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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  December 19, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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easy way to travel. eric: fox news alert, pt, presit biden's build back better plan now in doubt. fellow democrat west virginia senator joe manchin announcing on fox news this sunday morning, after months of negotiations he is know on the president's two trillion dollar spending bill, dealing potential fatal blow to the president's domestic agenda the least for now. welcome to "fox news live." i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, eric, everyone, i'm arthel neville. the west virginia democrat says
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he can't support president biden's social net package. he told bret baier on "fox news sunday," after going back and forth on the bill he feel it does not benefit his constituents. >> i've always said this, bret, if i can't go home to explain to the people of west virginia, i can't vote for it. and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation, i just can't. i tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. >> you're done? this is a no? >> this is a no. on this legislation. i've tried everything i know to do. eric: on that note we have live fox news team coverage. mark meredith on the left, standing by in wilmington, delaware, where the president is spending the weekend. we go to alexandria hoff with the details own this decision. reporter: according to
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senator manchin his fellow democrats are reshaping society which he feels makes america more have nebraskaal. in this economic climate he said he can't stand behind this quote, mammoth piece of legislation. >> the inflation i was concerned about, it is not transitory, it is real. making it harm every west virginia. go to the jobs, cost of gasoline, cost of groceries all the utilities are hitting every aspect of their live. reporter: the bill aims to expand the safety net and bolster climate action. democrats needed support of all members under the budget reconciliation process. ended up no amount of wooing even from the president. that the national debt can in the handle legislation up to 4 1/2 trillion dollars determined by the congressional budget office. in his statement, owe said this of the democratic colleagues they continue to camouflage the
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real cost of the intent on this bill. reaction from the left is immediate. >> i mean, we all knew that senator manchin couldn't be trusted. you know. the excuses that he is just made. i think are complete bull [bleep] >> we cannot allow one lone senator from west virginia to obstruct the president's agenda, to obstruct the people's agenda. reporter: senator bernie sanders wants to hold a vote on the bill even without manchin's support. >> i hope we bring a strong bill to the floor of the senate and let mr. manchin explain to the people of west virginia he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests. reporter: this is a result progressive predicted, that the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed alone, that the social spending side would fall apart, which it has. eric: thank you. arthel: eric, so
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senator manchin's announcement comes after weeks of back and forth between him and the president. the two spoke twice on the phone last week to try to find a way forward. the president called those talks productive. mark meredith live in wilmington, delaware where the president is spending the weekend. any reaction from president biden? reporter: asking the perfect question at the right time. we got official reaction from white house press secretary jen psaki who is reacting to the news of senator manchin what he told bret baier earlier today on "fox news sunday." this came in moments ago. it is long. i will read a section of it here. the white house says senator manchin's comments this morning on fox are at odd with his discussion this week with the president, white house staff and his own public utterances. what is interesting they say manchin was telling them he would negotiate in faith in framework, in good faith to get this deal done. they also in this very long statement just combing out right now say they believe it is
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possible they can get manchin to become a yes again. i will scroll down here. they say, let's see, quote, just as senator manchin reversed his position on build back better this morning we will continue to press him to see if he will reverse his position yet again to honor his prior commitments and be true to his word. that is quite a statement coming from a democratic presidential administration to a democratic senator from west virginia. of course the news today was certainly going to be dramatic and have a big impact on what the president is going to be able to do going forward. arthel, you mentioned at the top how much back and forth the white house has already been going through with senator manchin. there was a statement the administration put out on thursday making it clear they felt they were still in good terms with the senator and they believe maybe after the holiday break they would get something done. manchin making it clear today on fox that is not likely to happen. the white house though saying they still believe it is possible but there is in the statement almost disdain for the
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senator about what has transpired in the past few hours. i would imagine that this is something that is going to be quite toxic among democratic members at least in the next several weeks. we were told, we did learn, fox learned that senator manchin did reach out to the white house to give them a head's up he would be making this news on fox. at least the white house wasn't completely blind sided here. but no way to cut around it. this certainly complicates what the president will be able to do going forward. we've already seen the administration start to pivot a little bit to the voting rights issue, realizing there would not be a quick fix on build back better. but of course that will not be a guarranty either. the other factor here which i believe alex was talking about how many democrats supported infrastructure on premise they would got the deal done on climate an social spending bill that will not happen now. they say they feel duped. they feel like they were
