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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> greg: we are out of time. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. the studio audience, i love you come america! ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington on a very busy monday night. a potential crisis hitting the u.s. just days before christmas. omicron variant with cases to search across the country for the president will be addressing the american people tomorrow, and he will talk about what to expect as we head into the winter months.
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the staff and additional steps we will be taking. >> white house to put together a plan to fight contagious but less severe coronavirus. will it affect your holiday plans? dr. marc siegel will separate fact from fiction. >> i can't get there. this is a no. this is a no. >> a senator from president biden's own party feeling the death blow to social spending legislation. is there any chance of survival for build back better? federal vaccine with federal employees and businesses. >> i have a massive expansion beyond the constitution. >> mandates aren't working but sort of having the opposite effect and digging in their heels, you can't make me do it. >> the latest developments on this and more, "fox news @ night" starts right now. >> shannon: we begin tonight with a coronavirus pandemic.
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the president's plan to deal with rapidly spreading omicron variance. set to address the nation in just a matter of hours. the white house correspondent kevin corke is tracking the latest developments, good evening, kevin. >> white house telling fox news don't expect a game changer of a speech but rather where we are and where we are going in this fight to slow the spread of the virus. >> the speech is expected to build on his winter plans and address access to testing, booster shots, no lockdowns, mask mandates and of course the risk of the unvaccinated. >> this is not a speech about walking the country down but whole ending and being direct and clear with the american people about the benefits of being vaccinated, steps that we will take with access and testing and the risk posed to unvaccinated. >> with the white house mercilessly mocked after cheap
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coordinator for coronavirus response issue this morning on friday to americans yet to receive the jab. >> for the unvaccinated or looking at severe illness and death and for yourselves, your families and the hospitals you may seem overwhelmed. >> the president's remark, as the vice president has been accused by critics of admitting the administration failed to anticipate the variance that now have prolonged and worsened the pandemic. vice president kamala harris telling the "los angeles times" we didn't see omicron coming and that is the nature of what this awful virus has been which as it turns out as mutations and variance. >> i think the vice president is taken a little bit out of context. i believe she was referring to the fact that the extraordinary number of mutations in amino acids substitutes particularly with omicron no one expected it
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that much but we were well prepared and expected that we were going to see variance. there is no doubt about that. >> perhaps most perplexing is the timing of the president's remark given the warning by staff on friday. the president for his part spent the weekend in delaware by the time he addresses the issue on tuesday, the omicron case search will have exploded with the cdc director's tweet noting tonight omicron accounts for 73% of covid-19 cases. >> a pretty significant number to say the least and apparently 65.2% of american are vaccinated against covid-19 according to the cdc. while omicron depending on your perspective appears to be more transmissible, experts have suggested, shannon, it must be far less lethal compared to other variance. >> shannon: we have experts that we can ask about that. but there are questions about
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whether face mask can be a permanent part of flying. people haven't been traveling for the holiday season so dr. fauci suggesting sunday masts are here to stay for travel but his remarks after the major airlines for the u.s. they testified on the hill that they didn't think that masts on planes were making a difference of where do we go from here? >> a little bit of a disconnect but this is precisely what people have been warning. for some under the guise of safety, restrictions may never end because it will be something else to worry about a new this and a new fact. even though dr. fauci said filtration is good on aircraft in terms of wearing an extra mask is an extra step to take. a chance of "i told you so" rang out across the country and it's not just restraining consumers who think this might be going a little bit too far. >> i think this is a case of very strong that masts don't add much if anything in the air
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cabin environment. it is very safe, very high-quality compared to any indoor setting. >> that is a strong point from his perspective. do airlines want to be in the business of making sure people constantly were masts in perpetuity with the home environment where the office environment? are they changing filters more regularly than you might in home or apartment? masts, as you know, our mandated in airports and the polis extended into march, shannon. >> shannon: we will see. we learned something new everyday about this. kevin, we will see you in a little bit. first up the news roundup, averaging 130,000 positive covid test per day according to "the new york times." as the cdc reports omicron accounts for 73% of the u.s. cases surpassing delta in less than three weeks. in new york state, new daily
