing is in consequential and they will get directly into the hands of those children. lawrence: you have that at the bottom of our screen, foxand to donate. ainsley: a link to her website. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless you, thank you. >> thank you. steve: all right, it's terrible. the president is going to be going out into kentucky later today, and you will see his tour later on fox. ainsley: he arrives at 11:10 and will take an aerial view of mayfield which was hit hard with the 10,000 people that live in that community and then receive the briefing from local leaders in mayfield county airport at 12 :25 and then tour a neighborhood in mayfield and then tour a neighborhood in dawson springs where the governor's father is from. lawrence: america has been hit
5:10 am
all around, you've got the national tragedies but also have crime that is on the rise all across the country. well, our own peter doocy press ed jen psaki about the administration's response to all these smash-and-grabs that are happening across the country take a look. reporter: there are some reports that these smash-and-grab robberies are being organized on social media platforms. is the administration doing anything about that? >> well, we are monitoring, of course, this very closely as we've talked about a bit in here. the videos and reports we're se. our state and local law enforcement partners have primary jurisdiction over break- ins and robberies of this kind but i can say we're aggressively using every resource at our disposal. in terms of how they're being organized, we really refer you to our law enforcement authorities, fbi, doj, and other local authorities. steve: now that is curious, because the administration crack down and called out social media when it came to covid
5:11 am
disinformation, but now, we're hearing and we did the story yesterday, that apparently a lot of those smash-and-grabs out in the west coast were organized on snapchat, and, you know it was a bunch of people who never met except on snapchat and then one person said okay, let's hit the nordstroms at 11 p.m. or something like that. 100 people show up in 25 different cars, most of them got away. ainsley: it makes sense because where else would they organize a group that large? i'm reading in some of these places, 40 people are walking in , smashing and grabbing. lawrence: you know, the administration and a lot of these liberal cities allowed this to happen and california specifically, you're allowed to steal, less than $1,000 and so of course, now, you have an entire criminal enterprise now that are taking advantage of this and they want to resell those products and something similar that we see on the border as well when they allowed the cartel to get away with this and now you have local gangs like the cryps and bloods now smuggling people in the country. this goes back to the lack of
5:12 am
law and order in the country to this. steve: so why wouldn't the administration call out snapchat and say you've got to do a better job and big media, you know, social media, you've gotta do something so people can't sell the stolen stuff. we're going to play a sound bite with josh hawley where he talks about how this administration is essentially cozying up to big tech because they need them for elections and what not, in the meantime you look at dr. oz whose running for senate out in the commonwealth of pennsylvania and he says that apparently, facebook has restricted his account and is not letting him advertise and it's impacting his campaign, and he's a conservative. is that just a coincidence? here he is last night with shawn facebook is actually censoring my ad. i've got 20 times more followers than the inquirer, they aren't letting me put my ads up so go to dr., don't let them
5:13 am
censor or silence us and they are in a tizzy over what's going on. lawrence: it seems like the only thing the social media companies are worried about is how they can influence elections. we saw that with the hunter biden story, constantly when conservative pushback on different things when it came to the vaccine, and everything. they are so set on targeting republicans, when they can actually stop this criminal enterprise, they have had zero response to. ainsley: think about power they have, because most of the social media platforms are driven by democrats, so they have the power, they know all these young voters are on there constantly, a lot of the older folks might go to facebook, the younger snapchat or instagram, and they have so much influence, when they take down their ads, the republicans ads beings people just see the democrat message. steve: here is senator from the great state of missouri, josh hawley talking about how those tech giants are helping the democrats. >> i think that the goal really
5:14 am
