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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  December 16, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> we just announced fox is donating a million dollars to help the american red cross in their disaster effort in kentucky and elsewhere. >> red if you want to donate, too. have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, inflation at your front door. voters say rising prices are causing them pain financially and they argue that president biden is only making it worse. i'm bill hemmer. that's what we found in the fox polling. how are you? >> dana: who are you? >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. >> bill: it is tough to find good news in the poll at the white house. >> dana: if i was there i would have to work hard to say and the good news is. i would try to find it. the inflation is the biggest surge in nearly four decades and one of the reasons the polls are so bad. americans are not impressed
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with the president's response. >> bill: twice as many americans say the president is doing more harm than good. this is they feel the strain on everything from food to lodging to energy and gasoline to the white house we go for reaction. jackie heinrich is there on the north lawn. what are they saying? good morning. >> good morning. you guys said it. voters are very concerned about inflation. they feel like the biden white house is making matters worse for them and really interestingly 2/3 of people say inflation has caused them financial hardship. when you look at lower income people, that number jumps to 3/4 of the respondents in the poll. 17% say they are better off financially than a year ago. by more than 2 to 1 people say the president's economic policies have hurt rather than helped them personally. nearly half of americans, 46%, believe the massive social spending bill that the white house sees as the solution to this inflation would only push
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inflation higher. democratic pollster chris anderson, who conducts fox polls along with his republican counterpart says one thing the president has going for him is low expectations. if the spending plans start to have positive impact in people's lives maybe some will reconsider their view of biden. but if that sentiment making it tougher for the president to pass his social spending plan which right now looks like it is no longer in the cards to pass this year due in no small part to inflation concerns from senator joe manchin. he consistently says his constituents in west virginia are concerned about injecting more money into the economy at a time when inflation is so high. it will cost households an extra $3500 to consume the same amount of goods as last year. the fed will raise rates, three rate hikes expected next year. >> raising interest rates to be successful in the past. you don't want to do it too
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much or to stagflation of the late 1970s. the best thing to do neil is on the fiscal side. let's take a pause as joe manchin said, let's take a strategic pause. >> the fed's policy statement drops any reference to inflation as transitory and acknowledges it exceeded the 2% target for some time. trouble for the president who maintains he will run for reelection and says democrats will win in the mid-terms. >> bill: politics always comes back to that. nice to see you from white house. >> dana: let's bring in james freeman. assistant editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page and fox news contributors. numbers on the board. call for 1. biden's social spending plan would push inflation higher, 46% say yes. hurt the economy, 42% say yes. that's a lot. the next one is has inflation caused you financial hardship over the last six months? when you have a number like
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that at 67% it seems to me it would make sense why the poll numbers for president biden are very bad. so many people are feeling the pinch. >> absolutely. when we saw that nearly 7% inflation number for last month i think some people might say why is it only 2/3? inflation as you pointed out hits everybody. you feel it in everything you buy and notice it at the gas pump and the grocery store. the question on is the spending spree in washington fueling inflation, this is the joe manchin argument and i don't see how you can rebut it. we are in this period covid and post covid of enormous federal spending, much funded by debt and much of that debt bought by the federal reserve with money they create. it is an inflation driver. it also juices the demand in the economy while supply is depressed for whatever reason a lot of people don't want to work or aren't back at work.
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yes, these spending sprees are an inflation feeder. >> bill: i don't want to get well ahead of this. you were on tucker talking about the future of the democratic party and whether are not joe biden runs again. what jackie said is telling about the politics. in our polling among independents now 1 in 10 say they are better off financially today than they were a year ago. >> dana: 1 in 10. >> bill: 90% of the people among independents are saying they're worse off. that's devastating when you talk about the politics of selling your programs. >> that's right. we've seen it is a tight labor market. you can get a job if you want it but wages haven't been rising at 7% a year. so that's why people have jobs, they may be getting paid more, but what is really going up is the price of things they buy and that's where you see it in the polling. there is also in the fox poll across the polls there is not a lot of optimism going forward. even people who feel like they themselves are doing well are
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not confident. that is part of really the awful impact that inflation has. it makes everybody question everything. it's really -- currency is the bedrock of society and when you can't depend on that it makes everybody worried and anxious beyond the direct tax of having to pay more. >> dana: that's really important. an important point you made and something we should talk about is the psychology of it. build back better is hanging there for six months. manchin said from the beginning i'm not for this. looks like now they've realized they won't get it done before christmas and a question, i think, whether after the holiday they can even get it done. a columnist for the "washington post" said he thinks forget the biden spending bill. here is the quote, it is time to make it all about democracy, push the voting bills now. so they will try to figure out a way to say the most important bill we can pass is not build back better but the voting
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rights thing. they don't have the votes for that either. >> it goes to the credibility. we talked about how both parties people on the base of each party are grown more influential over time. the democratic party is this demand for bigger government. okay, we can't get the big spending bill. let's go to the plan to federalize election law and have the federal government take over jobs that the states have been doing. i think an old-fashioned chuck schumer maybe some years ago would have seen that big inflation number, he would have said joe manchin you are exactly right. we have to scale this thing back. i would have expected a new slimd down compromise plan this week. there is no compromise. just move on to the next. >> bill: perhaps the headline of the day would be, then, if manchin says i'm not budging on build back better and sinema says i'm not budging on the filibuster, that means build back better and the voting
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rights act are both dead in the water. it's 0 for 2. >> i know the white house may look at that as a horrible scenario politically but it actually would be good for joe biden because the table was set for him to have a wonderful roaring economy and if he just stops interfering, he will have a good story if he chooses to run again in 2024. >> dana: there is the good news for the white house there. the good news is it's all in your benefits, yes. thank you. nice to sigh. >> bill: want to get to the southern border now. laredo texas agents arrested an ms-13 gang member attempting to reenter the country and smuggling runs rampant. bill, what do you have today? >> good morning to you. as usual, already a busy day out near la jolla, look at the fox drone now. large groups of illegal immigrants being apprehended by
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border patrol. family units. this as law enforcement tell us this week they have seen a serious uptick in human smuggling. wild images to show you. starting with these photos. look at this. out of laredo texas, dps investigating the suspicious tractor trailer pulled o*fr off to the side of the road. they find 100 illegal immigrants who had been locked in from the outside and were being smuggled. i'm told they were from mexico, guatemala and honduras. they were all crammed in there, no ventilation whatsoever. a 17-year-old suspect was taken into custody in connection with that human smuggling incident. look at these photos out here in the rio grande valley last night. border patrol stopped this vehicle off highway 281 pickup truck. opened up the back and look what you see there. all sorts of illegal immigrants crammed into the back of that pickup truck. very dangerous in case they were to crash. that driver also arrested for human smuggling.