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covid cases hitting record high as broadway shows, hamilton and aladdin cancel performances through at least christmas due to rising caseload and breakthrough infections and the fully vaccinated cast and production. they already canceled entire season because of covid concerns. washington, d.c., re-implementing the city's indoor mask mates just a month after the new mandate kicks in and set to go through the end of january. boston tonight following new york and announcing vaccine mandate passport, of course to enter bars, jams, theaters and mowers and requiring the jab for city employees with no testing option. they nhl to pause its season early. according to espn several outbreaks with 15% of the league's players in virus protocol. only one nhl player's unvaccinated. the nfl and mba postponing games
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to avoid breakthrough infections. and the u.s. added to the country's no-fly list. nine other countries due to omicron spread appear the decision to be approved by parliamentary committee goes into effect wednesday. so as president biden gets set to announce the administration's latest move rapidly spreading omicron variants, let's look back at what joe biden the candidate said about the possibility of shutdowns last year. >> we will let science drive our decisions. we will never, ever, ever quit. that is how we shut down this virus. >> i will not shut down the economy. i will not shut down the country. i will shut down the virus. >> once we shut down the virus and then we can start to build back better than before. >> fox news medical contributor marc siegel, dr.. >> hi, shannon good evening. >> shannon: i want to play
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something earlier tonight where part of the covid task force team under the trump administration. here is what he saying about omicron. >> so far, we have not seen if you look at south africa they padded a month. they say this is very mild. everyone who is a confident doctor knows that as the pandemic evolves, the virus mutate and the mutation allows the virus or the ones that keep being contagious are the ones that survived but less lethal. >> shannon: is that your assessment where we are on omicron also? >> i think he makes a good point. we are still learning about omicron but it is clear south africa, shannon, we saw milder cases but widespread almost to the point that spreading like measles spreads. it is especially true that you have a mild case were likely to have a mild case of fully vaccinated or boosted and/or if you have previous training or
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variant and had a vaccine on top of that. that clearly makes an impact. we are seeing the same thing united kingdom and i have to tell you south africa and the united kingdom have plateaued right now in terms of new cases. it looks like a hot fire that cools off. delta is still going though the same time but the united states as you said earlier omicron is taking over 73%, to the point, tending to be much milder at this point. >> shannon: so the news today had this headline "gnomic boosters, they say this is a new study for researchers that columbia university and covid-19 omicron variant is markedly resistant with current covid vaccine antibody treatment and booster shots raising concerns from experts about what is to come from the variant as we move forward. we know the white house will start and the president will say this is a pandemic for the m vaccinated but the truth is the
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more we see high-profile cases and boosted like senator warren and booker, people are going to ask questions about what the president is saying is fully accurate. >> that is right, shannon but even more so i don't like when he shaming people and he always takes that attitude. it is very critical and makes people feel bad. i think if he comes forward with something useful like why do we have these tremendous shortages of things we need at a time when people are panicked and fearful? what does omicron mean? i want the new anti-he can't find it. it's not out there. there should be hundreds of millions of doses or the new pill with pfizer is making. it is not approved by the fda yet commit decreases risk of hospitalization for probably all variants by 90%. another thing you want to know whether you have covid or any variant, you need rapid testing. we don't have it in our homes.
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those are practical things the president can do. we know about this issue of the unvaccinated gear that has been over and over the same narrative. and i, as a physician, take care of any patient, shannon, i don't differentiate. i don't say that is an unvaccinated person. i take care of them. that is disturbing that since of the narrative. doctors take care of any calmer and that is the same matter to the should have. >> shannon: he has done it a heroic way not knowing the response early on before vaccines were available so we are grateful for that. let me ask you the number one question in all of my friends who have school age children are worried the schools will go do who lock down again. what do you think? >> you know, that is a great question and shows that people are not following the signs. let me explain, first of all, lux sounds based on public health with flu viruses which is not
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nearly as contagious as this one omicron being like measles. you know what happens? you shut these places down and kids go back home and what do you think they do? they spread the virus. if you are in a school or university, even better. you actually can test things and quarantine people or make sure they get vaccinated. you can have a policy of mitigation and vaccination at the school. it is very disingenuous to close schools and especially universities. tremendous damage and we have seen mental health damage but the surgeon general put out a report the other day about all the damage that was done to the mental health of our children from school closures last year. it shouldn't even be on the table right now. >> shannon: we will wait and see what the biden administration has to say when the president addresses the country tomorrow. dr. siegel thank you for being up late with us for a preview. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: supreme court waiting a series of appeals with federal vaccine mandates.