is to distract attention on the part of these corporations, to distract attention from what they are actually doing to american workers and when it comes to the democrats and these racial equity audits the two were just talking about, the goal there is to just take over over the tech companies and use them as an arm of the democratic party. these are the most powerful companies in the history of this country probably in the history of the world and the democrats want to make them arms of their left wing agenda. they've already had a lot of success in doing that and now they want to double down. lawrence: so the progressives have control of the majority of the media with exclusion of fox and online websites. they have control of all of the tech companies basically, so where can people get their information besides fox and you've gotta ask yourself, is that part of the plan? ainsley: if you go on social media and you look at some ads or if you get information, verify it, make sure it's real, because what you're seeing is what they want you to see. i prefer to go on just get
5:15 am
information but i read other articles so that i can balance it out and make sure it's accurate. steve: because you try to be fair and balanced. ainsley: right. steve: here's the thing and this brings us back to where we started with this crime wave across the country. why isn't the administration that refers to the fact that well, you know, the cause of it, it's a range of causes, but why don't they say, why don't they just say hey, snapchat, hey facebook, hey twitter, you've gotta crackdown on this and make it impossible to sell the stuff, because otherwise, it's just going to continue but they have not yet. lawrence: and do you know what? this is not the only thing. it's not just the smash-and-grab thing when it comes to the criminal enterprise used on the social media. it is human trafficking, it is the drugs coming across the border as well, so the white house has been silent on all of the rest of the stuff as well, and you gotta ask yourself why? ainsley: the ratings are showing , his approval ratings are bad. let's hand it over to carlie. reporter: that's right, good morning and speaking of the crime crisis listen to this. first lady jill biden and second gentlemen visit with victims of
5:16 am
the christmas parade attack in walk ee waukeshaw today. >> you're innocent until proven guilty but if you're guilty you've gotta serve the time and that narrative from the other side of the aisle is basically out the window and they feel like the criminals are more important than the victims. reporter: criminal darryl brooks was released five days before the attack on a cash bail of $1,000 set by a liberal milwaukee county prosecutor. >> a powerful storm system slam ming southern california causing major flooding and mudslides. some areas seeing as much as seven inches of rain as authorities rush to evacuate stranded residents, at least three cars ending up in a los angeles river, you can see this one trapped against a column, authorities say they have not been able to find that driver. >> earlier this morning, chinese xi-jinping and russian president
5:17 am
vladimir putin count their strong ties during a virtual summit. putin plans to meet with xi in person in beijing. the west wing says they are keeping an eye on both countries china is under pressure over human rights abuses in moscow over its troops near the ukrainian border and the meeting will take place eight days after a russia-u.s. video call in which president biden warned putin against invading ukraine. >> okay, check this out. no these are not shooting stars. this dazzling meteor shower lighting up the skies this week, stargazers across the world can catch a glimpse of the show for the next few days at its peak on monday there were as many as 100 to 150 meteors per hour, visible from certain parts of the earth. how cool is that? so look up when you're outside. steve: was that from a big telescope or something? reporter: i don't know.
5:18 am
producers do we know where that was taken from? maybe a telescope. steve: i think we're alone. lawrence: other anchors go into space, i'm waiting for fox and friend's invite. ainsley: oh, do you want to go? lawrence: i would go. i refuse to jump out of a plane and do the other assignments that the producer wants me to do , but i'd do that. i could put on my astronaut. ainsley: okay. reporter: i wouldn't do any of it. keeping my feet on the ground. steve: thank you, carlie. ainsley: you only go up for a little while. steve: seven minutes. ainsley: living on the space station for like a year, no thanks. lawrence: i'm not doing that. ten minutes i can do that. steve: here's the thing you apparently can buy a chair on it i think it's a quarter of a million dollars. lawrence: can we put all of our money together? steve: let's do a gofundme. lawrence: we'll put it on gavin,
5:19 am
our executive producer. steve: carlie thank you very much. 8:18 here in the east. meanwhile, a slain deputy's handcuffs are used in the arrest of his suspected killer. our next guest says it sends a clear message, threaten law enforcement, and justice will be served. ainsley: and the third day of fox & friends 12 days of giving we're helping uso make care packages for our heros who can't be home for the holidays we'll tell you how you can help as well. >> ♪
5:20 am
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5:24 am