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look at these photos here. also in the rio grande valley yesterday morning. what you are looking at is what law enforcement tell me is a fake oil field worker human smuggling trying to dress up as an oil worker and cloned an oil field truck and had four illegal immigrants smuggling inside that truck. that driver also arrested for human smuggling and perhaps the most bizarre of them all if we can pull up this photo here. this was monday night in border patrol tucson sector. they pulled over a hearse being driven by two u.s. citizens and six immigrants. human smuggling incidents very dangerous. pull up the photos here. we remember this past weekend two innocent people killed. the suspect here. 18-year-old. he is now charged with two counts of murder amongst a lot of other charges. bail set at 3.3 million dollars.
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but let's talk about the victims here. this is the first one, the mother, 59-year-old carmen a local resident of mission, texas. then we'll show her daughter. 22-year-old, also a mission, texas resident. just posted on facebook she bought a new car. that mother and daughter both killed in the human smuggling related crash after it was crashed into during a police pursuit. back out here live public jail records show that suspected human smuggler was actually arrested just a few weeks after this crash for evading police and the records show he was released on a personal recognizance bond the next day. we've been reaching out to law enforcement since yesterday morning to find out what the deal was with that. we haven't gotten a response yet. as soon as we do we'll keep you guys posted. send it back to you. >> bill: is that all? amazing. bill in la joya, texas. thank you, bill.
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>> dana: midwest is reeling from another powerful storm system. >> bill: the federal government given a major update on the omicron variant and how to protect yourself. >> dana: the rise in crime pushing cities to the breaking point. democrats continue to just play dumb. >> it's absolutely outrageous obviously it cannot continue. but the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪♪♪
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100 miles per hour snapping trees and taking down power lines. highways were closed in kansas where it was raining mud as heavy as rain with a wall of blowing dust. that is something else to imagine on the highways near kansas. that's a shot from there. iowa there. we're keeping a close eye for you. >> dana: the national weather service has upgraded the violent tornado that hit western kentucky to an ef4. the second most powerful designation a tornado can ever receive with estimated peak winds of 190 miles an hour. ground surveys find the twister was up to a mile plus wide. put those two things together alexis mcadams you wind up with this horrible devastation you are seeing there, alexis. >> that's right. you can tell how powerful the tornadoes were. four according to the national weather service that touched down for more than 200 miles here in kentucky. what it did just as this
6:19 am
location in mayfield. the winds of nearly 200 miles per hour leveling this area and leveling this business. also making this entire brick wall tumble down and walking closer with me this way you can see the back book case there is actually a safe room behind there the people working at the time the storms rolled through took shelter inside barely escaping from those strong winds. not everybody was able to make it out of western kentucky. right now at left 71 people in the area were killed during the tornadoes. the death toll expected to climb. 12 of those people who lost their lives were just children. as a community is still cleaning up today the loss of life is weighing heavy on everyone here. people telling me they are checking the coroner's reports reading through the names to see if they know anyone on the list that day. now on wednesday president joe biden surveyed the destruction in western kentucky announcing he has now amended the disaster declaration to cover 100% of eligible cost for emergency
6:20 am
room for up to 30 days. there are still 100 people missing in kentucky as those people in the area replay the tragic moments of that night. listen. >> there was an instance of a boyfriend and girlfriend who went to the sheltering place and the boyfriend jumped on top of the girlfriend to protect her and the boyfriend disappeared. just vanished. and has been found deceased. >> now of the goals in mayfield is to get the power grid back up and running because those strong winds leveled that grid. it is gone and non-existent. one of the things we're working on every day continuing to clean up the streets. people who used to live and work here are still coming by taking a look at the destruction the took the lives of so many of their neighbors and family members. >> dana: thank you for being there. we want to make sure that everybody knows this is quite remarkable and wonderful, glad to be part of this company.
6:21 am
fox has donated a million dollars to the american red cross to support relief efforts for america's heartland. if you go to red forward and you donate there, they will help us track and see how people are doing, getting the money, the red cross does an amazing job and a great donation. >> bill: very generous and also for the people in kentucky and arkansas, illinois and tennessee. they need the help and it is pretty apparent from that. >> dana: we'll be there. >> bill: great job. the cdc says reported cases of the omicron variant are doubling every two days in america. it expects the surge by early january. dr. marc siegel professor of medicine, a virus expert. doctor, good morning to you. with delta and omicron today, what have you learned from this virus that will help us understand what the next wave is or is not? >> we're learning a lot, bill. listen, from south africa they
6:22 am
are really carefully cataloging this. with 26,000 cases a day hospitalizations are up about 45% of where they were the last time they had a surge with delta. deaths up -- a comparison about 8% of the deaths that you saw with delta. clearly in south africa it is much milder. in the united kingdom the health secretary said he thinks there were 200,000 new omicron cases on monday alone. so in other words, it looks very mild in the u.k. also but spreading like wildfire. why milder? studies are showing it doesn't affect the lungs as much. that's good news. it's not as severe in the lungs. the bad news is it seems to do what we call evading immune capture. what does that mean? it means you can get reinfected if you had a previous variant that doesn't protect you, the immunity you got from that and the vaccines. good news on the vaccine front, bill, is that it looks like if
6:23 am
you had the two shots and the booster, you are very well protected against this. with all the immune cells we have in the battle. the t-cells and the antibodies it looks like you have a high level of protection. at worst you would get a mild case. get vaccinated and get boosted because it is coming here as you said it is already doubling here. we will see what the u.k. has here. >> dana: we'll probably see that, dr. siegel, around christmas, is that right? >> we're going to see it around christmas. everybody will travel and get together, dana. what i keep saying and i say this over and over i wish the government would get involved in an operation warp speed with rapid tests so we all have those to test ourselves before we go to our christmas gathering and then we have the new pill coming out which looks phenomenal for this. looks like it is the tam flu of covid. you could test yourself and if you're exposed take that pill right away bam. we don't have it yet.