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matt finn is sorting it all out for us in a lot of filings to get through, good evening, matt. >> good evening, brett kavanaugh is asking the biden administration to respond to a flood of appeals coming in after six circuit ruling to allow osha to move forward with the president's controversial mandate with businesses of 100 or more employees to force vaccinations. the fifth circuit court of appeals initially halted the implementation of the mandate announced early this fall but because of the large number of cases against biden's mandate the sixth circuit to hear the consolidated appeals in favor of biden's mandate. the national federation of independent businesses calling this and with route regulatory power to get vaccinated and some governors against mandates are speaking out. >> i think massive expansion that goes beyond the constitution.
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we absolutely need to win that case at the supreme court. >> i don't think it will stand. i think the courts will stop it from happening. they are having the opposite effect and people were digging in their heels and saying you can't make me do it. >> jen psaki responding on monday. >> 60% of businesses if not higher at this point put in place vaccine requirements or testing requirements because they know it's impactful for the economy and creates a safe workplace. we are certainly welcome the sixth circuit decision. and the vaccination testing rules with measures to protect employees, create more certainty and this is a time for organizations to be backing away. >> there is also a separate series of appeals involving federal vaccine mandates. the biden administration asking supreme court with two lower court for health care workers at facilities that rely on medicaid
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or medicare funding. this is your area of expertise. so we will continue to allow you to update and break us down. >> shannon: you did an excellent job because one of the holiday situations and we will stay on it with her you me or the rest. thanks, matt. >> thank you. >> shannon: coming up later in the show we dig into the legal aspects of the mandates with who they remember his case and fired from his job as a physician a medical emphasis to comply with the vaccine mandate. he has figured out a way to ditch the mandates altogether. i'm curious. how can this impact your job coming up. the trial of ghislaine maxwell in the hands of the jury following monday's closing arguments. maxwell's fighting charges she recruited underage girls for sexual abuse by the late businessman and sex offender
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jeffrey epstein. the defendant did not take the stand which the lawyer says the government did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt so it's up to the jury to decide. jury deliberations in a case of a former minnesota police officer who killed unarmed motorist during a traffic stop. during closing arguments prosecutors say kim potter's shooting of daunte wright was preventable. they argued it was a mistake and not a crime, reporting from minneapolis, garrett. >> shannon that evening the jury is fully sequestered to begin deliberations to convict or kim potter's closing arguments. to address the emotional testimony potter gave last week by telling the jury this case isn't about whether the former officer feel sorry for killing daunte wright but about the actions she took. the years of training she disregarded when she shot him with her gun and taser. >> she told about weapon
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confusion and pulling a gun instead of a taser could kill somebody. and ever since the jury here entirely preventable. totally avoidable. had she followed her training and paid attention to what she was doing and considered the risk. >> in his closing arguments, daunte wright is responsible for his own death, not kim potter because his actions of resisting arrest and trying to drive away forced the officer to try to stop him with a taser to keep the fellow officer safe. >> she should have known, no, no it's at this point that she knew she had a gun. how can you recklessly, consciously handle a gun if you don't know you have it? >> the jury's six men, six women mostly white will be able to
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handle kim potter's handgun and taser during deliberation to see and feel the difference between the two themselves. they will have access to the video evidence presented in the case and if they do not reach a verdict by friday, christmas eve, the judge will send them home to start up again monday morning. shannon. >> shannon: garrett, thank you so much. another major shake up at the white house to tell you about this evening. the biden current german shepherd major in washington for the first few months at the white house. he will be re-homed in his place. the president and first lady will welcome a new german shepherd commander. 1600 pennsylvania avenue and reportedly a cat is on the way in january. coming up, santa claus coming to town but not exactly the way you might think. what is this? seriously! it washed up near san diego and social media is bugging out.