lawrence: welcome bark. one texas police department sending a clear message to anyone who harms law enforcement , justice will be served. 19-year-old eddie miller was arrested using the very handcuff s that belonged to the deputy he suspected of killing the fallen deputy 30-year-old ka reen atkins was fatally shot in an ambush outside a houston bar in october he leaves behind a wife and two- year-old daughter and a newborn baby. two other deputies were injured in the attack. here now to react, mark herman, thank you so much, sir for being with us today. sir, i just want to ask you, have we confirmed this was an ambush and what are the charges now for this guy? >> yeah, i can tell you, you know, from the beginning of this incident, a couple days after the actual shooting, i was brought in by the detectives working the case with the houston police department. i was briefed on it and i can tell you with 100% certainty it
5:25 am
was an ambush. these individuals were shot from the back in the course of trying to make an arrest and so, you know, there's no doubt it was an ambush, and attack on law enforcement. lawrence: you know, sir, clearly , he's a coward. he's shooting cops in the back. have you all been able to talk with this guy, what was his motivation, what was his beef with law enforcement or is this just a part of the growing conversation of the anti-cop rhetoric going out there? >> yeah, well, i'll just say that we recused ourself from the investigation, the houston police department handled the investigation, i have been privy to some information when they did arrest him, but i really don't want to go into that but i can tell you that for the last several years, i've been in this business for 36 years, for the last three years, i have seen almost nothing but just 100% from mainstream media demonizing police and trying to pit our communities against the police, and i can tell you,
5:26 am
this incident here has basically reaffirmed with me that we're far from being divided. the american people love their police. the outpouring of support from this incident, we've had officer s from as far as new york come down and attend the funeral services, phone calls, e-mails, the american people are smart people. they need their police, and we need our communities. lawrence: you know, the american people, especially the great folks of my home state of texas, they support law enforcement. i've gotta ask you, how is the family of deputy constable atkins? >> i was with his widow two days ago, nadia, and they have two beautiful kid, one is seven months, one is two years old. they're not old enough for this to resonate with them, but nadia is holding up best to be expected. a lot of organizations, the
5:27 am
houston 100 club and just too many to name here on tv have come to aid her financially, which she will need, and she's holding up best to be expected and she will always be a member of our agency from now on. lawrence: you know, i only got about 10 seconds, constable, but how were those other deputies injured? have they made a full recovery or do they have a long way to go? >> deputy garret, beside atkins when he was shot he loss got shot in the same manner he's still in intensive care and has been since the shooting he's touch and go day by day in the hospital. deputy bartham is at home recovering doing physical therapy. lawrence: thank you mark herman from the great state of texas, thank you, sir. >> thank you. lawrence: the president's crisis sore while his ratings sink and he thinks republicans should be worried? >> my republican friends, get ready, you're going in for a problem. lawrence: turning point usa
5:28 am
founder charlie kirk reacts to the president's mid-term messaging, that's up next. >> ♪
5:29 am
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steve: later today president biden will travel to kentucky to see the damage left in the wake of those devastating tornadoes over the weekend. 12 children are among the 74 people confirmed dead in kentucky. alexis mcadams is live on the ground in the hard-hit town of mayfield where i believe the president is heading, alexis reporter: that's right and when president biden steps off the plane later this afternoon in western kentucky, this is what he going to see , complete devastation. that area we're in right now is mayfield, kentucky and i'll take you a little bit closer so you can see some of the damage. this is just what the entire neighborhood looks like in mayfield. houses leveled, the place is completely wiped out. you really have to see thi damage in person to understand what the scope is, at least 74 people in kentucky were killed during these tornadoes, 12 of those killed were kids. kentucky's governor tells us there's still 122 people un accounted for , expecting that death toll could rise in the
5:33 am
next days. right now crews still searching through this wreckage here, looking for bodies and take a look at this drone video. this captures just some of the damage across the area, right now you're seeing dawson springs, kentucky a short drive away from where we are in mayfield and that area was completely damaged as well, hit very hard by those tornadoes , president biden will tour that area as well as mayfield later today, and the president's coming into the area in kentucky after approving emergency declaration for the state and also for tennessee and illinois. this morning though the question that kentucky wants to know is what does that federal help mean for them? >> words can't express how i feel right now. the town is totally devastated. >> you walk outside, your town doesn't even look like a town anymore. it's nothing but rubble. reporter: and the tornado was on the ground here in western kentucky for more than 200 miles and as we mentioned that death toll is expected to rise as crew s are out here surveying the damage as well as looking for some of their things we
