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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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etergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. >> greg: we are out of time. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. more plummeting poll numbers for the white house from the pandemic to inflation, higher crime rate. a majority of u.s. voters are extremely or very concerned about issues. our dream team digs into the latest polling. new coronavirus variant spreading.
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data indicates so far, cron is mild in most cases. booster mandates are surfacing around the country and around the world. california may not be so golden to residents by the number of people moving there dropped significantly during the pandemic. major companies like tesla and disney moved to red states like florida and texas. we begin, approval ratings dropping for president biden on a number of issues. >> great to be with you. more polling data to share. as you pointed out, more rough times ahead for the biden administration if the latest surveys are to be believed. 49% of those surveyed in the latest fox business poll say they disapprove of the job mr. biden is doing. his worst marks on the pandemic to date and a far cry from his ratings in the spring when he enjoyed 64% approval.
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the number of those saying the virus is not under control has inched up. 44% saying it's somewhat contained. 28% thinking it's not at all under control. that's up six-point since october. meanwhile nearly eight and tensing the pandemic is at least somewhat responsible for inflation and almost as many blame government spending and regulations and yeah, you guessed it, price gouging. smaller majority say it's biden's leadership and regular open loans responsible. split between cities mandating proof of vaccination for indoor activities like restaurants as well as cities requiring private businesses to mandate vaccines for workers on site. perhaps most noteworthy from the latest polling from fox business, the massive number of americans who are extremely
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or very concerned about inflation, that an increasingly higher crime rates, clearly they are plaguing the country. look at those numbers. 84 and 77% respectively. on capitol hill, there's a strong push by republicans to encourage local governments and by proxy the white house to do a lot more to address the problem. >> polls indicate people don't want fewer police. they want more. even though those decisions are largely made at the local level, there are many people at the federal level in congress still feeling that the police are big part of the problem. >> mentioning that, referring to perhaps members of the squad and others who talked about law enforcement being part of a problem for crime in general. tonight the white house says it's encouraging local and state officials were battling a spike in crime to step up and do something. making it clear the administration will offer federal support where it can.
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>> shannon: we will see you again in a few minutes. a push for new mandates surfacing around the country. it's time for booster shots. the omicron variant spreads faster than any other strain. symptoms appear less severe in most cases. laura ingle explains the new mandates on the crackdowns. good evening. >> hi, shannon. days before christmas medical experts say that their covid concerns are being amplified, tracking the number of cases while watching the pace of infections being reported throughout the u.s. all while urging people to get vaccinated and boosted. the nation's top medical advisor, dr. anthony fauci, warning on thursday that covid-19's omicron will soon become the dominant variant in the country in just a matter of weeks. >> particularly with regard to omicron, which is a threat in front of us right now that
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boosting individuals who have already been vaccinated is going to be very, very important. >> is the rate to get people vaccinated and boosted his own, new warnings from the centers for disease control advisory panel which is recommending pfizer and return of vaccines over johnson & johnson after reports of rare but serious blood clots in 54 cases with patients who took the one dose shot. nine of those cases were fatal. all of this as booster requirements are increasing across the u.s. with varying definitions of what fully vaccinated look like depending on where you live or work. some universities announcing that they will be scaling back activities and moving final exams online including cornell, princeton, nyu. >> definitely a good decision. i am a senior. my friends are 21. people have been getting sick a lot. >> the cdc predicting thursday there will be 1.3 million new covid cases the week of
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christmas alone. >> shannon: laura ingle, thank you. it appears a major part of president biden's economic agenda will not be getting through congress. the white house pulled the plug on build back better thursday for 2021. let's discuss. the economy a new polling that signals will rough waters. steven moore, jason chaffetz. great to have you back. here is part of the fox business poll. have a president is doing on the economy. in december, 38% approve. 59 disapprove. you can look and see that the numbers have slipped from what we had in may where people felt much better about how this president was doing. they have lost confidence to the point of negative 21 percentage points that he is upside down on the issue. >> it shows that people are really feeling the pain of the
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pump. they are feeling the pain at the gas register and grocery stores. inflation is not something you can spin or explain away. people feel it every day when they shop. what's interesting about the number, we have a strong jobs market right now. anybody with a skill can find a job. there are jobs out there right now which is good news about the economy but the bad news is there is a snowball effect of this inflation. part of the problem is that the white house has been in denial. for the last six months, they have been denying that there is any problem, saying it's transitory and it will go away. i think people are really feeling like this is getting out of control. especially as they do their christmas shopping. >> shannon: the polling by fox business. people feel it personally. when it shows up in their house, bank account, wallet, it becomes very real every time you go to the grocery store, the gas station.