6:24 am
>> bill: it's coming? >> it's coming and needs to be approved. i'm pushing the fda. it has to be approved right now by the way. it has to be approved today. >> bill: for those not vaccinated whether in the u.s., africa or u.k., is this strain weak enough where it won't kill you? what does the data tell us? >> the data says the death rate is very low on this strain right now. but i would caution that that's what we call a lagging indicator. if you are not vaccinated and in a high-risk group you are at risk of hospitalization at least. clearly it is not as deadly as delta but it can get you pretty sick if you are not vaccinated. so again, i don't -- bill, here is a point to tell you. as a physician i don't distinguish. i think that all of the stigmatism of the unvaccinated is disgusting. i take care of everyone. i don't care what their status
6:25 am
is, a smoker, lung cancer, a drinker and they have liver disease and unvaccinated and a severe case of covid. take care of them all the same. it shouldn't be part of the discussion. everybody should get vaccinated, having said that. >> bill: fair enough. nice to see you, sir. >> dana: a headline saying just about the trance missability of this. it is much more contagious and gets around quickly. it is likely you'll know people that have it. i do. >> bill: yeah. it is spreading. >> dana: they feel unwell but not in the hospital. >> bill: francis collins likes the guitar, a musician. writing a lot of songs. here is one of them. want to play it real quick. ♪ somewhere past the pandemic masks will come off ♪ >> bill: collins is a good guy. he has been on our show a lot. like to talk to him and he will end his term after 12 years. time to move on. do you have an issue with them
6:26 am
flying? >> dana: no. it was an internal thing for employees. >> bill: i kind of do. i've been watching him play these songs for a year and a half. >> dana: you don't want him to sing? >> bill: everything we're going through economically and financially or health-wise and everything that the doctor just said there is -- >> dana: at the same time we're telling people to go on with their lives. >> bill: it may not be in the best taste at the moment. >> dana: all right. >> bill: that's a. frnlts got it. democrats looking ahead to 2024. a lot don't see president biden in the picture. why some are saying he should not run again and why they are urging him to say as soon as possible that he will not. plus bruce springsteen cashing in with a massive deal for his most prized possession. ♪♪♪ it's my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on
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>> bill: apparently tomorrow is the last day to ship packages and letters by first class mail and have them get their by christmas. who knew? seems too soon if you ask me. come on, we have amazon, right? busiest time of the year for the usps. they have hired lots of extra seasonal workers. senior correspondent casey stiegel knows that live in dallas. casey, good morning. >> good morning to you guys. it is extremely busy as you know as this vast system tries to get all these parcels to and fro, for ups and fedex the two giants ground service is no longer an option if you want to guarantee your packages arrive in time for christmas. expedited options are all that's left. yesterday was the cut-off for that. fox news got an inside look, by the way, at a massive ups hub here in the dfw yesterday.
6:33 am
1.2 million square feet and the company is emotion employing over 100,000 seasonal employees. but even if you do meet those shipping deadlines, there are still no guarantees. that is due to kinks in the supply chain, countless business owners like this california nut farmer, having a tough time even getting product out. >> we are shipping right now less than half of what we should be shipping and could be shipping this time of the year simply because there is not equipment available. >> experts say a perfect storm has set up system for a major test this holiday season. online sales higher than ever. major shipping ports still a mess. the advice, button things up now and get those packages into the system sooner rather than later and by the way, check with each retailer and with each shipping carrier as the supplies and the deliveries vary wildly by company.
6:34 am
dana and bill. >> bill: thank you, casey. nice to see you in dallas. talk soon. >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew. talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding the $6 billion nypd budget. >> i support the defund movement. this is about the investment in our communities which have historically been divested. >> i am for defunding the police. >> defund the police does not mean abolish the police. it means a dramatic reduction in the number of police in our poor communities. >> dana: democrats pushing to defund police departments since last year and now 12 major cities are suffering the consequences setting homicide records for this year forcing some to reverse course and boost their police budgets. our panel joins us now. matt gorman for the national
6:35 am
republican congressional committee. brad woodhouse from the dnc. want to play a little something from speaker pelosi from yesterday. >> it cannot continue. but the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. this is about stealing for profit. they have to prove where it came from. it is outrageous and i agree with the mayor, it must be stopped. it is not just san francisco. it is in our entire country. >> dana: brand-new fox news poll shows president biden's approval on crime at 36%. matt, give you first crack at this. >> look, crime is a choice. republicans have saying these things would happen for a while. for the mayor of san francisco and nancy pelosi to admit it shows how bad things have gotten. my worry is you can arrest people all you want. if you have the far left
6:36 am
district attorneys and you have these bail reform laws which either won't prosecute folks or get these folks out in a matter of hours, what good is it? funding the police is the first step. we need to reverse some of these far left policies in the criminal justice system next. >> dana: brad, what is the overall weight of this issue on the democrats, president biden in particular? >> well first of all a couple of things. one homicides increased 33% year-over-year from 2019 to 2020. so that was when president trump was president. this is a problem that is a vexing problem. not a problem for one party or the other. defund the police president biden never supported that and what the democrats have done and they did in march was they passed millions and millions of dollars in grants to fund the police as part of the american rescue plan. >> dana: that was after so many police officers left.
6:37 am
>> every single republican voted against that funding. so it's the republican party that doesn't want to fund the poils. if you take that vote into account. >> dana: when the white house tried to say it was republicans that wanted to defund the police. that got four pinocchios. it should be the prosecutors as well. it is plain as day something that could be changed but might not be. recall petitions but that isn't a policy change. >> no, it's not. the fight is at the local level. you have the recall petition to your point out in san francisco for the district attorney. eric adams out in new york where you guys are. i think has a mandate to be tougher on crime but one place to watch is the city of atlanta. the neighborhood of buck head is probably going to secede from the city and fed up with leadership and the crime. that's a major tax base. i think you will see at the local level these folks starting to get fed up and take action. >> dana: brad, can i ask you
6:38 am
something else? cnn had a poll on president biden's leadership. independents are really super interesting. 2/3 have doubts and reservations about president biden's leadership. 92% of the republicans but 75% of independents. "the new york times" says biden should not run again and say he won't. i'm not expecting you to say that given your position and where you are. but the calls are coming from inside the house here. >> well look, dana, i'm old enough to remember when probably there were polls that reflected this during president obama's first year in office and he was tackling vexing problems that he inherited from president bush. people may have said he is in trouble and he won reelection in a relative landslide three years later. right now what president biden needs to focus on is delivering for the american people.
6:39 am
he has created more jobs than the last four republican presidents combined. combined in the first 10 months of their presidency. >> dana: there is the pandemic. brad, i love you and i hope you come back. matt, always love you. merry christmas to you both. thank you. ♪ >> bill: i picked that song by the way, every now and again they let hemmer pick a song. >> dana: it is okay for bruce springsteen to sing? >> bill: it's okay. i just thought it is too soon is what i thought. >> dana: it's easy to rile up bill hemmer. i never had a brother but it's easy. >> bill: i've had sisters, though, three of them. springsteen sold his music.