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today's viral videos next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: first upcoming angeline cesar was standing in front of a bull elephant at wildlife and when this happened, we like to call him big mac seen hiding the visitors hat in his mouth but when she asked, he quickly put it back to her. but angela is wearing it as a great memory. stunning drone footage in utah with sled dogs dashing through the snow. the k-9 pulling for luna the dog sledding in a local kennel and professional sled racing team nice work and beautiful aerial shots there. i love it. next check out felix the cat,
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big cat. a video posted by the national zoo showing the modern tiger getting playful, festive this holiday season, tossed around and opened up a few boxes. i want to know "fox news @ night" are you one of those who delicately peel the wrapper off and then saved to reuse the paper? mom looking at you, no judgment we just want to know what you are doing at your house. a rare football fish, found near san diego known to swim at depp's 2,003,000 feet and now, this scary looking angler fish yikes became popular after "finding nemo," but not so cute. finally on -- or come onto answer, prancer and check out over jacksonville beach florida, a parachute but not sure where to put the gifts on this but we
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know who will come through. a funny video of santa, we want to see it, and shannon bream on social media. rising inflation is not only impacting your christmas shopping gnomic shopping but holiday favorites with significant this season, if you can find the metal and bryan llenas tracking the cost of christmas for us, good evening, brian. >> shannon good evening and just about everything is costing more this holiday season, castling, gifts, and yes delicious christmas cookies here this year's christmas dinner and all the desserts will cost you extra. the price up x.1% compared to last year and the christmas ham up 11%, and eye-popping 21% for veal and ham. what about the delicious cookies and cakes? it will cost more than calories, flower prices jumped 6%, sugar
9:28 pm
jumped 4% in the cost of butter and margarine. wholesale grade aa butter about 40% compared to last year and some companies citing rising court, cardboard expenses and supply change disruption and increased demands. overall consumer goods prices cost 6.8% more this year. that is the highest inflation jump in 40 years. >> actually hear from voters i've been listening to, sitting in a lot of focus groups with voters who consider themselves to be democrats. and they raise the issue about rising prices continually, whether filling up the car or paying for groceries. >> about 40% of americans are finding it hard to afford or find the gifts they like to buy according to associated press poll taken this month, holiday gift prices are higher than
9:29 pm
usual. >> in politics, the most important thing for the white house to get under control is the economy. and obviously, in this case, that is inflation. this right now is eating up so much, not just the president's approval rating but bringing them down, raising frustration among voters. >> despite the higher price the national retail federation says sales this holiday season will beat expectations come up 11.5% compared to last year shannon. >> shannon: bryan llenas, thank you so much. how to make the holidays more enjoyable, kevin corke if you can get some time off. >> if you can avoid staring at your phone which you and i both know, we have to stare at our phones. a little bit of research happening in this area and affect researchers at the university of south australia surveyed more than 2,000
9:30 pm
academic and professional staff across australian universities maybe we control something from that. they concluded my shannon checking work emails could lead to burnouts, mental distress and physical health may be, just maybe family relationships. that survey showed those expected to respond to after hours communications from work reported higher levels of psychological distress. 66% to 42% who don't respond. 61% to 42% anyhow, poor physical health to just 10% and they said 26% of those who responded to the survey said they felt like they had to respond to work emails and 57% said they didn't respond but almost exclusively in the evening. so tell the truth. are you that person? speak one my husband is
9:31 pm
watching. i'm sort of like 100 miles an hour for sleeping. there is not an in between so what about you? >> guilty as charged. especially when you come to the white house, always afraid of something happen and you're not watching you can really be in big trouble. i will try to do better. >> shannon: listen mino it will be busy with the vaccine mandate so you when i will try to find balance and report back. all right, thank you, kevin, see you in a bit. joe manchin putting a nail in the coffin of the build back better plan at least for now and ever went to the left is swinging fast and hard. what is next for the president's agenda? a senator from west virginia next. ♪ ♪ together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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speak with the people of west virginia i cannot vote for and i cannot vote for this
9:37 pm
legislation. >> the excuses he just made our complete [bleep]. there are so many things that the people of west virginia desperately need and we know he is not working on behalf of their interest. >> shannon: the fallout from senator joe manchin announcement he will not support president biden's bill divides his party with progresses in particular and hammering the senator over the dramatic reveal, and tonight, the channel no chaser podcast, and vice president of targeted victory matt gorman great to have you back with us. >> thank you for having us. we will start with this tweet from ruben well known over "the washington post." you know who she is and she says if joe manchin is boating and fighting is done to democracy is hanging by a thread.