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the number of folks on the left, democrats say that it would help reverse some of this, that it would help the economy. there was a deal with progressives if you do the infrastructure bill, we will get hold back better past. the progressives are not happy. they say that the version we passed out of the house, this turquoise passed it out of the house. it was agreed to by nearly every senator caucusing with the democrats we sent it to the upper chamber based on the president's promise that he could deliver 50 senators. we trusted the president to follow through on that promise that he and the senate will continue working until he can. jason, you know how this works. are the progressives going to get what they want or have a new reason to be mad at the
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white house? >> president biden has broken lots of promises. i can't think of one major policy that he is delivered on. we were going to bring our troops home from afghanistan. he said inflation was transitory. he said the border was locked down. he said a lot of things that flat out turned out not to be true. he also said he was going to be the commander-in-chief that could bring people together. haven't brought a single republican along. they haven't even really tried. you have listened to joe manchin kyrsten sinema for others for months. they overpromise. i think the white house's tone-deaf to what's going on in america. i think they are in denial. they have promised so many things on the progressive agenda that they could never deliver. you can't get from here to there. there. >> shannon: another place. >> can i add one thing. the other problem. jason is right. they've been adopting this line for the last month that somehow spending and borrowing, printing $4 trillion more money is going to solve inflation. that's a laughable claim. nobody believes that.
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i think all it does is reduce their credibility with the american people. we people scratch their head. solving the inflation problem. they are out to lunch and what's going on with the real economy. >> shannon: people become skeptical about anything going on. the polling shows this is a tough issue. the confidence in this administration's ability to handle covid has moved in the wrong direction over the last few months. here is peter doocy asking of the white house briefing about why the president keeps saying just get vaxxed and the whole thing will stop spreading. >> reporter: why is president biden people telling people that the vaccinated cannot spread covid. the cdc says breakthrough infections can be contagious. >> the president believes we have to listen to the science and listen to our public health
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officials and that's what the president believes. >> shannon: for me that didn't answer the question. i think every single one of us knows people, multiple people who are vaccinated and have had covid. she says that they are following the science. the president keeps saying the vaccinated people can't spread it or get it. >> they can. >> shannon: the cdc has admitted that. >> they don't lead with the science then come up with the policy. they put out the policy and then they scramble to try to figure out what the sciences behind it. joe biden does not have a plan. i challenge anybody. say what is joe biden's plan to tackle covid? he doesn't have one. he said he was going to tackle covert, not the economy but he tackled the economy and not covid. more people are going to die this year unfortunately. i believe in vaccinations. i got vaccinated. but they've had these fights and put masks on people like
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4-year-olds in schools. it just -- there is no coherent plan coming out of the white house. >> shannon: twitter has a policy on misleading information. misleading claims of people who -- this is what the administration's own agencies have admitted from fauci on down. that it can spread. twitter says it will get you flagged. >> i am with jason. people should get vaccinated if they want to. it's everyone's choice but it's in your interests especially if you're an adult to get vaccinated. a big problem with the policy from the biden administration is the mandates. now you're seeing a lot of health officials, physicians and nurses for one reason or another don't want to be vaccinated. that's causing a shortage of people working in the hospitals
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when people really do get sick. what is the point of forcing nurses and physicians and orderlies to stay home when we do have people. hopefully this new variant isn't going to be so serious that we see overcrowded hospitals but we are seeing some people being hospitalized. we need more people working. the vaccine mandate has had a negative effect. >> shannon: plenty of legal fights going on. stephen jason, thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: a a pulse is 36% of registered voters approve of the presidents crime policies. 57% disapprove. the number one reason cited for the crime spike is a breakdown of moral values. coming in second, criminal penalties followed by the availability of guns and decreased police funding. there is growing criticism about what many perceive as a lack of urgency from president biden about the rash of large-scale