5:34 am
talked to people who found many and also helped their neighbors although that death toll is expected to rise, that some are able at this time, maybe they were okay, and were able to get out, we have to keep waiting for those updates. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, alexis. despite mounting crisis and plummeting approval ratings, president biden sounds pretty optimistic in his latest message for republicans about the mid-terms. >> now we look at 2022 i want to tell my republican friends, get ready, pal, you're going to be in for a problem. we have to keep making the case and if we do i believe we're going to win, let me say this again. 2022. ainsley: turning point usa founder charlie kirk joins us. do you think that's true, will the democrats win in 2022? >> well i think he's dilution all and i wish that he actually thought he was in crisis, it would actually be good for
5:35 am
country. that means he would adjust and make changes, you know, bill clinton, i'm not exactly a bill clinton fan, i thought he had a lot of problems but he knew when his approval ratings went down a certain below a certain number he went to the middle and started to negotiate with newt gingrich, started to broker deals and it was actually really good for the country, we had a balanced budget and the country experienced a rather good period of prosperity. the opposite is the case, he says we're going to win no matter what, open borders giving $85 billion of weapons to the taliban, let china do whatever they want, we have inflation in double-digits, all of a sudden you have this almost defiant administration that is perfectly content with america falling apart and so look, i think it's totally wrong, republicans are going to win in 2022 regardless of what he says but i wish he actually had some self-awareness and actually be really good for the country. ainsley: he doesn't have a choice he has to say that plus he was speaking in front of 400 donors at the dnc holiday party but look at the polls, his
5:36 am
approval ratings 40%, npr national poll 43%, and real clear politics, it takes the average 42%. >> yeah, i'd love to know who those 42% of the people are. i mean the people that work i guess for goldman sachs who had a great year, you know, just kind of tracking inflated stock market, the muscular class is getting crushed, we have normal people that are unable to afford christmas gifts for their children because of double-digit inflation, not to mention the crisis on the southern border, and you're right. it's very smart point. he has to say this. what do we expect? we're going to lose next year, but i think every democrat knows that there's an equal and opposite reaction coming from grassroots republicans and every day people that are going to give the house of representatives back to republicans and the senate back to republicans. i hope their message stays very focused on empowering moms and dads and a parent-focused family -focused message but below all of the kind of political nonsense chatter from joe biden, i think there is some political
5:37 am
anxiety and uncertainty. i just wish for the good of the country, he would do something about the multiple crisis he's facing on almost every level. ainsley: you have a big weekend coming up hosting this brand new event called america fest, a four day event. >> we're excited we're partnering with fox nation and many people on fox this weekend in phoenix, arizona, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. we have tucker coming, greg gutfeld, we have jesse watters, and newly-announced kyle rittenhouse, and it's foxnation .com, if you want to come we'll be streaming the entire conference they can check it out right there, we're super excited and have our 8,000 young people from across the country there, celebrating america, talking about why this is the greatest nation ever to exist in the history of the world and we're honored to be partnering with fox on it. ainsley: and hosted by pete hegseth and kayleigh mcenany and judge jeanine pirro will be there as well, charlie thank you >> thank you. aniston check it out on fox starting this weekend plus enjoy a 30 day
5:38 am
, sorry, 30 day entire month, free trial if you sign up now, using promo code "america 30". coming up speculation swirls as nbc reportedly sidelines their nfl sideline reporter. was she let go for speaking out against collin colin kaepernick? outkick founder clay travis will discuss next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? you up for a little night work? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you. merry christmas, dad. ♪ ♪ steve: nbc sports reporter michelle tafoya will report ed law enforcement be taken off the sidelines after this football season. the speculation comes after she debated the view host over collin colin kaepernick's comparison of the nfl to slavery >> a majority of the owners of the nfl are white men, the majority of the players are black men so there is that comparison that he makes to slave owners and slaves is not sort of totally unreasonable.