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betrayed. though will want to make sure something else gets done. the other big x-factor not all of this, not only slim majority the democrats have now. the midterm elections will be here in less than a year. this is certainly going to play out what is going to be able to show to voters for democrats, what they have been able to accomplish. yes, infrastructure, certainly a big package, something had bipartisan support and voters over all wanted to see something happen but also voters look to the dysfunction coming from democrats on the hill where they're fighting with each other, they will say where do we go from here? republicans are also on the record praising manchin for going this route. statements from senator lindsey graham, ben sasse of nebraska. saying they are glad to see they will not have to spend next several months focusing on this. the big x-factor from senator schumer, what will the senate do after all of this. the white house statement coming out. we'll continue to say the last part of it we will not relent in the fight to help americans with child care, health care,
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prescription drugs cost, elder care, climate change. this fight is too important to give up. we will find a way to move forward next year. the other factor is the pandemic. on tuesday, arthel, the president will deliver remarks focused how the federal government can help states and individual communities deal with surge in cases. a lot to unpack from the press secretary comment. i will have more to unpack next hour. arthel: next morning, mark, doesn't sound like a restful christmas or holiday break for lawmakers and the president. mark meredith. thank you very much. speaking of senator sasse, i will hand it over to you, eric. eric: as mark mentioned senator ben sasse, republican of nebraska joins us on the phone who opposed this bill. what is the reaction to the bombshell announcement from senator manchin that basically pour pea dose the bill this morning. >> thanks for being on, eric.
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joe told the truth that president biden and progress sieve wing of the party are wildly out of touch. this is not, you heard it in jen psaki's arrogance, disdain from joe or bernie sanders's comments implying there is one senator standing in the way of making america into a socialist utopia. the reality is overwhelming majority of the congress knows this bill is crazy even though six or seven dems say in private what joe and krysten sinema say regularly in public, there should be reality check on progressives. they're not the mainstream. we live in a divided country. we have a 50 -- 50 senate and blowout inflation and the american people don't want to blow up the country with naked partisan legislation that wants to transform everything. eric: speaking of bernie sanders. this is what happens bernie sanders turns willie nelson's letter to santa into legislation. what do you mean by that? >> this is a guy who honeymoons
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in heart of russia during the cold war and thinks he stand for america. joe biden was not elected to reshape america. he was elected to because the american people are looking to normalcy. instead after knock-off fdr, elvis back up performer in the fourth casino in reno. president biden ran a campaign said don't live in twitter echo chambers about. the second he went into the white house he allowed progressive staff to take over the legislation of the white house. doing crazy stuff. cults are not only place to drink bad kool-aid. it is incredibly arrogant. that is why they're paying the price. eric: the president says, the administration says, the bbb, build back better will help the economy. american families will get $7400
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tax cut among other things the child tax credit. it will stem inflation, lower unemployment rates, help build jobs, help and improve our country and help americans from elder care to prescription drugs to child care, they say it's good and it is a good thing and we need this. >> yeah. that was verse five of john lennon's imagine. they really believe politics bring about heaven and there are no price tags to it. it is total bs math. every adult paying attention to cbo or who talks to joe manchin, my liver has given a bit for this decent cause, i actually talked to joe manchin. i listened to joe manchin unlike white house. white house spits on americans an insisted it is raining. eric: what was that conversation like? >> joe manchin says in private what he says in public which is, he takes national defense and national security seriously and he had a bunch of four-star generals tell him a handful of years ago, when the debt hit
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13 trillion, 14 trillion, a lot of the generals biggest fear about the long-term stability of the u.s. military presence around the world, the fact we live in one of the most peaceful times despite a lot of bad, bad stuff on global stage. post-world war ii whose been amazing time in u.s. history. the u.s. military has been one of the stablizing influences. when you talk to generals they say they're scared to death about the debt. manchin was hearing that at 13, 14 trillion. now it is 29 trillion. he talks about this constantly. the administration decided to do all the utopia leftist legislation and lie to the american people about the price tag. i won't go budget nerd, at a very basic level what they done they claim is only couple hundred billion to dollars in the deficit in the bill because they raise taxes for 10 years and supposedly only spend money in years there, 4, five. two years before they get the spending out the door.