6:40 am
$500 million. sony gains the masters and publishing rights to all his sons. he is the latest rock-n-roll legend to part with his publishing. bob dylan sold his body of work during the pandemic and you had neil young, stevie nix and paul sigh mon. >> dana: taylor swift rerecorded all of hers so she could have her own. >> bill: dylan is reported between 300 and 400 million. springsteen reported at 500 million. don't think there isn't a competition between these guys. >> dana: cia documents on the investigation of the kennedy investigation have been released to the public. what it reveals about lee harvey oswald's movements weeks before he shot the president. two of america's top adversaries are getting closer. what it could mean for the u.s. congressman michael waltz joins us next.
6:41 am
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>> bill: the chinese leader xi and vladimir putin showing a united front in the stand-off with ukraine and no signs of de-escalation. michael waltz republican out of florida member of the house armed services committee. looks like putin will go to pay jing for the games in early
6:46 am
february. the world is choosing sides as we sit here today. you were just in ukraine. what did you learn about the potential and possibility of russia having action there in the eastern front? >> we have to appreciate that we're on the verge of possibly seeing the largest land invasion in europe since world war ii. russia has hundreds of thousands of its soldiers massed on the ukraine border, cyberattacks are increasing on their electrical grid. ukrainians are as you can imagine incredibly worried and we're just not seeing the same sense of urgency out of the white house here. instead a $200 million lethal aid package is sitting on president biden's desk. they are taking the same flawed approach as in 2014. they don't want to antagonize the russians or provoke but instead that perceived weakness
6:47 am
and inaction and indecision is doing the exact opposite. >> bill: john kirby from the pentagon was with me in new york. he said we went forward to $60 million in aid passed over the summer and the money continues to go to ukraine as of october. on a different front we asked kirby about afghanistan and the number of americans that were said to be there. turned out how many more there actually were there and what the status is of getting out and here is how the exchange went. >> the number was a bit of a moving target. what i sthi encouraging, though, now almost 1,000 since august 31st since we left have been brought out and we're continuing to look for others that want to go. >> bill: the problem with the numbers that you were off by 90%. >> again, it is not a signs, bill. it is not like they register on some sort of list that we have that static and permanent. >> how do we get the 90% number? we were told there are 100 and 200 americans there left behind
6:48 am
and there were a thousand. that's not even close. are you still with me? >> i'm sorry, yeah. look. i have to be honest with you. >> bill: you have been working day and night to help the people who helped us in that country. continue. >> right. i have to be honest with you. i find that kind of spin and disingenuousness disgusting. and thank god for these veterans groups who have stepped up to do what their government should have been doing but you notice from president biden to kirby to across this cabinet, blinken. they have said there are so many americans left behind of these wanted to leave. they put that caveat in there and giving them wiggle room. find me an american that didn't want to leave. they didn't want to leave their families behind and unclear
6:49 am
their family stauts. i don't think kirby or blinken or anyone else would have left their family behind in a taliban-controlled country but he is not getting to green card holders, legal permanent residents. they've admitted the majority of the s.i.v. holders left behind. i cannot tell you veterans have never been more disheartened and disgusted with their own government and the state department in particular they're finding is more a part of the problem than helping them with the solution. >> bill: the thousands of special forces we trained in afghanistan who helped us. you helped a person by the name of cash get a medal of honor, how did that come about? >> well, i worked with representative stephanie murphy, a bipartisan effort to get the legislation through last year for sergeant cash to receive the medal of honor for running into a burning vehicle even though his own uniform was soaked with fuel and literally
6:50 am
caught fire while pulling out all of his soldiers, several of them died but several lived and to the very end he refused care and was asking about his men and this is a day to celebrate the best of america and know one there this middle of honor ceremony cares about black, white or brown or republican or democrat. we're all fellow americans and this man in particular died and gave his life for his soldiers. he will be celebrated along with a green beret and ranger who did the same and gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could break up breathing free air and my honor to be a part of it. >> bill: thank you for sharing that story. >> dana: an attack on new york city subway platform. she shares her story. we told you about transgender swimmer dominating college competition. parents have a message for the
6:51 am
ncaa. clay travis on that next. ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, what?! no! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating the eyes and may provide temporary relief. xiidra works differently,
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>> bill: got a substantial follow-up now. parents and swimmers at the university of pennsylvania demanding the ncaa step in and do something and change the rules. leah thomas is a transgender swimmer competing against their daughter and they say it threatens the integrity of women's sports. they have a point. >> the ncaa and university supports it. parents, teammates and lawmakers leah thomas should compete on companyed teams. as a transgender athlete with greater muscle mass and heart and lung capacity presents an unfair physical advantage. leah answers that criticism this way. >> i'm very proud of my time and my ability to keep swimming
6:57 am
and continue competing. >> he played on the men's team in 2018 but came out as a woman in 2019 and allowed to join the women's team after following ncaa protocol of testosterone suppression therapy. this year she broke three records devastating the female competition. out of fear of being bullied teammates are afraid to speak out publicly but in a letter to officials obtained by the daily mail parents of 10 swimmers say at stake is the integrity of women's sports. the precedent being set where women don't have an protected space to compete is a threat to female athletes in every sport. what are the boundaries and how is it in line to provide a fair environment for student algt leets? response the university said it welcomes all athletes and has mental health counseling for any female teammate who needs it. lawmakers in pennsylvania introduced a bill require trands gender female athletes to compete on men's or co-ed's
6:58 am
teams. >> bill: more to this story now. thank you for that. >> dana: for more on this we're joined by clay thomas, a fearless sports media company, a week or two ago we had you on show and talking about this story. one of the things you asked is where are the women's groups standing up for women athletes? now we have the parents who are sticking up for them and saying to ncaa something needs to be done. do you think they will get any sort of response? >> they should. i think they probably will not unfortunately, dana, because what you have seen here ironically outkick broke the story of two different women swimmers on penn who spoke out how ridiculous it was. now parents speefking out. they're doing so anonymously. what is interesting the most to me is no one is actually defending this policy in the world of sports in an explicit
6:59 am
way. not that i've seen, anyway. what they are trying to do is pretend this story doesn't exist at all and i think that reflects the fact that this is not something that is controversial to most people in america. i would bet 90 or 95% of people in america believe men should compete against men and women should compete against women and so if you are in this position now what you are seeing is all these people, dana, think about this. all the people who said it is great that colin kaepernick is speaking out. we need more players and coaches and athletes to use sports as a window to speak out on cultural issues. where are all those people? where are the meghan rapinos of the world. the most popular and successful female athletes in the world. do these women recognize if men decide to identify as women and start playing soccer, they won't exist?