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smash and grab robberies across country. gillian turner is tracking that story. >> rico was a game changer. >> legal experts say the justice department could bring charges against smash and grab criminals under what's known as rico, the racketeer influenced and corrupt organization statute. rico has been used to prosecute the mob. >> this is organized crime. it does look that way. looks everything but organize but if you look more closely you'll see it's quite organized. >> perpetrators across the nation are stealing millions of dollars of goods from brick-and-mortar stores, reselling them and getting away with it. senate republicans say they will come up with a nationwide solution if the white house won't. >> the first responsibility of government is to protect people and property. it is government's job to do that. if any public official tries to blame it on the victim, shame on
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them. >> it's not just republicans who aren't -- you are desperate. >> the justice department says they are looking for federal level solutions to the crisis but the white house is leaving it to and state leaders to fend off thieves and vandals. >> focusing on making sure local leaders, the police officers and departments who know what they need have the assistance of the funding they need to. that's what we are working around the clock on. >> doj has used similar federal statutes to go after parents at school board meeting sent experts say they could use them to crackdown on thieves. >> the white house has rolled out two new initiatives targeting criminal organizations overseas and they say more action is coming. the question is one other going to turn their attention to
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organized crime? >> shannon: gillian turner, thank you. the next phase of the ghislaine maxwell sex abuse trial on thursday. calling an office worker for jeffrey epstein who testified she did not witness misconduct by the defendant. the trial appears to be moving faster than expected. the judge says the jury will likely begin deliberations on monday. the santa fe sheriff's department has been granted a warrant to seize and search alec baldwin's cell phone. court documents reveal investigators will download a digital copy of baldwin's phone. the sheriff's office is seeking more information related to the shooting death of halyna hutchins. no one has been formally charged. the district attorney has not ruled out criminal charges. breaking tonight, a federal judge has rejected purdue pharma's $4.5 billion bankruptcy settlement with
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thousands, a plan that would have shielded the company that controls the company from liability and civil suits. correspondent david spunt has new information. >> we want justice right away! >> frustration and pain outside the department of justice. victims of another pandemic, overdoses, calling on biden administration officials to take action. more than 100,000 people died from an overdose between april 2020 and april 2021, the highest level recorded. >> finding her daughter on the floor with a needle still in her hand is an image i'll never get out of my head. >> she lost her daughter to an overdose. she says that cassie became addicted to opioids after a surgery and then switch to heroin. >> it's gut wrenching. you can't do anything.
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we tried recovery, tried intervention. >> wanting the doj officials to continue taking on drugmakers and prosecute the settlers, the billionaire family who ran purdue pharma. they dea out with another warning about overdoses. >> is an existential threat to our communities. bring harm and violence and shattering families. >> last year doj settled with purdue pharma. department attorneys must decide by a court imposed january 5th deadline whether to oppose a drug injection site in philadelphia called safe house where addicts get high under the supervision of staff. similar places opened in new york city. advocates say it will help control the overdose pandemic. >> i understand that people who are complaining about what's happening in their
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neighborhoods. but everything we are trying now isn't working. all we see are the numbers increasing. so we have to try something different. >> the trump administration sued to block the safe house in philly opening. the biden administration sides with this because it might open the floodgates for more injection sites to open across the country. david spunt, fox news. >> shannon: the notorious doorbell -- or has returned. an amazon delivery driver risking her own life to stop what if could have been a horrific attack. ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪
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>> shannon: approximately $15 million worth of drugs recovered from this boat drifting off the coast of him on. a large blast in the moment five
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suspected iranian drug smugglers were rescued. sailors say the drugs they recovered, likely about half what was on board. france. the french bulldog will not lead anyone to get between him and his prized possession. so adorable. his owner says that the pup goes crazy anytime he's given up all. he's a good boy. record-breaking wind sweeping through kansas causing severe damage. portions of this building with the roofing ripped off. some areas saw wind of more than 100 miles an hour and that completely shattered the previous record of 67 miles an hour. we are monitoring these storms in the midwest. we'll keep you updated. an update on the doorbell dasher.