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then they will spend like drunken sailors year, 3, 4, 5. but tax increases go through year 10. 10 years of tax increases, 3 years spending only a little bit in the red. manchin looks at them and say you people are drunk and they ignore him. eric: last 30 seconds, cbo says it will add 3 trillion. administration will pay for itself. joe manchin, he referenced west virginia a lot in his statement to bret is he doing this political posturing or his soul, his very fiber he believes it is bad for this country? >> joe knows this is bad for his country. joe is moderate guy, way to the left where i am policy, politically but he is moderate time. owe listens to west virginians, doesn't listen to bullies screaming at him and shut down traffic saying far left runs america.
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the far left wants genuine accountability, not government spending. joe is listening to west virginia and what he is saying in public and private. eric: republican senator ben sasse from the martland in nebraska. thank you for joining me with your reaction to me. >> thank you,. eric: arthel. arthel: eric, our other big story this morning cases of the omicron variant are surging across the country just days christmas. professional sports league, broadway, v shows reacting to the has people swarming testing sites. alexis adams has details. reporter: lines for covid testing sites in new york are insane. they're stretching down the blk, all across the city. people are in line waiting for hours. take a look at this, this is the lines we've seen in the past few days, coming as covid-19 cases surge across the country. just over the weekend new york setting another record. two days in a row with more than 21,000 daily cases of covid-19.
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those cases continue to climb, "saturday night live" canceling the live audience and their musical guest. also the rockettes calling off remainder of christmas shows which started. broadway closing their doors due to the large spike in cases. with the closures and mask mandates back new yorkers feel like they are having deja vu. >> i didn't think that pandemic was probably a very long time if we don't all get vaccinated. so that is my opinion on it. reporter: top health experts say recent data that the new strain is taking over all the other variants, spreading more rapidly than ever before. right now hospitals are bracing for that fallout. out in ohio, the national guard stepping in to help overwhelmed facilities as hospitals in kansas and missouri are delaying surgeries. kentucky omicron cases just detected have the state on high alert. >> folks, if we don't make the decision to put back on the mask
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in these situations it will disrupt everything we have worked so hard to get back up an going. reporter: now the cdc says 61% of americans are fully vaccinated but that a third booster shot offers the best level of protection against the strain which we're seeing arthel, spreadingp rapidly. arthel: really is. alexis mcadams, thank you alexis. eric. eric: amid the omicron surge, shutdowns, cancellations, long covid testing lines you see there, what do you need to know to stay safe in the latest surge? straight ahead dr. jenette nesheiwat is here on getting vaccinated and getting your booster so you don't become a victim. ♪.