7:00 am
they won't be as good because they aren't as big, strong and fast and biological men. this is an a threat against women's athletics. the title ix supporters and feminists is not willing to engage in a legitimate discussion about this monumental threat to women's athletics, title ix and equality. >> a mom said everybody is scared that the kids will be harmed. we're paying $80,000 a year for this school. their life will be impacted. that's a quote. clay, i know you've been on the story for a while. it is not over and it shall continue and we'll have you back. thanks, clay. >> no doubt. appreciate you guys. >> dana: new york city incoming police commissioner on crime. >> it's unexceptable. we'll be laser focused on that. when we talk about the officers we ask to step up and do their jobs we'll support them. we need the community to support us as well.
7:01 am
>> dana: the incoming police commissioner on crime spiraling out of control. her comments come as a terrifying random attack in the city subway station is caught on video. tell you more about this. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: video hard to watch. >> bill: too much of it. good morning to you. warning this video will be difficult for some viewers, a frightening attack in mid town manhattan steps away from the macy's department store. vicious thug targeting an immigrant who had just moved to the city beating and robbing her. the young woman describing her subway nightmare to the "new york post" i'm just glad i'm still alive. here in new york from our newsroom we're on the story today. >> she came to new york city from thailand to live her dream of becoming a model. she never imagined her photo would end up on the front page of one of the city's newspapers the victim of a violent crime. that young woman was attacked and sexually assaulted waiting
7:02 am
for the subway in the early morning hours of november 22. surveillance video of the attack shows the aspiring model waiting for the train and grabbed from behind, forced to the ground. it is too disturbing to show everything that happens. when it's over she was left bleeding and bruised, face swollen. police say while on the ground the individual touched the victim's private area and fled with her purse. the nypd released video and photos of the attacker still being sought. in the recording he can be seen jumping a turnstile to enter the subway. latest crime statistics show felony assaults increased almost 19% from one year ago. hate crimes targeting asians are up in the city 357%. we talked with a lawyer representing the young woman. he said she wants people to hear her story and to prevent the same thing from happening to others. >> bill: wow.
7:03 am
david lee, disturbing. thank you. >> congressional voting rights done. we should do it. we have to keep going. there is nothing domestically more important than voting rights. >> bill: president biden shifting his focus perhaps to the issue of voting rights coming as time is running out for dems to pass that giant social spending bill currently stalled in the senate unable to get senator joe manchin on board with their agenda. hear to weigh in karl rove, fox news contributor. good day to you. saw your piece in the "wall street journal" earlier. get to that in a moment. dana and i were talking earlier. it is a double wham for this administration. manchin has forced them to punt on build back better and sinema late last night said i won't touch the filibuster. if you don't do that you won't get the voting rights bill through this current congress. how do you see it? is it 0 for 2 for 2021?
7:04 am
>> absolutely it's 0 for 2. can we talk about the president's remarks for a moment? nothing is more important domestically than voting? why did he run for since 1972 for election in a state that does not today allow early voting? and why? one of the most restrictive states in the union. the first election which the people of delaware will be able to vote early is 2022. so where was he if this was such a vital thing? expanding voting. why did he allow his home state where he had great sway to have very limited opportunities for voting, no early voting, limited mail-in balloting and one of the most restrictive laws in the country, more restrictive than georgia or texas, why? now all of a signed it is the most important domestic issue. it is strange. this bill is not about voting
7:05 am
but political power and putting the federal government in control of our elections and taking away authority from the states and giving it to washington and letting the democrats set the rules in way they think will benefit them. >> dana: interesting because kamala harris the vice president in charge of this issue as well. so maybe now is her time to shiny guess and try to turn this around. this issue doesn't look like it will be accomplished either. she is not going back up to the senate to say to her former colleagues you have to pass this bill because at least two of them aren't going to change the filibuster rules. there is also this, karl. the infighting amongst the democrats is really big. cori bush said this. i put my reputation on the line to make it clear that if we want to deliver the long overdue biden agenda we must not undermine our power of the government and people by placing the fate of build back better of the feet of one senator joe manchin. what do you think the president will try to do here as he tries to manage these two wings of the party?
7:06 am
>> well, isn't it interesting? it's not the joe biden agenda but the bernie sanders agenda. he came up with all these spending programs and he is budget chairman pushing this on the administration, the administration is running with it. look, this is not helpful. what does cori bush expect she will do by saying we shouldn't let joe manchin exercise his authority as a member of the united states senate? to say i'm not going to vote for a bill just because i'm being told to? what does it accomplish? it is a sign of the deep division within the democratic party between the progressive left and more traditional liberals. manchin and sinema are not the only people in the senate who have concerns about getting rid of the filibuster rule. they are just the two out front on it. there are several other democrats who have deep concerns about this as well. >> bill: fox business did polling on the economy. there is very little good news in here to be frank with you. here is one. inflation under control biden's actions are hurting by 47%.
7:07 am
another one social spending plan would hurt the economy at 42%. you write today in the "wall street journal" jen psaki tries to fake out the cbo build back better score that is your headline today. and one of the things you point out is back in 2010 speaking of using the president's words as you mentioned a moment ago, 11 years ago joe biden called the cbo score the gold standard. how things change. >> absolutely. look, let's be honest what this is. about democrats want to put 18 new social welfare benefits on the books for anywhere from the next -- for the next year up to six years from now and they want to take 10 years of revenue to pay for between one and six years of those benefits. once they are on the books they want to make certain they are renewed and use it as political talking point and nobody is saying to them really?