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you remember this guy. he's back. we showed you the video of this bull elk. he ate some of that wreath. checking on his friends. no one's home. maybe he needs a watch so they can sync up and see each other. another ring doorbell. this camera capturing the moment a stray dog turned aggressive towards another pup. the smaller dog's owner scooped up her pet and she was trying to fight off the other dog who kept lunging and snapping. an amazon driver. this woman sees what's happening and puts herself between the aggressive dog and the woman holding her pet. nobody was hurt. the family says they want to find the amazon driver so they can thank her in person. if you've got a video you want to share, hit us up @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media. over the last 21 months we've been covering how a variety of factors have led many residents
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to move away from blue states like california. a new study is showing the number of people moving to the golden state has significantly dropped since the pandemic began. correspondent matt finn taking a look. >> some dim numbers for the golden state. new studies found a 38% decrease in the number of people moving into california compounded by a 12% increase in residents moving out. the new study from the california police lab shows the number of people moving to california has significantly dropped since the pandemic started. the coauthors said he was surprised to see data showing a statewide phenomenon not limited to any particular region. he said the biggest changes were in san francisco which saw a 45% decrease in entrants from other states and a 12% increase of people leaving for other states. sacramento, the capital, saw a 33% decrease. governor gavin newsom's office did not immediately respond to
9:28 pm
the request for comment on the study's findings. california has some of the most strict coronavirus measures which helped spark a recall against newsom this year but the recall failed to remove him from office. major companies like tesla officially moved from california to texas this year and disney announced its moving 2,000 employees from california to florida because of florida's business friendly climate. bolstering the concept that california is not a business conducive atmosphere. california has been grappling with crime and organized smash and grabs. california lost a seat in the house of representatives for the first time ever. california's republican party chairwoman released a statement in april saying california is the capital of homelessness and poverty, gas and income tax rates in the highest number of residents picking up and moving to more affordable and welcoming states. californians will have one less voice to speak for us in washington which proves yet again it's time for change and
9:29 pm
real leadership. if there's a silver lining, a lower population could decrease demand and housing, lowering home prices. >> shannon: matt finn, thank you. kevin corke is back. official on the east coast it's upon us. but there's a big push for what some places do, a four-day workweek. we don't want you to not show up on fridays. >> the best part is if you and i can do it, maybe we do friday here just for the show or maybe we do it from home. >> shannon: i'm listening. >> could 9:00 to 5:00 become a thing of the past. believe it or not there's members of congress pushing a new bill to shorten the american workweek to just four days. i think you may have heard this by now. other countries have been with them fermenting it worldwide. work is no longer 95 monday through friday. it's anytime, anywhere, any
9:30 pm
place. that according to the author of amazon's number one most downloaded leadership book "chase greatness." a couple benefits that stand out. we are talking about an increase in organizational -- in the bottom line. if you don't have to have a building that's heated or cooled five days a week and you only needed four and you have fewer employees maybe you can have a smaller space. that might help. you can increase your bottom line by prioritizing workers health, life balance. so i ask. do you think it would help you as an employee if i said you have to work four days a week. >> shannon: i would still be busy all the time. i would find a way to still be busy all the time. >> people who know me know that i'm a workaholic. i like what i do but if i had four, i would probably spend
9:31 pm
more of that extra day, whether it's a friday or monday, doing other things with the ones i love. and that to me is the work-life balance. >> shannon: i might take naps. i like them. kevin, thank you. good news coming up. special folks tonight. from election laws to vaccine mandates to abortion to puberty blockers, texas is picking a whole lot of legal fights. texas attorney general is here to take a stand next. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> man: what's my safelite story?
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>> shannon: pharmaceutical companies the subject of an investigation in texas for allegedly promoting so-called puberty blockers despite the drugs not having fda approval for treating gender dysphoria. good to have you with us. one of these company says it's not something they are doing.