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eric: we're still hear those discredited claim the 2020 presidential election were stolen. an exhaustive investigation know it is not. the disputed votes turned out to be 473. exhaustive associated press investigation of every fraud case in those states, ap found there was no conspiracy to rig the election, nowhere near enough votes they say to affect
9:21 am
the results that were suspicious. in arizona the number of suspicious votes tallied 198, georgia 54, michigan 56, nevada 98, pennsylvania 26, wisconsin 31. that totals the 473 out of nearly 22 million votes that were cast in those six states. and voter fraud cases are being prosecuted right now. the latest arrests are 3:00 residents of the huge florida retirement community the villages, charged with voting twice. two of those who were arrested are registered republicans. meanwhile in pennsylvania a 72-year-old registered republican there was sentenced to thee years probation after authorities say he voted in person. then went back wearing sun glasses to vote in his son's name. prosecutors say a 68-year-old man tried to get an absentee ballot in that state using his dead mother's name to vote for president trump. a 70-year-old admitted to unlawful voting after he got absentee ballots in his dead
9:22 am
mother's name, tried to get them for his mother-in-law to also vote for president trump. he got five years probation and is barred from voting for the next four years. officials say election safeguards can and do catch voter fraud. they say they will be on guard for the midterms and the 2024 presidential race. arthel? arthel: eric, thank you. president biden set to address the nation tuesday on his plan to combat the omicron variant. he is expected to double down on his dark warning last week of what this winter will look like for americans who choose to remain unvaccinated. the spike in cases already has schools shifting back to remote learning. restaurants are closing their doors to the public and broadway closing some shows. people are forced to wait in block-long lines for a covid test. right now we're bringing in dr. jenette nesheiwat, fox news medical contributor, family emergency medicine physician. we'll get to those long lines in a moment, dr. jenette, i want to
9:23 am
start setting the tone, acknowledging those listening, those people who cannot get vaccinated due to compromised health, religion, age, other valid reasons for not getting the jabs but to those who won't get vaccinated because they believe disinformation or subscribe to conspiracy theories, from a public health perspective, dr. jenette, how do you convey the importance of the vaccines to that group? >> well i would just remind everyone that everyone that is most everyone that is passing away in the past six months, we had over 160,000 deaths, they have been largely in part in the populations who are unvaccinated. so that is really important. i would also want to remind everyone, the vaccines they work. they are safe. majority of my patients testing positive have not had the booster. even if they had two shots arthel, their symptoms are very mild. some of them have no symptoms at all. just came in for testing because
9:24 am
they have to travel or want to take the extra precaution. so the vaccine works. it will keep you out of the hospital. it is what is going to prevent severe complication and death for most of us. arthel: so president biden will address the nation on tuesday. you can almost bet that he is going to plead with americans who have not already done so to get vaccinated. president will lay out his winter plan in the midst of aggressive variant and persistent pandemic. if that is critical curbing the spread of omicron and future variants, how can the president help americans without means, don't have medical care and can't afford to buy tests and masks? where should those supplies be made available? >> that is one of the biggest issues right now is testing. we're two year in this pandemic, part of biden's plan to have military medical teams employed
9:25 am
like in michigan. they're undergoing a crisis. to have millions and millions of masks issued throughout the country. then they will give out half a million, 500,000 home tests. that is fantastic arthel but nowhere near enough. i'm actually quite disappointed. we have over 300 million americans in this country and 500,000? the going to really do much. of course anything is getter than nothing but being this far along we need more testing available. it should be free. it should be easy access. we shouldn't have people waiting hours and hours to get tested. so that is something we need to ramp up right now, not in two weeks or three weeks because right now is where we're seeing the spikes and the surges in places like rhode island and michigan and minnesota and here in new york city. arthel: given the closures and shifting to remote learning that we're already seeing, i mean, how should balance factor in for
9:26 am