5:43 am
>> i support free speech 1,000 percent but i thought comparing it to the slave trade was a little rough and the white owners have prevented him from doing it and colluded from and they have the power -- >> [applause] >> -- they have all of the power to prevent him from doing the one thing that he loves. >> that's the power dynamic. >> he be on a team right now i promise you that. steve: well, somebody who knows a lot about this subject, sports , outkick founder clay travis joins us right now, clay, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. steve: so it sounds like michelle tafoya, the sideline reporter is being sidelined. >> well first of all, michelle tafoya was right 100% in everything she said on the view and colin kaepernick has said a lot of dumb things over the years, steve, but comparing nfl players to slaves? first of all doesn't even make sense because he's begging for
5:44 am
the opportunity to get back into the nfl, so does he want to re-sign up for slavery but more importantly, slavery is not voluntary and you certainly don't become a multi millionaire doing it, so it is an insane comparison for colin kaepernick who, remember, further back in the day, when he started his protest said that he admired fidel castro and the way that cuba had taken care of its people. this is not a really well- educated person in terms of larger affairs and i think it's why you haven't seen colin kaepernick speak out very publicly in terms of a live interview setting, one of our writers at outkick, armando salgero, whose family is cuban called colin kaepernick on this and us was embarrassing on how uneducated he was in terms of endorsing fidel castro in their social justice lineage there, but for michelle tafoya, look, i believe what's happening is she has decided that she, her voice, having been as good as she was
5:45 am
on the sidelines for a long time , when she decided to go on the view and she did such a fabulous job of it, i believe what she decided is she can be more effective and be able to speak out and say exactly what she thinks in the future, if i were betting on this i would say her tenure as a sideline reporter is close to over, but it's to a large extent her own choice, because while covering the nfl and while standing on the sideline, your opinions and larger contextual issues, she's too smart and has too maybe interesting opinions to share, i think it's the biggest story here, steve. steve: you make it sound like she's got something bright around the corner meanwhile what's clicking right now on " outkick"? >> do you know what? we are covering this ridiculous story that espn did about the n euce incident with nascar and bubba wallace and everything surrounding that, espn tried to cover it as if it were an actual
5:46 am
neuce, that's blown up online, many people are clicking on that story and a lot of people are still reading about the swim swimmerrings, the transgender issue, we did a fantastic job on that. encourage people to check it out steve: clay, thank you very much >> hey appreciate you all thanks a lot have a good morning steve: you bet. right now, time for the weather and janice dean is outside with the crowd behind her. >> what a great crowd hi you guys. >> hi! >> i see some uso fans we'll talk to them and what they are doing for our wonderful troops but i want to talk about the weather because we have another day of severe weather. we have record setting temperatures across the central u.s. and then a cold front, a very powerful one that plows through and bring us the risk of severe storms but look at this we're going to break records in oklahoma city, in kansas city and -oma ha and milwaukee so part of the ingredients we need for severe weather is the warm air mass, in front of a very cold one and that's exactly what's going to happened to, so parts of the upper midwest, back through the upper mississippi valley,
5:47 am
that's where we'll see the risk for hail, damage with very strong winds by the way, and tornadoes, so this is a significant threat. i need you to know where you're going to get your watches and warnings especially in the overnight hours when people aren't paying close attention and in the wind alerts i mean very widespread, so this is going to be a big deal today and tonight, fox to get your latest weather alerts my friends i want you to all be safe, say hi to steve, everybody steve is coming out here, right? you're coming out here? steve: on the other side of this time-out. thanks, j. d. >> see you soon. steve: there's no place like home for the holidays but for our heros who can't be home, the uso is here to help. we're making care packages for the troops, stationed overseas, then we're going to go outside coming up next, but inside, we've got dana perino whose taking over the channel here in 12.5 minutes. dana: that's exactly what i'm going to do thanks, steve. well the commander-in-chief will be consoler in chief as he heads to kentucky to survey the tornado damage and comfort the families who lost loved ones
5:48 am
and their homes and businesses. do you have a moral obligation to pay for our student loan debt a member of the squad thinks you do, and pentagon spokesman john kirby will be here on set today so many questions and we'll make the most of our time with you see you at 9:00. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy.