9:37 pm
not promoting their drugs for off label use. here is a tweet. she's very vocal and says one thing puberty blocker debates and this is that it portrays them as an irreversible decision when they are the reversible decision, not taking blockers and going through peer ready is irreversible and that's what they are forcing. >> this is an investigation. we just started. what i do know that under texas law is a company you cannot issue these puberty blockers for things not allowed by law. he can't be used as related to changes or gender dysphoria. we are investigating it. we start of the investigation. >> shannon: you're working on mandates connected to federal dollars for medicaid and
9:38 pm
medicare. a judge ruled health care workers cannot be forced to get a vaccine. the headline is ken paxton wins injunction to stop biden vaccine mandate. paxton called the ruling a win for liberty. the biden administration promoted it as a way to protect patients and staff from covid-19. >> it's about choice. it's about people being forced to decide between whether they are going to keep their jobs or whether they are going to be forced to take this vaccine. it should be an individual choice. the biden administration is no constitutional authority or statutory authority to force this on anyone. this is not up to them. they may like the idea. but they need to take it through congress. i'm not sure congress could force this decision. at the very least we know the biden administration can't do this unilaterally. >> shannon: you talked about going after election fraud. critics will say it's overblown.
9:39 pm
there is not an issue. they are celebrating this ruling saying that the texas attorney general, you, ken paxton must stop prosecuting voter fraud cases. fraud prosecutions they have brought in their estimation violate the texas constitution they say it's going to be up to county attorneys to go after these cases. what can you tell us about this ruling? >> it's a scary decision. maybe the worst decision i've ever seen in my state because it's up to these local attorneys we have many local district attorneys they were put in place by george soros who are never going to prosecute election fraud so it opens the state up and the statewide officeholders including the governor and our supreme court to losing elections because there is so much fraud that can go on. we have been doing this, this was authorized by the legislature in 1931. we were prosecuting cases in 1951. we've been prosecuting appellate cases since 1876. it's hard to believe the
9:40 pm
appellate courts would overturn this after whatever date you want to look at. 72 years or 125 years. it's been going on a long time. never considered any type of constitutional issue. >> shannon: another case getting headlines is eight -- f. what can you tell us about where that goes? >> we are excited about this. we believe it will be transitioned to the texas supreme court to answer the question about state law and we believe will be will be successful. in the end i believe the heartbeat laws going to stay in place at least for the time being. i'm very excited about that because this was passed by the texas legislature. it's saving over 100 babies a day and this was up to the voters. they elected these people and that's the way these laws should be determined, not by unelected judges. >> shannon: the legal fight is far from over. we'll keep dragging it.
9:41 pm
attorney general, thanks for popping in. >> thanks a lot. >> shannon: tights where in the world. the remaining 12 missionaries kidnapped by a gang in haiti two months ago. five members were released. one hostage was eight months old. that church group is not releasing further information. the pastor said he believed there in relatively good health. >> god is good. god has answered our prayers. we are rejoicing. the mood is lifted. we are ready for christmas. praise the lord. >> shannon: great news. a super typhoon slammed into the philippines forcing tens of thousands to evacuate. flash flooding and high winds sweeping across the island
9:42 pm
nation. no word on casualties or the extent of the damage. a report out of australia since china is financially incentivizing social media influencers to paint a rosy pice communist state. in areas where there's been reports of forced labor, imprisonment, genocide. rich edson has more. >> good evening, shannon. they look like typical travel video blogs largely from westerners living in china though a new report demonstrates these travel videos are little more than chinese government propaganda to secure major human rights abuses. >> breaking news. forcing people to work here. absolutely unbelievable. >> how can you prove it? that forced labor wasn't used when forced labor isn't used? do you know what i mean? you say it long enough. you say loud enough.