the sake of public health, both medical and mental? >> it is important to understand that omicron is different because it is so much more contagious. it has a r not value estimated 8. what does that mean? one infected person can spread to up to 8 or 9 other people knowing that information. it is important we all understand whether you're vaccinated or unvaccinated we're all at risk of picking it up. just a matter who will have severe complications, who will have no symptoms at all. so we can all celebrate the holidays safely and if you haven't had a chance to get a booster, go at least get tested. where the mask in public. take the common sense measures to protect one another, protect yourself. we've made it through delta. we made it through the uk variant. made it through the alpha variant -- arthel: would a masking, dr. jenette, you're starting to sigh some of these closures, all right? so what i'm asking you, when the
9:27 am
administration and medical experts are making these decisions how much should balance factor in? not just in terms of medical health but also people's mental health. >> sure that is a good question, but arthel, the university that is closing down. not the white house instructing them to close down. it is the broadway shows when the full cast come into contact with covid and sick and exposed. they are shutting down. but school closures, universities, sports shut down, we have to find the balance not damaging the economy, keeping into account mental anxiety and depression but we have to make sure that you're not sick if you're going out into the public. if you've been exposed, if you have symptoms, you have to stay home. so we do the best we can with resources we have, wear your mask, get tested. only close down, for example, a broadway show or cancel a game if all the members or all the cast members and players are sick, you just don't have enough people to participate but other
9:28 am
than that we shouldn't have shutdowns and lockdowns. we need to just do what we can to protect ourself, which includes, masks, vaccines, testing. move on with our lives. we can't continue shutdowns, unless we see in your specific community that your hospital is overwhelmed. where you can't have patients come in for heart attacks and strokes and car accidents and basic things like a appendicitis. that is when we need to take a look, take a look and see what we need to do to prevent those, overburdening and overwhelming of the hospitals. the goal is not to have zero cases. the goal is to make sure we don't overwhelm the hospitals. we have to find the balance in between. arthel: okay. i just, i want a quick answer to this because this is own a lot of peoples minds. what do you say to those of us fully vaccinated, boosted, wear masks, followed the protocol that are quite frustrated we can't get past this pandemic? >> i say i understand your
9:29 am
frustration. we're all feeling the same way but don't let your guard down. don't give up. this may be it. omicron may be the last major variant we deal with. we may come to find, more contagious but not more severe. if we get your routine vaccines, do the best you can, know that if you are vaccinated you're going to most likely be okay. and then just move on from there. we can't predict the future. i do think we're at a point now where we have all the tools and resources to get past through this. arthel: dr. jenette nesheiwat, thank you very much for your expert advice and for joining us here today on this busy sunday. thank you, dr. jenette. eric? eric: dr. jenette, arthel, new numbers show the migrant surge at the southern border, well, not slowing down of course. as we approach the new year, one border town has declared a state of emergency as the crisis there strains its resources, the mayor
9:30 am
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are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. ♪. eric: well the feds won't do it so the lone star state will. texas governor greg abbott has begun building a border wall with state funds. it is resumption eight months after the biden administration ordered construction stopped. that left taxpayer-funded steel, a lot of it, and other material you see there just sitting in the desert sun. multimillions of dollars abandoned. as the flood of migrant to our southern border continues. bill melugin at the border in la joya, texas with this. hi, bill. reporter: eric, first time in the history of this country that a state has decided to build its own border wall but texas governor greg abbott says if the feds will not do it we'll step
9:35 am
it up here and do it ourselves here in texas. look at this video of the construction site. star county, the rio grande valley, biggest hot spot across the u.s.-mexico border. you are looking at the first wall panels going up what will be the texas border wall this will be a 1.7-mile stretch of that border wall built on texas land, spent with texas dollars. the idea being they're going to fill in the gaps where there is no federal wall. governor abbott first promised this back in june six months ago, announcing texas would bill its own wall. you're seeing the wall materialize. the federal government simply isn't doing its job so texas will fill the void. take a listen. >> the federal government abandoned its duty to enforce laws passed by the united states congress. all president biden has to do is simply enforce the current immigration laws of the united states of america. because he is not doing that. texas taxpayers are having to step up and do his job.