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steve: well today, here on the plaza, it's day three of our 12 days of giving, and this morning, we're highlighting the outlets. longs that's right steve the non-profit is helping send a little piece of home to our service members stationed around the world this christmas. ainsley: and today they are here to show us how they do it all, and serve so many of our men and women. outlets president and ceo we have dr. j. d. crouch and rebecca parks joining us now thank you both for being with us >> it's our pleasure. ainsley: how do you all do it you serve 4 million every year? >> we're sending millions of these out to folks all over this year we'll pack about 200,000 but these go all over the world, the middle east, as far away as africa, and as far north as greenland. steve: unbelievable and as we watch some of your volunteers put things together, i get why so many of those things are important, but what about the deck of cards? a deck of cards is really
5:53 am
popular, right? >> yeah, absolutely, absolutely this is just a little taste of home. there's stuff in there that you can buy anywhere at the corner store but you can't do that if you're in jabuti, and so it connects them back to, you know, home. lawrence: rebecca what's the reaction when they receive a small token of love? >> it's a small token of appreciation and a way that our friends, family, the american public, can bring a service member far away from home a little closer. ainsley: when we're in the airport and you go to the register to buy magazines they always ask do you want to buy something for outlets. do those items go in these bags too? >> they can, absolutely, and other kinds of things. this is a holiday care package, but we have care packages that are for female service members, we have care packages that are designed for kids or whatever, so it depends on what we're building for that particular time, but it's not all we do this time of the year. we're doing holiday programming
5:54 am
all over the world. christmas parties, all kinds of stuff to help support and make them feel connected to family, home and country. lawrence: let's go make some. let's do it. ainsley: when they are in the middle of the desert they love getting these. steve: look at that. it's a mug muffin. rainbow sprinkles, all right, hot cocoa. ainsley: toiletries. peppermint chapstick. they can send loved ones notes home. steve: that's a really good idea rebecca, outlets has been coming to "fox & friends" for decades but there are a lot of people who don't know what you guys do. >> i think there are people that know what we do but maybe not as deeply as we like. there's a lot of our programming that really strengthens the connections of family members and service members far away from home so we do a lot and the airport centers and also
5:55 am
here, in new york city, we also have our mobile center that can bring our outlets programming to service members wherever they maybe. steve: it's kind of hard to see this stuff because we've got camouflage here. >> [laughter] ainsley: lawrence needs a deck of cards and these are postcards to write home. lawrence: will they make it in time enough for christmas? >> oh, absolutely. this stuff will be shipped out and will be in-country as they say, within days. absolutely. you can guarantee it. steve: what's your website if people would like to help you out? >> go to steve: i love that. >> you can really help support a service member this time of the year. ainsley: how long has your organization been around? >> we were founded in 1941, we're in our 80th year, and it's a fantastic organization, its brought together a lot of organizations that help support
5:56 am
the military for years. steve: thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: thank you for everything you do. it means a lot. steve: tomorrow, we're going to eat, because our 12 days of giving continues with our friends from mission barbecue. lawrence: i can't wait for that. more "fox & friends" moments away. >> ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections.
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>> look at that. look at that. >> proud americans. >> this is a christmas ornament. >> head to for free shipping. >> thank you. have a great day, everyone. >> bill: good stuff. good morning. try to follow the bouncing ball on the latest rules. in california they are turning back the clock. reinstating an indoor mask mandate even if you got the vaccinations. we say good morning on that. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. hope you are well and getting ready for the big day. >> dana: i'm dana perino and i'm "america's newsroom." some companies there are employee revolts saying we're not going to come in and mask up the whole day. work from home. everything is back in disarray. >>


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