9:38 pm
democracy hanging by a thread because of joe manchin. >> i tell you, the columnist or the squad to attack joe manchin is better for the state of west virginia. look, all of this interparty work tuesdays make sure party look weak and shows you cannot govern. a ton of problems right now and next year, and democrats fighting amongst themselves >> shannon: i want to read something from bette midler, blued check account what joe manchin represents a population smaller than brooklyn has done to the rest of america to move forward not backward like his state is horrible. he sold us out. he wants us to be like his state west virginia, poor, illiterate, strung out. i think she may have apologized for that, and that is her
9:39 pm
message to joe manchin. or think you have a message for your own and the senator tonight. >> number one that tweet was out of line. people picking and choosing all day long. i as an independent to address everybody across the board and i can do it 50 seconds, joe manchin, went on fox news with 500 members of congress and joe biden i am your daddy and there is nothing you can do about it. unlike joe biden do not believe in negotiating with a terrorist, to see for ourselves who is with hu because i come up for one do not believe it is just joe manchin. it is out there folks behind him and also includes republicans willing to destroy the republicans. number two "fox news @ night," joe manchin to leave first three letters m-a-in man up because he's a flat-out conservative point blank and conservative
9:40 pm
should not be celebrating because he will sell them out because he's loyal to no one, not the people but only himself. last but not least i want to address joe biden. what would joe biden do publicly for this embarrassing portrayal? will he strip him of his assignments or run against him? after all they helped him win so they can certainly help him lose and what joe manchin is doing to the american people is criminal. i asked where's the 1994 tough on crime and where was that we have to clean up the streets and lock up black men to afraid to clean up the conch receipts for joe biden? where is that i don't want black children to ride the school bus? where is the vote for me or you wait joe biden. the same joe biden we've had the last 30 years should be redirected to joe manchin publicly for the people to see. i guess this is white house press secretary today said they are longtime friends and have shared values.
9:41 pm
>> shannon: there is a lot to unpack there so where do you want to start? >> first of all i agree on one thing. every democratic senator up in 22 on the record with massive tax increase, massive spending bill, add maker early christmas. please do it, number one, number two, joe manchin if he loses the primary a guaranteed to keep republican so primary him too. but here is the key part. let's step back. how did democrats message this bill? as a spending bill. a covid bill, energy bill and suspending bill. that is why we approve the price sale. a spending bill for spending sake is a political loser. that is why joe manchin is not supporting it. whether you like it or not come at the 51st bow and we need the vote. instead of pretending no leverage, you should cater to
9:42 pm
him. >> shannon: political had this today, and actually 2021 facing a crises covid-19 cases searching through with the holiday season and renewed push on voting rights told before it can begin. and for signature piece of president biden's agenda is here and not mortally wounded. i will give you the final word on that, what does the white house feel? speak with the white house needs to do something and act like they are in charge. it doesn't matter how they mention this bill. joe manchin has moved the goalpost whether spending, saving, investing, the bottom line he does not want to make the investment in the american people. republicans are in no position to talk about the infighting on the democrat side because the last time i checked, republicans are fighting as well. bottom line, this country is bottom line is and people are suffering as a result. the spending that needs to happen the investment that needs to happen for the children for those who are poor or barely
9:43 pm
working and able to survive the economy is a shame that democrats and republicans are both in agreement and have no problem. and the american people. >> shannon: there's not a lot of bipartisanship on the hill. you were right about that. and hopefully you move toward some progress in the right direction. thank you both, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> shannon: vaccine mandates getting support from some courts and by others the emergency appeals are pilling up at the supreme court. the mandates, we will type into the legal challenges next. hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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merry christmas, dad.