9:36 am
reporter: speaking of taxpayers, you mentioned all that unused steel, look at this video we shot with our drone at different storage locations in recent months. we all remember president biden halted all border wall construction as soon as he took office. what you're looking at that, aftermath of hundreds of millions of dollars worth taxpayer bout and paid for steel sitting around since january going unused. looking 40 miles worth of border wall that was supposed to go up. i talked to governor greg abbott about this i asked, can texas use any of this steel. he told me, texas reached out to the federal government to ask about purchasing it or using it but gotten no response whatsoever. so right now texas is sourcing its own steel. he says they're planning to sue the feds to recoup some of the money they're spending on all of this. take a listen. >> they can expect a fight from the state of texas. we'll be suing them to recoup the money spent in this. we'll sue them for not living up to their duty to enforce the
9:37 am
laws passed by the united states congress. this will be a two-way fight. i think we're going to win it. reporter: so the bottom line with all that steel you saw sitting around, that is all that will keep happening with it, nothing. it has been sitting there since january. the federal government has no intention of using it. it looks like nobody is going to be using it. dhs source telling me here in the rio grande valley just since october 1st, there have already been more than 11,000 known got wais of migrants in this sector. just migrants they see on cameras, see them on sensors, but they don't have the manpower to get to. back to you. eric: waste of steel is unbelievable, bill. bill melugin at a very rainy border this afternoon, bill, thank you. arthel? arthel: eric, bill, thank you. meanwhile in arizona the border tune of yuma declared a local emergency with the crushing of migrants causing a humanitarian crisis this comes as customs and border protection says agents
9:38 am
caught over 170,000 illegal crossers last month alone. that is a staggering increase of 140% from the last time, same time last year. joining us now is yuma mayor, judd nichols. mayor nichols, thanks for joining us. i want to start asking you why did you declare a local emergency and how did you get to that point? >> we've been watching the immigration situation on the border beginning of year but watch it every year being a border city. great concern about january, hearing discussions about the traffic picking back up. sure enough it picked back up but it was at a point where customs, border patrol, i.c.e. were able to manage the numbers. which the numbers were four times higher, five times higher than normal in crossers in the yuma sector which is about 950 people a day. we had the one weekend a few weeks ago where 6,000 people
9:39 am
crossed in five days that overwhelmed the system. what that caused was a backup. the backup was contained at border. people were waiting for border patrol to come pick them up t took so long they started moving. they started walking to try to get to the border patrol station. they had, no resources. they didn't really know where they were going. hundreds of people coming into the community which is normally does not happen. that is a paradigm that is totally different. and at that point two consecutive days of heavy movement, i felt it was something that we needed to do to declare the emergency, make sure we didn't have humanitarian crisis in the middle of our city. arthel: so what happens now? >> well we continue to talk with dhs in washington, d.c. we coordinate with our local border patrol daily. it is a good relationship.
9:40 am
it is just they're overtaxed. we have more agents surged to this area. 110 agents. the governor has also committed more resources. so right now it is managing resources. fortunately the numbers dropped a little bit back into the 950 a day range. again, not a great number for our country. but for the community it works better. but we're preparing for the situation which i believe is inevitable we'll end up with these large numbers and people moving through the communities again and we want to be prepared for that this time. arthel: listen, if americans only hear the bogeymen are crossing in the border in droves, they're coming for you, they're coming for your family, your way of life, it is so alarming, it could cause them to turn off and shut down. how do you convey the seriousness of the situation on the border with a sobering message yet without hyperbole? >> for me, we talk from the
9:41 am
facts. i'm an engineer by practice and based upon numbers and statistics and history, really common sense projection moving forward. for instance, it sounds like and i heard this several times the city of yuma is in complete chaos. actually not the case. our statistics for in our police department are pretty consistent year to year. it is still a very safe community. what is happening is, just outside of the community and it is really people moving and those numbers are overwhelming border patrol and local law enforcement. they're not overwhelming our jails and schools. it is talking about the realities on the ground. why i really appreciate being invited on the show today and every other invitation i've had. arthel: and i appreciate you sticking to those facts. listen we're not saying it is not chaotic.
9:42 am
it is problematic. if all we do how alarming it is, people turn off, shut down, people to be engaged and understand what is happening, so you and everybody else working towards some sort of a solution can get it done i hope. so, good luck to you, mayor douglas nicholls and we'll have you back on because we definitely want to keep track of the progress. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. arthel: we'll be right back.