9:43 pm
>> widespread accusations of forced labor and arbitrary imprisonment and where the u.s. government says china is pursuing genocide against the minority uighur population. saying chinese state media never paid his company and he's trying to bring cultures closer. the second responded by sending us some of his other videos. in one he says government officials paid for his travel though he denies they tell him what to say. much of this is detailed in the report from the australian strategic policy institute which does receive u.s. and australian government funding. the report says across 20 months ending the summer, 156 chinese state-controlled social media accounts amplified this type of content from 13 social media influencers. many of these influencers admit the chinese government pay them
9:44 pm
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>> shannon: time for night court. taylor swift can't seem to shake off a legal challenge to one of her most popular songs. songwriters sean hall and nathan butler say that swift ripped off their 2001 song. claiming she stole their lines about playas and haters. a judge says that there is enough similarities for the case to go to trial. david bruno and brian claypool. welcome back here we are going to go to exhibit a and play snippets of both songs. >> ♪♪ playas they gonna play ♪♪ >> shannon: i will give you a
9:50 pm
bite of the apple. >> hater's to hate, playas gonna play. so comment. so comment. what about lover's gonna love? drivers gonna drive. it's crazy to me. taylor swift won this once before. she got it dismissed. it went to the ninth circuit. it had to come down on a technicality and i am surprised that same judge didn't have the same ruling and it goes to the jury. it doesn't mean taylor swift loses. she just loses this pretrial hearing. she's got to go to a jury. there's a lot of downside. >> shannon: brian, we've heard the snippets. >> taylor swift, you know i love you and you know my daughter is your biggest fan. but i've got to tell you shake it off, taylor.
9:51 pm
shannon, taylor has got to shake it off and here's why. copyright infringement. i'm telling you. copyright infringement laws have changed. in 2015, that song "blurred lines." a jury found that song was stolen from a marvin gaye song and they had to pay lots of money. 2019, katy perry had a song called "dark horse." she had to pay in that case. it used to be copyright infringement protected lyrics and melodies. now juries are extending it into, what is a songs sound like? what's the rhythm of the song? i've got to tell you. you're going to have what's called a musicologist. they are going to say there aren't that many songs that have these lyrics. at the end of the day taylor,
9:52 pm
writers gonna win, win, win. >> shannon: the lawyers for the songwriters, hall and butler. she says this opinion is especially gratifying as it reinforces the idea that their creativity and unique expression cannot be misappropriated without any retribution. >> here's what that quote really says. we got that summary judgment and were going to get a settlement. that's what that says. she has got a lot to lose. this was a number one song. it's number one on the charts and things like that. she's not going to play well in front of a jury because she has the deep pockets. if there's anybody they could come down hard, it's taylor swift but she has got a lot to lose if that goes to the jury. i think the lawyers know what they're going to get. they're going to get a settlement because taylor has too much to lose. >> shannon: quick final word,
9:53 pm
brian. >> david is right, shannon. over 700 million downloads of "shake it off." over 2 million views on youtube. a lot of money at stake. there's a lot of insurance now being bought by musicians worldwide because of cases like this. >> shannon: brian and david, we'll see who's right as we watch this case. thank you both very much. >> always a pleasure. >> you back. merry christmas. >> shannon: president biden bestowing the medal of honor and some of our country's greatest heroes awarding master earl plumley and two posthumous awards to sergeant first class alwyn cashe and sergeant first class christopher celiz. >> staff sergeant plumley attacked the forces, taking them on one by one.
9:54 pm
alwyn walked through fire for his troops. >> incredible stories. plumlee, active-duty green beret 510-inch -- insurgents. as first sergeant first class alwyn cashe, he polled six fellow soldiers out of a burning vehicle in iraq in 2005. he dieted an army hospital incredible story. sergeant first class beat and put himself between the taliban and a rescue helicopter. incredible story. this is the type of heroism that we don't get a chance to hear about.
9:55 pm
it's a well-deserved salute. >> shannon: i love that their families and their loved ones were able to take part especially the two who are no longer with us. they laid down their life for their friends, their brothers. no greater heroes for us to salute. kevin, thank you very much. see you back here on fri-yay. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. and you add the love. are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh way longer than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth,
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protected. thank you for watching fox news prime time. see you back here tom ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are proud to say that our documentary on kyle rittenhouse came out today. it's called "the trial of kyle." you can get an exclusive preview in a moment. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. here's a question. what happens when you crush of your ownrs economy for nearly two years and then to compensate for your crime you decide to inject trillions of dollars of freshly printed cash into the system. what happens if you do that? we don't know what happens when


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