7:08 am
do you really want the child tax credit, mr. biden, to go away in a year? if you don't, aren't you being a little disingenuous to pay for it for one year and claim that it is paid for after that without telling us how you are going to pay for it? this is a con game. they are treating this like we're rooubs and stupid and have a child tax credit for one year and we've paid for it for one year but it is really going to go away and we don't want it for 10 years. maybe it will be there for 10 years. the media is complicit in this. they aren't asking do you really want these things to be on the books for only a limited period of time? if you don't want aren't you shooting straight with us what the true cost will be over the next 10 years which is exact wlai the cbo scored. they said if these programs are all on the books for 10 years they will cost $3 trillion more than the 1.7 trillion cost to the build back better bill and all of it will be red ink, all of it will be red ink. >> bill: do you think it's dead
7:09 am
for good? >> i think it's dead. look, i can't speak for joe manchin and kyrsten sinema but they aren't going for the red ink and massive welfare exchanges. >> dana: maybe it helps them. >> there is something else in the numbers you brought up. getting inflation under control. 47% said biden was hurting. 22% said it was helping. 2 to 1. 28% said there was no difference by the biden policies on getting inflation under control. that means 1 out of every three americans doesn't really have an opinion. on the question of does biden's social spending plan hurt it was 42/36. 19% say it won't make a difference. these two groups of people want more information. the republicans better be firm and get out there and lay out their case as to why the administration's policies are creating inflation and why this
7:10 am
big spending plan would hurt the economy if they want to win the 2022 election. they have to be out there making these points. >> dana: love talking to you, karl. >> bill: you held the white board at the end which was a surprise, right? >> well, i want to be clear it is the percy white board. i will have to get a special white board with percy's picture on it. >> dana: that would be great. stay tuned. you might see him at the end of the show. newly released data from the cdc shows more than 100,000 people died from drug overdoses between april 2020 and april 2021. family members of overdose victims are calling on the justice department to prosecute the creators of oxycontin. we're live from the justice department. the numbers are devastating. >> a lot of pressure on not only the justice department but also the dea and other agencies to do something about what is
7:11 am
known as the other pandemic. this is an issue going on for years. outside of d.o.j. family members from across the country came to protest and want the justice department to do something. they want officials to prosecute big pharma specifically the family that ran and the makers of oxycontin. a mother lost her 34-year-old daughter cassie to an overdose earlier this year. terrible story. she says cassie became addicted to opioids after surgery and then switched to heroin. >> finding your daughter on the floor with a needle still in her hand is an image i will never get out of my head. >> the department of justice in october 2020 settled with purdue pharma and $8 billion figure that included the company reorganizing and giving millions to fight addiction. now the department attorneys here at d.o.j. have a big decision to make by january 5. whether they will oppose a drug
7:12 am
injection site in philadelphia called safe house where addicts can get high under the supervision of staff. two slairm places we reported recently opened in new york ste. advocates say it will help to end the overdose pandemic. >> i understand that people who are complaining about what is happening in their neighborhoods, but everything that we're trying now isn't working. all we see are the numbers increasing. and so we have to try something different. >> the trump administration sued to block safe house philadelphia from opening but by january 5th we'll know what this biden administration wants to do. if they are okay with it moving forward it could open the floodgates for safe injection sites to open across the country. >> dana: we have two in new york city as well. thank you, david. >> bill: another high profile smash and grab northern california yet again amid growing calls to crack down on crime from the mayor in that part of the country. >> dana: files on the
7:13 am
assassination of president kennedy finally seeing the light of day. what they revealed. geraldo joined us. he was the first to air the first film. >> the film shot by the dallas dress manufacturer and it is the execution of president kennedy and bob and dick would you please narrate what we're seeing as we show this film? you got me new buick? oh! and there are more gifts inside. wow! i don't even know what to open first. how about this? you got me the head up display. heated steering wheel. it's a massaging seat. do you love it? okay okay, what next? watch this, mom. alexa, turn on holiday lights. this year, give the gift of technology in every buick s(you)v. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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>> bill: from california now police say the paramedics refused to help a patient in cardiac arrest because of an apparent covid law in that state. >> they're not going to come in. they are saying it is a state law they can't come in. >> it's cardiac arrest. we cannot move him. >> two medics insisting the
7:19 am
patient had to be brought outside before they could provide treatment. a cop eventually dragged the patient's wheelless bed to the door but the patient died in the hospital 30 minutes later. acting fire chief says an investigation underway to see why the medics failed to act. in the end it's tragic. california. >> dana: national archives released nearly 1500 previously classified documents on the assassination of john f. kennedy including some that place lee harvey oswald in a meeting with a soviet kgb. >> i was honored to be the first the local businessman took an eight millimeter camera to the fateful day november 23, 1963 and he was rolling as the president of the united states, the 35th president of the united states, john f. kennedy was blown to pieces before our
7:20 am
very eyes. the film was bought by time life from the family and they had it under lock and key. they refused to allow anyone to see it. they were keeping it for posterity. i got my hands on a bootleg copy and said i will air this. abc my network at the time said the only way we'll let you air us is if you give us a legal release when you get sued, as you will by time life and family, we will be held harmless. i signed the release. we aired it and it was a stunning tsunami of interest. i think we have the actual -- i don't know if they want to play it or not but -- >> bill: we saw it in the commercial to break there. you were able to show that on your program before any congressional committee had allowed the american people to see it? >> it's true. and part of the mystique of
7:21 am
this assassination is the way they've handled these documents. the national archives shame on them that they have kept this story secret for no good reason for way too long. for instance, look at this memo from the acting c.i.a. chief. >> bill: put it on screen. >> quote, according to an intercepted phone call in mexico city lee harvey oswald was in the soviet embassy in mexico city on 23 september and spoke with a consul. he is an identified kgb officer. you have the c.i.a. places lee harvey oswald in the soviet embassy in moscow dealing with a kgb agent. what does that mean about who killed john kennedy? i still think and reading these released documents bill and dana, i still believe that that
7:22 am
man, that skuzy little man lee harvey oswald and him alone killed john kennedy. that does not mean -- and i have not formulated an opinion that the soviets did not egg him on and he wasn't inspired by communism. he was in moscow also. >> bill: we knew a lot of that already. we knew he went to mexico and in the former soviet union. call for number one, the one you think is important. australia now asking full details of the telephone conversation of 23 november and the call made 15 october 1962. the c.i.a. hadn't previously known of the 1962 telephone call. the point being the c.i.a. was never -- they never received that tip is what they're saying. that is just a tip. it could be some sort of conversation that was had in a taxi or the back seat of a car or a bar or hotel or somewhere.
7:23 am
>> i think it's more malignant than that. in my view, lee harvey oswald was a wild man. he was going to do something terrible. he was i think -- only my opinion -- influenced, inspired, instigated by his -- the soviets around him but he did it alone and the film. even though the film, i don't know if they made a judgment or not because it's so gory, but in the film, you see john f. kennedy is struck from behind. it appears as if he is shot in the throat. so just put the camera on me for a second. it appears from john f. kennedy is shot in the throat from the front. now the people say well how could he be shot from the front when lee harvey oswald was in the texas book depos tore
7:24 am
behind him with the sniper wiper. how does he go like this when hit and his head appears to go back? i thought it indicated to me there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll in daily plaza and the front shooter shot him and lee harvey oswald shot him from the back. as it turns out the forensic people -- >> bill: you think oswald acted alone but you still believe it is possible the soviet union put him up to it. >> put him up to it may be a little strong. certainly cheered him on or were cognizant that he was going to do something. >> dana: did not discourage him. >> certainly did not discourage him. no record of that. >> dana: we are fortunate you have to as part of our fox family for all these years. amazing experiences and we appreciate it and see you tonight on "the five". >> delighted. >> bill: to be continued. >> dana: now this.