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9:47 am
rights applicants but not enough to block beijing. chinese dissidents are calling on president biden to be tougher on china. they want u.s. to refer china to the united nations security council, human rights council and punish the communist chinese economically. >> they're trying to expand their influence, infiltration, all parts of the world, not just their neighboring countries but in the united states as well. so they need to be stopped before it is too late. eric: he is a leading uyghur activist for the chinese muslim minority persecuted by beijing. reports say one million uyghurs have been imprisoned in chinese concentration camps, prompting the u.s. and others to accuse china of genocide. >> at this rate it is simply not enough. china is continuing it engage in genocide. they are blowing off sanctions that have been imposed. boying off boycotts. it is significant. eric: he and others fear china
9:48 am
will denominate the global system, deploying totalitarian tactics to crush critics. do you think a diplomatic boycott of the games is enough. >> that is the bare minimum that country should do. eric: brian says he is dedicating his life to freedom a 27-year-old graduate student, he was forced into exile in the u.s. for pushing democracy in hong kong. >> we should not stop and endorse china as a international player. we should call them out. eric: he says u.s. corporations that sponsor the olympic games should pull out, citing china's human rights abuses. >> there are a lot of u.s. cooperation, they are actually sponsoring, taking advantage ever the beijing olympic games, right? we should call those companies out. eric: he is calling on democracies to ban together to face the chinese threat. >> i think china will be winning if the west do not stand up together and make a coordinated effort to push back the and support liberal societies such
9:49 am
as hong kong and taiwan. they are quickly becoming authoritarian or under the military threat of china. this is a matter of, it is incumbent on the west to stand up to make actions. eric: brian says he will likely be arrested if he returns home. he knows first-hand how democracy can be lost. >> if you don't treasure your freedom, if you don't defend your freedom it will be taken away very easily overnight especially by china who fundamentally don't believe in human dignity and don't believe in human freedom. that is, that is what drives me, right? it is about my history, my memory about social movement and my colleagues who are either in jail or in exile or paying the price for fighting for their freedom. eric: a very courageous and brave young man. on thursday congress passed a law aimed preventing products made by chinese forced labor from entering our country. the biden administration hit dozens of chinese companies with new restrictions all a sign the
9:50 am
activists hope much more to come. arthel? arthel: eric thank you. san francisco declaring a state of emergency as it face as drug overdose crisis. a live report on that straight ahead. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis.
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arthel: san francisco is declaring a state of emergency not because of a natural disaster but because of drug overdoses. the city is seeing a surge in overdose deaths from drugs like fentanyl especially in the tenderloin district. mayor london breed says this emergency require as crisis level response. christina coleman live in los angeles with more on this. christina. reporter: arthel, mayor london breed says more than 700 people died due to a drug overdose last year in san francisco. they have had more than 600 overdose deaths this year alone. so she is declaring a state of emergency for the tenderloin community, a downtown neighborhood hit hard by this crisis. the mayor says the declaration will cut through bureaucracy and barriers, getting more police, social services and other resources in that area to stop the assaults, attacks, other tragic situations happening in that community. >> they shouldn't have to look over their shoulders. they shouldn't be punched in the face randomly.
9:55 am
they shouldn't have to see some one sticking a needle in various parts of their body, laying out on the streets, wondering what can i do to help them? reporter: three days prior to breed's comments on the emergency declaration she condemned crime at another press conference, joining the growing list of democrat leaders who once wanted to defund the police but are pushing for more funding for law enforcement and saying things like this -- >> and it is time that the reign of criminals destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end. it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies, and less tolerant of all the bull [bleep] that destroyed our city. reporter: meantime critics say this state surge of homicides,
9:56 am
aggravated assaults, spike in smash-and-grab robberies are result of repeat offenders taking advantage of what they call california's soft on crime approach. >> you need the police department to have the confidence, if they make arrest, put their lives on the line to make a good arrest something will come of that arrest. there will be accountability on the other side of their effort. that just doesn't exist in san francisco today. reporter: an san francisco in particular, large thefts jumped 1% last year. there is a 15% increase in homicides. arthel. arthel: christina coleman live in los angeles. thank you very much for that report, christina, arthel, astounding to see all the needles, just strewn and littering the street. can you imagine life like that? arthel: it is too bad. san francisco is a great city. it is too bad this is happening. we're back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. see you then. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move!
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and to know where you came from. doesn't that look like your papa? that's your great grandfather. it's like opening a whole 'nother world that we did not know existed. ♪ you finally have a face to a name. when you give the gift of ancestry®, you give the gift of family. ♪ democratic senator joe manchin doing a blow to president biden the build it back better spending plan on fox news sunday this morning telling my colleague that he is a no on the multitrillion dollar bill and his signaling at major challenges ahead for the president's agenda. welcome to "fox news live" and i am mike emmanuel. senator manji was a pivotal vote the democrats needed to push this measure through. his rejection of sending them back to the


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