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>> shannon: tonight real news roundup thousands protesting in london with matt vaccine mandate passports. some breaking up with police in minor injuries but no arrests were reported. in belgium this past week and, also covert restrictions, signs reading "enough is enough." they risk losing their job in three months if they don't get vaccinated. more demonstration in the netherlands after the government announced a lockdown before christmas, shutting all nonessential stores, restaurants and venues and limiting to cope her home with exceptions made
9:49 pm
for four visitors on homes, on the actual holiday. more large crowds in germany also calling for an in and to restriction on resistance. >> >> there is nothing more american than coming together to ensure that we are taking care of each other. >> shannon: that is mayor michelle with a rude and chilling reception at the news conference monday when she announced the new vaccine for passport mandate for select indoor spaces, bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters and sports venues. the former director and former chief of staff of the department of health and human services, a rep ryan harrison, great to have you with us. >> great to be here, shannon. >> shannon: dr. i want to start with you because as i understand that you are officially out of a job as a
9:50 pm
professor and doctor and i know your story. before vaccines, people were worried about taking poker chips and you took the ship for other people so they wouldn't have to risk it and the says goodbye. >> that's right i worked on the front lines with the other physicians at the university throughout the pandemic and treated many covid patients, got covid myself and recovered. and i challenge the universities vaccine mandate for those like me that have natural immunity. there are equal rights under the constitution and not being respected. the university disagreed with that position and fired me a few days ago from my position as the director of medical ethics and professor of school of medicine. so, i've experienced this as an ethic looking at the moral and legal issues as the mandates but also a personal level with my own professional situation. >> shannon: i know you have legal action on going there. now, they will be boosters
9:51 pm
required there. so i would imagine the coworkers will have to weed through the same questions and get advice from you on that front. i want to play something from mayor de blasio who only has a few days left and a mandate in new york that everybody has to be vaccinated to go to work and no testing options. here is what he said a few days ago as he announced to. >> we know the mandates work and people respond. human beings are pretty predictable. if your paycheck depends on it or ability to enjoy life and go do the things you want to do, people will make the practical decision overwhelmingly and go get vaccinated. we are not pushing hard enough but we need to go further. >> he says you have to go further than to take away ability to make a paycheck. you found a way to fight the mandates that will work. >> these people are authoritarians. as bad as covid is, the loss of liberty is far worse. one year ago when i gave the incoming biden administration a briefing and operational warp speed i would never imagine
9:52 pm
one year later they would use oe lives to destroy liberty. with the osha mandate for vaccines being reinstated last friday, it is no longer enough for states to sit by and hope the courts get this figured out. i wrote a bill texas covid freedom act would defeat the osha mandate in the state of texas and i hope they have similar bills. osha only has the authority to narrowly cover in the workplace. workforces. so we have a bill that is applicable and affects all texans which basically says no one can force somebody in texase require if you get a vaccine you have to first provide full consent. i really want to get this vaccine and i'm here on my free will. and prevent people from being punished if they don't get the vaccine. this is no longer a public health issue. i'm okay with the vaccine and i encourage others to consider it but if the federal government
9:53 pm
can enforce free americans to put a needle into their arm against their wishes, we might give up living in a free country or with a federal system. >> shannon: an opinion piece ahead of planned parenthood who says anyone should have limited if more cities to do what l.a., city new york, the federal vaccine mandate are incentivizing vaccines. millions of americans have done what they have asked to do and the citizen should not have to keep paying a price for the unvaccinated. doctor, quick final word to you on that. >> the vaccine efficacy is declining. safety issues are continuing to emerge with a new variants, we can all say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. so it is stigmatizing this particular group of people for this medical decision is entirely unjust. it is empirically unsound and unscientific.
9:54 pm
there is no end to that train once you get on it. the one thing that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have in common now is that neither of us seems will ever be considered fully vaccinated under the public health definitions because those keep changing. >> we will see what the present house to say tomorrow. dr. aaron carey oddi and representative brian harrison, thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. we went to press pass or going viral after putting clues to a cash price $50 in the filibuster. nobody read it so they didn't get the prize. a locker number and combo number for the students to read it. he claims it and they can get it but nobody did. the students say they skim that part because it's the same for every class. kevin, here is where my nerdy weirdness would have help me because i do philippi. >> you are so rare.
9:55 pm
and out of respect for the story that i have my will save it for tomorrow but i will tell you this, i don't think i ever read this. >> shannon: i would have shared with you. okay, we will save your awesome good news because we need good news every night and you always bring a pier and kevin come i will see you tomorrow. that is it from washington. i'm shannon bream. for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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happen. 3, 2, 1. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy christmas week. it's coming. you may have not noticed because people diverting your attention are working over time. joe biden's political support is in the process of collapsing completely. a new poll shows only 29% of independents support joe biden. that's a very bad number. donald trump too


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