7:25 am
>> criminals know that they basically have a free card to do whatever they want. the policies they are not only sanctioning these economic stuff, they also sanction violence. >> the san diego county d.a. sounding off about california's rise in crime while slamming liberal policies as the cause. congressman darrell issa will join us next. president biden set to send dozens of border agents to arizona where migrants are overwhelming local resources. we'll take you there as we continue coming up next.
7:26 am
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at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. >> dana: deadly plane crash in
7:31 am
the dominican republic overnight. a jet crashed outside santa domingo shortly after take-off and killed all on board and a music producer and six americans. the cause of the crash is unknown. pilot declared an emergency just prior to the accident. >> we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm. they plan traffic patterns and the rest so that they can reach their goal and depart very quickly. some ofist is again high-level stores as the retailers have told us and some of it is your local walgreens, but none of it is acceptable. >> bill: democrats accused of dragging their feet on america's crime crisis as the biden administration takes new action against international criminals while turning a blind eye to the trouble here at home.
7:32 am
congressman darrell issa stands by for reaction. gillian turner is in washington on this. >> the legal community says it is time for the biden administration to get tough on the smash and grab crisis at the federal level, they've been leaving it to state and locals across the nation. some smash and grab perps are stealing millions of dollars of good and reselling them and getting away with it. now senate judiciary republicans are stepping up saying they'll come up with a national level solution if the white house won't. they write given the many cities that are impacted by the crime surge, we believe it would be even more useful if we could explore these problems on a national scale with the full committee. it is not just republicans, though, who seem desperate for a national solution. take a listen to pelosi. >> it is not just san francisco, it is in our entire country and that's evidenced by
7:33 am
the appeals that we are receiving from across the country for the legislation. >> the justice department tells fox news they are looking for a federal level solution to the crisis but legal experts insist it is far from clear whether they will clamp down. take a listen to the white house. >> our focus is on making sure that the local leaders, the police officers and departments who know what they need for these communities have the assistance and funding they need. that's what we are working around the clock on. >> legal experts tell fox news the d.o.j. could bring criminal charges under rico, racketeer, influence and corrupt organizations statute. try saying that five times fast. they say d.o.j. has used similar federal statutes to go after parents at the school board meetings. would they be willing to do the same to crack down on vandals on city streets, bill? >> dana: let's bring in california congressman darrell
7:34 am
issa. listen to mayor london breed on crime. something changed because now she is saying this. >> what i'm proposing today and what i will be proposing in the future will make a lot of people uncomfortable. and i don't care. we are past the point where what we see is even remotely acceptable. it's time that the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end. >> dana: what are you hearing about the feelings in california that would lead to a course correction like that? >> well, what they are staring at is an election and finally realize what they did two years ago and one year ago, which was allow this in portland and seattle wasn't acceptable and it has led to a pattern of crime. and to be candid, the one thing i will agree with the white house is a federal solution of
7:35 am
simply doing what people will not do locally and then having them complain that somehow we're preempting them just wrong. san francisco can crack down simply by enforcing the laws they have on the books and going back to the state and saying it is time to quit calling petty crime when it leads to what you are seeing on the screen as petty. it is not. right now law enforcement in california for several years has been unable to arrest people for what's being called petty crime and we are talking about stealing a shopping cart, going into a grocery store, filling it up and rolling out. that is not enforceible in california. you think you have the homeless problem? imagine what kind of a homeless problem you have if you tell people they don't have to pay for groceries. the louie view ton has gotten the speakers attention.
7:36 am
they've been doing this against communities now for several years in california with complete impunity. the number of people in jail has gone down but it has gone down because we don't jail people for committing crimes in california. >> dana: the other thing is u.s. cities are seeing a record number of homicides in 2021 from philly, indianapolis, columbus, louisville. we talk about this problem as one that there is a local component but it feels like there is a national situation where yes, you have the problem of maybe the way people were raised or maybe they had bad circumstances but we also have lax prosecution. do you think the republicans will be able to make this an issue going into 2022? >> republicans will make it an issue in every state house. just as they did in virginia. let's look at a turn from what people were saying was a blue state back into a red state. they did so for a number of
7:37 am
reasons. education was certainly one of them but law enforcement, homelessness were also that. the fact is republicans are not coming up with some crazy new idea. they are simply saying let's do what has worked and worked for decades. what bill clinton and other democrats used to believe was reasonable. let's go back to it before our country finds itself in a spiral that it cannot easily recover from. a federal solution sounds great except it doesn't take the place of tens of thousands of judges and law enforcement officers doing their job early on. and by the way, murder in our streets can be often linked to drugs. if we don't cake that on and don't take on fen nall and other drugs like that we'll continue to have a rise in these crimes. the federal government has a role. it is at the border. we aren't intercepting fentanyl the way we did because we have an open border. so i don't want to change
7:38 am
subjects but there are roles for the federal government. one of them is protecting our country from those foreign and domestic and we aren't doing that. we aren't doing it at the border or doing it in demoralizing our military and we're doing right now. we are heading toward the federal government not doing its job and yes, the state of california has not done its job along with other states for a number of years and it has led to a growth in crime that has to be corrected the same as it was back when bill clinton was a law and order governor. >> dana: i remember those days. congressman darrell issa appreciate your thoughts today. >> bill: 22 before the hour now. the trial of former police officer kim potter getting back underway in minneapolis, minnesota. will the explosive testimony we heard yesterday affect the verdict? a surge of migrants forcing one arizona border town to declare a state of emergency and that is not all. former border patrol chief
7:39 am
rodney scott is on that coming up next. >> because these numbers are so large they end up dealing with immigration, that come prom -- compromises their ability to do border security. energizer ultimate lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery. these are the faces of listerine. the face of millions of germs zapped in seconds. the face of clean. the face of whoa! some are of intensity, others joy. all are of... various: ahhh... listerine. feel the whoa! first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough. my joints hurt. i was afraid things were going to get worse. i was always hiding, and that's just not me.
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>> dana: prosecution has rested its case at the trial of former minnesota officer kim potter and the defense has just called its first witness. garrett tenney is live in chicago and has the latest for us. >> dana, good morning to you. the jury has been hearing two very different portrayals of former officer kim potter throughout this trial. yesterday a brooklyn center police sergeant in charge of teaching officer safety classes said potter had a reputation
7:45 am
for being peaceful and following the rules but added that he had never heard of an officer mistakenly using their firearm instead of their taser. one of the prosecution's final witnesses was the father of dante wright. >> i loved daunte. he was loved. >> you miss him? >> i miss him a lot every day. >> today the defense is expected to paint a very different picture of the former brooklyn center officer. 49-year-old mother of two who had a special interest in helping domestic abuse victims and had never fired her gun or taser before shooting daunte wright. they argue kim potter meant to grab her taser instead of firearm her use of force was justified to protect fellow officers at the scene. she is expected to testify in her own defense at some point in the next couple of days and facing first and second degree manslaughter charges and up to 15 years in prison if convicted.
7:46 am
at this point the trial is expected to wrap up by christmas eve. >> dana: we'll pay attention to that testimony when it comes. >> bill: the biden administration will send more than 100 agents to help with the surge of illegal border crossings. officials arresting more than 20,000 people in october at one crossing. up more than 1,000 percent since january. here to talk about is former border patrol chief rodney scott. the 100 agents that will go to this part of arizona, what will they find there, sir? >> they are going to find a pretty open border. they will find overcrowded facilities. last i heard there are 3,000 people in custody. more people out in the field that they have not been able to take into the facilities yet because they don't have transport. it is chaos. originally it was rio grande valley. then you saw del rio and now you are seeing yuma. just another example of open borders.
7:47 am
>> bill: if they are sending 100 agents to this one spot, how many agents do they need to send in your view? >> well, they are out of agents. the 100 agents is a band-aid. from my experience they're coming from the northern border. you can't pull people out of south texas right now because that border is out of control as well. you see dps is helping us. they can only do so much. 100 agents will help the through put but not make a real difference to border security. the sheriff there, good friend of mine is doing everything to help out but they are limited. >> bill: we've been in touch with a lot of sheriffs. 22,000 people crossed in one month in october at this spot in yuma. why there? how come? >> the border wall construction did not get finished there. the main places they are crossing is the section of border that goes north and south. a lot of these people aren't trying to get away. everybody needs to remember no one crosses the border without
7:48 am
the cartels controlling it. so the cartels are learning and perfected using the massive numbers of people to shape the border to bring fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin, all the narcotics into the u.s. at will. we talk about immigration all the time but -- >> bill: sorry about that, continue. i apologize. >> you're fine. >> bill: were you done with your thought there? >> i was just saying the border security is national security. we talk about the immigration issue all the time but everything that crosses that border is going to a city near you and we can't compartmentalize it. that overwhelms the border patrols agents and opens huge section of border for cartels to bring narcotics across. >> bill: on the poll about immigration that we took, how about the job performance on president biden on immigration? his disapproval number is 59%. i know it won't be a big surprise to you. do you see this administration
7:49 am
changing their tactic or their policy? has it moved at all do you believe? i mentioned the 100 agents going to yuma at the beginning of this conversation. does it give you any indication they might be shifting? >> i haven't seen anything that indicates that whatsoever. facts are irrelevant to this administration. i am very happy to see that americans kofi annan is paying attention. other than fox and a couple other networks i haven't seen a lot on mainstream media about this. you have the equivalent of a caravan crossing the border every single day. everything they're doing right now is triage public image. they haven't done one meaningful thing to change the flow. >> bill: former u.s. border patrol chief knows it well, rodney scott. thank you for coming on today. good luck to you and all your men and women. >> dana: reaching out to the west with cash in hand. how beijing is influencing social media stars to slant per sefptions in their favor.
7:50 am
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7:56 am
fleischer, raymond arroyo, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. ♪♪♪ >> bill: nasa is marking a major milestone. one of its spacecraft was able to touch the sun's surface for the first time ever. the solar probe flying through the sun's upper atmosphere reaches temperatures of 2 million degrees. what? >> dana: i know, it's amazing. >> bill: allow us to learn critical information. they expect to do another fly by of the sun in january. three years to get there. it's now there. >> dana: how did it not burn up? >> bill: two million degrees? >> dana: it's remarkable. we're living in an incredible age rit now of space innovation. all the things they're learning
7:57 am
to help us hopefully. >> bill: why do they call it parker? >> dana: maybe a gal or guy named parker. thank you for the lesson there. all right. there is a new report that says beijing is funding social media influencers to paint a rosie picture of life in china in areas with reports of forced labor, imprisonment and genocide. rich edson is live in washington with this. i'm not surprised they are giving it a shot. >> you have social media influencers tour cities and provinces across china. many are westerners living in china and speak perfect english. one video blogger offered this take on the cotton industry there. >> breaking news, guys. they are forcing drones to work here in the fields. unbelievable.
7:58 am
people are nice. doing their jobs, living their life. very welcoming. >> there are widespread accusations of human rights abuses across that region especially in the cotton industry. earlier this year the united states banned imports of cotton from there. this is where the u.s. government says china is pursuing genocide against the uighur population. this influencer says chinese state media never paid his company and he is trying to bring different cultures by presenting different perspectives. the australian strategic policy institute says across 20 months ending this summer 156 chinese state controlled media accounts amplified this type of content from 13 social media influencers. that australian institute receives funding from the australian and u.s. governments. many of these influencers admit the chinese government funds their trips or pays them
7:59 am
directly. >> they're very effective tools for china to launder their propaganda through a western voice. >> they claim the u.s. is perpetuating human rights abuses or even suggest that covid-19 began in the united states. some of these accounts on their own have hundreds of thousands of followers. dana. >> dana: thank you, rich edson. before we go we have an update. we have a 3-month-old percy. remember when he first came? look how big he is now. >> bill: amazing walking across the floor. >> dana: i think he likes the lights. oh, yeah. look. >> bill: that's a great shot. >> dana: he has been a great dog. a perfect blend of our first two dogs. he weighs 19 pounds now and he will be a part of a special thing we have coming up for fox employees in a little bit.
8:00 am
>> bill: percy is the special guest. >> dana: there are other special guests that you are going to see. who is this? look. >> bill: when i first met percy i was like dana, that's a dog. that is a dog. you have a good one there. >> dana: i think he really likes the lights or the crumbs from bill hemmer. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. democrats may need to choose between the president's economy busting spending plans or their own victory in 2022 and beyond. president biden's sinking popularity particularly among independent voters is a dream crusher right now for dems. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the president's top aides are insisting he is going to run in 2024. however, outside the white house, democrats are expressing whether or not they are even


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